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Ugh, trying to be creative during a dead week is… tough.

How about a table?

Arsenal rank 10th in the league for shots on goal according to the Premier League data. We’ve had 92 shots across 7 games. That’s 13 a game.

Now, there’s a little bit of misleading context there. We’ve played City and Chelsea, the two best teams in the world, and we played them when we were in pieces with covid issues. Take them out and our shots per game looks a little healthier at 17.

What is clear is this: No one knows where we are on the attacking front.

We do know this:

  • We are not scoring enough goals in the Premier League

The job to be done after the break is clear. We need to see a consistent level of shooting output in all of our games. Liverpool clocked in with 147 shots. City 15 odd. United 107. Wayne Gretzky said you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Or something like that. We need to take more high-quality shots if we’re going to move on this season. That means we need to move the ball quicker, be more creative, and take risks.

We’re playing teams that will give us a chance to do that. Palace, Watford, Villa and Leicester aren’t ruthless defensive teams. There will be openings, we have to craft them, the football needs to be more us vs Spurs than Brighton.

That is Arteta’s challenge now. We need to see this team bang more often. I can’t have a taste of a glorious future then not see it again until next year.

A lot has to workout on that front. What is clear is that Auba, in this current system, needs a lot of things to happen for him to work. That’s why it’s interesting that the club are tackling a striker for the Lacazette replacement. We need someone that can rough it against teams like Brighton. DCL and Ollie Watkins are front runners. One is very good in the year and a Gooner, the other leads a press like an absolute monster and he’s also a Gooner.

The biggest miss of the summer, in my opinion, was Tammy Abrahams… we wanted it, the player wanted it, but it was one in one out on the striker front.

Onto some cool tech news. Arsenal’s GPS partner, StatSport, has just announced that their tech is for everyone. Yep, they are promising that you, and your fat arse, can use their equipment in your Sunday League games and compare yourself to Bukayo Saka in their app.


If you don’t know what those packs are… they basically monitor about a 1000 movements on your body so sports scientists can assess thing like: How hard did that training session go? What is the peak exertion this player can handle? Should Thomas Partey be rested because he’s in the red zone?

Health apps have always been a bit meh to me because the contextualization is broing. I really couldn’t give a shit about how many steps I take. My fit bit is boring. I don’t believe the sleep app actually works.

Gamifying the football experience? That is some next-level stuff. Imagine being a 12 year old and being able to monitor your performance to an exact science. Imagine the business opportunities behind that sort of data?

They’re also running a competition for the chance to win one of their pod things. They are £300, so might be worth getting into the mixer on that one (not you Dave, you’re too old).

Feeling starved of football? Haven’t seen the Women’s team this season? Then jump on their game vs Barcelona this afternoon. It’s 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern… it’s going to be a banger of a game. The new coach is dropping 3.9 goals per game. Maybe he can have a word with the boys team?

FABRIZIO ROMANO has leaked MORE good press about the Arteta Regime. He’s told the world that Arsenal are thrilled with the progress William Saliba is making and he’ll defintely be part of our plans next season. Reiterating that playing 38 games is better for his career at 20 then bumming around on our bench all season.

Nice one Fabrizio, nice one Arsenal FC.

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  1. Globalgunner

    Eternal sunshine of the Arteta worshipping mind is what encapsulates the Arteta lovers.
    They see only positives. Only way is up, even while falling constantly behind. They are the type that will step onto a clump of doggy doodoo on the pavement and tell themselves. “Things could definitely be worse, I could have somersaulted and got a smelly stain on my back”

  2. Dissenter

    It seems the Saudis are going to be allowed to take over Newcastle.
    They are going to clear out their entire squad at some point to become another mega spending entity.

  3. Graham62

    Being ultra positive about things, when it is clear that so many problems exist, shows a blindness to reality.

    Vicky from Little Britain comes to mind here.

    “Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but”

  4. Dissenter

    The Saudia are not going to own a mediocre outfit that underperforms against the likes of PSG [Qataris] and City [UAE]
    It’s good for the league though, to have another strong club to make it more competitive.
    I don’t think it’s good for Arsenal, another source of easy point to fill up the tally is gone.

  5. Tom

    Comparing Odegaard and Auba and concluding they both play their game to avoid contact is about as accurate as Parteys shots on goal.

    Did someone say something about Ozil and Odegaard to Pierre that got him upset?
    It’s his second attempt to tell everyone how he likes Odegaard…….. except he’s only any decent in acres of space.

  6. englandsbest


    Success, for Arteta, is returning Arsenal to the elite. For me, that means Arsenal as a consistent and genuine competitor for top honours.

    Top 4 is a halfway step, a return to CL My expectation is within three seasons, including this one.

    Winning a major title is an authentic measure of eliteness, an expectation within four seasons

  7. Dissenter

    FFP is a stupid effing joke
    They should just do away with it.
    There are multiple ways to attain great wealth or power such as;
    -Inherit it like Prince William
    – Marry into it like the Duchess of Cambridge
    -Screw an octogenarian billionaire’s brains out like Anna Nicole Smith
    -Win the lottery
    -Through the ballot box, in some societies

    FFP is based on the notion that they can regulate how football clubs acquire and use their wealth.

    It’s just old money trying to restrict what new money can do.

  8. Pierre

    I do really like Odegaard when he is on the ball but i ado know he’s mastered the art of avoiding physical contact

    How do i know , because i watched and studied his games THIS season..

    His supposed take ons in the link are 90% backwards or sideways à