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Hold on, hold on… you have got to be kidding me? Mesut Ozil, the man wronged by Unai Emery after a month. The man who threw a shirt at Freddie because the Swede WRONGED him. The man who was WRONGED again by Mikel ‘the beast’ Arteta. Is… being wronged again by his new club?

The Fenerbache President has had the absolute audacity to ask Mesut to basically ‘do more football thing’… excuse me sir? Who the hell are you to throw around instructions to a KING?

Here’s a little excerpt from Fenerbache TV:

“Ozil wants to play more. From now on, he needs to focus on his game and keep his commercial interests out of it. He needs to think about contributing to Fenerbahce.

“Our coach also needs to try to figure out how to get the most out of Ozil. There is not a problem, despite what the media says. Mesut is unhappy because he does not play regularly.”


Steady on… public shaming?

Did anyone check if he was playing a big Fortnite tournament?

Maybe, just maybe, he’s trying to down a coach he doesn’t like… again.

Did anyone ask him if the bib throwing incident was a form of aggression or actually a nice piece of banter?

Has anyone asked if there’s a role he’d like to do more than the #10? He was very good at the social media when he was over here?

This actually feels like a conspiracy because he has nice coffee.

Or… did the Fenerbache Prez just say out aloud what no Arsenal coach would?

I’m not going to conclude on this, but Fenerbache fans, if you are reading this, do as Mesut does… #TrustTheProcess… we all support you and we support him. It’ll come good, one day, maybe.

Back to you. Are you ok? I know the news of Mesut losing his place must have been a shock.

Why don’t we get back to something I absolutely know you love me doing: splicing tables to tell a story.

The two tables below, via UnderStat.com, are where we are in 2021 after 11 games, and where we were last season after 11 games.

NOW (2021, bruh)

LAST SZN (2020)

That’s right, you can’t see us on the 2020 table because we were 15th in the league with 13 points.

Why am I showing you this? Well, there are a few things that are interesting here.

1. The table was bunched a little tighter last season. This season there are 10 points between 1st and 9th. Last season, there were 10 points between 1st and 14th.

2. The table after 11 games is not indicative of where it’ll be after a whole season. Remember all the people on the internet crowing that ‘This squad really could win Spurs the title under Jose’, well, he was gone in February. Remember people talking about Ralphy H for the Arsenal job. Frank Lampard was out by January. Manchester United were talking to Pochettino before they went on a charge to 2nd. Southampton dropped real hard. Take nothing for granted right now.

3. Arsenal are 7 points better off than they were this time last season. This is important because it means we’re in far better shape, but keep in mind, the job this year is to be within spitting distance of top 4 come January 2nd. The back half of the season is built for Arsenal. We will have played most of the major teams away from home. We won’t have the issue of Europe. Our young squad of players will be more experienced, know each other better, and should have adapted to the coaching ideas of Arteta. If Arsenal could have started like this last season, they’d have comfortably made the Champions League spots.

YES, I know you love an annualised table from Transfermarkt.

Why am I showing you this? Well, a few people have said to me ‘this form we are in is a fluke, so I was right to be Arteta Out hard this season.’ That is where I have to slap back with a spliced table. The form Arsenal is in is just a continuation of a slow drip of progression since December 26th last season. The calendar year table should give you a bit of comfort that maybe our run isn’t a flash in the pan.

Is 5th amazing? No. But it’s about where we should be. If we’re around that position in April, we might luck out into top 4. Remember, the average age of our squad is about 25, that’s the youngest. Chelsea 13th (27.7), Leicester (27.3), 11th Liverpool (27.8) 14th, West Ham 19th (28.8), City 10th (27.1). These teams have a lot more hours under the belt, so have a lot more to learn, so we have to be patient. 5th would be decent this season.

This table tells you two things:

1. The 6-month table since Christmas I talked about excessively to heavy mocking, was in fact, a pretty predictive table. The top 6 over the year are the top 6 currently in the Premier League.

2. Even with that hammering from Manchester City, we still have the 3rd best defence in the league joint with Liverpool. That really is some achievement. What we are witnessing at Arsenal certainly feels more George Graham than Arsene Wenger. We are tough to beat, we don’t let much get by us, and it has been a consistent theme.

What would be nice is a little more Arsene Wenger up the other end. We’re certainly doing much better than before, averaging 14 shots p/g. But that only puts us 7th in the league. There might be some mitigating circumstances there. We tend to lead early then sit back. We also had very poor output against City and Chelsea. Whatever… we need to sharpen up in the final third if we’re going to make top 4 this season.

So overal, whichever tables you are looking at right now, there’s a lot to be positive about.

We’re still good at the back, despite changing out an entire squad.

We still have a lot of work to do in the final 3rd where the goals are lacking.

All very exciting.

Right, see you in the comments.




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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Pedro you know it makes sense.
    Know your audience.
    Maybe a couple of different pictures to bring the gang back!
    Was it kwik that used to always have a picture or two for us during tournament times?

  2. Up 4 grabs now

    Nice to see Smith Rowe make his debut, with the arsenal lads getting a look in, it might make England worth watching again.

    Could never get my head around calling sheringham a tosser on Saturday, then have to cheer him on for England midweek.

  3. Up 4 grabs now


    I’ll give the half naked pictures of Pedro a miss thanks.

    Sheringham always was a cocky twonk.
    It was always tough cheering united bindippers and spud players on when playing for England.

    Nice to see the Arsenal players in the squad again.

  4. Bankz

    You feeling the same about these comments right now?

    I still think you were a bit too forgiving about Arteta. You literally screamed “blood!” few months into Emery’s reign.
    I stlll think Arteta being allowed to learn on the job at arsenal is a bit unambitious.
    I still think Arteta won’t have us winning the major trophies or be title contenders anytime soon.
    Am I impressed with the last few games and how the players have grown into their roles?
    Am I willing to sit my ass and watch how much progress he makes with the team from now till feb-March? Yes.
    Was I a bit too harsh with my words directed at you? Yes and I truly apologize.
    Do I want to see the version of Pedro we had during the last few years of Wenger? The one who held managers that higher standards? Yes I do.

    At the end, I just want the very best for my club. I hope daily to see visible progress but on and off the field.

  5. Bankz


    It’s literally as dumb as your comment.
    You’re fucking hilarious if you think a lazy nonchalant Özil is the reason we ended our trophy drought when Ramsey and Carzola had the season of their lives and even went on to score in that final.

  6. Pedro

    Rich, sounds like there might be more money again this summer if the progress keeps up.

    It’ll be interesting if Laca does the season here or the sell him and make a loan move for someone like Jovic.