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Well, here we are, the chance to go into 9th position in the league with a win against Crystal Palace.

This is the sort of high pressure / low expectations game we’ve usually not done well in under Arteta. This was the sort of game we lost last season at this stage. That needs to change tonight.

We’ll have a home crowd.

We are in decent form.

There will have been plenty of work delivered over the break.

We basically have a fully fit team to choose from bar Granit Xhaka. Yes, ever Gabriel Martinelli is back in the mixer.

The key things we’re going to be dealing with:

Wilfried Zaha is a menace and has caused is no end of problems over the years. Tomiyasu needs to be at his best this evening because if you keep Zaha quiet, you keep Palace quiet.

Their press. No doubt they are going to give it a go. Slightly harder for them to do away from home. But you know the routine. They’ll target our midfield like Brighton did. They’ll have a crack at our centre backs with some roughhousing. They will make it difficult. If we roll over and let them do it, it’ll be a tough night. But if we play through them early, then we have a good chances of making something happen. Part of doing well against the Palace press is to stop Villa doing the same on Friday.

The first game after the international break is usually a slow mover, but we can’t have that tonight. The fast starts we’ve had in most games needs to happen this evening. The fans need to be on side, the atmosphere needs to be intense, and that is partly powered by the sort of Arsenal that shows up.

Over in France, Matteo G dropped a beastly performance chalking up 2 goals and an assist. If he wasn’t such a whopper, you’d expect Arsenal to cut short his loan move this January so he could come back and support a midfield that will probably still be lacking a Granit Xhaka who is expected back into full training around then.

Finally, the return of Patrick Vieira happens tonight. Truly, one of the greatest captains that ever wore the armband. I had the luck to go from Tony Adams to Vieira. The French midfielder was something else. An absolute hero. A gladiator of the midfield. People say his technical ability wasn’t rated at the time, but that is utter nonsense. We all thought of him as far more than a bruiser. His rangy legs, tight controls, and the way he bring a ball down and beat a press was magical to watch.

Now he’s a manager. He’s finally made it to the Premier League. I hope it’s not a pleasant return outside the plaudits he’ll get from the home fans who miss his on-pitch leadership.

Right, On The Whistle Podcast will be recorded after, have a great day!



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  1. Berg10kamp

    Yes exactly that Ishola. When wenger arrived he was miles ahead if everyone except fergie but he challenged as we had the finances to buy expensive players at the time. After the stadium shift we declined and other teams improved and we are now starting that rebuild. Hence, accept the reality of us being a mid table team and support the players and the club through this process.

  2. Berg10kamp

    Palace were rusty. Did u see how many chances they missed? How they struggled in the final third? Their goals were cos of our mistakes. Period.

  3. Sid

    “”””””NORGOctober 19, 2021 08:44:26
    We are a mid table team at the moment. – spending like a top4 club.”””””

    Comment of the day!

  4. Samesong

    Their goals were cos of our mistakes. Period.

    Forced mistakes by pressure from the opposition. Great tactic that I spoke with Teraloon about this before the game.

  5. Cannonball

    Palace didn’t out play us. They played well but got away with 2 fortunate goals.

    Mike dean what the fuck was he playing at? Macarthur should have been booked for a blatant pull back when we were breaking away. He wouldn’t have been able to assault saka if he’d been booked as he should have. Saka then has to go get off (after he’d been booked for doing exactly what JM had done).

    Gallagher exactly the same foul no yellow. I’m all for letting the game flow but at least be consistent you crooked fucks.

  6. Berg10kamp

    Samesong, at least I don’t moan about things I cannot change. That is the reality and I accept it. And no we are not the same person.

  7. Berg10kamp

    Lost our first 3 games against decent to good opposition and having covid and other issues. We shit. Climb out of that rut and smash Spurs. We were lucky and Spurs were shit. Typical day on LG.

  8. Graham62

    There’s not one person on here who can explain what Arteta is trying to do.

    The reason for this is that Arteta himself doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

    Please don’t use the words “process” and “patience” in your response.

  9. Graham62


    Tell me, what do you see when you watch the games?

    Are you blind or just ignorant?

    Could you explain in 100 words or less, what Arteta is doing?

  10. Berg10kamp

    I cant explain what he is doing. But i can see that the ref killed us yesterday with 3 questionable decisions. I can also see that the boys fought until the end to salvage a point. What u can’t see is that we are in transition and expecting us to be in the top 4 is really really naive.

  11. NORG

    At this time the match day crowd is accepting the continuing non-descript performances from the majority of the team. If the results and performances do not improve soon attending supporters will start the chant ‘you dont know what you are doing’. It happened near to the end of Wengers reign and surely it will happen again. Arteta has now got the luxury of dealing with ‘his’ team. He has chosen the players purchased and re- signed to new contracts. He and his staff work with the playing staff on a daily basis. He has one of the most expensive teams in the Premiership and using spend as a parameter then AFC should be in the top six.

  12. Gonsterous

    New narrative by the arteta in boys, we are a mid table team lmao

    We finished 8th last season and now after spending 150m, it is justified that we can finish as low as 10th.

    We are a top 6 side. We spent poorly in the summer or else we could compete for top 5.

    Ode and white were unnecessary signings. Ode never impressed me during his loan and white is the definition of mid table side CB.

    Saliba and a new CM would have made us a very strong side. Imagine another player in the caliber of partey playing alongside him. Then we have lokinga and chaka as back up.

  13. Demetrios

    Thierry Henry said he was unsure what direction Arsenal were heading under Mikel Arteta and performances like last night will provide him with no further clarity.

    Pedro attacked Thierry for his comments, but now I think even Pedro should be able to see exactly why Thierry made those comments.

    Would be good for Peds to address the issue now rather than trying to sweep under the carpet what he tried to do to Thierry on here a few days ago