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Thank you to all the folk that dropped nice comments and messages after the mental health post yesterday. I implemented the Bad Day rule for my team today, I hope you did too!

Onto Arsenal news…

We’re being linked with: Chambo.

The player is out in the cold at Liverpool, he hasn’t really banged, he’s 28 years old and seems to be whipping up a bit of attention.

Can’t see it.

He doesn’t fit with the profile we’re looking for at Arsenal. He’d be expensive. He’s not the most robust of players. I’m not sure he fits for what we’re in need of at the moment.

I suspect the next two big moves for Arsenal will be the Xhaka replacement and more importantly: The Lacazette replacement.

Big pennies will likely go on those two roles because we need a heightened amount of specificity.

Thomas Partey actually scored a goal on international duty by hitting the target with a real shot.

This is bad news.

It’s permission for him to shoot on site.

It’s an invite to bully smaller boys into letting him take freekicks.

It’s Kolo Toure long rangers, it’s David Luiz standing over the ball, it’s John Jensen in row Z.

Bad times. All because of the international break.

Weird that this is the only international break of the season when basically everyone new creating journo takes a holiday. Good for them, but I really have next to nothing to write about. I’m running on fumes. It’s going to be even harder this week because our next game is on a Monday.

My big question for the next period is how Arteta reacts if we’re still not getting a turn out of Auba after the break. Does he revert back to Lacazette, who is rumoured to be attracting interest from Inter? Or does he try Eddie, who hasn’t signed a deal? I can’t see him opting for Balogun, who despite doing bits for the U23s, really looks like he needs a move.

It’s amazing how unbalanced we can look in attack, it’s also a real shame that Auba’s form tanked so soon after he signed a new deal. What a mess this rebuild is.

I watched the Schumacher documentary on Netflix this week.  It really changed my perception of the man if I’m honest. You should take it in. There was an amusing parallel with modern football in there. When the German moved to Ferrari to help them reinvent themselves as a competitive F1 team, it took longer than expected, and in his last season, there were calls to move him on. Eventually, it clicked and the rest is history. Just goes to show that patience really is a tough thing to offer anyone at the highest level of sport, even in racing, with one of the greatest racers of all time.

Right, that’s me past the 400-word count.

Listen to me and Johnny talk about Arsenal, racism, mental health, bad hashtags, and the future of our season. I uploaded the wrong file yesterday, so refresh your feed before you listen so you get the edited file, not just the dump of me and Johnny talking about plastic bags.


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  1. raptora

    Pedro: “To say that you don’t think time will change anything is painfully ignorant of how teams develop.”

    Project Youth pt.2 worked phenomenally well in time. Wilshere, Chambers, Ramsey, Holding, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Akpom, Zelalem, Bellerin, the Jeff, Maitland-Niles surely formed a title winning team in time.

    Bringing in the argument that a team will always progress in time, just because the players are new is not how it works.

    Kante was a Leicester player for ONE single season. It didn’t need months or years. One season.

    Van Dijk played a Champions League final in his first 5 months at Liverpool and in his first full season – won it.

    Then we have Ole and Frankie who never got better and their teams would never have won any big title with them in charge.

    Since Arteta has been in charge for over 20 months by the time the new season started, our new players should have been added to an already working set up and the effect of their class lifting our team should have been instant.

    Instead we are talking about it taking a long time?

    Are we developing the players? – players that we paid sooo much money for?
    Are we developing a style? – almost 22 months in the manager’s reign?
    Are we developing the manager? – how many years will this one take with nothing but wishful thinking involved?

    It all involves a leap of faith that a certain someone will break the barriers and just become good. Why are we ready to wait exactly him? An absolute rookie?

  2. Tom

    “In 6 months, that midfield bypasses the press.“

    Pedro, 6 months is about 120 training sessions worth.
    Not very cognitive, or high on intelligence and technical abilities if Arteta needs this much time with his hand picked squad to bypass a midfield devoid of a single world class player.

  3. Cyril

    Englandsbest: a very rare post – you comments are wholly correct. I stay on the south coast at the moment. The night before the Brighton game- we experienced abysmal weather. On the day – the lighting poles were swaying and bending. It was tipping down from all angles. The weather was arguably at KO near to the worst. The side drives down and it’s hitting them at the last moment. Weather can ruin as we know. It was an excellent point all being said. When the wind blows this way – it’s not fun. In fact I cannot cycle in that weather. Brighton had advance warning of this weather. In fact , I will go as far as saying, it was the worst weather for at least the last ten months I had experienced. Some perspective in order helps to see the balance…