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Mikel Arteta continued to progress his charm offensive on the fan base.

Jack Wilshere is now officially training with us.

“He wants to do his coaching badges again and we are prepared to fulfil all the needs that he wants. That is basically the idea and it is no further than that.

“He is going to be training sometimes with us, he is going to be around the place, he is going to be continuing his coaching badges that he is very interested in, try to get him fit, try to get his experiences across to our players, our young players, our academy and I think it is great influence to have around.”

No two ways about it, this is a very sharp piece of manoeuvring from the backroom team.

  1. Fans love the player. Being the club that lifts up an exPro when they are at a low is just a feel-good story and it makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. Far better than feeling like a toxic demon is living on your gut feasting on good vibes.
  2. We have the youngest starting 11 in the Premier League. Jack Wilshere is in his late twenties. He has tasted highs like being the best player on the pitch against the best Barcelona team ever. He’s also tasted some pretty dreadful lows. Both of those experiences are extremely relevant to players finding their feet in new careers.
  3. The Hale-Enders, without doubt, will have had a poster up in the changing rooms and maybe even their bedrooms. Jack was a major, major name when they were plotting their routes to the top. Having him at the training ground will be special.

I suspect Arteta sees a bit of himself in the Jack situation. His injury issues weren’t ever as bad as the one’s Jack has dealt with, but he was a miserable shit during his last season with Arsenal and he’ll know exactly what his mental state is like right now. When Mikel was on the physio table, what was he doing? Plotting coaching moves. It’s interesting that Jack is leaning on the club to help him there.

I love the move. Could there be a fairytale at the end of it? Who knows. But for now. Let’s wish Jack Wilshere the best of luck with his rehab.

Newcastle United are selling out to Saudi Royalty. Slagging off another club just got a little bit riskier. Why is the deal going through? Because they solved for… illegal streaming. Can you believe it? The thing holding up the deal was piracy, not all the other delightful things their rulers get up to. Grim, grim, grim.

Newcastle fans won’t give a shit. They are about to be elevated into the stratosphere when it comes to money. The group running the show will invest in the City, the arts, the schools, they’ll invest in the club facilities, and they’ll spend an absolute shit tonne of money to make the team competitive.

Am I worried? Not really.

The Premier League should be viewed a little like a property market. If you got into New York property in the 70s as a rich man, you’re making a killing. Go there now with a billion and you are not making the same margins.

The first movers were Chelsea and City. Outside that, billionaire owners haven’t really made much of a dent. You need to be smart to succeed in the richest league in the world. Maybe Newcastle United will be that, but there are no guarantees.

Even in the world of petrodollars, Liverpool beat City to the title and still compete at the highest level.

We’ve seen Spurs in a Champions League final.

We’ve seen Lyon and Leipzig make Champions League semis.

There’s a diminishing return on being mega-rich. Just look at the state of Everton to confirm that.

Newcastle can’t stockpile the best players like Chelsea did in the 2000s.

Even when you can stockpile players, it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed.

United has spent as much as City since Ferguson left. What do they have to show for it?

PSG bought every elite free transfer this summer. They spent £80m on a right back. They were beaten by Rennes at the weekend. A club with a wage bill two-thirds of what Lionel Messi earns. They haven’t won the Champions League yet.

Even City, who do things properly, can’t win in Europe.

Mike Skinner, a UK garage/hip hop artist from when I was very young, once said that being around famous people at awards ceremonies took him right back to being bang average… because everyone in the bar equalised out. It was better to seek out ladies in Colchester Hippodrome. That’s how I feel about this move. Standing out in a bar when everyone is wearing a Rolex is tougher.

… but hey, who the fuck knows.

What we do know is the Premier League has absolutely no shame and as fans we’ll soon forget what it all stands for. No one asks how the sausage is made if it tastes nice… a metaphor that could work for bloggers if we’re not careful.

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  1. Tom

    “I don’t make excuses. I give explanations.So clearly if Arsenal came fifth and Newcastle came fourth, that explains why Arsenal weren’t in the top 4.“

    No it doesn’t. All you did was read the table.

  2. Moe

    Really naive to think that Players offered gazillions won’t be running to Newcastle because of a lack of “culture”. How laughable!

  3. raptora

    Man City also were a joke in the years before 2008 when Abu Dhabi bought them.
    You won’t see many players say no to Man City now, right?

    If Newcastle’s owners want to win trophies, they will.

  4. englandsbest


    Remind me. How much was Arsenal paying Ozil? £17m pa? Wasn’t that the highest wage in PL?

    You seem to have forgotten, Arsenal had a reputation for paying ridiculously high wages. Arsene’s doing. Ostensibly for ‘socialist’ principles, but in reality,the only way to keep players or attract players to a Club that was a pale shadow of what it had once been.

    That is the culture Arteta inherited. And it’s taken a while to clear up the mess. Yes, I know about Willian and Luiz, but they were expedients measures while he sorted out the mess. Auba on £300K a week. Ridiculous! But he’ll be gone soon enough.

    Which would you prefer, an Arsenal reliant on hand-outs from a benevolent owner, or an Arsenal that is self-sustaining? Bayern Munich is self-sustaining. because it well0-run, forward-thinking.

    There is no reason why Arrsenal – Man C, Chelsea, NUFC notwithstanding – shouldn’t be the same.

  5. TR7

    A terror supporting regime which kills women and men for even trivial matters taking over a football club is being celebrated in some corners. Club football has no soul left. It’s all about ownership and money now, no values or loyalty or fair competition. Falling out of love with club football, I find international football fair, ethical and genuinely competitive – no financial doping, genuine competition and the feeling of loyalty to respective nations in most cases.

  6. Ishola70

    This is why it was always said that having a process that lasts for several years and not even guaranteed at that any real success at the end of that process is folly in the EPL.

    There could be another club that gets taken over next season with serious investment. Not to the extent of the Saudis but enough investment.

    You can’t stand still in the EPL if you are serious. You have to compete for the here and now not dream about some hoped for success in the long term.

    Dreamers in the EPL will get taken over and passed by other clubs.

    The EPL as a whole is just too enticing for some of these investors.

    Maybe in other European Leagues but not the EPL.

  7. Ishola70

    Arsenal should not have given up after Emery.

    The whole landscape now could change very sharply in what constitutes as success for Arsenal FC in the future.

  8. Samir

    I think we all know deep down Arsenal will be a 5th-15th placed team from now on. Even with investment from KSE I can’t see us challenging the top 4.

    We don’t even have 1 world class player at the club.
    Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea have a few, mixed with very good players.

  9. Ishola70

    No wonder the club jumped in on the European Super League.

    They saw the writing on the wall as far as the EPL was concerned.

    As another poster hinted at if Arsenal want to compete at the real highest levels again getting in that European Super League was the way to do it but it was just so alien to so many English fans.

  10. Ishola70

    Who knows Arsenal may be taken over themselves in the near future.

    Only one team in London has had the serious investment that being Chelsea.

    For the whole of London there is space for another club to be heavily invested in.

    If it’s not Arsenal it will be another London club.

  11. Ernest Reed

    “ I find international football fair, ethical and genuinely competitive – no financial doping, genuine competition and the feeling of loyalty to respective nations in most cases.”

    Under the watchful eyes of UEFA and FIFA, you sure about that? Two of the most corrupted organizations period.

    Professional sport sold its soul decades ago. You either are onboard with it or you relish watching local children playing sports in playgrounds.

  12. Graham62

    Matt B

    I’m with TR7.

    International football is becoming more appealing. You can even see it in the players, who seem to be up for it now more than ever before. In fact I would go as far as to say the players prefer playing for their national teams, than their club teams.

  13. Ishola70

    You hope it is Millwall?

    Because another serious take over of another London club in the EPL will of course have again serious repercussions for Arsenal.

    One of Arsenal, Spurs or West Ham would be the serious contenders to be the next club in London to be taken over with serious investment.

  14. LoveSausage


    More takeovers might be a good thing for us in the end. KSE have spent a lot of money but haven’t shown a real intent to achieve success on the field. They seem content with mediocrity as long as it doesn’t seriously impact the value of the asset.

    More clubs being taken over by rich owners will start impacting the asset value and might force them to shit or get off the pot.

  15. Pierre

    It’s a pity many Arsenal fans didn’t use the intelligence they were born with to recognise how difficult it is to compete with the financially doped clubs, instead like fools they first blamed Wenger and then abused him and now look where we are.

    300 million spent and languishing in mid table and if the Wenger obsessives were honest with themselves, they would they would love to turn the clock back 5 years when we were thrashing villa in the fa cup final playing beautiful sublime football.

    Also qualifying through the group stages of the champions league with ease but unfortunately more often than not getting drawn against either Barcelona or bayern in the knockout stages..

    Be careful what you wish for…

  16. China1

    I don’t think arsenal would’ve necessarily improved much in a super league

    Firstly the moment you give all the teams 250m a season or whatever player transfers inflate accordingly. You sign Tomi for 60m rather than 20m because that’s the new equivalent. Ben white costs you 150m etc

    Secondly the super league would’ve given the non English and non doping teams a huge boost too like the Italians. It’s not like we alone would’ve been flush with cash. Suddenly Milan could afford to throw 80m on single players of the wanted to. It becomes harder to justify why to choose arsenal over those big clubs with low wages and transfer fees now because it would’ve been more level

    But one things for sure. Barca talk of needing the ESL because of their finances but if this had really happened, they would have been just as bad and scaled up their debts accordingly. 200m spent on the next Griezmann or whatever lol

  17. LoveSausage


    Look at our net spend over the last 10 years. City and United are way ahead of us. Chelsea is slightly ahead but we’re definitely in the same league. Our player salaries have been completely out of control.

    So yes, financial doping is a factor. But incompetence seems to be the bigger factor.

  18. AFC Forever

    Chuffed about Jack. Great player and a proper Gooner. Someone for the young players to learn from. That moment when he chanted the Tottenham song will never be forgotten, that’s the passion we all want. The one thing our club has failed to do since KSE has arrived is show proper respect to our former players. This is a great decision.

  19. AFC Forever

    With you Matt B, Arsenal over England every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    You would need a large shoe horn and a gallon of lube to extract the commentators and the media journalist’s heads from Harry Kanes arse. It’s ten times worse than the Rooney adulation.

    It’s far too sycophantic to be enjoyable.

  20. Pierre

    “Look at our net spend over the last 10 years. City and United are way ahead of us. Chelsea is slightly ahead but we’re definitely in the same league.”

    To me, looking at the figures below , city , chelsea and united were in a completely different league to us.

    Net spend 2003 to 2018

    1 Manchester City £1073.
    2 Chelsea £704.
    3 Man united £688
    5 Arsenal £331
    4 Liverpool £328
    6 Aston Villa £329
    10 Everton £303

    I’m sure if i took it from when wenger first joined Arsenal , the margin would be even wider, but this is from the start of abramovic until wenger left …there or thereabouts.

  21. LoveSausage


    I guess it depends on how you interpret what’s going on. There’s no denying that the sugar daddy clubs all did a massive initial splurge after take over. And I think that’s probably the difference between 15 years and 10 years (Chelsea €500M, Arsenal €470M).

    The question is whether you think that what happened 2003-2008 explains the difference between the clubs today. I think it’s only one part of the story. The other part is that Chelsea have been extremely professionally run. Transfers, contract management, loanees, hiring/firing managers etc. Everything we’ve been poor at.

  22. Graham62


    Out of respect to you, I will not harp back to Wenger but I will point out here that what frustrated me most about the second part of his reign was his stubborn refusal to act on our brittleness by not purchasing a few key players who would have made a massive difference at the time. I’m convinced that if he’d gone out and bought players like Samba, Cahill, and a couple of midfield enforcers to protect our talented playmakers, we’d have won a title or two.
    I think we priced Samba at £8m, whilst Blackburn wanted £10m. It was the same situation with Cahill. We ended up with players like Squillachi and Santos, who were utter garbage. Paying out a fraction more wasn’t Wenger’s way, which ultimately went against him.

    These days though it’s got totally out of control. Football has no soul anymore.

  23. Tom

    Englandsbest, your getting all confused and sidetracked there buddy, so let’s keep it simple.
    The Newcastle takeover is a bad thing for Arsenal.
    They’re not buying our Xhaka’s or Kola’s to keep their fan base excited until ………
    Billionaires do piss money up the wall for various reasons and sportswashing is one.
    Giving one player ( Ozil) ridiculous wage packet to save face while Sanchez and Ox were jumping ship in a quite public manner was ill advised but not the norm you seem to think.
    Arteta put more players on ridiculous wages in his first year than Wenger on his career.

  24. Graham62

    Two of my best friends are MC and Chelski supporters ( extreme hardcore).

    They both realise that without the substantial investment put in by their owners, they would not have had the success they have had.

    They also were always on my case in respect to Arsenal’s visible failings over the past twelve years or so. They admitted that Wenger’s failings to adapt and act on the visible weaknesses, went against us big time.

    What I do know is that FFP is an utter joke.

  25. Davi

    From a distance you could think arsenal stopped competing because mega rich clubs just outspent us and bought all the best players but all you have to do is look a little closer and see all the obvious mistakes and refusals to address those mistakes that caused our decline. The move away from “pace, power, technique” to “let’s try to copy Barcelona”, stacking our team with creative midfielders but never dealing with the defence and defensive midfield positions.

    I think the big thing Chelsea and City did gain from their money is much better infrastructure and improved the quality of their managers and decision makers – as a result they spent a lot more but wasted a lot less than we did!

  26. LoveSausage


    Agreed. I was reluctantly impressed by City’s infrastructure and management team after watching All Or Nothing.

    If we could replace Vinai with Marina, we’d be a different club in a year.

  27. Graham62

    Yes, teams gained a financial advantage but they were also run far better than us.
    We fell back on bullshit values and all that crap. From the day we moved from Highbury, Arsenal got lost up their own backside and unfortunately many of our fans bought into it.

  28. Ernest Reed

    “From a distance you could think arsenal stopped competing because mega rich clubs just outspent us and bought all the best players but all you have to do is look a little closer and see all the obvious mistakes and refusals to address those mistakes that caused our decline”

    You mean like that still growing list of players that Arsene Wenger proclaims as his “I could have signed him”? That too goes a long way in explaining the stagnation of progression at Arsenal when the manager of the time failed to sign top talent, despite claiming that he “could have” rather than “would liked to have”, meaning that money was the preventer but obviously it was the manager by his own words who prevented it.

  29. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all,

    The toon will go big just like city did.
    The Dof and manager positions will be the most important signings.
    All it takes is one big name player and they all start to flock.

    It’s doubtful but could you imagine they were to get haaland.
    68 million buy out so they can’t even be outbid.
    There’s the number nine shirt lad.

    Then they put a call into mbappe,
    500000 a week he’s on a free anyway. We just signed haaland want to join him.
    It’s a snowball rolling down the hill, all it takes is that first big name player and they’ll all come.

  30. Up 4 grabs now


    Wenger tightness on the transfer fee was down to him thinking he new the value of players and wouldn’t over pay for them.

    When David dein was around and handled that Wenger wasn’t involved until the part where he need to promote the club and his plans.

    We lost out on samba and Cahill, because we wouldn’t pay over 6 million because he was available for free on a bosman six months later, Chelsea didn’t care, paid the extra 3 million and did the deal.do you remember xabi Alonso losing out because we wouldn’t pay the extra 2 million.
    Or sticking with almunia because we wouldn’t pay the 1.5 million for Mark schwartzer.

    All players that could have pushed us on, instead we penny pinched.

  31. Tom

    Newcastle are about 10 £40-£60 million type players away from a title challenge.
    Before they can even talk players they need a manager who will be a draw enough to attract top level talent, a Mancini type.
    Then there’s the FFP to consider, however toothless it’s been.
    This isn’t the repeat of Chelsea circa 2003-04 where they had the entire transfer landscape all to themselves.
    The finite talent pool for top players and a number of sugar daddy clubs around means the Newcastle surge to the top might take longer than some anticipate.

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Tom they don’t need a title challenging team they just need one that can get 4th so they can get champions league football.

    Leicester just missed out the last two seasons and didn’t exactly blow 200 million doing it.

  33. G8

    Its a shame that the uk authorities continue to bend over to the corrupt petrodollar sheikhs and oligarchs .
    Money laundering becomes legit if you buy a football club
    Money talks is the new slogan for any successful election campaign
    Capitalism is just as bloody as socialism
    Dont talk to me about justice, values and human rights anymore
    I hope everytime the Saudi magpies play, the opposition supporters hold banners of blooded chainsaws as a protest
    Its the least we can do

  34. Tom

    Up 4 grabs now
    Leicester didn’t start from the Newcastle level though.
    Who’s on Newcastle that you see the new regime building the team around,….Saint-Maximin?

    Then you factor the premium each club will put on their players as soon they realize Newcastle are interested….. the City premium will, pale in comparison.

  35. Habesha Gooner

    That is what I have been saying. It will take a bit longer than Chelsea and Man city’s route to the top. But eventually they will get there. Ridiculous investments and ruthless leadership is why they will succeed like the ones before them.

    I am worried for Arsenal. If we don’t get the right coach and management in place that can help us compete as Liverpool did then we are going to be a Europa league team at best for the foreseeable future.

  36. Up 4 grabs now

    maybe not the same level, but it won’t take much to get to there level with a good manager in place. And 200 million.

    I could actually see the likes of Brendan Rodgers ending up there, if they can’t get a big name like Conte.

  37. MD-Gunner

    EnglandsBest or better EnglandsWorst

    Emirate Stroller or better Erroneous Stroller

    Rich or better Poor

    Nothing worthwhile to read in those posts just major waffle par excellence..

    Oh thank you Raps, Tom, TR7, Dissenter, Tony, Ish & the Grahams finally some posts that make sense.

  38. Tom

    It took Chelsea around £270m in transfer spending over two years to go from fourth to first in 2004/05 season when the league was a three horse race.

    It took City around £470m in transfer spending and four years to go from 9th to 1st in 2011-12 season when the league was a four horse race.

    What will it take for Newcastle in money and time to go from 19th to 1st in a five horse race league, assuming they’re one of them horses?

  39. englandsbest

    ‘Long-term, long-term, long-term’ that is Amanda Staveley’s message, and I love it. Arteta’s message. No doubt some NUFC supporters will show impatience, just like some Arsenal supporters. And she’ll have to take short-term expedient measures, just like Arteta.

    Fortunately, Arteta is two years ahead and, despite the money, it will take maybe three years for NUFC to catch up. By then, Arsenal should be firmly entrenched in the elite.

  40. Tony

    Well I’ve seen it all now in football: the Spuds, Us, the Bin Dippers and Manure want to block the Saudi Newcastle buy out.

    The same clubs that wanted a competition free super league other than among themselves. So funny to see the toys come out their respective prams because they (mostly of Israeli origin want to block the people who support the Koran and Allah.

    The last thing we need is religion and politics being brought into our sport both are as bad as each other bar the Jihadists and corrupt politicians.

    When I was in Israel on a PR trip I went to the Arabic quarter in el Aviv and had one of the best fish dishes I have ever eaten in the most hospitable Arab environment with the nicest of people where the Israelis and Muslims mixed cordially.

    Later in the trip we went to a Jordanian border town and again met with very friendly mix of muslims and Jewish people enjoying mint tea with them and discussing many things away from religion.

    Proof back then that they could co-exist in one country.

    That said it could get nasty in the future when if football is used as a cold war against each other’s religion and violence erupts again at the grounds.

    I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, but who knows in this world we live in.

    In other news the madness continues with Arteta given September’s MOM. I’m sure there won’t be a dry sock (sorry tissues) in Pedros apartment when he wakes to see the news and verily falls to his knees in front of his Arteta shrine. At least ‘Wengerites’ only fell to their knees and fumbled with their zippers.

    Expect Pierre and way above Pierre’s levels of stats and and adulation until at least the Place game.

    So, 30 minutes of great football in a month and narrowly winning against the bottom feeders gains the worst manager in Arsenal’s history a MOM.

    I’m still laughing at the absurdity and will laugh even harder when Pedro and his Arteta apologists go into orbits of joy with mutterings Arteta will be king soon.

    My only answer is with Arteta’s MOM Top 4 and CL qualification is in the bag.

    Pedro’s minority saying alleluia where Newcastle fans will rejoice Alla Akbar after each goal.

    Ah well only another 3 years before CL qualification.

    On a more serious note I would imagine that if such teams are used to continue the religious fights at grounds, suicide vest bombers from warring factions could very well happen.

    Religion and Politics HAS to stay out of the spot and all sports.

    Problem is the greedy FA made a precedent when City became Qatar owned.

    All yours Pedro. Enjoy!

  41. Tony

    Just so we’re clear I mean NO OFFENSE to any religious persuasion and just try to make light of what could be serious issues here on this blog.

    That said rug makers in the Middle East will be furiously weaving rugs and maybe prayer mats with the Newcastle crest.

    I wonder how many years it’ll be before we see a Qatar vs Saudi Arabia CL and PL final?

    Geordies quoting Arab sayings in their deep accent is going to be amusing.

    I got 2 MC brothers from Newcastle. It’s tough to understand them normally, but they’ve already called me and had me in fits of laughter.

    Much of which I can’t repeat here.

  42. MD-Gunner

    Arteta’s MOM was most likely voted by the same guys that gave Ronaldo Player of the month totaly overlooking Salah. In the end the stats and place on the table is what counts not the many infuriating stats in between.

  43. Tom

    “Tom how much did leicester pay to go from 17th to 1st in a six horse race lol?“

    That’s a brilliant analogy Zach, I’m assuming Southampton was the horse No six that year lol.
    You think Saudis are gonna wait until the top five retool to make their move on a 5000:1 long shot.?

    Let me guess, your retirement plan is winning the lottery.

  44. Olumide

    Tom how much did leicester pay to go from 17th to 1st in a six horse race lol?

    Far less than Arsenal paid to go from 5th to 8th to 8th.

  45. The Bard

    Most on here seem to get the big picture. The ones who have only followed the club since Wenger don’t. They are the ones who will cause Kroenke’s problems. Will they accept a solid 7-10th place every season ? I suspect not.
    Second problem, what will happen to ticket prices and sales if we slide into midtable mediocrity. Whichever way you spin it the club have massive problems in the current climate. No wonder some of the bigger clubs tried to stop the Newcastle sale.

  46. Graham62

    I think if there’s one team who deserve to win the lottery it’s Newcastle United.

    Amazing fans, amazing place, amazing stadium…….,.just the weather can be a bit iffy.

    Duffle coats needed over those dish dashes one feels.

  47. Graham62

    The Bard

    Not so sure.

    Ifyou were twelve years old back in 1996, you’d be 37 now.
    How many fans/supporters are around that age and were brought up on Wenger? A fair few one would think.

    The reason Wenger stayed so long was because of many of these supporters you speak of. They wanted to hang onto their man. They were scared of what would happen after he left. If only he had left eight years earlier we would be competing at the top table now.

    Define the bigger picture. Is it patience? Is it the process? Even in a bigger picture you have to see the details. I’ve not been seeing this under Arteta.

    All I see is incompetence.

  48. China1

    ST James park is a fabulous stadium. One of the very best.

    It’s going to be a culture shock for the Saudis when they attend a game in winter and it’s 3 degrees, windy and lashing rain and half the fans are morbidly obese, shirtless guys pissed off their tits since lunch time

    Dunno if they appreciate how awesome that is the same way we English do lol

  49. China1

    As for how acceptable the takeover is

    If city and Chelsea are ok and PSG are, I don’t see much difference. It’s all the same.

    The part that’s funny is that they’ve concluded the saudi gov will not be controlling the club tho. It’s the Saudi investment fund and it’s owned by the king. How does this work? 😂😂

    But like I said, if you allow Chelsea, city and PSG there’s no case to say no to Newcastle.

  50. DivineSherlock


    Heard they are allowed to use 190million in Jan without bothering FFP . I think its better we have another oil rich club , they will easily take Lacazette/ Elneny off our hands. Some club whos desperate to buy , may trigger a chain reaction of transfers.

  51. Pierre

    ” If only he had left eight years earlier we would be competing at the top table now.”

    not necessarily Graham,

    It is possible that if the last 3/4 seasons are anything to go by , we would be at best be a mid table outfit and possibly relegated , as our wonderful array of attacking talent that we had around that time(8 years ago), would have been off loaded and replaced with sub standard players with inferior technique compared to Cazorla, Ozil,sanchez etc..

    For me ,bringing Pep in as manager would / should have been the answer but as we all know, he would have wanted certain assurances about funds to improve the team and that is where it would have ended and we would have brought in an inferior option like Emery/Arteta who are average at best.

  52. Ishola70

    Imagine protesters going up to Newcastle to show their displeasure at the Saudi takeover. The ones that move into action on political matters.

    The Geordies will eat them alive lol

  53. englandsbest

    Does anybody care who is ‘Manager of the Month’? Yes, the anti-Arteta brigade. Why? Because he happens to be the one chosen this month, and anything good said about him enrages them like a red rag to a bull.

  54. Ishola70

    Any opportunity for the EPL to give the manager of the month award to anyone but the Man City and Liverpool manager yet again will be taken so as to dissuade the image of monopoly.

    A bit like how Granit Xhaka got into that Bundesliga team of the year several years back. Have to have a few in there that were not Bayern Munich players. Otherwise of course again monopoly rubberstamped.

  55. Tom

    Ishola, I think Arsenal was the only club that didn’t drop points in September and if so then a pretty straightforward decision to give it to Arteta.

    Ronaldo over Salah on the other hand I’m not so sure.
    I think Salah had one goal more than Ronaldo in September.

  56. Ishola70


    “I think Arsenal was the only club that didn’t drop points in September and if so then a pretty straightforward decision to give it to Arteta.”

    Well thank god for that otherwise it’s the same managers that get the reward every month.

    It’s pretty basic the criteria for manager of the month. Strictly points on the board. Performances and opposition faced not taken into the equation.

    In reality we all know what we saw from Arteta in the month of September that would be deemed award winning was the first half against Spurs.

  57. Tom

    China, The Saudis allowed piracy of Bein Sports content for four years in their country including the PL matches.
    Seems a pretty straightforward reason to object their takeover of a PL club to me.

  58. Tom

    Ishola, I think that’s how they do it, otherwise how do you asses the strength of an opponent with a fluid PL table early in the season.

  59. Kris

    The objections to the Saudis were
    1. what Tom just said and
    2. that they would not be running the club directly

    The first one has been solved, the 2nd one assurances given.
    Simple as that.
    As long as the government itself has had so much to do with the Saudis, it would be have been disingenuous for the league to prevent the takeover of a private entity such as a football club.

    And human rights issues are not considered by the league – in principle, not just in this case.
    So after they allowed Abramovich in in 2003, everything else later is not worth the debate.

  60. Ishola70

    “I think that’s how they do it, otherwise how do you asses the strength of an opponent with a fluid PL table early in the season.”

    I think we know the really strong teams in the league don’t we Tom and the ones that were not in good form stretching back to last season even in September. Not that difficult to decipher.

    But how they do it is fair enough. Best to spread the awards around a bit and going strictly with points on the board gives them the opportunity for this.

    If Pep wins four out of four EPL games yet again in a month but Dyche somehow goes on a four win streak with Burnley in the same month Dyche will be getting that award for that particular month over Pep. Spread the awards when you can otherwise it is not a good look for the EPL.

  61. Tom

    “I think we know the really strong teams in the league don’t we Tom and the ones that were not in good form stretching back to last season even in September. Not that difficult to decipher.“

    And by we you mean you and I , I reckon.

    AFC and Englandsbest predicted Norwich would start crushing it once their terrible early schedule eased up.

  62. Graham62

    Whether it’s Human Rights, Kicking Out Racism or FFP, the authorities don’t give a Castlemaine xxxx.

    How can you expect things to be sorted when so many irregularities exist.

  63. englandsbest


    FYI, I never predicted Norwich would start crushing it once their terrible early schedule eased up .
    Nor, for that matter, did I say that about Arsenal either. Get your facts straight, mate.

  64. englandsbest

    I hope our brand new GK gets a run out against Andorra, a grace note to his arrival. And I hope our dazzling super-star-to-be doesn’t, the youngster might get clobbered by a bunch of amateurs.

    Strange, the last remaining criticism of the summer transfers is that Arteta overpaid for Ben White. And I use his name – not Arsenal’s – advisedly to counter the agenda-driven criticism of him. And in the certain knowledge that if the project succeeds, it will be the players they praise, not him.

    The summer signings were purposeful, not short-term, not a replace or a re-fill, but part of a grand scheme to return Arsenal to the Elite. And whereas Wenger missed window after window of opportunity – feeding his ego instead – Arteta has put the Club first, and ahead in a race for the future.

  65. China1

    Pierre we should’ve been in hard for Klopp. He was the one who would’ve fit our model best and absolutely delivered

  66. China1

    Tom but that was addressed

    The point is people talking about human rights and gov involvement

    Neither of those have been addressed but it doesn’t matter because they were not addressed for any of the other petrodollar clubs so seems silly to be complaining about it for them

  67. China1

    The gov involvement one is the obvious cheat because on what planet is that not give involvement?

    I don’t even care tbh I just think it’s hilarious that a gov owned fund headed by the king can say ‘it’s not gov controlled’ and the PL is like ‘sounds legit’ lol

  68. G8

    We are not talking about politics, or religions..
    and forget the corruption and the irregularities
    we are talking about convicted criminals taking over a pl team…
    Let’s be clear here, we are talking about the crown prince and his aides, not the Saudi people or Arabs or Muslims

  69. Cannonball

    EB its probably best to pipe down about Wenger if I were you. The man gave us the best football we’ve ever seen. If the current regime would have backed Wenger with the cash they backed Emery and Arteta with we would be competing at the top of the table make no mistake.

    Wengers mistake was achieving top 4 year after year on a pittance compared to our rivals.

  70. Bob N16

    The British government happily allows British companies to sell billions of pounds of military hardware to Saudi. Allowing Saudi to buy Newcastle feels a lot less harmful!

  71. Zacharse

    Does anyone have thiughts on weston mckennie?
    Juve looking to offload a beastnof a young utility player. Somewhat bad rep? 25m looks a bit of a deal no?

  72. Zacharse

    And leicester won w how much of a Spend?
    If they’re the exception, why? Consecutive finishing places of 17 & 1 obviously should make fans consider how a settled team w league experience, no European football and positive fighting spirit w real leaders on the pitch can trump a hyper monied team any given day

  73. bacaryisgod

    Klopp should have won Manager of the Month for September. Arteta should have been Runner-Up.

    4 Premier League games-3 wins, 1 draw
    2 UCL games: 2 wins

    20 goals scores (over 3 goals per game average)
    6 goals conceded.

    Arteta’s September:

    3 Premier League wins
    1 League Cup win

    7 goals scored and 2 conceded.

  74. englandsbest


    Can’t dispute what you say about Wenger. Yes, the man gave us the best football ever, yes, if Stan had invested in transfers he’d have won more, and yes, he achieved top 4 year after year on a pittance – but that’s the very point I’m trying to make when I say he was ego-driven. Winning wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to prove he was the best by doing it the hard way.

    Were you, like me, wondering why he didn’t buy a decent GK, a decent CB that would have made the difference. The amount looks small in retrospect, but it was small then, you could buy both for a few million. Do you honestly believe that Stan would have refused if Wenger had asked? It was ego, man, ego.

    And it got worse when finally he had money to spend. Could you make any sense of buying Ozil when he needed a striker? It was because he made a fool of himself with his clevver-dick £40 mill + 1 bid for Suarez.

    And if you doubt what I’m saying, take account of his nutty biennial WC idea. Can you imagine how he would have responded when Arsenal manager?

  75. CG


    “””Wengers mistake was achieving top 4 year after year on a pittance compared to our rivals.”””

    Well reminded.

    Wenger made managing Arsenal look too easy- just like his teams made the beautiful game look too easy.

    It aint, especially under Stan and the Oligarchs.

    Even in A.Wengers last season the soccer was explosive especially at home.

    47 points out of 57 available and a blistering 54 home goals.

    Ironically Wengers Arsenal scored more goals at home in his last season than all of the other 20 plus.( inc the Invincible season)

    And he registered a league cup final and a Europa League cup semi final.

    Much missed and should have been replaced by J. Klopp and then we would nt have had the average Spaniards instead.

  76. Ishola70

    Klopp wasn’t suited for Arsenal. His football style wasn’t suited to Arsenal. For him to really establish his playing style on Arsenal would have taken ages because Arsenal were tutored under Wenger for so long and then there would have been impatience with him.

    Liverpool suited Klopp much better.

  77. Tom

    Zach, if I have to explain to you what happened in the 2015/16 PL season, especially vis a vis what the Saudis might want to do at Newcastle, then one of us is
    probably wasting their time.

    It wasn’t a normal PL season where usually one of the big clubs might experience an unusual dip.
    Chelsea imploded, Klopp was just starting out with Liverpool, Guardiola likewise at City, Arsenal didn’t buy a single field player , and Tottenham were……well, Tottenham.
    Leicester had a once in a lifetime season aided by PGMO and the league who couldn’t have dreamed up a better promotion tool for their product.

    I’m sure the Saudis aren’t looking at the Leicester title winning season and saying, yep, that’s how we’re gonna try doing it.

  78. Kris

    EB, we signed Ozil because he was available. You forget how amazing he was at the time – 3 times consecutive most assist in La Liga – that was during glorious Barca years, remember. And because we had lost Arshavin, so he came to replace him.
    As for strikers, we had Giroud and Podolski.
    Yes, could have bought an upgrade, but we needed a better DM than the ageing Flamini that we eventually got.
    DMs and GKs were Wenger’s chief weakness when it comes to stinginess. CBs too, but they would’ve been fine with a proper DM, none of that Xhaka deep-lying playmaker bullshit.

    And as a true fan, you know that our team though Suarez’s release clause was binding hence that offer. Made perfect sense if our folks had gotten better info.

    You also mentioned earlier about Wenger and high salaries. Nonsense. You can ask Pedro, who had reported it as such, but Ozil’s salary was given by Gazidis not Wenger. Wenger was too egalitarian for that.
    So your darling Arteta has definitely outdone Wenger when it comes to awarding high salaries, no?

  79. Ishola70

    Remember the Klopp quote when he played Arsenal under Wenger.

    I play heavy metal football while Wenger’s side is more classical music.

    Different ends of the spectrum.

    I’m not sure what musical style you would tag Arteta’s Arsenal side. It’s certainly not heavy metal nor classical.

  80. underrated Coq

    I’m no fan of Arteta but can’t help but wonder if the Superfan brigade may have a point about some posters. So Arteta won the PL Manager of the Month after picking 9 points out of 10, does it really need so much forensic analysis? Someone has even gone far enough to say he’s “disgusted”.


  81. Davi

    The way players like fabregas and RVP and even Sanchez left told you everything you needed to know about how things were under Wenger towards the end – we weren’t that interested in being truly competitive, just staying in the CL. And when you think like that, decline is inevitable

  82. CG


    “”””play heavy metal football while Wenger’s side is more classical music.”””””

    x 54 goals scored in Wengers last x19 home games is more Iron Maiden than Beethoven.

    Anyway , Klopp was perfect for Arsenal.
    Bloody perfect.

    Charismatic, track record, believes in attacking soccer and PROVEN!

    A cataclysmic strategic error in not nabbing him when he was available.

  83. raptora

    coq: “So Arteta won the PL Manager of the Month after picking 9 points out of 10, does it really need so much forensic analysis? Someone has even gone far enough to say he’s “disgusted”.”

    Who that?

  84. Ishola70

    “The Kremlin greatest hits music.”

    Forbidding and dour?

    Take that back.

    The Russian national anthem is quite stirring really.

    F bar 2 strings guitar maybe for Teets.

  85. Graham62

    I have to say this but I don’t think we are a passionate enough club for Klopp. Our fans would have to change to satisfy Klopp’s expectations.
    Our stuffy approach to things would also not go down well with the German.

  86. CG


    “”””CG Unfortunately Klopp was already at Liverpool.””””

    I was under the impression , he was available after his Dortmund sacking.

    Liverpool were bold sacked Rogers and appointed Klopp??

    I thought he was nailed on for Wengers replacement…..

  87. Ishola70

    Klopp loved the idea of Liverpool because as Graham alluded to it was the “pashun” of the fans. The high octane.

    Yes Liverpool are irritating along with their fans but we have to admit they live for their footy a bit more. Just the area.

    And Klopp went from Dortmund another big footballing area in Germany where they also live for their football.

  88. Graham62


    So you’re admitting Wenger should have been shown the door 3 years before he was given the boot.?

    Sugar! you’re getting closer to my 2009-10 departure.

  89. CG


    “”””CG So you’re admitting Wenger should have been shown the door 3 years before he was given the boot.?””””

    A.Wenger should have only been replaced with someone equal or better than him or not replaced at all.

    Simple logic.

    Klopp is certainly an equal and probably superior
    You choose him.

    Emery and this Arteta!!!, give me strength!!!!

  90. englandsbest


    I think if Klopp had ever stood on a terrace amid a crowd of scousers, he would have preferred to be at Highbury.

  91. Elmo

    “47 points out of 57 available and a blistering 54 home goals.”

    Yeah, CG, the home form will be a very important barometer this season. The Emirates was a fortress for all its Wenger years, into Emery.

    Last season at home 7 defeats, 4 draws, +3 GD.

    Prior to 2 years ago, it was MAX 2-3 home defeats per season, 25+ GD, and one of the top 2 or 3 home teams in the league.

    Even if we’re not going to be any more than 5th in the table at very best, we need to see the backbone of dominant home form return.

  92. englandsbest


    You are so wrong it’s hard to know where to begin. But I’ll start by saying you don’t buy players because they’re available.

    I fail to see any resemblance between Ozil and Arshavin.

    I never rated Ozil at any time – but okay, I’ll accept that as a blind spot on my part.

    As I recall Podolski was pre-seaon end sleight-of-hand by Wenger to make fans feel better about him selling RvP. Podolski was past his best. And Wenger made it worse by selling Robin to Man U, and laying all the blame on him.

    Stinginess is a stand-out sign of egocentricity.

    Telling us that the team needed a DM and CB makes the purchase seem even more ego-driven.

    Wenger’s £40 m +1 offer was to show what a smart-aleck he was. Of course Liverpool were offended. Wouldn’t you be? If he had added a million or so, Liverpool would have sold him.

    Gazidis did nothing without Wenger say-so. Same with Rice and Bould. Wenger surrounded himself with yes-men. Another habit of egocentrics

    It was Wenger who doubled the wages of the young players, money that ought to have been spent on transfers.

    Egalitarian is not a word I’d apply to a man on a salary of £8 million per annum

    And finally, turning to the man you seem to blame for high salaries, Arteta has gotten rid of most of the hig earners, mostly inherited from your darling.

  93. raptora

    CG: “x 54 goals scored in Wengers last x19 home games is more Iron Maiden than Beethoven.”

    1 goal less than the total of Arteta’s Arsenal home and away in 2020/21. I wanted Wenger out for years, but not for bums like Arteta.

  94. Graham62


    Don’t agree.

    Have you ever been to Anfield? Have you been to Liverpool?

    I have, many times. My Uncle was a scouser and I was born in Chester

    I’m afraid there’s no comparison.

    Klopp is made for that part of the world,