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Arsenal continued their solid run of results with a win against Leeds at home. That has taken our unbeaten record to 8 in all competitions. Not the be sniffed at.

The club struggled with a non-covid bug going around before the game. Pablo Mari and Benjamin White had clearly been sharing cheeseburger, the Spaniard missed the game entirely, White had to come off as a sub after a storming performance.

I’d call the League Cup starting 11 a serious team. It was a blend of fringe players and first-teamers. The objective clearly was to win the game and progress.

My overall view of the game is that we saw a vindication of the summer moves. There are certain players that stepped in tonight that can’t do the things that the new first-teamers can. Concentration, bravery on the ball, and movement was lacking in certain moments.

Nicolas Pepe had another night to forget. His pattern is to frustrate with the basics, then make a contribution to the result. His header to Cal Chambers broke the deadlock. It’s a real struggle for the Ivorian. He’s clearly very talented, can do things others can’t, has worked on his defensive game… but he’s can’t pull the package everything together into a consistent flow. Still, he’s working hard, there’s always hope.

Martinelli also disappointed. He’s lost his zest. The bang-bang player we loved has gone into his shell. Confidence is low. He’s a far cry from the player Klopp called a GOD OF MEN. He’s young though. It’ll click at some point. Every player goes through it. Part of it will likely be that he’s having to reimagine his game to suit the needs of the team.

Eddie was really good again. His link-up play was great, his touch was really sharp, and his goal was good. A little lucky after he scuffed his shot, but it went in. Arsenal are keen to tie him to a new deal, but I’m not sure the player will have any of it. Which is a bit of a shame because I suspect he’ll go on to score a lot of goals wherever he goes next.

Benny Blanco was a standout for me. Cries of ‘HE WASN’T WORTH THE MONEY’ are looking like they were very much formulated in a vacuum of ‘I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM PLAY.’ Still, if you’re an Arsenal fan, the best type of humble pie to eat is on a saucy centre back that has extremely unique skills. It’s like having Aaron Ramsey in defence. If you press him, he can power 50 yards past you. If you sit back he can find people from distance, consistently. It makes him a tactical nightmare. Against his old club, he was a nuisance all evening. You can see confidence is starting to seep into his game and players around him are starting to understand how to work with him.

Couple of other notable points.

Bernd Leno was superb. He kept us in the game in the first half with some very clever saves. That’s how an ex number 1 needs to roll. Like a total pro. I also loved that he dropped a daisy-cutter through the middle like Ramsdale. He’s been working on that move now he knows what gets rewarded in the new system.

I also thought Bob Holding was good. He’s not a sulker, he puts it all on the line, and did you notice he went on a mazy run like Ben White? Very fun. Good competition improves everyone. It’s great to finally have some.

So we progress to the quarter-finals of the first cup of the season. Two games to get to Wembley (I think?). That’s a nice reward if you can do it. Competition gets harder now as teams begin to take things a little more seriously.

The big one is Leicester at the weekend. Hopefully, we’ll have a full squad of players to choose from. I can’t wait.



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  1. CG

    ””’If someone told you before the season’s start Arsenal, after spending more than anyone, would be 10th after 9 games with a -3 goal difference having played opponents with a 9th place average league position according to five thirty eight’s soccer predictions………..would you take it?””’

    Well put Tom.

    They can get a pat on the back when they climb above Brighton Hove Albion in the league table.

  2. Rich


    Half of this summers spend weren’t here for the first 2 games

    White came down with COVID, and missed game 2+3

    We then played City, an established team that’s taken over £1 billion to construct

    Since our new players have been here, we’re unbeaten in 8, winning 6

    Arteta has to deliver this season, not just top 6, but also the performances have to improve

    But your 9 game argument after the biggest spend, is flawed

  3. Tom

    Actually our opponents average league position was 10th, and I only bring it up to push back on the idea Arsenal’s schedule has been difficult.

  4. Tom

    Rich, all true, just as it will be again in January when AFCON hits and you’ll be here detailing again who didn’t come back 100%fit to justify another bad result.

    Just as you most definitely will do again in May.

    To your credit though, you did the same with Emery at the helm but surprisingly Pedro wasn’t on board then.

  5. Kroenkephobe

    Freedoms should always work both ways, people should be allowed to have opinions we disagree with.

    Wow – a new low. You don’t mean ‘have’ exactly do you? You actually mean being allowed to express them. That’s not OK and you know it – neither morally nor legally.

    And if those opinions you’re evidently so fond of contain hate, prejudice, discrimination or all three, then that’s fine by you it would seem. Typical right wing pseudo intellectual justification for all kinds of violent nasty crimes proposed by people who cry like bedwetting babies when they’re confronted.

    Pedro – please read it again and wield your axe if you’re serious about this being an inclusive site. You don’t need this creeping pernicious rubbish. It does Le Grove a big disservice.

  6. SurferX

    Well, it just goes to show that the comments section at Le Grove is no longer a space for debate than for people to push their agenda’s and make sure their personal optics dont get crushed by Arsenal doing well.

    My point again.. *if* Arsenal win at Leicester;
    P10 W5 D2 L3

    Having played 4 of the usual top-4 contenders. I would say thats no worse than par. Factor in the COVID start and the signings; double of trickey away games in there where other teams will come unstuck (Brentord, Brighton)- thats not looking too bad- thats looking OK.

    My point was how critical the Leicester game is. Win- and we’re looking upwards. Lose, and its a back to making up the ground and building confidence again. Draw- well, the run continues I guess- but it still looks under where I would of hoped.

    But nevermind- no need for a rationale thought or discussion. FIngers crossed Leicester do the business for you 🤞

  7. Zacharse

    Surfer most agree with your take i’d say

    I’m pretty excited for it but i have a sneaking suspicion it could be a tougher game than i’m expecting. Realistically see 0-0

  8. Pedro

    Surfer… I’d agree with you there. It’s always a bit weird when people start rolling off expected wins and losses.

    We are 9 games in. We’re within spitting distance of top 4. If we’re this close come what Jan, it’s a cup run until the end of the season.

    Things that need to be worked on:

    More open play goals
    Tighter defence
    Master those automatons

    I’m with you on Leicester… this is a winnable game, it’s high pressure because of the run, it’s the sort of game that gets you into the top 4.

    (it’s also away)

  9. Rich

    Tom, I’m under no illusion we’ll have bad results this season, but we’ll also get our fair share of good results as well

    I’m not surprised we’ve delivered 2 consecutive 8th place finishes, I could see the rot setting in a mile off

    I’m now as optimistic as I’ve been for a while, and I said this even after our first 3 games

    We’ve got a much better balance to our squad, we’ve got some really good young players, and over the course of 38 games, I’m confident we’ll edge into 5th, and be within spitting distance of 4th

    With a young team, that’ll be a good platform to build from

    Ramsdale is surprising a lot of us, and we’ve got good backup with Leno

    White is beginning to look like a player, Tomiyasu looks the part, Gabriel looks more composed, and Saliba out on loan

    We’ve now got 2 left backs on long contracts, who I like the look of, we’re gradually changing the athletic and technical profile of our defenders

    We’ve got Odegaard + Smith Rowe tied down to 5yr deals, and Saka is one of the most exciting young talents in world football

    The quality of our recruitment and squad planning will depend on how far we can go, but I like the direction of travel, and I like a lot of our players

    I think most managers would have struggled the last few years, Emery was nowhere near the bum some make him out to be, but there’s now light at the end of the tunnel

    Arteta has to deliver minimum top 6, and the football has to improve, if that doesn’t happen, then he’s gone at the end of the season, and we then go and get Hen Hag + Overmars to take over the project, and they’d be inheriting a good young squad with lots of potential

    Analyse our squad now vs last October, and we’re in a much better place

  10. Pedro

    Lol, Tom and CG talking about 10th after 9 games… not 3 points off 4th, 6 points off 3rd.

    Very typical.

    CG, I’m particularly disappointed in you. You spent 3 years campaigning for more British players, now we have them starring, you still can’t be happy about where we are.

  11. SurferX

    Well, for me that fact is there are only two games this season where we have underperformed from a results perspective to what I would of hoped: Brentford & Palace.

    On the flip side, there havent been any results where we have over-performed. I would always expect us to beat the Spuds, Villa, Norwich at home. Burnley away is a good 3 points- but again expected given their form.

    Thats what I guess Im trying to say Zacharse- Id have it down as a draw too. A win or a loss gives a real indicator as to progress- or alternatively points towards false hope. The performance has needed to be better in the last couple of games- Saturday is all about the result for me.

  12. Kroenkephobe


    That implies you prefer a homophobic, racist, anti-semitic and misogynistic (to name but a few) forum in which to express yourself. You OK with all of that? Really?

    Do tell.

  13. Words on a blog


    “Master those automatons”?

    I hope that was a typo and not a Freudian slip reference to Arteta’s players.!

    An automaton is a machine that performs a range of functions according to a predetermined set of instructions.

  14. SurferX

    I hear you Words.. but seriously, Id take a 95th minute shanked off Eddies shin pad against the run of play on Saturday- I dont care how the win comes. Its a game to get over the line however we can.

    It takes the pressure off the Liverpool game after the intl break- it sets us up to get 9 points from 12 before we play United away. Lose- 6 points from 12 going into that and that United Away game starts to look must win rather do not lose.

    MASSIVE game on Saturday for me.

  15. CG


    ”””’CG, I’m particularly disappointed in you. You spent 3 years campaigning for more British players, now we have them starring, you still can’t be happy about where we are.””’

    Well I am disappointed that Arteta and Edu are still in charge so we can be disappointed together.

    If you think its clever spending £75 million on British players White and Ramsdale when the club already has Saliba and Leno – good for you- I dont

    I would rather integrate them and use the resources where they are most needed. ( on attacking players)

    And maybe if Arteta didnt waste time , playing William in pre season matches against Hibs , he might have had the team ready for the season and not lost the first 3 matches.

    He is an appalling Arsenal manager.

    And I won’t change my mind on it.

  16. Bob N16

    Haven, Adams was not slow. But more to the point you can’t be suggesting Holding is in any way comparable to Terry and Adams.

    Rich, I think you’re arguing for the sake of it. There is a red line in this country – if you’re being racist or homophobic then the law as well as common decency is against you. There is no equivocation or debate to be had. There are many other issues that can and should be debated but these tolerant positions aren’t among them.

  17. Kroenkephobe


    If I’m getting under the skin of a miserable cunt like you, I might be a hero to lots of people on here. Thanks little man.

    Now fuck off back to grieving about your idols at Old Trafford. Not been a great week has it?

  18. SurferX

    October 27, 2021 20:35:03

    He is an appalling Arsenal manager.

    And I won’t change my mind on it.


    See, thats what I mean about agendas. Why wouldnt you ever change your mind? If he wins the EPL / champions league in the next 5 years- I think most Arsenal fans would change. If he gets us relegated, I think they would too- whatever their starting position is. For me, top 4 is the target- Europa league is par. Anything less, not good enough.

    Jusy’s out for me.. but, compared to 10 years of ground-hog season under AW; 2 years of dross under Emery; its clearing out the sins-of-the-past (Id name at a dozen more players that need to go) & focus on young players with the right mentality- I’d take this over carrying down the same path we were on. Hes a first time manager- wasnt the expectation that he would make mistakes? Dont they all? He’s made some abolultely garbage decisions- and he’ll make some more Im sure.

    But, bottom line- improvement is marginal gains and incremental- it also has to be consitent and with direction of travel. And it has- the 10 year rot has stopped and we are beginning to get players playing for the club that give a shit, and playing for a manager & style they believe (i loved the Chambers celebration- the mood in camp is clearly good).

    Now, can Arteta push on? Lets see.

  19. Cannonball

    You love accusing people of alter egos don’t you Kronke? Bet you’re a right laugh you utter libtard. Trying to be the king of cancel culture just because you’re a fucking pompous self righteous prick?

    I’ll call a spade a spade. Or aren’t I allow to say that these days?

  20. Kroenkephobe

    That’s cool mate. I like your stuff – it’s thought-provoking, reasonable and well argued. And anyone with a clubbing legacy even longer than mine is all right in my book. 🎧

  21. Bob N16

    Good post Surfer X 20.54.

    A fair few posters are making out that the Leicester result is a make or break match – I’m not sure about that. If we lose badly and it knocks our confidence to the extent that we go on a mediocre run then sure it’ll be significant. But if we lose ‘well’ a narrow defeat or draw then it’s as you were.

  22. CG


    ”””’See, thats what I mean about agendas. Why wouldnt you ever change your mind? If he wins the EPL / champions league in the next 5 years-””’

    Arteta is the type of manager , that will always let you down when you least expect it.

    eg Villarreal at home or Crystal Palace last week.

    He has serious flaws and his judgement is shocking,

    Off course Arsenal could go on and win the league and the European Cup in the next few seasons but they won’t under Arteta. ( maybe Conte)

    Arteta can’t beat Olympiakos at home in 2 attempts.

    Would Chelsea have won the Champions league and now be top of the league under Lampard (their Arteta equivalent) ?

  23. Kroenkephobe


    House! I prepared myself a bullshit bingo card in advance of your reply. I got every right wing cliche correct. Libtard, cancel culture, calling a spade a spade.

    They were all on there! For my prize, I’d like a highlights dvd of that 0-5 reversal you and your Manc mates suffered on Sunday. I bet you’re feeling less than klopptimistic about the rest of the season with Ole Gunnar Gobshite.

  24. Words on a blog

    Bob N16,

    The result (and the performance) against Leicester isn’t make or break for Arsenal or for Arteta.

    But it would go a long way (for me at least) towards establishing that Arteta’s Arsenal is onto something.

  25. Words on a blog

    In the past, under Arteta, whenever I thought that, finally, finally Arsenal we’re establishing an attractive and defined style of play and getting good performances and decent results under their belts, we would pull a stinker.

    Hopefully we’re past that this time.

  26. Bob N16

    WOAB, we could lose against Leicester, draw with Watford and then beat Liverpool( I know highly unlikely), beat Leicester and lose to Watford. Overall we seem to be on the up but our results and performances are inconsistent match by match.

    Drawing with Leicester, beating Watford and losing to Liverpool is most likely but so difficult to predict!

  27. Rich

    Leicester with largely a second string tonight, Rodgers’s priorities lying elsewhere

    Quarter final draw on Soccer AM Saturday morning

    If we’re going to draw a big team, I’d rather do it at home in the quarters, rather than over 2 legs at the beginning of January

  28. Cannonball

    What the are you talking about I’m arsenal you silly cunt. People other than aubergine/Don/bamford can think you’re tragic.

    So fake and you don’t think you’re transparent which is even funnier.

  29. Words on a blog


    Whatever happens to all the heroes, and all the Shakespearos?
    Cesc Appeal,
    Romford Pele
    And many, many more…?

    We’re they banned, or did they just slip -side away?

  30. Pedro

    Automatisms… automatons would probably be a bit more efficient if I’m honest.

    Surfer, agree. It’s taken while to get to this phase of the project for Arteta… but it’s more interesting than what went before and has a higher chance of success now there’s a clear strategy.

    CG just hates anything that isn’t Wenger. He could claim a big win, after telling the club to go pure British for 18 months. Instead, he’s now ignoring that he was essentially right by deciding he doesn’t like that now.

    Very weird chap.

    ‘I’ll never change my mind’… is a huge tell. Just here to troll.

  31. Kroenkephobe

    What the are you talking about I’m arsenal you silly cunt. People other than aubergine/Don/bamford can think you’re tragic.

    There, there cannonball. Maybe you’ve changed your mind after losing so heavily to Liverpool on Sunday. Nice try. Silly cunt? Moi?

  32. SurferX

    Some tough sides in that qtrs draw. Good to avoid chelski, pool, leicester- and ideally get a home draw against whoever.

    Either that or get one of the weaker teams left in- sunderland will do, but lets hope its the spuds.

  33. Matt B

    Bedwetting; Buddhism; discrimination; mortality — the whole shebang on here tonight 🤣

    KB: U okay mate, you’re a tad agy tonight, if you don’t mind me saying so?

  34. reality check

    Arsenal continued their solid run of results with a win against Leeds at home. That has taken our unbeaten record to 8 in all competitions. Not the be sniffed at

    Well you sniffed at Emerys 22 game unbeaten run so after only 8 games for tets, I’ll continue to sniff.

  35. Tony

    Don ++++++ = Canonball

    Cannonball the only name caller on an otherwise peaceful blog chewing the Arsenal fat and with all manner of sensible agreements and disagreements.

    Oh well most of it was good reading with my morning coffee.

    Hate waiting for games.

  36. Sid

    Why do people keep comparing sexuality to race?

    Millions didnt get shipped from their lands to work for free in far places because of sexual preference.
    Millions didnt get butcherd after Von Bismark and his cronies shared out their continent because of sexual preference.

    The comparison is was than the fact that the whole issue is taken casuslly.

  37. S Asoa

    You do make intelligent comments and sure fire predictions about Arsenal.
    Do not let other pedantry overshadow that nous. . Those others don’t judge, at least for that reason you have no right to judge others too

  38. Sid

    Once blame enters the conversation its followed by statements about how no one is perfect a secular version of dogma so the conversation ends.
    With blame you never have to ask hard questions about society.

  39. Pedro

    Sid, like race, sexuality isn’t a choice. So alluding to it as a lifestyle is really fucking crass. If you think the queer community has had it good over the past 1000 years, maybe you are reading the wrong history books.

    Pick it up man.

  40. Sid

    Lets keep it football, supreme leader, your opinion on the sexuality topic is whose than your football opinion.

    Im telling you for free!

  41. Sid

    A bit of history for you,

    For the record in Africa and some Eastern european countries women who could not bear children married child bearing women, it served a purpose,
    the societies that believed racial superiority are the same ones that persecuted LGBT

    Let that sink in!

  42. Pedro

    Sid, I read a lot of history. No country has a clean conscience. But we are talking about the now… and right now, I don’t want to read anyone questioning the legitimacy of being queer. Take that shit to reddit.

  43. Markymark

    Sid why are you talking about sexuality and race when it’s a forum dedicated to Arsenal.
    If your position is you’re against open sexuality then there’s plenty of places ( Daily Mail / Daily Express / Telegraph) to express this , go knock yourself out .
    Lots to talk about on the football front including an 8 game run, a team camaraderie which shows the fringe players wanting to perform, better atmosphere in the ground . It’s all happening right in front of your eyes

  44. Kroenkephobe

    Barcelona looking for a new manager.

    Hopefully they’ll be looking to former graduates of la masia (albeit not properly successful ones like full fat pep, xavi and iniesta).

    I’ll spend an extra hour on my prayer mat today hoping they opt for the diet version.

  45. bacaryisgod


    ‘Lol, Tom and CG talking about 10th after 9 games… not 3 points off 4th, 6 points off 3rd.’

    In the spirit of fairness, we may be 6 points off 3rd but we’re also 6 points off 16th.

  46. Habesha Gooner

    Liverpool, Spurs, Leicester and Chelsea left in the quarters. Would be good to avoid Chelsea and Pool. Other than that all the teams left in the competition are beatable. I don’t know if Arteta has got the balls to do it though. Westham are also on a giant killing run. Brentford aren’t pushovers either. That means we only have Sunderland as an easy draw. We will have to earn it from here on out. Ideally the easiest in succession would be Sunderland, Brentford, Spurs, Leicester city, Westham, Chelsea, Liverpool in that order.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Xavi looks like an excellent coach. He has an identity of football. His Al Saad team looks like prime Barcelona the way they move the ball. He didn’t need to work under pep as a coach to get his method. He is applying it just from the ideas he took as a player. Barcelona would get lucky if he said yes to coaching them at this time.

  48. bacaryisgod


    I think it’s a perfect time for Xavi to take over. Low expectations, unpopular predecessor, club in financial crisis etc. He’ll never become the boss over there when expectations are lower than they are now.

  49. Jamie

    I’m not convinced, Bac.

    They’re broke, some of the remaining seniors will leave the club for little to no money.

    Dembele, Sergi Roberto, Luke de Jong all free agents in 8 months.

    Depay, Coutinho, Aguero, Busquets, Neto, Umtiti need to be extended before summer 2023 or they’ll leave on free transfers too.

    There’s very little money for the next guy to spend. If AM and RM get their shit together, either one could dominate La Liga for the next 4 years imo.

    Fair play if Xavi thinks he can turn the ship around.

  50. Jamie

    It’s not all doom and gloom though.

    OGS will be available soon, and the most elite student of the game knows that he’s an excellent manager.

    Bacra CL winners 2023 with Ole at the wheel.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    There has been too many posts on matters unrelated to Arsenal and Football Matters.

    It is high time that we confine this website to what it was set up to provide.

    If you want to discuss your personal life, politics or any other controversial matters why don’t
    you do so on another relevant website, twitter or facebook where it will be more appreciated.

  52. Ernest Reed

    “It is high time that we confine this website to what it was set up to provide.”

    Why, so you can post the worlds most long winded diatribes that essentially say nothing, ES?

    Invariably this blog is about football and the characters who participate in it. If it bothers you that much, take your encyclopedia strolleratica elsewhere. Or better yet, come up with your own blog. Going to say it, get over yourself, Stroller.

  53. Tony

    “If you want to discuss your personal life, politics or any other controversial matters why don’t you do so on another relevant website, twitter or facebook where it will be more appreciated.”

    Oh the irony.

    People have personalities, ES, try one you might enjoy the experience. Sargent Major is so passé these days.

  54. Rich

    Barcelona are a mess, goes to show that fan/members ownership, isn’t all that it’s made out to be

    They’ve currently got a wage to turnover ratio of 95%, had they kept Messi, it would have been 110%

    Complete lunacy

  55. AFC Forever


    “Anyone who touches the Barca gig at this point needs their head examined.”

    Absolutely. The cupboard is bare.

    Barca have somehow built up debt levels of over £1.2bn.

    Laporta said that the team’s salaries exceeded 103% of its income in August, which is between 20%-25% higher than any of their competitors. La Liga put their foot down, Messi had to go and Laporta went on record as saying it would take approximately 18 months to resolve. That was optimistic because revenue was already 25% down and is going to drop like a stone without Messi and as results decline.

    The days when they were paying artificially inflated transfer fees and salaries, like other doped clubs currently do, is over. Massive job for whoever comes in.

  56. Rich

    AFC Forever

    It could get much worse if they lose CL revenue, which looks like a real possibility

    They need to go out and get a top director of football, Barcelona will always be a big draw for players

    Not sure how they got in such a mess with revenues exceeding €800 million, Arsenal have been run badly in recent years, but Barcelona are on a whole different level on incompetence

  57. Emiratesstroller


    I have a very wide range of interests, which are not confined to football, but I don’t discuss them on Le Grove.

    Ernest Reed

    That is your opinion. If you don’t like them then don’t read them. What exactly do you contribute to the website. I have yet to read anything worthwhile from you.

  58. AFC Forever


    Absolutely. Dropping out of the CL would be a disaster for them.

    The problem was they were able to get away with it for years. La Liga finally got a grip, the impact of the pandemic forcing them to face up to reality.

    Football is a business. Unfortunately it’s not been run that way by a lot of clubs. I always said the financial doping wouldn’t end well because all it does is creates an artificial market. Barca and Real couldn’t sustain the debt they were building up to keep ahead of each other and up with the oil clubs. A bottomless oil well is good for nobody and now we have another in the North East.

    I read somewhere that Barca was the most valuable club in the world, worth around £4.5bn. However, with revenue on the decline and the reality of losing CL football, that valuation is going to fall too. That club is.a basket case.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    AFC Forever

    Real Madrid and Barcelona were never genuine businesses. They were regarded as institutions
    in Spain and Catolonia to be propped up by the state, local government or banks.

    Both clubs have been mismanaged over a very long period of time.

  60. Ernest Reed

    “What exactly do you contribute to the website. I have yet to read anything worthwhile from you.”

    I contribute what i choose, but at least i cant be accused of putting everyone to sleep with 46 paragraphs of ramblings in each of my posts. Are you even capable of getting your point across in less than 25 words, ES?

  61. AFC Forever


    “It is high time that we confine this website to what it was set up to provide.If you want to discuss your personal life, politics or any other controversial matters why don’t
    you do so on another relevant website”

    Well said ES.

    Some unpleasant ego’s on here far too keen to force their opinions onto other people about everything! It’s always about them, intolerance is their virtue. The self promotion and narcissistic traits are evident. These people aren’t interested in Arsenal, our players or what we all think, they just want to be right about everything to feed their egos. They’ll be on a range of blogs and social media behaving like this, because it’s always about them. Don’t engage.

  62. Rich

    AFC Forever

    I disagree about the inflation in fees + wages, because things usually go full circle

    The best thing for inflation, is usually more inflation

    As talent becomes more valuable, the market will natural produce what’s valuable in much higher quantities

    We’re already seeing it with the amount of quality young players now being produced in this country, and I expect this to go into overdrive over the next 15-20 years

    The more talent we produce, the less valuable talent becomes, and fees + wages will naturally balance out

    Talent will then naturally filter downwards, making the league naturally more competitive, and to some degree mitigate the benefits of additional revenue of the bigger clubs

    The additional wage bills will then become a hinderance, as moving on deadwood becomes impossible, as the playing field naturally balances out

  63. Emiratesstroller

    Ernest Reed

    I did not start the personal you did.

    For the record I suggest that you look at my posts over last two weeks. The vast majority of my posts are no more than two or three paragraphs.

  64. Ernest Reed

    Again ES, you go your way and i will go mine. I am respectful enough of you to stay clear – our opinions differ and thats Just the way it is. I mean no ill will towards you and that is where i stand.

  65. Kroenkephobe

    Is that really the best you can do? A 12 hour lapse followed by that? I’ve shit worse insults than that before breakfast. They put you back in that straitjacket in Strange ways and upped your medication didn’t they.

    As an ardent red-devil, you need to be exorcised from this site again. Swivelling head, project vomit the whole shebang. Get thee behind me manure man…

    Not impressed by the racist undertone with two erstwhile players who also happen to be islamic and the magic carpet but that’s your shtick you fucking sad clown.

  66. Kroenkephobe

    A humble apology for straying from the Arteta adulation narrative we’re supposed to be following on here. I’ll do better next time if you promise to ban racist cannonball, Don, aubergine.

  67. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Jamie

    He’s right – look at the Weimar Republic, Iraq, Zimbabwe, any tinpot Latin American dictatorship and you’ll see how well they all ended.

    An economic pygmy who admitted he doesn’t read books. All you need to know.

  68. AFC Forever


    “Real Madrid and Barcelona were never genuine businesses. They were regarded as institutionsin Spain and Catolonia to be propped up by the state, local government or banks.Both clubs have been mismanaged over a very long period of time.”


    Interesting story about the training ground.

    The Galactico period under Perez was paid for by the Spanish Government through corruption. The re-zoning of the land rand the e-valuation and direct proceeds that followed, wiped out their debt, finance the Galactico period and improve the stadium considerably.

    How they did it. The land surrounding the RM Ciudad Deportiva training ground was no longer on the outskirts of Madrid, it had become a transportation hub with the north of the city and a financial area. Its location along the Castellana increased the land’s value further. With Real Madrid’ in considerable debt towards the end of the 1990s, crafty plans surfaced to re-zone and commercially develop the land. However, nothing happened until the presidency of Florentino Pérez who knew a bit about how to make things happen.

    In 2000, the plan to re-zone the area of Ciudad Deportiva was re-introduced, voted on, and approved in the Madrid parliament for non-commercial purposes – Madrid immediately moved to sell the property for financial gain. By re-zoning the area, Perez and the Government revalued the land and somehow created an incredible 5,400% rise in it’s value. Yes, a 5,400% increase in value. It was a massive windfall for RM who were struggling to compete with Barcelona.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    I try not to engage in “personalised” attacks unless they are directed at me an are both persistent or unwarranted.

    I have never complained about anyone having a different opinion to me nor do I object to constructive criticism even if it is not merited.

    For the record I was in favour of Arteta being appointed Head Coach, but I felt that his appointment as Manager was premature.

    There are very few people who have played or worked alongside Arteta who do not rate his
    coaching ability. The idea that at 38 he was neither experienced enough nor ready to be
    head coach is absolute nonsense.

  70. Tom

    “It’s not all doom and gloom though.OGS will be available soon, and the most elite student of the game knows that he’s an excellent manager.

    Bacra CL winners 2023 with Ole at the wheel. “

    Jamie, wasn’t 2023 supposed to be our turn ?
    Although without Willian in the squad I’m not sure Arteta can pull it off now.

  71. Rich


    Inflations usually happens when there’s a shortage of something in the market

    There’s pent up demand, or protectionist policies

    The reason we have mass inflation at the moment, is because we’ve had de facto communism placed across the western world for the past 18 months, where the governments have controlled the market, decided what can open and what can’t, they’ve stopped training drivers, and this is the result of idiotic and power mad bureaucrats, trying to control something, that can only really be managed

    If there’s a shortage of something in the market, then a truly free market will make up that demand, because people usually invest their time and resources into things that are becoming more profitable, that then makes up the shortages, and prices balance out

    The same with deflation, if there’s deflation, there’s usually an oversupply of something in the market, and the free market will deal with that excess all on its own, because the market becomes too uncompetitive to draw any profits

    If a business isn’t profitable or sustainable, then it goes bankrupt

    If a government department isn’t sustainable and has loas of excess waste, then they just come for more of our money.

    The reason top talent has become so valuable, is because there’s a shortage of top talent

    So what clubs are now doing is investing heavily in youth development

    They’re looking into cognitive ability (muscle memory), investing in sports science, and looking into how we teach people to deal with stress, pressure, and expectation

    As they begin to crack this code, top talent will be produced in much higher quantities, and wages + fees will naturally balance out

    Because the more top talent that gets produced, the less valuable top talent becomes

    You can disagree with me on the ability of the market to produce really top talent in huge quantities

    But you can’t disagree with me on the effects on fees + wages, if the market goes that way

    Because why would anyone pay more than they had too? If there’s an abundance of something?

  72. GoonerDave

    To anyone who says judging people is wrong – why are you judging others for their judging? And why are you exempt from your own bullsh1t statement?

    And the pearler of the day – science has proved there is no such thing as free will. Firstly, science does not prove things. It amasses evidence and uses experiments to form solid, working hypotheses. Secondly, your statement is patently false. Science has never, ever proved that free will doesn’t exist. Ask any neuroscientist or game theorist. Some atheist scientists have been desperately trying to get rid of free will, but to date they haven’t been successful. Truly disgusting rubbish, excusing pedo evil based upon “science” that doesn’t exist at all.

  73. PhD2020

    RichOctober 28, 2021    11:51:39

    “The best thing for inflation, is usually more inflation”
    JamieOctober 28, 2021    12:00:45
    “The best thing for inflation, is usually more inflation”

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    Why are you exactly surprised by said poster’s comments Jamie..?At least he’s consistent and has form…Just to be clear,let’s look into his ramblings over the last year at the very least..

    Here’s a few legendary comments from said poster (see below) over time…

    RichMarch 16, 2021    20:54:59


    Economics is an exact science, the same as mathematics
    There’s only one version

    RichMarch 16, 2021    23:21:11

    The equations made to measure the data in economics are an exact science, this isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact

    You can argue over the data, but the fundamental concept of what happens when you add or take something away, is an exact science

    For every action there’s a reaction

    If you add something, you have to take it away from somewhere else

    The fundamental principle of how economic works, is an exact science, how the data is interpreted isn’t, because human beings are flawed

    RichMarch 16, 2021    23:37:08

    Thomas Edison quote

    “I’ve not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work”

    It’s the same with economics, economics is an exact science

    They’ve just not found the correct data to input, or the correct way of interpreting that data

    Human beings are flawed, not the exact scientific principle of economics
    JamieMarch 16, 2021    23:56:30

    A few economists sitting at a table discussing the benefits of developing countries borrowing to accelerate the growth in their economies:

    1st guy: governments can issue bonds at a sustainable rate to invest in infrastructure and accelerate GDP growth

    2nd guy: governments can borrow to overcome market failures in the private sector and to diversify product dependency

    3rd guy: reduce the burden on the tax payer by implementing structural governance reform and stimulate the private sector to increase foreign investment

    Rich: Supply and demand, mate. It’s an exact science.


    China1March 17, 2021    00:45:04

    Rich science and economics are different because science like maths is infinitely repeatable and testable and results will be the same an infinite number of times over because the answer to a scientific question is based on scientific laws

    Economics exists in a field where it is impossible to recreate conditions and it is ultimately based on the behavior of people. And our behavior is not infinitely repeatable or predictable because we are not consistently all rational to follow the same behavior this why human behavior is not consistently predictable and thus our economy is not either

    China1March 17, 2021    01:07:38

    In the example Jamie have above there isn’t one person on the planet (past present or future) who can say with 100% certainty which of those 3 options he gave will be the right one. And even if you have them all access to all of the data imaginable (not realistic) their decision would still be based on incomplete data and trying to use that to predict an uncertain future

    That’s not how science works

    RichMay 26, 2021    20:34:45

    Who is Richie “Adam” Smith?

    RichJune 6, 2021 22:23:08
    “I got kicked out of school at 14, not being educated by the system, and not being well read, is one of my best qualities”

    RichJune 6, 2021 22:23:08

    I find the better the school or university someone attended, the more stupid they are, unfortunately they can’t teach common sense, and they don’t teach anywhere near enough critical thinking

  74. Kroenkephobe

    A kafir mocking using a prayer mat is far more offensive. What’s a magic carpet got to do with a prayer mat? That’s on you and your pathetic outlook

    As the Sun might have said, ‘gotcha’. You’ll be out of here by the time I return to read this over a late afternoon cup of tea. I guess it was just my turn to spotlight what an awful man u supporting arsehole you are. Can’t say it’s been nice knowing you in this guise either. Oh, by the way, a prayer mat is non denominational you ignorant twat. The word Kafir is truly repulsive – fuck off to Britain First or Millwall.

    AFCF – the Arsenal fanboy – forever!

  75. Rich

    How do you not understand that if something becomes more valuable, then the best way to make it less valuable, is to create more of what’s in short supply, in higher quantities

    That process will happen naturally, because people usually invest their time + resources, into things that are becoming more profitable

    The more people who fill that pent up demand, the more prices naturally balance out, as that demand reduces

    If then too many people enter that profitable market, prices won’t just balance out, they’ll go down, because people will be desperate to dispose of the surplus

    The market will deal with the surplus all on its own, and prices will naturally begin to rise again, as less people enter a deflated market, just as investors flew into a price inflated market

    Exact science!

  76. englandsbest


    Defending yourself against chroic name-callers is like Neville’s chat with Adolph: a total waste of time

  77. Jamie


    “If there’s a shortage of something in the market, then a truly free market will make up that demand”

    There’s no such thing as a ‘truly free market’. Start your investigation there as to why that is and work backwards.

    Report back with results.

  78. PhD2020

    RichJune 6, 2021 22:23:08
    “I got kicked out of school at 14, not being educated by the system, and not being well read, is one of my best qualities”

    Think this sums up the poster in a nutshell..No need to add much more.The total state of it…

  79. Emiratesstroller


    I did not defend myself.

    I reacted, which perhaps I should not do.

    However, its clear that even Pedro has grown sick and tired of those posters who have
    constantly attacked him and also reacted.

  80. Rich


    So you disagree with my opinion that top talent will be produced in much higher quantities over the next 20 years, due to talent becoming so valuable?

    That talent will filter downwards as a result, and to some degree negate the benefits of additional revenue

    And that will create a system where a higher wage bill will actually become a hinderance, rather than an advantage, as surplus will become almost impossible to shift?

  81. Jamie

    Rich –

    “So you disagree with my opinion that top talent will be produced in much higher quantities over the next 20 years, due to talent becoming so valuable?”

    Define ‘much higher quantities’.

  82. WengerEagle

    ‘Are you Bamford?’

    Nope, not even close to enough ‘dipshit’, ‘cheers’, ‘wagers’, mentions of being a Harvard grad/student of the game, Ole’s eye colour/general essence and the word ‘twat’ doesn’t even begin to feature in his vocabulary.

    He always makes sure to censor his swears too as he is a teacher of kids for Christ sakes. Not because he is a pumped up, grossly out of proportion, richter scale obliterating Fanny that is tipping over the State of Florida.

    But most of all, no mention of his true love, the Opera/Lemons as per his fascinating Twitter feed.

  83. WengerEagle

    How are things PHD? Lot of football related shit to discuss:

    – JDP/The Arsenal
    – New signings
    – Bantersville over at OT/Nou Camp/Spudland
    – Rafa and Everton
    – Benz and Real
    – Paddy V and Palace
    – PSG’s front 3 struggles

    And much more. More talk of flying carpets and economics on here today though! 🤣

  84. Rich


    In the hundreds certainly, maybe even a few thousand, definitely enough to fill out all the PL squads with exceptional talent, and consistent match winners

    Then when you take into account the superior revenues of PL teams, they’ll also able to pick off players from any clubs they want outside 10-15 clubs across the entire world

    If you look at the collection of young talent this country is currently assembling, it’s already in significantly higher quantities than at any point that I’ve seen it

    The next generation of talent will be even better IMO

    I don’t think Arsenal picking Smith Rowe + Saka out of their academies within 12 months is an abnormality, I think it’s the new normal

    Look at the talent Chelsea are producing and loaning out, they’ve got a huge surplus, there’s not enough space for them all to come through

    This is the reason I think they tried to create a closed off league, they can see what’s coming down the track, and the increased competitiveness due to higher quantities of talent, really threatens the statuesque

  85. AFC Forever


    “He always makes sure to censor his swears too as he is a teacher of kids for Christ sake. But most of all, no mention of his true love, the Opera/Lemons as per his fascinating Twitter feed”.

    That is priceless. How on earth can anyone with his personality defect teach kids? As for the Opera and Lemons are you sure it’s the same bloke? If it is, he’s not mentally sound to teach kids. I find that shocking.

  86. PhD2020

    WengerEagleOctober 28, 2021 14:25:09
    How are things PHD? Lot of football related shit to discuss:– JDP/The Arsenal

    Not bad over this side of the sea.
    What about you?
    How have you been keeping?

    Spoilt for choice,on the topics you listed….


    Tough choices to pick..Let’s maybe start with..Hmmm….
    1)JDP/The Arsenal…?
    2) Paddy V and Palace
    3) Rafa & Everton
    4) Bantersville over at OT/Nou Camp/Spudland

    Not sure if you saw this post(see time post below) before during your time out,check it out and what’s your take?

    PhD2020October 5, 2021 08:02:43

  87. AFC Forever

    ‘Vardy is available’

    I’m not as worried about him as I would have been last season.

    In my opinion, Tielemans is the one that you have to keep quiet, he makes them tick. Does his job without too much fuss and finds pockets of space to hurt teams.

  88. WengerEagle


    Will check out that post, always enjoys reading yours.

    Re us:

    – Have to hold my hands up on Ramsdale, he has been very impressive and I did not want him in the summer gone. Long may it continue but a definite upgrade on Leno right now and seems to be made of the right stuff. His presence reminds us all of dare I even mention his name? The Argentine PK jock.

    – Like the look of Tomiyasu, he started strongly vs Norwich/Burnley but has faded in recent weeks. He is definitely a CB playing at RB as he offers us little offensively but tbh he offers an honest running option/channel and is a duracell bunny down the flank so he isn’t completely nullified going forward and is a headache to track. I would like to see him improve his final ball though, it isn’t close where we need it to be. Aerial monster and solid defensively, another that looks to have the right attitude. Quietly encouraging for me but with room for improvement.

    -Lokonga has been a mixed bag but he looks well off PL pace right now imo. I really do see his potential though, he was spraying some brilliant passes vs Norwich and he can definitely put in a defensive shift/has the legs to be effective there long-term. He seems overwhelmed and put of his depth in certain games which is to be expected for a 21(?)year old kid from Belgium.

    – Tavares hasn’t had much of a chance, has done ok when called upon. Pretty much what it says on the tin for a back up LB.

    – And best till last, Mr Benjamin ‘Franz’ White. I’ll be honest, for all of Pedro’s fapping over his ball skills/distribution I haven’t been impressed. Pretty much as I said in the summer when we shelled out £50m for him, a Rolls-Royce CB ala VVD he is not. As good as he may be on the ball, he is suspect defensively and aerially.

    Did not like him vs Brentford, Palace or Norwich where he was routinely caught out and the former two made us pay. He will cost us points this season and imo it may well be more than he will gain us through his fabled ball skills. We cpuld have definitely gotten a better player for £50m, no doubt about it.

    And he dislikes football, lol. I mean, nothing wrong with that per se but it’s never great hearing that from a player especially one in such a tactically and concentration oriented position like CB where analysis of your opponents can give you an edge.

  89. Karsa

    When has Ben White said he dislikes football?

    In the quotes I read he said he loves football, but doesn’t feel the need to sit watching games when he comes home after his day job.

  90. WengerEagle

    Dislikes watching it Karsa, you’re right.

    He doesn’t actively follow it at all or have an interest outside of playing it. Still not ideal for your lead man at the back to have little to no idea who he is coming up against each week.

  91. Thank you and goodnight


    Agree with you on Ben white. You look at the way Saliba played against PSG and Mbappe and then compare it to white against Brentford and Norwich. I have to give credit where it’s due on the other signings as it’s a vast improvement on previous seasons, and 4 of our signings I’m impressed with, but I’m also not convinced about Ben White either.