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Bit of a drab England game against Hungary. Jack Grealish getting dropped for Bukayo The Great was amusing. Would have been nicer if he’d been able to rescue the game.

What I think we’re all loving is the decline of Harry Kane. The highest level in football requires the physical and mental working in tandem. The Spurs striker isn’t at the races in his head. His failed move this summer has totally rattled him. It is quite something to see how something like that can take from the best on the planet in your position, to a total bum in a matter of 3 months.

What was Daniel Levy thinking turning down that money? One of the shrewdest businessmen in football has been going through a midlife crisis. He sacked Poch for superstar Jose Mourinho. Now he’s turning down mega cash for a player in decline? Imagine the damage Spurs could have done with £120m this past summer. It’s stunning that he chose to keep a loyal player against his will… and pair him with Nuno.

THOMAS PARTEY SCORED AGAIN. I think that’s 4 goals in 4 games for Ghana. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Honestly, he gets in so many good positions, he really should be, at the very least, hitting the target. Imagine if he could pop up with 8 goals a season? Someone from midfield has to move the needle on goals. Hopefully this blip in form translates into Premier League games.

We also saw Emile Smith Rowe score a fantastic goal on the counter-attack for the U21 team. Goals shouldn’t be a problem this season once everyone clicks. It’s a confidence thing. We’re getting the ball into the right areas, now we need to start converting.

The left back position of Kieran Tierney was a guaranteed for him last season, but this time around, there’s a young talent making waves. Nuno Tavares scored a goal and bagged a couple of assists as Portugal U21s smashed Lichenstein. The Portuguese is super raw and there’s plenty to work on with his decision making, but it’s good to have a player breathing down the neck of KT who hasn’t had the brightest of starts.

William Saliba is now captaining the French U21 side. A fantastic honour for the player who is making his mark at Marseille and making it harder and harder to be ignored next summer. The club went out of its way to sign leaders this summer, it’s nice to know that we have one coming back to the club after a good loan.

Right, short one again today. See you in the comments. Also, take a watch of the podcast.




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  1. Bankz

    Not selling Kane for £120million remains one of the most stupid things Levy has ever done.
    I know he thought he was avoiding a RVP to United situation where he automatically hands over the title to the Pep again but truth is, Pep might win the title with or without Kane.
    It was different with the RVP situation. Georgie wouldn’t have won the title in 2013 without RVP

  2. Bankz

    Once Partey adds premier league goals to his locker, then we are in for a treat.
    Bit like Fernandinho and Matic chipping in crucial goals in important games.

  3. raptora

    Pedro: “if you give the youngest squad in the Premier League a. year together, they will get better. …To say that you don’t think time will change anything is painfully ignorant of how teams develop.”

    Project Youth pt.2 worked phenomenally well in time. Wilshere, Chambers, Ramsey, Holding, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Akpom, Zelalem, Bellerin, the Jeff, Maitland-Niles surely formed a title winning team in time.

    Bringing in the argument that a team will always progress in time, just because the players are new is not how it works.

    Kante was a Leicester player for ONE single season. It didn’t need months or years. One season.
    Van Dijk played a Champions League final in his first 5 months at Liverpool and in his first full season – won it.

    Then we have Ole and Frankie who never got better and their teams would never have won any big title with them in charge.

    Since Arteta has been in charge for over 20 months by the time the new season started, our new players should have been added to an already working set up and the effect of their class lifting our team should have been instant.

    Instead we are talking about it taking a long time?

    Are we developing the players? – players that we paid sooo much money for?
    Are we developing a style? – almost 22 months in the manager’s reign?
    Are we developing the manager? – how many years will this one take with nothing but wishful thinking involved?

    It all revolves around a leap of faith that a certain someone will break the barriers and just become good. Why are we ready to wait exactly him? An absolute rookie?

  4. Cyril

    Englandsbest: a very rare post – you comments are wholly correct. I stay on the south coast at the moment. The night before the Brighton game- we experienced abysmal weather. On the day – the lighting poles were swaying and bending. It was tipping down from all angles. The weather was arguably at KO near to the worst. The side drives down and it’s hitting them at the last moment. Weather can ruin as we know. It was an excellent point all being said. When the wind blows this way – it’s not fun. In fact I cannot cycle in that weather. Brighton had advance warning of this weather. In fact , I will go as far as saying, it was the worst weather for at least the last ten months I had experienced. Some perspective in order helps to see the balance…

  5. Major_Jeneral

    When I saw Georgie in Bankz Post I knew the powers of Autocorrect have struck again.

    Good post Pedro. Soon all these goals scored in International games will translate into the Premier league.

  6. englandsbest

    Thanks for that,,Cyril.

    An on-spot view of a plucky performance on a gruesome day. You deserve a at on the back for turning up.

  7. englandsbest

    On Harry Kane, the Arsenal side of me is glad, the England side is sad.

    On Partey’s goals, maybe they use a heavier ball out there.

  8. Akinzo


    I have read your comments for months now and you have certainly made it clear how Arteta isn’t the man to take us to El Dorado. Trust me, I believe you and I know so many who read your comments and are convinced you’ve marshalled your points well.
    But you are becoming repetitive. Even before reading any new sentence I can predict what you’ll say. GI e it a rest man. Think of something else and try to bring some sunshine here. Enough of the repetitive stuff.

  9. Cyril

    Englandsbest: I have a ST for over 25 years and have been going for 40 years. Some of my lot have been going over 50 years- (fairs cup final). To this day – it’s spoken as the greatest game at Highbury.🥲 I won’t be going anymore- it’s done. I will always love THE ARSENAL- but we have been pulled apart. From the dodgy decisions of Riley/Dean- the cabal of Var decisions – and match officials- it’s time to go out the side door for me sadly. The game has ended in my world. But I will support from a distance. I can’t do anymore than what I did – you know! Keep supporting and the new blood will keep going. But it needs to be done with class – I will be watching YOU KNOW 😊😊

  10. The Bard

    Bankz nailed it mate. Levy thinks he’s a tough nut but he doesn’t get the vibe. Keeping Kane was dim. What’s the difference between 120m and 150m at this level. Did he really think Kane was going to just swallow it and get on with it.
    Love all the Hale Enders stuff. Can we please sign them up for life and then sell th for a fortune if we get stiffed by the seriously wealthy.

  11. Jim

    Pedro (&others) where do you see Saliba fitting in next season? Gabriel is our best CB & White has been headhunted so won’t be ousted. Saliba won’t accept bench/Cup games after doing all that has been asked of him on his loan: physical development & leadership. There’s one thing to have competition for places but it’s another to have unhappy players. Add into that CBs often working in pairings rather than as individual units and it could be a difficult situation.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts but propaganda to a minimum please all lol !

  12. Bertie Mee

    One of the big fallacies in football is that Levy is a great Chairman.
    If a great football chairman’s job is to create a team to make memories and win honours he is a pathetic chairman. He’s made money but it’s benefited the infield activities of Tottenham very little . He’s a total failure in football terms .

  13. zaco

    Camavinga who is 2 years younger than Saliba walked straight into Real Madrid team and there was no talk of not being good enough or being too young or coming from inferior league, Fofana did same at Leicester wheras at Arsenal we were told that Saliba who is older than the other two in addition to being better than Fofana wasn’t good for Arsenal and the premier league.

  14. Tom

    BM , I totally agree re Levy.
    He might be a tough negotiator but how difficult is it to get the upper hand and top money negotiating against United( Berbatov) , Real ( Modric, Bale) , or City (Walker)?

    Wenger sold players for more profits while winning trophies and playing attractive football.

  15. Tom

    Zaco, yea, but Fofana cost Leicester the CL places, and Ancelotti is not a generational manager so who cares if starts Camavinga or not.

    Arteta took one look at Saliba in training and knew he wasn’t ready, and that’s good enough for me.
    You need to understand that when you’re building a squad for the future , like Arteta is, you need young players who are ready on day one.
    Unless of course it is Arteta who’s doing the buying , in which case they need six months at a minimum , but probably longer.

  16. Pedro


    Project Youth had Arsenal in the top 4 for the entire time it was in operation. It also got us to a Champions League final. If we’d spent a bit more cash, it would have won titles. There were so many elite players that didn’t get the service around them.

    … and let’s be straight here. The crop of young players we’ve bought this time are different. We’ve bought established young players this time.

    If you buy young players, that are extremely experienced/talented for their age, they will absolutely get better with time… that’s exactly how it works.

  17. TheLegendaryDB10

    Read this interesting article about Ranieri.

    The standout of this? That even at his experienced age he is not at the mercy of getting sacked if he doesn’t get results and he knows it.

    Contrast this to MA being given sooo much time to achieve ….

    The problem with this is this: part of the managerial curriculum is to be sacked which SHOULD help push the manager to learn from his mistakes and get better.

    Yet we have a total newbie in MA and expect him to achieve top 4? Lolz at the levels of delusion here.

    MA can become a genius manager but he will have to get sacked to learn from his mistakes.

    There is 0 humility in MA that tells me that he will get it right the first time going. But then again who does get it right the first time going??

  18. TheLegendaryDB10


    I am talking about sacking as a learning curve for all managers. It’s what happens to every single manager out there. And it’s generally a moment for them to self -reflect and learn from ones mistakes.

    I am wondering at what point this will happen for MA.

    I was just staggered to see MA, who allowed free flowing football vs Spuds, to revert back to type vs BHA.

    Yes the weather was shite, etc. But his handbrake style of football is choking the free flowing football this team is capable of, as seen vs Spuds.

  19. Pedro

    Thank Elmo, he’ll be glad to hear that. The journey was quite a painful one. I”m glad he came out winning, didn’t always look like it was gonna end that way.

    Arteta didn’t revert back to that football, his midfield didn’t react well to a press and bottled it. That wasn’t his plan. That’s just how it happened. Brighton are a tough team away from home, plenty will struggle there (LCFC lost).

  20. englandsbest

    Cyril, there is no escape: once an Arsenal supporter, always an Arsenal supporter.

    But right now is a good time to be one. After years of slow decline, the future looks bright. Very bright. The vibe coming from the Club is electric, I believe most fans feel it. Even the doomsters. It’s hubris – the fear that saying it out loud will prevent it from happening – that makes them stay gloomy.

    But we need to be patient, not expect too much,too soon.

  21. TheLegendaryDB10

    But we need to be patient, not expect too much,too soon.

    England’s best.

    Its funny the hypocrisy.

    Emery was slated for less ( we could have been patient until he learned English)

    Just being the devil’s advocate here.

    After 2 yrs, I am curious to know when a supposed genius like MA will come good.

    Only asking as at some point all geniuses reveal themselves.

  22. LoveSausage

    I think Levy’s reputation as a shrewd businessman might be exaggerated. He sold Bale for a massive amount of money, at the perfect time. But he’s also lost tons of money by just being stubborn. Modric and Erkisen cases in point. Him being difficult and hating to sell a player isn’t really the same thing as being shrewd. He’ll live to regret the Kane situation.

  23. Pierre

    “Arteta didn’t revert back to that football, his midfield didn’t react well to a press and bottled it. That wasn’t his plan. That’s just how it happened”

    In your world that’s how it happened

    The way i saw it is that we had 2 players on the pitch who were passengers , Aubameyang and Odegaard who at present give the team nothing away from home , as they are neither brave on the ball or brave off the ball and Arteta has to seriously consider leaving then out of the side in tough physical away games

    If he has to play then , use them in home games where we tend to dominate possession more .

    My question to you Pedro, as you keep harping on about our midfield not reacting well to the press , is do you think our back 4 and keeper reacted well to the press.

    The fact that Tierney had a 52% pass completion and Tomiyasu struggled throughout the game , tells me that it was our defence and keeper that had a problem with Brighton’s high press as due to our lack of control at the back Ramsdale kicked the ball long , bypassing the 2 in midfield .

    I suggest you look at Aubameyang and Odegaard’s performances and their inability to get involved in any physical aspect of the game and you will be closer to finding the answer to our poor performance v Brighton .

    It was no surprise they were substituted and that the team competed better without them.

  24. China1

    Bankz if Kane wasn’t sold because they were worried Spurs would win the title that would be hilarious because Spurs aren’t even a top 4 team let alone anywhere near league contenders

    They’ve not competed for one title in my entire lifetime – perhaps the most consistently overrated team ever

  25. China1

    Englandsbest why would we famous bedwetters prefer to be gloomy?

    I miss the days when I used to brag about being an arsenal fan and expecting my club to roll into every match by dominating the game, playing great football and competing for major honors

    It was a lot more enjoyable than having these daily xhaka conversations etc

  26. Tom

    “.. Aubameyang and Odegaard who at present give the team nothing away from home “

    Pierre, Odegaard was Arsenal’s best attacking player v Burnley and second highest rated after Gabriel on the day.

  27. Tony

    The thing that concerned me most about Areta’s rebuild is that we have no depth having finally found a fragile balance/spine.

    We’re looking good in defense with Saliba to come back and Tomi adapting to the PL.

    Injuries to Ode, ESR, Saka and Partey alone or in any combination could see us confined to mid table or worse. We are already struggling to bring Auba into the game for his tap ins and no doubt we’ll revert to crosses to an empty penalty box when we lose players.

    If this happens, Arteta and his Artetaites have no excuse when they cry foul with all the other nonsense excuses. It’s where paying £20m over the odds for White bites us because we have no back up in midfield where we’ve been overrun since Arteta’s arrival.

    The Palace game is not far off and I wonder if we’ll see a 90 minutes repeat of the first 30 in the NLD or will we revert to handbrake Brighton football because Arteta is worried about Gallagher and Zaha?

    Because of my love for Paddy I’ve watched most of Palace’s games this season and Paddy has done in a few months what Arteta has failed to do in almost 24 months.

    We’ve watched Arteta for so long now complaining, we’ve lost touch how a decent manager can influence a team as Paddy has done.

    Then again Arteta and Paddy are miles apart in presence and confidence building and as players where Paddy was a linch pin in the Invincible’s side. Arteta an also ran MF who no one talked about when talking about Arsenal before.

    I’m not saying Paddy is going to pull up trees this season, but neither will they worry about survival. Mid table team for now until a monied take over is my best guess.

    Gallhager; a Chav’s loanee is a busy worker in midfield who gets into dangerous box positions, but hasn’t found his goal scoring touch just yet, but will cause us problems in MF along with Zaha when he comes deep.

    The above said an injury free first 11 should see us get past Palace in a hard fought game because like Paddy, his team doesn’t give up.

    This is a must win game for Arteta and us. Lose against Palace at home and the 3 wins against poor teams will look just that.

    As for injuries they are inevitable look at iron man Xhaka now out for weeks. Freaky injury it was but they happen regularly.

    £50m on a player was a big mistake when we have an owner who brings in a new rookie manager who still looks a rookie particularly with his poor in-game management.

    Bissouma should have been the first buy from Brighton. Then talk Josh into £50m for White if he had to. Let’s be realistic here. £50m should buy a defender who is good in the air and on the ball, not just one good skill and a poor skill that needs covering by others.

    What happens if Tomi gets in injured with Bellerin saying he doesn’t want to come back?

    I read something about Arteta having 300 pages written for his rebuild tenure.

    So far it’s looking like the Emery presentation: full of fluff data and BS outcomes. Perhaps it’s the last 50 pages that had Josh hooked with all the promises of PL and CL trophies. The latter ala the Willian promise.

    Let’s hope we can stay injury free to key players and forget about the handbrake; it’s the only things likely to keep the Arteta train rolling to a top 4 place. Oh, how Arteta now wishes he’d blooded Bolagun, Azeez et al in the season’s run in, as I perpetually called Arteta out for reckless poor use of Hale Enders.

    Funny now how Arteta is on board with the kids, eh? Making nice with Saliba.

    Arteta has a far better team than Emery and no Europe, so top 4 should be attainable if Emery can miss out by 1 point with a rag tag oldies team.

    I’m no Emery fan, but I’m no Arteta fan. I just support the team.

  28. PhD2020

    What about we cut the bollocks..And call it for what it is…

    Arteta has taken us out of ‘Europe’ completely..That implies no CL, no Europa,no whatever European campaign for the first time in 25 years,with a £250 million spend.

    No manager has achieved such a feat in a quarter of a decade.

    Let that be a starting point,before we talk about 8th consecutive finishes in the EPL under Arteta (from Dec 2019-Oct 2021) with a £250 million spend,with roughly the same forward line(Auba,Laca,Pepe,etc..) that Emery persisted with and was sacked for…

    Emery, effectively finishing-runners up in a Europa Cup Final and finishing in 5th place,in essence qualifying for Europe for the following season.

    Arteta dumped us out of’Europe’-2020/2021.

    Let’s be clear on that front,with a £250 million spend,with roughly the same front forward line that Emery had in 2018/2019(Auba,Laca,Pepe)..

    Go figure…

  29. China1

    Pedro I wouldn’t be too quick to say this batch of youth are more likely to succeed that the previous batch without help from some senior buys

    We’ve got some great kids at the moment but they’re supplemented by some pretty disappointing senior players which are holding us back

    But the first batch of wenger kids were probably better. Child wilshere, cesc, Ramsey, RVP, ade, were all far ahead of any of the young midfielders and attackers we have at the moment (who knows about Martinelli anymore since arteta killed him lol).

    Wilshere at 18 was world class (even tho by 22 he was not)
    Diaby was a monster until he was about 22 and official finished
    Ramsey was class in his early 20s
    Cesc was so good he ended up a regular player for the greatest club and national team of our life time
    RVP was phenomenal just injury prone
    Ade was really good tho not world class
    Clichy was a fantastic player in his youth
    Sagna was brilliant
    Vela was very good

    Etc etc

    Project youth 1 would’ve run amok against project youth 2. Our new defense is much better but our midfield and attack is for various reasons a country mile behind project youth 1

  30. Pierre

    “Pierre, Odegaard was Arsenal’s best attacking player v Burnley”

    He played in central midfield v Burnley and had a decent game
    You didn’t mention his other 2 away games v Brighton and City because he was poor and ineffective, though its fair to say that no player covered themselves in glory v city.

    In Odegaard’s away games this season he has a pass success completion of 79% (including 76% v Brighton and 83% v Burnley)
    In Odegaard’s 2 home games this season he has a pass completion of over 90% which in itself tells you that he is a olayer who is more comfortable on the ball at the Emirates

    I think he is a player to use at home and to use sparingly away, maybe coming off the bench.
    Odegaard has some very good qualities but he is of no use in away games if his pass completion is as low as 79%

    As a comparison , smith rowe has a pass completion of 95% away from home against Brentford, brighton, and Burnley..

    Retaining possession away from home is vital if Arsenal want to control games , there is a reason we were so poor v Brighton…
    Tierney 52% pass success completion
    Aubameyang 54%
    Odegaard 76%
    Ben White 74%
    Tomiyasu 74%
    Partey 78%

    Was it just a poor day , time will tell, but my worry is that away from home we may find it very difficult this season as mid table teams like brentford, Brighton, palace , west ham, Leicester etc will pressure Arsenal into kicking the ball long and the ball will just keep coming back.

    Fortunately, we have a run of home games that should see us climb the table and progress in the league cup, the true tests will be later on in the away games and i will be interested too see Arteta’s team selection and tactics to cope with the pressure the opposition puts on our back 4 when we are trying to play out from the back …..kicking the ball long is not really an option.

    We need players that are brave on the ball and brave off the ball away from home, otherwise we are doomed to fail I’m afraid.

  31. Sid

    “”””””In Odegaard’s away games this season he has a pass success completion of 79% (including 76% v Brighton and 83% v Burnley)”””””

    Very similar to a certain German of Turkish extract.

  32. Sid

    What the passing stats tell is that our midfielders are still Not up to the standards we need. Rosiky, Santi, Cesc, Nasri, Diaby,
    None is close Not even the great hype Partey or Ode. They are closer to Song and Arteta.

  33. Pierre

    Not even close .

    Ozil away from home 88% successful pass completion in the premier league for Arsenal…

    This is the level of pass completion Arsenal need away from home to control games.

  34. China1

    Regardless of any merit in the criticism of Ode, I think these numbers are too simplistic

    That 79% doesn’t provide any context about the nature of the passes attempted or their quality, only that 21% didn’t reach their man.

    You can play a great 35 yard through ball which is inches off perfection and gets cut out at the death, or you can play a 6 yard pass to someone standing next to you in acres of space. One is a successful pass one is a failure according to the stats. But the truth is in the context.

    For example if playing a man down away from home against city, where you are tired from having to run more in Xhaka’s absence and you are outnumbered badly by the opposition in midfield, it doesn’t surprise me if passing completion stats would be lower.

    Also what if you get on the ball and look up and there’s not much movement from your team mates or they’re all man marked.

    All passes are not created equal and should not be treated as such.

    Again, not defending Ode as I think he lacks initiative and drive from his game myself, just that picking out a couple of numbers alone isn’t telling us much.

  35. China1

    It’s because people read too much into a few numbers that Xhaka made some statistical websites team of the season in the PL last year despite being a 6/10 player.

  36. Pierre

    All i will say is
    Smith rowe 96% v Brighton
    Odegaard 76% v Brighton

    Both playing with the same players against the same opposition and in offensive positions.

    Is Odegaard more of a risk taker . ..of course not.

  37. China1

    Pierre again far too simplistic

    For the second half of Ozil’s time here we rarely truly convinced away from home when Ozil was on the pitch. He was literally notorious for vanishing and during that time with him Ramsey and Xhaka has to go down as probably our worst balanced and one of our least effective midfields for many decades. It was dreadful frequently.

    Everyone watching at the time was saying our midfield had absolutely massive problems and Ozil was getting slaughtered left and right from his frequent vanishing act, ESPECIALLY away from home and in tough physical games. No amount of pulling out one stay will change that as we all saw it with our own eyes

    Sigh why do I bother. The only reason Pierre even talks about Ode is some kind of set up for his Ozil trolling. I really should know better than to bite

  38. China1

    Pierre it’s one number. That number means very little. You can talk out the specific shit that they did differently to demonstrate the quality but that stat is an incredibly basic number

  39. China1

    I mean literally the very idea that Pierre OF ALL PEOPLE would take issue with us having a creative 10 who doesn’t consistently look his best, especially in tough away games is beyond ironic. It’s literally trolling

  40. China1

    I mean Ozil’s stats away from home in the PL would’ve been worse, but we recall he started taking sick days to play fortnite when he didn’t fancy it.

  41. Tom

    Pierre, Saka and ESR are my two favorite Arsenal players, but the pass completion % is a nothing stat for me without a proper context.
    Wasn’t Mustafi’s pass completion % higher than average?

  42. Northbanker

    And I would take Ode over Ozil from what I’ve seen so far even though we have yet to see the best of him. The fact that he gives a shit is a major starting point

    Talking about Ozil is the same as wishing we had Alex James on the wing. It’s another era

  43. CG


    “”Rosiky, Santi, Cesc, Nasri, Diaby,
    None is close Not even the great hype Partey or Ode.”””

    All to do with management.

    I have no doubt, if Wenger (or Poch or a Klopp) had the same current group of players we now have , better performances and goals would be extracted on a regular basis.

    (Wenger made Song look world class and sold him to Barcelona for £20 000 000 – so Partey and Ode at a cost of £80 000 000 should be much more effective)

    In fact, I am 100% of the opinion, its not even the players fault any more- its simply what Arteta and Round are brainwashing the players with during the week.

    Q) How can Martinelli ,go from that wonder goal at The Bridge to not getting any minutes at all 18 months later?

    A) Arteta management.

    What a complete waste of resources not to utilize his excellent counter attacking skills in matches.

  44. The Bard

    Arteta please note. Man City have just signed up Foden on a 6 year deal and significantly upped his wages.
    Let’s do the same with Saka and the other youngsters.

  45. S Asoa

    ” AkinzoI
    like raptora’s posts.Makes sense to me.”

    How do I get the cunt here ☝🏽 like on Twitter hashtag?

  46. Pierre

    “Sigh why do I bother. The only reason Pierre even talks about Ode is some kind of set up for his Ozil trolling. I really should know better than to bite”

    Not at all , i like Odegaard ( at home ) but i don’t think he is brave enough on or off the ball away from home and i don’t need statistics to prove it.
    If i was that bothered about Ozil i would be criticising Smith Rowe who is now our no 10 ….my doubts about Odegaard will ultimately be obvious to others as the season progresses .

    More importantly, i want Arsenal to win games of football and i believe that having 2 players in the offensive line up who will not contribute enough will be detrimemtal to the teams performance and results…

    Away from home, Arteta may have to bench Aubameyang and either bench Odegaard or play him alongside Partey in centre mid .

    At the moment we are relying on smith rowe and saka too much for creation in the final 3rd.

  47. Pierre

    “Elneny had a 93% pass completion last season.Everyone wanted him gone or upgraded upon.”

    If you can’t see the difference between Elneny and Smith Rowe and what they bring to the team then there is no hope for you..

  48. Sid

    “”””At the moment we are relying on smith rowe and saka too much for creation in the final 3rd.””””

    This is a tactical issue, Diet Pep instructs his midfielders Not to play ahead of the ball. So the CMs sit back and make passes Not without making runs.

  49. Sid

    “””””Elneny had a 93% pass completion last season.””””

    Another Christian Ericson moment for Tom, the Eskstraklasa water boy.

  50. englandsbest


    In terms of progress made, Arteta HAS come good

    As for Emery, I was one who thought he should be given a fair chance. He was – and failed, He showed no sense of direction, and if he had one, he was unable to communicate.

  51. Kris

    Levy has just been extremely lucky. Many people here don’t know, but he wanted Van Gaal not Poch. And when he couldn’t get Van Gaal, he wanted De Boer. And when De Boer was unavailable he settled for Poch. Whom he replaced with Mourinho. Imagine if he had had his way and had gotten either Van Gaal or De Boer.

    To be fair, even Klopp has been very very lucky. He wanted Draxler and not Salah. When Draxler went to PSG, he wanted Brandt. Finally the sporting director forced Salah upon him.
    Same with Mane. Klopp wanted Mario Gotze not Sadio.

    Imagine if we had had such a team. Late-era Wenger unable to sign shit players and Gazidis forcing actual gems upon him. We’d still be in the CL at least 2 out of 3 years.

  52. englandsbest


    Like I said: hubris, its scares you to be optimistic.

    To state the obvious (which you do constantly) we all miss Arsenal as a dominant Club – but to say so sounds like a pouting child.

  53. CG


    “””This is a tactical issue, Diet Pep instructs his midfielders Not to play ahead of the ball. “””

    So, Arteta the manager is asking his players to play like Arteta the player then.

    No wonder , why we have only scored 1 goal away from home.( Odegaard set piece)- he hardly scored either.

    The best managers/ coaches exploit the counter attack.

    This JSP /cognitive cobblers is just an excuse for these young smart arse coaches trying to make out that they are just a bit more clever than the rest.

    Vanity and conceit, just keep it simple, score goals and beat boring Brighton.

  54. Spanishdave

    Viera has had two weeks to plan for this weekends match. A lot of our players have been away.
    He will want to eat us because he wants the job in the near future.
    We will probably draw or loose , Arteta will say it’s because our players are tired having played twice in two weeks!
    Apparently scoring goals wins most matches

  55. Raulishuss

    Esr’s potential is massive. He is one of the most talented player in the team(better than ode) but he’s a final third player ode is like jorginho in the attacking third. I’ll like ode to play cm with loko ahead allow ode to create from the left xhaka style. He’s getting bullied in the middle alot but he is a good presser

  56. englandsbest

    One of Wenger’s worst mistakes was overpaying players. That set a pattern that made them hard to sell. We are only just recovering. So raising Saka and ESR’s wages sky high to keep them would be repeating bad history. We must hold on to them by other means.

    They must stay because they want to stay. And that is the case right now. A club that promotes the young.

    Which inevitably will make Arsenal a ‘selling’ Club. But one that sells a player a wee past his peak, and with a youthful replacement at hand. Like Ajax, but on a grander scale. More like A.Madrid perhaps. But bigger and better.

  57. AFC Forever


    Totally agree mate. The game has become all about greed and we shouldn’t be encouraging that. Let’s not pretend these guys don’t have everything they need in life, they do. They signed their contracts and that’s life, it’s how the rest of us operate. This keeps them more grounded -I have been impressed with the humility shown in recent interviews by Saka, ERSR & Ramsdale. We need players who are proud to wear our shirt I’m sick of the mercenaries. Let’s reward them when we win things.

  58. Kris

    what you’re saying has been disproven.

    Arsenal’s salaries 2016/17 when Wenger still had full control:

    vs now:

    Highest used to be 140 k, now 350k

    Under Wenger there were 4 players above 100k, no there are 6

    And what about Willian?

    Ode has been given 120k, Partey 220k, while Cazorla was on 90k, Alexis 140k.
    Ben White is on 110k, while Kos and Mert were on 70k and 75.

    How are we “only just recovering”?
    Math was not your strongest subject, was it?

    It’s true that salaries have been increasing elsewhere, too, but this just shows we’re par for the course. We’re doing a few salaries a little better, and a few a little worse.

  59. raptora

    His highness is 2 Draws and 1 Win vs Palace. We are playing on Monday which gives time to our international players to recover from the fatigue. It’s Palace and at the Emirates, we should be winning this type of games. God forbid it rains on Monday night… Then we’d be celebrating a draw like we did last round.

  60. Bankz


    Bankz if Kane wasn’t sold because they were worried Spurs would win the title that would be hilarious because Spurs aren’t even a top 4 team let alone anywhere near league contenders

    I know they’re shit but we were slated for gifting Fergie/United the title in 2013 after the RVP sale as if we were ever going to be title contenders under Wenger in his last 8yrs.

  61. AFC Forever


    “China – exactly. Far too many stats quoted and I find them largely meaningless”

    The phrase, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” described the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. Classic political technique, which most people realise is BS.

    It’s just a number unless weighting is applied.

    There is an obsession at the moment with stats – I’m not sure people trust their eyes anymore. Pass the ball to Salah who beats 6 players and scores a worldie & that’s an assist with the same value as someone who has themselves beaten six players and given someone a tap-in. Pass completion stats do not record the difficulty of the pass or the movement of the receiver – pointless stat.

  62. englandsbest


    Reading is not your strongpoint, is it?

    If you take another look at my post you will see I am talking primarily about young players coming through, not transfers. As I recall Wenger doubled, trebled, quadrupled their salaries. And the subtext of the post is that if a club brings through its own, the need for transfers reduces, along with high fees and hefty wages. And the outcome is that older players must be moved on. And sensibly, at a little past their peak at max value.

    Do you have any argument with any of that?

  63. The Bard

    Englandsbest. How do you hold onto players other than paying them massive wages ? Tell them how great the club is ? Convincing them of the long term plan ? Don’t be naive. Football is a short career and they want to earn as much as possible. Wait and see what happens to Newcastle. I dont like it but its the way it is.

  64. AFC Forever

    The Bard

    Fair point but we have to stop the greed that has been killing the game for years. This idea that we suddenly have to give players more money 6 months or a year after they sign a deal because they’ve been playing well is ridiculous. What’s the point of a contract? We don’t have a bottomless ‘oil well’ of money so we have to be sustainable and organic, which relieves us to a certain extent from the pressures of overpaying on wages. Absolute madness to start throwing money around because a player has a good 6 months or season. We’ve made that mistake too many times.

    That is the one advantage we have with players coming through the academy, they have a sense of belonging and are Gunners. Not everyone moves on and achieves what they want. I wonder if Drinkwater wishes he had turned down the oil money? Shearer & Le Tissier resisted the urge, Shearer would have trebled his money at United. Just saying we need a sense of sanity because these aren’t exactly poverty-stricken on their £50k per week, which is £2.5m per year by the way!

  65. Davi

    Ozil was great at the final pass but he wasn’t one who controls the tempo of the game. Cesc is the first name that comes to mind on that front – does that make for a better comparison for Odegaard?
    I would hope fabregas is seen as the model for playmaking, attack-minded central midfielders at arsenal, not Ozil.

  66. englandsbest

    The Bard

    It may be naive, but otherwise you shrug your shoulders and hand the trophies over to the Clubs that outspend you.

    IMO, if you offer a player a decent wage and he refuses,then sell him provided the transfer fee matches his value. That means long-term contracts with players like Saka and ESR. And early extensions. That way you get foreknowledge of their intentions, and act accordingly. No more of the hand-to-mouth stuff, the late forays, we saw from Wenger. How much did the departures of Sanchez and Ramsay cost the Club, the cive-aways like Miki?
    And there is no doubting the emotional pull of Arsenal. It counts for a lot.

    Let’s see what happens with Salah at Liverpool, another Club with emotional pull. Will he take the salary they offer or go elsewhere for more?

  67. Dissenter

    FIFA is going to end up destroying football
    Just seeing that COMNEBOL WC Qualifiers are scheduled for later on today. Weren’t these international games supposed to be completed by Wednesday.
    At some point, they will start scheduling international games for the Friday before club games.

  68. Major_Jeneral

    In what criteria do we want to raise ESR and Saka’s wages?

    On one hand some if us on here complain that those players are low on productivity in terms of assists and goals and other hand you argue that they ought to be earning 100 and above.

    It is either they are worth a wage increase when they produce in the next couple of season or not.

    You can’t eat your cake and have it.

  69. englandsbest


    However big FIFA thinks it is, the major clubs of UK and Europe are bigger. Without them, there would be no money in the pro game.

    The way things are going, European Super Leagues run properly by the Clubs are becoming a certainty, no longer a doubt.

    And bully for that! The rules should ensure decent – not exorbitant – wages for players and sensible – not confetti – money for investment.

  70. AFC Forever

    Now that yet another oil state has decided to buy a football club and ‘buy’ trophies, you do have to wonder what that will do to wages and transfer fees. The more clubs you have bidding to pay over the odds the higher they will rise.

    It comes to something when fans on a blog are justifying raising footballers’ wages at a time when the cost of living is rising due to a man-made pandemic and everyone is struggling. If a wage of £25k per week (£1.25m per annum) or £50k (£2.5m p.a) isn’t enough reward for 14 hours of exercise doing something you love, then the World really has gone bonkers. I mean it’s hard enough keeping up with pro-nouns and all that other bollocks forced onto us by the cancel culture fascists, without trying to get our head around why some 20-year-old footballer with nothing but a Playstation and an iPhone to his name, should get a £2 million a year rise. Lunatics and asylum spring to mind.

  71. China1

    I consider myself centrist with left and right of center opinions on various issues but when it comes to gender and pronouns I have absolutely no idea what is going on if I’m honest

    I have a very simple (scientific) outlook on gender which I only consider an exception for people who have actually had surgery to change their bodies.

    But all this them pronouns and people not identifying as something they scientifically are is something I simply can’t get my ahead around. I don’t understand the logical conclusion of it. It’s also the same people saying a person who identify as multiple genders saying it’s bad and cultural appropriation of a white person wears dreadlocks and stuff like this

    None of it makes even a hint of sense to me, really. Maybe the problem lies with me but I only see logical contradictions

  72. China1

    Mulerise I saw the Nasri pic but the funniest part is the article said he only retired 2 weeks ago

    Either he’s been on a SERIOUS pie diet or he was playing obese at his last club


  73. raptora

    Everyone can be whoever they wanna be. But in areas where physicality matters, like in sport, you should be considered your original sex. For example a top 30 male tennis player will probably dominate the female tennis top to bottom. The other option is to have a separate transgender discipline, but again transgenders that were originally male will dominate it. I can see a lot of fraction in the future happening regarding those issues.

  74. raptora

    It’s widely known that Rafa’s uncle – Tony Nadal, made the decision that Rafa learns to play tennis with his left hand, so he is harder to play versus, even though Rafa is a right-handed person.

    I’m just stunned at the possibility that someone might make a similar strategic move by physically changing their sex in a desperate effort to win trophies, fame and money.

  75. Barney75

    Glenn Hoddle, Jacques Santini, Juande Ramos, Martin Jol, Villas-Boas, a washed up Mourinho….why anyone would consider Daniel Levy a shrewd businessman within the football world is beyond me.

  76. Rich

    AFC Forever

    Football is the most watched sport on the planet, and the PL the most watched league

    There’ll always be big money involved, the PL is probably this countries most famous global export, and created £3.3 billion directly, and £7.6 billion indirectly, in 2016/17 for the treasury

    If that money doesn’t exist, then the burden on the least well off increases, wealth creation is a good thing

    The value to a football club is always on the pitch, and that makes talent valuable

    I love that a kid with nothing but a football, a pair of boots, and a dream, can become a multimillionaire and global superstar, who’s a role model to millions of young people worldwide

    To compete against tens of thousands of other kids, but end up being the player who plays at the top level, is something really special, these players are elite, and their careers short

    Good luck to them, they’re young, fit, wealthy, love the game, and hopefully realise how lucky they are to have a job they love

    I don’t begrudge these players anything, as long as they’re giving their best….

    The same people who complain about a lack of social mobility, are usually the same ones who complain when a working class kid gets a well paid job as a PL footballer

  77. raptora

    “Everything was closed,” said Fekir, in an interview with BetisTV and Moveistar+, via The Mirror.

    “I passed all the interviews, I spoke with Jurgen Klopp, he told me that he loved me, we all did it and, when we were about to sign, there were problems with my representative and the negotiation broke down.

    “They said it was because I had knee problems, but the truth has been proven over time. My knee is super good.”

    We should have moved for him in the Summer of 2019. Great player.

  78. BacaryisGod

    Damn-Laurie Cunningham would have been an Arsenal great. Just imagine him with Liam Brady feeding him out wide and Frank Stapleton as his striking partner. This from the recent BBC article on him.

    ‘Arsenal showed interest and Cunningham was given a trial, followed by a schoolboy contract in 1970. But the Gunners played a rigid ‘give and go’ style that left little room for Cunningham’s buccaneering gallops. It had just won them the double. He was released in 1972 with the note: ‘Not the right material.’’

  79. Spudnik

    Pedro, I was quite taken with your dad’s story on grand designs. Glad it worked out for him. He seems like a right character with a very individualised colour pallette.

  80. China1

    Raptora it’s already started happening tho in a few cases

    There was a single school in America where these two 6 foot something well built boys had had gender reassignment surgery and absolutely battered their female counterparts in the school athletics smashing all their records

    It made the news with the natural girls complaining there was no point even showing up with them there

    For me I don’t care what you wanna do with your body and the like but I don’t think in physical sports it’s right

  81. The Bard

    I dont think logic or sentiment comes into it with football wages. I dont like it but its market economics. I have no doubt Newcastles entry to the mega rich will drive up transfer fees and wages. It seems vaguely absurd to be willing to pay £300000 a week to kick a football around but it’s what it is. My concern is we might lose our youngsters.

  82. Graham62


    Yes their “careers are short” but if you’re earning £100,000 + a week you won’t have too much to worry about in life.
    Remembering that many folk survive on just £20-£30k a year or less.

  83. Sid

    Anyone with big feet, big hands and an adams apple should Not be allowed to walk around without the longstuff,
    thats fraudlent and deceptive.

  84. Kris

    Footballers earn enough.
    The problem is that most are either naïve or outright dumb and invest it stupidly and end up bankrupt. More than half!
    If you earn that much in just 10 years to so, you should use 50 % to buy real estate, put the other 50% in the bank and you’re set for life, and a much richer life than 95% of the population.

  85. Dissenter

    “The problem is that most are either naïve or outright dumb and invest it stupidly and end up bankrupt. More than half!”

    That’s basically BS
    Most footballers invest their money properly and go on to thrive
    The ones that go into penury are few and far between, they make the news but they aren’t the norm.