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Arsenal vs Leeds is always a special game for me. Family connections, heated early 2000s rivalry, it’s usually a fun 90.

The big question this evening is how junior Arteta goes. Some are saying we should be going for the League Cup as we have limited trophy options. I agree with that, but also think we need to give some development minutes to players that aren’t out on loan.

Rumour has it that Salah is going to join the squad, possibly because Charlie Patino picked up a slight ankle injury. The attacking midfielder has been a regular feature in the post-game comps with the kids. He signed from Feyenoord on a free last season and apparently he’s a beast of a worker in training. His footwork is great, he’s very creative, and he looks like the type of player that is going to have goals in his future.

Who knows what the rest of the side will look like.

I suspect we’ll see Martin Odegaard who has been a bit up and down with regards to form. Eddie will probably start up top, maybe with Pepe on the other side of him. This is another game for Martinelli to force his way into the starting 11. His start to the season has been a bit bland.

In defence, I think we’ll see run outs for last seasons defenders. Holding and Mari will be at the back, Cedric on the right, no idea who picks up the left considering Tierney’s injury.

Midfield will probably be BIG MO and AMN. Martin acting as the creative lever.

The subs bench will also be interesting. Maybe it’ll be first team heavy for a rescue operation?

It’d be lovely to continue our 7 game unbeaten run. Heading into the early Leicester kick-off with another victory just adds to the confidence.

Let’s see what the boys have got. Hopefully, we can field a debutant as well!

See you in the comments. We’ll be dropping in with an OTW podcast… Johnny is back.




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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    Have to say that’s 2 games we’ve been a lot better. Always can improve but credit where it’s due. As for Eddie Nketiah, I’m sure he wasn’t that fast last season. He was rapid tonight. Happy night, so all good

  2. Gommit

    Go S’ton!

    I guess Salah and/or Bala would have gotten few minutes if not for the sudden change with Holding coming off.. Would have been nice to see them get minutes. But great to see our B team win a relative strong Leeds team.

  3. Kris

    Forgettable game, but a win is a win, and the performance was likeable, if strewn with too many mistakes.
    QF draw on Saturday.
    Hope Chelsea lose PKs, but knowing them they’ll squeeze through again.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    Good win. It is still fine margins football. But you won’t find me complaining when most of the players that played are our reserves. AMN was impressive. Holding did well and a much better 2nd half from Cedric. ESR is as always a joy. I love his whipped in smooth corners. They are becoming a weapon. Martinelli and Eddie too did better in the 2nd half too.

  5. Pierre

    For his goal, majestic first touch by Eddie , followed by an exquisite 2nd touch , followed by a very fortunate touch to score ..

    Deserved man of the match for Eddie , don’t doubt him, he is our best striker, and best at holding the ball and linking the play… .just needs game time

  6. AFC Forever

    Very impressive. The work on the training ground is clearly having an impact. We close the spaces well and have an intensity about us. At half time we stepped it up and played a bit higher up the pitch. They didn’t trouble Leno in the 2nd half.

    As I said before the game, players needed to prove there is competition for places. They did that.

  7. MidwestGun

    I thought he missed it… mostly because of the look on Eddies face … like oh shit. anyhow.. He played well.. BUt I actually thought AMN was my surprise player. Did much better then I expected.

  8. AFC Forever


    I can’t stand Chelsea or their fans. Horrible club. The Will Smallbone penalty was as bad as his name. So lucky.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    Our best striker??? He is a an okay player but he is not our best striker. Almost all of them are equal to or better than him. He will probably be a starter at a midtable club over the next few seasons. He works his ass off and hats off to him. But that is what is most likely to happen.

  10. MidwestGun

    AFC yep.. Can’t stand them.. hate them the most. Sure Spuds and Man U and Scousers.. but when it comes to Chelski … they are the worst of the bunch. for me. Plus my Brother being a Chelski supporter because he was dropped on his head as a youth doesnt help.

  11. AFC Forever


    Yep I thought he missed. Still not sure how it went in. Great first and second touch, the third was a complete mishit.

  12. bacaryisgod

    Even though the game was on TV over here, I was unable to watch it. I check the score to see a nice 2-0 win and figured that was that. Then I scroll through the comments on here and it looks like we were in the middle of an apocalyptic meltdown. In-game comments really aren’t a smart idea most of the time. It’s so focused on minor individual errors and ignores the bigger picture.

  13. Buckagh

    Was ready to curse Eddie for a shocking miss but he luckily scored
    No mention of the two sublime touches, before the misshit though

  14. Rich

    Nketiah always puts in a shift, made his own luck tonight

    Arteta said Mari had a bug, and White had a bug as well, that’s why he took him off

  15. AFC Forever


    Yep saw that. Spoke well I thought. Must be pleased to see players step up & slot in so well. Second half intensity was good, playing higher helped we stifled them.

    . Don’t think Leno had a save to make second half. Team spirit shining through, this is a hungry bunch playing for their shirts. I just wish Lacazette had scored with that chance he created for himself, epitomised the shift our players put in against a strong Leeds side. Great win.

  16. Nelson

    The Sunday People, via Sports Mole, claim that Newcastle United are interested in signing the Frenchman from Arsenal in January.

    Depending on how much they are willing to pay. We may be able to use the funding to sign a good CM. Eddie seems to be serviceable.

  17. Rich

    There was no bedwetting from me when we signed White, but certainly a raised eyebrow, I thought we might have been signing him to play the Cancelo role, the signing didn’t make such sense.

    But he was good on Friday, and the best player on the pitch before he went off tonight, he’s definitely got some interesting qualities, the left foot ball over the top in the first half was sublime

    Holding had a decent game tonight as well

  18. Rich

    Arteta on Nketiah:

    “I have full belief that he is going to be a top, top player and hopefully at Arsenal. I’m happy to have him, he is our player, I regard him really highly and from my side I want him to stay.”

  19. MidwestGun

    it looks like we were in the middle of an apocalyptic meltdown.
    Really? I thought they were pretty tame compared to normal.. YOu always have a few that have a hard on for different players and they will never play well enough. . Pepe was poor if thats what you were talking about? Not sure what the bigger picture means when your commenting on a match in real time.. that doesnt even make sense.? First half was about even but we came out second half and stepped up our press and wore them down. The bigger picture is we are better then Leeds as we should be. with our payroll.. the squad is much deeper then theirs.

  20. MidwestGun

    I like commenting on a match in real time.. its what being a fan is all about … getting emotional and living and dying by every minute.. and sharing that with other fans. If people dont like what I have to say in the heat of the moment then too bad

  21. MidwestGun

    I got no complaints with White if he plays like the last 2 matches. The issue for me with him and Ramsdale fo rthat matter was paying the premium for Homegrown.. and on defense when we needed goal scoring. and midfield help.. But if they play like they have been then Ill forget about all that.. Still think the biggest move we could have made over the last transfer windown was to replace Xhaka. Loko might turn out to be that guy but was encouraged that maybe AMN has a role to play.

  22. MidwestGun

    I know Bacary probably wasnt talking about me.. but still I think we should enccourage more comments during the games not less. it makes it more fun for overseas fans like me that can’t experience theh stadium atmosphere or even a pub. Greatful to Pedro for giving us this forum.

  23. MidwestGun

    Good post game Podcast Pedro.. but your imitation of an American accent at the start… absolutely horrible. Was that an attempt at a New York accent? as well.. hahaha Just dont ever try it again.. is all I’m saying.

  24. Tony

    Happy for the win, but didn’t see the game, so can’t make any valid comments.

    Also happy for Eddie, but why no Martinelli and Bolagun?

    Looking forward to the early KO away to Leicester.

  25. MidwestGun

    Tony, Martinelli played.. he had a lot of energy but honestly was all over the place and really made not a lot of impact on the game. He was fouled a lot. Balogun I thought would play… but since the game was scoreless so long I think they decided to stick with Eddie as he was having the most impact of our front line.

  26. Tony

    Thanks Middy I checked Live Score app, but must’ve been sleepier than I thought.

    Do you think Martinelli’s injury has taken its toll or something he’s not clicking with, as he was when he first arrived. Had high hopes for the lad, still do.

  27. Zacharse

    In super agents running clubs related news
    From bbc:
    Football agent Mino Raiola has been rejected by Manchester United midfielder Donny van de Beek after he approached the 24-year-old Dutch midfielder to be his new representative.

    Might not look bad under diet pep

  28. MidwestGun

    Do you think Martinelli’s injury has taken its toll or something he’s not clicking wi
    Well it’s hard to say… the skill and energy is clearly still there, but his directness and feel for goals.. is out of sync I would say . Its like he is picking up the ball in areas that arent dangerous and trying to beat 2 or 3 defenders a lot. I still think he can be really good but his confidence in what he is doing seems off. Ive never thought he needed a loan before now.. but Im starting to think that might be best unless he has a breakthrough in a game and gets his mojo back.

  29. Tony

    You could be right Middy a loan in Jan for the rest of the season away from the pressures at the club and a fresh environment would feel like a reset for Martinelli or at least I hope it would.

    Certainly looks like it’s worked for Guen and Saliba.

    Gallagher the Chavs loan is getting good reviews and seems happy at Palace.

    Lack of MF cover worries me more than the strikers scoring if I’m honest. Should have blooded Patino or Azeez once we were 2 up last night.

    Sounds like AMN steeped up some yesterday, so that’s something.

  30. MidwestGun

    I thought we would blood a few more youth too.. but the way the game played out honestly wasn’t that good for it either. I believe Patino has an ankle injury so was not there. Most of our second half subs were forced due to injury.. We had to sub for both White and Holding. The only sub I questioned was Lacazette late on.. think we could have put Balogun in then perhaps but not sure what 10 or 15 mins is really going to do. And yes I thought AMN was one of our best players. yesterday. He was engaged and progressive and showed his speed. So that was encouraging. As compared to Elneny who was the opposite.

  31. Gonsterous

    Didn’t watch the game, but I heard white was great last night.

    Laca definitely playing for a contract atm. Seen it before with Walcott, auba etc. Same old story

    Leno looked good in goal. I think he prefers being No.2, the underdog. Less pressure. Good games are expected from a no.1 keeper but are praised when it’s a no.2 ,keeper and leno likes it that way.

  32. Gonsterous

    Good confidence booster going into the weekend. Hope we don’t over play ESR, because he’s one of the main players in this team, without him, our attack doesn’t function.

  33. bacaryisgod

    Here’s what’s infuriating about Arteta. We see a decent team performance against Leeds, another clean sheet and a momentum building Cup win.

    He says all the right things about wanting Eddie to stay and how valued he is as a player and then he says this…..

    ‘He’s got a lot of players as well that they play in that position and he’s got a personal situation, but I try to leave that aside and try to give him what he deserves’.

    If Eddie has a personal situation why bring it up? It’s just another foot in mouth moment from Arteta when he was doing so well.

  34. S Asoa

    Artera predictably says to everyone who saves his bacon that he has future with the Club – no matter his having sent him into the bin like Pedro does, so as to break the player down and make him a mental wreak. That is the modus operandi of top class exploiters

  35. bacaryisgod


    Not really fair on Laca as he’s always tried hard for us, even when he’s out of form. He’s a pro and that shows in the respect that the younger players have for him and the guidance he’s given many of them in the last few years.

    That doesn’t mean he should stay but he deserves more credit for his positive attitude than a contract year theory..

  36. MidwestGun

    Yep White was great… he is starting to make more of those line breaking runs. And defended his side pretty well. If he does that against the big boys I will be very impressed. He can start next match against Leicester its shaping up as a huge match for us to guage any progress.

  37. bacaryisgod


    Fair point-I was referring to the knee-jerk negativity across the board during games. I won’t call it bedwetting because certain people have soiled that phrase on here (yes, that’s intentional)

    I would love more comments during games but it would be nice if some of them weren’t so boorish.

  38. bacaryisgod

    Midwest-missed your earlier comment. The bigger picture means that of course you can point out that Pepe is having a bad game but then it becomes all about how useless he is in general and not about the actual game itself.

  39. MidwestGun

    Hey BIG.. I probaby reacted to that a little over the top. .. I agree there is always a few commenters during the game your like what are you talking about we are winnng.. I mainly just try to ignore them..

    We are good… I think we have both been on here forever .. haha So its all good

  40. bacaryisgod


    I think it’s also a little to do with me. When you’re not watching the game or following the comments in real time, you have a little more separation from the ongoing drama. I was just updating the score and saw 0-0 (ok), 1-0 (nice) and 2-0 (we’re through) and it was a more relaxing experience than I’ve felt for a while!

  41. MidwestGun

    Ill admit soemtimes its like a feedng frenzy on certain players during the games but Pepe deserved the crticism today.. He was awful.. think he lost the ball 8 times in just the first half alone. and consistently ended our attacks.

  42. China1

    Game was too late for me but I’ll take that result all day

    Clean sheet
    2 goals including one from Eddie
    Through in the cup

    Anything else is a bonus. We’re on good form currently. Arteta has dug himself out of what looked like a potentially dangerous rut with those two draws and a win this weekend will cement our place as being well out the other side.

    Unbeaten in a fair while. Good stuff. More please!

  43. China1

    If we beat Leicester at the weekend that would be fantastic. Firstly the momentum would be really valuable to us but secondly they’re a direct rival for 4th. An extremely valuable 3 points. I’d love a good performance but the 3 points is my concern, get a win over the line any which way and I’ll take it.

    That would leave us with watford remaining before the likely defeat to liverpool. We need to give 2000% to get these 6 points so that we’re in a really solid place before the pool game and won’t have to be too bothered when we *probably* lose.

  44. China1


    My target would be a minimum of 8 points from this run. The main priority needs to be wins against watford and Newcastle and at least draws with Leicester and Utd. Liverpool would love a result but let’s not expect anything, it would be a bonus to get anything.

    First things first tho, Leicester. Would be a brilliant 3 points if we can get them

  45. China1

    It’s then Everton Southampton and west ham so this run of games will tell us a lot about how our season is likely to pan out.

  46. MidwestGun

    Yep China.. and over the Arteta reign it seems like every time we are about to break out of the mid table doldrums.. We lose. Crushing any positivity I might be feeling. Time to break that cycle.

  47. China1

    If we’re still hanging in there within a few points of top 4 by Christmas that will be a job well done to that extent. Let’s see how it goes.

    If we can get to Christmas within 3 points of top 4 then I propose we adopt a Christmas tree table for the remainder of the season to ensure we get over the finish line lol

  48. China1

    Midwest yeah we’ve been stung too many times to be that hopeful anymore

    But let’s beat Leicester. 3 points here and the mood is good at least for now!

  49. China1

    The problem with Eddie is arteta wants him to stay but doesn’t much want him to play 😅

    Therein lies the issue…

  50. Leedsgunner

    If Arteta isn’t going to give Martinelli and Balogun game time we need to send them out on loan in January so they get minutes under their feet and restore their confidence.

    Based on last night’s performance it appears that Nketiah’s locked in the “third” striker position. Strange if true, considering he hasn’t committed his future to the club.

    It makes me think, I wonder if Nketiah is close to signing a new contract… maybe Arteta is giving him game time to convince him?

    Do I think Nketiah has a genuine long time future at the club? No… but neither do I want him to leave on a free.

    If he signs a new contract I can see Arsenal receive at least £20m for him from newly minted clubs like Newcastle or promotion chasing Championship clubs…

  51. Leedsgunner

    Bournemouth, Fulham and West Brom the top three in the Championship right now.

    If they are still there come January I can see them very interested in taking our youngsters out on loan…

  52. China1

    Eddie has grown on me a lot since the end of last season. I suspect we will regret it if he goes on a free

    He might never be world class but I do suspect he will be a good reliable PL suitable CF.

    Auba is surely on his last legs and laca not far off plus his contract situation… I’d be fine with us losing both at the end of the season, buying a fantastic CF and having Eddie as second choice. Second choice should get plenty of minutes for rotating and with injuries + all the cup games etc.

    That’s my opinion anyway

  53. China1

    Priority this summer for me:

    Quality CF who can link up play and score
    Quality CM
    Saliba (awwwww yea 😀)
    If we can sell Pepe, a quality winger who can rotate with both Saka and ESR
    Cheap backup keeper

    My priority outgoings would be:

    That lot would surely fetch 50m combined. Enough to cover or nearly cover a quality CM. The CF would have to come from whatever additional money can be found tho I am fine with us punting on a lesser known diamond in the rough instead of a big name.

    How the team would look:


    Saliba (awwwww yea)

    Pretty good lineup even tho the bench is a bit inexperienced.

  54. Samesong

    Pepe lacks so much confidence it’s unbelievable.

    I wanted to say I was done with him last night, the amount of times he miscontrolled the ball.

    Couldnt dribble past a man. He still finds himself in position to provide assists though. Which is brilliant so I lm not going to give up quite yet.

    He is a very frustrating player to watch as you know there’s something in there. Right side is definitely not his best position.

  55. China1

    Samesong I’ve already given up on Pepe

    You can’t be awesome sometimes and shite the rest. It’s better to be a 7/10 every game than it is to fluctuate between a 9 and a 3.

    That inconsistency means you simply never know what version of Pepe will show up. He could win you the game or cost you it. I don’t feel comfortable about that arrangement

  56. China1

    Players like him and ozil need the rest of the team to be elite to carry them on their bad days

    If they’re at Madrid or whatever, fine. A bad day will simply be absorbed by the quality of their team mates and go unpunished. But arsenal are simply not good enough to carry passengers right now. Has been this way since about 2011 or so. If someone would bid 30m for Pepe I’d take the money

  57. Graham62

    I’m very old fashioned when it comes to positional play.
    If you’re decent with your left foot, play on the left, if you’re decent with your right, play on the right.
    Both Pepe and Martinelli do the same thing. They cut inside to get on their stronger side. It’s very frustrating from a layman’s perspective.
    Arteta is so regimental.
    Where’s the flexibility. No wonder we don’t create much.

  58. Samesong

    China it almost felt yesterday and I’m not trying to bash Pepe. Our good play broke down as soon as we passed the ball out to him. It was so frustrating, because you want to see all the player’s doing well.

    There was a cross into the box in the second half and how did the ball bounce off his leg like that lol. Luckily it went to one of our player’s.

  59. Graham62

    Believe it or not that was a special goal from Nketiah last night.
    Where he was, what he had to do to bring the ball under control was first rate. Yes, the finish was fortunate but the rest was superb.

    Keep Eddie and give him more game time.

  60. Sid

    Nketiah was exceptional in the under 18s, considering he didnt have a physical advantage, it means his touch and football intelligence is good.

  61. Tony

    Leicester 3
    Watford 3
    Liverpool 0
    Newcastle 3
    Utd 2/3

    China I’d want 11 points from the above if we’re going to mount a serious CL birth challenge.

    Watched Leicester a couple of times and they look a bit out of sorts with Madison 8 months without a goal. I feel we can do to Leicester what we did to Villa.

    United are there for the taking as long as Ole holds out.

  62. Tony

    That’s assuming Arteta doesn’t tinker or change formation. Keep 442 or 433 and keep it tight with our pressing.

    I can hope, can’t I?

  63. The Bard

    A tough game and good win. Not sure why we were risking ESR unless Arteta is prioritising the cup over the league. On the downside £72m for Pepe looks like a stitch up of humongous proportions.

  64. kjelli

    Leno the MotM for me, then AMN and Eddie NK . Holding is eager to drive things forward !! and is
    more assured on the ball . Eddie must pass the ball sooner and could learn from Laca..

  65. Pierre

    “Believe it or not that was a special goal from Nketiah last night.
    Where he was, what he had to do to bring the ball under control was first rate. Yes, the finish was fortunate but the rest was superb.”
    Exactly Graham ….Berkampesque

    And his goal v wimbledon was kanuesque.

    And his goal v watford was Henryeaque

    That’s the level of finishing that Eddie is capable of IF GIVEN THE CHANCE .

    it will have to be injuries that will open the door for him, the way it was injuries that opened tge door for smith rowe and tavares , and i doubt if Lacazette would have started last weekend but for Odegaard’s injury.

  66. Samesong


    Eddie was never going to miss that. The goal looks even more special the way he scuffs at it.
    Eddie looks a much stronger player now. Given time I’m sure he will get his chance.

  67. Bob N16

    Tony – Maddison scored in his last match

    China- agree with your changes although I’d buy another RB and sell Holding and give Ballard a chance. Tomy could cover at CB if we have a decent alternative at RB.

  68. AFC Forever


    People forget Eddie broke Shearer’s record for the England U21. You don’t do that if you don’t have an eye for goal. He first touch for the goal was pure class & instinctive.

    Arteta is demanding, he expects players to work hard to press and close spaces. .Eddie has been working on that, he said it himself. The team in the whole is getting better at that through coaching,. .That’s something Eddie did well yesterday’s Its one of the reasons Laca is so important, he leads by example & that’s good for the young strikers. It’s up to Eddie to keep learning other aspects because he can certainly finish.

    I believe he is third choice and is being groomed to replace Laca. He would have started against Brentford when Laca and Auba were out.

  69. AFC Forever

    Bob N16

    We got what we both wanted last night. Players stepping up & proving we have competition. Thought the desire and intensity in the second half was impressive. My son was at the game, he said the atmosphere was electric again.

  70. Tony

    Thanks Bob I was flitting between the Spud’s and Leicester games so missed it. What I saw of Madison didn’t make me worry. To be fair I’d have preferred Tielemans over Madison.

    Anyway, still say we beat them if we play as we did against Villa. LCFC aren’t playing much above Villa at the moment.

    We have the players for the starting 11 to beat anyone below the Bin Dippers and City right now. We’re a couple of seasons before we can go toe to toe with those 2 getting a fair share of wins. Few more acquisitions to add cover, especially MF.

    It’s all down to Arteta if we don’t progressively improve slowly, but continually moving the needle in the right direction, then it’s His fault. The players are playing for him at the moment. Seems like they’re trusting Arteta.

    Arteta has been an adult Guendouzi and is his own worst enemy like the petulant kid.

    End of January will be a good time to evaluate Arteta. We’ve got one easy game in November and Norwich the only easy one in Dec. He should be giving good account of himself after 24 months in the hot seat.

    If Arteta puts his football where his mouth is, we might just be scrapping Manure and West ham on current form for 4th spot in May.

    By the way I can’t agree with you that a manager isn’t responsible for the value of his and the company’s main assets (players in this case). It was one of Wenger’s pluses in his first decade. 2nd decade not so much.

    He needs his players to perform and improve through his coaching and ensuring the diet and fitness is adhered to.

    You really lost me on that one, Bob.

    Roll on Saturday then.

  71. Graham62

    It’s great when you see Nketiah smile.

    There’s definite improvements in his overall game.

    Looks so much stronger.

    Can I credit Arteta for this?

    Need to see him more, even at the expense of Aubameyang and Lacazette.

  72. Pierre

    Very little passing ( pissing about ) along the back line and keeper the last 2 games which is refreshing to see..

    Ben white did do his best impression of Franz Beckenbauer last night…most impressive.

    AMN did himself no harm last night, he is slowly showing that he can play the midfield role and having such speed in the middle of the pitch means his recovery pace is 2nd to none.

    The defence , despite many changes, never looked like conceding once we got our noses in front, which is a good sign.

    Pepe was poor and Martinelli only slightly better..
    Is Martinelli suffering through a lack of confidence or is he just not as good as most on here thought …probably a bit of both

    I have always had my doubts about him and thought .many were fooled into thinking he was better than he really is due to a superb start….and i was slaughtered on here for saying exactly that.

    What i will say is i think Martinelli and Arteta is not a good mix , whereas Emery and Martinelli were a good mix.
    Martinelli is a bit of a free spirit but i think his brain is being overloaded with tactical information and he is now not playing off the cuff as he was when he first arrived..

    I have always said that martinellli’s movement and finishing in the box was of a high level but he seems to have lost that instinct in front of goal…maybe it is the fear of being caught out of position and is afraid to try something different .

    I have alway believed that Eddie has a better alround game, and was also slaughtered for saying that, and i think now we are seeing that .

    As yet Eddie hasn’t even made a premier league squad for Arsenal this season , which for me is weird as it’s clear for all to see that he is ready for first team football..

  73. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s best performance in first half came from Leno. He made two excellent saves and
    his general distribution was better than we have seen for a very long time.

    In the second half we did more pressing and our performance level improved. However, I
    was not that impressed by our forward line. Pepe was poor and Martinelli has in my view
    regressed from the player that I watched in first season.

    The only real contribution made by Nketiah was his goal, which was a fairly scruffy affair.
    That is not justification for giving the player a new contract unless the objective is to get a
    transfer fee rather than losing him on a bosman in June.

  74. China1

    Eddie, much like Martinelli, will only have an arsenal career if the stars align.

    Arteta doesn’t rate him highly

    He absolutely trashed Martinellis confidence and look where he is now. Credit to Eddie because he’s looking better than ever in spite of not being rates by the manager