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Sorry for being offline! Did you miss me? Of course you did. I spent the weekend in New York hanging with Matt from the podcast. A good time was had. But now, it’s time for focus. More daily content. More podcasts.

So how does that land lay?

It was a fairly decent weekend for Arsenal. United lost to Leicester. The game was exciting, the goals were outrageous, United look an absolute shambles. I cannot for the life of me understand why they went so hard for Ronaldo. An emotional decision that broke their hiring philosophy. Never re-sign your heroes. OGS’s side looks unbalanced and it’s quite staggering to see how £75m Jadon is totally bombing in the Premier League. He’ll come good, but again, shows how impressive Tomiyasu has been to just roll into a weaker squad and boss it against players like Son.

Here’s the narrative for the week.

Win our two games against two sides we SHOULD be winning against… and we’ll be in the top 4 for a hot second.

The narrative will then shift a degree in the favor of the project. Arteta will have shown he’s progressed the side. The early season blip will be fully wrapped in the context of: Covid outbreaks aren’t good for teams. Brentford is actually a proper team that Chelsea couldn’t manage more than one shot on target against (5 attempts in the whole game). European Champions are tough to beat when you are depleted.

Anything less than 6 points and questions linger.

This bullshit notion that we should breeze Palace and Villa is just that. People are living in 2004. The Premier League is so much stronger than it was 5 years ago. Palace and Villa are much better than they’ve ever been. We shouldn’t expect to breeze them… but, we should expect to win and we need to see a proper performance. Villa have lost two in a row against two struggling sides (Spurs and Wolves). Palace have been up and down, but they don’t have the defensive discipline they need to shut us down like Brighton did. Control Zaha and you are halfway there.

… here’s what will happen, both teams will spend at least the first 30 minutes pressing us the same way Brighton did. Last season, Leicester showed the way against us and we went into freefall because smaller teams worked out how to play against us.

Brighton dominated us because we bottled their press. We cannot afford to be weak when Palace abuse us tomorrow. If you break the press 2-3 times in the first 20minutes, the opposition will lose confidence, then the game opens up and they have to retreat. We didn’t do that against Brighton, we retreated, resorted to long balls, and invited wave after wave. Tomorrow, we need to show more confidence and we need to bring the energy of the Spurs game.

I’m interested to see what the changes are. I suspect Auba will start again, we have to start getting a turn out of him, no point in benching him for Lacazette. He’ll get more space tomorrow.

In midfield, I hope Sambi keeps his spot and I hope Partey brings confidence back into the mixer.

In the final third, we need to be decisive. ESR and Saka need to turn it on and Odegaard cannot get snuffed out like he did against Brighton.

The fans need to bring electricity to the Monday night occasion. The players need to give them something to be electrified about. The first 20mins are key. Get the fans onside, dominate Palace, make the chances count.

We need 6 points from these two games. Then we set the tone for our rivals this weekend.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Ishola70


    Crystal Palace are not a good side it’s as simple as that. That doesn’t mean they should and will be steamrollered but the game should be won.

    And nothing is going to be decided just regarding the next two matches even if they are won.

    We are in October.

  2. Csd

    Glazers authorised the Ronaldo purchase out of Man Utd coffers and then sold $100m shares on the back of the share price rise……

  3. Ishola70

    Let’s put things in perspective here when we are just in October.

    If Everton had won today they would have gone into 4th place in the league.

    This is the same Everton that has been bunkering games and being for the most part drab. Today they didn’t get away with their bunkering against West Ham and lost.

    No-one is going to tell me with a straight face that Everton under Benitez with their bunkering are going to have a very good season and be just under 4th or thereabouts come the end of the season.

    It’s October. It’s early in the season and because we are early in the season teams like Everton had an opportunity to be in 4th place earlier today.

  4. Pedro

    Ish, can you put things into perspective when things aren’t going well for Arsenal?

    Were you Perspective FC after covid wiped us for Brentford?

    No. You weren’t.

  5. DivineSherlock


    not to mention Brighton who sit in top4 as well. The goals are starting to dry up for them . After 10 games if we are around top4 that will be a very good sign having played City , Chelsea , Spurs and Leicester.

  6. Samesong

    “Brighton dominated us because we bottled their press. We cannot afford to be weak when Palace abuse us tomorrow. If you break the press 2-3 times in the first 20minutes, the opposition will lose confidence,”

    Totally agree with this analysis from Pedro. Need to be in the front foot from the start and take the game to palace.

  7. LoveSausage


    I think the next 4 games will be crucial. Not buying the “it’s only October” argument. We have two 8th place finishes and a pathetic season start behind us. From this point onward, every game is crucial. We have a lot of ground to make up and we need to see improvements every game. If we tank the next stretch of games I have a hard time seeing we’ll catch up later in the season.

  8. Ishola70


    Comments were made that it was a disappointing result against Brentford. I didn’t see anyone say this means complete curtains for Arteta and there would have been no point in doing that because the club had already made clear Arteta had their full backing and of course that early in the season nothing is completely terminal.

    But now you have said if Arsenal win their next two matches that justifies this current project. Again you are 100 miles ahead of yourself. It can do no harm at all of course to get a nice number of points on the board and there is an opportunity to do that because Palace are not a good side despite yourself trying to claim they are and Watford are quite tragic at this time. Aston Villa are very much up and down more down atm. But nothing is going to be justified or made clear at the end of October going into November.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    Palace aren’t easy opposition. Their league table place is misleading. They are playing good football since the start of the season. I watched them against Tottenham and Brighton too. They slaughtered spurs. They also drew with Brighton with a stoppage time goal when they deserved to win the game. Unlike Hodgson’s palace this one actually plays football to win matches. Gallagher is a brilliant talent. He will be a handful along with Zaha. Edouard also might trouble us if he starts. I am hoping for a win with a performance. But I have come to expect so little from arteta that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a drab performance.

    Villa also won’t be easy. They are a yo yo team regarding performances. They are world bearers one game and average the next. They will be harder than palace. If we beat those two with good performances then the faith in Arteta will start to look a bit better even though he would still have a lot to prove. If not then it will be normality resumed.

    OT: I knew Sancho was going to struggle. I can’t believe people were putting him in the Haaland and Mbappe Category. He is a good young player. But not elite yet. I put him in the the Saka category because I thought he needed to show a bit more. Greenwood though is back on form for United. He is back to his best and he is a dangerous player when on form.

  10. Ishola70

    No-one is saying Crystal Palace are “easy” opposition.

    But they are neither a good side either.

    So a win should be expected whether narrow or comfortable.

  11. LoveSausage


    Crucial is we expect to be fighting for European places. We had a great haul points wise in the last four games. But the football was negative. The sort of low margins football that puts you smack in the middle of the table if you keep playing it over the course of an entire season. So my expectation is 10-12 points from the next 4, plus a more positive type of football. If the change in style doesn’t happen in the next month, I really don’t think it’ll happen later in the season.

    As for Arteta, I want him gone. But I’m not going to hope for losses and miserable football in order for that to happen. I’d rather see him succeed, even though I don’t think it’ll happen.

  12. Ishola70

    “Crucial is we expect to be fighting for European places”

    Well if he fails to even get a Europa League place again by the end of the season then that again is really bad failure.

    Failing to get even a Europa League placing last season was really bad. A new low for the club.

    If he repeats surely he would be out.

    So I don’t think anything is “crucial” in October if we are just talking about Europa League places. There would be plenty of time for recovery although of course it would not look good for Arteta at all.

  13. Ishola70


    “The sort of low margins football that puts you smack in the middle of the table if you keep playing it over the course of an entire season.”

    Absolutely agree with that comment.

  14. LoveSausage


    If Arteta gets us a Europa League place he’ll survive. That’s how low the club’s expectations have sunk. Personally, I’d keep him around if he achieved a 4th place finish. Maybe if we finished 5th but we put up a proper fight for 4th. Considering the investment made and the quality of players we have, that’s reasonable. But luckily for him, no one gives a shit about my personal expectations.

    I still think October is hugely important. Arteta’s best opportunity to change the brand of football we’re playing is now, while the team is still settling. If we’re still playing negative football after 1/3 of the season, I just don’t see it changing. The team will be settled around that identity.

  15. NJ Gooner

    I hope that White and Gabriel have spent the last two weeks working with Sambi on how to deal with a press.

    If so, the interlull may prove to be a blessing in disguise.

  16. NJ Gooner

    I just wish that Ramsdale hadn’t spent his time sitting on England’s bench, and had instead been working with White and Gabriel on ball distribution.

  17. Ishola70

    lol Spurs now only three points away from 2nd place in the league after they win today.

    Yes that Spurs.

    So long to go in the season. Nothing is crystalised in October other than the obvious teams again cementing their dominance of the league.

  18. Receding Hairline

    “Win our two games against two sides we SHOULD be winning against… and we’ll be in the top 4 for a hot second.

    The narrative will then shift a degree in the favor of the project. Arteta will have shown he’s progressed the side”

    So he would show he has progressed the side by winning games we should be winning. Doesn’t quite add up.

  19. Mb

    Pedro takes a match to prove Arteta is brilliant ( Spurs ). Pedro asks not to criticize Arteta because of a few games ( Brentford, Chelsea, City )

    Winning next two games to reach 4th is mentioned but we are sitting on 13th and asked to check the table once season is over.

  20. Terraloon


    I just wish that Ramsdale hadn’t spent his time sitting on England’s bench, and had instead been working with White and Gabriel on ball distribution

    He wasn’t in the England squad

  21. Nigel Tufnel


    I read your comment (self awareness) the first time, and responded.

    No need for us all to play dumb. This blog has been known for vitriolic negativity for years.

    Someone like Rich is posting positive, hopeful comments along the lines of Pedro.
    Nothing extreme or foolish.

    I respect people like emiratesstroller as reasonable, positive, hopeful. Nothing wrong with that. Football is an escape, like any pro sports. No need for seething anger and hate from some here if things don’t go our team’s way. (Not you specifically).

    The haters here like to ridicule anything positive that Pedro or others say. That’s so easy to do. Our club is attempting to climb out of a downturn.

    The only clubs that are guaranteed to be able to easily avoid problems are the Chelsea, Man City, types. That’s what’s unfair about resources.

    Klopp spoke about it this week and he knows where it’s going.

    He said the top 4 in England will be like a superleague of it’s own. Man City, Chelsea, Newcastle eventually.

    Liverpools owners are a little like ours, and won’t spend unlimited funds. They are in a golden age because of Klopp and a couple special players and splurges when they could feel they were just a van dyke and an Alison away.
    If Klopp leaves, they will be at Arsenals current level, regardless of history.

    The haters here will say the negativity is warranted, because of recent lack of league success. The hatred of Arteta (who I’m not sold on) is over the top.

    The cretins, (I’ll call you guys that because you are beyond nasty to our players and manager), think we are supposed to perform like Chelsea or Man City. That’s like a foolish childs view. Some teams were fortunate enough to get sugar daddy owners. Most teams do not have that.

    That’s life. The same way that Some people are born into wealth, and some are born in Áfrican famines.

    I accept that our owners are a disappointment. The people trying to work with limited budget (though not the worst budget), deserve some respect, and credit for some hope being in sight.

    It’s so easy to criticize, when there’s clubs out there that are almost guaranteed to dominate, and there’s only a sliver of a chance for any normal club to squeeze into the top four. So much has to go right. But right now we are blessed with ESR, Saka, and I’d also include the additions of Gabriel, Tierney, and Ødegaard. To me, the rest are not proven yet, but not looking bad either.

  22. NJ Gooner

    Ramsdale being away was a real missed opportunity for key players to practice against the press together, with neither the centre-halves nor Sambi being away.

    But, looking on the bright side, at least the three got to work on that triangle for tomorrow’s game.

    Let’s see if there is any improvement.

  23. Nigel Tufnel

    who is another example of people no gooner would really want to spend time with, in person.

    So miserable like a few others today… looks at a crowded table, where a bunch of teams are within striking distance of top 4, early in the season, but they can’t help but crow that we’re 13th… they get so much joy from framing it that way… why though?
    Technically it’s true, but why enjoy making us sound worse than we want to be?

    Why that outlook on life? I’m sorry for whatever was done to these guys, that made them this way about something as light as football.

  24. sly

    palace is going to be a tough game
    they’re playing cohesively and with more attacking identity than we are at the moment

  25. Graham62


    Think of it like an hour glass, except with Arsenal it’s a twelve year glass.

    The slow trickle of regression leads many posters to look at things in a certain way.

    It’s the scepticism that tends to eat away at you..

  26. Mb

    I mean that’s how sports work. You cheer up for the win, you criticize for the loss. You have your opinion about what went wrong and what could have been better.

    I can be negative with Arteta and his tactics and you can be positive.

    In the end, for those 90min, nothing matters except a win. Who is on that sideline and whether I hate him or not doesn’t matter. It don’t matter if my fav player is in starting XI or what beer you are having.

    We all say #COYG and hope for a win. If you remain happy with everything, you won’t improve anything mate.

  27. Nigel Tufnel

    The spurs fan types who can’t resist coming here to point out Ramsdale hasn’t jumped to England number 1 after a few starts for us.

    I have bad news for you, because the national team like the kid. He will be moving up in the next couple of seasons. Not by the next world cup, but he’s got plenty of time to grow.

    The haters never respond when I ask a question like this…..

    Why do you want to put down a young keeper who has only been very good so far for our team?

    I know its a small sample, but why hate on him, and belittle him at all? Why do you get joy out of that.

    I just hope he’ll keep up good form for us, as much as possible. That’s what a normal person would do. Any success on the national level would be nice for us.

    And altbough his distribution is good already, it’s also true that you can’t improve on it that much in training. Why not let him have his England call up, without turning it negative.

    None of you ever think what you would prefer in his position. Of course you’d want to train with and join the national team.

    Isn’t that obvious, at least?

  28. NJ Gooner

    Terraloon, you are a gentleman!

    But all this turning on each other is so unhealthy. It’s like a dysfunctional family!

    Can we focus on a debate we all care about, like will the Newcastle sale encourage KSE to sell up or not? It is something that we all agree would be in Arsenal’s best interest.

    In favor of sale: the investment required to get back into Europe just got more expensive and the value of Arsenal probably just rose.

    Against possible sale: possibly more TV revenues from sales in the Middle East.

    Everyone keeps talking about what the Newcastle sale will do to Arsenal’s league position. Nobody talks about what it might do to our ownership’s position.

  29. Nigel Tufnel


    Maybe one day you’ll grow up to the reality that there are very few easy wins in this league.

    After watching Chelsea get away with one yesterday, have any of the haters come here to moderate their comments after our opener against Brentford, when there was china virus chaos and we wanted to postpone the match it was so bad. Of course not. Only Pedro points it out, because he is fair.

    Not only did Mendy and luck save Chelsea, but a missed call between a wrong offsides and a penalty for Brentford. That was totally botched.

    As if Chelsea doesn’t have enough money advantages already. I really felt bad for Brentford. They showed some real spirit that should have been rewarded yesterday. 3 points worth.

  30. Davi

    Nigel – fair enough comment, but when you say things said on here by Pedro are not extreme or foolish – it’s very easy (as you say yourself) to pick out areas that aren’t so rosy and, in some cases, areas of pretty obvious positive spin – so, whether you agree or not, I’d say it’s fairly easy to see the perspective that at least some of the things they say are foolish. E.g. the whole thing with the young Leicester defender not being good because they conceded more goals last season than the one before – there’s a ton of cherry picking like that to make a point in favour of whatever arsenal has done. It feels like I’m being lied to or talked down to at times, if I’m honest.
    What I’ll never understand, though, is why it bothers some people so much if other people have negative (or positive) views to the extent it seems to. Maybe that’s not the case for you, but it certainly appears that way for others.
    I have a slightly different view on the Arsenal stuff in the sense that I believe things could have been done much better in spite of the challenges imposed by the ownership (they could have made it a bit less easy to criticise!) but I’m sympathetic to those challenges as well.

  31. Rich

    The biggest critics, are usually the biggest optimists

    They can see the potential for things to be better, but the unfulfilled potential drives them absolutely bonkers…

    It’s when apathy kicks in you want to start worrying, because at that point, people have usually stopped caring

    Then the club really will be in trouble.

  32. Nigel Tufnel


    Admittedly I have been on a bit of crusade against some types here…. starting over the summer, because if they didn’t get every penny spent exactly how and when they wanted it, they were horrible and disgusting here to the players we signed.

    Not just against Arteta, who again, I have strong doubts about, but nasty, hateful comments about players like Ben White, and Ramsdale, who just didn’t deserve that level of hate. At least not before they played for us. We won’t know for a while, but so far, so good.

    It was so bad on the Internet, and especially on le grove, that people in and around the game, and league, had to come out and stand up for Ramsdale, because of the junk we were all getting sick of reading.

    The kids a gooner, his boyhood dream coming true, wanted badly to be here, while Leno wanted out and couldn’t give a damn about the club….. to the point that he wouldn’t want to come for a cross lest it mess up his pretty hair.

    So I was touched by Aaron bringing his granddads ashes with his family to sign his contract…. who wouldn’t be?
    ……..You know who,… The jerks here calling him the relegator and spinning the fact that he was player of the season and around the national team into a joke.

    Most of us don’t know nearly as much as we think we do, and these guys think they’re experts and can tear people down all day.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see the direction they have been coming from, and we are all getting sick of it.

  33. Rich

    I have no problem with Arsenal being self sustainable, we can assemble a competitive squad this way, and other than the £3 million fees KSE took a few years back as management fees, at least we’re not being bled dry like Man United, or in the mess of Derby County

    We just need to improve the way we operate, for all the bluster around managers during Emery + Arteta’s reigns, the biggest thing that’s hurt Arsenal has been poor scouting, poor recruitment, non existent squad planning, and poor contract management

    If we fix these issues, then whoever our manager is, will have a much easier job

    We’ve spent plenty of money on transfers + wages over the last few years we’ve just invested really badly

    The last time we won the league we had Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Cole

    5 of the best players in the world in their positions, all at the peak of their powers, we also had a lot of experience + leadership throughout the squad

    I’m not surprised we’ve struggled the last few years, I do think there’s a some light beginning to shine through at the end of the tunnel now though

  34. Bankz

    Spurs are a win away from leveling up with Liverpool in 2nd even though they’ve had a terrible season.
    That’s why no one measures “progress” solely on a win here and there less than 10 games into the season.

  35. Jamie

    “It was so bad on the Internet, and especially on le grove, that people in and around the game, and league, had to come out and stand up for Ramsdale”

    It was so bad on le-grove that people in and around the game, and league, had to come out and stand up for Ramsdale? It’s not even joke Friday, but this is some funny shit.

  36. Davi

    “The last time we won the league we had Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, Cole … 5 of the best players in the world in their positions”
    Campbell as well, really was that level – not many better CBs than him around – Lehmann probably was in that bracket but could never get past Kahn in the German national team, who was obviously a top 5 gk for a long time, and Gilberto was definitely one of the top defensive midfielders in the world at that time.
    Anyway, don’t disagree with what you said but what that side really did have was an strong collective winning mentality and culture. That’s where we could really do with a kick start. Don’t know where that will come from right now – it’s why we need senior players with stronger character; Auba and Xhaka don’t cut it.

  37. Tom

    Congratulations to team GB on winning the 2021 Speedway of Nations today.

    Nigel T on a rampage kicking ass and taking names as a self appointed sheriff of Legrove lol.
    Mr positivity 🤦‍♂️

  38. Matt B

    Tom: Nigel was merely calling out the twats who had written off White and Ramsdale before they’d even kicked a ball. It was bullshit and as Pedro suggested, it wouldn’t have gone down very well in an Arsenal pub.

    Personally, I think those kinds of ‘supporters’ are pathetic little keyboard warriors. But what some of you write won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

    Be negative by all accounts — that’s fine with me, but when you start abusing Arsenal players and running the club down, then don’t get all antsy when you’re called out

  39. Tom

    Here’s a bit of context for you Nigel re Brentford and Chelsea, since you’re so desperate for some; Chelsea dominated, or were in control for the first 70 minutes or so, and then Brentford threw even more players forward than they normally do ( to their absolute credit) to get something from the game, and that’s when Chelsea got lost at the back.

    Why did they get lost at the back might you ask? Well, maybe because their back three included two 22 year olds with a combined 270 minutes of PL experience and the holding midfielder tasked with protecting them was Loftus Cheek who’s not very good at that.
    But of course we shouldn’t care if Tuchel decided to rotate his squad against Brentford and play three players in key positions with a combined market value of under £30m.

    But let’s not take any the way from Brentford who also did an outstanding job against a seasoned Liverpool side and pushed them all the way in a 3:3 thriller.

    Here’s the interesting bit though, Brentford players used their Arsenal performance as an eye opener that they did belong in this league, something they weren’t sure of before the seasons opener.
    That’s from their own interviews.

  40. Tom

    Matt B
    I’m not interested in moderating anyone’s posts, least of all Nigel’s.
    I find them entertaining as hell, even if a bit thin on substance.

  41. Ishola70

    From Squawka

    Mattéo Guendouzi’s game by numbers vs. Lorient:

    100% long ball accuracy
    100% take-on success
    78 touches
    61 passes attempted
    57 passes completed
    13 ball recoveries
    8 duels won
    5 take-ons
    3 shots
    3 crosses
    2 chances created
    2 shots on target
    2 goals
    1 assist


  42. Jamie

    With all the negative stuff that has been written in the comments section of le-grove about Guendouzi, I’m kind of shocked no one in and around the game, and Ligue 1, have come out and stood up for him.

  43. Tom

    Jamie, I’m surprised Nigel hasn’t.
    He did call Emi a prick or something but that was clearly ok since he wanted out and is a Villain now, but Guendouzi never wanted out and is still an Arsenal player as far as we know.

  44. Ishola70

    It will be hilarious if Guendouzi comes back to Arsenal after he has been basically assassinated on here by plenty of posters.

    Arteta this week even admitted that Guendouzi is doing well so far in France and even said it’s a continuing plan of development with Guendouzi apparently lol.


  45. Ishola70


    ” yea but that’s farmers league numbers”

    Yeah dreadful league that French one. Sunday Park football.

    How Sunday park football Guendouzi gets in the French squad is anyone’s guess.

  46. Tom

    Ishola, wasn’t there a rumor Arsenal were open to a Saliba sale before he went out on loan again?
    It’s hard to believe what’s true these days but Arsenal would be crazy to entertain a sale of either Saliba or Guendouzi for peanuts to satisfy a whim of a manager who’s not proven himself in the league or Europe.

  47. MD-Gunner

    For Guen there ia an obligation to buy he will not be an Arsenal Player at the end of the season. But hey the saucy one couldn’t control him, wonder why the manager at Marseille could.

  48. MD-Gunner

    In less than 24 hours will AFC be 14th, 11th or 9th? Whichever way you twist this after 8 games not an admirable table position.

  49. Ishola70


    “It’s hard to believe what’s true these days but Arsenal would be crazy to entertain a sale of either Saliba or Guendouzi for peanuts to satisfy a whim of a manager who’s not proven himself in the league or Europe.”

    It’s not surprising me at all tbh that Guendouzi is getting good reports about his football in France and gets called up to French squads still.

    I didn’t mind his character on the pitch at all. In fact I thought it was a plus even if it needed to be better controlled on occasions. I’d rather see a player on the pitch with some real character and drive and passion than a bland yes man robot on the pitch.

    But Arteta knows best.

  50. englandsbest

    I think we might be at the beginning of a big roll of the dice. Football is unpredictable, but all the signs are there.Our defence is soooo solid. Partey has found his goal soring touch, Ode opens up defences,.Saka eases, ER floats, Pepe scares. And then there’s Auba. Ah, there’s the rub. Auba!

    It takes nerve to drop a £300K/week player

  51. Leedsgunner

    We give sides like Crystal Palace and Aston Villa… so much undeserving respect especially at home.

    I’m not saying we should underestimate them or take them lightly but neither should we give them so much time and space on the ball so that they have time to settle into the game.

    Press them hard from the first minute to the ninety and force them to play our game to our pace and our agenda.

    If we do we will win those games.

  52. Leftside

    The comments on here about Henry wouldn’t have went down well in an Arsenal pub, not Arsenal fans having reservations about White and Ramsdale. The lengths some of you will go to…

  53. Leedsgunner

    Henry is an arrogant son of a gun.

    But guess what? I’m sorry when you did what he did he has every right to express his opinion.

    The greatest striker ever to wear the shirt in Arsenal history.

    I’m getting chills just thinking about some of the goals he scored.

    You don’t have to agree with everything Henry says in his place as a pundit but I reckon his goals were responsible for the genesis of a generation of Gooners.

    Long live the KING!

  54. Leedsgunner

    Henry is saying but a lot of us were saying. The Brighton performance WAS a disappointment. However, this is only because our standards have been raised.

    This is a good thing.

    We are the Arsenal, we should have and expect the best.

    I’m hoping for 12 points for the next four games. Not to criticise the team but I genuinely feel like they can do it.

    Come on Arsenal FC. Time to stir things up! Come on lads you can do it!

    3-1 to the Arsenal tomorrow.

  55. Leedsgunner

    After today Newcastle will be looking out for a keeper, a new defender and a new striker.

    Why don’t we offer them Leno for £30m, Holding for £20m, Lacazette for £10m.

    After they can afford it!

    £60m for selling fringe players we can use to buy someone for our strike force or our midfield.

  56. Nigel Tufnel


    I was furious with Arteta for his handling of Guendouzi, who was our only positive midfielder. I think he’s a huge talent and will end up at PSG. In the France senior squad, but couldn’t start ahead of el neny for Arteta.

    I don’t want Saliba thrown away either, so we need European football to get our guys enough minutes next year.

    I won’t forget the Guendouzi thing unless Azeez or Patino come good in a big way. Very big.

  57. Nigel Tufnel

    Emi is still a pr1ck and i want him to fail. He’s a tough opponent for us in a few weeks. Villa are good team, but I Loved the wolves result of course. No need for anyone here to wish him well, they could compete with us for Europe spots.
    Those praising him have the feel of hating Arteta so much they want to be proven right.

    I will say again. I wanted Emi to be our number 1. He had won the job, and Arteta gave it to him. No good coach would make 100% promise. That doesn’t happen.

    Emi can rot with the villains as far as I’m concerned.

  58. Nigel Tufnel

    I heard ex Arsenal players in interviews talking about how Ramsdale was being treated online at the time of his signing. They thought it was nasty and uncalled for, as did most normal people.

    But you’re so superior you’re going to be a goalkeeper scout for Newcastle, right? You were probably one who was spewing bile about the kid.
    You can pass judgement, but nobody else can about your pathetic life.

  59. Tony

    I’m not sure about the result tonight. Having watched Palace a couple of times this season they will be a tough side that adopts Paddy’d ‘never say die’ attitude and has some good tall players as well as Saha.

    Gallagher needs to be marshaled as he tends to be in the mix of most attacks fro Place.

    I see a win by the odd goal for us if Arteta has our best 11 on the pitch playing without the handbrake, although where the goals are going to come from, I have no idea.

    We should beat Villa; they’ve looked average from the highlights I’ve seen this season. Grealish is a big loss for them.

    Too late to watch live for us but will watch it early morning Tuesday.

  60. Pierre

    ” Our defence is soooo solid”

    There’s a comment that may come back to haunt you..

    As yet “soooo solid” is not what i would call an apt description of our defence ..

    I prefer to look past the goals conceded column as sometimes that can give a false impression, especially if it only taking into consideration a small number of games.

    Let’s see how we get on defensively against palace, villa and Leicester, especially the latter 2 who tend to play more on the front foot.

    Palace are nothing special up front , Tomiyasu v zaha will determine how potent palace are offensively, Tomiyasu will need support from white, partey and Saka to subdue Zaha..

    Offensively i have a feeling that there may be a slight change with either Pepe or Nketiah coming in down the left channel , with smith Rowe centre and Odegaard dropping in alongside partey. With Aubameyang keeping his place up top for now.

    It will certainly make us more potent up front ..

    For Arsenal, it is a case of not conceding the first goal as we must he one of the worst sides in the league at chasing a game..
    Whilst it is 0-0 i can’t see us playing òpen expansive football due to the fear of conceding the first goal, however if we score early the handbrake will be released and it could become a very open exciting game of football

  61. Sid

    Guen has added goals to his game, like i said he will be as good as Pogba or better.
    Mavro also doing also well in the Bundesliga

    Since we are into project youth and willing to give them time to gel, the 2 would have saved the club money to be used in other areas, Non?

  62. Emiratesstroller


    You are flogging a “dead horse”. Guendouzi is no longer an Arsenal player and frankly Arsenal made the right decision in offloading this player whatever you and others may think.

    When a player is disruptive as he has been at several clubs not just at Arsenal it was time to offload him.

    He will not be the first or last player on the planet to have been thrown out of a club in this

  63. Sid

    “”””””Arsenal made the right decision in offloading this player whatever you and others may think.”””””

    Arsenal dont have a good track record in right decisions

  64. Emiratesstroller


    That is your opinion.

    Our recruitment in recent years may not have been always great, but I don’t think that there
    have been many “voluntary” departures which were a mistake.

    Transfer business is not an exact science.

  65. Terraloon


    “Why did they get lost at the back might you ask? Well, maybe because their back three included two 22 year olds with a combined 270 minutes of PL experience and the holding midfielder tasked with protecting them was Loftus Cheek who’s not very good at that.”

    For me there were a couple of reasons

    The first is of course as you say but also the fact that they were heavily impacted by the International break. For instance Jorginho, didn’t get on the pitch, Silva was on his way back from Brazil but add to that two very experienced players Azpilectia and Lukaku couldn’t last the 90 minutes bot in different ways would have added significantly to their defensive performance in the last 20 or so minutes of that game.

    I sort of touched on the issue of players being away on international duty in an earlier post and whilst Arsenal have had the extra couple of days to prepare it is probable that a number of what is likely to be the expected starting 11 will not play on both tonight and on Friday.

    I am wary of Palace . In Zaha they have have a player who has had a good start to the season and as a consequence his confidence is high but it’s the energy of Gallagher that shouldn’t be underestimated nor should the challenge that Benteke offers in the air.

    My guess is that Palace will score tonight. So that means a minimum of two goals are needed to win the 3 points. .

    Looking at Palaces results they have lost one less game than Arsenal and their two defeats were against Liverpool and Chelsea away.

    Someone on here suggested they are a poor team. They are not.

    Patrick V has they well organised and motivated. Of course Arsenal are at home and should win but this is going to be a hard game and after the Villa game we will know far more about both the ability and potential of this Arsenal squad

  66. Northbanker

    When you have a cancer in your business then you need to cut it out, no matter how good that employee may be. In Guendouzi’s case however we saw innumerable examples of headless chicken running under 2 managers

  67. Terraloon

    I talked on here about how overrated I felt Guendozi was and still hold that belief .

    But and here’s the but he was recruited by Arsenal and I find it hard to believe that those mad moments ( am I allowed to say that ) didn’t start after his transfer they surely had been evident albeit in his teenage years.

    Transfer teams elsewhere look deeper than just a players ability on the field surely that happened at Arsenal or is it another example of how poor things were.

    I hear rumours about a couple of players hopefully they are no more than rumours. But in Arteta for all his perceived and yes evidenced weaknesses he does seem to demand standards of behaviour sometimes perhaps he goes over the top but Arsenal just like every club is well rid of petulant and or arrogant players no matter what the financial cost because as North banker says they are a cancer

  68. Sid

    “”””NorthbankerOctober 18, 2021 08:08:14
    When you have a cancer in your business then you need to cut it out,”””

    Diet Pep fits this descrption, yet we have persisted with him

  69. Jamie

    Nigel demands positivity, then starts frothing at the mouth

    “You were probably one who was spewing bile about the kid.
    You can pass judgement, but nobody else can about your pathetic life.”

    Poor lad absolutely triggered.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    The Bard

    As I posted yesterday Arsenal have got on paper a lot of decent strikers capable of scoring double digit goals but sadly they have been misfiring in last 2-3 seasons.

    My guess is that over next couple of transfer windows Arsenal will cut their losses in this department and offload players and probably focus most of their recruitment and investment in this department of team.

  71. DivineSherlock


    Until we address the problem of why they are misfiring or out of form or lack confidence or whatever the issue is , the new recruitment wont have any effect . See how Chelsea has struggled historically with great strikers and now even Lukaku has gone 4 games without scoring.

  72. Davi

    I’ve been wondering for quite a while if it would make sense to play 442. Our wingers are quite defensive anyway, and it might help us to keep the ball higher up the pitch. Might also get a lot more out of Auba if he had Laca alongside to do the “dirty work” of a CF.

  73. Davi

    Never been convinced the move away from 442 was wise – the last truly decent side we had, over 12 years ago, played 442 up until RVP and Eduardo got injured and we were forced into 451.

  74. Samesong

    Palace are nothing special up front

    I agree with this to extent. My only worry is their physicality. They have Eduard and that Chelsea player on loan with Zaha and Benteke. A decent combination if you give them time and space.

  75. Samesong

    Viera tactics tonight will probably be to bully us. Force us to make mistakes. But if we ar on our game tonight. We should beat them. 2-1 Arsenal

  76. Terraloon


    For me the likes of Chelsea are able to carry a misfiring player and grind out results against decent teams whereas as things stand it’s almost certain that clubs that carry a threat such as Palace will have to score a minimum of two goals. The likes of Norwich, Burnley and yes even Brighton didn’t hurt Arsenal but I don’t think they are decent teams they are teams that Arsenal should be brushing aside

  77. Terraloon


    Think people are underestimating Palaces potential. Not you I hasten to add

    You mention Benteke and you are right if, and he isn’t often, on his game, he is a beast and very very good in the air .I think that they will score at least one tonight
    Gallagher has an incredible engine and will pop up in dangerous positions and most of their squad remained at home during the International break which makes a tremendous difference

  78. Samesong


    October 18, 2021 10:44:50


    We beat them 3-1 in May (End of season). but have drawn our previous last 3 games with them.

    I got a feeling ESR will score tonight. Probably my favourite player in the team at the moment.

  79. Terraloon


    Patrick Vs Palace are a million miles away from Hodgsons Palace.

    They have far more youth and energy.

    I mentioned earlier Gallagher but take a look tonight at Gheui he is a true talent and like you I see a decent player in Eduard

    I have a feeling that neither Tierney nor Partey will start tonight strange yes but both are very fragile and probably having both played two international games probably will have to sit either this one or the Villa game that and the fact that Arteta will have to go strong v Leeds the following Tuesday

  80. Sid

    Diet Pep will be trembling when PV4 stares him in the eyes.
    A cold sweat will trickle down his spin, into where the good lord split him

  81. DivineSherlock


    I was referring to Emirates point that there will be more recruitment in the ST department , the team we have right now should be able to defeat the likes of Palace / Villa .

  82. Tom

    “As I posted yesterday Arsenal have got on paper a lot of decent strikers capable of scoring double digit goals but sadly they have been misfiring in last 2-3 seasons.
    My guess is that over next couple of transfer windows Arsenal will cut their losses in this department and offload players and probably focus most of their recruitment and investment in this department of team.”

    Goals from midfield are equally important and our midfielders have been misfiring as well.
    Partey, Xhaka, Odegaard, Saka, and ESR have a combined PL output of goals and assists equal to that of a certain cancerous headless chicken we offloaded to Marseille this Summer.