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Arsenal had THREE players in the starting 11 for England last night. Say what you will about the current project, but that is absolutely immense stuff. The sort of thing that makes local and international fans proud. It’s not like the crop of players we have currently are duffers, this is a team good enough to make the finals of a major tournament.

Even better than that? They all contributed. Ramsdale kept an outrageous clean sheet, keeping one shot on target OUT. Emile landed an assist and his first international goal. Bukayo Saka scored late on.

There’s a really good chance we’ll see Ben White in the squad at some point over the next year if he keeps up his levels.

Project Premium Youth is young, but these sorts of wins give it a bit of vindication. Hale-End is producing elite talent and the scouts/analysts at Arsenal are doing a good job identifying players about to bang.

The news out of Liverpool isn’t exactly marvelous for them. Mane and Firmino are two of the biggest names that might struggle to make the first team. I think in total, they are about 9 players down. They’ll still be fielding the best player in the world right now and they have more than enough firepower, but let’s be honest, this is a pretty decent time for a form side to be playing a team that’s in a patchy moment.

It’s going to be an interesting game. West Ham, Brentford and Brighton just went for it. Liverpool really struggled with West Ham’s crossing and Brentford basically bullied Liverpool with high balls. We’re not quite at their level in the box, but I think our set-plays are certainly going to be a big weapon of ours.

The biggest weapon we have? It’s our defence. They will basically set the tone for the day. They need to bring peak concentration levels, but more importantly, they need to go to Anfield and play with bravery. When Ben White and Gabriel step up and hold that line, it opens out game up. When Ben White and Gabriel break the press early on, it makes other teams think about what they are doing.

We caved against Brighton. We let Palace bully us back for a large chunk of the game. We cannot allow that against Liverpool.

Right, short one today because there’s not a lot going on in the news!



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  1. Taylor Swift

    EB makes a great point. The jury doesn’t consist of 12 Arteta out good men. No, it consists of 60,000 good men at the Emirates who have cast their vote. The place is rocking, the best atmosphere literally since the place opened. I don’t go to away games, I’m too old really, but you can tell the away fans are on fire

  2. Zacharse

    Its not that i think your point is wrong or weird etc
    Just that its funny to me you even bother to go there after 11 games

  3. Graham62


    Time will tell if Arteta is the man for the job but, based on recent weeks, things are definitely improving.
    Let’s hope things continue in this vain
    My perceptions on Vieira may be irrelevant based on where we are at present and you are right, after just 11 games, he has not earned the right to be considered a great coach.
    Based on watching CP over the past few seasons though , I would say that what he has achieved in just 11 games is pretty good.

  4. Kris

    The idea that Haaland, an obsessive winner, would want to leave 2nd or 3rd placed Dortmund just to slog it out for 4th to 6th at Arsenal is beyond idiotic.
    London a cosmopolitan city etc Do you people even know anything about Haaland? His dream is to play for Leeds if they were good enough. The guy gives no shit to where he lives, he’s not Neymar.

    He’s heading for one of the clubs that have an excellent chance of winning the CL in the next 3, 4 years. City if they want him instead of Kane (smart move). Otherwise Chelsea. Maybe United if they get a good manager. Real probably lacking the money. Don’t think he’ll be interested in PSG, but who knows.

  5. Rich

    Things don’t stay the same, Alexis turned down Liverpool for Arsenal in 2014, Suarez wanted to leave Liverpool for us in 2013, and Alonso was desperate to join us in 2007

    Sustaining success is difficult, Man City are the only team to deliver back to back titles in 13 seasons

    Arsenal will come again, if we add well to this squad, then there’s no reason we can’t build a competitive team for 3-4 seasons that captures hearts + minds globally

    The amount of young players currently doing well is a great advertisement to attract future stars.

    We’d likely need CL football to shop from the top shelf, but we’re still an attractive prospect for the vast majority of players, we can pay amongst the highest fees + wages, and the vast majority of players want to play in the PL

    Not sure I’d want Haaland, not with the wages he’d likely want, and the size of the agent fees Raiola would want as well

    But if we were in the CL, there’s no reason we couldn’t put ourselves in the mix. I really hope we go all out for Jude Bellingham

  6. Jonnygunner

    Graham62November 18, 2021 20:16:57
    Zacharse Time will tell if Arteta is the man for the job but, based on recent weeks, things are definitely improving.
    Let’s hope things continue in this vain


  7. andy1886

    @EB – Haaland’s fee isn’t going to be £100m, as just about everyone knows due to a clause in his contract he’ll be available for around £65m. The fee isn’t the issue, he’ll be on massive wages, probably Ozil level or higher. Even if he wanted to join us it isn’t going to happen.

    Can’t see us going for Bellingham either when we clearly need a striker (expect to see Xhaka get minutes when fit, sadly he’s going nowhere).

  8. englandsbest


    No, I don’t know Haaland, never met him. If you have, and have personal knowledge, how he thinks, how he behaves, fair enough. If not, it’s worth taking account of how people generally feel about taking a new job, moving to a different country.

    All the points mentioned by me come into that context – having a friend there, for example, people from your own country.

    You describe him as an ‘obsessive winner’ as if that puts Arsenal beyond the pale. On the contrary, young players are seeing the Club as the perfect place to go if they want to win. Last summer a flood came in, all of them enthusiastic, eager.

    Do I expect him to come in Jan? No. In the summer. Probably not.

    But he might.


  9. englandsbest

    Andy 1886

    The clause allows Clubs to bid for Haaland, but the final fee will be higher.

    No idea what his current wages are, but Arsenal could probably treble them and by Ozil/Auba standards they would still be low

  10. China1

    I don’t see Haaland wanting to join us. He’s already done his development time in Austria, then more at Dortmund. He’s already understood to be probably a top 2 player of his entire generation. How long are you gonna spend on these stepping stone clubs until you go to somewhere seriously aiming for CLs each season?

    Only he knows the answer but I really doubt he’s join arsenal right now if he could join Chelsea, city, or liverpool.