by .

Honestly, watching Aaron Ramsdale in the flesh was something special. I still can’t get over how a lad from Sheffield can do those magical things with the ball. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say he’s one of the best keepers with the ball at his feet in the Premier League right now… I don’t think we’re far off being able to call him a world-class talent.

He has it all. He’s an elite teammate, he has great energy with the crowd, his athleticism is exceptional, his concentration has been really good so far… and his ability on the ball is surpassed only by Ederson or Allison.

He’s gone from looking like a very expensive ‘we have to do it for homegrown rule’ to ‘wow, this is a bargain.’

The Sheffield United fans called it. We should have taken their word. I am very grateful to have a keeper like him at Arsenal at 23.

Captain news dripped out into the Arsenal ecosystem, Auba agreed a deal with Arsenal to pick up his sick mum in France. He was supposed to be back on Wednesday. He was not. He arrived on Thursday and with the new (extremely annoying) covid rules in place, he couldn’t train with the club.

I empathise with Auba. Dealing with family issues is tough working in any industry. But if you strike a deal, you have to stick to it. Clearly, Arsenal had that deadline in place so he could be tested and he could train/play.

Did Arteta have to share the details? I mean. No. He could have sat on it. But if he’d sat on it, news would have leaked anyway, and fans would have asked why he wasn’t honest with them. I have no idea why some of the Auba stories leak and others don’t. There was a similar covid infraction last season that didn’t get too much coverage.

Is this disciplinary action consistent? I’m not sure. Willian did something similar last year to go and see a famous chef in Dubai. Did he get dropped from the squad? No. Did he start the next game? Yes. What’s the difference here? We don’t know. Non-negotiables have to be consistently applied. If the fans can find holes, then the players can.

The overarching irritation here is that we shouldn’t be having this conversation at all. Auba is 32. If you say you’ll be back on Wednesday, come back on Wednesday. Or call ahead and explain what is going on so it’s not a drama.


Reality is, right now, football isn’t the most important thing for Auba. His mother is. Literally, nothing else in the world needs his attention more, and that’s how it should be. Work is a triviality. When that’s the case, maybe stepping out of the most extreme of limelights is a good thing for him. Take 3 weeks off. Have a fun Christmas with the family. Get those minutes in, because no amount of money can ever buy back time with loved ones. Arsenal is not important.

Long-term though, we have to be honest, he’s not going to be captain for plenty of reasons outside of this incident. He’s not going to be here in 18 months, so planning has to begin on who is next.

So who?

Aaron Ramsdale

Visibly, seems a very interesting choice. He might have been here a short amount of time, but no one can doubt what he’s done. The crowd love him, he holds teammates accountable, and he’s performing to incredibly high levels game after game.

But… he is a keeper. Not known for being great captain material. He’s also only been here 4 months.

Gabriel (CB)

He seems to be loved by the squad. He’s really taken ownership of the back 4 this year. He’s dominant on the pitch, he commands the space like Paddy, Adams or Sol Campbell. I don’t think there are many better CBs of his age anywhere. I also love that he’s not a difference-maker in the opposition box.

But… his English isn’t the best.

Kieran Tierney

Probably in most fans top 3 for the job. Committed, aggressive, never gives up, seems to love the club. When he gets his fitness back and a striker to aim at with those crosses, he’ll be one of the best left-backs in the league.

But… he does get injured quite often. We’ve had good captain material before, but it hasn’t worked out due to injury. Per Mertesacker has sat on the bench as a captain and Thomas Vermaelen did as well.

Martin Odegaard

A Grover called me out on the latest podcast for NOT including him in the running for captaincy. I know the club were very impressed with his leadership skills during his loan stint. He’s measured, very intelligent, probably the only players in our side that hustles refs… and he’s the captain of a Norway side that has Haaland in it.

But… he’s been in and out of the side and has lacked consistency.

Thomas Partey

A very important midfielder for Arsenal. At his best, he’s unplayable. He is an all-action kind of player, he’s a prestige name, and he’s done it at the very highest levels of European football.

But… he’s been very drossy this season. Can we risk giving the armband to another player that isn’t performing at the right level?

The curveball is Granit Xhaka, but I think Arteta might be aware that a move like that would be a bad look for him.

Before I go: check out our latest podcast and video below.

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1st ?


ahhhh Gloryyy !






Do the UCL draws again , Liverpool wasnt picked against Villareal why ?

Guns of Brixton

Xhaka will be Captain

Just accept it

Denial is not healthy


Aaron Ramsdale should be a shoe in as the next captain.

The Bard

I’m not sold on the relevance of captaincy these days. Does it make that much difference. ? We don’t have an Adams or a McClintok. The relevant issue is what do we do about Auba. Arteta needs to show some balls in a way Wenger couldn’t with Ozil


Jesus, Pedro… that ode to Ramsdale… I mean, I get it… I just wish we wouldn’t do this. The lad has been excellent for a few months and we have to go and shout out how world class he is. Just let him speak for himself. Let’s hope his performances stay at this standard consistently. I don’t disagree with how great he’s been. I’ve just learned my lesson from all the Iwobis, Ox-Chamberlains, Nelsons, and on and on and on… Very little good ever comes from hyping up our young players. I love him, but let’s just hope we all… Read more »


A GK shouldnt be captain really , he wont be able to do nothing about rotational fouling or time wasting stuff that opponents do , we need somebody in ref’s ears being vocal . I would say currently make Benny Blanco or Gabriel


KT for me all day.


Good post Pedro.

1) That’s only the half of it with Auba. There’s more of a disciplinary issue that hasn’t come out.
2) Like the captains short list, but Partey and Odegaard have no chance. I think it’s nailed on for KT.


Think having the armband is one thing and *being* a captain is another. Without wishing to sound like Emery (!) feel like we could do with a group of individuals within the team who behave in that way. Be it vocally in the refs ear (KT), by setting the example with performance (Gabriel), or by being a connection to the club at large/with the fans (Ramsdale). Ødegaard has the captains experience, I think that’s a fair shout to include him, but similarly to KT until it’s guaranteed you’ll be in the XI on match day don’t know if works to… Read more »

Ernest Reed

The moment that Arteta made “Non-Negotiables” a thing he opened himself up to full scrutiny on how it is to be applied. He ultimately has only himself to blame on that front. The other aspect of Arteta is spite and how that consistently comes into play in his decision making of who gets time and who does not and for how long. Thats not something that a manager with inexperience should be considering as a tool to use if he wants or expects buy in or team unity. The above two are results directly attributed to inexperience and worse, ego.… Read more »


“throwing his players under a bus despite his own culpability.”

love the way Aubamayang’s 3rd disciplinary issue is just ignored in order to satisfy the lust to berate the manager. Earnest Reed, i think not


This team desperately needs a captain who will put the team on his back and drag everyone forward through the funk when heads start to hang. The blatantly obvious choices are Ramsdale, Ode, Gabriel, Tierney and Partey. You’ve covered most the reasons so I won’t dwell or expand on them too much. Tomi is a great darkhorse candidate imo. He’s calm, cool, calculated and measured with his reactions and always brings a passion with him across the white lines. He’s Japanese so he’s very acquainted with the ideas of history and respect, meaning he’ll fully appreciate the responsibility that comes… Read more »


I wonder how non-negotiable the non- negotiables would’ve been had Auba been banging them in for fun, instead of stinking out the place and robbing teammates of theirs.

As bad as Auba has been I wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta called in a bomb threat for his original return flight to England.


Tom, Moyes has done a brilliant job, deserves huge credit, and has over performed But West Ham have the second or third oldest team in the league, they’re in the Emery zone of 2019/20, this is an experienced team, who know what they’re doing, at probably the peak of their trajectory They’re trying to break into the Europa League, with an outside chance of CL, if Moyes manages top 4, he should be manager of the season Their team has a ceiling though, and they’re probably at their ceiling Our team is by far the youngest, we’re not just trying… Read more »


my vote goes to Ben White as he an English outfield player and could rip into refs if
necessary, second choice is Lacacette until he leaves


I prefer a vocal captain who is ready to fight for the crap yellow cards given against us.

Gabriel any day!


Rich, I wasn’t suggesting Arsenal should be doing right now what West Ham have done recently.
In fact, Arteta kinda did that in his first full season and and failed.


Love Ramsdale – but not as captain. GK as captain doesn’t sit right. An added distraction for a keeper is the last thing you want. And he shows leadership anyway without the armband.

Odegaard shows similar qualities – but he has to prove himself as a regular first. Ierney, another good candidate – but absent too often through injury.

Ben White?


“my vote goes to Ben White as he an English outfield player and could rip into refs if
necessary, “

kjelli, if ripping into refs is your main criteria, then Ramsdale should be your man.
I haven’t seen anything like that from White yet*

*not a criticism directed at White , so keep calm Nigel T.


The Aubameyang disciplinary infraction isn’t as clear cut as it seemed.
The player has been on a precipitous decline for a year and is a poor leader.
However it seemed he arrived back in London in time to make training after going to pick up his ailing mother and had a negative test, albeit not the required PCR.

What’s the point of dropping the line about “disciplinary infraction”?

If we was banging in goals for fun, that won’t have happened.

Auba, , show this manager his errant ways by regaining your form


Tom The point is, the tip at the end, at the end of the day it’s 23.59, and the way I see things….. Is like this 👀 Comparing the West Ham team with this current Arsenal team is pointless, they’re 2 entirely different projects, at entirely different stages of their cycles, with an entirely different set of aims + objectives Arteta might be the wrong person to take this project on, we’ll find out, and it’s right that he has targets, which if not met, then he’s moved on. But he’s still doing the hardest part of the project, which… Read more »


Partey is a meek lamb thats why Ayew is captain for Ghana. The other crocks are Not suitable, more time on the treatment table than playing.
For Harry Kane to be national team captain ahead of an Arsenal team captain is taking banter too far.


“Comparing the West Ham team with this current Arsenal team is pointless,“

Which is precisely why I haven’t done that, Rich.

Ernest Reed

“love the way Aubamayang’s 3rd disciplinary issue is just ignored in order to satisfy the lust to berate the manager. Earnest Reed, i think not”

Perhaps i should have put better context Silentstan, my reference was to Arteta’s response to the Everton loss where, instead of owning his accountability through poor lineup and in game management with a dash of questionable substitutions, he chose to throw his players under the bus for his own culpability.

As for berating the manager, stand in line because there are plenty ahead of me doing justbthat.


Surprised you didn’t include Ben White in your list of options: not saying he’d be a better choice than the others but he does have the advantage of being a player along with Gabby who would be a first choice starter each week. He’s as important a factor in the slowly emerging solidity of the defence; his English should be OK and he drives the team forward with his breaks out of defence. If I’m not mistaken he was also Brighton captain – yes Arsenal is a step or three up but there’s experience to build on. The only down… Read more »

Ernest Reed

Arsenal have no viable candidates for Captain, evidence the fact that Aubameyang is in such a position and yet never once in his entire career demonstrated any trait evenly remotely close to that belonging to a captain. Someone eventually will become Captain of Arsenal but for the time being i would fully expect Captain by Committee given the true lack of leadership in the current squad.


Rich – “The rest of the £150 million was spent on young players” Then starting the “real process” 1.5 years into the job was poor planning. Before this summer, Arteta was recruiting experienced players and keeping hold of some he probably should’ve sold. That method failed miserably and we were bounced out of Europe. That he then decided to pivot to youth is on him. Managers at the top level don’t generally get to wipe the slate clean of the prior 2 seasons poor league finishes every time they want to embark upon a new project at the same club… Read more »


Rich “Comparing the West Ham team with this current Arsenal team is pointless, they’re 2 entirely different projects, at entirely different stages of their cycles, with an entirely different set of aims + objectives Arteta might be the wrong person to take this project on, we’ll find out, and it’s right that he has targets, which if not met, then he’s moved on. But he’s still doing the hardest part of the project, which is the initial development stage, after the much needed clear out, that’s still got some work that’s needed” Well said Rich. I couldn’t have said it… Read more »


Saliba looks like the natural captain to me.

Until then TT. Just gets on with his job.

(Showed real character at Everton. Most players these days would have has 2 weeks off for that assault.)

White does not watch the opposition or games.
Ramsdale needs to focus on his excellent form.
Tierney is too injury prone.

Odegaard possibly- but not a guaranteed starter.

Taylor Swift

I don’t agree that we don’t have leadership. With Pedro’s list plus Ben White, that six potential candidates. Up until recently, at times we have had none leaders. No,, he problem with the list is that they are all very young. If it was my call, and I’m glad it isn’t, would be Ode.

Positive pete

@ silent Stan.Is doesn’t take much. From them.Any straw will suffice.😌

Taylor Swift

Correction, I would make Laca interim captain until the end of the season and in the mean time, monitor the others

Positive pete

On the captain front.Has to be English.Our b’stards refs won’t listen to “ Johnny Foreigner “ .No chance.Get the feeling we’re still perceived as a foreign side from them.Hence the animosity & little Englander attitude from them.


Taylor Swift

Not a bad chess move considering the situation at hand. Although that comes with its risks especially with selecting the first 11. But it should calm the current tension.

Ernest Reed

“On the captain front.Has to be English.Our b’stards refs won’t listen to “ Johnny Foreigner “ .No chance.Get the feeling we’re still perceived as a foreign side from them.Hence the animosity & little Englander attitude from them.”

There’s 30 seconds of my life that i will never get back.


Jamie Another manager might do slightly better, but the top 3 are currently so far ahead, I’d be amazed that if even the very best could take us into the top 3 this season, as we stand Arteta was wrong to sign Willian + Runarsson, but I’m not convinced Mari or Cedric were his signings, when you look at the agents, it had Sanllehi’s stamp all over them Arteta’s big punts in his first 18 months were Willlian, Partey, Gabriel 2 wrong, 1 right He’s got the Ramsdale, Odegaard + Tomiyasu ones right IMO We’ll have to wait and see… Read more »

Ernest Reed

Leave it to UEFA to screw up a straight forward draw. Perfect outcome from an otherwise corrupt and imbecilic band of frauds.


This guy is worth 10 Partys and 100 Xhakalsons in midfield


Major_Jeneral Arteta will have 1yr left on his deal this summer, I’d be surprised if we sacked him mid-season Going into next season into has last 12 months, would leave him weak in the dressing room, we’ll have to make a decision 1 way or another The club would find it difficult to justify an extension, if we don’t qualify for minimum Europa League If he hits his targets, I think we’ll renew, if we miss, then a change is inevitable Think we’d be an exciting prospect for a manager, we’ve assembled quite the collection of young players, and Arteta… Read more »



Completely agree, Cazorla my favourite player of the Emirates era, he was a joy to watch


fuck side what a clip. isnt he due to return in coach capacity?



I think you and us fans put way too much into the meaning of captain than the players do…. A lot of ex players etc say no one really cares that much regarding who is captain or not, is mostly us fans that put a lot into it.

This is a great and hilarious recap from Peter Crouch.


Rich, good point about Arteta’s contract running into its last year. Think the board are too meek to get rid of him mid season, either we fall to bits and he goes in the summer. Or we do somewhere between ‘alright’ and ‘good’ in which case hell get next year as well. I just hope they have plans in place for the next man/woman to take over. Even if everything comes good and we don’t need it I would hope we would have someone ready to go. Funnily enough just seen this ( ) which is exactly the opposite… Read more »


Whyte as a Captain for me


Jim A manager that’s weak, is a dressing room that’s weak, there’s certainly a decision to be made in the summer, one way or the other….. The question will then be, should we send Edu packing with him? The Overmars + Ten Hag combo would be an interesting prospect, still 66 points to play for though, so we’re a long way off that yet, and there’s a decent chance Arteta earns an extension I’m excited to see how Saka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe + Martinelli develop, I don’t think we’ve scratched the surface of their overall potential, and our new back… Read more »


Great to see an improvement in Odegaard’s game , but his improvement pales into insignificance when you look at the performance of Maddison yesterday.

Can Odegaard ever reach the level of Maddison’s best, let’s hope so as Maddison has a hunger and desire on the ball to make a difference and make things happen in the final 3rd of the pitch.

Against Southampton, we did see a glimpse of what Odegaard could bring to the side, a lot more aggression in his play, just needs to sharpen up on his final ball, which hopefully should come as his confidence builds.


West ham are a dangerous side but i think we will take care of them on Wednesday.. The game that interests me more is our away game at Leeds and to see if we have learnt the lessons from the defeats to a poor Everton side and a united side lacking in confidence. A more positive Arsenal performance when we had a lead in those 2 games could have set us up perfectly for the season, instead questions are being asked again and although no team has a right to win any or every game, there are circumstances such as… Read more »


Rich, completely agree with you ! Just have to hope those at the top make the right moves. For my money I’d replace Edu anyway, think he’s good but not the level that we need if we want to go back to the very top. Otherwise yes an Overmars & Ten Hag combination or something similar would certainly fit the bill. The squad looks like it’s coming together at last to form the basis of something good, just need the right personnel on the touch line / behind the scenes to make it all come together. Despite the repetitive short… Read more »


Despite the criticism of Partey, for me he is a permanent starter, the fear is that we now have Xhaka in midfield as a permanent fixture …i suppose he is the “experienced head” that so many have called for, not for me though. The AFCON will come along at a good time for players such as AMN, Lakonga, Eddie and Martinelli who would all expect to see some serious game time in jan/feb or whenever it is. Still a lot to look forward to this season , Sunderland in the league cup will also give the above players a chance… Read more »

Taylor Swift

If you look at the home league table, we are level on points with MC with a 6 1 1 record. I’ve said before, lots, the atmosphere in the ground is the best it’s ever been, everyone is so excited by the youth and we definitely have a 12 th man with the crowd.


Saliba. Calvert Lewin or kalvin philips would be my choices for captain

See what I did there ?


Pierre, we play on the 26th away to Norwich, then Wolves at home on the 28th Wouldn’t be surprised to see 2 entirety different outfield teams with such a short turnaround Thankfully we’ve got Sunderland at home on the 21st, so a good opportunity to give much needed minutes to squad players, sharpen them up going into the busiest period of the season Potentially 6 games in January, providing we get past Sunderland, where we’ll be missing 4 players to the African cup Once we’re into February, the fixture list is pretty much a game a week, where we should… Read more »


Captains always end up leaving the club…. It’s Xhaka for me. Hope he takes Teta along when the time comes.

Taylor Swift

I’ve just watched the goals against Southampton about ten times. With Odes goal. Martinelli puts his body between Ode and a defender. Really clever.

Left Testicle

KT as captain? Not for Left Testicle. As a supposed Scottish hard man he’s a bit of a pussy. Also injured half the time.


Non-negotiables don’t work in real life among grownups. There’s a thing called context which makes it borderline impossible to apply hard lines on everyday behaviour. Auba is a clown and deserves punishment but Arteta (as usual when it comes to man management) handled it badly.

As for captain, if we were choosing today, I’d go with Gabriel. Longer term, Aaron has a lot of potential. I’d just like to see him maintain his form consistently for a while first.


Tomiyasu has had a great season so far, but there is one part of his game that he needs to correct and i would hope that Arteta and the coaching staff have noticed . From a free kick on the right side into the box , Tomiyasu has a tendency to drop too early just before the ball is kicked. The rest of the Arsenal players keep a very strict high line from the free kick but Tomiyasu is keeping the opposition onside by moving too early. I noticed it in a few earlier games and i would have thought… Read more »


The first offside goal by richarlison is a case in point, Tomiyasu just got away that one .

Nigel Tufnel

I had Tierney called for Captain last year. Now, no way. I’m not sure he is our best left back. I also don’t want to see our “captain” constantly scrambling back into position as an opponent scores. I’m sick of it. Nuno will cause opponents a lot more trouble, and in the build up, he’s so much more positive in midfield positions. Instead of passing back, he can pull a video game speed burst and blow past opponents, breaking them down. Part of the problem is Arteta running too much of the attack through Tierney. That was the anchor of… Read more »

Mr Serge

Don’t like keepers as captains much prefer a cb or CM to be the cap

Mr Serge

No new player can be Captain it has to be KT it Gabriel for me


I enjoyed the Article. . Aubameyang is Auba’s worse enemy. It’s ok to be late to your £350k pw. But it’s so unprofessional to not have rung to get extension/ valid explanation. Arteta is right to discipline him and should strip him of the Captaincy. No excuses.

Nigel Tufnel

Great comments from Rich yesterday and today. Reasonable on the manager, logical, positive thoughts in general.

If the next two additions, by this coming Summer, can succeed more like Tomiyasu, Tavares, Gabriel, White, Ødegaard, Rambo… them we have a lot to be positive about. Still need a midfielder badly, striker obviously. Europe qualification would help in recruiting.

Add all that to ESR, Saka, Martinelli young guns, then it’s hard to be pessimistic.


The West Ham game is like a third rewrite for this young Arsenal side. Have they been learning from their mistakes? Against Man United they failed by not concentrating defensively and they gave away cheap goals… so have they learnt from this? Against Everton we didn’t press the advantage. When we scored first, we sat back and tried to defend a narrow lead far far too early. If we do this we are asking for trouble. If we are in the 90th minute that’s understandable. But we cannot do this at any other time. If we take the lead we… Read more »


I don’t think 3 goals in 3 games now qualifies Ode for captaincy. He’s not been consistent since he joined. Not only has he been in and out of the team but he has drifted in and out of matches when he’s played. You can’t have that from your captain imo. Maybe in time he will be suitable but he’s not done enough to be a contender for me Partey no thanks. He is easily the logical choice on paper but has badly failed the eye test and I don’t trust him as captain currently. Xhaka straight in the bin… Read more »


ES I honestly don’t understand why you classify a disagreement of your POV a personal attack. It seems your stock answer to me so I’d try a different tact if I were you as it’s simply not working. I’m still trying to understand why frankly you have the Arsenal fan barometer to decide which current gooners should go and support other teams or bluntly who are not real fans – plastic was it or was that Superman AFC? You’ll all alike it’s hard to tell the difference. Frankly and brutally ( my best at melodrama), I’d suggest you seek professional… Read more »


Imo the best position for a captain is CM because it’s the most influential position on the pitch and geographically the only one close to every other outfield player

But I don’t see our current CMs as suitable unfortunately. This should be parteys to lose but he just hasn’t appeared to want it enough

Nigel Tufnel

I’m not saying be should be the captain, but people watching the games live in person say that Øde does a lot of directing and taking charge.


Tufnel not enough for me

He himself has drifted out of games frequently. The captain should always show up and be counted. I accept he’s young and this may come with time, but for me he’s not consistently central to our play and will too often be peripheral which is not ok for the captain. Maybe for Norway he owns it but until I’ve seen him own it for arsenal I don’t think he’s a good choice


His style of play as well – as someone who typically doesn’t take many risks I don’t think that’s the right style for a captain of this team. We need some risk takers who can get the team and crowd up. Ode has all the ability he needs but has too many safe and timid performances

I hope that changes because like I said his ability is there

The Bard

The reason captaincy doesn’t matter that much these days is because none of the modern day players have any club loyalty. They are all passing through on big wages. How many modern day players do we know who have turned down a mega contract from another club to stay put. I cant think of one.


China To your earlier question regarding PSG and how they get around FFP – (apologies if someone has beaten me to it and informed you already). It’s short and simple, apparently, Michel Platini’s brother is a lawyer who works for PSG. The French seem to have always been in and around football governing bodies, they formed the original World Cup and European Championships, so the capacity to exploit or place themselves above or outside of certain laws are always prevalent. FFP was always doomed to failure, mainly because you can’t dictate to billionaires how to spend their money. It was… Read more »

S Asoa

Santi Cazorla had sent in feelers 1 1/2 years back saying how he loves the Club. Apparently wanted player cum coaching role. Needless to say, was roundly ignored


Herbs I did not know that it I’m not surprised in the slightest

Fifa and uefa are both corrupt as hell


I disagree bard

Players come and go but in all decent teams, the captain is usually a long term player who is usually a difference maker on the regular. Henderson at liverpool is maybe the exception as he’s never been one of their best players – tho he has been stable and loyal.

Besides him all the winning teams have typically had ‘that guy’. Terry, lampard, Neville, Ferdinand, giggs, kompany, gerrard as good examples in England of top players who were either captain by default of deputy and all were key


Anyone who has played any level of team sports understands the importance of a grounded captain (longstuff is a bonus)


The sublimely mad Viv Stanshall and his Rawlinson sagas. Best thing the ever came out of the Bonzo Dog Doodah band.

Insanely brilliant mind and story teller.


I DEMAND Arteta to play beside Xhaka and be the captain.



You really don’t let go.

You are becoming an obsessive about me. If there is someone who posts on here who needs help I suggest it is you.

You have an oversized inferiority complex, which is blindingly obvious when someone reads your life story.

Stop being an attention seeker.


Pierre that’s an interesting tho not at all surprising article. Cool that people spent time to put it together tho


Lol MD


I must say that I am a little confused about the Auba incident. Are the players unable to
attend to their family members when needed, and is MA unable to show some empathy
in special instances ?? What is the boards role in these cases? Do they have any opinion and
say ?


I made friends with a Korean guy the other day and I asked him about park chu young

Apparently he’s still playing in Korea. Sitting on the bench for some team. Some things never change


Home bias from referees is clearly evident and last seasons games with no fans attending highlights this. Liverpool are probably the best example of the difference between having hone support and not having home support. Last season liverpool lost 6 home games on the bounce with no supporters in the ground , previous to that they had gone something like 2 years without a home defeat I would look at Arsenal’s recent away game to Everton as an example of home bias from the referee and VAR. The 2 goals disallowed for offside were not subjective decisions they were point… Read more »



I am sure that you are right when discussing “home bias”.

However, as I posted yesterday Arsenal have a very good record in home games, which matches the performance of Man City at top of table.

Our problem is that we rank 11th in away games. We seem to play in “passive/defensive”
mode. You need only look at goals for and against performance both home and away to see
the problem.


Arsenal’s performance

Home Played 8 W6 D1 L1 F15 A6 19 Pts
Away Played 8 W2 D1 L1 F6 A16 7 Pts


correction lost 5 away.


Pierre is implying we are disadvantaged when playing away from home, which applies to most teams, our team and Diet Pep lack coconuts.


I did some calculations and depending on our home form if we win 14 games out of 19 , we have played 8 and won 6 so far . We would need to win 10 games away out of 19 , we have won 2 so far. All of this to reach 72pts , which should safely guarantee top 4 . Last season Chelsea had 68pts . So all in all we just need to correct our away form right now , starting with Leeds away .


Divine whenever we make such calculations the team ends up disappointing so I’d prefer not to

Returning to my previous note about park chu young. Apparently he’s 35 now. 17 appearances this season and 0 goals.


Re: Captain I think Auba should stay as captain but dropped from the starting XI. In his absence Laca takes the armband in the team with Granit as back up. Then that gives all the other aforementioned players 6 months to stake their claim. If Ødegaard starts really hitting a level and claims his spot in the team then he’d be a great shout. If Ramsdale keeps up his current form worth a shout. Gabriel has been doing it for a while but if he starts being a bit more vocal why not, same with Benny Blanco. Maybe we should… Read more »


Fuck if.xhaka gets the armband back I’m absolutely done with Arteta


Diet Pep fanboys want us to appreciate Xhakalson, bad football, No CL ,’trust the process’ the results will come.

They are like extremists that promise hell on earth in exchange for virgins in heaven.

Bob N16

Really interesting 10 year summary from Swiss Ramble

Bob N16

Going to the match tomorrow likely to be a queueing nightmare. Not sure how stewards will manage having to check ‘Plan B’ regulations. Quite happy to have swapped my ticket for West Ham with a friend for an extra ticket against City.