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I sat in and listened to the podcast that Matt and Johnny recorded last night as a fan because I had builders over. I was trying to pinpoint what was so depressing about the Crystal Palace draw when listening to them. I think it’s that Arsenal almost never create joy in bad moments.

The Arteta model has always felt like it’s there to do the bare minimum to get the job done.

Not too much.

Not too little.

We are the Goldilocks of football teams.

We started well again, took the lead, then retreated like we were peak-Atletico.

Except we are not that. Their ex-midfielder gifted Palace a way back in as he tried to run a midfield on his own again. Then we gave away another goal. Then a few things changed, we had more of a go, we were rewarded with a late, late equaliser from Lacazette.

A last-minute goal in the 95th should feel exciting, but it didn’t. The whole game had an inevitability about it as soon as we conceded. You didn’t feel the confidence was there to win the game. We didn’t know how to find the right gears and we didn’t know what to do about the fast football Palace were playing.

Arteta performances are very one-geared. We win and it’s not that exciting. We lose and it’s not exciting. We draw and it’s not exciting.

I’m not sure that’s a vision the fans are going to stand behind for very long.

The players are not the problem now. We have young, athletic, and technically gifted footballers. We can break the lines, carry the ball, we can go short, there’s speed everywhere… but it’s still boring.

Graham Potter finished 15th in his first season. 16th in his second season. He’ll still get the support of Brighton fans because he delivers performances that thrill.

Performances buy you time. Time buys you the ability to make your ideas work harder. But right now, I’m looking at the Spurs game and it feels like it was an exception to the rule.

We’ve trusted in the process, but the question now isn’t about process… it’s about the system. Why is it still sputtering?

Yes, the team is young.

Yes, we have tasted the promised land.

Yes, we could very well win our next three games.

… but something still feels off. It’s a new set of players doing the same things as before. We need more green shoots.

Luckily / worryingly, we have the chance to rectify the shitness this Friday against Aston Villa. A team that knows what they are doing, one that delivers big moments, one that has an identity that is exciting that took less than two years to implement.

Arteta has to show something out there because we need something to believe in.

Palace 2-2 at home wasn’t the sermon I was hoping for, so let’s see what comes next.

Right, listen to the podcast. Johnny and Matt delivered it for the first hour and they slandered me. Absolute slags.

See you in the comments. x


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  1. Tom

    When Pierre started posting his Odegaard analysis awhile back I hinted someone must’ve compared him to Ozil.
    Arsenal bought five players but Ode was the only one Pierre focused this keen analytical eyes on lol.

  2. salparadisenyc

    Ajax just purring looking for a 5th against Dortmund.
    Thats 32 goals in 9 league matches, 11 in three champions league fixtures thus far.

    It’s Ten Hag time at the Emirates.

  3. Zambian Gunner

    Arteta is probably the luckiest dude out there. To consistently deliver drab, uninspiring performances like this and yet still have Pedro and others ready to stick out their necks for him!!!!! The guy is from Venus.

  4. Pierre

    “Arsenal bought five players but Ode was the only one Pierre focused this keen analytical eyes on lol.””

    And I’m being proved right about him, though i prefer if he would prove me wrong.

  5. Dennis+the+Menace

    Well I just don’t understand what’s happened. You’ve got Pedro and englandsbest suggesting Arteta needs to change tactics. I can’t believe what I am reading. Don’t they know that this site is only for Arteta Ultras? Arteta will be disappointed to see this failure to understand what he is doing by people who, until now, appeared to understand the guiding principles:
    1. Arteta knows best;
    2. The owners know even better (but don’t tell Arteta that!);
    3. The fans must show unquestioning support for Arteta and the owners otherwise they are enemies of the club.

    These traitors “will pay”.

  6. Pedro

    lol Dennis, there are a handful of people on this forum that defend Arsenal that are in the minority. This is not an ‘ultras’ board. It’s a misery board.

  7. Br0wnie

    From Pierre
    “The problem Arteta created for himself yesterday was by moving Odegaard to bring in Pepe on the right , it meant that Saka had to play in the left channel and Smith Rowe was taken away from the left channel.”
    The fact that this isn’t obvious to Arteta is disturbing.
    Pepe out, Saka on the right, move Ode up and put Sambi next to Partey. God that’s simple.
    Pepe is an overrated underachiever. I also agree that fitness looks poor. You watch Leeds and their players never stop running whereas Arsenal look tired after 20 mins. Head scratcher

  8. Sly

    Arsenal or Arteta?There’s a subtle difference…
    🤣🤣 Janky
    Arsenal = Arteta in Pedro and his minions sorry real fans world

  9. Pedro

    Sly / Janky, not sure either of you have even 2% of the receipts I have as a fan over the last 30 years, so I’d leave it there with the ‘support’ jibes.

  10. MD-Gunner

    Thiery, Micah and Jamie were just asked on the UCL post game show if Arsenal will finish in the league with European:
    Mica and Jamie said YES, Thiery said NO not on what he has seen.

  11. Sly

    Sly / Janky, not sure either of you have even 2% of the receipts I have as a fan over the last 30 years, so I’d leave it there with the ‘support’ jibes.

    🤣🤣 fair point Pedro
    I certainly don’t

  12. Dissenter

    TH14 is right to say he can’t see us in Europe based on what he’s seen so far.

    What are you seeing to make you cast ulterior motives on a legend’s opinion?

  13. Dissenter

    “Sly / Janky, not sure either of you have even 2% of the receipts I have as a fan over the last 30 years, so I’d leave it there with the ‘support’ jibes.”

    I thought you were sub-30 y/o? :-]
    Did you inherit some receipts/tickets?

  14. MD-Gunner

    When Thierry was asked who was the greatest footballer he played with answer, Bergkamp, none of the greatest over at Barcelona or the French team.. Stadium with the greatest atmosphere answer, Highbury. Can’t help it but it looks like he still is fond of Arsenal but hates the Club’s present status and form plus the direction it is going.

  15. Guns of SF

    To be fair, I think TH knows the scoop.
    And I think its not anti Arteta necessarily.
    It could be any coach and I think he would feel the same about the shambles the club has been in,, and falling every year.
    He loves the club. He knows Ek is an opportunity for positive change from what we have now.
    So, yea, he is being real. I think that is what is needed.

  16. Sly

    I’m not so sure an EK takeover would be a good move
    Leveraging even more debt against the club would be detrimental
    I don’t think TH14 is angling for the coaching job though

  17. Matt B

    TH14 legend — we all know this

    But he’s made it very clear that he sides with Daniel EK and therefore, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that his public pronouncements about Arsenal are not influenced by Ek’s desire to buy the club

    Impartial they are not.

    Doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the club

  18. Thank you and goodnight


    The Haag has a good track record with improving and working with youngsters, imagine him being allowed to improve Martinelli. We can dream, no top manager would chose us , that’s why I don’t blame Arteta for taking the job, after all he had gotten his badges, with the hope of one day managing. Working next to Pep, gave him the belief and fuelled his ego more. Unfortunately in last 22 months we’ve since found out his ego is writing cheques he can’t cash.
    This is all on the fucking kroenke’s, for firstly hiring him, then not having the bottle to sack him when it became painfully obvious after 15 months that he wasn’t nowhere near up to the job. God I wished they’d sell the club and allow a genuine fan loving Owner……..or at the very least someone who understands football and doesnt call it soccer 😃

  19. UTarse

    Thierry maybe talking up his own book, but I’d still back his prediction. Arsenal under Artera will get nowhere near 6th let alone champions league.

  20. Dissenter

    Matt B
    I too think TH is too close to Daniel Elk and has boxed himself into a corner
    Vierra carefully publicly dissociated himself from the Elk bid this weekend.

    That said, TH has been restrained in what he has said about Arsenal. He said far more about Arsenal when Wenger was floundering, well before Daniel El showed up on the scene.

  21. Janky




    Is there some kind of pay to play opinion schedule?

    Buy your way to super-fandom?

    That is definitely a statement. But kind of yikes too.

    And doesn’t make my point any less valid. Receipts or no.

    That point being, not comparing the size of our fanhood, but stating that being pro-Arsenal and anti-Arteta are not mutually exclusive concepts. Two ideas at the same time and all. As an obvious aside, if you had to love Arteta to be an Arsenal fan you’d get about three posters on here a day. So, all in, a good thing for you that there’s so many that feel the same.

    But cheers anyway. Here’s to hoping we kick the absolute shit out of Villa. I’ve certainly spent enough to say that.

  22. Words on a blog

    The Wonder of You

    Lyrics by Mikel Arteta

    When no one else can understand me
    When everything I do is wrong
    You give me hope and consolation
    Give me the strength to carry on

    Pete, you’re always there to land a hand
    In everything I do
    That’s the wonder
    The wonder of you

    And when you blog the world is brighter
    You say some words and I’m a king
    Your words to me are worth a fortune
    Your love for me everything

    I guess I’ll never know the reason why, Pete,
    You love me as you do
    That’s the wonder
    The wonder of you.

  23. China1

    Pedro the funny thing is you occasionally have these posts where you land at a conclusion critical of Arteta and post it as if it’s fair when youve spent a solid half your time criticizing fans who arrived at the same conclusions earlier than you

    The attack being shite was one we have all been complaining about for over a year now – but as of the Brighton game I was being told it’s because we have so many new players! Despite the fact *zero* of our offensive unit players are even new to the club.

    One match later and you’re saying the same stuff we’ve been saying all along.

  24. Janky

    A. Wenger out.

    B. Unai out.

    C. Arteta out.

    Multiple choice.

    Of the three options above, which are/were acceptable opinions for a true Arsenal supporter?

    Your answers will be matched against receipts and counted accordingly.

  25. Tony

    “Arsenal outcast Matteo Guendouzi is seemingly a man reborn at Marseille.

    The French midfielder is currently into his second loan spell away from the Emirates following his bitter fall out with Gunners boss Mikel Arteta.

    And it appears he is all the better for it as he continues to thrive for the French club, who beat Lorient 4-1 on Sunday in their latest outing as Guendouzi bagged a brace himself.”

    2 points in the news today that speak volumes about the continued failure of Arteta.

    1/ Marseilles have gotten far more from Guen than Arteta or Emery did. ES will have us think Guen is nothing but a trouble maker, but is completely the opposite and should be sold.

    A new manager will get more from Guen and Saliba than Arteta ever will.

    2/ Arteta is reportedly saying his players haven’t got the message from him.
    He’s saying the message hasn’t got through?

    After 23 months? How long does he need compared to Rogers, Paddy and Potter?

    I’d say either the players aren’t buying into Arteta’s tactics or they’re scared of angering Arteta and being on the receiving end of imaginary non-negotiables, as Martinelli was being kept on the bench to teach him a lesson. A lesson in what? Being eager to play. When the tougher games come if this mood continues, Arteta will lose the dressing room again. He lost it partially before, but I feel the next dressing room loss will see Arteta gone.

    The bottom line?

    What we are seeing now IS ‘The Process’.

    23 months in Arteta’s reign and that is what ‘The Process’ is all about.
    20 to 30 minutes zero handbrake and then apply varying levels of the handbrake because we are devoid of any new ideas after that point.

    Players are being Artetarised into former renditions of themselves as they regress not improve.

    I just keep asking myself how long before we fire the worst manager in the last 50+ years?

  26. zacharse

    trying to remember what laca said in the PM interview but its basically the coach has to answer questions about why they can’t keep up the attacking possession play past the early part of the game. thats the only thing thats kept me feeling like things could shift drastically in a good way. very weird to come on here and not hear anyone seeing that.
    artetaball needs to get out of:
    – good first 10 min,
    -someone takes a chunk out of saka,
    -we play poorly for 40 mins.

    its over and over i don’t get it. even spurs modification was 1st half instead of 1st 10-20 min
    yesterday was the first time in ages auba actually looked like he wanted to score so i’m keeping fingers crossed until friday. if we can’t get a win out of that I’ve gotta say it ain’t looking great again and the sack’s actually gonna come this season presumably

  27. zacharse

    i still can’t believe there aren’t shouts around the league for a macarthur retrospective red. in what other league is it not punished with a red? what the fuck is the story there? if i’m a player and i see that doesnt get punished im fucking pissed off. it really is baffling considering VAR exists

  28. MD-Gunner

    For me it is very simple. Excluding the two Manchester teams, Pool & the Chavs, now look at the squad valuation. Of those above Arsenal is the value of their squads larger then ours? I don’t think so, which means we have an expensive squad and that can lead one to draw the conclusion they can be turned into a good team of players.

    Look at the squads below us, I don’t think there is another squad of our value. So what is the COMMON DENOMINATOR? The manager and coaching staff. If an inferior squad can beat Arsenal or is above them in the table then however that squad is handled is far better then PepZero handles the Arsenal squad. Simple and logical.

    Therefore Bottom line if you can’t stand watching The Arsenal being manhandled by PepZero then enjoy the UCL or UEL until PepZero is fired.

  29. Sid

    “””””PedroOctober 19, 2021 23:01:41
    Diss, good point. I have 15 years of Arsenal receipts””””

    You are gullible and Diet Pep is pimping you!

  30. Sid

    Todays hym “All must be well” by Sid:

    Through the love of Diet Pep , All will be well

    Free and changeless is His favor, All is well

    Precious is the sauce that healed us

    Perfect is the Rolls Royce that sealed us

    Generational stretched forth to shield us

    All must be well

  31. Sid

    Keep the faith!

    I will be collecting offering on behalf of lord Diet Pep, send me a % of your income, you will be blessed with great football.

  32. DivineSherlock

    When you look at Ajax and how they consistently lose their best players and yet look at how they play and the football . Impressive. And then we have drab uninspiring shit . We are the new Everton now . Sad.

  33. Habesha Gooner

    I am glad I am not the only one watching Ajax put Dortmund to the sword. They have lost at least 4 key stars in the last few years and now they are back to dominating teams. Ten hag is an amazing coach. And unlike Arteta he has an actual process. He has been coaching with his best players leaving. I can imagine what he can do with Saka, ESR and Martinelli along with most of our defenders. I would fire Arteta if he continues this way before the season ends. And then poach ten hag with a promise of funds.

  34. Habesha Gooner

    Arteta isn’t a good manager. I think that shit housed FA cup win fooled everyone. Even with limited players you can play good football. The excuses laid down for him are a joke. He didn’t have his own players but that doesn’t mean a good coach can’t work with what he’s got and show what he is all about. Even pep in his first season showed his identity with the likes of Sagna and Clichy at full back. And after all the spending we are still seeing the same shit. He has spent well over 200 mil and there is still no identity. I don’t think Arteta is a better manager than the likes of Roy Hodgson and Sean Dyche to be honest. He can shit house at times. But he doesn’t have a plan for attacking spaces. The sooner we fire him the better our chances will be. Look at Tuchel and Chelsea. Did firing Lampard not pay off?

  35. Terraloon


    “i still can’t believe there aren’t shouts around the league for a macarthur retrospective red.”

    There isn’t a call for retrospective action because it can’t happen within the rules

    The yellow/ red issue is just a distraction. Focus in on what you saw, what Arsenal have become and the league table.
    That’s the worry

  36. Pierre

    I will ask the question again , what’s happened to Eddie.

    He scores an exquisite goal in the league cup and he hasn’t even made the bench since .
    Taking into account that Arteta had this to say about Eddie after his performance and goal it makes his disappearance from the match day squad even more baffling.
    “‘I’m so proud of this kid,’ Arteta told Sky Sports when asked about Nketiah’s display.

    ‘He hasn’t played much, there’s a lot of speculation around him. The way he trains, the way he behaves, he’s always willing to help the team.

    ‘He fully deserves what happens because he trains and prepares himself like a beast.
    I think Eddie gives us a lesson every single day of how a professional should live in this job,’ the Spaniard added.

    ‘There has been a lot of speculation around him, a lot of debate and he puts his head down, he trains harder than anyone else, he looks after himself and he supports every team-mate under any circumstances.

    ‘I’m so happy for him. It’s not a coincidence that he’s able to perform at that level and physically how he manages the game because he trains like the best every day so I am delighted for him.”

    And then he can’t even make the bench …Arteta’s management in a nutshell.

  37. China1

    Unfortunately all the time, money, care and effort any of us here have spent (or receipts as we’re calling it) has no actual bearing on much except for personal pride

  38. China1

    Terra I think they can rescind a punishment or reduce it after a game right? Can’t they give out or increase one post match too?

  39. Graham62

    Occasionally, I go back to the original post and grab a couple of segments that I feel justify a mention.

    “Why is the system still spluttering” is somewhat of a classic though.

    Of course we all know the answer to this. It’s like asking why do we have night and day? or why do we have clouds?

    If Arsenal splutter against AV on Friday, what will be the next line of thought I wonder?

  40. Gonsterous

    Watched the xavi video on YouTube where he explains his tactics and style of play and he is influenced by pep, which I believe influences mikel too.

    Xavi highlighted the need for high press and maintaining possession as well as using that possession to effectively kill off teams.

    Since the main theme of the tactics is possession, he has cazorla and gilherme (sorry for the mis spelling), in central midfield who are press resistant, and can turn defense into attack. They have quick feet, an eye for a pass and creativity.

    Pep also heavily relies on midfield geniuses.
    Yes, they have ball playing CBs but it’s mostly just to play that pass to the CM or occasionally go long.

    Arteta follows this philosophy but has over looked the whole of midfield, which is baffling because it seems to be the most important position given that we need press resistant MFs. It’s shocking that he came into the club and quickly pointed at xhaka and thought, yes, that’s my press resistant, quick feet, creative mid that will enable me to dominate and get a foothold on the game

    We bring in partey who is a DM, press resistant to an extent but not creative or having quick feet.
    This summer we bought lokonga (verdict is still out) but not looking like the midfielder we need in CM.

    Ode is another weird signing, given that he can’t operate anywhere outside the no. 10 spot. Someone that pep would never buy but mikel thought was good enough to get the team to the next level.

    Xavi and arteta both take influence from pep but only one of them knows the main priority in that system and its not arteta

  41. Receding Hairline

    This is Arteta’s game, risk averse football.

    He doesn’t share any philosophy with Pep. Pep have had two other assistants go onto coaching and they don’t play like he does either.

    Saying Arteta shares the same philosophy simply because he used to assist him is nonsense.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    I am not clear why you referenced me in your recent post about Guendouzi.

    As far as I am aware Marseille have taken him on loan with obligation to buy subject to conditions. So life moves on and Guendouzi is no longer our problem.

    For the record I have not changed my mind about this player. He has been toxic at every club
    where he has played INCLUDING by all accounts at Marseille where not so long ago there were reports that he had fallen out with other players in their team.

    As I posted recently the door is not closed on a return by Saliba. If Arsenal qualify for Europe
    we will need an additional centre back in our squad.

  43. Pierre

    To me , Ben White looks like a passive centre half who’s probably happier to play as a sweeper in the Franz Beckenbauer mould…

    If you watch Beckenbauer from the old days, he liked to casually stand over the ball (as white does),rarely got involved in the physical aspect of the game(similar to White) and stroll onto midfield with the ball.

    The difference is that Beckenbauer was world class, White is not, and Beckenbauer used to play in the days when there was no pressure on the ball, unlike now in the premier league…

    For me, if Arteta wants Whiye to play like Franz Beckenbauer he will need to play with a couple of physical centre backs like Holding and Gabriel and have White as the sweeper, which will allow him to play the game that suits his style of football .

    This wil also allow white to move into the midfield area without the fear of leaving gaps at the back as he wil have the 2 centre backs as cover .

    For me , playing white in a back 4 is doomed to fail as he is too passive, a centre back needs to be aggeessive in his play as i imagine any striker would be quite happy to be up against Ben White.

  44. WinOrDie

    I have watched Arteta’s arsenal enough to conclude that he (Arteta) can not get us to the next level.
    At first , I thought well, we have significant injuries, he does not have the players he wants etc.
    But now even with all players fit, we cant perform against brighton,palace,norwich,burnley and there is nothing to indicate we are going to improve if you analyse some of arteta’s post match pressers and so if the hierarchy at arsenal knows what they are doing, they would fire arteta and get in someone like potter whose style of play would easily suit the players we have.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    I do not disagree that White may well be better suited playing in Midfield, but at the moment he is needed in CB.

    If Saliba returns to the club next summer then we can have a further discussion where White
    can/should play. Arsenal may also opt to play with 3 central defenders.

  46. TR7

    White is not a good centre back. Not impressed by him at all. Hasn’t helped much with our ball progression either. £50M poorly spent in my view.

  47. CG


    “””To me , Ben White looks like a passive centre half who’s probably happier to play as a sweeper in the Franz Beckenbauer mould…”””

    The White signing at £50 000 000, is the best example of what happens when you allow an inexperienced and unproven manager and TD in charge of a top level club.

    Already well stocked in that dept. Saliba ready and eager to return after his loan and Arsenal already with the 3rd best defence last season.

    Simply did not need to bid 6 times for the passive Benjamin and pay £50 000 000 for him.
    They a needed DCl, Watkins or a Toney
    They needed power up front and goals.( still do)

    Utter codswallop we needed to have a center back to ‘pass through the lines’. You need center backs who can head and tackle.
    And as we have seen, against Brentford and CP- he cant even do the basics.***

    The longer A&E are at the helm, the longer the club will be in midtable, the debts will pile high and the soccer will be non descript and ineffective.

    Absolutely weak as piss from Edu , to allow funds not to be diverted where they were needed last summer.

    *** No aurprose ,Brighton Hove ‘s defence has actually got better since they sold White to Arsenal

  48. Arsnil

    CG Mavropanos on three goals already also.
    We had plenty good centre halves. It wasn’t an issue. What was was powerful players in the centre of the park and a proper centre forward. We went on Oodegaard who from what I have seen of him lacks the engine of a good midfielder. We are getting bossed time and again in the centre of the field by supposedly weaker teams. We are being beasted.

  49. Pierre

    I do not disagree that White may well be better suited playing in Midfield, but at the moment he is needed in CB.”

    Actually, i never said that , i said his game has all the makings of a sweeper and i believe it is a position that he would be happier playing and would benefit the team more.
    Don’t be surprised to see Arteta revert back to the wing back system in the near future.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Peter Simpson was a sweeper and rated one of the best players who was uncapped. He
    played mainly in midfield rather than centre back/defender.

    The sweeper position today is of course used as a third string centre back, but is in reality
    a “hybrid”.

  51. Gonsterous


    If arteta doesn’t follow peps way of playing, on what basis did we hire him?

    One of the reasons for the hiring of arteta has always been that he learnt from pep
    Now if he isn’t learning what pep is doing then what was he really learning?

  52. Habesha Gooner

    I wouldn’t say we wasted 50 mil on white. I think he is a good player. He should have cost 35 mil at maximum though. Every defender makes mistakes. I used to be annoyed at mustafi jumping the gun and going in for a tackle on the half way line when all he had to do is retreat strategically. White did the right thing to retreat off edouard. But he should have engaged as soon as he saw he was going to shoot. VVD always makes these things look easy because he retreats strategically and then goes for a block at the right time. Staying on his feet is also what he does.

    Like many of the players at Arsenal, I think white is underperforming because of poor coaching. There is a really good player in there. I don’t know if he will be world class but he can be a good dependable player that can play the ball out from the back. Arteta’s rigid positional play isn’t making it easier to spot runners with his passes either. I just think we need a change in manager. One whose philosophy is based on possession and attacking intent. Arteta is neither of those. He is a poor mans Sean dyche.

  53. englandsbest


    Eddie is a mystery. He seems made for this moment, why isn’t he playing? Injured? Then why aren’t we told?

    Here is my guess: a stand-off between Eddie’s agent and the Club. Give Eddie what his agent is asking for and there is bound to be a clamour for more from the rest.

    I believe Stan’s brief is a selling club on the lines of Ajax or Soton. You bring through youngsters on lowish wages and, after using up theiir early years sell them to rich clubs who will pay them much more.

  54. CG


    ””’CG Mavropanos on three goals already also. We had plenty good centre halves.””””

    We always forget the Greek Lad.

    Played under Wenger in the 2-1 defeat Old Trafford and looked prodigious.

    Bought by Dortmund Eye- but Wenger still gave him his chance- even though the great man was soon to be leaving.

    Another one ignored and neglected by the Dopes.

    Of course the ultimate irony here- they are having great seasons and their careers are on an upwards paths because they are not being coached by Arteta and Round.

    After all just look at what they have turned Tierney into?

  55. Pierre

    As soon as a defender allows the attacker into the penalty box the striker holds all the cards .
    It’s vital to engage the striker outside the box and make him do something special to get the shot away..

    Both goals v palace were poor defending by our centre backs.
    Benteke isn’t capable of going past a defender from a standing start, he received the ball 30 yards out and was allowed to stroll onto the box without doing anything special
    The 2nd goal was similar , White for some reason looked over his shoulder as eduaord received the ball and that allowed the striker to waltz into the box unchallenged.

  56. Nelson

    Playing Partey as the lone DM doesn’t offer sufficient cover for the CB’s. The opponent can cut through our midfield easily White is not very strong one on one. Watching how Atlético de Madrid defended against the Pool, they deployed a system 5 3 2 with three CB’s. But their outlet passes were very accurate. They can create a scoring chance very quickly.

  57. Habesha Gooner

    That is basically what I said. White retreated in to the penalty box. It is preferable to block a shot outside the box. But you can’t always time it at the exact edge of the box to block a shot. Some times you will be outside, sometimes inside the box. Players aren’t robotic.

    The main issue is he didn’t read the body language of Edouard to block when he was about to shoot. Sometimes players feint a shot but that is why you have to stay on your feet.

  58. NORG

    The new Newcastle manager will meet AFC’s generational manager in 5 weeks time. Theoretically it should be an easy game for AFC.

  59. Tom

    White has had two solid games for Arsenal v Burnley and Brighton.

    In every other game he made simple, sometimes multiple mistakes someone like Saliba would’ve been crucified for and deemed not ready to start.

    Pierre is absolute right about his defending for the Eduard goal, which was absolutely atrocious.
    What makes it even worse is the fact that he’s got plenty of recovery speed to be comfortable challenging non speedy ball carriers 30 yards out, rather than backing up in the middle of the penalty area blocking the keepers view of the ball.

  60. Graham62

    Ben White is a very good player but needs to be playing at a faster tempo.

    The same can be said of so many of our players.


    Re: 10:14 post.

    I agree.

  61. KAY Boss

    Arterta is who he is and not changing. Anyone harboring hope of seeing a turn in fortunes is seriously hallucinating.

    Talking of golden boys, there’s this emergence of a young player in the French Ligue in playing for Rennes by name Kamaldeen Suleiman. Big teams will be circling soon.

  62. Dissenter

    A ball playing central defender was never a priority last summer, more so when we had Saliba ready to step in.
    I’ve said enough about Ben White, no need to rehash. He’s still learning his trade and is no more experienced than Saliba. Pedro oversold him as an experienced leader but we know who he is.
    It is what it is. Popcorns ready, feet up and we will watch it all unfold over the season

  63. Tom

    I do find it surprising White says he doesn’t watch much football.
    It should be pretty obvious you can learn opponents’ moves by studying games , and not just select tapes immediately before specific matches.

    If Saliba said that, how long would Pedro’s assay be describing his unprofessional approach to his job, I wonder.
    1500 words?

  64. Moray

    Arteta is playing football by numbers. And even those percentages he’s getting wrong.

    If you can excite your talented players about playing football, it’s never going to work out well.

  65. David.D

    We are going absolutely no where with Arteta.
    We started the game brightly and took an early lead.
    Instead of going for the kill we just disgracefully and shamefully withdrew and dropped back and allowed ourselves to be dominated at home by Crystal fucking Palace. It was sooooo frustrating,
    I hate the dull as dishwater football and tactics.
    No pace about our game. No intricacy, No penetration and no heavy pressing. Just sideways passing and monotonous wingplay.
    Auba was pressing but who else???
    He will never change.
    This is him all over.
    Seriously worried about the Villa game.
    They are a better team than palace and did us 3 0 at the emirates last season.
    Whats to say it cant happen again.
    If Saka is out then bring in Martinelli.
    i think Laca should start as well and drop Pepe.
    The worrying thing is this is our full strength team and we are being dominated by so called smaller teams.
    We have to cut our losses and very soon but we all know Arteta isnt going anywhere so more of this shit to come.

  66. Sly

    Trust the process David
    Arteta’s here till his contract runs out and potentially beyond
    We won’t make 8th this season for sure though

  67. Dissenter

    Imagine being fired from a job where you always felt you were unwanted and is able to walk away with 8 million

    All the best to Steve Bruce. He was always a chunky fella,m even when he played at the highest level.

  68. Dissenter

    Newcastle are probably going to get the likes of Aaron Ramsey in January, just to be able to stay up.
    Brentford will stay up comfortably, maybe Watford will squeak past and Norwich will definitely go down.
    The Saudis better hope they can keep the club up in the premier league to be able to splash al that money because the championship has very rigid spending limits.

  69. Dissenter

    “Auba saying on the gram “that we stopped playing after the first goal but we never gave up””

    That’s like a boxer saying that I stopped punching after the first round but I never gave up clinching

  70. into the red

    We never gave up but we stopped playing.

    Yes, makes perfect sense Auba. How do you not give up by stopping playing?

  71. Dissenter

    We should be going after Paul Onuachu to replace Lacazette. The man will score lots of headed goals in the league from standing jumps.
    Tierney will rack up assists .

  72. Dissenter

    “High pressing will not work with Pepe in the lineup.”

    You seem to have some special bone to pick with Pepe
    Why single him out all the time?
    The entire team, except for Auba wasn’t pressing so why zoom in on only Pepe?

  73. Guns of SF

    Rashford took White to town with the diving this way and that way and still could not stop him. I will not post the video but Ben does tend to go down easily. Should have tackled Edouard outside the box. Defending 101.

  74. Nelson


    You don’t find you’ll have a better chance to play HIGH pressing with Martinelli, Ødegaard (as attacker) and Laca.

    I am talking HIGH pressing. What do you mean by entire team. You don’t ask a defender to do high pressing.

  75. Sly

    Pepe would benefit from a progressive midfield and a mobile overlapping RB
    Arsenal is a left sided team
    For some reason mikel likes to isolate him on the right, even saka needs support from ESR and ode on the right when he plays
    If Pepe didn’t play yesterday we lose
    If he had started against Brighton we would have won

  76. David.D

    The process is dire….


    Thanks for your nice words.

    i actually miss Wenger and his brand of football. At least it was fun to watch.
    Actually felt slightly ashamed and that I celebrated when he was sacked.
    However it was his time to go and it was long overdue but boy did he give us fantastic moments and so many high points and fabulous entertaining football.

    Few years later and look where we are…..

  77. Ishola70


    “If Pepe didn’t play yesterday we lose
    If he had started against Brighton we would have won”

    Big Pepe fan obviously.

    These statements of course despite you doing it can’t be said with any certainty.

    And when you do state this you are obviously just refering to him in a purely attacking sense but of course we know it can be about more than just attacking if we want to go down the road of stating what an overall affect a player can have in a match.

    People rave about St Maxim at Newcastle. Yes he is exciting to watch with his taking on of players and his dribbling but as much as he can help Newcastle with these attributes he can also hurt Newcastle as well with poor decision making and losing possession to the opposition many times in these attacking situations. Also off the ball issues in a non-attacking sense.

    I would put Pepe in the St Maxim category. Can certainly help the team with attacking ability but can also hurt the side as well with overturning the ball to the opposition too many times.

  78. Ishola70

    Pepe is not a top player because despite the obvious talent he has he makes the wrong decision when on the ball too many times. Lacks real good decision making many times.

  79. Sly

    He’s a limited player in a limited team with limited coaching
    He does have a very useful talent that isn’t being harnessed
    Alexis was another wasteful player with a unique skill set who failed miserably after Arsenal
    My point is get the best out of the sum of your parts as a team
    I see Pepe as a right sided CF as opposed to a RW
    Imagine what Wenger or a progressive coach would do with him

  80. Ishola70

    “Pepe can do with some proper coaching in my opinion. He’s terrible down the right. And is too predictable. He should watch Robben clips”

    Proper coaching could help him but many times with players like Pepe what you see from nearly the beginning is what you are going to get overall across the board. Just the type of player he is.

    Where Arsenal fell down in the Pepe purchase was that they obviously didn’t take into account Pepe’s character when signing him which is a big sin. And when I say character that doesn’t mean bad or evil character of course. Just strong mentality and being switched on. Pepe has that far away look about him. He reminds me of AMN a bit in that sense. Some fans think it’s cool this persona of his but I think it as a weakness.

  81. Ishola70

    In the Palace match there were warnings in the first half about what was to come later.

    Partey being robbed of the ball isolated by multiple Palace players pressing him.

    Benteke being allowed to turn easily right in front of the Arsenal penalty area with plenty of space to get a shot off. Gabriel was the guilty one on that occasion not getting near enough to him.

    All warning signs from the first half that played out to our cost in the second half.

  82. mp2c

    “Where Arsenal fell down in the Pepe purchase was that they obviously didn’t take into account Pepe’s character when signing him which is a big sin. And when I say character that doesn’t mean bad or evil character of course. Just strong mentality and being switched on.”

    is that true though? Look at how he was in and out of the side last season, but kept producing whenever he was let back in. Also, look at how good he was defensively yesterday vs where he was a short time ago? If he wasn’t on the full 90 yesterday we probably lose, as no one else can actually pick out an Arsenal player on a cross.

  83. Shaun

    “The fact that this isn’t obvious to Arteta is disturbing.” That’s the issue right there. There are way to many situations where the above statement applies. I bet the new trend will be the 1 man CM….not
    If villa come to the emirates and run the cm and beat us at home then lego head should do the honourable thing. he has a fully fit squad with his own players .The way we got slapped last time at home by villa was probably the most embarrassing defeat of the season