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Spurs, the ultimate banter club are ruffling a few feathers this morning because they’re firing Nuno… which is amusing, if not a little sad… and likely hiring Antonio Conte, which is hard to pin down to a true opinion or set of expectations.

On the sad hand, you have one of the biggest winners in the game rolling up to our biggest rivals. He oozes eliteness. Even his wig is the best wig I’ve ever seen. He usually picks up trophies wherever he goes. He has a very simple approach that usually ends up delivering something. He picked up a Jose mess and turned it into a league win in year one with record points.

On the ‘maybe this isn’t quite it’ hand, you have some very difficult issues that rock star-ness would struggle with. Firstly, he’s a cheque-book manager. There’s a certain profile of squad he needs to do bits with. When he went to Chelsea, he had a great squad that had won things within distant memory. The culture at Chelsea was set. He just revved it up, gave it more rigour, and rolled with a formation no one could handle. It did go to shit though. His first season was unblemished, his second season saw him gain access to transfers, which he botched, he then went on to finish 5th… then he was sacked for falling out with everyone. He’s also a rock star. Rock stars bring the entourage. It cost Chelsea an extra £26m to bin all his staff.

Just on some of his transfers when he’s unleashed.

  • Morata
  • Bakayoko
  • Drinkwater
  • Batshuayi


Usually, you map a manager to a profile of squad. Chelsea play a certain way, always have done (back then), so he fit the bill. What do Spurs have that works for him? Harry Kane, who wants out. A hodgepodge of middling players. I mean, it’s going to be really hard for him. Daniel Levy doesn’t like to spend money, that will cause friction, unless the plan is to sell Kane in January.

It’ll be interesting. I’m not sure how to think about it. This all feels a bit like PSG’s or United’s transfer window. Great on paper, but with a more mature eye on it, you are asking for a lot to go right with a character that is very, very volatile. Force of personality only goes so far in a league with a lot of money and a lot of elite managers and coaches.

With the best will in the world: Conte is a short term strategy. He doesn’t hang around. I honestly thing I’d have been more concerned about the direction of Spurs if they’d gone with someone like Ten Haag or Graham Potter and invested in a longer-term vision. Remember, this is the second time in 3 years we’ve all been worried about a manager that plays tough football with a winning vision can do at Spurs.

So we’ll see.

Newcastle are also chasing down Unai Emery for their vacancy. Quite a nice role for him. Moving a team from 19th to anywhere higher is going to be a win there. I suspect he’ll get a better Sporting Director to work with and he’ll be funded to buy the players he wants. His job would be to make Newcastle hard to play against. If he can implement what he does in Spain, he’ll be in good shape, so we’ll see there.

However you look at it, the Premier League is getting better outside the top 4 clubs.

So what about Arsenal?

Well, we have a different approach to getting back to the top. We’re rolling with Project Premium Youth. So far, it’s looking like that reengineering of our vision this summer could be a sharp move. It should have happened a year prior, but there you go.

We’re 3 points off top 4 in November. If you’d told anyone that at the start of the season, before the 3 losses, they’d have bitten your arm off for that sort of progress.

It’s important, when we’re on a bit of a run, to temper expectations.

This squad is still very young. It is threadbare to a certain extent, one or two injuries and we’re in trouble. This sort of form will not last.

When I read people say ‘NOW ARTETA HAS TO DO THIS EVERY WEEK’ it kind of makes me laugh, like the only way people can tolerate this operation is if we win every week.

This is the time to accept that things are going to dip again. This is the time to understand that young players have to learn to deal with adversity. This is the time to remember that the support we give to the players in the downtimes is more important than the support we give when we’re doing well.

Elite level sport is about confidence. When you are winning, everyone wants to be your mate. When things go to shit, you need people to dig you out of it. That’s why the fans in the stadium have been so good this season.  Their support, it would seem, has been unconditional. Which is a testament to the performances and the scouting… and also the maturity of the people watching. They feel something special is brewing because we’ve been here before with young players with big personalities.

We have to deal with Watford this week, which will be tough for many reasons… but mostly the concern of complacency that can come with a run.

Post-break, we’re going to be in a fight. Liverpool right after the International break is going to be beastly. They are an awesome outfit. What we have learned this season is if you show them no respect, you can rattle them. Brighton could have won at the weekend. How do you deal with Liverpool? Play through their press, make them ask questions of themselves, play with confidence. Reads well on paper, but let’s be real, we have shown far too much respect to City and Liverpool the last two seasons. It’s time to have a crack at them.

If we go there with our best team, we’ll hopefully put up more of a fight than we did against City and Chelsea earlier in the season. Everyone will have to be on their game in that run out.

Right, short post today, jump on the video or the podcast and have a damn fine hour or so listening to a joyful chat between Gooners.



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  1. Graham62


    Kane is not worth half of what MC were prepared to offer.

    So what’s that, £65m?( if that).

    Wouldn’t it be great for someone at Spuds to have the balls to tell Daniel he’s just chucked £65m down the drain.

    Maybe Nuno told him.

  2. LoveSausage

    Whoever buys Kane will be aware that the player has zero resale value. That limits the number of potential buyers. I can see why City wanted him. Pep lives his false 9s and Kane has no problems dropping into MF positions. But he’s regressed physically this season so not sure Pep would be as eager. Just look at what happened to Aguero as soon as he started picking up injuries and slowing down.

  3. China1

    On the podcast I admire Johnny’s enthusiasm in turning so positive but I feel I’ve just been stung so many times it’s hard to feel genuinely hopeful

    I think since the first 3 games we’ve basically done everything right. Happy with the the overall tactics, signings, results are good, performances too.

    But I’m very wary of false dawns. Full credit to arteta for the turnaround but I can’t say I’m 100% convinced it will last. But there’s currently nothing we’re doing wrong or that I would seriously want to change. Just hoping it continues properly and it’s a false dawn like the FA cup win that looked so positive but was followed by terrible disappointment

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Kane isn’t done physically. He just doesn’t want to be at spurs anymore. It was just last season that he topped both the goalscoring and assists chart. He has lost motivation. Levy should have sold. They made a mistake just as we made on Sanchez. Levy was stupid in not taking that money. They could have done damage with that instead of an uninterested Kane.

    On kane though, I don’t think you can switch your form on and off. He has switched off mentally and it will be difficult for him to get his form back. But I don’t think it is a physical issue. I bet if he turned up at city in January, you would see him scoring a hatful.

    No one is going to offer 150 mil for him now though. I think spurs should sell him fast. They will get up to 90 mil if they do sell him. Anyway I don’t like conte has gone to spurs. But it is still a lot of hard work to get them to be competitive.

  5. Major_Jeneral

    I am not concerned about Conte. If he recruits well in the summer, they will do well. But it will eventually end in tears. 18 to 36 months or less just as AFC Forever said.

  6. China1

    How much money will Spurs have for Conte?

    Their squad is not that good. If Kane goes I think Son will too within a season. They’re the only two I’ve ever worried about in that team anyway. Even if you got 140m for the pair of them you’d have to reinvest all of that really well to both replace those two and improve the rest of the team which is already pretty average

  7. The Bard

    Conte is a modern day Mourinho. He’s a winner but he is seriously disruptive. He may well take the Spuds to a better place in the short run but he will fall out with Levy sooner rather than later and then leave with a pay off and club full of players on big wages.

  8. Sly

    Conte to spurs is a short term fix for a long term problem
    He will deliver some results but I don’t think they’ll make top 4
    It does show spurs limited vision. They want to be competitive but have opted for the ‘heavy spending’ route and don’t have the resources to do it
    This move also speaks to desperation on conte’s part

    It also puts into context the “ no big coach will come to arsenal” argument
    I always maintained that was a false narrative
    I retain significant reservations about Arteta as a coach and what he can offer us long term, hopefully he can keep serving that pie at least till the end of the season and prove his doubters wrong
    Our youth project is the way to go and personally I think all the players have huge potential including odegaard
    KSE has to be given huge credit for instigating this vision with the club

  9. China1

    Apparently it’s only an 18 month deal. So unless he gets a new deal in the summer he should have enough to see out the contract

  10. andy1886

    I’d imagine that Conte’s brief will be the same as Arteta’s – get the club back into Europe this season and move on from there (by Europe I mean the two major competitions). Organisation and motivation should be enough to put them around the top 7 but don’t be surprised if Levy spends in January either. It wouldn’t make any sense to get a big name coach and then not invest.

  11. Terraloon

    There is no doubt that Conte is a wham ban delver, create havoc, have a strop and leave after 2 years at most.
    His tenure at Chelsea was without doubt highly successful but he basically inherited a squad that just 12 months prior had been crowned champions under JM.
    That Chelsea squad was full of quality and not just the starting 11 they were players like Luiz like Willian ( then in their prime,) Pedro, Hazard, Costa Fabregras and Kante
    Players like Cahill, like Alonso, like Batshyi, like Fabregras , like Costa all scored 5 or more goals add to that they had just signed Kante bear in mind also it was Conte that. sanctioned the selling by Chelsea of Salah
    When he ships up at Spurs he will see a lot of average players who by and large rely on Kane and Son to score their goals
    There is no doubt that Conte will have make several of their players better players but that was also the claim that heralded their signing of Jose
    He will get a player or two in the winter window but this isn’t the same project as he undertook at Chelsea this is a project that is being undertaken at a club that hasn’t serial winners amongst their players and add to that a group who in the matter of weeks have seen the back of two managers.

  12. Habesha Gooner

    I really think people are under estimating spurs’s squad. There are a lot of inconsistent players but some of them are good players. Kane, Son, Moura, Gil, Hoijberg, Romero, Lloris, Reguilon, Locelso, Emerson and Sanchez all are good players.

    They have a decent group of players to make a starting line up. That is why I am worried. Some of spurs’s players have shit attitude. So he will discard them. But players that are willing to do the hard yards always improve under Conte. His inter side had a lot of average hard working players. He used those players and his star strikers to get the best out of them and won a title with them.

    I am not saying they will be in the top 4. But they are contenders for Europa league now just because they have Conte. Under Nuno spurs were going to be shit all season. I was sure Westham and Leicester were the only ones to kick us out of anything below a 6th place finish. But now there are three teams capable of that.

    But if we play to the standards of the last few games, we don’t have to worry about Conte. That is what Arteta must prove this season. The flashes of the football we have seen needs to become our identity. If we do that, then Europe will be ours.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    People comparing Mourinho of now to Conte of now are clueless. Mourinho is done at the top level. Conte still has that fire. Conte made David Luiz, a player that has fucked up so many times with us, the center piece to his title win at Chelsea. Anyone can see how he made Lukaku a top striker. Lautaro Martinez, Nico Barella, Brozovic all were good players but they were class under him. He is that good with players that work hard. What he doesn’t tolerate is slackers.

  14. Paolo

    For me no Xhaka & Pepe has been key to our up turn in form. They slow everything down.

    Hope they both go in January.

  15. Terraloon


    Think your vastly underestimating the players that made the likes of Luiz a better player. Alongside him he had Cahill and Azpilueta both excellent defenders who had the world class Kante offering cover in front

    There is no doubt Spurs have some decent players but Conte has a mountain to climb to get their current group to challenge top 4 and even if he gets say £150 million to buy players that sort of sum will bring in two maybe three top class players but even then I just can’t see them up there

  16. Gonsterous

    newcastle making the right choice with emery. Great coach and manager, but like his time at arsenal, he may have a language problem.

    If you are a club wanting to get the EL blueprint, cant go more wrong than emery

    He was an auba penalty miss away from top 4 in his first season and took us a step further than wenger did when he got us into the EL final

  17. AFC Forever


    “Conte to spurs is a short-term fix for a long-term problem He will deliver some results but I don’t think they’ll make top 4. It does show spurs limited vision.”


    Spurs are crippled with the idea that hiring and firing is a good business model for success. It isn’t. Of course, where you have a squad filled with top-quality players with unlimited funds available for tweaks, hiring and firing has a more realistic chance of sowing rewards. But not if you have a long-term rebuilding job on a limited budget. There is no club more deluded about what they are, it has always been the loser’s Achilles heel. They’ve gone 30 years since an FA Cup and 60 years for a league title FFS. Sometimes the penny has to drop.

    Spurs are a classic case where a Chairman/owner behaves like a fantasy football fan. Doesn’t have a clue but thinks he does. Amatuer hour. The fact they have given Conte an 18-month contract says everything about this arrangement. It’s desperation because they don’t understand the process of team building. This has always been a deluded club, they think they are levels above what they really are.

    The constant changing of tactics as managers come and go makes it difficult to get continuity and consistency. It confuses players and means time on the training field has been wasted because you’re back to the drawing board, learning new things. You have to build rhythm again and ignore what you have been doing the last 18 months or so.

    Pochetino should have been backed. The players knew the style of play and what was expected of them. Sure they had blips, every team has drops in form, the Premier League is brutal. Adding players would have been sensible but Levy, like many fans, believed the hype that was Mourinho and thought an experienced manager with a history of winning trophies, guaranteed success.

    Football has never been about picking eleven players and pinning a team sheet to the wall. Yes, that’s what happens in Sunday league football but not in reality. Spuds have waited 60 years and 30 years respectively, for a proper trophy – and that won’t be ending any time soon. They need to stop believing they are elite because they aren’t anywhere near it. We’ve bossed them forever; seriously without Arsenal North London would be a barren wasteland, littered with broken promises, yet they talk as though the opposite was true. Delusion has always held them back.

  18. AFC Forever


    “brilliant post AFC”

    Cheers. Levy probably thinks Delusion is a Brazilian International; he’s that clueless.

  19. Habesha Gooner

    I think Coaching is fundamental in any team. Luiz, Cahill and Azpilcueta are part of the team that finished 10th prior to that. A great coach can make even average players hit a consistent reliable run of form. That is what Conte is all about.

    I am not saying they will finish Top 4. But they are contenders for a Europa league position now that they have him for this season. I don’t know what is going to happen after that. If he has funds, Conte is a dangerous Coach. People think he spent his way to the Serie A, the first title in 10 years for Inter, when he in fact spent just about under 150 mil net. That is not a massive investment over three years. That means he was getting the most out of his players. If he stays there for longer than two seasons, then it is not good news for us. He might not get them to be regular Top 4 material but they sure will be a competiton for us. What I am hoping for is Conte being denied what he asks for and then throwing a tantrum and falling out with Levy.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Before we start losing our heads over the Conte appointment down the road from us… consider this.

    They had a young dynamic manager in Pochettino who took them to the CL Final whom they binned in favour of Mourinho. Then they binned him for Nuno.

    They had a chance to cash in on Harry Kane for £100m plus but Levy for reasons known only to himself bottled it.

    Plus even when they do sell one of their players for a premium they have spent the money badly. They sold Bale for £80m plus to Real Madrid – what did that get them? Any titles?

    Yes, along with Conte they have brought in his Paraci who is a competent operator but above them lies Levy. He might pay lip service to giving Conte control but old habits die hard, this will not end well.

    Spurs might make a lot of noise but at heart, they are a little minded outfit pretending that they are more important than they really are.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting that Conte is signing such a short term contract [18 months].

    Spurs may feel that Conte is high risk and they can no longer afford to compensate yet another manager after three expensive payouts to Pochettino, Mourinho and Nuno.

    Conte may have decided that there are few decent jobs available at the present time and he has decided to take the best option at the moment.

    In eighteen months down the line there may be a lot more jobs available than now eg
    Real Madrid, Barcelona , PSG, Man City, Chelsea and perhaps Newcastle if they have sorted
    out their mess.

    Frankly this smacks of short termism on both sides and is diametrically different to how most major clubs in EPL are recruiting their team manager.

  22. AFC Forever


    “Spurs might make a lot of noise but at heart, they are a little minded outfit pretending that they are more important than they really are.”

    I think you nailed it. Perfect description of the losers. Be good to stop talking about them now, it’s almost getting into stalking territory…..!!!

  23. Graham62

    I genuinely think Spuds are up shit creek no matter what Conte brings to the table.

    Also, why would Emery want to leave Villarreal for Newcastle?

    Oh that’s right…………..MONEY!!

    Silly me.

  24. AFC Forever


    The 18 month contract says everything. This is desperation from Levy and it is clearly on Conte’s terms. He will bail out first proper offer that comes his way, probably Man Utd. 18 months is no time to rebuild.

  25. AFC Forever


    “Oh that’s right…………..MONEY!! Silly me”.

    Footballs turning into a joke.

    By the way, that HALF BILLION QUID in bribes FIFA generated was quite something. The way they operated the buying and selling of the World Cup was organised crime. Just think how much good that money could have done to grassroots football around the world.

    Platini lost his reputation when he lost his bottle. When the President of France gets on the blower and tells you Qatar have offered to spend multiple billions of euros on Rafale fighters and Airbus planes, in exchange for switching votes from the USA to Qatar, what’s he to do? Qatar also awarded a French rail consortium, comprised of RATP and SNCF, the contract to build and operate the metro system in the Qatari capital of Doha; so it really was too good to turn down. They also promised to rescue PSG from debt, which Platini liked the sound of.

    Meanwhile, 30 stone Chuck Blazer and the rest, were getting serviced by the best looking young ladies and wined and dined in the best hotels and restaurants, in exchange for the Qatari cash.

    Even Blatter was surprised and disappointed Qatar got the gig because he was rubbing his hands dreaming about the cash he could pocket based on his cut of what the more lucrative tournament in America would generate. Even Bin Hamman, the Qatari head of the bid process said Qatar was not the right venue!! They had to create a new city to accommodate the stadiums they had to build. Meanwhile, construction workers out number the Qatar population by 4 to 1, and those workers have signed contracts that has made them slaves. They have to work where and when demanded, without the protective wear H&S would insist on here.

    Truly mind blowing.

  26. Tom

    Got to admire AFC forever superfan for almost singlehanded keeping the Conte to Spurs convo going for two days straight, then perhaps realizing this was borderline stalking behavior territory, but nonetheless making another Conte to Spurs comment.

  27. AFC Forever


    “Got to admire AFC forever superfan”

    Thank you.

    It’s always nice to be admired Tom/Jamie or whatever name you’re using today.

  28. IAT-Robbie

    Antonio Conte at Inter Milan (23.9 months):

    Transfer expenditure – £270 million
    Players purchased with fees – 19
    Fee per player – £14.2 million.

    Mikel Arteta at Arsenal (22.4 months):

    Transfer expenditure – £232.8 million
    Players purchased with fees – 11
    Fee per player – £21.1 million

    Yet Conte is the “cheque-book” manager. Some of the narratives some in our fanbase peddle have proven to be far off the mark in recent seasons. That is exactly why I think Conte will most likely turn things around at Sp*rs and finish above (an Arteta-led) Arsenal come the end of the season…As much I would like it not to happen.

  29. Graham62


    We I worked in Qatar for seven years and was once offered a Rolex watch by one of the local dignitaries to become a member of our hotel’s sports and leisure facilities.I turned it down.

    I was also offered a new car.
    I also turned that down.

    My conscience is clear.

    I now live in a caravan and drive a clapped out Ford Fiesta!👍

  30. Dissenter

    “The figures bandied about on the “ pants shitters “ favourite Conte.Hardly reflect on the absolute mess Arteta was left with.But that’s going over old ground that has been done to death.But just thought I’d put that straight for the record.

    I’ve recently tried to avoid getting stuck in the interminable nonsense that gets thrown around here but what in the world does “absolute mess Arteta was left with” mean?

    What “absolute mess” is this?
    He inherited a squad that missed out of 3rd/4th place narrowly and got the the EL league final?

    Can we dispense with the BS and resume contact with reality.

    ‘positivity” should equate to just plain lying

  31. Ernest Reed

    “Spurs are a classic case where a Chairman/owner behaves like a fantasy football fan. Doesn’t have a clue but thinks he does. Amatuer hour.”

    Totally agree AFC, look at what Levy did with the massive return from the Bale to Madrid transfer? Nothing memorable whatsoever. There is zero guarantee that selling Kane or others will produce a windfall return of investment either. Levy has better success at developing talent through their system than going out and spending good money on poor performers. In truth, he’s horrible in this particular area.

    Bringing in Conte is a saving face opportunity for Levy and little else. This one will turn ugly sooner rather than later, count on it because this much everyone knows, Conte is never contented and Levy is never contented and that just smacks of a disaster in the waiting.

  32. IAT-Robbie

    Conte (quite unfairly) has been given this “cheque-book” tag only because of his stint at Chelsea. He has managed under tighter budgets at Bari,Siena and Juventus before. Also weird to see him being typecasted as a poor squad-builder just because of the Chelsea flops.

    But as we’ve seen with Pepe + Emery, VdB + OGS, signings can be forced through against a coach’s wishes (I suspect Grealish is a similar type of signing). It shows on the pitch when said players don’t get any gametime.

    Batshuayi (16/17) – 20 League matches played, 1 start. 254 league minutes total
    Drinkwater (17/18) – 12 League matches played, 5 starts. 527 minutes total
    Bakayoko (17/18) – 29 League matches played, 24 starts, 2126 minutes total.
    Morata (17/18) – 31 League matches played, 24 starts. 2061 minutes total.

    Judging by their game-time, I’d say Conte wanted 2/4 of those players.
    Conte’s squad overhauls have achieved success at Juve & Inter. Juve continued to achieve domestic success with the key players he introduced long after he was gone.

  33. Tom

    AFC ,
    same name and moniker as always because I’m a grownup, but just to be clear, if I’m getting the message you’ve been trying to get across in your 20 or so Conte to Spurs comments……….
    Spurs are a talentless bunch of losers and Conte is a modern day Mourinho who’s gonna blow up their wage structure while failing to move the needle, and will skip town having soiled his winning reputation forever……….is that about right?

  34. Graham62

    Why the interest in Conte?

    I’m telling you now, Spuds are in deep shite.

    Mary Poppins could have turned up and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

  35. Zacharse

    Imagine being a fan of a club that has had mourinho nuno and then conte consecutively.

    Personally id quit being a fan

  36. AFC Forever


    “I don’t really live in a caravan”

    I love the way you felt the need to clarify that!

    When the kids were young I remember staying in this caravan on a holiday camp (now that’s a laugh) and realising there really was a place called hell on earth. When the rain fell, it was like being inside a tin can and someone spraying you with ballbearings. The bedroom had holes in the floor, apparently for airflow, and it was so cold we had ice on the inside of the windows. No amount of cloths on the bed could warm us.

    Taking a shower was a challenge. The shower curtain would behave like it was trying to give you one, as you span round feeling like you had been thrown into a car wash.

    We left three days early and even now I can remember that nightmare like it was yesterday.

    Nobody in their right mind would live in one of those.

  37. Dissenter

    Conte is a checkbook manager, he’s never been afraid to define himselkf on those terms
    All the jobs he’s walked away from, it because they refused to fund transfers at the pace he wanted.

    When he resigned from Juventus in 2014, it’s because they were in the process of a savings budget.

    At the time he made that famou statement that lives on till today; ““You can’t go to a restaurant for 100 euros if you only have 10 euros in your pocket, can you?”

    He stormed away from Chelsea because they didn’t want to commit to the spending he expected. Abramovich was caught up in the spat between his mote country and the UK at the time.

    We all know why he left Inter.

    Conte is unabashedly, a proper checkbook manager. He’s undoubtedly world class but this won’t end well because Levi won’t spend the type of money he’s going to ask for.

  38. AFC Forever

    Tom, interesting you have taken offence to my very anti-Spurs comments but not surprising.. The fact you were promoting Dyche for Arsenal tells everyone what you aren’t.

  39. englandsbest

    As I recall it was the players – not Levy – who got rid of Pochettino. They were exhausted by the rigour of his training programme. The guy – reputedly – had them walk over hot coals. He certainly got the best out of them while he was there. They came mighty close to breaking their longstanding duck with trophies and titles.

    Conte – if he becomes manager – will have the same task that Arteta had at Arsenal,: how to invigorate a dejected assortment, the best of them not wanting to be there. Arteta went long-term but it seems Conte doesn’t have – or doesn’t want – that option. Which means a quick – and maybe expensive – fix.

    Again that runs counter to Levy’s nature – he has always gone long-term, ultra patient, the slow build. Is there a buyer, at a price dependent on league position come end of season?

  40. englandsbest

    Graham 62

    You should ask your kids what THEY remember about that caravan holiday. I bet they say they loved every minute. At any rate, that’s the way I remember the caravan holiday I had aged ten. And yes, it rained, and we left a day early.

  41. TheLegendaryDB10

    Went bonkers today, like any Gooner would, and decided that I would buy a ticket to the Watford game after all as I booked this Monday off (had annual leave left).

    Spent most of the day refreshing the online Arsenal ticket store until I finally got lucky later this evening. Got a lower tier tix in row 8 in West Stand.

    I am going to have be sitting down (I prefer standing which is why I like going to the North Bank) but I’ll be singing as much as I can.

    Looking forward to another game where we have a good chance to win and put another 3 points on the board.

    Just like Midwest said earlier, we stick to our 442 formation and keep that front foot attitude that we have had lately and we can beat them.