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An away day at Liverpool is always huge. More so over the past half-decade. Liverpool is an institution, Anfield is a legendary stadium, and Klopp is a top 3 manager in the world.

The stage is set.

Mikel Arteta usually underplays our chances, but the talk was a little different in his press conference.

He’s talking about confidence in the camp, he’s pumping his players, and he’s making no excuses about the expectations that are being put on Arsenal.

We are going to Anfield to win because that’s what Arsenal Football Club is all about.

This game isn’t a litmus test, people need to move away from that sort of chat… it’s a chance to land a blow on a club that has standards we want to reach.

Since boxing day, we’ve accrued more points than Liverpool. What does that tell you? That they are beatable. Klopp’s side has lost a bit of that invincibility force-field this season. They aren’t quite hitting the heights as consistently as they were a couple of seasons ago. There are vulnerabilities in their system.

The main difference? Huge experience and a 5th gear that we don’t have yet. Both teams at 100% and we’re on the back foot.

So what do we need to see?

A smart game plan executed with maximum focus

Our problem against Chelsea and City was that we conceded inside 15 minutes both times. We can’t afford to do that against a Liverpool side we know will come flying out the traps.

I’d love a fast start, but it’s questionable whether that’s the right approach against Liverpool. A game right after the break might take some time to feel our way into. It might be sharp to just be in the match after 20 minutes and work our way into the game by growing with time.

There needs to be a plan for Mo Salah, the best player in the world right now. We need to have ideas for Liverpool’s wide players. We should be set up to counter-attack at speed, because Liverpool have been leaving openings. We have to play a high line and confidently play around their brutal press when it comes.

Arteta said the weakness in the side was that as a team, we don’t have enough collective experience yet. Let’s be clear, this new group of players hasn’t felt pain together yet. We are unbeaten since our new defence was formed. There’s no record of how we’ll react to a battering from Liverpool. That makes this game interesting for a whole host of reasons.

This is a big moment for the project. Lose, well, we expected it and we’ll have to hope the team can bounce back quickly. Come away with a point or more and we’ll really start to believe something might be brewing early.

I’m very excited. I feel confident we can compete. This is a test we could pass, I haven’t felt that way about a Liverpool game in a while. So let’s see where it goes.

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  1. Tony

    One concern I have is the papers are melodramatically saying Partey racing to be fit.To be fit for the bench I hope and not rushed back to start.

    Partey’s been out for a few weeks so if he hasn’t had U23 games to add fitness, he won’t be ready for the pace of the Dippers and game in general.

    The other I can’t decide on is CT vs Tavares at LB. Auba’s fitness and main worry is his mentality often going missing in big games of old.Eddie then Martinelli can fit in well with Laca.

    Pace will win the game. See how fast Matip and VVD can go backwards and they’ll make mistakes.

  2. Tony

    Good morning Grovers football is back and Arteta is saying top 4 is not enough.Brave words, but the right ones.

    For all my joking yesterday I believe we can get something from this game. I’ve been saying all week and as well as my thinking on how we can get something from the game.Of course Arteta has stated tactics hopefully trained for the win, so it’s all down to the players to bring home the bacon as the old saying goes.

    Since the NLD I have been happy with the 442 that should have been 24 months ago. My beef with Arteta is he’s been a complete rank for 22 months.

    Now the tide is turning with Arteta playing the formation many here has talked about for well – 22 months.

    The last 2 months has shown what the squad is capable of so now we test ourselves against the best away at Anfield.

    As long as we give our all and Arteta gets the in-game management right, should we lose to the odd goal I’m ok with that, so long as we’ve taken the game to the Dippers and been in the game all evening moving the needle forward.I

    t’s that simple for me.

    Lose by a heavy margin and Arteta will be in the firing line again because it will mean we haven’t moved improved with our transfers.

    No excuses.

    No BS

    No AgendaI

    I just want us to play to our best and see what happens. Brilliant day for the Autumn rugby Internationals today as well my son and I will enjoy.

    Let’s hope we’re celebrating in the morning.

  3. NJ Gooner

    Play KT as the third Centre half and Tavares at left wing back. Try and push Salah to his right when he gets the ball by squeezing off the space inside. Get Tavares and Tomi to push the Liverpool wingbacks back with a high line.

  4. Steveyg87

    We can NOT, I repeat, can NOT allow Liverpool to play their usual game. Today is all about shit housing and being clinical when our chances arrive

  5. FACupofTea

    Re top 3 manager, who’s the 3rd? Tuchel, no proper league title. Allegri, no UCL.

    Surely it has to be Zidane, man has earned his stripes. Three UCLs on the bounce with two league titles nicely tucked in between is no mean feat.

  6. Havyn

    Drop Tierney because as always Salah will destroy him once more.

    Tavares pace and power will keep both Salah and TAA at bay. You play Tierney and Salah score 2. It’s been like that for a couple of years. Pool often destroy our left side with Salah bullying Tierney.

    Arteta should be bold and drop Tierney.

  7. Habesha Gooner

    Let’s shithouse the shit out of the scousers and get a win. Let’s go. I am excited. All the arteta chat can wait. He has built a good starting 11 and let’s see it come of age today. Have no fear and we can do damage. Doubt ourselves and they will rip us apart This game is about that. Our self belief and and confidence in our own abilities. Win in anyway here and we will have the mental edge for top 4 the rest of the season. The physical edge will be there because we have no Europe. Partey is going to put in another Anfield masterclass. Let’s Go!!!

  8. Mb

    I wouldn’t change the playing XI. Tavares as LB, apartey + Lokonga in the mid, Auba, Laca up top.

    Play the same players, no handbrakes and we will beat’em up.


  9. Pierre

    With Arteta and this Arsenal team it is normally all about the first goal.

    This season it’s been a case of concede the first goal and we lose.
    Score the first goal and we win ( the draw v Palace the exception)..

    The 3 times we have conceded first, we have lost.
    The 10 times we have scored first, we have won 9 and drawn 1

    All too often away to liverpool we concede early and liverpool can be devastating when they get their tails up with the Anfield crowd behind them

    Should be a cracker.

  10. Mb


    Nice observation there. I remember Emery’s team was always about the second half and/or when we went down.

    Two contrasting managers…

  11. Mb

    Match here is at 11pm my side of the world. After a few years in London, devoid of noise, it’s really difficult sleeping beyond 6 AM with loud speakers and prayers. Govt impotent enough to not ban it.

    I would try to be awake and cheer for the lads. .

  12. Havyn

    Emery players were not that commited, and had poor mentality. We had attitude players like MG and Ozil. Poor players like Kolasinac, Bellerin, Papa and Mustafi.

    The mentality of the team has changed. In defence, Tommy is better than Bellerin and can handle Mane so can Tavares who is double footed can deal with Salah.

    I say drop Tierney so Tavares deal with Salah.

    A defeat to Liverpool will send them to the drawing board. 1989 title winning side at Anfield being resurrected.

  13. Pierre

    Tierney hasn’t been playing to be dropped but i get your point, continue with Tavares , I think Arteta may be tempted to go with AMN as he and Tavares along with Smith Rowe look to have a good onfield relationship.

    I’m hoping Arteta doesn’t over complicate things, he knows that the danger predominantly comes from the 2 full backs and he mustn’t do an Emery and allow them the freedom of the flanks as it will invariably end in tears if he does..

    If Aubamayang is unfit it won’t be a major loss, he rarely has impressed away to liverpool.

    For me , i would keep the back 4 the same , partey , smith rowe and saka must start, the main decisions for Arteta revolve around centre mid , and up top.

    Will he match up in midfield and play Lakonga , Partey and AMN to give cover for our fuĺl backs, it’s a possibility .

  14. Samesong

    Hope I’m wrong but Auba brings hardly anything in this type of match. Can’t hold up play. Can’t beat a man. VDV will have him in his pocket.

  15. Mulerise14

    Come to think of it Havyn… that two footedness is enough reason to start Tavares over Tierney, disregarding form or continuity. Salah always cut to the right,so that,he can either whip in wicked shot at goal or crooked pass for his partners in crime. That’s the reason many on here are suggesting Niles to counter Salah.
    Am very sure this current iteration of players would give as much as they get at Anfield and that’s the reason to hope…… negative formation please Tets, let’s go with our tested and trusted formation as it gives us compactness with or without possession and we have shown we are one of the best at counters this season.
    Come on the Gunners!

  16. Northbanker

    Same system but I wouldn’t bring Tierney back either – not for Pool. Let him get match fit in easier games

    I’d drop Auba and play Martinelli on the 4-4-1-1 system we’ve used

  17. Graham62

    If Arteta is brave we can get something out of today’s game.
    If we’re too cautious, I sense disaster.
    I’ll go either 1-1 or 2-2.
    Let’s see.

  18. Graham62

    That Arshavin game!

    Great attacking play but probably the worst defending I’ve ever witnessed.

    Keystone Cops stuff.

  19. Tony

    Agree with that Northbanker, keep the 2 lines of 4 close to intelligently squeeze the midfield leaving balls over the top their only option for White and Gabs and AMN/Tavares to clean up.

    Get AMN on Henderson when he comes into the midfield keep him looking for AMN all the time when he’s receiving the ball.

    The higher we play up the pitch the easier it is to press their defenders.

    Real high hopes for today and have had for a few weeks now, when back then it didn’t feel like a bounce from the new players’ and their positive body language as they got into the groove/rhythm of the game that with a lot of players smiling not least Ramsdale; even ESR has started to let loose and get animated.

    I would dearly love to stuff The Dippers at Anfield again, as in 89; different stakes, but equally important to get a result for our forward momentum towards 4th.

  20. Ustyno

    The secret to getting anything out of this game is not allowing their middle overrun us,they play with 3 in the middle if we play with 2 then Lacazette is a must to drop deep and help the 2 in our middle

    If we match them in the middle their fullbacks will be force come stay focus in the back knowing anything can happen but if we lose the battle in the middle,ball will easily get to them to hurt us

  21. Mulerise14

    “I don’t know why people are so shocked about Arsenal. We are a big club and have good players.

    “I don’t know why people are surprised about that. For us it is normal and simple to win games.

    “We are in top five, for us we want to achieve top one. I don’t know why people are surprised with that.”

    When asked if Salah will have a problem with him, Tavares said: “I don’t think so. Salah won’t know who I am.”

    When put to him that maybe he will know who he is after Saturday, he added: Maybe. I don’t know, I am young.”

    Arteta is finally starting to see results on the pitch
    Tavares has enjoyed life under Mikel Arteta and is flourishing in the left-back role, but insists that spot does not belong to Kieran Tierney.

    He added: “He’s a good coach and a good club. Everybody wants to play here. With Arteta as well, I have this opportunity and I enjoy every time.

    “I don’t have his (Tierney’s) place. I have a place of Arsenal. I keep playing in the place of Arsenal. I think the confidence is everything to do a good game.”

    Salah, if I play, will play against me. I don’t have a problem with anyone. I play for Arsenal. We have a good team and Liverpool have a good team as well to fight on the pitch…… that was our black Samurai Tavares Yasuke,in his own words.
    I love this spirit!

  22. Nelson

    I am afraid that the Pools will press high to stop us playing out from the back. Ramsdale will have to kick the ball long to Auba. Auba’s first touch is gone. I want to count how many times he manages to hold up the ball in the whole game.

  23. Taylor Swift

    My big worry today is Auba. If true t form, he will go missing. On the other hand, it seems foolish to change a winning team.

    I would not start Tierney, prior to his injury there is an argument to say he was our worst player.

  24. Tony

    Kid sounds focused, grounded and enjoying playing for a top club as it’s a huge step up he’s taking in his stride. Going to be an interesting contest especially if Tavares can get into Salah’s head.

  25. china1

    I think a win today would give the team the belief required to kick on and have an excellent season. Not saying we’ll win the league but get mid70s points, top 4 and really look much much better.

    A bad defeat could also sow the seeds of doubt and impact our build up to Christmas.

    A draw would be a decent result.

    But I’m really really hoping for a win

  26. china1

    Tavares interview is *really* good

    The bluntness in the way he speaks and how he just targets first is extremely refreshing. No playing down of expectations. He isn’t here for top 4. Sounds like he just wants to win titles and isn’t thinking about anything else

    I like this kid. Winner mentality

  27. Thank you and goodnight

    Today’s game doesn’t count 😁 if Pedro can have his post Xmas league table, then I can null and void this game. Well done Mikkel, season restarts after Liverpool , let’s keep it up. It’s a training match tonight😁 win win for me

  28. Spanishdave

    West Ham beat Liverpool by using their strong forwards pressing down the middle.
    We have nothing like that in our squad, Auba will just linger on the left and constantly loose the ball as always.
    Arteta will play defensively as always against these teams.

  29. Rich

    Today’s a free hit, we’re 13/2 with the bookies, we can get a result, but no need for any hysterics if we lose

    We need 15 points from our next 24 available:

    Liverpool (Away) 0
    Newcastle (Home) 3
    United (Away) 1
    Everton (Away) 1
    Southampton (Home) 3
    West Ham (Home) 3
    Leeds (Away) 1
    Norwich (Away) 3

    That’ll put us on 35 points at the halfway line, set us up nicely for the second half of the season, with new players settled, and partnerships developing

    The majority of you laughed at me after our first 3 games when I said we’d finish 5th, with an outside chance of 4th, with 69-74 points

    Things usually balance themselves out of the course of the season, the confidence boost from a win would be massive, but losing won’t be the drama some will make it out to be, Liverpool are favourites today, they’re a top team, with a lot of experience, and we’re a team predominately at the beginning of a cycle

  30. IAT-Robbie

    Nuno is bringing that same attitude and self-belief that many Benfica fans despised him for. Good to see, it’s needed in this team.

  31. Words on a blog

    It would be great to come back with something tonight, a point or (I’m dreaming here) even three.

    But what really matters is that our players fight and put in a committed, quality performance.

  32. Nigel Tufnel

    I just don’t want the players to lose focus if pool score first, or early. Keep it tight, hope for an equalizer, don’t chase it immaturely. This is the way to avoid embarrassing defeats and blowouts. Also chances of stealing points from top teams.
    They are far from unbeatable. I don’t think they’re close to Man City or Chelsea in overall strength or depth.

  33. Chris

    I’m excited about the game as it is a true test of our recent progression, and it’s also nice to go into this fixture with some optimism, as we know, Anfield has been the field of screams for us in the last decade.

    I understand trying to combat Liverpool’s devastating attack with 3 at the back, but in a way I would like to see us stick to our game that we have been playing the last few weeks or so and have faith in that. Going either way is understandable, defensive or sticking to what had brought us joy the last few weeks. Will be interesting to see what we do.

  34. Rich

    We struggled playing through Brighton’s press, I’d like to see a change of shape today

    Liverpool will likely have two third of possession at home, they usually start well at Anfield, the extra defender can bring them onto us, but also help us play through them

    I’d like to see this:

    ..…..Tomi White Gabriel
    Niles Partey Sambi Tierney
    ……Saka ………….Smith Rowe

  35. Nigel Tufnel

    Good comment Rich. I don’t like predicting so many outcomes myself, but the numbers are a fairly conservative and achievable. You just never know where the points come from or get dropped in this crazy tough league. Not a bad thing, because top teams get bitten plenty too.

  36. Nigel Tufnel

    Rainman has the correct fan attitude.

    Haters take note.

    You don’t have to be a cold statistician with no friends like IAT-Bamford. You don’t have to be a negative football philosopher like so many others here.

    You don’t have to be right all the time, of course.
    It’s just nice to enjoy life and footie a little bit when things are going pretty well.

  37. Chris

    Fantastic finish from Kanye, 2-0.

    Seems like he was afforded the freedom of the King Power stadium though. Leicester defending leaves a lot to be desired.

  38. Chris

    Words on a blog

    Haha, bloody autocorrect.

    Aren’t Kanye and Kim separated though? Not sure she cares what he does as long as he doesn’t miss any payments!

  39. The Bard

    Arteta needs to show them the Michael Thomas goal at Anfield. One of my very best Arsenal memories. As others have said we need not to concede early. If we do its game over. We would have to chase the game. I would be happy if we parked the bus and tried to hit them on the break.

  40. Leftside

    Would take a well earned point today. Liverpool will be determined to correct things after the West Ham loss. We can’t afford passengers today so I would bench Auba and I’d keep Tavares in for Tierney.

  41. Rich

    I’m well up for some bus parking

    We need to stay in the game, even at 1-0 down, it only takes a moment of quality or a mistake to get ourselves back into it

    There’s little chance we go to Anfield and dominate the ball for 90 minutes, it doesn’t need to be pretty, I’m up for some of the ugliest points we’ve ever seen

  42. GAZZA

    Dear Mr Wenger please shut up on the we nearly bought Ronaldo & Kante sob story, we heard it all before so please give it a rest

  43. LoveSausage

    Feeling pretty optimistic today. We need to be organised without playing a low block. Put pressure on the ball when they have it.

    I gotta say I’m getting more impressed by Tuchel by the day. Takes a genius to make a team with so many flawed players look flawless. They demolished Leicester without breaking a sweat.

  44. Rich

    Leicester are 2 points off 6th, they should have enough quality to put themselves in contention for Europa League places over 38 games

  45. Pierre

    My prediction is that with Eddie Howe arriving , we will see Joe Willock hit the goal scoring trail again.

    He arrived at Newcastle this season without having a pre season and was obviously not match fit and never had the legs to repeat his amazing run of form and goals from midfield as per last season that saved Newcastle from probable relegation.

    The stand in manager at Newcastle never started Willock , Eddie Howe won’t make the same mistake as he knows what willock can bring to the side ….late movement into the box and goals…

    Don’t be surprised to see him on the score sheet today.

  46. Rich

    Tom, 12 games is a small sample size, they won the FA Cup last season, and Charity Shield in August

    He’ll be under pressure, but their next 4 league games are Watford, Southampton, Villa, Newcastle

    Take 9-10 points from that sequence, and they’ll likely be in the Europa League mix

  47. IAT-Robbie


    I agree. I think Willock will recover some scoring form again under Eddie Howe. Not sure if it will be today though. He’s playing in a double pivot today rather than a three man midfield.

    Kudos if your prediction comes true.

  48. Pierre


    He is , but they will play on the front foot under Howe and willock will be encouraged to pick his moments to attack the box.

  49. Rich

    Tom, this is the argument I made with Emery + Arteta, it’s a mistake to think that just anything would be better

    United appointing an Ex Liverpool manager would be a mistake, it wouldn’t take much of a poor run of results for the mood to turn sour, there’s no way Rodgers would get the goodwill currently being shown to OGS

    If they make a change, they need to get it right, they can’t afford to have a perpetual revolving door of managers

    United should get plenty of results, they’ve got serious firepower, I suspect they’ll keep OGS until the end of the season, then go for Poch, Ten Hag, or whoever their top target is

  50. Spudnik

    In 1989, I went to live in London for a few years. The first gooner I met taught me my first Arsenal chants. They were both anti liverpool rather than pro Arsenal.

    The first is to the the tune of The Spinners ‘In your Liverpool Home’
    In your Liverpool Slum
    You look in the bin for something to eat
    you find a dead rat and you think its a treat
    In your Liverpool slum.

    Sign on, Sign on
    with hope in your hearts,
    cos you’ll never work again
    you’ll never work again.

  51. Major_Jeneral

    I am optimistic about this game. Not because we are on a good run of form but based on the big team factor that Arsenal is no longer a team to be run over. They are The Arsenal, the team who always want to win all games no matter the opponent in front of them.

    I am optimistic, because Arsenal are becoming a force to reckon with. Although we are a work in progress, we won’t rest on our oars, we will keep going no matter what happens.

    I am optimistic because we are The Arsenal, that can win 1-0 and feel strong, tenacious and determined while doing it.

    We are The Arsenal and we want to win. I want to see a fighting spirit, a team with a plan for Liverpool. A team firing on all cylinders. Fighting for eachother. Staying strong from the 1st whistle till the end.
    We are The Arsenal, #COYG

    My prediction is hard fought 2-1 win to the Arsenal. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  52. Terraloon


    Having watched that Leicester/Chelsea game it emphasises just how big a gap there is between the likes of Chelsea, City and Liverpool and indeed the next 5-6 rated teams.

    Chelsea were not at full strength and whilst the scoreline was just 3 the reality was it could easily have been 5 or 6. The difference in terms of quality, shape, discipline and power was massive.

  53. Bob N16

    However much improved we are, Liverpool always seem to be on top form when they play us. If they do start quickly and score early we must remain calm and take our chances when they do come. 100% take a draw right now. Hope the footballing Gods are with us and we get more than I fair share of luck.

  54. LoveSausage

    It’s a really weird rule that a penalty gets retaken because the shooting team’s player encroaches on the penalty area. Makes zero sense. The logical thing would be that they are ruled to be offside if the encroachment gives them a benefit.

  55. LoveSausage

    Watford just tried to get a United attack stopped by faking an injury. They win the ball and he’s up going on a counter. Fucking cunts. This is one of those games where I can’t decide who I hate more.

  56. TR7

    Watford should have been 3-0 up by now but at least they finally get the much deserved lead. United absolutely listless and so is the overhyped CR7.

  57. TR7

    Chelsea were frighteningly good against Leicester. Their passing was top quality something you don’t often associate with Chelsea. They played without any central forward and yet created loads of chances. Leicester were poor but Chelsea made them look very ordinary.

  58. Rich

    Terraloon, I agree, it’s why I wasn’t too stressed by our first 3 games, and why I won’t be too disappointed if we don’t get a result at Anfield today

    We’re capable of getting something, but Liverpool are strong favourites, they’re a quality team who know what they’re doing

  59. LoveSausage


    Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I love seeing United like this. On another hand I really don’t want OGS to go. If this goes on they might have a new manager by the time we play them.

  60. TR7

    United will be shit even under a new manager. So not worried about Ole getting sacked.

    CR7, Bruno, Rashford, Greenwood, Fred, Mctominay – not one of them likes to keep the ball. No team with 7 to 8 off the ball players can achieve good results.

  61. Chris

    Yeah there is a good chance United will still be in disarray by the time we go there, even if they sacked Ole tonight after the game. I don’t think they would even have a plan for a successor, they seem so wedded to Solskjaer. A new manager search could drag on.

  62. Kris

    I thought van de beek was a more attacking MF.
    Ole the master wants 2 dms in midfield so I think van de beek is a back up to Fernandes.
    Ole as a manager is about the same level as the coward who coaches England. Molde is their level. Maybe some crap team in the Championship, too.

  63. Major_Jeneral

    That did not take long . Mctominay off for Van debeek on. And he scores.

    Le-Grovers , I am interested in the ManUtd Job . Who will be interested in being my Assistant. Rich are you up for it?

  64. LoveSausage

    Wouldn’t surprise me if United get something from this game. Van de Beek is making a difference. Sancho not too shabby either. Which tells you everything you need to know about Ole as a manager.

  65. Rich


    Double agents, Get them relegated, break their players by fielding teams full of players carrying knocks, then take a giant severance package as a reward for our treachery

    I’m in 👍

  66. Chris

    On another note another defeat for Newcastle? Their run of games leading up to Christmas is horrendous. May not be as easy as some think for them to buy players in January.

    The big future their owners speak of may come via the Championship!

  67. Graham62

    Contrasting views in regards the international break from Arteta and Klopp.

    Although I feel there are too many international games/breaks, as far as England are concerned I find it so refreshing to see a group of players who genuinely love playing together.

  68. Major_Jeneral

    ”Double agents, Get them relegated, break their players by fielding teams full of players carrying knocks, then take a giant severance package as a reward for our treachery

    I’m in 👍”

    I cannot wait for us to partner up on this special-Ops Mission.

  69. Rich

    ……White Gabriel
    ……Partey Sambi
    Saka Lacazette Smith Rowe

  70. S23

    Expecting a defeat,but hoping for a continuation of the decent performance run.
    If we could get a win,I would be over the moon.
    Expect the worst,hope for the best.

  71. Rich

    …….Matip Van Dijk
    Trent ………….Tsimikas
    …..Ox Fabinho Thiago

  72. TR7

    Relieved that Arteta didn’t choose the game against Pool for experimentation. May be we could have gone for AMN instead of Sambi to beef up the defense but no complaints.

  73. TheLegendaryDB10

    Decided to tuck into some football before our game and had to see that dreadful tackle borne out of very sloppy play by Maguire and get red carded. Lolz. Really not sure how he is stealing a living playing football like that.

    Anyway, looking forward to tonight. I can only echo what others have said this week. If we lose but play well in doing so, I’ll be OK with that defeat.

    But for some reason, having seen these kids play with their infectious desire to push forward and win, I have this funny feeling that they can so some thing tonight.

    If we some how manage to draw or, dare I say It, win this game, I’ll be over the moon!!

    Seeing Manure lose to Watford could be a good start to our week. So let’s hope they lose. 🤞🏻

  74. MidwestGun

    Hello y’all… ready for this..?. Dont know why but when all the results start going our way.. I start getting nervous.. Haha Wolves even beating the Hammers.

    Anyhow… I’m also excited..and glad Teta stuck with the program.. Let’s do it..!!!! It will be tough… with our record at Anfield.. but history doesn’t play the games.

  75. Rich

    Arteta wedded to this formation, if there’s a time for more pragmatism, it’s probably Liverpool away

    Big jobs for Sambi + Tavares to control the threat of Salah + Trent

    Wonder if Lacazette will play much deeper, and be asked to do a job on Thiago