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I thought I’d take the later post today, see how things pan out, then get into the mixer on the Leicester game.

So overall, we teed up another, THIS IS THE DEFINING moment for the club. The reason Leicester was so important was quite simple, they are a really good side and they will be in the mix for top 4 at the end of the season. We were also dealing with an away game, an area of inconsistency for sure.

Well, we certainly picked up where we left off against Aston Villa. We started with outrageous ferocity, we nearly scored after 2 minutes with Saka weaving his way into the box. For the next 27 minutes or so, we ripped Leicester apart. They had no answer to our pressing, they couldn’t deal with Lacazette, their midfield argued with each other about being overrun, and we actually made the pressure count… twice.

Our first goal came from another corner. Saka on his 100th appearance swung a ball in at the front post, Gabriel bullied his way there and glanced a beauty of a header past Kasper. A great start and another example of the good work Nic Jover is doing with the set-plays this season. He seems to be channelling a bit of that 90s George Graham energy at our corners. He’s also taking advantage of the fact most of our corners for 10 years haven’t made it past the front post… now that’s an asset.

You have to note that this happened on minute 5. We are early starters now, something we were not last season. This is how Klopp transformed Liverpool in the early days. He also had fitness challenges. Unai Emery let his side tire themselves out in the Europa Final, then pulled them apart after 60 minutes. Plenty to work on, but I love that we come out the traps.

Saka was in the mixer for the second goal, his run into the box found Lacazette, who was tackled, but the spillover ball fell to ESR who stroked his shot past Kasper. Our young superstar #10 has 2 goals and 3 assists in 10 Premier League appearances. Kind of special as Mesut Ozil is out of the Fenerbache squad for an away game they lost with no injury. Has anyone tweeted him to Trust the Process?

The opening 27 minutes was beastly. It was an absolute scene to look at. The only thing missing was another two goals. When this project is further down the line, we’re doing what City did to Brighton last week. You give them no way back, so when the energy levels drop, you’ve already broken the opposition.

The next phase of the game was equally impressive. Johnny said on the podcast that this game was important because you knew we’d been in a fight. I agree. Matt also said during the match that this moment was about character. Did we have the right mentality to deal with the waves of Leicester attacks?

We did. It wasn’t always pretty, but there was a standout defensive performance from the team as a unit, and there were some outrageous individual performances as well.

Aaron Ramsdale really was the star of the show. He is, without doubt, playing to world-class levels in this moment. You can’t argue it. There isn’t a weakness in his game right now. He has found a spectacular level in a short space of time and he’s answering all the questions we had about him emphatically. The big moment was the freekick. Facing into the sun, he somehow managed to scoop out an inch-perfect kick and put it on the bar. Peter Schmeichel said it was one of the best saves he’d seen with his own son on the pitch. There was more to his game than that, his passing was exceptional at times, his command of the box was dominant. He’s even revving up rival fans by finishing their chants for them. It also didn’t go unnoticed that he told Ben White to get the physio out to waste time. You LOVE to see it.

If there were one slight piece of feedback, it would be that his choice of kicking when we’re tired put us under more pressure. Arsenal still has work to do on controlling the game when we don’t have the ball. At the moment, he goes into long ball mode and we don’t really have an outlet to deal with that. This might be part of the strategy, but I don’t think so, because it invites waves of attacks and gives the opposition and their fans the upper hand.

Gabriel was absolutely elite again. He is the rock in the heart of that defence. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a genuinely imposing centre back. Gabriel is raw athlete. He towers over strikers. He’s strong, he’s fast, and his danger awareness has kicked up a level. You want his name on that team sheet, he offers so much assurance from set plays and now… from our very own attacking set plays.

I thought Ben White did a really good job dealing with Jamie Vardy. He used his speed to great effect and snuffed out a lot of early danger. Our full-backs also put in a very good shift. Tomi’s adaptation at 21 has been something special, especially when you watch Emerson Royal over at Spurs dropping 5/10s. Tavares has also been a revelation. His directness going forward has always been a known quantity, but not so much his defending, which has been really, really solid. Arteta went out of his way to credit Edu with that signing, a show that things are good behind the scenes now everything is working.

Back to the game. We had a rough middle part, but the subs that came on changed our style a bit. Odegaard created two chances. Auba was bundled over and Evans should have been sent off. Towards the end of the game, you felt Leicester were spent. We went home with the 3 points and moved up to 5th in the table.

So where are we in the season now?

We’re one of the form sides in Europe now. Spanish papers are writing about the turnaround. Pep was paying attention last week when he said Arsenal are improving one game at a time.

The early season problems can now be seen with mitigating circumstances in mind. Playing Brentford with a covid outbreak is always going to be rough, they put 3 past Liverpool with no injuries. Playing City with a (now) entirely back-up defence was always going to be hard, especially down to 10 men. Chelsea was the same. We’ve even seen this weekend that Palace and Brighton are decent after they took points from Liverpool and City.

It’s time to move away from #ArtetaOut after every result. Everything fans wanted to be addressed has nearly been addressed.

His talent ID along with Edu now looks elite. You can’t knock the signings. They’ve all banged. Outside Runarsson and Willian last summer, hard to not look at Gabriel and Partey as bangers as well.

The football, with ‘his’ players, can hit a level we’ve not seen in a very long time. Spurs, Villa, and Spurs all shone a light on where we’re going as a team over the next two years. No more donut football. There’s movement, speed, range and intensity.

We’re not just copying Manchester City. There’s something different brewing. We’re like a counter-attack specialist team. As a Gooner pal said, this side feels more George Graham than Arsene Wenger. The foundations have been built on an elite defensive system in which the whole team has to be participants… I think that’s quite exciting considering where we were under Emery at one point: Ranked 1st for errors leading to shots. 1st for errors leading to goals. 1st for penalties conceded. 4th for shots faced. 10th for goals conceded. We don’t have days where a Watford like side could pepper our goal with 32 shots. We are hard to play against.

The squad that he’s built and the football that they are producing has the fans on another level. People are bought into the project. Away fans are making loads of noise. Home fans are making loads of noise. Why? Because something special is brewing at Arsenal and we can feel it.

Say it quietly, but you can now say that maybe, just maybe… the table since Christmas a lot of people cried about might have been more predictive of where the squad was going than we gave it credit for. Why? Because we’re actually now sitting in 6th on that same points as the team in 4th (West Ham). We’re 3 points off Manchester City in 3rd and 5 off Liverpool in 2nd. I don’t have to splice a table to tell you that is impressive. I’m sure we won’t be there at the end of the season, but I suspect if we have a good December we’ll be closer to 4th than we thought we’d be after the first 3 games where people were saying we’d finish 8th this season.

There’s still a long, long way to go this season. There are going to be ups and down. The players are going to drop disaster performances along the way. We’ll win some we shouldn’t. We’ll lose some we should win. But it’s time to move away from catastrophising every result because we finally have clarity where the club is heading.

Let’s also laugh at Spurs. Let’s laugh at the Arsenal fans who thought Jose was a power move. Let’s laugh at the fact they hired their 4th choice manager. Let’s laugh that Kane and Nuno had a mega bust-up because he doesn’t want to be there. Let’s laugh that their fans BOOED Harry Kane. Lovely stuff.

Right, that’s me done. I know you want to watch our On The Whistle video where Johnny makes a confession that will SHOCK you to the core. Enjoy, like, and share the work. LOVE YOU ALL x



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  1. Pedro

    Aaron, since the end of the transfer window we’ve scored 17 and conceded 4. Won 7, drawn 2. Before the weekend, we were averaging the 5th most shots per game. The same number Chelsea averaged last season (they ranked 3rd in the league).

    Chance creation isn’t going to be a problem unless we get injuries.

  2. Naija+soccer

    Tavares giving me the Gareth bale at left back vibes. I get the feeling he ll be playing upfield in a couple of years.

    Fairly raw still but theres something seriously dangerous about his game.

  3. S Asoa

    ” Tom, Raptora wanted an apology and a blood sacrifice after 3 games… I just want to sue him in court for crimes against opinion.Think it’s fair. ”

    The great Pedro back to his best., now he is off the Arteta gramophone record

  4. LoveSausage

    I actually liked the fact that Ramsdale went long, even if he gave away the ball. He did during the part of the game where we were at our most passive. No movement, we couldn’t string 3 passes together. The fact that he sends it long despite the fact that he can hit a fly in the ass from 60 meters away tells me he has good judgment. I feel a lot of people exaggerate how bad Leno is with the ball. He’s technically OK but he’s uncomfortable doing it and has bad judgment. He’ll make that short pass to a CB even if he’s being closed down.

  5. Kroenkephobe

    Great to see you sooooo cock a hoopy after your doom laden tirade before the Villa game. Doctors say prozac takes a few weeks to kick in so the timings are about right. Keep taking the tablets as they say.

    Might be time – after about 6 months of cajoling – for your aris to get off that fence and make a league prediction. You’ve been far too coy about this for too long. Anything other than a simple ordinal number will make me think you’re backsliding and most of these ad hominem attacks on people like rap (hiya mate, good to know you’re still out there) are just spiteful.

    So come on, where’re we finishing this season? I say 4th by the way and have done all season because we clearly have some high quality players.

  6. Pierre

    Injuries to Odegaard, xhaka and Tierney have done Arteta a favour.as it has allowed him to bring in Lacazette,, lakonga and Tavares anwhat a difference they have made.
    It allowed Arteta to tweak the system and now we look a much more balanced side..

    Gabriel has been immense at the back, he did start last season in a similar vein and then his performances dropped off and he looked like he lost a bit of confidence on the ball, hopefully he will continue to comnand both boxes as he looks like a leader and captain to me .

    I still believe that Eddie will give us more than what we are getting from Lacazette and Aubameyang up top, maybe it will take another couple of injuries or suspensions for Arteta to put Eddie in the side, i don’t think Eddie will disappoint..

    Our next 2 home games v watford and Newcastle are must wins that will keep us in contention for top 4, liverpool away will be the test for this Arsenal team, I wouldn’t write off our chances of getting a result there to keep our unbeaten run going..

    Arteta deserves cedit for bringing into the team players like Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, white and Gabriel as it woukd have been easy to carry on with Leno, Bellerin, mari and Holding.

    It is becoming an enjoyable experience watching The Arsenal again.


  7. Graham62

    My take on how good Arteta is.

    Supposedly our most influential player, who Arteta feels makes the team tick, has not been playing in recent weeks and, woe betied, Arsenal have been on a good run and looking a damn sight better.

    Is there an excuse for this or is this just a clever ploy from our genius of a manager to keep GX motivated so that other teams will be interested in him when push comes to shove.

    If this is the case then congratulations to Arteta.

    One other thing in respect to our star man Mr Xhaka. All the players look so much happier with him not being around.

    Of course Mikel sees this, as he sees everything.

  8. Northbanker

    Yes my post yesterday evening said much the same. Tavares could play further up ahead of Tierney rather than instead of. In a 4-4-2 those 2 both on the left could do some real damage

  9. Northbanker

    Kroenke – agreed. I have found myself switching from watching out of duty to actually looking forward to the game. Even posting on here has become an enjoyable experience again!!😂

  10. Pierre

    If you look at our league results and performances from the Tottenham game onwards, the worrying trend is our 2nd half performances.

    First halfs
    Goals for 8
    Goals against 0

    2nd halfs
    Goals for 2
    Goals against 4

    The top teams build on good first half performances and go on to win by 4 or 5.
    Arsenal go into defending what we have mode in the 2nd half and we allow the opposition to dictate and we tend to sit too deep

    I feel that Arteta needs to convince the players that they can continue to play 20 yards higher up the pitch in the 2nd half and continue to take risks with the ball going forward instead of taking the safe option , which inevitably leads to a pass back to the keeper and a hoof upfield and loss of possession.

    With confidenceso high at this present time, now is the time to convince the players to take their first half performances into the 2nd halfs

    I can’t believe it is an energy thing, it must be a psychological thing and needs to be addressed.


  11. Pierre

    “Is there an excuse for this or is this just a clever ploy from our genius of a manager to keep GX motivated so that other teams will be interested in him when push comes to shove.”

    I’m sure you know the answer Graham .

  12. Rich

    We finished Saturday with all 6 of our summer signings on the pitch, 5 of our starters were under 23

    8 of our starters were 24 or under

    Only 3 of our starters were over 25, building cohesion in a team takes time, and is such an underrated aspected of building sustained success

    Football teams are assembled through the youth team + transfer market, but they’re built on the training ground, and that can often take a bit of time, particularly when you’ve got a lot of young players still learning the game

    It’s funny watching fans go too far 1 way after good + bad results

    We’re susceptible to a Partey injury derailing us, and we’ll almost certainly drop points at the end of November with some tricky away fixtures

    We’re in with a good chance of 5th/6th this season, 4th would be a slight overachievement , but 7th-8th is also a good possibility, there’s currently not much difference between a cluster of clubs between 4th-9th

    A few injuries can derail any teams outside of City + Chelsea who’s squads are far superior, Liverpool are a brilliant team, but a few injuries hit them sideways last season

  13. SurferX

    November 1, 2021 07:40:08

    My take on how good Arteta is.

    Supposedly our most influential player, who Arteta feels makes the team tick, has not been playing in recent weeks and, woe betied, Arsenal have been on a good run and looking a damn sight better.

    Of course Mikel sees this, as he sees everything.


    See, I dont get it guys. You are still banging on about how good Arteta is or isnt (in this case)- its old. Frankly, (1) your opinion is irrelevant- nobody cares, it influences nothing and (2) Arteta is not the story anymore- its the team.

    Plenty of water has passed under the bridge; an initial reluctance to trust in youth, brain-fart moments in Eruopean SF’s, different rules for different people, Willian (WTF?), and so on. All mistakes, absolute pearlers. Whats also in the past is clearing out the sins of the past- the deadwood, social wage policy, players that dont give a fuck, an inability to play out the back, throwing away leads, an inability to defend.

    Point is, its all about the team now. The team is where AW should of been building towards in 2011 when it all blew up- but instead we had 10 years of groundhog day followed by 2 years of directionless decline. The optimism is in the youth, the resilience, and the style of play: the pessimism is the same. The manager will deserve credit if he hits the targets- as Ive said before 4th is the target, Europa is par, anything less not good enough. The time to judge Arteta is if he hits those targets. If he does, I’ll then be judging him on Part 2- can you build us into a competitive top 4 side; & Part 3- can you win the big trophies.

    My point is this- Arteta has broken the back of the things that were eroding the club for too long- the malaise that was eating away at the club like a cancer. For me, its Part one of the job done- put a team on the pitch that gives me a reason to hope, and gives me 11 players I can get behind and support. Thats the point- there is a different vibe now- a positivity and pride that has been missing for too long. I look forward to watching us play- Ive loved going to the games again- and there isnt a player in the team I cant get behind now.

    So, its not about Arteta- weve had 12 years of shite disucssing the manager, the board, financial doping, hair-growth pills and all the other shite. Its about the Arsenal again- the 11 players on the pitch and what they are doing. Thats a far better place to be.

  14. LoveSausage

    4th has to be the target and I don’t think it would be an overachievement. The top 3 are in a class of their own. But we finished 6 points off 4th last season, having played the most miserable football I’ve ever seen from Arsenal for half a season. It’s only an overachievement if you genuinely don’t think that this team doesn’t have at least 6 points more in them than last year’s group of misfits and retirees. My take – they should have 12 points more in them.

  15. Jamie

    I’d take 6th all day long. I said I would at the start of the season and I’d still be happy with a return to the EL next season.

    Top 4 would be incredible, frankly. I’m not sure we have the squad depth for a CL run though. EL groups are easy enough to field reserves and/or give minutes to youths, and much better for early season confidence than taking a hammering in a potential CL group of death.

    I’m happy with tangible incremental gains.

    p.s. The ‘I told you so’ chat is so cringe. It’s straight out of the Bamford playbook, and completely worthless critique.

  16. Kroenkephobe

    Frankly, (1) your opinion is irrelevant- nobody cares, it influences nothing

    Err dude… You do realise that includes everyone yeah? Your’s, mine, Pedro’s, Thierry Henry’s, everyone’s. It’s a sentiment and irrespective of our varying thoughts about manager, the team is in a good place and all supporters are happier. It’s further improved by schadenfreude for the way its going up the 7 sisters road and in Manchester. It’s a good moment but far sterner challenges to come than Leicester and shit on the Villa.

  17. AFC Forever

    The first three games highlighted the difference the new recruits have made to us tactically. As was said last season, it was crucial Arteta bought in players that could play the way he wanted, from the back.He did that and was abused for the quality of those signings.

    To say our improvement was accidental is pathetic but demonstrates why people get things wrong so often. .Why they didn’t understand the profiling of the new signings. Informed opinion will always win, especially if the counter argument is based solely on who signed them. There is a great analogy about digging a hole

    The backline we now have did not start the first 3 games. In fact it was more of the same from last season.

    Soares, Holding, Mari, Tierney

    Soares, Holding, Mari, Tierney

    White, Chambers, Mari, Tierney

    In our unbeaten run:

    Tomi*, White*, Gabriel, Tavares* (Tierney)

    Plus the return of Partey*

    *New signings.

    So 4 new signings at the back in Summer plus the return of Partey.

    If it still doesn’t sink in, buy a bigger shovel.

  18. Northbanker

    With an ability to now apply hindsight and look at the 5 signings made in the Summer (marred by the re-signing of Xhaka) it does seem that finally there is a methodical approach to transfers following a defined strategy

    Thee was a strategy before but it comprised signing so called established players so we could reap instant rewards and I suppose it was thought we would build the future in the future.

    That was former strategy was a disaster although it is incredible how many old posts are floating around the internet saying what an amazing capture Willian was.

    So whether this was an aberration or not will only really be known once the next 2 TWs take place. Will we stick to this new strategy and only sign players age 24 or less? I hope so as it makes sense financially as well as from a commitment PoV

  19. Rich


    Football isn’t played on paper, but United have a superior squad, superior firepower, and a significantly more experienced team

    We have no European football which should mean a more stable 11, which we can certainly benefit from as the season progresses, and in the latter parts of the season

    United are favourites to finish above Arsenal, they’re having a few difficulties, but they’re still ahead of us, they finished 2nd last season, have spent a load of money, and will win plenty of games

    i can see it being tight, but Arsenal finishing above United would be a “slight” overachievement, particularly with such a young team lacking in experience and tactical nouse

    At Chelsea, last seasons £250 million investment is now settled, they’ve spent £100 million on an established striker, they’ll almost certainly get more than the 67 points they got last season, and were the team I picked to win the title this season

    Liverpool have signed a good young centre back, it was in defence they had their issues last season, and a lack of home crowd hurt them as well, they should get well north of 67 points this season.

    City’s squad is in a different stratosphere to ours, and over the course of 38 games, that’ll almost certainly show

    Arsenal should be finishing 5th-6th, which would be hitting par, Arteta can’t get away with another fine margins failure, even with a young team, and should certainly be handed his p45 if he doesn’t make minimum Europa League, and if the football doesn’t improve

    It’ll likely be tight and go to the wire, but I’m confident we’ll get over the line into 5th

    All the signings we made this summer, weren’t just signed for this season, they were signed for the medium to longer term in mind, team cohesion is such an underrated aspect of building sustained success, and while we’ll need to supplement the squad with smart recruitment over the next few years, much of our upcoming improvements will be internal, rather than external

    Experience is important, with such a young team, bumps in the road are inevitable, lack of depth and experience in midfield could also come back and bite us

    If we finish 5th with an ageing team, then we’re only likely to regress, but if we finish 5th with by far the youngest team in the league, then we’ll likely progress, and that’s a cause for optimism

    I put us down for 69-74 points this season after the transfer window shut, and most said I was mental, we’ll likely need more than 67 points this season to get top 4

    Which would have to involve either United dropping from the 74 points they got last season, or Arsenal getting more than 74 points

    Not impossible, but I suspect going north of 74 points, would require a lot of things to drop our way

  20. Jamie

    AFC Bamford straight in with the ‘we told you so’ chat and his superior form of support. Boring.

    “The backline we now have did not start the first 3 games. In fact it was more of the same from last season.

    Soares, Holding, Mari, Tierney”

    So after a year of coaching, the backline (2 of whom Arteta signed) learned nothing in training and showed no signs of improvement, and criticism of early season performances was therefore fair


    He made some poor recruitment decisions in his first season and corrected his multi-million pound mistakes by spending over £100m more on new defensive players who are likely better players than the few he bought a year ago.

    Pick one or both. Or more likely be a dishonest actor and try to convince everyone neither is true. Make a list like you used to. Those are really great.

  21. Graham62

    Surfer X

    Fair point but it will be interesting to see whether Arteta falls back on Xhaka, when he becomes available again. The harmony that has clearly developed since his exclusion, due to injury, may be jeopardised if he’s thrown back in the fray, irrespective of the African Cup of Nations.

    Points taken though.

  22. Bankz

    The Leicester win has got to be the height of our season thus far. I think it was even more satisfying than the Spurs win.
    How wrong was I?
    Really thought we’d find it difficult navigating games against villa and Leicester.
    Hopefully the team continues to go higher from here on.
    Hate that there is another international break lurking in the horizon. I really pray it doesn’t affect our newfound form going into the last lap of games for the year.

  23. Rich

    Cedric was a strange free transfer, particularly as we has 3 other options there, and Mari cost £8 million, with a loan + obligation

    Both signings were apparently orchestrated by Raul Sanllehi, so not sure we can pin too much blame on Arteta, providing that was the case

    They’re both ok players, but even the most established coaches would likely struggle to extract much more out of those 2

    The reality of our first 3 games was we lost a game we shouldn’t have against Brentford, but there were some mitigating circumstances, new players, a striker making his first competitive start, and losing both our senior strikers to COVID on the morning of the game

    We lost to an experienced Chelsea team that cost just short of twice our first team, and their bench also cost more than our first team

    Had we not been missing multiple players, and been a bit more settled, I suspect we’d have given them a better game, particularly at home

    We then got battered by City, in a game to forget

    Since then we’ve not really done anything spectacular, we’ve done well to turn it around when confidence has been low, but we’ve really just ticked along roughly as expected when you analyse the fixtures

    We’re roughly where we should be, no overachievement to get excited about, no underachievement to wet the bed about, things have just balanced out

  24. China1

    Nuno sacked already? That must be close to a record for a first season at a new club in the PL? Nov 1st…

    But it’s a shame tho as we’re better off with him here and tanking. They could get a new manager bounce now. Tho I don’t see anyone really good wanting to go there right now. The team is not that good, their best players want out. They don’t have loads of money. Expectations are high. Not a good role to walk into honestly. Only a good manager who is desperate would gladly take that

  25. China1

    Rich I don’t see us getting 74 points but if we break 70 it’s very clear progress. I also think 70 could be enough for 4th this year if Utd don’t find a serious groove. Spurs will not get there. Leicester and west ham may have a good season but not 70 points. Not concerned about anyone else for top 4.

  26. LoveSausage


    Agreed that Utd have a stronger squad on paper. But as you said yourself, it’s not played on paper. They also have a manager who is terrible tactically and, according to rumours, has half the squad questioning him. Their defence isn’t fit for purpose. Plus, Ronaldo is a double edged sword. He completely destabilised Juventus. They replaced their playing style with the Ronaldo circus.

    I’m not underestimating the scope of this particular challenge. Their experience will count for a lot and they do have some very good players. But I think if we’re still in spitting distance by Christmas, the lack of European games should be a real advantage.

    Also, I’m not too worried by our lack of experience. All the new players have settled in quicker that I’d thought possible. They haven’t looked out of depth so far. The one thing that does worry me is our shitty xG allowed stats. I know the party line is that It’s settled that Arteta is the real deal and anyone questioning anything is a bed wetter. But those things even out over a course of the season. So either we get better or our points tally will get worse. It happened to Emery.

  27. LoveSausage


    I read something about his contract being structured so that the Spuds wouldn’t have to pay out the full value if he was sacked during the first year.

  28. Jamie

    “Both signings were apparently orchestrated by Raul Sanllehi, so not sure we can pin too much blame on Arteta, providing that was the case”

    If you go back and read the commentary around the time they were signed, they were being dressed up as smart signings. Low risk, professional, stop-gap solutions. I have no issue with that, or that they ended up being not particularly great signings.

    But Arteta wanted them. And Luiz, and Willian. Let’s not rewrite history. The ‘I told you so’ gang likes to delegate failures (even relatively small ones) to someone else always. Super weird.

  29. englandsbest


    Why don’t you swallow hard, take a deep breath, and admit you’ve been off the mark with many of your comments on Ben and Aaron and Mikel. That way you may resurrect your reputation as a decent judge of fArsenal and the direction the Club is going.

  30. Leedsgunner

    A moment please, of silence for those people hailing Tottenham has a club of ambition in years past. All those poor people hailing a power shift in North London…

    They might a new stadium but who cares?

    Forever in our shadow.

    Hilariously as if that wasn’t good enough they turned down a £100m plus for Kane too. It’s clear he doesn’t want to be there.

    They’re going to go absolutely HUGE on the manager now…

    Conte? Zidane?

    … maybe Ian Holloway? 😂😂😂

  31. China1

    Gabriel is awesome. My favourite non academy player.

    Called that one since shortly after he joined, even tho he’s different, he’s the nearest thing we’ve had to a sol Campbell in that he just dominates his space. We’ve had players who could do that with ability on occasions at least, but we’ve never had someone with height and power as well. He’s just got all the core aspects you want in a CB. He might not be a VVD (yet!) but he looks like he’s going to just own this position for years and years to come. I’m old fashioned about CBs, it’s fine if you’re not massive and powerful if you have sufficient other qualities, but I really prefer to see a CB look the part too.

    It’s like in our invincible days most of the team was really big. In the tunnel before the game opposition teams knew they weren’t only facing a superior team but one that was bigger stronger and faster too. It helped us beat a lot of teams before a ball was even kicked

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have played with a formation since substitution of Lacazette in Crystal Palace game,
    which appears to suit our game.

    I think that there are now 9 players who if fit will be considered starters. The two positions
    in the starting eleven, which may not be resolved are left back and defensive midfield.

    Tierney and Xhaka if match fit may still be preferred to Tavares and Lokonga Also I think that Odegaard will be rotated in the team selections.

    As Pedro has highlighted today Arsenal have been playing with Ramsdale in goal and White
    an Gabriel in CB positions. We have conceded just four goals and produced six clean sheets
    in nine games and that his a huge improvement on what we have seen in recent years.

    The real test of our defence will come in two games down the line when we play Liverpool.
    If we can perform well in that game then I think that we can judge better our progress.

  33. Rich


    I’ve never said anyone who questioned Arteta is a bedwetter, it’s some of the other mass hysteria that I consider bedwetting

    I don’t think Emery or Arteta have been our biggest issues over the last couple of seasons, we were a team in regression, with an unbalanced squad of disinterested players, I could see the rot setting in a mile off

    Managers come + go, I’ve been accused of being in the pro Arteta camp, and pro Emery, but I’ve been indifferent towards both, I just didn’t believe coaching or tactics were our biggest issues

    Or that our first 3 games were an accurate measurement of where we were as a club, and that things would ultimately balance themselves out

    Arteta has to improve the football, we need to see the emergence of an exciting young team developing, and we have to get minimum Europa League

    If he doesn’t deliver, then he’s gone, he’s had plenty of legitimate excuses up until now, but we now need to see signs of progress, or his position becomes untenable, I do think he should be given the season to develop this team though

    The reason I’m not too stressed about it, is if we need to make a change, then we’ve assembled quite the collection of talented young players, and a new manager will inherit a much healthier situation, we also looked into the character + professionalism of the players

    I want Arteta to succeed because I want Arsenal to succeed, but I’m certainly no Arteta fan boy, I’ve just had sympathies with the mess he inherited

  34. Leedsgunner

    Seriously outside of winning the double, surely one of the BEST weeks to be an Arsenal fan… certainly in the middle of the season.

  35. Grouvillegooner

    Another commentary Pedro without any mention of Xhaka and how much we will miss his influence!
    I noticed how Arteta when talking about Gabriel recently mentioned how his English has improved; communication is so important for defenders. With Ramsdale there as well now our communication at the back will have improved significantly this season as will Gabriel’s confidence knowing that he can contribute to this aspect of the defensive game.

  36. Leedsgunner

    Let’s all laugh at Tottenham
    Let’s all laugh at Tottenham
    Let’s all laugh at Tottenham
    Na na na na hey!
    Na na na na hey!


  37. englandsbest


    I’m not sure where you stood but many on here thought Willian might be a good signing – even me, even tho’ my mantra was young and vigorous’. Same for Luiz. But they were clearly temporary, to fill in gaps until the young and vigorous came along.

    It turned out that Willian was a mistake, and Luiz less of one. So it’s true that Arteta made mistakes..What is UNTRUE is to pretend that those of us with faith in Arteta deny that he made any. ALL football managers make mistakes.

  38. Terraloon

    Come Thursday evening the CL clubs, the EL clubs and Spurs will have played 4 of their 6 group games.
    Put aside the 4 CL teams because like it or not their squad depths are far deeper and as the league table tells us Chelsea, City and Liverpool are already demonstrating the depth and quality of their squads. In the case of Utd I hate to say it but I just can’t see them stuttering against the teams outside the top 3.
    WHU have all but qualified for the group stages and even though their squad doesn’t have great depth Moyes has them well organised. I thought they would be struggling but apparently not.
    Leicester are struggling for form and despite them losing 2-0 they were pretty much in the game on Saturday.
    This is the time of the 21/22 season where Arsenal should be pushing matters. No European football , no more injuries or COVID than any club so the reality is that the current points tally and league position is ok but nothing more.
    I certainly aren’t expecting Arsenal to finish in the top 4 , top 5 will be a challenge and it’s only the top 5 who are guaranteed a EL or CL place. Even winning the Carbo doesn’t ensure a EL place.
    6th place is more likely but even then I am not sure that the current squad has anywhere near enough depth or quality to navigate through the African tournament nor come to that the fixture pile up in December

  39. Leedsgunner

    Remember how they were crowing after three games?

    I bet the director who did their All or Nothing (for Amazon) series will be furious! 😂

    If the crew doing our series had any common or comedy sense he would be over at White Hart Lane RIGHT NOW.

    Tottenham, the gift that keeps on giving!

  40. LoveSausage


    That’s pretty much in line with my current view on Arteta’s future. I’ve been in the Arteta Out camp for a while. I believe some of his excuses have been less than legitimate and he’s earned the sack 2-3 times. But I also recognise that once you restart the clock on a manager, it’s restarted. Can’t fire him now for things he did 6 months ago. Especially since things are looking better and no other manager could have been expected to produce significantly better results so far in the season. So like you, I also hope he succeeds because that means we succeed. And if he doesn’t, at least we have a squad where the players are fit to wear the shirt. It’s been a while.

  41. Jamie

    EB –

    I backed pretty much all the signings for the same reasons. Relatively low risk (although some of the salaries were outrageous), professional, and Arteta was fully behind them.

    I was pouring buckets of ‘he’s a generational coach’ kool-aid down my throat after the FA Cup win, so it wasn’t a stretch to back the players he chose chose to extend/recruit.

    The only signings I generally don’t like under most circumstances are the expensive ones, regardless of who’s in charge. The potential for disappointment is much higher because expectations are naturally higher, at least for me.

    And for Marc, because it’s his money Arsenal are spending.

  42. TR7

    Arteta always stumbles upon a good formula either due to injuries to his favorites or pure luck but reverts back to the same old when his favorites come back.

    It has always been said that Xhaka and Ode slow down our play and don’t let us press with high energy. Tierney too doesn’t add anything to our attack. Will Arteta let the trio back in as soon as they are all fit and available for selection ? If he does then that will mean the recent upturn in our results is largely down to happenstance.

    Another concern is our level drops significantly after the first 20-30 minutes. Not sure how long will we keep getting good results if we consistently drop our level after a great start.

  43. Kroenkephobe

    surely one of the BEST weeks to be an Arsenal fan…

    It’s all good news, but I think that suggests we’ve been starved of success ourselves a little.

    I think Mick McCarthy is also thinking of putting his name in the ring in N17 after taking Cardiff back to the dark ages. He’s pulled out his quill and boar.’s blood ink, and his missus is ironing some parchment. Sealing wax and a cockney homing pigeon are standing by. I think Levy will go for someone like Eddie Howe or tailor’s dummy Scott Parker. Just to be different… Again!

  44. TR7

    Fab Romano : Antonio Conte is expected in London soon to complete talks on final details with Tottenham. Deal at final stages for new Spurs manager after Nuno out ⚪️🛩 #THFC @DiMarzio

    Antonio is more than tempted to accept Tottenham job. He already worked with Paratici at Juventus years ago.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that we are unlikely to finish in top 4, but I do think that European qualification this
    season will cover top 6 in EPL.

    Arsenal need to work on that premise and plan to upgrade our squad accordingly.

    The Centre forward position for next season is the priority, because Lacazette and most
    probably Nketiah will be leaving. Nketiah can of course be replaced by Martinelli or Balogun.

    We may need also to review the DMF position if we have the budget. Xhaka is not rated highly on Le Grove. It remains to be seen whether we pursue next summer Bissouma. I
    still think that Patino is rated a first team player in next couple of years.

    The other three positions in squad which need strengthening are CB, RB and GK. We need to
    find replacement for Leno. Hopefully Saliba will come back next season as third CB option,
    because neither Holding nor Mari are realistic cover for Gabriel and White and we need three quality players in CB positions if we increase our games by playing in Europe.

  46. LoveSausage

    If Conte is interested for real, it can only mean Levy has promised him a massive investment. Can you imagine trying to play catenaccio with that group of bums? He’ll want to bring in 7-8 new players.

  47. Mr Serge

    Conte will not last a year at Spurs he can’t play his system with that team and will want massive money which he will not get

  48. Kroenkephobe

    Err lads, he’s already turned them down once when they were arguably in a much better position than they are now.

    You’re more likely see Bernie Clifton doing it in that ostrich riding costume (the bird done up to look like a cockerel).

  49. TheLegendThatIsDennisBergkamp

    #MindTheDebt, #MindTheManager, #FindTheManager, just getting creative on that hashtag folks…

  50. Dissenter

    Comte’s probably sick of not having a job

    Now that they have a director of football that Italian and they are more desperate, they will probably be more likely to accede to almost every demand Conte made in this summer.

    Levi spoke to Conte in the summer so they won’t be starting the negotiations like strangers. In all likelihood, Conte will like be Spurs manger by the new international window, I expect that he’ll be gone in a huff after the summer of 2022 becaus4 they didn’t sign the players he wanted.

    Honestly, Conte is a tedious whinnying ogre that not many club are eager to employ, drs-ore his world class status. He’s a short term solution at best.

  51. UTarse

    Gutted the spuds have sacked nuno, let’s hope for another stroke of “genius” from levy. If conte goes to spuds, he has permanently devalued himself…

  52. Foxy

    TR7 I completely agree with you re is the current team Arteta’s plan or have events forced him. Has he seen the light and evolved or will he want to regress us back to the earlier slow possession model once Xhaka etc are fit?

    RE laca playing the deeper link role behind Auba, nothing new here and I seem to recall Wenger played him like that with some success. Arteta need to tactically sub Laca early with Eddie or via versa in games so both can go 100% flat out. That what they do with forwards in Rugby Union these days

  53. DigitalBob

    Very impressive performance over the weekend, a great weekend of football might I say as well. Pool drawing with the excellent Brighton and City losing to a very tactically sound Palace show the unpredictability from top to bottom.

    I think this is perfect for us, as we will be inconsistent at times this season but we have enough to certainly finish in the European places come May.

    I was a Ramsdale sceptic mainly because it felt like a ton of money to spend on a number 2 goalie, however it was Bern Leno’s weakness/meekness against Brentford for me to realise he was a liability and needed to be removed as soon as possible. Ramsdale really looks to be a future England number 1, Pickford should be very worried.

    I’m also loving everything about Tavares, for £8 million he’s been outstanding and any worries about being tactically naïve completely dismissed as he has looked very solid defending on all fronts.

  54. Dissenter

    I disagree that the spurs team is unfit for Conte
    They have some very good players, they had two players nominated by fellow players to be in the premier league team of the year last season.
    They too had some interesting signings last summer, if you can find peace to begrudgingly concede that obvious fact.

    They will have a massive short term uptick, I don’t know how far that takes them this season. World class managers know how to wax winning formulas

    Problem is that Conte always poisons the well. It’s a amazing how the Inter people put up with him for so long because he sees the media pulpit as his negotiating tool. He won’t last at Spurs,
    I don’t have him surviving a season.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    It does not matter who Spurs appoint, because the same problem still exists.

    Kane wants out of the club and his performance level this season reflects that fact. He is an
    unhappy bunny.

    The real problem is between him and Levy who has broken his word to the player.

  56. Foxy

    For years now we have struggled due to buying players not really suited to the Physicality of the prem, lightweight midfielders , small CB’s and FB’s etc. Partly due to the obsession with barca’s tippy tappy style of play which is now near obsolete and people such as Sven not really understanding the prem. So it is great to see players like Gabriel and Tavares out muscling even even Dyce’s Burnley thugs. Watching the last few games brings back memories of the invincibles.

  57. Dissenter

    Gooners won’t be too bothered about what happens at Spurs because for the current climate.

    Same way no one of complaining about letting Emi leave for Villa this morning.

  58. Samesong

    Kane wants out of the club and his performance level this season reflects that fact. He is an
    unhappy bunny.

    Spurs become a better team once Kane leaves.

  59. Leedsgunner

    I’m not as sure as some that Conte will go to Spurs. He’s a cheque book manager at heart and I doubt Tottenham will want to open the cheque book again so soon after opening it for Nuno… especially after building a brand new stadium.

    I can see Tottenham going for someone like Ten Haag though. Young, used to developing youth players to sell on at a massive profit, plays good controlled football.

    I think personally I would be more gutted if someone like Ten Hag went to Spurs… and took players like Gravenberch with him. That really would be sad… a manager and player so talented would waste their time at such an empty soulless club.

  60. Gonsterous

    Great fought victory on the weekend.

    I may be wrong but this unbeaten run is kind of reminisent to that of the unbeaten run under emery. We arent playing great and though we are getting dominated and outplayed, we are still picking up positive results and being defensively solid

  61. englandsbest

    Levy not selling Kane to City for £100 mill rates with Wenger not selling Sanchez for £60 mill.

    Signing Conte makes some kind of sense if Joe Lewis plans to sell THFC.

  62. Fabregoat

    You need to praise Partey more. A solid Gilberto Silva performance from him, he snuffed out most second balls and was everywhere.

  63. China1

    ‘Allardicci’ LMAO

    Don’t take his name in vain. He has the greatest win record of any England manager in history – 100%.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    I can’t believe people still underestimate Antonio Conte after all the titles and his credentials. What impresses me most about him is his ability to get every drop out of his players. Tottenham will improve under him and it is not good news for us. He might even help convince Kane to play football again for this season. Anyway we have chosen arteta it seems and I hope it doesn’t bite us in the ass.

  65. DigitalBob

    Fabregoat – When fit he really is a world class midfielder. As long as he’s not overused I think he’ll be key to any progress the team makes over the next few seasons.

    Granit is the past imo, and shouldn’t be put back in the team on his return in the new year.

  66. Jaroda

    Next 10 games:
    Ars v Wat
    Liv v Ars
    Ars v New
    MnU v Ars
    Eve v Ars
    Ars v Sou
    Ars v WHU
    Lee v Ars
    Nor v Ars
    Ars v Wol
    5 wins 3 draws 2 losses = 18 points, I reckon.

  67. raptora

    Leeds: “He’s a cheque book manager at heart ”

    His first job wasn’t Juve. Three of his first four jobs were in Serie B clubs. This is a guy who has promoted two different teams from Serie B to A.

    He won Inter the title with a total NET spent of £135m over 2 seasons. That’s around £60m per season. Inter’s max pts total in the last 10 years was 72 pts, he got them to 82 pts in his first season and 91 pts in his second.

    Chelsea won the title with a rampaging Victor Moses looking world class. Same miracle he repeated with a 35 year old Ashley Young at Inter.

    One of the few, if not the only one, that can measure with Pep and Klopp. He might be a problematic fuck, but he nowhere near the level of Mouninho. His players and the fans of his previous teams love him.

    You might question his character but never his quality.

    If he signs for Spurs, can anyone say they can do any better at all? They’ll have one of top 3 best managers in the world.

  68. Dissenter

    No one is disputing that Conte is not a world class manager
    What’s also indisputable is that he brings a tanker=load of bile along with him and will, poison the well very quickly, typically in the summer transfer window, if he doesn’t get his way.
    Why is that none of the traditional big teams that needed managerial changes last summer went to Conte?
    It’s almost like dining with the devil it seems. He’s good but clubs aren’t exactly lining up to sign him.

  69. WengerEagle

    Why would Conte reject the Spuds in the summer over lacking ambition only to 180 on that a couple of months into the season after fatty Nuno has already pissed on their top 4 hunt?

    All part of his masterplan? I.e no European football next season for a title push? 🤣

  70. Jaroda

    There’s only one reason why Conte would go to Spurs now having snubbed them earlier in the summer and that would be due to the size of the dump truck full of money being backed onto his driveway. I’d love to see Levy crowbarring his wallet open to do that….

  71. Leedsgunner


    Good points, well made, thank you for informing me.

    His record is there for all of us to see… I still don’t see him going to Spurs though. He will want absolute power and control over his players and transfers and Levy will not want to give him that, especially not at the beginning at least… fair enough?

  72. Dissenter

    “Why would Conte reject the Spuds in the summer over lacking ambition only to 180 on that a couple of months into the season after fatty Nuno has already pissed on their top 4 hunt?”

    A It’s not fun being out of work
    B. Spurs are as desperate as can be and will accede to more of his demands
    C. He’s come to realize that none of the traditional big clubs don’t want the drama that comes with Conte.
    d. A,B & C are correct

    What’s going on with your boy at United:-)

    Don’t think it’s just OGS though, Southgate played Saka ahead of Sancho.

  73. raptora


    Conte: “I look at projects and I’m ready to stay at home if they don’t convince me. I like difficult challenges but if there is something with a club that does not convince me, I prefer to say: no, thank you.”

    Why the fuck would he touch anything spursy is beyond me. As reliable of a source Fabrizio is, I hope he is wrong. Odds will be against Conte to succeed.

    I’ve also booked him to join us once this rookie experiment is over once and for all. Conte improved on Inter’s record point haul in the last 12 years by 20 pts while our plan is to MAYBE qualify for the Champions League in 3 seasons. We should be targetting titles not playing Tamagochi or growing Grass Head..

  74. TR7

    During summer there was this saga of Harry Kane which probably deterred Conte from joining Spurs or may be he was waiting for either Arteta or Ole to get the sack. With Arteta and Ole not going anywhere and Kane staying at Spurs he probably has decided to take the job. I think Nuno got the sack only after Conte said yes to them. Earlier it was being said Nuno’s position was under review. Things moved very very fast.

  75. Dissenter

    For all he talk about Conte, Mourinho’s performance at Inter from 2008-2010 was more spectacular …and you still wouldn’t be championing Mourinho as world class these days.

    Conte won the league in his second season when Juventus were in aa natural decline, same season they hired a rookie manager that was previously scheduled to manage their U-23 team.

  76. TR7

    Conte’s mandate would be to get top 6 this season and compete for CL places next season. Of course he has the capability to overachieve. He’s up there with Pep and Klopp for me, truly a world class manager.

  77. Dissenter

    One thing for sure, it’s clear the club’s hierarchy lied to the fanbase about the stadium restricting our spending.

    How are spurs who have been less successful over time able to commit to spending like this, after building a stadium that’s almost 3x the cost of the Emirates?


  78. raptora

    Dissenter: “Conte won the league in his second season when Juventus were in aa natural decline”

    Juventus have only managed over 91 pts 2 times in their history. Conte’s Inter won 91 pts.

  79. Tom

    Conte has always wanted the United job but since they’re determined to stick with Ole, maybe Tottenham seems a better option than sitting home and sending out messages through agents mutual friends that he wants back in the game.

    Not like high profile jobs become available every few months in football anyway.

    Conte would make them an instant favorites for the remaining top four spot, and if he gets them there, then who cares if he blows shit up 18 months from now the Mourinho style.

  80. WengerEagle


    I mean he’s not being played by Ole, who would have you believe the Donny Van De Beek is a Championship level player.

    Looks clear that Ole is just a yes man and weak willed and he bows to all of the big personalities in the team like Ronaldo, Fernandes and Pogba. Never disrupts the status quo even when they underperform whichnis why Greenwood, Pogba, Fernandes, Ronaldo himself and Maguire are all undroppable.

    Sancho will come good, you said the same thing this time last year when he had a slow start and were made to look very foolish by the end of the season.

  81. WengerEagle

    What the fuck are you on about Dissenter? Lol. 2008-10 was well over a decade ago.

    Mourinho has been shot as a manager since 2015. Conte literally won the league with Inter last season and he finished only 1 point off of Juve in his first season at Inter. With a fairly ordinary team really.

    Won the league with 93 points at Chelsea in his 1st season. 3 Scudettos in a row at Juve and built the foundations for them to dominate Italy for a decade.

    Sure you can question his CL performance which has always been poor but having a go at his domestic credentials is laughable, guy is up there with any manager.

  82. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    You are a bit tetchy about Sancho, which figures because you over-hyped him.

    Why do you think Ole isn’t playing him. Is he’s tearing it up in training why wouldn’t a manager play a marquee signing that may save his job?

    Have you considered that the premier league is different beast to the premier league. I agree that Sancho will come good, maybe not as soon as this season though. He has to improve his overall game to move forward.

    I knew you were going to hang it all on Ole

  83. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    You’re misreading my posts though. I said Conte’s world class status is indisputable. How much clearer can that get?
    I made that point that he came on board at Inter at a time when the Juventus light was dimming, after they appointed a novice and were caught up in Ronaldo drama.

  84. WengerEagle


    I am not tetchy on Sancho, you were trying to be cute and were fishing for a response and I gave you one. We all know that you love to jump the gun making conclusions on players.

    You never admitted you got it badly wrong on Sancho last season so why should I 3/4 starts into his Utd career hold my hands up?

    Ole is an absolute clown so yes, a lot of the blame lies at his feet. He has some of the best attacking players in the PL at his disposal and is getting white-washed 5-0 at home to Liverpool and outperformed in 9/10 of their matches this season.

  85. WengerEagle


    He pushed a decent manager in Sarri at Juve all the way in his 1st season at Inter with a much inferior squad which you conveniently forgot to mention.

    If that is the case, what is the relevance in bringing up Mourinho’s 2010 achievements? What had that got to do with anything.

  86. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    Always told you that the Bundesliga was ha-ha, I always have an asterisk on whatever happens there.
    Sancho in my opinion, had better numbers because he was playing in Germany. Now that he’s in a tougher league, he’;s taking lots of time to settle in.
    Do you think that maybe you may have overhyped him.

  87. Dissenter

    Because Mourinho’s record is there for all to see and analyze and he did manager Inter in the modern era. An Inter team that won the CL with lots of oldies on their last legs.
    Raptora was laudoing Conte a bit too much so there had to be some balance, hence my Mourinho chip.

  88. WengerEagle

    Off topic but Harry Maguire is the single worst CB I have ever seen that cost £50m or more and he cost £80m, wow.

    Slow, clumsy, can’t play out from the back, thick as a brick. I could barely believe how bad he looked against Leicester and Liverpool.

    And he is the Mancs ‘inspirational leader’/captain, LOL. Have seen more pashun at a library.

  89. WengerEagle


    Is 2 months and 4 starts/450 mins of football a lot of time in your world? Firmino took half a year to get to grips with the PL from the Bundesliga as did Fabinho from France.

    Time will tell if I overhyped him, you have to at least give him a season here though before you come out with any sort of I told you so rhetoric.

    No doubt you had Calvert-Lewin up there with any ST on the planet this time last year.

  90. WengerEagle


    Their Inter spells were a decade apart so again, where is the relevance to 2021 with Jose leading a great Inter side in 2010?

    2010 was a long time ago, we had Cesc, Nasri, Arshavin, Van Persie and Almunia between the sticks back then.

  91. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    I too think Sancho will come good. His ceiling his very high. I actually think Ollie is giving him cover right now to settle in.
    I never considered him to be an established wordle which is why I always poured water on those Bundesliga stats you used to put out. use to put out, An established worldie gets off the ground running.
    To me he’s one of those uber talented players that are signed to build a team around in the near future. He has to build his overall game, not unlike Saka who started out playing at the back. I liken him to a Jao Felix.

  92. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “Their Inter spells were a decade apart so again, where is the relevance to 2021 with Jose leading a great Inter side in 2010?”

    When I think of a successful Inter manager, the first one that comes to my mind is Mourhino. His domestic successes can be attributed to the aftermath of the Calciopoli scandal but the European run with that team of oldies still jumps at me.
    Just a difference of opinion, that was the only time I ever liked Mourinho, seeing him beat down Barca in the semis.

  93. Rich

    Good start for Conte, first 6 league games:

    Everton (Away)
    Leeds (Home)
    Burnley (Away)
    Brentford (Home)
    Norwich (Home)
    Brighton (Away)

    Should average north of 2 points a game over that sequence

    No sure what was going on with Nuno, he was an experienced manager, only 2 points off 5th, and only 5 points off 4th, Spurs were roughly where they’d be expect to be

    He’d also been away to Arsenal + West Ham, and had the return home fixtures to come, must have being chaos behind the scenes to pull the plug so early

  94. Tom

    Why don’t you swallow hard, take a deep breath, and admit you’ve been off the mark with many of your comments on Ben and Aaron and Mikel. That way you may resurrect your reputation as a decent judge of fArsenal and the direction the Club is going.”

    EB, the only remark re Ramsdale from me was that Arsenal probably weren’t paying 30m for a back up so not sure what there’s is to apologize for.

    White has been spotty at best on defense and nowhere near the RR moniker bestowed on him by Pedro, or his uncles
    The list of his defensive lapses is longer than any other Arsenal player’s this season no matter what excuses you or anyone else likes to use.
    He’s had three good games so far and he’s better on the ball than defending.
    Much room for improvement there.

    As for Arteta, again, what was I wrong about exactly, when his record speaks for itself?!
    Two eight place finishes, dumped out of Europa twice by Olympiacos and Villarreal, and a slew of negative records going back 60 years.

    Never asked to sack him and predicted he’ll finish sixth come May so the best you can say is he’s trending right on par with this prediction.

    As for salvaging, or resurrecting my reputation…well….. let’s just say I don’t really care about it that much, or proving anything to anyone but especially to someone who wouldn’t take Klopp for a manager because his nine year Liverpool commitment isn’t apparently long enough to deem worthwhile lol.

    But I will say this much, the style has improved and I, like what I’m hearing from Arteta too.
    Long may it continue.

  95. Rich

    “TR7November 1, 2021 14:26:16
    Sancho has more.to.his game than Greenwood and Rashford.”

    But our boy Saka is even better than all 3

  96. WengerEagle


    I think that 2009-10 Inter season was easily the peak of Mourinho’s career and agree. I just don’t at all see how that bears any relevance to Conte’s work there 10/11 years later.

    Conte’s is relevant because it was this year, Mourinho’s was ancient history in comparison.

  97. UTarse

    No Arsenal fan worth his weight in salt would be happy or dismissive of conte going to the spuds. He’s a far superior manager than the one occupying our hot seat.

  98. WengerEagle


    It on the surface didn’t look too bad for Nuno. They have beaten everyone you would expect them to this season with the exception of maybe Palace and also beat Citeh on the opening day.

    But they were scraping 1-0 wins together and playing stuck in the mid football that isn’t going to fly at a club more ambitious than Wolves. And the manner of the defeats, they were not just being beaten but absolutely demolished.

    Battered by us, Chelsea, Palace and United. Two of those at home, conceded 12 goals (3 in each) and scored just 1 across the 4 games.

    And we fucking flattered the cunts with the 3-1. Still a bit of residual disappointment for me that we didn’t all time humiliate them and put 5 or 6 past them which was within reach if we didn’t settle at 3.

  99. Dissenter

    “No Arsenal fan worth his weight in salt would be happy or dismissive of conte going to the spuds. He’s a far superior manager than the one occupying our hot seat.”

    What’s the point though?
    What will be, will be. We don’t have the power to change it.
    Conte will improve them no though, by how much? That’s hard to tell.
    We survived Poch and that CL run so we’ll do just fine.

  100. Dissenter

    That CL run Spurs had in 2019 drove me to the brink
    My spurs friend asked me is if would chose to win the Europa league final in Baku and let them beat ‘Pool in the final of the CL. He said, “surely you can’t hate us that much”
    I said I would rather lose to Chelsea if it meant Spurs would lose to Liverpool.
    I would have quit football eternally for badminton or cock-fighting, had Spuds won a CL before us.

  101. Dissenter

    It seems Emery is the leading candidate to take over at Newcastle. He’s open to returning to England.

    It just gets merrier for us,
    Juicy, juicy, juicy

  102. UTarse

    Dissenter, add him to the list of worldie managers that have gone to our competitors and made them world beaters… another missed opportunity. We could have had any of pep , klopp or conte but we are stuck in this paralysis of Kroenke ownership and mediocrity.

  103. Rich


    The end product will flow for Saka at some point

    When he starts scoring + assisting consistently, he won’t stop

    13 goals + 23 assists in 100 senior club games is good going for a 20yr old

    3 goals + 3 assists in 13 at international level

    The sky’s the limit for Saka,imperative we tie him down, and don’t end up educating him, only for another club to see the benefit of that education

  104. WengerEagle


    With respect mate, are you not being a tad hyperbolic there? You live in the States, how many Spurs fans do you encounter on a daily basis?

    I myself admit that I hate United more than Spurs as I am surrounded wall to wall by Mancs over here in Ireland and they were our arch rivals all throughout my youth.

    No doubt Spuds are an odious bunch and are well up there in my club list hatred but I would be lying if I said I even close to felt the pain that the local North London based boys on here and afar do when they beat us.

  105. WengerEagle

    ESR for me is more comfortable on the ball than Saka and more intelligent in his decision making when to make a run/release/hold on to the ball.

    Saka clearly has more weapons with his pace and versatility but for one specialised position as of now, imo ESR as the CAM is our most important offensive player.

  106. Rich


    It’ll be difficult for Smith Rowe to sustain this form for the whole season, go back to last season and it was the teenager Saka who was carrying us for long periods

    Saka’s having a little dip, which isn’t uncommon with young players, he played more minutes than any other teenager in Europe’s top 5 leagues last season, then went to the Euro’s

    Where we’d be if we hadn’t pulled there 2 gems out of our academy, wouldn’t be a pretty place

    They’re both a breath of fresh air, Saka my favourite player since Cazorla

  107. Dissenter

    I don’t casually run into Spurs fans on a daily basis but I have a few long term acquittances that are spurs fans. There a footballing community here that endured the time when football wasn’t as popular.
    They were vocal during that CL run, lots of group texts and whatsapp taunting

    Ther United fans i know are smug, they aren’t as loud as the Spuds.

  108. WengerEagle

    Huge fan of both Rich, just slightly prefer ESR. Agree on Saka finding his way still. I actually do think ESR’s level is sustainable though he was one of our best players since January last season too and he is our MVP imo as we look much more potent with him in a central role than Odegaard.

    Fair enough Dissenter, for me it’ll always be United. Their supporters over here are the worst, half of them literally do not even watch football but still crow when they win. Luckily have won f all nothing since Fergie retired.

  109. Dissenter

    I think Saka is having his post-Euros dip right now. These may be his low points

    Great because even his nadirs are still better than the peaks of many players

  110. Samesong

    I think ESR can score around 10 goals in this season. Which would be excellent.

    I must say this also ESR rarely miscontrols the ball. Almost glued to it.

  111. WengerEagle


    His pass completion rate for a player who spend most of his time in the oppositions half is astounding. 90% this season and 89% last season on decent volume (x30-35 a game).

    Guy is immense in possession.

  112. izzo

    ESR is the best young CAM in Europe in that age bracket.(UNSELLABLE) would be criminal to ever consider selling him. He and Saka are our future. If we had an in form 30+goal a season Auba we would be topping the table but I don’t see Auba ever recapturing that ability or form. Shame!