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Well hello my darlings, how are we today? Good I hope. VERY good.

Hot topic of debate is the Eddie issue. He looks… good. Right? This isn’t just the one game he played, this is his mindset since preseason. He looks more powerful, his game is more deliberate, and he looks very focused. Amazing what the insecurity of having no new deal can do… and what growing up a little bit can add to your game.

I think there’s some concern at Arsenal that if he doesn’t sign up, he could be a sleeper-Emi Martinez for us next season. He’s a good player. He’s extremely young. He could add a lot of value to many clubs in the Premier League. As fans, we do tend to get into the mind that you are either an elite 17 year old or you are a failure. Not everyone can break like ESR or Saka. Ivan Toney is 25 years old, he’s making waves in the Premier League this season. There are loads of examples of players that are not great until they are. Patrick Bamford at Leeds is a prime example, even Leeds fans lamented how poor his finishing was… then things clicked last season and people were talking about big moves. He’s 28 years old! Let’s go a step further… Serge Gnabry was binned off by Arsenal at 22 after failing to stake his claim under Tony Pulis, now look at him? You can’t tell me anyone saw that coming.

It’ll be a shame to see him go. Folarin Balogun ain’t there yet. The third striker berth is open this summer with Lacazette going. It could be his. Let’s see if Arteta can persuade a player I’m pretty sure has little love/trust for a manager that benched him for a season.

I’m feeling pretty good about Arsenal at the moment. One of the interesting things about the Leeds game, which was a great spectacle, was the speed we were moving the ball at. The lethargic passing of last season seems to be cycling into something a little more one-touch and a bit more purposeful. There’s a rhythm to what we’re doing and it doesn’t look as one-dimensional as it did. When we spoke to Nigel Winterburn last week, he talked about working under George Graham and the relentless coaching of the defence. I asked him if he believed in over-coaching and he said he didn’t. The coaching is there to help you make better decisions on the pitch, but it’s down to the players to be bold and make them. I think one-touch passing is helping us. It wasn’t there before, now it is. Long may the confidence continue through every level of our squad.

Leicester at the weekend is another huge test. I do like that we set each game up as some sort of definitive moment in our season.

SPURS: Good side, if you can’t win the derby… well

Aston Villa: Good side, their midfield is better than ours, if we can’t beat them… well

Leicester: A real test, because they are top 4 contenders, if we can’t beat them… well

I’m going to keep it going. I think this is a real test because I see us at about the same level as Leicester City. They have great players, a well-coached operation, and they spring surprises. Brendan Rodgers is sharp and he certainly played us like a fiddle at home last season.

This game is a big one for us. We’re doing the business at home, but can we go away to a big atmosphere and win the occasion?

I really hope so. 9 games unbeaten has a nice ring to it. Moving 3 points past Leicester in November is a good omen heading into some really tough games. More confidence means we get to where we need to be faster.

3 points are important because there are a few games between teams that are rivals.

United vs Spurs

Liverpool vs Brighton

Villa vs West Ham

Wolves vs Everton

If we win our next two games, I think there’s a fair chance we’ll actually be in the top 4. That would be a lot better than how we were shaping up this time last season.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.


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  1. Northbanker

    ES – I cant see Arteta replacing Xhaka with Patino. He still is desperate for short term success and wouldnt take that risk. Not unless he is forced to play him and Patino shows instantly he can perform at that level ala ESR v Chelsea.

    I suspect we will sign a DM in the Summer who isnt on our radar at all a bit like Tomiyasi at RB. Bissouma will be too expensive so if we did find a Mark II out there that would be great

    I agree Most of our budget will be on a CF prob aged 23 or 24. Luka Jovic could be an excellent option if it doesnt become too much of an auction.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    It does not follow that Arteta will replace Xhaka with a similar type of player. He may recruit
    a better athlete and technical quality player.

    Patino is classified by transfermarkt as a DMF, but he is realistically a CMF when you watch him play. However, his defensive positioning is excellent.

    Arsenal will have a limited transfer budget next summer and the CF position when you listen to the noise is about finding a replacement for Lacazette.

  3. China1

    Yeah es I do value experience very highly but I just don’t recognize that value in players who don’t have the quality on top

    It’s like if you had to choose the value of a 22 year old Thierry Henry or a 28 year old Henry the choice is easy. Experienced Henry was a legendary match winner. 22 year old wasn’t yet so rounded

    But if it’s the choice between a 22 year old Henry or a 28 year old Francis Jeffers who do you choose? All those years of experience drift away into irrelevance if the player is nothing special

    And that’s because the value of experience is it let’s you be the smartest and best version of yourself more often. But an experienced player who can consistently give you average is only valuable for making up numbers as a squaddy and should never be acceptable as a first choice player in a team planning to do things

  4. Northbanker

    ES – Patino in 2 years time could be perfect. I just dont think he will be ready next Summer although he may well be added to the first team squad. So hence I think we will make a bid for someone say aged 20 -22 and in the 10-15m range who is not on anyones radar. That may be a DM or a CM as the difference between the 2 in the modern game is quite small.

    Stan will back this move along with a bigger name for CF

  5. Pierre

    We do have ready made replacement for xhaka in Guendouzi .

    Instead of going out and spending up to 50 mil on a quality midfielder , why not give Guendouzi a season to prove himself , he certainly is good enough football wise, it’s his temperament that is questionable..

    If he’s not up to it it , then sell and bring Patino in .

  6. G

    Have always supported Arteta and for those who never fair enough.. but what wound me up was pundits and especially some on here writing him off after 3 games when it was obvious we were playing with half a team out .. add to that city and Chelsea were 2 of the he 3 games
    More then happy with Ben White signing, you can argue he should have brought ready made centre back but obviously wanted a ball playing CB and brought Lakonga who may go on to b just as good as a Bissoma (Brighton)
    Re Ramsdale people going on about the money but our net spend was low after what we got for Emi
    Add to this the age of our teams, futures bright, futures Arsenal

  7. Pierre

    Aubameyang seems to have a little thing going with Ramsdale where Ramsdale fires in the ball low to Aubameyang around the centre circle as drops off the centre half….will be interesting to see how that develops,

  8. James wood.

    Yes financially makes sense to get GUEN BACK.
    Get him in make him special and build his value
    up if he then goes wobbly again you have the
    value of what he is actually worth to sell.
    Not my cup of tea but that’s football no loyalty
    in the game any more.
    Value wise get him in forget the past.?

  9. AFC Forever

    You need to stop lying about what people say and bitch behind their backs. . It’s childish mate,whats wrong with you? . The other day long before the game I explained tactics in detail. The narrow and deep 4-4-2 we employ without the ball, the horseshoe etc in possession, how we switch to 3 in possession during transition etc. Why Tomi is important when he tucks in & shouldn’t be replaced with Lamptey as you want.

    Insulting Rich and me when we aren’t on here because you don’t like getting things wrong is poor form. Watch an Ozil video or Eddie goal compilation and cheer yourself up instead of carrying that chip on your shoulder about Arteta. In fact, get some fresh air before your Sunday roasting.

  10. Pierre

    Tavares had a 92 % pass percentage yesterday, put that against Tierney’s 54% pass percentage away to brighton and one would think that Tavares could become difficult to dislodge when Tierney recovers from injury .

    A 100% fit Tierney is a different player to anything under 100%.
    His whole game suffers if he is not firing on all cylinders, sadly we have only seen fleeting glimpses of Tierney 100% fit and in the premier league , playing at full back , you have to have the energy to get up and down the line.

  11. AFC Forever


    Yep agree about Patino. Whole new world stepping up to the premier League, especially in that position. He’ll get a loan to let him learn & make mistakes somewhere else. The boy looks a really top prospect but it’s a big step up

  12. Pierre

    ” The other day long before the game I explained tactics in detail. The narrow and deep 4-4-2 we employ without the ball, the horseshoe etc in possession, how we switch to 3 in possession during transition etc”

    Could you explain it in a little more detail please

  13. Pierre

    “Insulting Rich and me when we aren’t on here because you don’t like getting things wrong is poor form”

    This was my comment that has triggered AFC

    “Don’t tell rich and AFC as they still think we are playing asymmetrical football.”

    Hardly insulting is it.

  14. Raulishuss

    Pierre you’re one hypocrite. You didn’t see anything wrong wenger,ozil,guen or any of your favourite does but you want to sound like the voice of reasoning to afc etc? Sometimes you sound like a troll starring up argument about irrelevant matters after a match.

  15. Nelson

    The Arsenal travelling supporters impressed me. You can hear them chanting “Arsenal…Arsenal” doing the match. I seldom hear so vocal away supporters.

  16. The Bard

    Marvellous win yesterday. I knew nothing about Ramsdale but he was world class, the save from Madison reminded me of Banks against Pele. He had no right to make that save.
    Fantastic first half but Leicester could and should have done better in the second. We were outplayed for most of it. Onwards and upwards.

  17. Nelson

    Ideally if Saliba still wants to play for Arsenal, we could have him and Gabriel form the CB pair and White as Partey’s partner in midfield. Saliba is very solid defensively.

  18. Terraloon


    If , and a big if, the 5 players you name leave then come the end of August 2022 by my back of a fag packet calculations there will still be 9 players over the age of 25

    But to a degree that is all irrelevant because experience for me is far more relevant

  19. Nelson

    “why did we put the brake back on and let Leicester into the game ?”

    I think both Auba and Laca slowed down after 30 mins. Leicester could then cut through the middle easily. This 4 4 2 formation demands Auba and Laca to cover a wide area.

  20. Pierre

    “Sometimes you sound like a troll starring up argument about irrelevant matters after a match.”

    Weather’s rubbish today…..no golf , so i need to entertain myself somehow…

    Not that I’m admitting to stirring up anything, I’m just pleased with have moved away from asymmetrical football to symmetrical football as it seems to be working , and long may it continue.

  21. Time Up

    Odegaard for me!. So far has been disappointing, nowhere near Ozil at his age.

    I hope he gets better and learn how to use his right foot or how to adjust his body shape better.

  22. Pierre

    “Few teams, if any, can play on the front foot for the whole game.”

    This is correct and Leicester are a very dangerous side offensively as they commit a lot of players forward.

    I watched the game again this morning as it can give one a different perspective of events and although we did drop our intensity 2nd half we did still have our moments in the final 3rd which should have resulted in a red card for Evans 100%.

    Most of Leicester’s dangerous moves came down our channels between the full backs and centre backs, very little got past White and Gabriel through the middle and very little danger came outside the full backs.

    I feel our 2 centre mids should be a little more aware of the danger between the full back and centre back and occupy that area to stop the through ball or alternately our centre backs need to close the gap or we could be punished in the future.

  23. DivineSherlock

    I like how all the headlines has been grabbed by GK ( rightly so !) but Partey has quietly been effective all game . I really really hope we can keep him fit and ticking like that. Never can anyone say to us now that we have a weak midfield with Partey & Lokonga + ESR

  24. Northbanker

    Pierre et al – your comments about Guen are really misleading. He is NOT going to be a replacement as that ship has sailed. Marseille have an option to buy and at the giveaway price it seems to have been struck at it is not in our power to bring him back unless the option is not exercised.

    Given the bad blood and continuous questions about his attitude, not to mention the number of times he played like a headless chicken for us, it’s time to really move on. There are better players out there – let’s find one.

  25. LoveSausage

    I wouldn’t mind going against policy and buy an older backup CM next season for a reasonable price. Sambi and Partey should be given as starters. An experienced CM and Patino as backups. And then splurge on a striker. Should we manage to finish 4th we might even be able to entice a player like Martinez to come.

  26. CaliGooner

    Guendouzi burned his bridge with lighter fluid after we lost to Villarreal and he posted about how great emery is.

    That wasn’t very subtle. He gone.

  27. Tom

    you talk so much shit honestlysaying our win this yeat isn’t as good as our win last year really takes the biscuit“

    Northbanker, sorry to offend your fragile sensibilities but it’s not my problem you don’t know what it is you’re looking at.

    Yesterday Arsenal allowed Leicester 4 big chances vs one last year, while we only created one yesterday ourselves.
    Leicester’s xG 2.18 Arsenal’s 1.01

    If your idea of a team great performance is to have your keeper produce multiple world class saves then that’s on you.

  28. Raulishuss

    Sambi is still just filling out. He’s not physically at the required level yet but he’ll get there. I’ll really like us to go for kalvin at leeds or a strong cm in that mould

  29. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal planned to replace Xhaka last summer when it looked like he was moving to Roma.

    Since then he has signed a new contract with Arsenal. So I suspect that he will stay at Arsenal for at least a couple of years.

    This will provide Patino time to bed into the first team. It would not surprise me that Patino
    will replace Elneny in squad for cup games now that Elneny is leaving club in January.

  30. Tom

    The red card issued to Laporte for an identical foul Evans committed on Auba raises the question why Crystal Palace have been the beneficiaries of so many referee decisions over the years.
    They are near the very top of the table in that regard which is surprising considering they don’t play a particularly attacking brand of football.

    United are by far the biggest beneficiaries in the red card pens department with Arsenal treated the worst.
    But Palace is a mystery to me.

  31. Gonsterous

    hope we have the balls to sort the mid in jan and really push this team to get top 4.

    Knowing arsenal, no one will be working behind the scenes to do anything pro actively before the window starts and we may see no one come in. Classic Arsenal!

  32. Gonsterous

    emirates stroller

    for a couple of seasons? Bloody hell, going by that calculation, Xhaka may retire at arsenal.

    We really need to upgrade on him and auba next summer

  33. LoveSausage

    Assuming we’re back in Europe next season, whoever is backup CM will get a lot of minutes. I’d really prefer that not to be Xhaka. His fan club don’t know the difference between predictable and reliable. He may be predictable – it’s why many coaches like him. He’ll follow instructions to a tee. But he’s the opposite of reliable. I’m still not sold on Arteta but we’re trending in the right direction now. We seem to be getting more reliable in producing results. The last thing we need is to put the wildcard that’s Xhaka and his brain farts back into the system.

  34. Northbanker

    Tom – you been holding on to that all night?Jeez. Anyone moaning about a win needs to take a deep breath and stop losing perspective.

  35. Northbanker

    LS – I agree and hope that we can do a Roma deal next Summer. I don’t want an old player though – we’ve had enough of those already. Let’s stick with the strategy now we finally have one.

  36. Northbanker

    Gonsterous – you think that the 5 signings in the Summer were completely unplanned? I doubt that very much.

  37. LoveSausage


    I’d also prefer to stick with the strategy – it’s solid. But I don’t think we’ll be able to avoid splurging on a striker next summer and that’s 60-80M. Not sure how many solid young players we’ll be able to afford. Unless a team like Leeds gets relegated and there’s an opportunity to snap up someone like Kalvin P for an acceptable price.

  38. Gonsterous


    Those 5 signings did not looked planned at all, actually
    Maybe Lokonga was scouted and planned. Odegaard was very much a back up signing if we didnt find a decent mid

    Ramsdale, white and tomiyasu kinda felt left field really. I dont think we were in contact with ramsdale or his representatives till late in the window, similarly tomiyasu was kind of bought in when white got arielly dominated in his first game

    Pro active doesnt really sound like the arsenal way

  39. Gonsterous

    I kind of miss a technical player in the middle of the park for us. The last technical mid we had was Cazorla I think. I dont want to count Ozil because he was more of a CAM

    Hope we sort the mid in jan.

    Also Stan Kroenke making the news again i see!!!

  40. LoveSausage


    We had two bids rejected for Ramsdale earlier in the window as far as I know. So not only did we have contacts earlier – he’s clearly been the number one GK target since the TW opened.

  41. Thank you and goodnight


    I do agree it hasn’t been great but last 3 performances have been a lot better. Yes I agree Leicester missed a few chances and Ramsdale were immense, but in fairness to Arsenal this is almost same team that over last few years have a handed a few of the top sides a spanking/ tough game. We can always improve, always. But if we carry on in this vane then things are def looking up-ish

  42. Northbanker

    So was Ode but we needed ducks in a row with RM. Tomi was kept under the radar but apparently was pursued for months. As far as you can plan transfers, which are often opportunistic by their very nature, then this was planned.

    Tom – you’re getting really desperate with your comments. Message – stop moaning when you win ffs. Its not about comebacks its about enjoying being an Arsenal fan. You clearly aren’t.

  43. Raulishuss

    Ramsdale wasn’t planned. But goonersterous was hammering his supposed link to us in legrove. Lol. Funny state.

  44. Northbanker

    We’re still heavily linked with Noa Lang for the forward position. He’s quick and can play in any of the 3 forward positions. He could therefore be the CF role at something like €35m. May even be a Jan signing.

  45. Northbanker

    Raulihuss – well it comes down to what you mean by planning. We had targeted a GK, had a list of options which included Ramsdale (who seems to have been first choice but slightly clouded by the Onana situation) and approached Sheff Utd and the player probably early TW, maybe even earlier. So yes of course it was planned to the extent you can plan for transfers

  46. LoveSausage


    Very few transfers are “planned”. You plan a strategy. That strategy produces a list of players that have a similar profile. Then you start shaking trees to see what’s realistic. Unless you’re willing to pay a big premium over the market rate, it’s usually circumstances that decide which player you end up with. So you gotta be opportunistic. In that sense, Ramsdale was probably more “planned” than most transfers.

  47. Northbanker

    It must also be said that even low key transfers take a huge amount of work. Identifying the gap, drawing up a shortlist of who you want and in what order is only part of it. Then you’re dealing with the club over fee, the player and the player’s agent, in most cases fending off other interest fro other clubs, then dealing with an army of lawyers once a deal is possible from both club and player, with immigration in many cases as well as the FA and Premier league to effect registration. You have to do this in full throttle with Plan A and at half mast with Plan B. If Plan B comes up before Plan A then that is even more complex (eg Buendia was available before Odegaard).

  48. LoveSausage

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why UEFA doesn’t regulate how agents operate. They’re the source of at least 50% of all complications and 90%+ of all corruption surrounding transfers.

  49. China1

    I don’t care myself if Ramsdale was planned. I care that despite being very expensive for a keeper he’s looking like excellent bang for our bucks. If he maintains this level the club will have been very well vindicated in chasing him and paying what they did. More than happy to credit them with that if he can keep this up.

  50. Raulishuss

    i agree with you. I was just jesting goonersterous cuz he claimed we didnt plan the rams transfer but he was all hysterical on here when we were linked to him here in june

  51. Raulishuss

    What does “been expensive for a goalkeeper” mean? We bought leno for 20m kepa was sold for 70, ederson 30 and rams 24m. It is the going rate this days. Guess some just love to moan a bit.