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In the world of Arsenal Content Creation there is no darker 2 weeks than the audience blizzard of international break number 3.

Where did all the people go?

Did they stop caring about football?

Did they find another blog?

Why am I crying? What is this anxiety? Why do I want to put all my feelings into a three-word Facebook update that says ‘Feeling real sad😭’ like it was 2011?

Because I need attention and I have no audience.

So what am I doing to get life back on track? Making BANGER podcasts with Perry Groves!

Did he recognize me when he dropped onto the call after we worked together in 2013? Absolutely not. He was here on the Johnny Cochrane connect.

Was he absolutely fascinating, blending contemporary football analysis with his own professional experiences? 100%. You really need to tune in. He was a brilliant guest with superb clarity in his commentary. A top pro.

Considering renaming the site Perry Le Grove in his honour (thanks Twitch).

The England Social Media admin is having fun with Emile Smith Rowe and the numbers every post is doing.

Speaking with James Olley, he revealed that he’s battled with the demons of playing in front of crowds.

I’m always really nervous before the game and not having that pressure of everyone shouting, that helped me a lot. I’m happy with the way things are going.

I’m quite surprised to be honest that it’s worked out this way. I thought I wouldn’t be as confident as I am at the moment. It’s always extra special playing at the Emirates anyway.

I’ve been banging on about Arsenal fans being part of the process this season, there you have it, the difference between making it and not making it can sometimes be how a player thinks they will be received. Not many are born ready to be part of the elite, because the mix is so complicated, so if there’s one thing we can do, it’s make them feel at home at their home. I love that he called it out specifically. What a guy.

The youngster also elaborated on Arteta’s team putting demands on him.

‘They are strict but I didn’t really listen to be honest, I think that’s where I went wrong. But now I’m listening, all the time. “I like Nandos a lot. Maybe that’s killing me a little bit. I’ve tried to cut out chocolate and takeaways as much as I can. I’m always eating from home now.’


The club has booked him a chef that prepares meals for him, which is a sharp move considering the fine margins Arsenal try to manage. Honestly, these young players are primed from 8 years old for 10 years of peak performance. It’s great when they go all out, accept boring, and make their careers bang.

Hopefully, he can taste some minutes this week, he’s been a superstar since Boxing Day last year, he’s going right to the top.

Vlahovic stories in the media suggest he won’t pick up the phone to Arsenal. Seems a very weird thing for any player rocking out at Fiorentina. The real story appears to be that Juve want him, likely don’t have any cash, so Arsenal are once again the supposed second choice option. I’m not sure Arsenal are banter when it comes to transfer deals in 2020. If we wanted a player, we’d probably not waste our time on agents that don’t pick up the phone. Put that story in the bin.

How is it going for Locatelli under the Allegri this season? 8th in the league you say? 14 points off the joint top leaders? Ouch.

Not as ouch as Aaron Ramsey getting ousted by the Old Lady. They want to chop up his deal in January. That move really hasn’t worked for him bar the cash money he’s been making. Think Juve are going to find out why we didn’t want to give him a long-term deal and where the power sits when you are trying to exit players like that (unless they are named Willian).

LOOK at my man DCL riling the real men of the internet like peak Harry Styles.

Oh to be young, rich, good looking, supremely talented, and confident enough to just roll however the fuck you want. Good for him. If you have the platform push fashion, culture, art, music, gender whatever you want… do it, because life is short, make it count while you count.

I’m gonna be honest. I’d wear that clobber tomorrow if it’d get me my audience back, better than going on Facebook again.

Mikel Arteta has been juicing his PR game HARD again. He had this to say on Wenger.

‘I would like him to be more present at the club. I think the players will love him, they will benefit, they will be inspired to have him around. I think for the club it would be a huge boost.’

Most of the people that moved him on are now out of the club. It’s a different vibe down there. I’m sure there’s a Fergie like role for him. I guess the problem is he is a King and it’s hard for one that has forcibly abdicated the thrown to ever truly believe it has been relinquished. Still, it’s a nice gesture from Arteta who has shown bundles of class over the past 4 months in particular.

The reviews for his new film seem favourable compared to the book. I’ll certainly be tuning in for a journey down memory lane. I’m glad he’s taking in a bit of glory. It’s clear he’s still very burned about the choices he made and how things ended up. I’d much prefer it if his appearances were about the things we cared about: Winning things. Going unbeaten. Having the sharpest talent ID in world football for 14 years. Developing spectacular names. No one needs to rehash the decline.

Right, on that note, take a watch / listen of one of my fave podcasts to date.

Johnny and me discuss the following with Perry Groves:

  • Building out a new culture. Perry was GGs first signing. Part of a new breed of characters. Hear what George was looking for.
  • Matteo G. Lots of people still whine about his exit, hear from a pro why he’s likely not at Arsenal
  • The new 4-4-2. We talk about how Arteta found a system that works for young and old.
  • The new signings. We get into what the new signings have brought to the club.
  • We also talk about sportsmanship and that Watford incident.

A terrific listen. 5* rank it if you love it. Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you like the videos.



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  1. Graham62


    You are correct.

    For all of Wenger’s great achievements, he cost us “ten years of advancement”

    Those that don’t see that are blind to his earlier achievements.

    Winning 3 FA Cups, although nice, didn’t do it for me.

  2. Graham62


    The feeling I had during Wenger’s final years was one of zero hope.
    With him at the helm, we had no chance of progression and because he had been at the club so long, it was the definition of torture.
    Most Arsenal fans felt exactly the same.
    It was the minority who kept him at the club.

  3. Tony

    Morning all
    It would seem Bolagun is unhappy and may have to leave to get first team football after a loan for which it’s reported, there are many suitors.

    Along with many here I’ve been vocal of Arteta’s misuse and poor treatment of our Hale Enders and youth acquisitions.

    Pierre and I plus a plethora of others online were left with incredulous belief that the likes of Azees, Bolagun, Martinelli (when fit) and perhaps cameos for Patino and a few others who didn’t get time last season. With no blooding done of our potential future stars bar Eddie, Arteta doesn’t trust them this season. Playing last them season would have increased their values at the very least.

    It’s poor management whatever way you look at it and sending the wrong signals to our hopefuls who have put in the years just for a chance to play on the biggest UK stage. The platform to be seen by other clubs if we feel they won’t rise to the acceptable level, which should start on high and top with elite potential.

    Thinking this way it’s not surprising our talented youth with time served in the academy should look to their best route to PL first team football. If for no other reason than ‘Prime/Peak’ years in football are becoming younger, if we take ESR, Saka, White, Gabs and Foden as examples where certainly Ramsdale as keepers hit their peak around 30+.

    Had we played the above HE players last season we would have a far better idea what they could cope with this season. As with many situations, it was a missed opportunity.

    So now and rightly so, Bolagun is reported to be too good for the under 23s and not quite good enough for the PL to replace the misfiring Auba who doesn’t have the ball retaining skills of the young pretender.

    I hope we don’t lose this kid or Eddie as he has more to offer we haven’t had the chance to see.

    I can see where this is going with Arteta and Edu. They are trying to walk the fine line of buying young – around 22 – with more experience in lower level leagues around Europe hoping that they fit in quickly adapting to the pace of the PL, busting the net from their early games played. It’s a big ask where the Chav’s big young stars took a season plus to adapt nothing is guaranteed.

    By doing this Arteta and Edu will sharply decrease the first team routes of the likes of Bolagun and Eddie as well as Martinelli who has been very oddly limited to the odd few minutes of late.

    We have 3 very talented strikers all with pace and after burners needed where the only reason Foden is ahead of them, is playing time under Pep. As an example of the opposite, Martinelli was terrifying defenders with his pace and strength scoring regular goals under Emery. A rough diamond in need of polishing.

    Enter Arteta into the managerial arena and Martinelli picked up a nasty injury in training and then was on the bottom wrung of the ladder since being fit again for selection, to be taught an unnecessary lesson.

    I’m not blaming Arteta for the injury, but at the time Martinelli came back when Arteta was in ‘trust old experience’ mode.

    Whilst there looks to be a plan now for the team since the last few games, I’d like to see a plan for Hale Enders to stake their claim as Saka and ESR are who were blooded by Emery, no less.

    If our management is transparent with our cream of the Hale End bunch, this will give others PL time hope for those lower on the PL totem pole, in the future.

    Guess we have to wait this for one out to unfold, but I would hate to lose any of the three young pretenders who deserve their time to shine over regular minutes replacing either Auba or Laca around 55 minutes in each game.

    God forbid we should try Eddie, Bolagun and Martinelli in the same team with Saka, Party, Ode/new MF addition and ESR feeding. No doubt Arteta will stumble into that when injuries and African cup forces him to and another revelation point in his career where a collective Gooners will let baited brach out thanking the footballing gods for the reasons to play our kids.

    Arteta may be getting results, but there are other major areas to be put right where the right handling of our youth potentials, in a way that matches their skills and ambitions to our needs.

    Clean that act up and I’d be more inclined to the forgiveness route for Arteta that could equally go the other way if he doesn’t.

    Have a good weekend Grovers.