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Well good morning my dears, what do we have to complain about today?


No, not the sauce that comes with a good manager. Actual sauce.

Antonio Conte has banned sauce in the changing rooms. The kids that like calling things elite are calling this move elite. The Italian stallion who likes to win harder than peak-Churchill has made moves on the HP Sauce.

But here’s a secret…

It’s bollocks.

It’s not about performance. There’s no marginal gain to be had by taking sauce away. It’s a power move.

They say that Wenger banned it, but everyone I speak to says there was plenty of sauce around Colney. I believe Don Unai tried something similar banning juice from the players.

Whatever… it’s a weird thing to do to a broken dressing room straight off the bat. Imagine Harry Kane eating a dry sausage sandwich tomorrow morning? SAD.

We’ll see though, if they manage a shot on target in their next game, we’ll know he was right.

You know who does have sauce? Arsenal Women. They dropped an away day masterclass in front of an impressive 500 away fans. They won 5-1 in the Champions League, a stunning way to warm-up for a NLD derby this weekend.

On a roll of sauciness, isn’t Ben Foster’s Youtube channel good?

I love this interview with Aaron Ramsdale. They talk about the technical aspects of THAT freekick save. He also talks about ‘spray canning’ balls into midfield. Is that Sheffield for daisy-cutter? Amazing that when he first started doing that most of us thought he was duffing passes and getting away with it. Big questions here… is he the best distributor of the ball England has ever produced? Could be. I’ve never seen an English keeper pass like he does

Scott Willis over at Arseblog News had an interesting stat that might tell a story we might have in our head but can’t quite articulate. Arsenal have the 4th best xG when we’re at a stalemate in a game. What is this nonsense? Well, our overall xG has lagged this year. Despite us battering Spurs, we did badly because we sat into the game because we were so dominant. Well, apparently, when we are chasing the lead in game, we’re 4th best. When we’re losing, we’re pretty bad. When we’re winning we’re average.

If your strategy is to score early, then I guess this stat is kind of the new table post-Christmas?

As the team develops, what you want to see is that we get better xG when we’re winning. This is an experience thing. When we first started going into the lead in game day 4, we’d panic. Drop deep. Try and absorb that game. That improved as the games rolled on.

Where you want Arsenal to be is absolute smashing teams when we’re winning. A bit like City or Liverpool do on a good day. Plenty of time for that to happen.

I cannot believe this slipped the radar… but without libelling myself.

Think about Victor Oshimen moving to Napoli.

Then read about an investigation after an internal body of the Italian Football Federation, the Supervisory Commission on Professional Football Clubs, passed on a report to the Italian FA regarding suspicious transfer activities in the last two years.

“COVISOC has informed the FIGC of possible capital gains by inflated valuations, highlighting, among others, Victor Osimhen’s move from LOSC Lille to Napoli and Juventus’ exchange deal with Barcelona for Arthur Melo,”

“Included in the long list published by Il Tempo, the controversial negotiation that helped the Azzurri sign Osimhen is of course the standout case.

Oh my word!

Thank the lord Arsenal never purchased a player from a French club for an eye-watering fee that looked overvalued in the extreme. You’d have to sack someone for stuff like that. Could never be us.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. Many nice comments. Gearing up the next Arsenal legend… it’ll be of a different sort, but a cracker as well.



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  1. Tony

    Love Sausage I’d agree with most of what you say, but it depends on the character of the manager. Pep has done well with Barca and it will be interesting what Xavi does.

    I think Paddy is one of the few greats from the past who has it in him to manager us. Henry, no, Bergkamp, no (mostly to do with flying) Tony Adams, no and so on.

    Von Bronckhorst I read some time ago was doing well as a manager I believe in France.

    Paddy has aways been his own man and the only Invincible I believe could manage us. Why? I feel his temperament is right and he’ll be revered where the nostalgia will be out the window for the first training session.

    Let’s see what he does at Palace first, LS, and then we can make assumptions after.

    Arteta is here for the duration of this season. At the end we can make judgements on managers and their positions in the league.

    To put this in perspective if Arteta were to be fired, I’d want Ten hag before Paddy, but Paddy would be my 2nd choice assuming he’s a success at Palace.

  2. LoveSausage


    A few days ago Pedro shared a link with this guy Goldbridge who runs a United YouTube channel. He had some interesting reflections on the topic. He was talking about how difficult it was to get rid of OGS partly because of his status but also because of all his old team mates who are now pundits and basically churning out OGS propaganda everywhere.

    We’re not there because Arteta never had that sort of status as an Arsenal player. But I could see it happening if we had an Invincible as a manager. I love Paddy and wish him all the best but for me, it wouldn’t be worth the risk.

  3. Tony

    Skip my posts if you feel that way or does your intelligence not work that way?

    Are you compelled to read every word posted here?

    Probably, because I’m not waxing lyrical about Arteta you got triggered.

    Sensitive soul, are’t you?

    Fair enough LS we all have our thoughts and positions on management, so here we’ll agree to differ and wait to see what the future holds. I prefer to see what my eyes tell than read other team’s blogs and YT channels.

    I’d only want Paddy if he put up a compelling argument backed up with managerial credentials from his time at Palace. France and MLS are nowhere near the PL, so not a realistic comparison to the PL.

    If I’m honest I want a manager who has it in him to challenge for top honours each season, and I don’t mind who that is even if its Arteta.

    Winning is all Im interested in.

  4. Tony

    I wasn’t sure of GVB’s managerial CV.

    011–2015 Feyenoord (assistant)
    2015–2019 Feyenoord
    2020 Guangzhou R&F

    I must have read something quite a while ago that he was impressing people. Maybe when he took over as manager of Feyenoord.

    I assume money was his motive to go to China.

    I liked his character when he played for us. Solid player and was sorry to see him go.

  5. Topside Northbank


    Met Parry Groves years ago in a pub near Lords cricket ground he had been at Eng v SA test match.

    He sat down with me and a couple of mates not all of us Arsenal fans and had a couple of pints with us,very down to earth some good stories about how he had a love/hate relationship with the Arsenal fans at times.

    Very much an Arsenal man and said how well the club looked after players and how GG was respected by the players who wanted to run through brick walls for him.

    Met Ray Parlour as well again many years ago another no airs or graces great when you meet ex players that never forget where they came from, they are not all like that.

    Lucky enough to meet a lot of ex players in various situations mate won a box with Ladbrokes for the day old Highbury iirc we beat Everton 4-2.

    We met Pat Nevin after who was playing for the toffees after the game chatted to us for a good half hour about football, music ((Smiths fan) touched on politics, everything that a stereotypical footballer in many eye’s isn’t. Top bloke.

  6. Tom

    Two points off Liverpool and three off City after 11 played is nothing short a of amazing achievement and most likely above and beyond what anyone might’ve expected at this stage.
    Fair is fair.
    Can we sustain it?

  7. Gonsterous

    There’s a huge chance that we will lose against pool, but let’s try to keep the score line respectable. Losing by 2 goals should be the max.

    A draw would be massive, so fingers crossed for that. But I won’t go into the game with too much expectation

  8. Pierre

    Under Arteta it was always a youth project, buying players like willian , mari and cedric and giving new contracts to Aubamayang, Elneny and xhaka was just a very clever ploy by our management team to give the impression that we were clueless….and it worked .

    It fooled nearly all of us, including our own players, with the exception of a few very perceptive posters on Le grove , namely Engladbest, AFC forever and Pedro who saw through this cunning plan by Arteta…

    Genius is what i call it, I don’t mind admitting that it fooled me , send all our young players like Guendouzi, Saliba, Willock and AMN on loan and bring in willian, mari and cedric, get the team to play the most boring , uncreative, insipid football imaginable, flirt with relegation and call it a youth project ….have to say it is working like a treat.

    So what happens when xhaka is fit, what happens when tierney is fit, what happens if Ramsdale pays for his mistakes , what happens if Gabriel loses his confidence like last season , what happens if we lose to liverpool, united and Everton away , will Arteta keep with the youth project , has he got the bottle to finish what he started or will he revert back to the tried and tested and failed experienced players.

    I say stick to the youth project whatever happens., sadly i have a feeling that we haven’t quite seen the end of xhaka…

  9. Pedro

    Pierre, my dear… could be a few things:

    1) Could be Dirty Don Raul was booted and the club was allowed to do something smart. Nearly all the dodgy signings, a few of which you admired, happened on his watch.
    2) It could be that some coaches make shocking mistakes and change course
    3) A combo of the above 2

  10. Pedro


    Pierre has lots of good content… but he still can’t handle that maybe his view on Wenger was shocking… and maybe his view on Ozil will age like milk in the sunshine.

    Bar that, mostly good.

  11. Jamie

    Pedro –

    It’s true, a lot of his content is decent when he isn’t talking about/being blinkered by his absolute faves.

    I’d yellow card him though for including you in a list with EB and AFC.

  12. Pedro

    Jamie, i can’t yellow card a man that came here to get yellow carded years ago to prove a point to his mates at Untold… then stayed, because he liked it.

  13. Jamie

    Raul –

    I share some of Pierre’s concerns. We should’ve gone full project youth after (or even during) Emery’s reign.

    Arteta needs to continue being courageous even if the results take a dip at some point. That means leaving Xhaka on the bench and further developing other midfield partnerships.

  14. Pedro

    Jamie, I banned a lot of them, they’d pile up in the moderation section after a loss…. But none of them are around right now.

    Such a shame.

  15. Kroenkephobe

    Decent opening bit from Pierre.

    Agreed. As irony goes, I thought it was comparable with peak Jane Austen.

    But Xhaka shouldn’t be left on the bench… He should be sold if the sad portugeezer can somehow hold on in the eternal city til January. It’d be a miracle from god and I’d be voting to canonise Jose if he splashes out.

  16. Kroenkephobe

    Did you ever consider banning yourself after that doom laden assessment of our chances pre-Villa?

    It was astonishingly negative. In fact it gave me pause for thought that you’d finally (and permanently) had your Artetesian epiphany!

  17. Jamie

    Morning kp –

    Absolutely amazing if Mourinho takes Xhaka. Even for £10m at this point.

    It’s still incredible how many players we have on the books who we don’t use because they either don’t fit the system or aren’t of the required standard, or players we don’t need because their wages don’t even remotely offer value.

    I count at least enough to field an 11:

    ——-Leno (too expensive for a backup)
    Hector — Cedric — Mari — Kola
    –Guen — Torr –Elmo — Xhaka
    —Pepe —one of Laca/Auba


  18. IAT-Robbie


    I didn’t realise you were a card-carrying member of the Arteta Church of Worship. I shall try not to besmirch his holy name so I don’t offend you. I haven’t been on this website for long but I take it you’re the incumbent keyboard warrior around these parts?

    Hopefully the irony of lecturing people about misanthropy and how to be “real fans” wasn’t lost on you when you typed that. I wonder if your ongoing “internet beef” is as much a stress reliever for you as it for the people who are unfortunate enough to actually know you in real life.