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Liverpool FC is trying to have the Thursday night Carling Cup game cancelled due to COVID. They have reported that Pep L, their assistant coach, is ‘suspected’ of the plague.

A quick Google scan reveals there is a precedent for this type of issue. This below segment comes courtesy of Leyton Orient who had the same issues against Spurs in 2020.


The Round Three tie scheduled for Tuesday 22 September between Leyton Orient and Tottenham Hotspur could not take place following the issue by Waltham Forest Borough Council of an order preventing the match being played as planned. This followed a number of Leyton Orient players testing positive for COVID-19.

The EFL Board has determined that in line with Carabao Cup Rule 5.1, the Club was unable to fulfil its obligations to complete the fixture by virtue of the Council’s order and shall therefore forfeit the tie.

If we’re going down the same path, let’s have the same outcome.

Liverpool doesn’t want to be in the Cup, they think it’s beneath them. Klopp has already made big complaints that he’d rather it be one game, but that was rejected. If Liverpool don’t want it, let’s make it super easy and give Arsenal a pass to the final.

Liverpool likely won’t get booted like Leyton Orient because they are a big club and big sponsors want to see their energy drinks up in lights next to a flying Sadio Mane elbow. It makes me really angry that the clubs with the most money, the most success, and the deepest pockets, whinge the most about losing talent.

I still can’t get over Pep Guardiola complaining about his bench after the Arsenal game… when it had a £100m player on it.

The game is big for Arsenal. It gives the squad a chance to get back to winning ways and it gives our young group of players the chance to bind their DNA a little tighter to Arsenal FC. I want to see the game as well and I know everyone would LOVE another cup final.

In transfer news, The Athletic are saying that Ainsley is very close to moving to Italy on a half-season loan. We all wanted a more ruthless Arsenal, we have it, we can’t complain when good young players don’t make the cut because there are other good young players at the club. I love Ains, but let’s be straight, he really made a mess of being offered the right-back role. Arsenal are the top end of what he’ll get in the Premier League, to reject the chance to start regularly when you’ve been good in a makeshift position shows that he’s been advised badly.

In business, if you lack talent, you can make fast progress by putting your hand up for things others don’t want to do and crushing them. I wasn’t trained in advertising to make TV spots but I wanted to be a Creative Director. I went where the porridge was cold and took all the internet bits the fancy people would physically vom at if shown in a brief. That made me a peasant in the creative hierarchy, but a king in the business one, because I could offer something of value that was hard to find, that clients wanted to buy. In advertising, Ainsley is the guy that wants to make Super Bowl spots for Nike, though he should have stick to viral Tweets for cookie brands.

At its simplest: Would you rather be average at something you like or the best at something you are good at? I think those with an elite mindset say the latter… those that say the former end up making internet commercials for hayfever tablets for a washed-up dictator.

Still, Roma will be a good experience for Ains. Outside working for a horrible human, he’ll eat better, experience another culture, and the Hinge seen will be fresher than whatever he’s looking at now.

BIG QUESTION: What the hell are we doing to our midfield?

I think it’ll be a loan or a low-key transfer, a bit like Tomiyasu. If we’re exiting someone from a light midfield, it means there’s a deal in place for someone new, because I don’t think there’s anyone below AMN that is ready for a jump in a moment like this.

It’s been surprisingly quiet elsewhere. There’s been very little movement for Auba, who is a guaranteed scorer in the right system. If you needed a new keeper, only the richest could ignore the talents of Leno. Surely there’s a club that wants a piece of Pablo Mari or Kolasinac.

Edu is pretty good at doing deals, we can’t knock him there, but he’s been next to useless whipping up a frenzy for the rest of our players.

I suspect Ben Knapper will be busy trying to find homes for some of the young kids that might have outgrown their current loans OR need a loan from U23 level because they are bossing it. Patino might be too young, but Folarin B, Tim Akinola, Moller, and Harry Clarke who came back from Ross County.

I did save one rumour until the end… Brighton is interested in Eddie. If that isn’t the most obvious transfer in history, I don’t know what is. How can a team that needs a fox in the box not have taken a look at Eddie this summer when they could have squeezed us further with Ben White.


I still have no idea what is going to happen upfront. I wonder if Arsenal might just ride it out. Whatever we have going right now works until there’s an injury. But even if there was an injury, could you switch Gabi into the middle and put ESR on the left? An overly simplistic idea that we’ve seen before.

Lacazette is the biggest worry. His style is pivotal to how operate. He’s unique, he’s difficult to replicate, and he’s in great form even if the goals aren’t there. The closer we get to June, the more he’ll be thinking about his ligaments mortality, and that 5% of worry can be huge. Lacazette, right now, is basically like driving uninsured when you want to be insured. It’s very risky and risk-averse players aren’t what you need when you are battling a fine margins Premier League table.

I’ve run out of things to say.

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  1. bacaryisgod

    Good to see we’ve learned the lesson for avoiding an obligation (Mavrapanos) or option (Guendouzi) to buy at a discounted price.

    I think the Guendouzi deal might go down as one of the worst we’ve ever seen at the club. I agree that we should have moved him on based on his behaviour but to give Marseille a low cost loan with only an option to buy at a low price will almost certainly come back to haunt us.

  2. AFC Forever


    You are right about stepping stones. Fourth would be a major achievement with this new young team and would give us a better market to fish in. You need that stepping stone to start attracting the best players, like Odegaards mate Haaland. Wenger was right about 4th place having the value of a trophy, it does. A few too many idiots didn’t get it but that’s football fans for you. 4th place is better than some trophies; tell Haaland we won the Carabao Cup and he’ll laugh in your face when you wave a contract at him. Tell him you’re playing in the Champions League and he might sign it.

  3. Tom

    Hey Midwest, I’m assuming you want Tottenham to trounce Chelski today.
    At least you have a solid excuse of your obnoxious Chelsea supporting brother for rooting for them……….me, I’d get accused of Conte adulation.

  4. Mb


    Exactly, we are all red and white here. We could have been a spu*s supporter and what a waste of life that would have been.

  5. MidwestGun

    AFC –
    Yes 4th place has a lot of value.. I just felt like Wenger stopped trying at some point to utilize that value to do anything else. Anyhow, it wasnt meant as a lets start bashing Wenger thing.. Moreso… I think people do see the value in finishing 4th but when you say it is a trophy.. it adds that stigmatism that built up from the late Wenger banter years.

  6. bacaryisgod


    Fair point. It’s a tough one because with his wages being low, there might be an incentive for him to sign a new deal this summer to get an immediate bump. The way he gets targeted by opponents might make a new bumper 5 year deal look attractive this summer.

    At the same time, the club could give him an immediate bump in salary to acknowledge his efforts for the club. If he’s really on 30k per week and we know he’s most likely a 150-200k per week player, giving him a bump to 60k per week for the remainder of the season might be a smart move that would help ease negotiations for a longer-term deal.

    Very fine balancing act though.

  7. MidwestGun

    Tom yes when Spuds play Chelski it’s a difficult one.. I want both sides to lose so much.. If I had to choose though I would want Chelski to suffer more, yes.

  8. Pierre

    “No, coming 4th in PL is not a trophy – it’s not even nearly winning a trophy, that belongs to the team in second place.”

    21 years
    Net spend 250 million
    10 trophies
    10 runners up

    18 years on the bounce qualified for champions league.

    Since he left
    3 years and counting
    Already a larger net spend in 3 years than Wenger’s 21 years..
    No champions league football
    Finished 5th , 8th , 8th.

    And our 2 best players are wenger protégés saka and smith rowe who learnt the game the wenger way.

    We are showing improvement though and have just about reached a champions league position , 4th spot, the very same position that Wenger was abused relentlessly for..

  9. raulishuss

    He was ridiculed for infering that qualifying for champions league was a top priority at the start of the season…..the only ones who look ridiculous now are the entitled fans who expected Arsenal to win the league with little or no money to compete against the billions of cuty, chelsea and united.

    spot on comment….ungrateful,spiteful fans….. i still remember the way people ridiculed wenger when he fell at that train station….shaweful, cowardly act.

  10. bacaryisgod

    Nonsense Sid. A person of color can be racist, for example against another person of color. The increase in attacks on Asians in the United States by African-Americans etc have largely been based on racism.

  11. Tom

    Midwest, Arsenal would do better against the spuds, assuming we get past Liverpool, so that’s my motivation for rooting against Chelsea.

  12. MidwestGun

    Anyhow.. Im going to miss the Scum versus Scum match today.. Family duties… call. But it wouldnt be too much to ask for Son to get a muscle pull that lasts a month.. I don’t think. 😀

  13. bacaryisgod


    You’ve already stated you think forcing Wenger out was the right decision. He’s widely acknowledged as our greatest manager so not sure the point here.

    His Xhaka, Mustafi, Lucas Perez, Asano transfer class essentially finished him off. It was clear he was flailing. His greatness is undisputed but the fact that we’ve been a disaster since he left isn’t an argument for why he should have stayed.

  14. CG


    Excellent as always.

    It seems to me, Arsenal post Wenger are trying to achieve exactly what he got continually criticised for.

    And he did not cheat either , leave the grass too long or ask games to be cancelled either.

    I thought he was replaced to kick on from all these boring top 4 finishes and tedious FA Cup wins.

  15. AFC Forever


    “We could have been a spu*s supporter and what a waste of life that would have been…”

    How old would you have to be to have seen Spuds lift the league title? It was 1961 so that’s 61 years ago. Assuming you would have to have been, let’s say 8 at the time to remember it, you’re a man approaching 70.

    If it’s an FA Cup then you’re looking for a man approaching 40.

    In other words bald-headed men who look like Spuds (Potatoes to those who don’t get it).

    Just imagine wanting to inflict all that suffering on your kids. It’s definitely a case of calling social services because it’s child cruelty.

  16. IAT-Robbie

    “it adds that stigmatism that built up from the late Wenger banter years”

    MidwestGun, I definitely agree.

    The late Wenger banter years make up the majority of my Arsenal fanhood so that truly was a banter era for me. I remember every Arsenal fan at school getting the piss taken out of us when Wenger said that. It wasn’t easy defending the man at times.

    The worst time was starting the school year just after that 8-2 defeat to United. Even the teachers joined in😁

  17. Pierre

    Arteta looks like he has turned the corner in his decision making , though i am a little confused as to why we would let AMN leave at this particular time as he has proved pefectly good enough whenever he has played this season….non negotiables?

    I am also a little concerned about smith rowe , though i do understand that it is difficult for Arteta to put him in the side at present, i am hoping that Arteta creates a pathway for smith rowe to get back in the side.
    Nothing wrong in smith rowe having time to recharge his batteries, especially as the team are playing so well.

    Arteta will always have the same problems as wenger, and that is our inability to compete financially with city, chelsea and united..

    Fans shouldn’t be fooled into thinking we can compete because we outspent our rivals in the summer.
    I can guarantee you that when push comes to shove chelsea or city will blow us out of the water if they have to.

    We have to keep unearthing diamonds in the academy and then hope we can keep them and pray that Arteta’s coaching is as good as many think it is..

  18. Taylor Swift

    Can we pulleeez stop going on about Saka to Liverpool. What would be the price? 150? He’s not going anywhere, I don’t think at his age there would be anything beneficial about him making a move. Remember, he is only of an age where he would be in his second year at university.

    He certainly needs, and will get, a payrise. Arsenal is his family, just look at the YouTube video of his wall of cards.

  19. CG


    ””””’The worst time was starting the school year just after that 8-2 defeat to United. Even the teachers joined in😁”””’

    And what did he do. His response.

    He dusted himself down, did not sulk, got on with his job, bought some players and had us coming home in 3rd.

    I can not remember if he won the Cup that year.

    ps. Klopp took a 7 -2 last season & 6 home defeats in a row.
    He too recovered.

  20. Pierre

    “You’ve already stated you think forcing Wenger out was the right decision.”

    There is a difference between saying that it was time for wenger to go(and it was) and forcing him out.

    I would have been more than happy to see pep come in when he left Barcelona as I’ve always believed he is the best.

    Again , that doesn’t mean i would ever disrespect wenger , the joy he brought to Arsenal fans over the years,, even the final years when he brought us 3 trophies in 4 years, the football was still a joy to watch despite having the media , referees and his own fans against him.

    Who’s to say if pep came in , he may have found the same difficulties ….lack of funds, entitled fans, continuous negativity from the media , and poor refereeing decisions.

    There are no guarantees…

  21. Sid

    @Bacary, you are speaking of prejudice, racism is systemic,
    Who of the to is disadvantaged in judicial system, education, employment, housing, healthcare etc

  22. AFC Forever


    I think everyone now knows that finishing 4th place is as good, in fact better, than some trophies. Wenger was right but people were desperate to get at him to undermine finishing fourth. That’s all it was.

    Now all anyone talks about is finishing in the top 4, the same people who ridiculed it including the media. Hypocrites. Try telling anyone in football that winning the Carabao Cup is better than playing in the Champions League and you will get shoved into a strait jacket and thrown into one of those places with padded cells. Try telling Haaland when you make him an offer you don’t play in the champions league but you won the Carabao Cup! Mind you when Arteta won the FA Cup half the people on here were belittling it as nothing special and a fluke. Some people just have to be right, they are desperate to discredit anything they can.

  23. IAT-Robbie

    “He dusted himself down, did not sulk, got on with his job, bought some players and had us coming home in 3rd.”

    Oh CG, I am not disputing that and in hindsight I am very proud of that. I just remember what the post-match atmosphere was like back at school where football was life or death. That was also the season we beat Chelsea 3-5 at theirs, so rest assured, we took the opportunity to let the Chelsea fans have some. It’s a shame we didn’t have any Spurs supporters in our class. That would have been a glorious day.

  24. CG


    ””””’Mind you when Arteta won the FA Cup half the people on here were belittling it as nothing special and a fluke.””””’

    Not me, I congratulated Arteta. Although I actually (possibly harshly ) say Wenger did really win x 8 FA Cups , not x 7. It was mostly his team except Luiz .

    But as I always say, Wenger made managing Arsenal , especially under KSE look just a bit too easy for his own good.

  25. englandsbest

    Nobody disputes the value of CL qualification but football is about winning, and for an elite club, that means winning trophies and competitions. And no manager knew that better than Wenger, a manager who had grown accustomed to success. Calling 4th (or 3rd or 2nd) in PL a trophy was a cop-out for him.

    But the offer of total football control of Arsenal was too seductive to resist. And there was the promise of lotsa dough when the Club could afford it. And for that to happen, qualification for CL was a priority. Hence, it became his benchmark of success. And in the meantime, he sold off the seed-corn gathered in the seven years of plenty.

    Alas, by the time the seven years of famine ended, his power of judgement had eroded. His offer for the player needed, Suarez, was derisive and failed. A blow to his self-esteem. A humbler man would have resigned. Instead he bought Ozil. ‘Nuff said.

    Far better under Arteta.

  26. Graham62


    What about the 12 years from 2006-2018?

    What were the figures like for that period?

    You and CG can gloat in the achievements but from 2006 onwards things changed dramatically at the club.

  27. Habesha Gooner

    Chris Wheatley is reporting we are monitoring Johnathan David for a move. I can’t say I am surprised. He is more of a pacy Lacazette profile player. And he would be a good fit for us.

  28. andy1886

    Be fair Graham, who knew that Almunia was rubbish (everyone but AW it seems), that we needed a DM (see previous answer), that we needed a top striker (obviously not the guy who paid more for another #10 than we offered for Suarez), or that Gervinho wasn’t a patch on Hazard (who we were linked with eighteen months before Chelsea swooped). Don’t forget the stadium cost though (okay we doubled match day income from £50m to £100m and the stadium payments maxed our around £24m a year, which to us innumerates looks like a net gain), and I’m sure that the £100m+ we suddenly found was hidden down the back of Ken Friar’s sofa so we couldn’t have possible spent that. And anyone knows that in PL you don’t need a defence worthy of the name surely.

    So yeah, Wenger knew all right.

  29. englandsbest

    I dispute Wenger’s greatness. My candidate for greatness is George Graham. He took over when the Club had not experienced success for fifteen years. The squad he inherited was average at best. By force of will he moulded the finest defence Arsenal has ever had. It was the foundation for a team that won trophies and titles in England and in Europe. And, but for the meanness of BoD, he would have gone on winning things.

    Contrast with Wenger. He inherited GG’s team plus Bergkamp and Platt. He came armed with inside knowledge of Frech football when the country was producing the best players in Europe. Even so, he brought in as many bad players as good, and persisted with them beyond belief. And, worst of all, he left a squad not fit for purpose.

  30. G

    Not sure how anyone can dispute his greatness, all you have to do is look at what he won and some of the sides he produced but each to their own

  31. Habesha Gooner

    Even the most harshest critics of Wenger don’t deny his legacy. The man was greatness personified. He just stayed too long. You wouldn’t have those players waxing lyrical about him if he wasn’t so great.

  32. Pierre


    “Contrast with Wenger. He inherited GG’s team plus Bergkamp and Platt. He came armed with inside knowledge of Frech football when the country was producing the best players in Europe. Even so, he brought in as many bad players as good, and persisted with them beyond belief. And, worst of all, he left a squad not fit for purpose”

    You do talk a load of bollocks sometimes , and you have exceeded yourself there..

    For a start , the squad not fit fit for purpose went 23 games unbeaten until Emery started his silly games by freezing ozil, ramsey and Lacazette out of the first team and deciding to play Torreira as our no.10.

    As for he brought in as many bad players as good…. what a ridiculous thing to say.
    95% of the players he brought in that didn’t work cost next to nothing, and even the odd player that did cost money, like xhaka , Lacazette, Aubamayang, are still at the club with new contracts handed to them by none other than Arteta. .

  33. Almuniasaynomore

    I’d fancy us more against spurs if we get to the final but this is amusing to watch them fall apart. I was hoping for more blood n thunder, injuries and cards aplenty.
    I loved GG more than Wenger. He transformed a club in dire straights and created winning teams through sheer willpower. Way I see it is that between them GG and Wenger climbed a footballing mountain. GG took us 70% of the way but Wenger brought us to the peak, no doubt. I don’t think either man could have done the job the other did, they both came to us at the right time. The difference was in the timing of their leaving and the state they left the club in. But both were magnificent managers. We were lucky to have them. It doesn’t serve us well to compare them too much I suppose. Its like arguing over who was the best Arsenal player, Henry or Bergkamp, eventually you’ll have to criticise one to make your point and you don’t want to do that as an Arsenal fan! Best not to go there. ( ps, the answer is Liam Brady!)

  34. Raulishuss

    EB You can’t big up arteta and try to be little arsene wenger, it’s hilarious and seriously unarsenal. Wenger was the best thing to happen to arsenal and even the epl as a whole. He raised the standard.

  35. Avi

    Really wanted to smash the Spuds in the final but I guess getting there for them is a step too far, the absolute losers

    Now we’re left to somehow navigate past the scousers and then the face the hideous Chavs.

  36. G

    Every time I see Spurs their shit.. but if they win their games in hand I think their above us… hopefully jan/feb we can pull away from them.. stay lucky with injuries and I’m sure we can get 4th and with this young team hopefully only get better

  37. Almuniasaynomore

    A joy to watch also. On his day,untouchable. But Brady lit up matches on pitches that you wouldn’t let pigs sleep on… And I’m biased…..

  38. IAT-Robbie


    Were you able to Liam Brady live? He was way before my time but I’ve seen some of his career highlights. Truly sensational stuff. I’ve always thought that Saka plays in a similar way to Liam Brady.

    Do you see a bit of Brady in Saka or is just that my imagination getting the best of me?

  39. G

    Loved Brady.. definitely in my top 5 Arsenal players
    In fact top 5 in no particular order
    Ian Wright

  40. Unoni

    Also, Wenger inherited a side that finished 12th 2 seasons previously. Yes there was quality but only Dennis Adam’s and seaman would be considered title quality at that point. The rest were written off.
    Let’s not pretend parlour Dixon winterburn or Keown were considered as a thing else but for the scrap heap.
    Wenger took those scraps, added his gold and the rest is history.

  41. Almuniasaynomore

    I saw him live a dozen times but always for Ireland, he was playing in Italy by the time I could afford trips to Highbury.
    He was a legendary figure over here, a real midfield creator, the type of player we rarely have in our national team. He had a way of beating players without needing pace to do so, a bit like John Robertson of Forest used to do. Players were scared of getting caught one on one with him and in that he and Saka are very alike. Both of them are odds on to skin an opponent if they isolate them. To think that Saka is doing it at such a young age is tremendously exciting. But Brady fell foul of Big Jack’s put em under pressure system and his international career ended prematurely. Still I was lucky to have seen some magic moments including a winner v Brazil. Highbury regulars in the 70’s saw the best of him I’d say though he is still revered at Juventus also. The man himself is Arsenal through and through though. As a TV pundit over here his love for the club is still blindingly obvious.

  42. G

    Almunia yeh loved viera but always rated wrighty even when he was at palace.. was at Highbury when he broke goal scoring record.. top 6 then viera definitely in

  43. Dissenter

    “ EB You can’t big up arteta and try to be little arsene wenger, it’s hilarious and seriously unarsenal. Wenger was the best thing to happen to arsenal and even the epl as a whole. He raised the standard.”

    I’m not the only one who’s bemused but this
    Your belittling Wenger who is a lege even when all his negatives are baked in , and yet singing Arteta’s praises nonstop when it’s clear he’s still learning on the job..

    It’s not just in-Arsenal, it is shameful.

  44. Almuniasaynomore

    Top 6 it is, good compromise. But I do love Tony Adams! We’re lucky really, spoilt over the years. I wonder will the young guns of today be in this conversation in 20 yrs time? I hope so.

  45. Nigel Tufnel


    How many years have you been following football?

    You’re surprised that a youth player, under contract, who has really just begun to hit his stride, is underpaid for a short period of time.

    And yes, just beginning to hit his stride…
    His production numbers last year when Arteta had him on the left and delivering crosses all day were not special.

    You want to give every player a large raise in salary every time they have a few 2 good games in a row?

    He is great, no doubt, and he will be rewarded.

    Saka just raised his level in a substantial way…recently, and as soon as that happens, you’re crying he’s underpaid and he’s going to leave.

    His big money is coming, he knows it. His agent knows it. Someone at the club has probably told him we are going take care of you. Let’s just concentrate on the season right now.

    How many times do I have to tell the low I.Q. posters here?

    Saka is not going anywhere.

  46. Dissenter

    “You’re surprised that a youth player, under contract, who has really just begun to hit his stride, is underpaid for a short period of time.”

    Your approach to Saka is very condescending and if the Arsenal team share your viewpoint then we are in trouble.
    Saka has been our best player for well over one and half seasons and his transfer value is well in excess of 75-80 million based on transfers of similar players. He has become a seasoned England international that can earn the trust of his internal manager to take the last shot of a final penalty shootout. There are 75 million transfer fee players earning 200k weekly who are being benched for Saka.
    He is an established top player now. You can’t get past his age, can you?

  47. Nigel Tufnel

    AFC forever,
    Thank you for putting up the quotes showing that we obviously asked for a postponement at Brentford. (I think it was you). I thought that finally put it to rest.

    I knew it already from other ways that Arteta has talked about it.

    Even now, you still have clowns disputing it, after your detailed post. No common sense from some.

    Even with all we know, the meatheads here just want to make sure Arteta gets the blame for the poor opening of the season.

    It’s sad, considering how well the team is performing now, that they still want to hold onto some blame … even as we’ve been repeatedly been treated unfairly by the league all season, from refs decisions to players assaulted, and now schedules to fit our opponents.

    Luckily the majority fans here call attention to the truth and choose to support the team.

  48. Rich

    Saka won’t just be in the conversation of Arsenal greats, he’ll be in the conversation of all time PL greats

    He won’t stop scoring from here, Saka is special, our best player since Cazorla

    They’ve resorted to kicking him, and sticking 5-6 men on him, he petrifies the opposition, we haven’t even scratched the surface of his overall potential

    What a player….

  49. Dissenter

    “Saka won’t just be in the conversation of Arsenal greats, he’ll be in the conversation of all time PL greats”

    That why we have to be proactive with contracts.
    We have to be very nimble and swift because the more talented a player is, the more vultures will circle. We have to be careful not to give the impression that anyone is being taken for granted.

  50. Jonnygunner

    SidJanuary 5, 2022 18:30:44
    Lets differentiate prejudice and racism, A person of colour cannot be racistIm telling you for free!

    Would that include a white person Sid?….we are also of colour. White is also a colour.
    Fuck off with your prejudice, you’re an irritant.

  51. G

    Almunia if players like saka ESR, patino (reminds me of Brady)
    Martenelli stay at Arsenal for a good few years then am sure will b talked about in the same breath as previous legends mentioned

  52. bacaryisgod


    You’re using a disputed and subjective definition of racism that’s been pushed by various academics. I agree with you that institutionalized racism exists but so does individualized racism. Oppressed minorities can’t be guilty of institutional racism but they can be guilty of individual racism.

  53. Tom

    Nigel, for someone sporting such high I.Q. your reading comprehension lets you down some.
    I guess you just can’t have it all can you.

    Where did I say he was leaving, genius?

  54. Almuniasaynomore

    I was thinking about that myself but there’s just too many unknowns:
    * we could sell him,cesc, anelka, rvp and there goes his legendary status if the deal leaves a sour taste with the fans
    * injuries, cazorla, rosicky,eduardo etc ( what a horrible long list we have had and always our most talented)
    * form, he doesn’t produce the consistent brilliance that we all thought was going to come( Walcott, Arshavin, flamini)

    Don’t get me wrong,as things stand he is everything we could hope for in a young player. But the road to legendary status is notoriously tricky.

  55. Duzie

    Hopefully, we don’t eff it up with these group of young players.
    The next three years are going to be exciting. Notwithstanding. If we keep spending in the right places, then Arteta must deliver the big trophies, else, it will be project youth 1.0 all over again. It will be ignominious.

  56. Dissenter

    Sid doesn’t know that African Americans tend to denigrate immigrated Africans.
    He doesn’t understand that even within the African American heterogenous communities, there is a tendency to treat people with actual DARKER skins differently.
    Then you consider some unique bigotry against LGBTQIA that exists within African American and Hispanic communities?

    Sid, it insulting to say that a person of color can’t be racist. I suspect that you’re just joking around and stirring things up.

  57. Dissenter

    I thought they would let Novak stay
    Everyone knows he’s not going to overstay his visa. They could have set up daily covid testing for him.

  58. Graham62

    Novak can win 40 GS but it won’t make any difference.

    Should have let him play so that the Australian public can give him shite.

    What a disgrace.

  59. Terraloon


    Saka is on junior wages albeit those junior wages are vast in comparison to most normal people.

    At seasons end he enters the last two years of his contract he will know his agents will know that the next contract has to be huge.

    The fact that he is already a full England International and the value he has suggests to me that his representatives will be looking for a minimum of £140 k a week possibly pushing up to £160k and I very much doubt that he will be offered close to that by Arsenal.

    There is no way that an agent with their salt will accept wages that won’t be in the top three / four earners at the club and I am far from sure that despite the lunacy in doing so I just get the feeling that the powers that be just don’t grasp the dilemma that they will be facing sooner rather than later.

    Saka isn’t like the normal young player he is by far the best player at Arsenal and he is going to have to be rewarded accordingly

  60. Dissenter

    Novak is hardly some type of Typhoid Mary, is he.
    His unwillingness to take the vaccine endangers his own life not the life of anyone else.
    Everyone knew what his belief systems are and understand he’s just there to play tennis. He’s not pretending to be more than that.

  61. gnarleygeorge9


    “You” this, “You” that. Who are are you? No, don’t bother, I’m don’t care who you are.

  62. Nigel Tufnel

    Dissenter, Tom, ….

    It isn’t just Sakas age.
    It’s his stage of development and his career at this point. It’s all just beginning. This is all normal for great young talents… a few months to a couple years, they may be underpaid.

    Saka is a really good kid. Did you see him after the penalty miss?
    Have you ever listened to him in interviews?

    You think he’s gonna be a greedy young ego driven player? Going to feel insulted by 30 k a week for a little while?

    You think he’s looking enviously at his teammates and mates like Ben White, Ødegaard, and thinking angrily about unfairness?

    I’m saying that he is not.

    Some people just don’t know how to judge character.
    I don’t expect him to sign a lifetime contract, or pledge to stay forever, or be an idiot like Kane. But he is going to be just fine with us for a good few years before he gets even slightly restless.

    If you all want to worry and cry about Saka leaving because he isn’t being taken are of by the club, I can’t stop you.

    I just know I’m right..
    I’ll say it for the 3rd time.

    Saka isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

    Now, if you want to have an honest dispute. …

    I’ll remember Tom, Dissenter, and who else? …. To ridicule you specifically
    when Sakas posing signing his new contract.

    It’s going to happen. Pedro knows it, the fans who understand how real life works….know it.

    Anybody want to make a bet? … you saying that Saka is not going to sign an extension with Arsenal?

    The worriers biting their nails? Wetting their beds in fear?

  63. Rich


    Older people tend to occupy positions of power, and management positions

    In the U.K., there wasn’t many ethnic minorities until Blair opened up the borders in 1997

    We’re an ethnically white country, we had an open border with mainland Europe for 40 years until recently, which is also predominantly ethnically white

    From after the Second World War until 1997, incoming immigration ran at between 30,000-35,000 per annum, the majority of that coming from mainland Europe

    Then you have to take into account that many first generation asylum seekers didn’t speak English, so you can’t expect people who we’ve taken in, who don’t speak English, and some don’t have great educations, to reach the very top

    From 1997, our immigration has gone from 30,000-35,000, to 300,000-350,000 p/annum

    As the demographics gradually change, so will the race demographics of people in power

    We’ve got Sadiq Khan as the Mayer of London, his parents came from Pakistan

    Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the exchequer, Indian heritage

    Priti Patel, Ugandan/Indian

    Dominic Raab, son of a Czech/Jewish born refugee

    Sajid Javid, department minster for health + social care

    Kwasi Kwartang, Minster of business, energy and industrial strategy

    Nadim Zahawe, department for Education

    Alok Sharma cop26 president

    It doesn’t look to me like the UK is institutionally racist, the amount of minorities in the cabinet would suggest that if you work hard, you can definitely get ahead

    The referee problem is that it’s a protectionist racket that needs bringing down, but that’s not race related

    Do you really want us to believe that the uk is so racist, that ethnic minorities can reach the top of any sport, they can reach the highest level of government, but football referee is too far?

    Give me break…..

  64. Graham62


    Is that right?

    Novak was the organiser of an event back in May 2020 that got 300+ people infected with Covid. The guy can have his beliefs but he has to understand that rules are rules. However, when you’ve cheated your way to so many GS titles by abusing the rules, what does he care anyway.

    Let’s see how his lawyers get on.

    If he is allowed in, I’m sure he’ll be given a warm Aussie welcome.

  65. Nigel Tufnel


    You are 100% right about the racial identity garbage being played… and it’s coming from the media and entertainment world. The kneeling, the anger whipped up.

    When there were some obviously stupid racial comments made to the players that missed the penalty kicks for example.
    The media led the whole world to outrage over the “racist England fans”..
    Then I heard (from Simon Jordan lol), that there were counted appropriately 600,000 social media posts referencing that specific final.
    You know how many deemed racist or racially motivated?


    Out of six hundred thousand.

    We all know there are a lot more stupid racists than that even… but to create such a huge racial story/incident, where it really doesn’t exist, gets people hurt, and causes unnecessary bad feelings.

    I’m sure it had to be front page news all around the world though.

    The shameless media is more of a problem that the rare actual racist.

  66. Nigel Tufnel

    Habesha has common sense about the “Saka salary controversy” …

    By the way, you know its just an issue with some weak minds on legrove who read clickbait and believe it, lol. Nowhere else.
    Not an issue with Saka, his agent, his family, Arteta, Edu, the Kroenkes.

    What else can we use to complain about Arsenal today?

  67. Dissenter

    You’re missing the point but you never fail to amaze me with your penchant for name calling. It’s not necessary and definitely come across as puerile, and that’s me being charitable towards you.

    No one has remotely suggested that Saka is leaving anytime soon.

    The point being made is that we should be proactive with our transfer business. We shouldn’t even allow our best player for 1.5 seasons to be poorly paid for even a short time.
    I believe that’s all Tom, Raptora and myself have been trying to channel.
    Try listening and clarifying before you hurl abuse.

  68. Dissenter

    You don’t know that even the UK has covid vaccine exceptions

    If the Sultan of Brunei or the Saudi crown prince was coming on a business visit with the potential for multi-billion pound contracts to UK firms, you think the UK won’t let him in because they didn’t take the vaccines?

  69. Sid

    “””Left TesticleJanuary 5, 2022 22:13:51
    You’re a knob Sidney”””

    Tell Mrs left testicle, ‘the darker the chocolate, the richer its flavour’

  70. englandsbest


    Yeah, you’re right, Wenger was great, the greatest ever. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had players like Ozil. Or Mustafii. Or Xhaka, Or Kola….

    And if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have got Miki instead of £60 mill for Sanchez…

    And players like Nasri and Ramsay and the French CB loved him, so much that it broke their hearts to leave….

    I could go on but I won’t because I’m fair-minded. I’ll grant you Wenger was great with DD to restrain him. I was a big fam. But without DD, his self-importance got the better of him. Listening to him pontificate made me squirm.

    Arteta is far better.

  71. Dissenter

    “Yeah, you’re right, Wenger was great, the greatest ever. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had players like Ozil. Or Mustafii. Or Xhaka, Or Kola….”

    Nice of you to reduce Wenger’s 20+ years to just a few player transfer mistakes but then you can’t stop drinking from the fount of a novice that Arteta is
    It’s like Arteta has not had his flops in just two years

    Have some perspective
    How can you say “Arteta is far better”, it’s like judging a book by reading it’s preface

  72. englandsbest

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful to our neighbours across the channel, but they roll out ‘holier than thou’ people like a sausage machine. Go ask a French man-in-the-street if you don’t believe me. Pretentious isn’t the word!

    Macron is a classic example. And Arsene is another. Telling us ‘every husband thinks his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world’. Man U had one too: Eric telling us Brit peasant about seagulls following boats.

    Figures of fun, in the end. Certainly to Jacques Tati. Go see ‘Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday’. Funniest film ever.

  73. bacaryisgod


    ‘It doesn’t look to me like the UK is institutionally racist, the amount of minorities in the cabinet would suggest that if you work hard, you can definitely get ahead’

    That’s the problem Rich. Way too many white people get ahead without having to work hard.

  74. Brian Muff

    Sid’s been very generous so far in this thread, he keeps saying he’s “telling us this for free”.

    I’m interested in a) at what point he starts charging, b) are we obliged to pay at that point, c) what his rates are.

    It’s rather worrying that a beefy invoice is gonna land at the end of the thread…I’d like to opt out of Sid’s posts if they stop being free please. Cheers.

  75. Time Up

    Rich the the far right wing mental case strikes again.


    Stay in 3/2/2/21/1 formations, as when you start talking about your mental political view, you start showing us who you are.

  76. Tony

    I see mentions of us chasing CFs, but no real drive for a MF, which to me is the priority.

    Early days yet for the TW, but not for players leaving for AFCON. We should have had a MF targeted and bought early rather rely on Xhaka. What happens if he gets a red or another injury?

    For Azzes to play now with confidence he should have had game time during the run in last season. If he plays, I hope the experience is positive for him where, if he’s thrown in the mix too early, he isn’t thrown under the bus by Arteta or suffers a career set back.

    Ditto Patino.

  77. Emiratesstroller


    Why do you think that Arsenal will not pay £140K PW to Saka?

    We are paying similar wages or even more to quite a few players at the Club and that is less
    than half what is paid to Aubameyang.

    The idea that a club like Liverpool could pay him more than us is complete nonsense particularly if you have to factor in a huge transfer fee as well.

    Arsenal are clearly restructuring their wage bill, but with departure of Aubameyang, Lacazette, Kolasinac , Leno and Bellerin in January or June there is plenty of scope to increase wages to Saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli,

  78. Time Up

    Are the Wenger fan club back?.

    In his last 6 years the crazy man lost all touch with reality. The first sign of his mental deterioration was dropping Mad Jens for that clown Almunia for 3 season. From that moment, it was down hill, all can see it part from Arsenal fatherless fans thought of him as their Dad.

    Now, all the world can see his madness as the mad man Wenger pissing them off with his mental every 2 years World Cup.

  79. Time Up


    We should be careful with paying high wages for Saka, ESR and Martinelli. We should do like all big clubs do, basic wage of 40/50 k with appearance, goals and wins add on to make it rise to 100/120.

    It’s a privilege for the likes of Saka, ESR, Martinelli and other youngsters to be given the chance to play for a big club at this age. Also, the same privilege applies to Arteta.

    We should never let a player or a manager hold us to ransom. That’s how big club with vision operates. Yes, we’ll lose some talent, but in the long run, we’d benefit more.

  80. Tony

    Time up your wage structure should apply to all players with a low salary made up by stats from his game whether he’s a striker or defender/keeper.

    As for being a privilege I can’t agree with you there as Saka has put in the years through the academy and has been picked for his potential early days but now for his ability and goal making/scoring.

    Saka and ESR are part of our future and should be rewarded as such; sooner rather than later.

  81. Time Up


    This is the issue with Arsenal supporters, after a season we rave about the player/s without actually winning anything.

    I love our you gestures, but remember, they’ve won nothing yet. Let them take us to the CL first before we start opening the champagne.

    I agree, performance pay should apply to all the youngster with low wage for now until we actually reach the CL or win something.

  82. China1

    There’s a class divide in the UK tho so any talk of racism should factor that in

    Is a working class black man notably less able to get ahead than a working class white man? I’d defer to others who know better than me

    But I do know that it’s not easy for the working class to get ahead of the middle and upper classes regardless of race.

  83. Sid

    @Rich, giving examples of cabinet appointments made for PR purposes.

    We can see through facade, Govt policies paint a different picture.

  84. Markymark

    Time Up -“ fatherless Arsenal fans thought of him (Wenger) as their Dad” – so true , so very true !
    “Untold Arsenal” site posters and the cadre of swivel eyed Wenger boys on the old “Gooner Blog” are still in therapy or just hiding in plain site.

  85. Markymark

    Time Up – I’d add never ever allow Wenger back into the club in any position of power whatever constraints are supposedly given. He’d worm his way in exploiting power vacuum’s and then for the good of the club offer to lead us through our period of difficulty. This period would never actually end until the day he chose or popped his clogs.
    Let’s hope he can continue to run his never ending grift at FIFA

  86. The Bard

    Terraloon you have touched on the main problem with project youff. I think its very simple. Saka will ask or X and see whether anyone in the market is interested in those numbers. If they come from a team playing in the CL all the better. This will be weighed up with what Arsenal will offer and if there is too much of a gap he will be off. That why in my opinion the idea of a long term plan is pr bollocks and Arteta will know this.

  87. Mr Serge

    Lazy journalism that follows the transfer window like a bad smell is hillarious
    The latest snipet is we are considering loaning ESR 😂😂😂

  88. Terraloon


    Arsenal are broke and at this point in time are going to be doing everything they can to keep costs down.That’s something that’s been creeping up on Arsenal for some years.

    Gone had the pot of gold that was there for that rainy day. Gone have the luxuries that CL monies provided and to a degree this season gone has the butter on the bread that EL provided.

    You are right that Arsenal are restructuring the wage structure, it’s pretty obvious that’s been going on for a while but you can be pretty sure that loss of say match day revenue from COVID, from non participation in Europe and indeed having to refund DT monies for seasons past will impact the 20/21 numbers which will be published pretty soon and indeed the 21/22 numbers.
    These are crucial because they will be averaged for FFP and if ASTs calculations are right or even close then the four years that will be factored in will start to cause a problem.

    The expected average of 20/21 and 21/22. likely to be loss of between £50-£100 million ) 2019/20 loss of £54 million and 2018/19 loss of £32 million. Or in the range of £136- £186 million which is way above the numbers that are allowable

    What does that mean ? Well even if you use the sort of numbers that seem to be the norm in England for FFP purposes that will be excluded from this bottom line losses then your looking at between £46- £96 million over the measured time line then that will require owner financial input by way of equity as opposed to loans. That is key because everything I read suggests that the money to refinance the stadium loans, to pay off the huge £120 million government loan and indeed fund the 2021/22 £120 million spend has been funded by way of loans.

    Historically very very rarely do clubs offer big wages to their academy products and certainly not those who are in their very early twenties and Saka falls into that category.

    If a club pays say £75 million for a player they know that they have no choice but to back up that fee with a decent wage , a wage way north of £100k . Even if you apply that “rule” to Arsenal look at the supposed wage that White is on compared to ESR.

    But underpinning all of that is the fact that big wages paid to one academy player sets a precedent going forward .

  89. Mr Serge

    Balogan is on 30k a week too saka is underpaid considering his talent I see us doing what spurs did and topping up and improving his contract like they did with Kane

  90. Pierre

    Signing Coutinho on loan would set off alarm bells, it doesn’t make sense and if it doesn’t make sense then it won’t happen…

  91. Pierre

    Wenger was right 4 years ago when he said players running down their contracts would be the norm.

    The list of players out of contract this summer is confirmation of that…

  92. Terraloon

    The Bard.

    Young players at a club be they homegrown of indeed bought for small competitive fees historically have been moved on unless those players receive top wages.

    Even if you look across at Spurs look at just how much they had to pay Kane to keep him from walking and indeed how much he now wants out. He wants to win something noteworthy in his club career and he ain’t going to get that at Spurs
    Then look at WHU just how much they offering Rice who again clearly wants out and his refusal to sign will inevitably lead to him being sold .
    Club loyalty always backfires and unless Saka and ESR for instance can see a meaningful trophy or two in CL and or the PL or are paid mega wages they will move

  93. Terraloon

    Mr Serge.

    I haven’t mentioned Martinelli because his wage at £90 k per week probably is a at the top end of what a player of his age and quality would expect but Arsenal by now almost certainly have offered Saka more than the £30 k he is said to be on . If they haven’t then that will be sending a message to him and his agent. If they have the fact it hasn’t been signed sends another message.
    If and a big if your number if £70k a week is the sort of offer being made and the likes of White on close to double that then any agent with their salt wouldn’t recommend that he ties himself for any extended period

  94. Time Up


    It would be a riot to have Wenger in our club under any position. The man is still upset how the club treated him after earning over 200 million in wages during his time with us while bleeding poverty.

    To show how mental case Arsene is, he believes that, he was unfairly dismissed and should still be in charge. Just as Pierre and AFC for ever and ever and ever still think the same, and we’ve to nurse them.

    I’m glad he’s 70 something and his madness bothering the rest of the world with Feb every 2 years World Cup.

  95. The Bard

    Terraloon,this is the crux of the matter for the club in my view and maybe part of the reason for moving Auba on. If youre in a dressing room and putting a shift in for 30k a week and the guy next you is turning up late and not putting it in for 300k a week you are going to have problems. Its true of any workplace. Arsenal’s overall record on these matters is piss poor. . Losing Saka, ESR or any of the top youngsters would be a massive self inflicted wound. Sign them up and pay up.

  96. Pierre

    Time up
    “To show how mental case Arsene is, he believes that, he was unfairly dismissed and should still be in charge. Just as Pierre and AFC for ever and ever still think the same.”

    Time up in full jackanory mode to try and prove a point, and fails miserably.

    My comment yesterday.

    “There is a difference between saying that it was time for wenger to go(and it was) and forcing him out.I would have been more than happy to see pep come in when he left Barcelona as I’ve always believed he is the best.”

    The clue is in the line where i say “and it was ” time for Wenger to go

  97. Gbat


    One site saying it’s £90k doesn’t make it true. It also says Mari is on £85k which also sounds ridiculous.
    Rumors at the time of his new contract suggest it’s around £30k which seems about right for a young player who’d only had a handful of games.

  98. Positive pete

    Can we stop all the revisionism & concentrate on the present/ future.Thanks.Interesting twist to the Vlahovic reported by vintage.If Fiorentina purchased a CF you’d asssume vlahovic on his bike.Except reports keep saying not interested in us as he can do better.Juventus prob.But Fiorentina hate them & demanding silly money? Interesting.
    Prob more chance of us getting Isak,David,or Schlick.
    As for MF more than likely the Guimares.But Aulas the owner v.diff to deal with.But one of Kia’s .so a big probability.

  99. China1

    Pierre if the club never does staff that doesn’t make sense I guess you finally agree that binning off Ozil made sense!

    Wooo we got there in the end 😉

  100. China1

    Vlahovic’s agent sounds like a tough character

    Fiorintina say every time he asks for a pay rise and they agree they immediately request another

    Not sure how long that can be sustained at arsenal as we’re supposed to move away from superstar salaries

    If he joined us and does well he’d be demanding 250k with 18 months and 350k within 3 years

  101. Le Professor


    “Lets differentiate prejudice and racism, A person of colour cannot be racist”

    One of the biggest (bull) myths put forward by a certain group basically trying to excuse a person of colour making racist comment, racist thoughts or executing racist actions. It’s unacceptable that ones race gives one an excuse.

    Let me say this for free, any negative action or comment due to another person’s race is racist, the clue is in the word.