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Arsenal lost their first game since Manchester City away at Anfield to a team that has lost 1 in 27 games.

It was brutal.

A lesson in the true meaning of elite.

Fear not. This won’t be a blog post catastrophising the result because we have moved well beyond that sort of stuff. We’re not at the end of the journey with this squad. We’re at the start. Unbeaten runs are welcome but don’t think they will be the norm for at least a couple of years, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Losing 4-0 to any team is always going to sting, but it wasn’t the same as City at home, there we real positives. The first half was very good as far as I’m concerned. We competed with Liverpool, there was good structure, and everyone was up for the fight (including Arteta on the touchline).

The game didn’t turn on the first goal. We came out for the second half firing and we looked like a team that was going to have a crack. Sadly, the game turned on the second goal. Nuno Tavares, a player that has been very impressive, won the ball in defence, broke forward, and passed directly to Jota who did extremely well to finish past Ramsdale.

Everything went downhill after that. We saw firsthand the difference in experience and quality. Our heads dropped, the game plan fell apart, and we let Liverpool happen to us. Getting spanked like that always hurts, but remember, this Liverpool side turned around a 3-0 deficit at Anfield to a Barcelona that had Messi in it… they’ve been together 6 years, they are a team at the peak of their powers, we are a team at the start of our journey.

There are certainly some areas of concern. Our senior players didn’t really show up when we needed them.

We need to talk about Auba. I love him, he’s changed his game this season, the pressing is notable… but it’s not enough. He can’t become the striker this system needs. He’s not present enough because let’s be fair, his game has never been about that. We’re trying to turn him into something he’ll never be. We can ride it out against lesser teams like Spurs, but we’re always going to struggle in big away games because he doesn’t have the power or the game to be devastating against clubs like Liverpool.

The trouble with Auba and Lacazette is you need one player that adopts the strengths both currently share between themselves. Our team is crying out for a striker with the aggression and link-up play of Lacazette combined with the pace of Auba in his prime. We also need someone that can dominate like Adebayor or Olivier Giroud. Two of our most experienced players aren’t quite right and our younger strikers just aren’t ready. It’s no use shouting ‘GABRIEL MARTINELLI’ because we’ve seen him blow his chances this season against lesser teams. It’ll be baby steps with him and Liverpool certainly wasn’t the game for Arteta to drop on him.

Our biggest problem was midfield. They weren’t brave. The same issues we suffered against Brighton and Palace fizzed up in relevance again. The first half was compact, Thomas Partey and Sambi Lokonga did a really good job. They still didn’t play through Liverpool though. We didn’t really open up the game to our forwards the way we know those players can. We let Liverpool get into our heads, that made it hard for us.

I don’t want to say it, you don’t want me to say it, but a game like that needed a peak Xhaka next to Thomas Partey. He always shows, he never cowers, and he will move the ball forward. I’m actually really looking forward to having him as an option because in certain games, he gives us experience and skills we’re lacking a little bit at the moment. That’s not a sleight on Sambi Lokonga, there aren’t many 21-year-old midfielders in world football equipped to hold their own against Liverpool. It’s just part of our reality. Sambi is going to be a great in 2 years. This season, he’ll be great in certain games, because inconsistency is just part of the mix. If you need reassurance, just read what one of the Premier Leagues’ greatest defenders in Premier League history said about him recently.

‘The first thing I did when I saw Sambi is I went to Mikel and said, ‘You’ve got to watch this guy, he’s the new Yaya Toure.’

“What I like with Sambi – and it’s rare in football, what Yaya did have – is he wants the ball no matter what.

“If the teams not doing well, give the ball to Sambi. If the team’s doing well, give the ball to Sambi. He will never hide away from his responsibility.

“He has things he has to improve… if he remembers the conversations we’ve had, he will know exactly what he still has to work on but at the same time… Yaya was a finisher and that’s a very rare thing to have. I don’t know about that [with Sambi].”

“The point is you need players who are not afraid to have the ball when the going gets tough. As a centre-back, your job stops at a certain point on the ball.

“And you need to be able to give it to people who see the next pass, see the next move, take responsibility, take people on and put that tempo in when there’s no tempo in the game anymore. For me, that’s what Sambi has that makes him special.”

I’ll take his view over @Registorama⁰⁰⁷, 2000 Twitter followers, working at Carpetright in Slough.

Our defence conceded 4 goals, that’s not good, but I do feel confident that the group is going to get better and better. One thing is for certain now, we can play the ball out the back. Everyone is really comfortable. Ramsdale is just so, so elite. What a player. Hopefully, he doesn’t have too many games where he’s that busy. The rest of the unit is raw, but there’s a lot to love about them. Again, remember, the oldest player in our back 5 is 24 years old, there is SO much growth.

The investment this summer will pay dividends, but to move forward, we likely need a revamp of our frontline. If you have a DCL, Isak, Oshimen or a Tammy A in that starting 11, we’re a different proposition.

Games like Liverpool also show you the limitations of a project strategy like the one we’ve embraced. ESR and Saka weren’t at their prodigious best. That will happen. They are incredibly young to be occupying such important positions. That doesn’t mean their lapses don’t hurt us. Bukayo found some great spaces in the first half, there were three occasions when he had a choice to make that could have opened the game, each time, he picked the wrong one. Those moments change games. Simple as that. That’s part of the learning experience and the deal we do as fans when we have exciting kids in the squad. He’ll get better because of it, but that’s the difference between Arsenal and Liverpool. Salah and Firmino are both 29, ESR and Saka are 19 and 21. Want some context on that? Sadio Mane was starting his first season with Metz at 19 years old. He managed 22 appearances and 2 goals that season. Saka had made 85 Premier League appearances and started in the final of an international tournament by the time he was 20 in September. Mo Salah? He was playing for Al Mokawloon, he hadn’t made it to Switzerland or spent time with Jose Mourinho who would bin him to Roma. I really, really don’t want to be reading shite commentary that our Hale-End boys don’t have the skills to hit the highest of levels. You cannot treat Saka and ESR like they’re seasoned veterans, because they are not.

Arsenal is currently a very naive outfit. Liverpool isn’t just an outrageous squad from a technical perspective, they know the dark arts. Sadio Mane is a cheat, that’s why he riles everyone. When he’s firing into challenges, he’s a warrior, dropping elbows, crunching limbs, all under the guise of innocence… when he’s on the ball, someone brushes past him he hits the deck and screams like he’s been hit by artillery shrapnel. Arsenal don’t do that. We’re too honest. Tomiyasu is case in point, he’d stay on his feet if someone was clubbing him with a boot. Most of our players operate that way. We need to grow some fangs and find that edge that all the best teams have. It’ll come, but that sort of instinct for the game needs to be taught.

I did see a few people complaining about Arteta kicking off with Klopp, some journos suggested the game pivoted on that. Honestly, grow up. That for me was a ‘my manager’ moment. The greats kick-off and fight for their players. That’s the first time I’ve seen him do that. I loved it. Wenger did it. Fergie did it. Mourinho did it. Klopp and Pep do it. For 40 minutes, that game felt like a classic Arsenal game of the past. Everyone was up for the fight, the temperature was off the charts, and it felt like we were competing. It didn’t end that way, but look, Klopp doesn’t get that riled for games he thinks he’s breezing. It’s also extremely amusing that the crowd that whines relentlessly about the winnertivity of Guendouzi for having a go at Maupay AFTER a game had finished, are the same complaining about Arteta decorum. For the record, Simeone, Ferguson&Wenger, Pep G, and Mourinho have all been up to worse. If your moan today is Arteta stuck up for his players against a cheat, you need to get in the bin. Also, reference the last paragraph, it’s amusing that a segment of our fanbase is as green as our players. If you’re moaning about managerial decorum as Mane brings Masters Degree levels of shit-housery to the game, I really have to ask if you’re even paying attention.

Losing to Liverpool away at Anfield stings. We haven’t won there since 2012, so plenty of experienced Arsenal teams have dealt with this sort of defeat. We can do better, we will do better, but today we couldn’t do it. The internal target has to be to right the wrong at The Emirates.

The bigger job now is the next game. Arsenal, for 25 years, have always been awful after a great run of ‘unbeaten.’ Wenger’s teams were always clunky after a big run ended, Emery’s 21 game unbeaten run ended and the bad form didn’t stop until he was fired, Arteta had a good start last season, then sunk into hell. We can’t let this game kill our momentum. We have to react. That’s what big teams do.

We’re in Phase 4™ of the season. Arguably the toughest. This phase lasts until January 1st. It’s brutal. It happens fast. It goes a long way to deciding how a season finishes.

  • Saturday 20th November: Liverpool (A)
  • Saturday 27th November: Newcastle United (H)
  • Thursday 2nd December: Manchester United (A)
  • Monday 6th December: Everton (A)
  • Saturday 11th December: Southampton (H)
  • Wednesday 15th December: West Ham United (H)
  • Saturday 18th December: Leeds United (A)
  • Sunday 26th December: Norwich City (A)
  • Tuesday 28th December: Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)
  • Saturday 1st January: Manchester City (H)

There were 30 points to play for. We’ve dropped 3 already. 27 are available. Our target for this phase should be 20 points. If we can deliver that, I suspect we’ll very much be within spitting distance of top 4.

The back half of the season will see our big games played at home. Our young players will have adapted to the Arteta system and will have learned more about each other and the expectations of The Arsenal. The benefits of no European football should start to pay dividends as some of our rivals move into the next stages of Europe.

Arteta needs to pick the players up from this heavy defeat. Newcastle arrives in 7 days, then we have a really big test against a United that I suspect will have no coach by that point. That’s a chance to make a dent in their top 4 challenge to make it impossible for their next manager and it’s a chance for the coaching staff to earn a little fan capital back.

This season is still on track my friends. Leicester lost, West Ham lost, Palace drew, Brighton lost, and United lost. Spurs can’t go above us tomorrow, nor can Everton. We are still 5th in the table, 3 points behind 3rd, 5 behind 2nd, after a game we didn’t really have much of a chance to win. The most important thing now is winning our next game and making sure we stay in the pack.

Ignore the catastrophisers that had nothing to say during the 3-month unbeaten run. If you are a person that thinks there’s an ‘I told you so’ moment after an away loss against Liverpool, you are a f*cking idiot. If you see people calling time on the project today, just think about how sad their Arsenal existence is. Their love is not with the club, it’s with their dead agendas they are trying to resurrect because they’ve forgotten what being a supporter is all about.

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  1. DM

    Not read the post yet but yesterday was a real mixture for me. Tale of 2 halves.

    First half wasn’t perfect by any means (especially because of the goal) but we showed real positive signs, we held our own against an excellent Liverpool side and generally gave a good account of ourselves.

    Second half was disastrous.

    Such a shame, as very hard to know what to take from that game.

    Tavares… ouch

  2. Rainman

    Quite agree with most points, a loss to Liverpool however painful is not the end of the world, still plenty to play for and we have been quite good these last few games. I wouldn’t draw to much from the loss.

  3. Kroenkephobe

    Arsenal don’t do that. We’re too honest.

    Some good stuff there except for the little nugget above. Hypocrisy much? I thought I’d have wait a few weeks to catch you but this opinion is the polar opposite to the hard nosed, fuck ’em attitude you were holding after our goal againsr Watford. You defended our right to be uncompromising and cheaty if it meant three points. Now you’re whinging that we don’t carry out enough dark arts and that we’re somehow victims.

    I told you Liverpool would be in full cheating mode – they always are til the win is certain. One of the surest things in football. Hardly surprising and you can’t moan about after so vigorously defending us doing it.

    I can, on the other hand – Liverpool are cheating slags and have been since the 70s at least.

  4. Rainman

    “I don’t want to say it, you don’t want me to say it, but a game like that needed a peak Xhaka next to Thomas Partey. He always shows, he never cowers, and he will move the ball forward”

    Huh? Do we have two Xhakas? Is there another Xhaka whose existence I’m not aware of? cos you can’t honestly be talking about that slow, sideways passing cunt.

  5. Kay

    For some reason I believe the coveted T4ophy is up for grabs this season unless Utd go berserk and bring in Zidane

    West Ham will surely falter in the final stages.

    We just need to keep winning against all the teams that are not named Chelsea , Liverpool and Citeh

  6. InsideRight

    That wasn’t a fumble. It was a good hiding. Again.

    What exactly did the coaching team do to prepare for the Liverpool game? Because once again we went to Anfield and looked clueless.

    Other sides go there and come away with something and even give the bin dippers a scare. But we go there and come away with only the risk of a back injury to our keeper to show for it. How do a team like Brighton go there and avoid a hammering? Are we really to believe our players are less than the sum of the parts of the Brighton team? Or is it the way they are prepared for the game?

    Either way, in nearly two years Arteta has not moved the dial an inch when it comes to performances at the top sides. He is not an elite manager and I don’t think he ever will be. And while I’ll continue to celebrate wins and get behind the team in every game, I have never stopped thinking that we need a better manager to oversee and develop “the process” of turning a young squad into a winning squad.

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    Also ,sorry to admit it, but I loved seeing Arteta go mad. Shows how much he cares. Not saying he’s our new Wenger, but I have no complaints about his tussle with klopp . But with Ole getting the sack ( or about too), I think this could put the pressure on Arteta and the board and they’ll be looking closely at the next 3-4 games.

  8. InsideRight

    Just to add for those who think the dial has been moved, that apart from the FA Cup wins, we can only judge ourselves against the top sides by what we are currently producing. Chelsea, City and Liverpool so far this season. Scored none, conceded 11.

  9. EdTheREd

    Sorry, but NO. Aerteta is in his third season at the club, so under no circumstances could you call this “the beginning”. Last night proved he will never come anywhere near to winning the league. Finishing 4th and getting spanked constantly by so called “Big Boys” is not a progress. Also, Viera had lost half as many games as that ‘genius’ Arteta. Vieira is the man.

  10. Dolomite

    Great post Pedro.

    Would like to add that people complaining about Tavares should take note that both mistakes occurred while he was trying to progress the ball, crucial against a team like Liverpool because both the midfielders and strikers weren’t giving easy options for the ball.

    We desperately need a dribbling hold up striker and someone who can cause problems on his own rather than a weak and feeble Aubameyang or pace limited Lacazette .

    At this point in time neither Martinelli or Nketiah are the solution either.

  11. Nelson

    For Auba, not only his first touch is gone, for two games in a row, he got himself in an offside position at a critical time killing a counter attacking opportunity.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    As you have posted today the priority for Arsenal in the next two transfer windows is the recruitment of a top class striker and possibly a replacement winger for Pepe.

    Whilst there are some posters who think that Nketiah, Martinelli and Balogun should be given a chance that is clearly not the short term solution.

    Nketiah has been on the fringes of the first team squad for several years and has failed to make a breakthrough. Okay he scored prolifically at U23 and Academy levels and has also
    managed to score goals periodically in Carabo Cup, but the fact that he has failed to make
    a breakthrough in EPL is down to his performances at that level.

    Martinelli looked an excellent prospect when he first joined the club, but since his injuries
    has not shown the same promise. Balogun is playing well at U23 level, but looked like a duck
    out of water when he started in the first game of the season against Brentford.

    Arsenal are short of goals up front and that is plain to see. We need to recruit a forward who
    is capable of scoring 20+ goals in a season at EPL level. At the moment we have no-one on the books who is at that level.

    The problem at the moment is that most prolific goalscorers in EPL and the major leagues
    around Europe are “mature” players. They are in their 30s and are on expensive contracts.

    The two standout youngsters who will both be available in this summer’s transfer market
    are Haaland and Mbappe and neither will be arriving at Arsenal. Mbappe will join probably
    Real Madrid and the queue for Haaland will be led between the two Manchester Clubs and most probably Bayern Munich.

    So Arsenal will need to look elsewhere. My instinct tells me that the player who is currently
    on Arsenal’s radar is Isak. He looked promising last season scoring 17 goals. The start of this
    season was slow most probably because he did not have a proper rest in the summer.

    However, he scored three goals in last four games in La Liga including against Athletico Madrid. He is a tall boy and quite skilful. Also he is young at 22 and on relatively low wages
    which are apparently below £20K pw.

    He has the sort of profile that would probably fit in at Arsenal. Also I would consider seriously buying Sterling if he leaves Man City. An attack revolving around Isak, Sterling, Saka and Smith-Rowe could be a game changer next season.

    Despite yesterday’s disappointment I still see progress being made. The defence could be
    strengthened with addition of Saliba at no extra cost.

    I think that Arsenal will start introducing Patino to the first team squad as a replacement for Elneny after Christmas provided that he is match fit.

  13. DivineSherlock

    ” I don’t want to say it, you don’t want me to say it, but a game like that needed a peak Xhaka next to Thomas Partey. He always shows, he never cowers, and he will move the ball forward. ”

    Pedro what ? Are you watching the same Granit Xhaka for the past 5 years ? If Auba and Laca cant cut it in Arteta’s system , Granit Xhaka should never even be considered. But I hope you’re right cos we are gonna need him when Partey goes to AFCON. I fear thats the month which Arteta’s plan might get derailed.

  14. Dream10

    We can debate the merits of experienced guys like Aubameyang, Lacazette and Partey. However, the concerning part is that talentwise, I believe long term players like White, Gabriel and Lokonga aren’t up to the level.

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    Arteta was Mr Naive against Liverpool. He was to blame. He set a poor example for the young players. PEA is the one who needs to stick up for his team mates, to show some backbone, but he is more concerned about being ‘cool’. Arteta is the one to stick up for his players at the press conference after, like he did after Watford with the throw in dispute.

  16. Majesticgooner

    It’s a mental block, we have it in our DNA to lose to Liverpool and city,, we have players and to some extent a manager who has never won at anfield , they carry that mental scar, they don’t know how to get results there. Take Liverpool for example they never won the league with the likes of Gerard and carragher and their old guard , we also have to get rid of players like them in and around the squad, and have players going to games fearless and believing they can get a result at those places.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    Also, why do The Arsenal need to be in Europe to attract Haaland? The Arsenal weren’t in Europe when Bergkamp signed.

  18. Pierre

    Sorry to say but you are talking out of your backside in defending Arteta’s touchline madness.

    Without a shadow of doubt the game changed from that moment on.
    Up until then we were coping reasonably well with liverpool’s sporadic attacks, the crowd had become subdued and we had a good footing in the game.

    I’m sure Arteta will question himself when he analyses what occured and will regret his loss of composure, i don’t suppose the Arsenal players are overly pleased with the action of someone who should know the importance of not inciting a situation that will create a hostile atmosphere.

    Klopp made a mug of Arteta as he knew that he needed to up the atmosphere in the stadium and Arteta like a fool fell into his trap.

  19. Dream10


    That was then. This is now.
    Haaland is a regular CL player at Dortmund.
    He’ll want to join a regular CL club.
    Have a chance to make 300k a week or more.
    In very rare occurrences do you see top.players join no CL clubs. Kanté.joined a poor Chelsea side. But they paid him high wages and won the title in less than a year. A better version of the Leicester.he was in.

    Pretty sure one of the reasons Kroenkes are going for a “young rebuild” is to keep.wages low. According to Miguel Delaney, Arsenals wage bill is half of Man Utds

  20. Pierre

    The sad aspect of yesterday’s result is that there will now be a call for the return of Xhaka and Tierny and the previous performances of Tavares and Lakonga in the unbeaten run will be forgotten.

  21. Graham62

    I made a conscious decision the other week to refrain from nagging Pedro and actually apologised for some of my comments.

    Big mistake!!

    To defend Arteta for his tactics is woeful. There are numerous reasons why but the bottom line here is that it shows once again just how aloof of reality Pedro has become.

    Ever been to Anfield Pedro. Ever heard of the importance of the 12th man? They and Klopp love nothing more than a good old fight.

    It wasn’t the fact Arteta got annoyed, he actually totally lost it. It played into Liverpool’s and Klopp’s hands.

    At 0-0 we were still in the game and although Liverpool were starting to apply the pressure, as you would expect, the incident gave them a kick start and affected our concentration levels.

    Not saying we would have won or got something from the game but as soon as this happened I thought “Oh no!”

    Pedro, why do you keep dangling the carrot?.

    We are Arsenal FC nor Arteta FC!

    Try and get this into your head.

  22. Ernest Reed

    Going to say it, InsideRight nailed it solidly. Yesterday was not about young and inexperienced players, it was once again about a young and inexperienced manager who, after 101 matches, still delivers meh results and conducts himself like a windmill of naivety.

    What i took from yesterday was that Arsenal and Arteta were taught an abject footballing lesson and knocked down a solid and thorough rung by a far superiorly managed and disciplined club. If not for Ramsdale, this one easily would have been closer to 10 than it was to 4 goals against. Lots to take away from this one and to dismiss the result as expected or much ado about nothing? You all know better than to think like that. A response is required, right and proper and right away.

    I will never stop supporting my club, but please stop with “your an idiot” comments when it comes to anyone criticizing or critiquing the manager – just stop already, its ridiculous.

  23. Samesong

    Graham and Pierre are saying exactly what I was thinking.

    There was a point just before that incident happened you could hear our fans singing.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    I have refrained from discussing Xhaka, because he is marmite with many Arsenal Supporters. Many who post on Le Grove view him as a liability.

    However, I do think that Arsenal will keep him on the books for the foreseeable future for
    reasons expressed by those including myself who think that he can do a decent job if he
    plays alongside an athletic and quality central midfielder. Playing him alongside the likes of
    Elneny is of course a nono.

    I have maintained that Arsenal will not go out and buy an expensive central/defensive
    midfielder because Patino is on the horizon. I have watched this youngster and he is exceptional. Those who follow the Academy rate him as a better prospect than Wilshire
    primarily because he is a more “intelligent” footballer.

    He is not a pygamy at 1.82 m tall and presumably growing. The downside at moment is that
    he has a wiry but not muscular frame. However, if you watch him tackle he is not full-blooded like Wilshire was to his cost, but excellent at nicking the ball off opponents.

    Also his recovery when tackled is phenomenal and his passing skills sublime. When you
    hear that he is the best football talent in the Academy at Arsenal since Fabregas and Wilshire that means he is rated ABOVE Saka and Smith-Rowe.

    Whether his progression follows the same route remains to be seen, but I would suggest that
    it is one reason why Arsenal will keep Partey and Xhaka on the books for the time being and
    watch how Patino progresses in next 12 months.

  25. DUIFG

    Once I saw Chelsea absolutely spank Leicester I knew we were levels off.

    Not a disgrace to lose to Liverpool, but we are still a long way away. Goals are still at a premium.

    Sambi, looks decent but in the first half saw him turn back when we could have released in a rare moment. He had a shocker in second half. Young boy but we knew mf was light coming into the season.

    Ye I’m not sure on auba now. He’s also offfisode quite a bit. Has he started to doubt his pace? He had open forked and went insanely early, old auba didn’t need to do that

  26. DUIFG

    The arteta fight thing only looks good if you go out and win the game. Otherwise it’s just silly, Klopp is the daddy, the tackle wasn’t that bad. Grow up and concentrate on the team, don’t crack

  27. Ernest Reed

    Pierre captured it accurately, post Arteta’s unexpected meltdown Anfield, which was relatively subdued, came to life and changed everything for Liverpool. Thats down to Arteta’s rank naivety and pure lack of awareness. But hey, he’s teflon in these their parts, so lets move on cause you must be a catastrophiser!

  28. Spanishdave

    Arteta was wrong to react Klopp played him for a fool and he fell for it.
    As usual we played ok for 30 mins then we had our lapse in concentration which changed the game.
    How does anybody think we will make top 6 scoring a goal a game on average?
    Toothless up front and Arteta has not addressed it . Martinelli gets no game time so how can he progress?
    The midfield are two deep so when an attack builds up there is little support.
    Auba and Laca are done for costing us 500k per week.
    Going nowhere

  29. Paulie

    Delighted to see Arteta go for klopp, he’s a right nasty bully prick. The young lads playing will come good but odegard was a waste of money because he was mediocre last season. Martinelli is nothing special he’s gone backwards. However we need to get rid of Abu and laca now because they are useless and finished. They will not come good. Priority now needs to be a top young striker.

  30. bennydevito

    Great post Pedro and I love your podcasts, follow you on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram and am subscribed to your YouTube. I’ll give the YouGov bubble a go later on. I also interact with your Facebook page but am currently on day 3 of a 30 day Facebook ban so I thought I’d come back here for a bit.

    Two things I want to talk about. Number 1. Xhaka, no. Just no. He’s slow, cumbersome, slows our attacks down, gives away far too many dangerous free kicks and is always 1 stupid foul away from a red card. If Xhaka was playing yesterday we would have been 4 nil down and down to 10 men by halftime.

    Number 2, Arteta. I’ve really come round to liking Arteta and can really see where we’re going under him and feel something very special is brewing. I thought at 1 point he was going to lay Klopp out and love to see it. However, I still have concerns about his ability to integrate and develop young talent. Before people say Saka, ESR – they were brou through under Emery and Martinelli looked a real prospect. I don’t think k Martinelli’s had anywhere near enough chances to shine under Arteta and am worried he will go elsewhere and become a star because Arteta doesn’t know how to use him.

    Other than that I find it peculiar that people are blaming Arteta’s perceived lack of experience for yesterday’s defeat. We played our strongest team possible and starting Tavares ahead of Tierney was the right thing to do because he’s been playing very well and putting Tierney straight back in would demotivate Tavares plus putting Tierney straight back in when not match sharp would have been a mistake.

    We lost yesterday due to some terrible sloppy passing that directly led to 2 goals, ESR and Saka were tired from international duty and Auba and Partey were recovering from injuries sustained on international duty. Also, Mane is a dirty cheating Ku*t.

    Newcastle will be tough as they will be reinvigorated and keen to impress Howe, but we really need a strong response and should get the 3 points. Man utd, typically, will be very difficult under our own making no doubt and the fact they’ll raise their game for us will make it a hard game so a draw would be acceptable. Overall I’m feeling very positive though and feel that we genuinely have a good shout for top 4.

  31. Frenchie

    I’ve only posted on here a couple of times and never directly to you but that post was so spot on. After watching the match yesterday I could have written the same report as you. Arteta was furious at Mane because of the 2 previous fouls that the ref didn’t punish, when the third foul was committed Arteta lost it and so did I on my sofa. Mane and Liverpool have learnt the dark arts of football well – remember how they complained when Salah was injured by the dark arts of Madrid in the CLF (Ramos I think). We are too green and a bit immature and we need to steel our mental strength which players don’t have in their early 20s. I have faith although to level one criticism I would say Arteta needs to improve his in game management and get his subs right.

  32. Ernest Reed

    Xhaka will be back and he will bring with him a calming influence. He also will come back that much slower (those injuries usually do) and that has to be accounted for as it also affects game plans built for speed.

  33. gunnersmith

    Ernst if you add a website in the Website colomn of the comment form it’ll add a link to your name hence the redness

  34. Rich


    How’s that title run you predicted going?…..

    People won’t forget the good things Tavares + Sambi have done, but this is what you get with young players still learning the game, when they come up against top class + experienced opposition

    Sambi + Tavares can both contribute, but they were always likely to be season 2-3 players, and have a few teething problems along the way

    Xhaka will brain fart a couple of times a season, but he has the experience to bounce back, and not let the mistakes get to him

    When young players make mistakes, it effects them much worse, and often need taking out of the firing line, particularly in central positions

    I’m all for building a young team from the bottom up, but the consequences of that will be games like yesterday, and that inexperience and lack of cohesion is why we won’t compete with Liverpool, Chelsea and City this season, even with the advantage of a game a week in the run in

    Why United will still likely just edge into 4th, with the amount of firepower they have

    And we’ll likely be in a scrap between 5th – 8th, that fight will likely be close, and go to the wire, but we’re in with a good chance of edging over the line

    That’s our current level, and if Arteta doesn’t edge us over the line into minimum Europa League, then his position becomes untenable

    I’ll have some of whatever your smoking when you’re predicting a title challenge, and that we can pack our team full of inexperienced players, and still compete at the very top, in the most competitive league in the world

    We’re on the right path, we’re taking the right route, and these young players will improve with experience and as partnerships on the pitch develop

  35. Danny

    November 21, 2021 11:35:56
    Does anyone still bother reading Pedro’s ramblings?

    Yes and I reckon most do, you got a problem with that?

  36. Emiratesstroller

    What is interesting from Man Utd announcement is that they are looking for “an interim
    manager” until end of season.

    Does that mean that they have already found next season’s manager? If so who is likely to
    be the replacement?

  37. Samesong

    Yes and I reckon most do, you got a problem with that?


    I hardy read Pedro post tbh. But that doesn’t take any credit away from his efforts.

  38. Ernest Reed

    “Does that mean that they have already found next season’s manager? If so who is likely to
    be the replacement?”

    If stories that i have read are to be taken as truth ES, it looks very much like Zidane is the target and he’s stated that he wants the remainder of this season for himself.

  39. Ernest Reed

    “Does anyone still bother reading Pedro’s ramblings?”

    I do, without fail and for the record, they aren’t “ramblings”, they are passionate writings from someone who loves the club, our club.

  40. G8

    Pedro i stopped reading when you mentioned a game like this needed a peak Xhaka!
    Same Xhaka who got us to 8th heaven two seasons in a row
    Joke Sunday!

  41. china1

    Yeah I mean if xhaka had played he might have been almost as key and good as he was against Chelsea and city earlier in the season

    Key contribution from him in both games

    We haven’t missed him for the entirety of our unbeaten run. We have one white game and the Stockholm syndrome returns faster than you can say ‘professional foul’

  42. GillespieRoadNoMore

    No complaints, part of the process. I read a good article in the Athletic where Andreas Georgson pointed out that in a low scoring sport results do not necessarily reflect reality.

    “you have to understand the randomness of football to really be successful. If you’re constantly going to rely on the result of the game as your one provider of evaluation, you’re going to struggle to make an effective organisation”

    I was neither fearful or optimistic about our visit to Anfield, as Pedro says Liverpool turned the tables on Barca there so what chance ESR & Saka could prevail?.

    Despite the result I think we can have confidence in where we are going. A couple of silly mistakes saw us punished in a way that in most games we could have gotten away with it.

    I am looking forward to showing Al-Tyneo a lesson next weekend, they may have shedloads of cash but they are not a team in the way Arsenal are becoming and Eddie Howe is not the new messiah.

  43. Pierre

    “How’s that title run you predicted going?…”

    Your words not mine.

    What i said was ( or similar), if we can remain in a similar position to where we are now come February, the other teams being in Europe will have fixture congestion and there is no reason why we can’t maintain our form with fewer games that we could maintain a challenge…

    However , i didn’t take into consideration that our manager would assist the opposition by inciting the crowd to change the course of a tough away fixture.

    If , as some think he should, arteta repeats those actions away to teams like Tottenham, united and west ham …then fear the worst.

  44. G8

    Arteta rambling with klopp would have looked great if we could manage somthing out of the game, now we got spanked 4/0 with even Minaimino scoring, it looked foolishly humiliating!

  45. Awa

    Great post Pedro! Spot on, a game of two halves.
    I thought the guys brought good intensity and fight for the first 45, whereas the second 45 was where we struggled to keep up with the intensity for a full 90 and began to get over run.

    If anything I hope Arteta uses this game as a bit of motivator for the team, in so far as Liverpool are the yard stick, that’s where we need to get to. There is currently a gap, but for good portions of the game we were with them, we just couldn’t do it for 90 mins

    Aubas role in the team is still worrying, he is taking by up a spot in the 11 but not really contributing, DCL would be a fantastic addition to the squad.

  46. englandsbest

    Spot on from Pedro

    No, we are not a match for Liverpool. Not yet. And for me that means long-term was the way to go and Arteta is the right man for the job.

    Auba is NOT the right man for his job. With luck, NUFC will take him in Jan. Meanwhile Eddie would do better.

    Auba sleep-walked through the game. Liverpool defence hardly needed to pay him any attention. And when his sensor blinked and he became involved it was to no avail, or even harmful like the needless foul that led to the Liverpool goal

  47. Positive pete

    Not the end of the world as some of “ The Bedwetters “ would have you believe.Trust the process & lets hope it’s a case of “ fingers burned,lessons learned “.Move on.we’re still 5th with all to play for.If anything,we trust that’s it’s plain to see we’re far from the finished article.We know where the bar is set with Scousers,,citeh & chavs & that’s our target.Reinforcements required in January a must if there was any doubt.

  48. Chris

    I’m starting to wonder what Odegaard’s role is in the team. Hasn’t started for a while, making little impact when he comes on as a sub.

    Tierney should have come on for Tavares as the latter was having one of those games where he needed saving from himself, although he clearly still has high potential.

    Hopefully this is one we will have long forgotten about in a couple of months, we need a convincing performance at home to Newcastle to restore confidence.

  49. TR7

    Woodward and Man U always play to the gallery and make outlandish decisions. No serious club would sign a 36 years old CR7 given how limited he is as a player now and honestly been nothing more than a goal poacher/hanger for ages. Pep Guardiola didn’t have a recognised striker and still didn’t go for him which tells you everything. Anyway great to see the United empire burning down.

  50. S23

    Excellent post,Pedro.
    The bottom line is Liverpool are one of the best teams in Europe,we are just about starting to make forward strides.
    I am sure Nuno will learn from the wayward passing and progress,Sambi will also learn.
    I am still not 100% convinced about Partey and his inability to stay fit is troubling,we certainly need some new impetus up front and should be looking for a player with attributes like Ivan Toney,Mikael Antonio or Giroud from back in the day,so the ever excellent Ramsdale can kick it to them and the ball will stick,or someone that can manhandle and annoy opposition defenders.
    All in all,with the other results going our way,not too much damage has been sustained.
    Onwards,brothers and Sisters!

  51. Ernest Reed

    “The great Christiano Ronaldo weaving his magic and getting Ole sacked 🙂”

    Have believed for some time now that CR7 is a Manager Killer, TR7. For every bit as talented as he is, he remains ultimately Box Office Poison in his ability to alienate others with his “all about me” attitude.

    OGS is a good person and likely should never have been hired to manage a club of ManU’s stature. His undoing was to try to placate a bunch of overpaid prima donnas instead of giving opportunities to those who truly deserved it.

  52. Pierre

    Have to say Liverpool in the 2nd half were frighteningly good..

    We really do need to find a way of beating the press instead of piss assing around with the ball at the back.

    We got away with it a couple of times towards the end of the first half and should have heeded those warnings for the 2nd half.

    Klopp obviously told his midfield and strikers to suffocate our defenders and midfield into making mistakes.
    At the start of the 2nd half Liverpool pushed up anotber ten yards and we had nowhere to go and Arteta never reacted to this.

    I thought that having Ramsdale in goal would allow us to change things around a little, but he never tried anything different.
    Klopp knew we had nowhere to go and he read the game perfectly and strangled the life out of us.

    To not have Eddie even on the bench highlights one of Arteta’s weaknesses in that he allows contract negotiations to influence his team selection, that should never happen.

    No one can say if Eddie could play any better than Aubamayang at the moment , but what is certain is that it would be impossible to do any worse….impossible.

  53. JOEL

    Imminently predictable…against sides who press Arsenal hard from back to top Arteta is clueless. He has no back-up plan and no answer to first and second ball domination as experienced previously against Brentford and Brighton.
    Arsenal undoubtedly have the makings of a good team which could most definitely compete with the best in the Premier League and fight once again for trophies and that all important CL place if it wasn’t for a Manager and Coaching Staff who are clearly not up to the task.
    In a similar fashion to Solkjaer at United…Arteta will continue to win batches of games and essentially “flatter to deceive”…but at the same time will never be able to build the right momentum or instill in his players the kind of ideas or tactics which will improve the team in the right way in the long term.He still doesn’t really learn from his mistakes and unless he can consistently get his team playing with greater pace,drive and dynamism they will continue to get brushed aside by teams with better coaches who are able to see straight through Arteta’s over simplistic approach and not improve in the way that they should….
    I support this team through “thick and thin” as I have all Arsenal sides since 1970…But I cannot support this coach….He simply is not good enough to be Arsenal’s Manager.

  54. The Bard

    I like the positivity Pedro but there is one flaw for me. As a second tier club currently its very difficult to build something because holding onto players is tricky. One of the big clubs will doubtless come in hard for our youngsters at the end of the season and offer them more money and CL football. No one in their right mind will turn down the chance to double/triple their money.

  55. Ernest Reed

    Interesting that some are pointing at Sambi for some shortcomings yesterday but i thought the real glaring problem in midfield was Partey, who literally was invisible for significant chunks of play. Midfield starts and ends with Partey and if he’s not there (literally and figuratively), you have a major problem on your hands with a club as good as Liverpool.

    The offensive performance yesterday was disjointed and i cant quite place it other than invisibility of key performers as an overall. Liverpool were solid in midfield and defence, but Arsenal’s front line simply didn’t exist and that remains a real concern.

  56. Pierre

    “Have believed for some time now that CR7 is a Manager Killer, TR7. For every bit as talented as he is, he remains ultimately Box Office Poison in his ability to alienate others with his “all about me” attitude.”

    Ronaldo honours list
    Premier League titles: 3
    FA Cup: 1
    English Football League Cup: 2
    La Liga titles: 2
    Copa del Rey: 2
    Spanish Supercup: 2
    Uefa Champions League: 5 (four with Real Madrid, one with Man Utd)
    Uefa Super Cup: 2
    Fifa Club World Cup: 4 (three with Real Madrid, one with Man Utd)
    Portugal Super Cup: 1
    Supercoppa Italiana: 2
    Serie A titles: 2

    Not bad for a “manager killer” , i get the feeling that you are one who is easily brainwashed by the media , as many are on here.

  57. Ernest Reed

    “To not have Eddie even on the bench highlights one of Arteta’s weaknesses in that he allows contract negotiations to influence his team selection, that should never happen.”

    You are a smart guy Pierre, but honestly you do yourself no favours with this. If Eddie were any better an option I’d like to believe that Arteta would have recognized it by now as he has with others. The fact that Eddie cant get a stint over a truly awful Auba and mediocre Laca is more a testament to his own failings to impress when it matters than anything else. In the end Eddies problem is not Arteta, its himself for filing to give himself a swift kick up the backside when it really matters. He never has and finding himself on the periphery is solely on him.

  58. S Asoa

    Had watched the game. Thought the lads would manage something , but was distressed to see Motormouth PRman at sidelines, then the blowup. Anfield exploded , the substitutions showed Arteta crumpling to his self. Rambosdale kept it respectable. Initially Gabriel, White had kept things tidy. Regarding ESR in particular, he appeared to be labouring under an imposed. handbrake, and hardly getting any service. Lokonga and Tavares are young and if someone capable was there would have organised a support system. Arteta is in his 3rd season, so can’t understand the view of another 3-5 games , as if so slow on the uptake.

    Today, however seeing a few sheep posting mehs

  59. Ernest Reed

    Actually Pierre, i am a huge CR7 fan. Love his game and pure talent, but never been a fan of his all about me attitude, which i guess is what drives him to excel. Its a double edged razor when it comes to CR7.

  60. TR7


    I believe CR7 is a top professional with a great attitude. So, I don’t believe he poisons dressing rooms. What he does though is he forces the playing style to be altered of the teams he joins. United were not very good last season but they at least had one pattern of play. With Ronaldo, it has all gone for a toss. You observe how Bruno, Rashford, Matic etc play and you will notice the game plan is to supply the ball to CR7. Ole got really undone trying to accomodate him. He was doing fine with Cavani up top. Of course most people will point out how CR7 have bailed United out by scoring important goals but that’s a very superficial way of looking at things.

  61. Ernest Reed

    Found it interesting that Mane came into the match with sore ribs and yet he was the one shithousing Arsenal players? One would have thought it would be Arsenal who took the physicality to him rather than the other way around? On that Pedro is right, we are too nice!

  62. S Asoa

    For 3-4 days everyone on a consensus of having a strong midfield to restrict Liverpool. There is blaming of Partey who looked off-pace and not fit, which is a minus point for a midfield envisaged. Then after 2-0,, Lokonga appeared subdued realising his limitations and lost confidence. At that stage Tierney should have come for Lokonga. As stated before instead of playing a (-) Partey , ANM with Lokonga should have been a much earlier substitution. Odegard …was wtf from Arteta

  63. Kris

    When I saw Arteta pretending to be going for Klopp, I laughed like a madman. It was ridiculous: you could see that Arteta could punch him if we wanted to, but instead did what the typical cowards do – pretend like he’d attack him if only he weren’t held back.

    Lost all my respect for Arteta, whatever little was remaining.
    What a pathetic, beta, effete cuck.

    If we don’t get at least 70 – 72 points and score at least 1.5 goals per game he should just fuck off to Spain’s 2nd division where he belongs.

  64. Spanishdave

    Nice summary that’s how I feel.
    We will just hover around 6th with no forward movement.
    We seem to still make basic errors passing across our defense, and frustratingly slow moving forwards.
    Scoring goals is a big problem this year and has deteriorated over the past two years, I wonder why?

  65. azed


    Losing at Liverpool isn’t the problem, the problem is we can’t score goals. We have scored on 7 goals from open play this season. We have a negative goal difference and the best player during our 10 games unbeaten run was the goal keeper.

    If you still believe in xG and xGA, then you’ll know that we are currently out performing it and if s correction happens, we will be back to 8th.

  66. LoveSausage

    I agree with most of the points in the post, except for one about Xhaka. All in all, we’re still in mix for 4th.

    I do feel this game exposed 3 tactical issues that are squarely on Arteta and that should be a priority to address.

    1. We have no attacking philosophy. Last season, it was “give to Tierney”. This season, it’s “give it to ESR”. For a team that’s playing on the break, we have no systematic approach to it. We don’t break in packs. We don’t work the diagonal lines. There’s no second wave. Arteta needs to show that he knows how to coach attack.

    2. We need an alternative to playing out the back. It’s fine that this is our default but doing it at Anfield is beyond naive. There needs to be some tactical awareness.

    3. Partey has looked very average since he went from a DF to trying to be some sort of all action MF. He’s frequently caught out of position and just looks like a square peg in a round hole. He’s a gem of a player if used correctly but he needs the right instructions.

    Fix these things in the next 10 games and we have a good shot at 4th.

  67. DivineSherlock

    The manager killer story of CR7 is true though , OGS takes Utd to 2nd place . He had a plan , they were breezing before the 1st break then they force Ronaldo on him who btw was aiming for City . Before Ronaldo they had clear roles and pattern of play and he was the one guy Ole couldnt bench either .

  68. Words on a blog



    You’re so last year.

    According to the gods of football blogs and the New Football Intelligentsia, XG and XGA are no longer relevant. Those two metrics have been superseded by…uhmmm, errr,, ahhh, not sure, but something or other.

  69. Words on a blog

    Yesterday’s matches, and Arteta’s mini-run, clearly showed that there is a huge gap between the top 3 and the rest.

    And we are clearly a long, long way from reaching the heights of Liverpool, Man C, and Chelsea.

    But we are still in the mix for fourth place. What is concerning is that we are not scoring enough goals from open play, and relying too much on the contribution of goals from set pieces.

    There is a small chance we get the covered 4th place spot, so long as Arteta can improve our attacks and goals scored from open play and turn us into flat track bullies against any team nit named Man C, Chelsea or Liverpool.

    I’m beginning to have much more time for Pierre’s championing of Eddie N: something has to change in the way we attack. That may as well be a change in the person leading the line.

  70. azed


    The shocking thing about our xG and xGA is we are not playing in Europe. No travels to Moldova, no games on Thursdays and enough preparation time.

    Getting into Europe will not do Arteta any favors.

  71. Champagne Charlie

    “This is worse than Emery“

    Exactly the sort of shit opinion that suffocates this comments section. My word.

  72. Pierre

    Aubamayang receives a lot of criticism for his performances and lack of goals but maybe we should be looking for the reason as to why he has gone from a prolific goalscorer to an average goalscorer..

    From when he first arrived at Arsenal in jan 2017 until the artival of covid in march 2019 , Aubamayang was prolific.

    In the Premier league from jan 2017 until March 2019


    Played …69
    Scored ….50


    In the Premier league post covid from march 2019 until present.

    Played ..46
    Scored 19


    Maybe he and the team are now lacking an experienced creative player as the figures appear to suggest that since Ozil was cast aside , Aubameyang’s figures have nosedived.

    Creativity comes in many forms on a football pitch,
    Creating chances
    Pre assists
    Creating space for your team mates

    A striker like Aubamayang needs to know that if he makes space in the box that the ball will arrive, otherwise the striker loses confidence in his team mates and he will stop making the runs.

    As we all know , ozil had the vision to first see the pass and 2nd , to make the pass .
    It was not always the final pass but his awareness on the ball would bring others into play to make the final paa(the assist).

    Can anyone come up with another reason for Aubameyang’s demise from a prolific striker to an average striker in such a short period of time (18 months)

  73. Pierre

    “The shocking thing about our xG and xGA is we are not playing in Europe”

    Refer to my previous comment as to why our xG is so poor …
    I can guarantee you without looking that our XG was far higher with ozil in the side.

  74. Words on a blog


    Welcome back.

    As a matter of fact, azed’s comment that “This is worse than Emery” is actually not a “suffocating shit opinion” but an objective observation based on his XG and XGA record as compared to Emery.

    So please call off the attack dogs.

  75. china1

    We are absolutely in the mix for 4th

    We have the 5th best squad, mathematically we’re right up there and in terms of performances we’ve more than shown we have enough to roll over a large majority of teams, top teams aside.

    We may or may not get 4th but unless man Utd turn the corner relatively soon I don’t see any particular reason why we can’t or shouldn’t.

  76. Mb

    Liverpool away confirmed that if we replace Auba, Laca and Partey with Eddie, Martinelli and Patino – we will either be same or better.

    What do you think?

  77. Mb

    And we sold the wrong players, should have kept Willock and sold Niles.

    I love the kid, he got heart but Willock is better undoubtedly.

  78. Mb

    Good post, Pedro.

    I’m in agreement with you after long time. We might see some more 4-0 in next 2 years but these kids are learning and will only improve from here.

    We need to keep our heads up. And nope, Xhaka is not needed.

  79. Mb

    Btw, for advertisements, I would suggest to go for renting space on your blog instead of the usual monetization ones like AdSense, Media Net etc.

  80. china1

    We also don’t have European distractions this season

    I’ll be damned if we can have

    No European distractions
    A much better squad than last season
    The 5th best squad in the league
    Go into December mathematically right up there
    A manager who is supposedly very good

    ^ if we still can’t get 4th or very close then the season will be a failure. As of right now top 4 is there for the taking if we just land roughly where we should considering the current context

    No excuses please.

  81. Upstate Gooner

    Unbelievable… So now we lost because we didn’t have Xhaka? Or a striker like DCL or Abraham? Well, guess what? Xhaka is still a bum, and neither DCL nor Tammy A. are playing for Arsenal or coming to us in the near future. Why not add Mbappe and/or Neymar to that list? And calling people effin idiots for pointing out the obvious is really something. You know who else is an idiot? Someone who said that beating teams like Burnley, Norwich, and Watford 1-0, and barely escaping with draws against the mighty Brighton and Crystal Palace was a sign of progress. Serious question: Do West Ham have a better team than us? I’d say No. Well, they took care of Liverpool in pretty convincing fashion not too long ago. Do Wolves have a better squad than Hammers? I’d say they don’t. They outplayed them yesterday. You know what separates those two teams from Arsenal? Competent managers, and whoever doesn’t see that is … yes, you guessed it… is an effin idiot.

  82. Rich

    Football isn’t played on paper, but you’ve got to think United still have enough firepower to edge into 4th

    They’ve got so many goals in the squad

  83. Upstate Gooner

    I was not a fan of Ramsdale signing but he’s definitely proving me wrong. If it wasn’t for him yesterday, it would’ve been much, much worse. He’s the only one who earned his paycheck yesterday. The rest were an utter embarrassment including Arteta who was once again exposed for the fraud that he is.

  84. Chris

    I’ve always preferred the eye test overall to stats/xg etc

    xG and all its sub categories can be useful to a point but football is far too much a chaotic art form as to be broken down into purely statistical reasonings for what occurs on the pitch.

    That may be a romantic view as such but my eyes tell me we are currently nowhere near as bad as we were under late Emery, but we are at present struggling to present a sustained attacking threat and lack for goals from open play. Our negative goal difference is a stat however and an ugly one at that. Interesting to see only 6 teams in the league with a positive goal difference.

  85. Globalgunner

    A few of us predicted Aubameyangs demise just before he signed the latest contract. He would have been someone elses problem now but too many teeny boppers here were crying buckets of tears at the prospect of losing him. He cant run anymore, cant head a ball, has a poor first touch and couldn’t battle with an anaemic 15year old defender for the ball. So what exactly was the point?. Arsenal always seem to need an expensive pensioner on the books. The club ends up spending more simply to stay in the same place. Should have gotten rid in 2020

  86. Leedsgunner

    Frankly not worried if Brenda goes to Man Utd. He’s a decent coach but he couldn’t get over the line for an EPL title with a midfield general like Gerrard and peak Luis Suarez… so he has choked before and more likely than not he will choke again.

    Not that it will really matter; he will write off this season until the summer when he can start bringing in his own players. Plus, unless he absolutely tanks – the bar will be so low for him he has no pressure on him at all.

    The manager I would worry over is Ten Haag. He’s a proven coach, a winner and someone well used to developing youth players to a world class standard. Ten Haag would represent a cultural shift back toward excellence and belief in youth which would be in direct competition with what we are trying to do. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if Overmars decides to go there and assist Ten Haag…

    Ten Haag, Overmars and Edwin van der Saar… an formidable team I don’t want anywhere near United.

  87. Nelson

    I was surprised to see what a support from the coach can do to a player. Mané made the same fault last game and received a card. Arteta reacted to the fault. Klopp reacted very strongly to defend Mané. The next thing we saw, Mané jumped higher than all our defenders and headed in the opening goal.

  88. Globalgunner

    Mane always bullies our defenders. I remember a game when we had Sokratis and Mustafi in the backline and he ran through them like the incredible Hulk. Knocking them over like bowling pins. Shocking stuff

  89. Champagne Charlie


    No it’s very much a shit opinion because it’s purposefully removing all context and pretending weight in samples has no impact whatsoever. Azed loves to pull stunts like that, and I love to point it out time and again.

    Our xG and xGA are low and high respectively because of the 2 heavy defeats to Liverpool and City.

    Our xG is 15.47 after 12 games, and our xGA is 21.81. Against City/Liverpool combined we offered just 0.39 xG whilst suffering 8.44 xGA – which makes a massive difference to our overall expected numbers given nearly 40% of our xGA have come in these two matches.

    Azed didn’t care to mention that since the transfer window ended and we’ve managed to field Ramsdale, Tomi etc our xGA has been 2nd in the league (now 8th following an Anfield battering), and our xG was 6th (now 8th). No, he went with the “facts”.

  90. izzo

    3 seasons in and its still the start of the project. Excuses excuses excuses. Two more years until they BANG. Fucking boring. I’m definitely an “idiot” for not believing in this project that keeps being reset as the beginning. “Oh just you wait we’re on the right path and if you can’t see it I can’t help you”. Pedro works in marketing so so surprise he drops these sort of language to keep you on this flawed project.
    Still can’t score goals against top half teams. The struggle is there for all to see. Where is the attacking flair and drive??? We used to be able to pick teams apart and score at will now we have scared midfielders and past it strikers that go hiding when facing the so called better teams.

  91. azed

    I love how when it comes to Arteta there’s context.
    The season starts after Christmas or after the transfer window or .

  92. Pedro

    Azed, good to see you back after a loss. What’s the context behind your disappearing act? You seem to only pop up when you think we’ll lose or we lose?

  93. Champagne Charlie


    You remove outliers, or at the least consider them, when sampling – unless you have an agenda to push like you often do.

    Emery would concede a goal per game for 5 matches, whereas Arteta keeps 4 clean sheets and then we concede 5. Same numbers over 5 games, but the story is entirely different. You don’t get that though, just out your box after a stuffing at Anfield to push wank “facts” about our xGA being 16th and the like. Transparent af.

  94. Tom

    Pedro, if Liverpool “have been together for 6 years” , then Arsenal have been together for 2 years or even more.
    Only 2 Liverpool players from the 2016-17 squad featured for them yesterday.
    2 more from the 2017-18 squad, 3 from the 2018-19 squad, and 4 were last season’s acquisitions.

    As a matter of fact, the last three important transfers in Klopp’s title winning puzzle were all on defense, with VVD, Fabinho, and Alisson.
    Arteta chose a different route and he’s building his team from the back , if I’m gonna be generous here. Maybe that’s why our attacking has been poor in most game and especially against the top teams.
    Auba’s weak attempt cleared by Alisson’s outstretched leg was our only goal scoring chance to speak of over 90 minutes.
    If that isn’t a concern for you then I don’t know what to say.

    Here’s the disappointing aspect of the yesterday’s result.
    We used to get spanked like that in the past because we went for it and left ourselves too open.
    Yesterday we didn’t even try going for it and still got spanked.

    Tsimikas and Ox are not your Klopp’s Liverpool level but we made them look like they belonged.

  95. AFC Forever

    Very nice post Pedro.

    Up to the second goal, we looked well organised and disciplined but mistakes at this level hurt you. Liverpool are a great team, and at Anfield pretty formidable. The younger players will learn from that. However, in the summer we will need to sort out the front line to prevent the ball keep coming back at us against the best teams. I believe that needs recruitment. If it’s half as good as last summer’s, it will transform us with the ball.

  96. Aaron

    Put this here as a reminder.

    Do NOT press
    Do NOT create
    Set the team up to NOT make a mistake
    Do NOT take chances or step outside of your lane.

    This is without European futbol and we only play one game a week.

    Arteta needs to be canned if we get 8th again-period.

    100 games in charge as the skipper and not his fault.

    F me………

    Our xG is in the toilet, period!

    Shots have improved because Partey is taking 3 from outside the box.

    Auba is not getting $h*tE for service.
    And last but not least… wait for it…..

    The team is boring to watch because everyone is in a straight jacket and can’t play freely at all……

  97. Pedro


    My concern is that our heads dropped and that we have an issue physcologically against Liverpool and City.

    I’m not worried about overal defending, because the pattern, based on a small sample size, is that we’re going to be fine at defending this season.

    Our attack needs reengineering, but we have enough there to be in 5th at the end of this weekend, and I think we’ll get better as the season goes one… a bit like last season where the back half was a massive improvement on the first 14 games.

    Young team. New to each other. Still working things out.

    Xhaka coming back will help, I’m sure we’ll see more of our other attackers at some point, I’m pretty confident we’ll be good.

  98. Rich

    Aaron, what new coaches?

    We drew with Palace on Oct 18th 2021, 2-2

    We beat Villa 3-1 on Oct 22nd 2021, 3-1

    We then went onto beat both Leicester + Watford

    If you’re from the past, then I’ll send up future lottery numbers, if you promise to split the winnings with me?

    What century are you in?

  99. Tom

    Pedro, yes our heads dropped, and I’m not inside anyone’s head, especially our players’ , but maybe it’s because they know we haven’t been scoring enough to come back from a two goal deficit no matter how that second goal came about.

  100. Aaron

    Let’s see..
    Viera, Gerrard, Howe, and possibly Zidane.

    What are you smoking, wake up and what century are you in?

  101. azed


    I was here during the game, just as I was during the Leicester game.

    I have a baby and don’t have as much time as I used to.

    Oh and if you check my comments during the game, I wasn’t concerned about the loss, my worry has been scoring only 7 goals in open play.

    Remove the City, Liverpool and Chelsea and our attack is still poor.

  102. Pedro

    Tom, as it’s the first time in a lot of games that we’ve lost with this team, I’d say it was likely Anfield and Liverpool that was the issue. Not sure this team doesn’t believe it can’t score.

  103. Graham62

    What exactly does Aubameyang bring to the table, as it stands?

    Exactly!…………Absolutely zilch!

    So why not start with Nketiah and Lacazette?

    Oh yeah, of course, Eddie was not on the bench.

    Silly me.

    So why not Martinelli?

    Oh yeah, silly me, he isn’t good enough!!

    Trust in the process folks.

  104. Pedro

    Azed, you only want to be here when you are throwing darts at the club. I can see your comments. Not a lot of chatter when we’re doing well my friend. Your last comment I can see was whining at halftime during Leicester.

    Hard to take your concerns or numbers seriously when you only want to be here if you’re revelling in misery.