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Arsenal vs Manchester City is coming tomorrow.

Mikel Arteta will not be present because he has COVID, but rest assured, the man will be going overdrive to ensure he’s delivering all the strategy meetings and making sure there are no excuses for the players.

This game is the hardest we’ll play all year, City are immense, there is no better-coached team in world football right now.

… but Arsenal cannot let them happen to us again.

We have to show up tomorrow. If we’re going to lose, I don’t want it to be a City gimme. I’d like constructive failure if there has to be a failure at all.

What I’d really like is a point or more.

Everything has to roll our way for that to happen.

City concede about 6.7 shots per game. That means we need to take our chances because they control the space better than anyone.

City average 19 shots per game. We have to be ruthlessly efficient in defence and make sure those 19 shots are speculative.

We also have to have a bit of luck, you simply don’t beat City without all three of those things going your way.

… but why not?

Leicester beat Liverpool earlier in the week and they’ve been awful all season. They nearly made a game of it against City pulling back 3 goals after going 4 down. There is no reason we can’t make a go of it if the belief is there.

There’s a bit of a worry that Tomiyasu wasn’t pictured in training, I know last week they were expecting him back. So fingers crossed on that one, I’d rather Ben White as right-back than rolling the dice on Cedric or Chambers.

Outside that, we’re rolling with a full team. Everyone is in great form right now, so I have no idea who he’ll select, all we can be sure of is there will be a plan constructed by an inside that might give us a chance.

Short post today.

It’s New Years Eve and I want to thank you all for reading.

We had our best ever month with The Arsenal Opinion. We had more listens this year than we did the three previous years combined.

We had our best year for website traffic and repeat visitors.

We gave you 301 stories.

There were 152,000 comments on the blog.

Our top 9 countries by traffic looked a little different. I see you India, climbing into the Champions League spots.

  1. England
  2. America
  3. Nigeria
  4. India
  5. Ireland
  6. Australia
  7. South Africa
  8. Kenya
  9. Sweden

We started live streaming this year and we have a Youtube page. We made 34 videos and people watch them… like, really watch them 20,000 hours of time.. It’s tiny in comparison to the big channels, but it’s still cool, and we are only just starting.

… and most importantly, we end the year with Arsenal in the top 4.

Without doubt, this last year has been one of the hardest I’ve ever had to write for, and I’ve taken on some pretty meaty topics over the years. There’s been a lot of character assassination, a lot of pretty aggressive commentary because of my views, and it’s been very stressful. 14 years of writing doesn’t make you immune to it.

… but we’ve come out the other side. It might be harder being team positive, but people seem to prefer it. I get more traffic on all channels after a win, than a loss. That’s a big change. More people visit my Twitter page monthly than the blog by about double (people prefer to search and read than admit they follow). So the pivot is doing ok.

Arsenal is top 4. People are saying this is one of the most exciting projects in world football. We have a squad of players everyone loves. The fans are rocking in The Emirates.

What more could you ask for? I mean, bar all the good bits continue at a faster clip.

Arsenal might be back people, for once, the hope is well placed.

So here’s to everyone having a great send off this evening, here’s to your health and wellbeing, and here’s to us all having a spectacular 2022.

I love you all, thank you for keeping me going, see you in the comments. xxx

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AFC Forever

Bob / Brownie Agreed. The point is both decisions should have been referred but the Aussie in VAR decided to act god. He knew that a referral means a changed decision. In other words, he decides what is and isn’t overturned. You can’t refer one and not the other without good reason. Keith Hackett, former boss of PGMOL, said the organisation doesn’t mitigate against unconscious bias, which he claims is a problem. Today was a good example of why we need to change the system and mitigate risk of bias or corrupt officials influencing results. It’s no good rolling eyes… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Just saw on twitter… The video close up, of Gabs 1st yellow… we all assumed it was typical dissent, like him saying something wrong, etc.. Gab is standing next to, or slightly behind the ref (with his hands behind his back…safely) while REF talks to other Arsenal players.. man City players push the pile and basically Gabs chest goes into Atwells arm… you see his outraged reaction to Gabriel.. that’s why he got that 1st yellow. I’ve already got into a lot of slow motion minutia, I know.., but there was a lot more to the game than knee jerk… Read more »


Excellent effort today and sadly not rewarded. It is a fact that EPL refereeing is ATM a shit show and needs to be corrected pronto. AFC is not the only one that should be aggrieved over the past few moths by baffling decisions by the clueless EPL refs. Xhaka is always a risk and and a disaster in waiting. Why does Tets not get this and rid AFC of him and get a decent midfielder that can work alongside Partey. Tets also needs to make sure that idiotic actions like that from Gabriel are not repeated. In 2 minutes of… Read more »


AFCF – Good point from Keith Hackett there. I’ve always advocated ‘unconscious bias’ rather than conspiracy theories because people – including referees – see what they expect to see not always what actually happens. When a top side plays a weaker team a referee will unconsciously expect the top side to win (as most of us would too). When Xhaka goes into a challenge and a player goes down most people would unconsciously assume that he’s done something stupid again, after all he has ‘form’. The problem is that ‘most people’ can’t influence games but the officials who have the… Read more »


Arsenal 1 Manchester City 2

Citys 10th successful league victory over Arsenal.



Graham62 you were the voice of reason on this site – don’t say your account has been hacked by the Fraudeta fanboys.


MD – Gunner, Arteta extended and excused Sideshow Bob (Luiz) for a couple of years too. I can only hope that the penny drops with Xhaka in a similar way, they’re of the same ilk. A striker in the summer is a given, if Arteta dumps Xhaka then I think we can say that he’s learning.

Bob N16

CG’s post- shameful


Wenger Eagle, I had a lot more time on my hands during the summer,and a lot more material to work with! I don’t begrudge Rice at all,just selfishly wish he played for us. Ironically he’s turning into a tremendous box 2 box player,just what Weng thought Xhaka was,but I don’t think he’s what Arteta’s looking for. A genuine holding midfielder who releases Partey is what we’re looking for now, guess we’ll see over Jan who the targets might be. Hope you’re safe, another lockdown imminent,we’ll know by Tues/ Wed what the story is. I’ve never seen so many Irish people… Read more »

AFC Forever

Andy, unconscious bias exists in all walks of life. You explain it well. It’s why Hackett hates the home club referee appointments and the inconsistent VAR referrals. He’s wanted Mike Riley removed for years, says he has always been incompetent. Watch that 50th game at Old Trafford and you know something isn’t right with him.


PGMOL is headed by Mike Riley who was so corrupt as a referee. No wonder the system is corrupt


Nigel: “that’s why he got that 1st yellow.” Stop being a prick and do not spread false information. Gabriel 100% doesn’t get the first yellow for being pushed by Man City players onto Atwell as that was before the penalty and the Brazilian got the yellow after the pen, are you daft? After the first incident with Man City’s players Gabriel goes to Atwell a SECOND time, this time rushing towards him right after City had scored the pen. https://twitter.com/BLarsenAFC1886/status/1477342297117188097 It’s obvious that the ref absolutely lost control of the game. However, the ref probably had enough of a reason… Read more »


To quote a former Guv’na of California “If it bleeds we can kill it”. Man Shitty don’t phase me anymore 🙂

Like I said before, it’s not a question of ‘if’ for The Arsenal, it’s a matter of ‘when’! Now is the time for the Kroenkes to take the project into overdrive, & get the Marquee signing(s).


The Emirates crowd were fantastic today by the way.
Nothing gets the crowd going than a poor referee.
I sure hope they don’t hurl stuff at opposition players. Arsenal will get fined for that little handbag incident.

Bertie Mee

If your agenda is anti- Arteta ( as if) you might find that today’s performance has convinced a lot of sceptics that he is building up the team in a way that no manager at Arsenal has done since Guardiola took over at Citeh .
Today’s performance wasn’t shameful but your post is certainly heading that way

Positive pete

The media are too busy trotting out Arsenals unwanted prem record of 100 red cards.Another stick to beat us with & deflect from the issues of a corrupt PGMOL & sub standard ,unaccountable VAR. One solution is for any decision that requires var intervention to be openly discussed between Ref & Var to explain how decision is reached .Audio to be heard by the crowd & tv.In addition the ref should insist on seeing ALL tv angles( not just a select one from the tv company) This procedure though not perfect is operated effectively in Rugby Union.The players & clubs… Read more »



Come on, even you have to admit things look better.



It was not a direct criticism.of Arteta, or indeed Emery or even the imperious A. Wenger more of a criticism of the club. They are all culpable to some extent.( some more than the others)

Never in our existence , have we ever lost to the same side x 10 consecutive times.

Dont you and boring Bob N16 be so bloody sensitive.

Positive pete

CG very disappointed in that comment.Unbecoming of you.We demand a retraction.🧐


positive Pete

no retraction

Stating facts

Nigel Tufnel

Raptora, If you are right, I believed what the tweet poster said and so the clip was out of context. I’ll take your word that you’re sure it was a different sequence. Completely my error. No problem, and I’d rather know the truth as I sent the clip to a buddy with the wrong info too. I have no problem admitting I was wrong. My favorite posters on this blog are the guys that own up to being wrong like so many have done with Ramsdale first, and Ødegaard, recently. Those are 2 important cases, where I was thankfully correct… Read more »

Bob N16


Will ignore your posts again, suggest you do the same with mine. I should have described your post as shameless…as you were.


Raptora “Gabriel 100% doesn’t get the first yellow for being pushed by Man City players onto Atwell as that was before the penalty and the Brazilian got the yellow after the pen, are you daft?” My take on it is, it is very doubtful that a referee would give a yellow for Gabriel walking slowly up to the ref and asking a question, that yellow was very quick to come out from Attwell for such a minor indiscretion, if there was even an indescretion. I would say that Attwell was wrongly peeved about being barged by gabriel earlier even though… Read more »



“”CG Come on, even you have to admit things look better””

Off course they look better. We have spent bloody fortunes and are playing one game a week.

I only state facts.

7th defeat today.
20th game played.

I bought them to finish 5th.I think they will finish 4th.

Happy New Year to you by the way.

Bob N16

Pierre, the unfortunate thing is we’ll never know as the referee has no responsibility to explain himself.

VAR should have helped him today to demonstrate an even handed response to Odegaard’s incident with Ederson – whether he’d have given a penalty is almost beside the point- he should have been told to have a look in the same way he was encouraged to do with Xhaka’s challenge. That said even with Arsenal biased glasses on , the ref didn’t have a great match.


“That said even with Arsenal biased glasses on , the ref didn’t have a great match.”

First half ..fine
2nd half , the pressure of the match got to him and i believe he held a grudge against Arsenal for the rest of the game after getting bumped.


“So yes the body contact for me was the reason he received the yellow.”

So what stopped him from giving the yellow right there and then in the first place when the contact happened?


Visited a Man City blog to get a sense what their fans thought of both penalty situations……. Universally proclaimed ref and VAR did a good job. Shocking , I know. Gabriel ( CB) simply doesn’t have enough PL equity to confront refs they way he does. Clapping sarcastically the fourth official as he’s walking off won’t help building said equity. City were subpar today playing on two days rest, and even the evil, plastic, empire such as theirs isn’t beyond having their force getting depleted on occasion. Arsenal were fantastic on the other hand….too many standouts to name. Too bad… Read more »


It wasn’t eleven versus eleven but us versus them plus the referees.

We know we were the better side. If we keep doing what we are doing we will be back where we belong.


A lot of positive

Partey bossed the midfield,not sure I have seen him do that against quality opposition
Our players are more confident against big teams lately,we may not be winning against them but wins are not far again
Arteta is getting better by the day which is a huge plus,his tactics lately have been spot on



For all the improvement from him, honestly he’s just one blunder from costing the team the game

Arteta should do something drastic about that come summer


The PGMOL really has a lot to answer for.
It’s not just about the inconsistencies, it’s the explanations given to justify the inconsistencies.
These referees are just oblivious to the obvious.
I can’t work if they are coached to react this way or they just don’t understand the concept of what is expected of them.
The Euros worked because the officials were told to go to the monitor on a regular basis.
Also it seems that the VAR official is scared to overrule the match referee.
Whatever way I look at it, the PGMOL system is flawed.


work out

Mr Serge

We looked great today delighted with the performance shame about result
We got screwed over

Cg shameful comment btw


With Xhaka, you just know that at some stage the red mist will descend.

As night follows day, it is just so predictable.

Unfortunately, we have to accept it.

David Smith

Know the English refs aren’t great, but Are the PGMOL actually flawed, or are they doing exactly what they are told from above?
Certain teams and players seem to get favoured week after week , suspiciously so


Fucking xhaka (and Gabriel for that matter, all for the block on half way, not for the shitty antics on the pen spot that got him his first yellow. That’s what you get with xhaka as the role model.) That first half was incredible! Loved every second of it. Easily best performance of the Arteta reign. Even 2nd half with 10 men, we barely let city have any decent attempts. This could have been so much more, and I stand by my regular statements of xhaka is the one and only true liability in this squad now. Also Partey played… Read more »


“Know the English refs aren’t great, but Are the PGMOL actually flawed, or are they doing exactly what they are told from above?
Certain teams and players seem to get favoured week after week , suspiciously so“

DS, I don’t think so.
Keeping the league title an open affair should be their priority from the overall interest point of view, and this game had enough close calls to make that happen without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Instead, all big calls went City’s way and probably the title as well.


I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but what I do believe is that our officials are poor.

Dick and Norman staggering out of the Dog and Duck, late on a Saturday night, could make better judgment calls than this lot.

“That’s a ####### penalty Norm!”
“Too ####### right Dick!”

Problem solved.


Going into 2022 with this squad brings a tingle, not had that thought since 2008. Happy New Years LG and just remember however bad it gets you could support Spurs which would make you utterly incompetent.

So baseline you’re already winning.


How come rugby afford mic’ed up referees and not Football is beyond my comprehension now.


We as viewers deserve to know the real tome decision making process and not that stupid Walton convoluted crap

David Smith

Tom and Graham fair enough, if it were just the refs being poor and nothing else, Utd, Liverpool , City, and Harry Kane/ Spurs would get their fair share of outrageously poor decisions against them , I just don’t see that We have had more red cards than most in recent years, but this is not an especially dirty team by any standards,. I am not pretending to know why this would be and I know that you naturally see more injustice against your own team than others, but what I see week on week against this team defies belief.… Read more »

David Smith

And of our officials are poor, and anyone who watches the game knows they really are, why is this allowed to continue without something being done to improve things? Why is Mike Dean still stinking the game out? Why is Mike Riley still unaccountable? And as others have posted, why aren’t refs communications broadcasted as they are in other sports, just makes it look like they have something to hide.
If there really are no conspiracy theories, and there is nothing to hide with these refs, they do a damned fine job of looking dubious to say the least


The problems yesterday are well stated by everyone but the overall team performance yesterday was brilliant

And yes I think Tomiyasu demonstrated he can ball like the absolute best of them from RB. Fabulous performance again


Hang on we all want refs to improve but I’m not sure micing them up is a good idea

Can you imagine the absolute humiliation they would endure when everyone hears how utterly stupid they are. They’d be laughed off the pitch every game!! I’d fear for their mental health

David Smith

Ref humiliation, valid point China!
but such humiliation might lead to them actually improving, the PGMOL selecting better referees, Mike Riley being more accountable , refs applying the laws of the game to all equally, from Granit Xhaka to the England captain, heaven forbid
The refereeing in this league is embarrassing and in some cases, clearly biased.
Still, great to see the crowd calling out Atwell for what he is, and long may that continue


One thing that stood out for me yesterday was that for the first time in many years, we didn’t only look like a CL team but a CL knockout stage team. We looked like we had every chance of pulling a result off against the best team in the world. If we can do it to them we can do it to anyone. If we play like that often we will do big things. Next step is to ensure that result doesn’t become a big wobble. Let’s win in the next game. And in the transfer window if we lose… Read more »


Watching the Premier League these days is fucking aggravating because of the incompetence of the refereeing and the VAR newbies. In today’s game it was a new guy at VAR, why they don’t have former players involved beggars believe. Finished watching MOTD & ESPN-FC and all agree on the inconsistency of decision making. Take out the fucking phrase “clear and obvious” it is a fucking decision on either right or wrong when not seen in real time, not deciding was it clear and obvious mistake and send them to the monitor. Any other place on the pitch that was a… Read more »


I said we’d lose if we played Xhaka and we did. If we’d had played AMN instead of Xhaka, I believe by the way we played we could have won that game. I felt all week we could get a result and we could have, and that is far better than lambasting VAR and ref. I always say games even themselves out over a season. I’m happy. Not that we lost, but it was the first game my son and I were in the game kicking every ball – it was the best time and most animated we’ve had watching… Read more »


Gabs did not get a yellow for trying to churn up the penalty spot but for saying something to the Ref. Both are juvenile actions and shows his inexperience. To curb that you need a manager that can instill this into players not one who is stubborn and vindictive. The second yellow was equally stupid and an experienced player doesn’t get suckered into that kind of a situation where he makes a brainless decision and gets booked. Problem would also have been solved if Arteta didn’t fuck around with Saliba and loan him out but have him play in the… Read more »


This also underscored we don’t need to fear anyone. No more handbrake football please. We’ve started to show we can play good football vs the shit teams already but I think this match was a turning point in that we have absolutely gone toe to toe with city. We didn’t play with fear at all. Another day we get 3 points with that performance. I can live with us dropping points in such games sometimes as long as we look like a serious team throughout the match which we absolutely did. There was no banter about that defeat. We even… Read more »


MD I’m not sure picking Saliba ahead of Gabriel would’ve necessarily made things better. Gabriel has consistently been a stand out performer this season. He should be one of the first names on the team sheet even if Saliba is here. He’s earned that


Gabriel should be in big trouble for churning up the penalty spot because the emirates pitch is basically a carpet and that constitutes a crime against our world class grounds men 😅

They must be head in hands every time someone digs up a bit of turf. Double shifts to fix it today no doubt haha


MD I’m a Saliba fan from what is known about him, but he’s also young and inexperienced in a lower league. What we lacked was a captain who can defuse players young and old. Even Rice at his young age has the maturity to drive and gee up and console team mates as and when is needed. We lack this and have done for years. It doesn’t help when the clubs lacks the right leadership as whole through to the owners. At the moment Ode does more directing than the captain of the day. Xhaka just waves his arms around… Read more »


So we got blatantly cheated out of a result yesterday. City are tough even to get a result against when the playing field is level, yet they got to play with 12 men yesterday. Gabriel was an idiot for damaging the penalty spot, which was stupid to say the least. I will say this though, we played without fear like i have never seen before. This team is moving in the right direction. During the Lions tour last year, In the first game, the ref made a whole bunch of incorrect calls. Rassie Erasmus went on to make a video… Read more »


Anyways shit happens i suppose. Did anyone else notice Partey was peak Yaya toure yesterday? What a guy what a performance. You earned your massive cheque mate


Our midfield needs a**holes like Rodri Not meek lambs, the refs can smell the meekness


We need willey players like Bernado, good guys finish last. Xhakalson is a sucker, Man c know he is their bit*h.


The pity party is pathetic,
all sports is as much a mental battle as well as the physical


Partey really showed up to be counted yesterday

That performance was a long time coming. That should be his new normal


Happy new year everyone


Anyway, let me introduce myself.

I’m van from Malaysia.

Have been following this blog for a decade already. 🙂


Sid – you’re off your non supporting Arsenal head.
Gabriel apparently didn’t even swear at the referee and was booked . Decision not to review VAR for Arsenal penalty but decision to review VAR for Arsenal penalty.
You can have a team full of your so called wily players wouldn’t make a difference if the Ref loses the plot .


* City penalty


It’s 2nd of January and Ref and Var can still fuck off. .. fucking cunts.


Only regret from arteta last night would be the elneny sub.

Hope he has learnt by now that everytime he tries to play defensive, city and pep punish him.

We were sitting back and hitting them on the break. Perfect time for Pepe to replace saka but no, arteta had to bring on elneny. That contributed nothing defensively and we conceded a last minute goal.

Not too bothered by the result. The lads gave their 100% and the only worry will be heads dropping from the loss.


The refs can smell the meekness from Arsenal fans too, they would Not attempt their crap at SB, OT or Anfield.


After watching the game if you think Gabriel is at fault than you are wrong , simple. The ref was here today with his incompetence screwing up the game , a ref who is known to have screw us in the past . If Gabriel’s had 2yellows , Rodri should have had one , Cancelo should have had one, Dias should have had one . Its telling that the ref did not book a single City player until the gial was scored and was trigger happy when it came to Arsenal.


Magalhaes incident is a distraction, Xhakalson lost us the game, just run at him, let him do the rest.


When I saw Xhaka one on one with Bernardo in our box I knew straight away we were in trouble. This is Granit’s major flaw, his inability to tackle, and he’s not alone. Chambers, Cedric and Kolasinac all have this flaw. How can someone whose primary job is preventing the opposition’s attack not know how to tackle?. Who were the scouts responsible for their signings?.


Xhakalson brainfarts can be accomodated at LCB Not in midfield against a sneaky opponent. Football 101.


“Xhakalson lost us the game, just run at him, let him do the rest.”
Spot on

S Asoa


” if you win the ball first it shouldn’t be a foul though I know there are exceptions when some players use the proximity of the ball to hurt an opponent but the ref should be able to use his discretion there.”

Saw the tackle in the replay on a big screen. Chelsea goalkeeper got the side of the boot of Odegard. The ball was pushed with the impact by Odegard foot, The goalkeeper Ederson didn’t touch the ball at all, So we should be in agreement that was a clear penalty for Arsenal.

S Asoa

Whatever extenuating circumstances of Xhaka playing well, we have to agree Xhaka is a bad omen, marking the time Arsenal was pushed from it’s 4th place under 3 managers So at least for spiritual reasons Xhaka should be outed. Why do we assume that the new man, if properly scouted, will not be better positionally and help Arsenal away and winning?
The rest of the team is good enough, mostly

S Asoa

” together.That was a barometer game and we blew up the mercury.I hope Arteta learns from the continuance for Xhaka to lose the team points. He’s just about ok against mid and lower table clubs, but that’s his worth, always has been. I don’t hate the guy just think he’s a liability every time he pulls on an Arsenal shirt.”

Arteta let’s his prejudices, nay complexes drive his actions . Arteta will never learn, unless he goes into counseling.

Bob N16

Sid, if you’d had the chance to attend matches this season, I don’t believe you would have made the comments about the meekness of the attendant Arsenal fans.. If anything the numerous chants against the ref may have had the opposite effect and hardened the ref’s attitude. You’re clearly throwing out a few barbs and sitting back to see if anybody reacts, so here I am! The ‘pity party’ post is another that doesn’t deserve any support. Yesterday’s performance was a real positive, whether they are an Arsenal supporter or not, people are coming to terms with the fact that… Read more »

Bob N16

Sid, any comments about Partey’s performance? How about, ‘Not bad for a 38 year old’ or am I stealing your thunder?


Sid – Liverpool were stitched up against the Spuds. Are they meek ? obsessing about a term such as meek over and over again can be a projection of the self.
As others have pointed out Arsenal are a lot more resilient this season
We await further “meek’ posting from you


Sid having brain farts at CB is even worse than at DM as you usually only have the keeper behind you (or no coverage if it’s a penalty you give away)

Only goal keepers can afford to make fewer mistakes than a CB. Xhaka making mistakes at DM is awful but if he makes mistakes at CB it’s even worse with him being more frequently in his own box or being the last man


That was literally what Mistafi was famous for

Excellent for 85 mins per game but a clown for 5 mins – which invariably cost us points time and time and time again

Defensive players must make incredibly few big errors. Otherwise they’re not suitable at this level. That’s just the reality


Gabriel was booked for dissent, not churning the penalty spot, which in itself was a brain fart.


It’s rare for Arsenal to ever have the 50/50 decisions go in our favour over the last 15 years. What we saw yesterday was no different to what Wenger had to suffer time and time again, and it cost us so many points. That’s why when i said i knew the outcome of the penalty decisions before VAR reviewed them, i knew because i have seen it many times over the years , so many times that i don’t get angry now… I was ridiculed on le grove when i posted an article saying that Arsenal would have been league… Read more »


@Bobn16, Partey did well, one swallow does Not make a summer

@Pierre, Arsenal players are assualted because we lack a**holes like Guendouzi,


Markymark, liverpool without VDV are very meek, every team needs atleast one lion to lead the lambs.

Im telling you for free!

Out of the last 5 games we’ve had 3 decisions go against us. If Godfrey had rightly been sent off for kicking Tomi, as shit as we were that game could of ended differently, against United Tomi should of had a penalty, it was blatant worse than Xhaka’s but wasn’t given and yesterday numerous decisions went against us. Let’s be real it’s not just us that suffers but we seem to get fucked over more and it has to stop.


Great minds and all that, forgot about the palace one. All I’m saying is with 11 v 11 yesterday city might still have beaten us, but it would be nice to be given a fair crack of the whip and judged the same and treated as fairly as others are. Last season against palace saka was tripped for a blatant penalty, with all the angles VAR have to play with, the one they showed the ref on the pitchside monitor was the hardest angle at all to decifer and penalty wasn’t given.

Bob N16

TYAG, agree on balance we’ve not been getting our fair share of decisions, the last one to go our way that I can remember was the Coufal sending off and penalty which subsequently got rescinded.

Let’s hope the ref who is on duty for the NLD has a subconscious bias towards balancing things out; a Kane sending off for dangerous play maybe? – please don’t let it be Mike f*cking Dean!


Bob we all know Kane is not getting sent off unless he spits in the ref’s face! And even then it could still be a yellow!


Mate Kane is the England Captain, he can shoot dead 11 of our players and the cunt would still get away with it. In fact our players would probably get red carded for damaging the bullets that hit them.

I was massively impressed with the teams performance yesterday and if carried on things are looking up. For 53-60 min we allowed ,the so called best team in Europe, zero chances for city at scoring and could of had 3 ourselves. Before the penalty they’d made no inroads whatsoever.

Bob N16

China and TYAG, the Kane suggestion was tongue in cheek – about time Hojbjerg got sent off – I’ll settle for a Kane injury.

Main thing is that we play well enough to make poor refereeing irrelevant.


Watching at how events transpired , i believe there should be an enquiry as to why Attwell was so card happy towards Arsenal players and the opposite to city players in the 2nd half. My theory is that Attwell took exception to being bumped by Gabriel and although it was a pure accident due to city players pushing gabriel , this had a major bearing on Attwell’s decision making for the rest of the half, starting with the yellow to Gabriel https://twitter.com/BLarsenAFC1886/status/1477342297117188097. In this link you see Gabriel moving towards Attwell and Attwell is already reaching into his pocket before… Read more »

@,BobN16 I know mate I’m kidding. Can I just say, not aimed at you mate, but if fans can’t see the improvements this season under Arteta, then there’s no helping them. As everyone knows I’m Arteta’s biggest critic, but slowly if this carries on he’s won me over. Yes I still don’t agree with everything he does (playing xhaka and el neny for one), but come on guys, yesterday’s performance was the best we’ve played in a number of seasons.bee looked compact, seemed to know what we were doing and bar the shocking decisions against us , could of beaten… Read more »


I know it’s a fucking joke, what the fuck was attwell doing blocking out player 7 yards out from an open goal. His positioning was all over the place. But you watch Gallagher will claim every decision against Arsenal was right. Even when we’ve had blatantly obvious calls against us, the cunt always finds excuses for the referee’s. Yet every other game in PL he judges fairly.



Attwell blocked Martinelli’s vision so he only had a split second to get his shot away.
If Attwell hadn’t run in front of Martinelli, he would have had a clear sight of the angle and the pace of the ball and it would have been a simple tap in…


Totally agree with you, would of had at least a second or 2 more time to bury that than he did


“, but if fans can’t see the improvements this season under Arteta, then there’s no helping them”

True , I’ve always been 50/50 on him but it’s impossible to ignore how he has us playing as a unit and to be honest , up until the Xhaka fuck up , i wasn’t concerned about city , and i believe we would have still won the game but for the red card as we were clearly the better side..


Yeah I’ve always been unsure of him, and while I’m not saying he’s the rebirth of fergie/Wenger etc , I can see definite improvements in the team. Still a long long way to go but we seem to slowly be moving in the right direction. If we can add consistency to our play, even better


Attwell obviously isn’t fit to referee, he had no reason to run in front of Martinelli.

We have goal line technology and VAR so any intelligent referee would keep well clear of the area and it cost us the game as without Attwell’s interference Martinelli would have scored , and then within 30 seconds gabriel was off.

Also people have been right to criticize his early tenure because he made untold mistakes with player personal in game management,style of football etc. But this season there has been vast improvements in the team, we just need to get consistency in our game.