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My favourite evolution at Arsenal since Dec 2019, by far, is that Arteta just comes out and says:


None of this ‘special talent’ nonsense. He wants bodies. He wants them yesterday.

I also like that he engineers the situation so he gets nicer things.

Ains in midfield? Sorry… he’s gone.

Jack Wilshere as a stop-gap? Sounds a bit poverty…

Auba second chance? Eddie minutes? Give Flo a go? Nahhh…

He wants new bodies because we’re short on his say so.

I don’t know where Arsenal keep pulling this money from, but who cares, if it’s there, let’s hope we spend it well.

The hottest of leads is Dusan Vlahovic. Italian media is reporting that Juventus is out of the race, outside that, there’s no one bigger than us that needs a striker, and there’s no one smaller than us that has the money.

It’s interesting to read the commentary on him, there’s a grubby trend online where people give defacto analysis on a player just based on data, without ever having watched the player. I saw a journo get his arse handed to him yesterday because he’d lazily looked at penalty stats to make an ill-informed generalization that the player is just another Nicolas Pepe. He was slammed by an actual analyst that has watched him a lot.

Data is only useful if you understand all the variables that go into it. Aaron Ramsdale didn’t register as an elite passer of the ball at Sheff U because he spent most of his time hoofing the ball. But Chris Wilder didn’t buy him to do that, but he couldn’t get his best defenders fit, so playing out the back fell to pieces. Good scouting fills in the data blanks. Similar thing happened with Ben White at Brighton, a cursory glance at basic data indicated he was small and not good in the air… but good scouting would have picked up that being false in the Championship when he played for Leeds. Clubs don’t sign players based on free public data and Youtube comps.

Arsenal will likely be in the business for a striker sub-24 years old. That means we’re signing someone to develop. Dusan is 21 years old, he’s far from the complete package, but the fact he’s breaking CR7 records so young says you have a talent on your hands if you can land him. He’s powerful, he works relentlessly, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he can link play, and he’d certainly give us a power dynamic upfront we haven’t had since Adebayor left us way back when.

What I like is that the alternatives seem to be DCL and Isak. Similar frames, similar skills, similar age. We have a profile and it’s quite clear what Arteta thinks he lacks.

To land Dusan in January would be a massive coup for this season, but really, it just means that we hit the ground running for next season. I think that’s the reason we’re looking to buy a midfielder rather than sign Jack to a temp deal. We’re not going to be signing 100m ready-made midfielders, we’ll likely be picking someone up that’s been well scouted, that means we’ll need to coach them, and they’ll need to adapt. Arteta would prefer to have those players now, so next season, we go hard at our goals from day one.

I’d be very interested to know how much of this desire is grounded in reality versus Arteta pushing the board to make things happen for him. He wanted Tammy in the summer and wasn’t happy when that didn’t happen, and I’m still struggling a bit with the mechanics needed to make all this happen. Are we sell to buy? Is this another Josh K ‘gift’? What has to happen to get a decent midfielder and a player valued at £50m?

Anyway… as Josh would say, be excited. x



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  1. WengerEagle

    Demari Gray looking very good again.

    Ironic after pissing over half a billion pounds up the wall that their star signings in Gray and Townsend cost a combined £1.7m.

  2. Thank. You and goodnight

    Can I just say…….EDDIE HOWE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so shit the Newcastle fans would have Steve Bruce back like a shot. Can’t believe years ago some advocated this flop as being the right fit for this club. 🤣

  3. Tom

    Pedro, no laundry of anti Arsenal grievances today? Damn, you’re off your game today.

    Agree, no point keeping players around if they don’t fit the profile and there’s money to be spent.
    Top four is there for the taking……push the boat out….carpe diem ,or something.

  4. Gommit

    Since I bothered to look it up I decided to share.

    Dusan scored 6 penalties last season, 21 goals total (1 assist)
    This season he has scored 16, including 5 pens and 1 free kick (2 assists). This is Serie A only..

    I would be super excited if we get him this month..

  5. Rich

    Managers don’t get anywhere near enough time to work

    Eddie Howe will likely get the boot in the not so distant future, but without a clear and defined strategy, Newcastle will just go the way of Man United, but at a lower level

    Extra money only comes in handy if you’re good at spending it, throwing good money after bad on players just coming for a nice payday, is a project that’s set to end it tears….

    Newcastle would be better looking for the type of value we got with Tomiyasu, Ramsdale, Odegaard

    Young and hungry players they can build around for the medium to longer term, they need to look into the character + professionalism of any signings above anything else

    Otherwise they’ll be a club full of disinterested mercenaries, with a perpetual revolving door of managers, that’s going nowhere

    The most important thing clubs need to get right is their scouting, recruitment, squad planning, and contract management

    A fool and his money are easily parted

  6. bradybunch

    Notts Forest have fallen so far , the game against them isn’t even worth a mention?
    No complaints here .
    Is it even on? Only mention it as we need to avoid injuries, and get Gabs suspension out of the way. Can’t trust the bin dippers not to cry off again . Weak .

  7. Tom

    Rich, the right manager is still the top of that list for me personally.
    You think Liverpool will stay top four after Klopp leaves?
    You think they fail to make top four no matter what key players decide to leave so long he’s around?

  8. Matt


    I really wish you would stop dropping Calvert-Lewin as a name. That would be nothing short of a disastrous signing for us.

  9. TeeCee

    You can see what will happen with Klopp, Salah, Mane, Henderson, and a few others are 30 or older, Klopp will go when they drop off in quality or leave because the Scousers won’t spend 200m replacing them

  10. Rich


    Liverpool’s current team is coming to the end of its cycle, still a very good team, but Liverpool need to rip out a few bricks, and build a new structure, it’s now an ageing team that’s peaked, and needs new dynamism + energy

    Will Klopp hang around to build a new team, and will he be given the financial backing?

    Do they gamble on giving a 30yr old Salah a mega deal, will he continue his current level throughout his early 30s? He might, but it’s a gamble….

    The level he’s at now, is very difficult to sustain

    Top coaches are important, but there’s still a limit to how far they can go without financial backing, and some very astute decision making, you certainly need a combination of both good management, with a very astute team around that management

    Conte is obviously a top manager, but even he’s asking for time.

    We won the title in 2001/02, blew it in 2002/03, but then maxed out with the invincible’s in 2004, then that team came to the end of its cycle

    We had a brilliant team, and played some brilliant football in 2007/08 and again 2010/11, but both those teams got deconstructed, instead of adding to what we’d built

    I can’t stand Klopp, but I still think he’s the best, and even he needed time at Liverpool to build something

    Ferguson built multiple teams throughout his time at United, he looked finished a few times during stages of rebuilding, before coming back again…

    You obviously need good managers/coaches, but even the best need time to create a team, particularly if they’re starting from a low ebb, or taking over a club in distress, and that is stuck with lots of mistakes left from the previous regime

  11. Habesha Gooner

    It looks like Bruno Guimaraes is being lined up for a summer move. Arthur Melo on loan has been discussed according to fabrizio. There is also another player in the list. That would be sensible.

    I have the feeling, if we don’t get Vlahovic then arteta will go for Bruno G. Isak and DCL are our other CF targets. Both won’t be as hotly contested as Vlahovic. So they can wait the summer. It will be either Vlahovic with an on loan CM or Bruno G with an on loan CF. I am okay with either.

  12. Tom

    Karsa, Im assuming he didn’t just take to Twitter to blow smoke up Mourinho’s ass but probably just answered a journos question

  13. Tom

    Rich, all true but the manager is still the key ingredient.
    Did anyone say Chelsea needed to rethink their transfer strategy when Lamps had them in ninth and letting goals in like a broken sieve?
    We made fun of the old man Silva at CB and many here laughed at the idea of bringing Jorginho in on loan when rumors floated Lampard didn’t rate him.

    Enter Tuchel and their defense shot up to No one, they made top four, won the CL beating best of the best, and Jorginho was voted third best player in Europe.

  14. Rich


    Chelsea’s structure is designed to survive managerial comings and going’s, they’re a well run club, that have been self sufficient for a while now

    They did spend £250 million the summer before wining the CL, and Lampard did help educate both Mount + James

    I like Tuchel, but the squad he inherited was a good one,he didn’t exactly inherited a poor squad, his circumstances were entirely different to Emery, Arteta, Klopp

  15. Batistuta

    DCL would be such an underwhelming signing, absolutely nothing about him screams Arsenal quality. Would rather Isak if we can’t get Vlahovic

  16. Tom

    All right Rich , it seems as if we’re talking past each other here.
    I wasn’t comparing Chelsea roster to Arsenal or Pool’s pre Klopp.
    Answer this for me then; if Klopp took over at Everton tomorrow and their entire front office personnel stayed the same, how long before he’d have them knocking on the top four door?
    A season or two?
    How about with Rafa at the helm?

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Positive post Peter

    I’m sort of buzzing reading it…

    Tammy is similar in style to balogun no..

    I got it wrong bout MA… Hands up I apologise.

  18. Tom

    “You can see what will happen with Klopp, Salah, Mane, Henderson, and a few others are 30 or older, Klopp will go when they drop off in quality or leave because the Scousers won’t spend 200m replacing them“

    By all accounts Klopp will leave in 2024 and take a break from football.
    Also , he’s not the “decider” to borrow a phrase from the greatest ever president in the US history, so the two …….squad planning and the length of his stay aren’t intertwined.
    To quote John Lennon: “ I’m an artist…give me a fucking tuba and I’ll get you something out of it”*
    Love him or hate him…..Klopp is just like Lennon in that respect.
    * not actually sure John Lennon said that but I saw it in the film “Dearly Departed “ and I’m gonna go with it.

  19. Rich


    I’m not convinced Klopp would take Everton into the top 4, certainly not within 3 seasons, and not without investment and some very astute decision making

    Rafa needs time to build, they’ve been unlucky with injuries this season, but even with a clean bill of health, their current level is 7th-10th

    I’m not seeing a strong foundation or building blocks for any manager to work with, ultimately even the best managers need quality players

    I’ll be interested to see how Conte does at Spurs, they’ll be in the mix between 4th-8th this season, but with Kane + Son both ageing, I don’t see them putting a project together for a while that’s going to do anything better than 4th at best

    Whereas we’re a squad that’s now evolving in the right way, the project we’ve put together isn’t far from liftoff

    Klopp could certainly compete for the title at Arsenal next season,

    But if he’d taken over 2 years ago, I think it would have taken him 3-4 years, no way he’d have won a title within 2.5 years with the squad he’d inherited

    It took Klopp 4.5 years to win a title at Liverpool, 3.5 years to win the CL

    Remarkable achievement from where they were, but there were no short term fixes

  20. Biggles


    “Would honestly prefer DCL since he is already in the Premier League. Not sure if Everton would sell him right now or even in the summer.”

    It’s been a couple of seasons since we sold them a duff winger. Swap for Pepe, call it even?

  21. Tom

    It took Klopp 4.5 years to win a title at Liverpool, 3.5 years to win the CL

    Lost the title by one point to City Oilers the season before on 97 points and the CL final to RM.
    I wish Arteta could fail this hard at Arsenal and I don’t care how long it’d take him to do so.

  22. Rich


    We had this conversation the other day, I don’t think we’re as far away as you seem to think, if we have a successful clear-out in the summer, tie down our talent, and get our next 3-4 signings right

    Then we’ll surprise a lot of people next season, we’re probably building more for 2023/24, but I’d expect largely the same group of players to be much better

    It sounds like the club are going for a striker + midfielder this month, if we get those deals over the line, then it’s imperative we get our recruitment right

    This team isn’t far away from hanging

  23. Positive pete

    A big No No to Arthur Melo( Juve) another midget.Size of Torreirra.A crab as well.We can do better.A lot better.No spunking the readies on rubbish.We can’t afford it.

  24. G

    According to rumours DV would rather play for Conte so fuck him.. would go for Isaak, explosive pace and scores goals..
    Get Danilo and we’d be right up there next season

  25. Matt B

    TYAG: It’s the FA Cup and Newcastle are fighting a relegation battle that they can’t lose — don’t think they’ll be that upset.

    And on that point Rich: it would be a bit mad for Newcastle to take a gamble on the types of players we bought in the summer. At least in this short-term battle to stay up.

    I never advocated for Eddie Howe at Arsenal, but his Bournemouth team did well, played some nice football, so I any laughing at him

  26. Rich


    Klopp took over in October 2015

    2015/16 8th 60 points
    2016/17 4th 76 points
    2017/18 4th 75 points
    2018/19 2nd 97 points
    2019/20 1st 99 points
    2020/21 3rd 69 points

    Signing Van Dijk, Fabinho, Alisson, transformed Liverpool, they went from conceding 38 down to 22, as did having time to work with his forwards + full backs

    Next season we should start with a relatively settled 11, 2022/23 will probably be a bit early for this team, but I’d still expect to see a decent uptick in our points + goal scored column, and be more equipped to deal with additional European fixtures

    What would a top striker + midfield do for this team? Particularly if they had 6 months to settle, and a full pre-season, then potentially throw in Saliba as well….

    This project is going places, really important we tie down our talent, our get our recruitment right, we’re really not far away

  27. Matt B

    Tom: I think we have the best opportunity we’ve had in a long.time to compete for the title next season…Maybe not 97 points, but doubt that’ll be necessary

  28. DivineSherlock

    I think that Svanberg guy plus a CF like Isak would do it this January , then we can go to summer to buy a legit Granit Xhaka replacement .

  29. Tom

    “Next season we should start with a relatively settled 11, 2022/23 will probably be a bit early for this team, but I’d still expect to see a decent uptick in our points + goal scored column, and be more equipped to deal with additional European fixtures“

    Rich, I swear I’m not trying to be mean but you’re the king of saying a lot without saying much.
    Too early for what ffs?
    Top four? A title challenge? Or just to start banging in earnest lol

  30. DivineSherlock


    Apart from Mane Salah and Firmino . Liverpool do have a good squad , TAA is young so is Robertson , VanDijk can easily play 3 seasons , Robertson is young . They’ve just signed Konate + they have Joe Gomez and Matip . In midfield they have Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliot , promising young players . They just didnt replace Wijnaldum , they went for Thiago instead who is more of a #6 . Allison has probably 3-4 seasons in him as well. They just need to make Jota like signings in forward areas.

  31. Rich


    This season I couldn’t have been any clearer, I think we’ll finish 5th, 69-74 points, spitting distance of 4th, and most of you laughed at me after the first 3 games:

    This season:

    1st We’d be building Arteta a solid gold statue outside the Emirates
    2nd – 3rd overachievement and unlikely
    4th slight overachievement, but only overachieving by a few points
    5th-6th hitting par
    7th – 8th slightly under par, and without winning a domestic cup, Arteta is out

    Next season if we get in a top striker, midfielder, tie down Saka, Saliba, Martinelli

    Then I think we’ll be closer to the title, will certainly be in the top 4, 80-85 points, maybe 2nd or 3rd, probably come up short, but with what would still be a young team, that would be progress

    We’re aiming to build a team that competes at the top for between 2023/24 – 2025/26, but I expect to see steady improvements in between now and then

    I base this logic on how long team cycles tend to last before they burn out

    The average age of the current players I expect to be around for the medium to longer term, the age of the players we’re linked with, and the average age of teams that compete for, and win the biggest prizes

    Where I see the current cycles of the teams around us

    Tom, I always have a clear point, you just hate anything positive said about the club, and instead prefer to go in two footed with your studs up, on the team you claim to support

  32. Leedsgunner

    If Jeorge Bird, the excellent blogger in all things concerning the Arsenal Academy and youth players are to believed, it looks like my wish for plenty of youngsters in our FA Cup line up is to be met.

    Even more pleased that the ones I earmarked looked to be given a run out. The only one I missed out was Biereth… the young prospect we nipped from Fulham.

    He’s filled in Balogun’s shoes quite nicely for the U23s…

    As I said, the team I would have play Notts Forest later today are:


    Cedric Mari Holding Tavares

    Chambers Sambi

    Pepe ESR Balogun


    Kido Taylor Hart
    Salah Eddine

    I suppose with Biereth involved he may get a place on the bench over Laca; or he might play if Balogun is kept out so that he doesn’t get injured right before his loan to Middlesbrough.

    Eddie will play because I think Arteta is on a full on charm offensive to win him over.

    As I said the clamour for Patino to play and make his full debut but I think we should be patient with the lad, we have no need to rush him.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Along with Patino, we have a few other central midfielders coming through the club… the three I’m really looking forward to seeing making their step up to the first team are:

    Tim Akinola (DM) apparently a young Thomas P clone

    Marcelo Flores, (CM) already impressed so much has he on international duty, he has been given a full cap by Mexico. By all accounts he didn’t look out of place when he played.

    Miguel Azeez, (CM) on loan at Portsmouth, learning from the manager who helped ESR when he went on loan to Huddersfield.

    Per Mertesacker needs a new contract. He’s literally saving the club millions in bringing these youngsters through.

    Well done Per!

  34. Rich


    I think Pepe is away at AFCON, but I wouldn’t be surprised if our team looked similar to that, Smith Rowe has apparently been carrying a knock, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat out of this one

    We definitely shouldn’t risk Saka

  35. Just Another Customer

    as long as they remain humble but also proud to play for the club I welcome these new generation of youth

    no more #Dench and the likes please just stay focus on the footballing side

  36. Leedsgunner


    Yes, you are right. Pepe is of course away on international duty. The thing is I don’t want to play Martinelli or Odegaard if we don’t need to.

    If it was up to me then I would play Kido Taylor Hart or Omari Hutchinson in the right wing and see what they can do.

  37. Leedsgunner


    For what’s worth, I find your posts from the other side of the world interesting. I don’t always agree with you on your take on Arteta but for the most part I find your views well reasoned. Don’t let the snide comments get to you.

    As you may know I used to be an arch Arteta skeptic but this past summer transfer window changed my perspective… and I’m happy to see where this ride goes.

    One of the reasons I follow Arsenal is because I have friends in Asia, Africa and North America that follow the club with me… and I value their perspectives and take on things. So please keep on sharing!

    In fact, that goes for all of you who follow the Gunners from overseas – please keep sharing. I am one supporter that loves the fact that we have support all over the world.

    Thank you!

  38. Luteo Guenreira

    Between Vlahovic/Isak/DCL – Vlahovic definitely looks like he’d be a racist, so I’m not sure about him. He looks like the captain of the villain team in any sports movie ever. Smug face. As for Isak, he looks like a Somali pirate, but then he’s a Swede, so that’s really confusing. So I guess I’ll go with the guy in the skirt.

  39. Tony

    I knew the name but not much about the player. YT looks good as most do with his slide rule passes. He ticks a lot of boxes with his stats at the beginning of the reel.

    I wondered if White would be moved into the DM if Saliba rolls up at the end of the season? Although White moves the ball well he still doesn’t look entirely comfortable when he runs into traffic. I just don’t see the DM as White’s domain.

    Just about the right age and experience from a quick look at him, but I’d wait for other knowledgeable posters to add their weight to the the question should we buy him.

    Weagle, Tom, Bob, Graham, Hebesha and others your thoughts?

  40. Tony

    *Divine Friendly*

    Leedsgunner thanks for the kind words.

    The thing with Arteta is I don’t doubt his football credentials, and I am as excited as you and others the way we pressured City to the point they were made to play disjointed because they were pushed wide for so much of the game.

    So many people think successful management is easy; it’s not. It’s a thankless task that need people skills to be really successful. Ruling by fear rarely works in business and generally creates a high staff turnover.

    The managers we all have worked under at some point in our lives who stood out and who you’d move heaven and earth to keep working under. A manager who has equal amounts of empathy and ruthlessness because that is what makes a successful manager who doesn’t have pets and rewards those who merit it.

    Arteta is not this type of man, and I very much doubt he will be. Klopp is that type and superficially Pep is, but somehow I bet Arteta’s persona is a type of copy from Pep.

    So, it’s the man I don’t like, but love my club and team as I always have for more than 50 years.. That doesn’t mean I can’t be converted just that it’s a remote possibility unless Arteta undergoes a personality transplant or maybe it’s the way Arteta reacts to pressure where, when we are in the CL holding our own, the days are less like a pressure cooker, maybe Arteta has another side that will endear us to him.

    The thing is a manager relaxes his teams, puts them at ease under great pressure, but has them performing their collective best, which is what we saw against City, but not against the Bin Dippers.

    I guess it’s all about consolidating the form against City and transferring that against the rest of the games PL or cup.

    Can Arteta do that? I sincerely hope so for the club and its fans.

    Time will tell.

  41. Zacharse

    All that has to happen pete is KSE to inject the fucking cash ince they agree the deal.
    I think the ffp number was 200m to spend

  42. Tony

    Game today against one of football’s legendary clubs with an illustrious past who fell and never recovered languishing in the lower leagues. For those who didn’t live through or who don’t know much about Brian Clough should read up on the legend the man became but eventually lost the battle to booze.

    It was the loss to Forrest that probably sealed Wenger’s fate and now needs to be addressed in footballing terms.

    Forrest can’t go toe to toe with us so they’ll target players like Xhaka and will surely test Lakonga for his inexperienced if played. I have’t seen Forrest play since the 5:0 Carling cup so I have no idea what tactics Arteta should employ.

    It will be a good test to have a game we can have to develop our play without Partey, Pepe and Elneny.

    It’s a 10 past midnight KO for me and my son so just early enough to wait up for.

    There should be no City loss hangover because we had them and they know it and we know it; only the score told a different story. We should be buzzing and frothing at the mouth to play more one – two touch football through the channels to Martinelli and co.

    After the City game my son and I can’t wait to see the football progress; improving in small gains all over the pitch where the sum of the total produces goals and clean sheets.

    It’s slowly becoming good to be a Gooner again where the feel-good factor creates a unification of the fans or hopefully does.

    I’m going for a comfortable win; I’ll let others predict the score.

  43. Habesha Gooner

    Bruno G. is a fantastic player. He has everything that you want in a CM. He can pass well, tackle, drop a shoulder, is composed and a fighter. I saw him play last year and he has gotten better this season. There is a lot of progression about his game. And he is at the right age. He would be fantastic as a Xhaka replacement in the first eleven. We were interested back when Xhaka threw his toys out and was close to leaving. But now he has grown with his game.

    Arsenal are interested now too. I think he is Arteta’s real target. But he won’t be coming in this January if we sign a striker for big money. Lyon are asking € 45 mil to sell in January according to fabrizio. We are probably going to loan a CM for 6 months and go for him in the summer.

  44. Sid

    Ruben Neves is a better option than Guimares(Guend is outperforming Guimare)

    Per Mertesacker is top class, i told y’all for free!

  45. Tony

    Thanks Habesha looks like his YT stands up then. Has Gilberto’s defensive qualities, but with the added bonus of slide rule short and accurate long passing range and probably someone White could link up with successfully when playing out from the back – and also a few goals a season.

    Let’s hope Josh puts enough zeros on the TW cheque.

  46. DivineSherlock

    Per Mertseacker is doing absolute wonders at the academy , I bet it was his idea to let Wilshire train at the academy . Marcelo Flores is really the one to watch , I saw him play for Mexico , he looks ready . Wont be surprised if he goes on loan next season .

  47. Tony

    Good link Hebesha, Bruno ticks all the right boxes for around £33 million. BHA would want another £50m from us for Basouma, as Potter has come out and said they are not a selling club, which is exactly what they are.

    Bissouma would cost more and to be honest I’ve watch as much BHA as I can this season, and whilst Basouma’s a very good player, there’s nothing outstanding about him that makes him have a high ceiling in the same way as Kante had. He’s effective and industrious but too similar to Partey for a partnership to be effective.

    Bruno would compliment Partey.

    Bruno’s stats shown in the link show Bruno Guimares to be almost perfect for us.

  48. Lars Duvander Højholt

    I just fear all this spending will mean we will sell ESR or Saka much earlier than we would want to😬😬

  49. Leedsgunner

    The opportunity for Neves was last summer but if I recall, the popular opinion on Le Grove was for Emi Buendia, and there was much gnashing of teeth and crying to the heavens when Aston Villa nabbed him over us.

    Many keystrokes were pounded on how Aston Villa was now soon overshadowing us as a big club…

    When it became clear that Arteta and Edu were targeting Odegaard over Emi and Maddison too many here said Edu and Arteta didn’t know what they were doing. Odegaard was written off before he signed for us as a permanent player – all because many among us thought he wasn’t special enough… the truth was, familiarity bred contempt.

    I, and a few others did point out that Neves was a good fit, and that if we ran a comparison Neves had put up similar numbers to Buendia like numbers for Wolves back in 2016-17 but we were told we should be looking for players from better clubs than Wolves…

    Well what has turned out?

    Aston Villa blew a tonne of cash badly, Arteta and Edu knew exactly what they were doing in that summer transfer window AND Neves would have been an excellent Xhaka replacement had Roma succeeded in taking him there.

    In fact, if truth be said, many of us (including me) got our predictions hopelessly wrong. The summer WASN’T a disaster, the players we brought in were good solid buys and change really had begun at the Emirates.

    It is because of this past summer I decided to change from the anti-Arteta to the let’s see what he can do camp.

    I’m glad he proved me wrong.

    It’s not about me being right, but Arsenal doing well.

    Up the Gunners!

  50. Leedsgunner

    With Bruno Guimarães, do you know who reminds me of? He reminds me of Jack Grealish before he went to Man City… look at how he draws the fouls and sprays his passes everywhere…

    I hope we bring him in!

  51. Habesha Gooner

    I still feel Buendia is a fantastic player. He hasn’t hit the ground running as I expected him to but he is starting to show why they signed him. He had a fantastic assist to Dany Ings the other day. I was fine with either.

    What upset me about his transfer was the fact that our strategy depended on waiting for Martin Odegaard. And I thought Maddison was way overpriced because he was the same level of player as Odegaard. I am glad it all worked out and we got Odegaard. I didn’t think Villa were a better draw for players though. That was a shambolic view from an Arsenal fan.

    What I like about him is the fact that he can do everything well. He isn’t world class yet. But he is consistently dependable to put out good performances. And he likes a dribble when neccessary and he passes in to the box frequently. He can tackle too. He is still a work in progress but he is a far better value than the CMs we have been linked with. Bissouma for example isn’t a consistent passer. Neves is like Xhaka in some ways. He can’t drop a shoulder or go on a dribble. Bruno G just has more to his game.

  52. Leedsgunner

    If Edu and Arteta decide to cut our losses on Nico Pepe… and we decide to bring in a dynamic winger, the players I want us to think about are:

    Raphina – plays as no 10 for Leeds United, one of their best players. We might be able to pick him up for a decent price if they struggle. They will want to sell to bring in new players.

    Donyell Malen – brought in for big money by BvB to replace Sancho. After scoring for fun at PSV he has struggled to get off the ground. He is an Arsenal old boy too, so he might want to finish up unfinished business… the way I look at it, I think Malen has shades of Isak here. He struggled too at BvB before he rediscovered he form at Real Sociedad…

  53. Habesha Gooner

    Patino is starting today. Xhaka and ESR haven’t been pictured training. Mika Biereth and Omari Hutchinson are also included in the match day squad. From Chris Wheatley at football London.

    So it is probably going to be a Sambi, Patino, Odegaard/Salah midfield by my guess.

    And the Cedric offer is genuine from Atlethico Madrid according to him. I would take it and have chambers be the backup RB for the rest of the season. We would have needed to sign a backup to Tomi in the summer anyway.

  54. Ustyno


    Glad to hear nice words from you about oversea gunners,we mustn’t all be at the Emirates for people to know our genuine love for the club

    I’m beginning to think Arteta seems very lucky for the Kroneke’s to be releasing money for because it seems he will be back again this January something that was rarely seen during Wenger even though he allergic to spending

  55. Berg10kamp

    Looking at us now we seem to be on a similar trajectory as Liverpool when Klopp took over. We sorted out key defensive positions and now we sorting out midfield. We are lucky that our attack had some stellar young players to build on. If we can make top 4 this season and improve we can definitely challenge for the title in 2 years time or maybe sooner.

  56. Buzzy

    Liverpool are highly over rated..take out the two 30 year olds in their attack and they usually crumble…the team that has consistently dominated is City

  57. Unoni

    It goes without saying that the race for the top four is our highest priority. I expect that to be reflected in todays selection. Xakha plays, he always does. Maybe white or Gabriel for continuity. Outside of that I want to see a total 2nd team.

  58. Unoni

    I think it’s a good opportunity to watch ESR and Balogun link at the top end of the pitch and see what patino can come up with in the middle linking with ESR and Pepe wide

  59. The Bard

    I think the main driver of who we sign will be dependent on what the other top clubs do. We are some way down the pecking order. If the others above us are disinterested then will have chance. I suspect we won’t see much action until the end of the window.

  60. Bob N16


    I don’t watch much football unless it’s Arsenal so my knowledge of players mentioned as incomings is usually limited to a YT clip and Wiki. What I try and remind myself is that so many players are linked to Arsenal that getting excited about a potential player is mostly just window shopping.

    The recent scouting, the joined up thinking of the last window, encourages me to feel confident that any incomings are likely to fit in with our existing squad. My gut feeling is that a Brazilian CM would sit nicely with Edu on hand and our two Gabriel’s.

    Vlahovic feels like opportunism- he’s clearly a talent and if we get him I’d hope that they’ve done due diligence on his personality as well as footballing fit. Again from what little I know, Isak looks a better fit, especially with his extra pace and having played successfully with Odegaard at Sociedad. Incidentally it wouldn’t surprise me if Odegaard was made captain in the summer.

  61. Bob N16

    Unoni, seems to me that it’s a perfect opportunity for Eddie’s potential price to go up and for a club to press the button in January if he plays well today and scores again.

    If we don’t get a PL club coming in this Jan he’s likely to go abroad for nothing in the summer ( we’ll get compensation, possibly up to £10m if he goes to another PL club). He and agent mide decide that say Germany is his best destination.

  62. Unoni


    In the absence of Pepe then I think we will have to play him but to me his price won’t alter greatly now anyway and if he’s off then I’d rather give an opportunity to our next Saka/smith Rowe

  63. Invincibles

    From Fabrizio Romano

    Arsenal are working to sign a new midfielder. Bruno Guimarães appreciated but currently not discussed as January target – deal too complicated, €45m fee. 🔴 #AFC

    Arthur Melo on loan has been discussed days ago – but still no talks/contacts with Juve. Three names in the list.

  64. Bob N16

    Not so sure Unoni, any good scout will see potential in Eddie and value. Goal scorers are expensive and the upside on Eddie could make a big difference to a club that desperately needs more goals and is PL ready.. January window is short so it’s pretty much now or never.

  65. Bob N16

    Unoni, it’s more about whether a team goes for him or not this January.

    As I just posted, it’s quite possible that he’ll go abroad in the summer and Arsenal will receive nothing. If him and his agent are convinced by a project in the PL, say CP, Southampton or Brighton, he may be willing to go in January.

    So to answer your question, you could argue that a good performance today might tip the balance for a PL club to pay say £8m for him this month, compared to Arsenal potentially receiving nothing in the summer- therefore £8m!,

  66. Northbanker

    Bob – I agree. Eddies recent hatrick really helped the spotlight factor and kindled a lot of interest in him. Playing him today and a goal from him could easily be worth £10m + to us.

  67. Northbanker

    A lot of anti Arsenal comments emerging from the Vlahovic camp. It could be gamesmanship but Im really not sure we should be pursuing him with those views. I hope the link with Isak has more substance and we will probably get a much better deal there than Vlahovic or Ollie Watkins, a prospect that doesnt really excite me at all.

  68. TR7

    ManCity have been ‘keeping tabs’ on both Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta and Crystal Palace’s Patrick Vieira, with both managers ‘in their thoughts’ as a potential successor to Pep Guardiola if and when the time comes.

    [via @TheAthleticUK]

  69. Nelson

    My gut feeling is that a Brazilian CM would sit nicely with Edu on hand and our two Gabriel’s.

    Arsenal submit €25m transfer offer for Palmeiras’ Danilo.

  70. Moray

    I don’t think we should be buying Serbs. It’s just a whole lot of problems with the nationalist and racist shit. Look at the Djokavic controversy now.

    As a club that is proudly and successfully diverse, the last thing Arsenal needs is this guy.

  71. curse

    nice one Luteo, that was funny.

    are Serbs known for being racist then Moray? if so some one will have to stage a hit on him and get Saka and the rest of the man dem to save his life.

  72. Phil

    It’s interesting that we have an obvious profile in mind for our new striker, yet we’re seemingly still pushing to keep Nketiah, who is the complete opposite?

  73. Unoni

    So to answer your question, you could argue that a good performance today might tip the balance for a PL club to pay say £8m for him this month, compared to Arsenal potentially receiving nothing in the summer- therefore £8m!,

    Fair point well made. Maybe a goal today would tip the scales in favour of an immediate sale but anyone looking to take him would already know his skills and worth and in my view would already be very very close to parting with that money but I do take your point. A goal today could seal the deal

  74. Moray

    I think the only club spending this window will be Newcastle. I remember we did very well selling our old players off to City when they came into money. Their defence was the AFC retirement home for a while.. I wonder if we could do the same with Newcastle?

  75. Emiratesstroller

    I want to respond to the usual critics of my posts.

    Yesterday I suggested that Arsenal’s fixture list post January will be mainly one game each
    week unless games are postponed due to Covid and/or injuries.

    I made the case that we could offload a small number of unwanted players.

    Points to consider are:

    1. We are and have been playing in recent times with a fairly settled starting team.
    2. Smith-Rowe who is sitting at the moment on bench is taking up one of sub places.
    3. We are therefore playing with a maximum of two additional sub options.
    4. There are positions in the squad where we have more than two options specifically both
    full back positions and centre forward.
    5. I accepted that we are short in January of Defensive/Central Midfield players and that
    there was a case to recruit a player to cover for Partey and Elneny.
    6. Arsenal should only recruit a player on a long term contract if he is a genuine upgrade on
    what we have already got.

    Moving on beyond this season our additional recruitment will depend on whether we qualify for Europe, which is likely to add at least 8-12 mid week games. If we do so then we
    need a squad of at least 25 registered players.

    If not I suggest that we can play with a smaller but better quality squad.

    The areas of recruitment likely to be needed next season are
    Central Midfield – First String
    Centre Forward – First String
    Goal Keeper – Squad Option to replace Leno
    Right Back – Squad Option to replace Cedric and Chambers if they leave
    Centre Back – Squad Option to replace Mari if Saliba does not come back.
    Winger – Squad Option to replace Pepe if he leaves.

    So I don’t foresee wholesale recruitment next season and we can be more selective than in past.

  76. Positive pete

    Personally.gut feeling is forget the Serb.His entourage appear to be a bit mercenary & clearly think they’re going to get a bigger club & maybe by playing hardball will get Juventus( vlahovic) choice.who Fiorentina hate & don’t want to deal with.
    I’d go with Issac.But priority is the midfield which Arteta himself has identified.Agree with Tony’s assessment.Bruno would be a better fit & price & more to his game.Lets hope he is the no1 target now.

  77. Buzzy

    Watching Danilos comp on YouTube makes it looks like the blokes playing and running on excruciatingly and frustatingly slow..hope we dont get anywhere near him

  78. Positive pete

    Forget Vlahovic Him & his advisers clearly think they can do better & are playing hardball trying to force through the Juve transfer.Fiorentina don’t want Juve who they hate.
    Isak a far better fit for our system as is Bruno Guimares for CM as per Tony’s assessment which is spot on.
    absolute priority at present is a CM.And Buzzy is correct.Stay well away from Danilo.Deckchair Denilson vibes.

  79. Unoni

    For all the arm chair scouts, there were many slating Tierney white and ramsdale beifre you’d ever really watched them play so id advise giving some time on the links with lads like Danilo before wrtingthem off completely, for your own sake.

  80. Mb

    I’ve finally contracted Covid. It isn’t the Omicron but Delta, hiding out in my room – atleast the match tonight will keep me entertained.

    Strange that I’ve exact same symptoms of I had when I was vaccinated.