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Arsenal escaped Brighton with a point. I’m not sure if I’d call it a lucky point, Brighton managed 2 shots on target all game, but I would call it undeserved because Arsenal really weren’t at the races. The more experienced Arsenal fan was probably expecting a bit of hangover after the Spurs game. The hype was unreal and the setting for the next game was small, windy, and rainy. Doesn’t detract from the reality: It wasn’t the standard we expected.

There were two very clear problems.

We lacked courage

Granit Xhaka was absent and we missed him. That might hurt some people, but it’s true. The Swiss will drive you crazy with some of the dumb things he’ll bring to the table, but one thing you can never accuse him of is hiding. I thought Sambi and Thomas Partey hid today. Brighton gambled on a very high press. It worked, because our midfield couldn’t handle it. Brighton knew Ramsdale’s long balls to Auba were low risk because Auba isn’t big enough to battle lumbering centre-backs. So they went man to man and boxed us in.

Last week, Spurs tried that in the opening 20, but we had answers. There was always someone on call to receive the ball from the back 5. Xhaka started the move for a goal because we confidently played out the back. This week, we didn’t have that. Partey and Sambi were rattled and they hid. If no one shows, the keeper will go long. When your striker is Auba, you have to be accurate and in to feet. Ramsdale admitted after his kicking was poor in that regard.

The heavy press is about psychology. The best example of this was Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final. They pressed us hard, we beat the tactic 3 times early on, so they gave up, and we won the game. We didn’t have the cajones to do that against Brighton. The midfield didn’t want it and our striking options had no chance.

That set the tone for the game. The wind and rain made things even tougher, but really, for me, it was all about the midfield.

Awkward Press & Second balls

Our press wasn’t cohesive. Sometimes, Auba just isn’t ready to do what we need of him physically. He didn’t set the tone, nor did Odegaard. We let Brighton move the ball out of the back with ease, and we didn’t press as a unit.

The team also failed miserably with second balls. We were nowhere. They won it every time. That wasn’t the fault of one person, it was the entired team. Saka was nowhere. Smith Rowe wasn’t good enough. Everyone was a bit off their game.

If you let yourself get abused by the press and you don’t fight for second balls, you are going to struggle against Brighton, who are a very good team.

The Positives

There weren’t many, I have to be honest. That was the worst performance of the season for me by quite a margin. There was very little football to write home about, we didn’t create enough chances, and we were lucky not to get rolled.

… but we escaped with a point and probably had the best chances.

We’d have lost that game last October.

Our defence had some shaky moments, but it delivered. Brighton didn’t have many good chances for all of their good posession. Gabriel and Ben White were excellent again. They are starting to build a good partnership.

Kieran Tierney and Tomiyasu had games to forget. Cuccerella continued his good form and tied Tomi in knots. Kieran, one of our best players, dropped a pass completion rate below 60%. Those two are better than that and we know it’ll be a rarity that they do that again this season.

The bright sparks?

This is the youngest team in the Premier League. Glenn Murray said it right.

We’ll have games like that.

If you don’t want to see Granit in the starting 11, accept that we’ll have bad days. Young players get better. People moaning about this team don’t understand that in football, it takes time for new players to suss each other out. This new iteration of Artetaball is 4 games old.

The subs also made a difference. Pepe sharpened things a little in midfield. Lacazette did a much better job linking play. We had some very good chances, we just didn’t take them today.

AARON WATCH: The keeper had a couple of shaky moments, but he stepped in, and saved us points again. He’s decisive, he’s always communicating, and he’s exactly what we’ve missed character-wise since Jens Lehmann. Another good 90. I wonder if anyone has gone back to the comments on his IG to shame the muppets that abused him?

Before I move on, the fact that Martinelli was trending shows you how meek some of our fans are. The Brazilian has been bang average when he’s been given chances this season. In a game where we lacked control, he wasn’t the answer. Lacazette is far better and he proved that. There is part of the online fan base that is just desperate to make victims of professional athletes and it’s absolutely painful to read. Martinelli will find form, he’ll get his chance, and he’ll be comforted by all the success stories we have at the club.

‘Can we talk about how mean Arteta is to Martinelli’

It’s so embarrassing to read. Athletes don’t want to be perceived as sporting victims. That’s weakness. Pepe proved that last season. ESR did the same. Saka did after his penalty miss. These are strong young men, they don’t want Karen-at-the-school-gate making excuses for them on the internet. They want competition and they don’t need fan handouts from people that don’t understand what it is to operate in a high-performance culture.

Back to the club.

Look at the bigger picture.

You would have taken 10 points from 12 before the last international break.

You’d never have guessed that you’d love Aaron Ramsdale or that he’d keep 3 clean sheets

If I’d told you at the start of the season we’d be 6 points off top and 4 points off top 4 after 6 games, you’d have taken that.

This project isn’t for now. But, if it’s within spitting distance of top 4 come January, it will compete for top 4 this season. Simple as that. Last season, we smashed it after Christmas. That is what will happen this season.

We’re 2 phases into the season.

Phase 1: 0 points (from 9)

Phase 2: 10 points (from 12)

Phase 3: Palace (h), Villa (h), Leicester (a), Watford (h)

10 points from that lot will have us very close to the top 4. Can we do it? That’s a real litmus test for this season. I want to smash Palace. Villa is a weird internet rivalry, so we need to deal with them. Leicester is used against Arsenal, we need to bury Rodgers. Watford is a derby.

We need Arteta to win Phase 3, because Phase 4 is rough and runs for over a month.

Right, that’s all I have. Check out the latest podcast and wish Johnny a happy birthday. ALSO, last week was our best ever for the podcast. Ya’ll the best. Thank you for spending so much time with us. We truly appreciate the love. You are all so awesome.

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  1. Tom

    Tom, amazing that you haven’t noticed our seamless integrations that are younger. Blind luck?

    Pedro, I have noticed and it isn’t lucky.
    Arteta deserves credit for fixing the defense but I haven’t seen enough to conclude he can do the same with the offense.
    Btw,I thought White was really good vs Brighton and his partnership with Gabriel has a chance to become one of the best in the league.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Like I said yesterday, I feel Brighton is playing at the top of their game… but they couldn’t score against us.

    In contrast, there’s plenty more in our tanaka, and this is just a breather for our squad before we go on another run.

    Come on you Arsenal… don’t let me down!

  3. Awa

    Great write up and a wholeheartedly agree the next 4 games are critical.
    I think the next 4 games will really shed some light on whether the Spurs game was more down to Spurs being in horrible/meek form or Arteta building some creativity/spark on the pitch.

    I still feel we are an extremely low margins team (which we have been throughout the whole of Artetas tenure).
    Our FA Cup run was down to Auba seriously outperforming his xG by scoring worldies every second game which isn’t sustainable for him or the team.

    Out of the next 4 games we need to see the team stamp there authority on games and start looking to create more chances.

    Even if we drop points but show that we can regularly score multiple goals a game I will be happy because it will show Arteta has more than one string in his bow.

    The current strategy looks to try and scrape into the top 4 on the back of knife edged 1-0 wins, and when it doesn’t work settle for a 0-0 draw

  4. Leedsgunner

    Again, hindsight is perfect but against Brighton Partey needed to be the defensive midfield shield and set the tempo of the game and let Sambi make those incisive runs that he normally would do (if he was partnering with Xhaka).

    What we actually did was both Sambi and Thomas tried to make runs leaving too many spaces open in the middle of the park… playing tactically right into Brighton’s gameplay and gameplan.

  5. Major_Jeneral

    We should be reviewing the Brighton game and talking about the the different options that can be utilised in case we are out of ideas tactically in the next match. And not the back and forth about Arteta again knowing fully well that the current squad with the transfer of 6 players needs time. Moreover until the sample size increases the data analysis about the performance and/or results not been up to standards needs to be exercised with caution

    Best comment read so far on the blog is by Rich.👇🏽👇🏽

    Rich“For all the talk about managers + coaches, it’s the players on the pitch who win and lose football games. Our squad has been an unbalanced mess, of insufficient quality. We’re now in the process of tidying up years of poor decision making, there was never any shortcuts back to the very top”

    This comment reminds me of Kevin Campbell’s opinions of Arsenal state in recent couple of seasons in previous podcasts I have listened to in the past. It is exactly the same thing he said. Kevin is a respected former Arsenal player and a good media professional so he definitely knows his onions.

    You can check the “Highbury Squad” hosted by Sophie Nicholau On YouTube or Podcast platforms.

    Also on the comparison of G. Potter’s appointment to that of Arteta’s, it is just incredible that we should be even consider doing such analysis without looking at the two club’s teams/squads. In terms of different factors.

    To be exact, I am referring to this comment 👇🏽👇🏽

    DissenterOctober 3, 2021 19:41:45
    Graham Potter took over a relegation challenged team on May 20 2019
    Arteta took over an underperforming team that narrowly missed out of 3rd/4th place the year before.You would think Potter has been manager of Brighton for a decade going by the excuses being served.

    This comment above only buttresses Rich’s earlier comments about how long a club team or squad have generally played together before you can see a proper end product in results or/and performances over long period of term. Before G,Potter came on board, Brighton team/squad had less changes in transfer out unlike that of arsenal. I won’t go into details because I have not done more research on right amount of players they transferred in or out. However the point here is that in terms of management of a clubs’ recruitment, wages personnel etc, Brighton have done really well than Arsenal. In addition Brighton have done well in performance against the top 6 in games regardless of the result. infact they were unlucky in a match against Manutd last season, losing the match eventually.

    Last season it was said by Media pundits and analysts of the game that all they needed was better strikers and stronger in game management by the manager. Also their xg involvements for chances created showed they should be getting better results. All of these performance(not results) wouldn’t be possible if majority of the squad of Brighton were not kept for longer period.

    Football is a team game, partnerships and synergy of game play will be built over time, the current arsenal team needs this so let us hold our horses for now and be a little patient. One thing you can’t fault these current players is the accountability and commitment. Ramsdale said in his press interview after the game that the performance need to improve and he went on to criticise his own performance too.

    One thing is certain if the Arsenal hierarchy(KSE) who in their own long term strategy plan (on trusting Arteta with the current youth 3.0 project) feels this is not working after the season end, they will pull the trigger. But to pull the trigger after 7 games will only show they have no long-term plans and perhaps they are looking for shortcut to success as they did with hiring Emery based on only his EL win credentials.

    Thanks for a great discourse @ Rich, AFC And leftside to mention a few. Raptora, Receding and Dissenter really need to up their game in their criticisms. It is over the top. Arsenal are no longer a force like in the early Wenger years and before that. Therefore reacting to a draw to Brighton as though the world is coming to an end does not solve anything it only makes us spiral into a Web of negativity as seen on Twitter these days. The only way is forward, going backward and taking shots on established facts or records set in stone doesn’t have an impact on the current plan the Arsenal is on. The hope is at regardless of who is at the helms of affairs in couple or 5 to 10 yrs from now (be it CEO, Dof, manager down to the groundsmen) that previous yrs of stagnation and lack of progress both in recruitment and management of the football club doesn’t repeat itself.

  6. Samesong

    I’m going to say this now Brighton aren’t all that.

    When Arsenal come to town they up their game.

    where did they finish last season 15/16th hardly setting the PL on fire are they.

    They won’t finish in the top 10 neither

    Only 7 games have been played 😆

  7. Tom

    So apparently Arsenal are building a winning squad for the future with 2023/24 being mentioned as the season the squad should “ bang “……….which is all good and dandy except our most important player will be 30 then and he can barely stay fit at 28.
    I wonder if they even bothered to inform Partey about this time scale for Arsenal success, or did they just figure they threw so much money at him he dares not rock the boat.

  8. Receding Hairline

    “We are 4 games into the new regime. 10 points from 12. Fans loving it”

    No we are not.

    This is Arteta’s twenty something month in charge and we are 7 games into the new premiership season and have 10 points from 21.

  9. Pierre

    If one looks at the difference between Odegaard and Smith Rowe , to put it in simple terms ,, one runs with the ball and the other doesn’t.

    In football there are players that look slow and lethargic without the ball but as soon as the ball arrives at their feet they come alive.
    Smith Rowe is one such player, he looks electric on the ball when he makes the runs from midfield but without the ball you don’t see that electric pace .

    Alternately, watching Odegaard i see a player yhat sprints around the pitch without the ball , looking to close down players which looks very impressive but he never quite manages to make a tackle or interception, I’m thinking it may be just for show and to impress the manager .

    When Odegaard is on the ball that burst of pace that he shows off the ball disappears..
    I’m not sure i have seen Odegaard run with the ball or take the ball in his stride and burst into the opposition half.

    He obviously can run reasonably fast as he shows us when he’s closing down players, but he can’t do it with the ball at his feet.

    An obvious example of a player who looks slow and lethargic off the ball is Messi , but give him the ball and he’s electric…..I’m not comparing smith rowe to Messi by the way..

    Odegaard could end up being a problem for the manager as Arteta obviously rates him , but as a creative force he doesn’t bring what smith rowe brings to the side.

    Odegaard could drop deeper but that could also provide a problem as i can’t say I’ve seen Odegaard head the ball often or even challenge for the ball in the air, plus I wouldn’t say that tackling is a strong part of his game.

    Odegaard in central midfield is fine if we are dominating possession , he is similar to xhaka in that when he has time he looks an accomplished player…

    I’m not sure that Odegaard will improve our goalscoring threat and for me , he is keeping out players who will provide goals , namely Pepe,, martinelli and Eddie who can all play in snith Rowe’s position if he returns to the CAM position…

  10. Tony

    I saw a 30 minute positive flicker of light a week ago that was easily extinguished at Brighton.

    2 weeks now of nothing but BS PR because the Brighton game (forget result) didn’t lift the game/fans as expected and fans feeling let down again.

    In 2 weeks time what are we going to see against Palace? I worry that Paddy is going to have Arteta’s number as Potter did. Palace look like they can play and have bought into Paddy’s way of playing and only 3 places below us. Not that league form means anything at the moment so early into the season.

    7 league games in, so 3 more to go before the 10th league game judgement where some/many (no idea) give their first judgement thoughts of the first 25% of the season where we’re looking like we’re on pace for last season’s finish at 8th.

    10th now, wonder where we’ll be after the Leicester game?

    After the last 2 week’s games and looking at the games so far without any excuses to be offered or accepted, I think most Gooners have no idea or basis to form an idea of the next 3 league games’ results.

    I have to say I thought excuse of the week has to be “The players haven’t had long to play together”.

    Sound reasonable enough until you think to the NLD game where they functioned so well together you’d have been forgiven of thinking they’ve played a few seasons together.

  11. Nelson

    Odegaard has better vision than Pepe,, martinelli, Eddie and ESR. But he needs another CM closed by to open up some room for him. Last game, Lokonga disappeared on the far left. Partey was busy in the middle. ESR can run through the press. Odegaard needs to build up more strength to operate in the middle.

  12. Globalgunner

    When people cannot deliver results,they instead serve up Hope’s and dreams. Or better still, move the goal posts entirely. “4 points from top 4” Disguises the actual fact of being 10th. 2 places below the Arteta staple if 8th place

  13. Pierre

    Odegaard is a good passer of the ball but his performance had nothing to do with the position of Lakonga , who in my eyes had a good game..

    We have a problem scoring goals and i think bringing another goalscorer into the equation could be the answer..

    The simple solution would be to bring one of pepe, Martinelli or Eddie into the left channel , allowing Smith rowe to return to the centre.

    Personally I’d prefer lakonga in midfield but playing Odegaard there would be a way of Arteta keeping him in the side.

    It may prove to be a good move for all concerned.(except lakonga)

  14. Major_Jeneral

    What most Over The Top(OTT) critics miss is the room for longer relationship and development. Making comparisons without factoring the data there in is like an hypothesis dead on arrival before possibly proven into theory.
    Teams(Brighton, Westham, Aston villa and Brentford) , he cited have their squad together for longer and recrutment/management of the club have been miles ahead of Arsenal in recent times before the last TW.
    Without considering these factors we can’t claim a young team with 6 players brought during the last transfer don’t need time.

    Case in point Tuchel at Chelsea last season came in and finished top and won a trophy(a big plus in my opinion). The minimum was to ensure performance and result improve against what Frank lampard did. Which Tuchel
    did because the squad have been together for atleast a year.

    Tuchel is miles ahead in experience than Arteta. But the point here is if the performance improved and the results didn’t at the time, Tuchel will still be given time because management will see green shoots of the kind of play he intends for the team.

  15. Ishola70

    I think everyone is waiting Jeneral for Arteta to provide us with these green shoots in regards the overall actual football played.

    Overall they are not exactly springing from the ground in big numbers are they overall.

    One shoot seen popping up in the first half against Spurs.

  16. The Bard

    Major_jeneral your thesis fell to pieces when you stated that Tuchel would have been given time if results hadn’t been good if the board could see green shoots. Chelsea are the one club that doesn’t tolerate failure of any sort. Non of their past managers had time. It a ‘produce results or out’ culture. Tim Stillman’ piece on Arseblog is more to the point. Arteta will get time because there is no one else. That’s how far we have fallen.

  17. James wood.

    Just loved PEPE ‘s marking in the box style.
    Pick the biggest attacker grab hold like a baby
    Koala bear and hold on whilst looking up at his eyes
    Hilarious and a penalty waiting to happen.
    70 million worth of TOSH.

  18. Ustyno

    It doesn’t mean that people can’t have their opinion on the manager or the football we play – he’s been here more than long enough for that. I’m not convinced that Mikel Arteta will ever give us a great deal more than we’ve already seen. Functional football, which at times can be quite exciting and burst into life, but for the most part it will be more of the same. It might get us enough points to challenge for a European place, but I don’t have much confidence that something will just click and be brilliant. I would love to be wrong about that though.

    Quote from Arseblog

    This is exactly my thoughts on Arteta

  19. Fabregoat

    “this wasn’t the standard we expected”

    Did last season not happen for you? This is absolutely the standard we’ve come to expect.

    We’ve been piss poor on the pitch many times with Xhaka on the field. Saying he was the reason we were so bad and that he never hides in matches is Boris Johnson levels of deception. Also makes me think you don’t pay attention or have a goldfish memory.

    Xhaka has hid plenty of times in game.


  20. raptora

    “Tuchel is miles ahead in experience than Arteta. But the point here is if the performance improved and the results didn’t at the time, Tuchel will still be given time because management will see green shoots of the kind of play he intends for the team.”

    So in your opinion in 22 months time, you’ve seen enough green shoots to want Arteta to be kept for longer? 66 EPL games in the job, I am, for the life of me, struggling in pointing 5 games where we absolutely killed a decent opposition other than relegated teams like Fulham, Sheffield Utd, WBA, Norwich, like we did vs Spuds.

    You are right though. If you’ve seen enough to support the manager, it’s your choice. I just think we could have done so much better with what he has had if he was as generational as the word says. It just seems like it’s been such an uphill battle for Arteta and Arsenal for his whole reign, I feel like we shouldn’t have struggled so much with what he had to work with. We were, at times, looking like a relegation fodder which does not correspond to the class of players he had available to him. I feel like a big part of why we struggled is on him. And that he should have been sacked 2 or 3 times already. Anyone else would have.

    I just don’t get how can Moyes go and make West Ham an attractive team hitting well above their weight, Leicester as well, they are the surprise packages doing better than they should be doing. Yet we’ve been underperforming for years, and under Wenger it was because of Wenger; under Emery it was because of Emery; but under Arteta is because of everything else but Arteta. It’s such a weird view I swear. It’s dishonest, fake and foul. It’s also disrespectful to managers who have done far more than Arteta in their careers but we wanted them sacked.

    I called for their heads as I’ve called for Arteta’s and I’ve managed to be consistent in my view of the standards that this club deserves. Have you all?

  21. Jamie

    That quote from Arseblog is how I feel too. If Arteta can figure out how to unlock our attacking potential, I’ll be happy.

    Nothing, save the odd 45 minute blitz here and there over the last 2 years, gives me confidence he’ll somehow figure it out.

    Most of the evidence points to Arteta being a defensively-minded, risk-averse, possession-based coach. He most certainly isn’t the messiah of the ‘exciting’ football we were promised when (even before) he was hired.

  22. Sid

    Arseblog is being optimistic/diplomatic about Diet Pep

    “””””It might get us enough points to challenge for a European place””””””

    Deep down he is Not confident of atleast the EL.

  23. Sid

    “””””I don’t have much confidence that something will just click and be brilliant””””””

    An Italian would tell it as it is “cacca” would replace that long English sentence

  24. Emiratesstroller

    I appreciate that most posters on Le Grove look almost exclusively at the performance and
    results of the first team and understandably when the performance and result is disappointing
    there is much criticism.

    Yet I do think that we should take a look at the overall state of the club including the U23s and Academy as well.

    In recent years there has been much criticism of our Academy and that resulted two years
    ago in an overhaul including appointment of Mertesacker as its head followed by departure
    of many coaches and scouts.

    This season the U23s started badly losing 6-1 to West Ham in first game, but since then they
    have been Unbeaten. Their results have included victories against Chelsea, Man Utd and Spurs as well as a draw against league leaders Man City. They are currently in second place
    in league.

    The Under 18s are also in second place and unbeaten this season notwithstanding that several of their most talented players are representing U23s.

    The Under 23s are indeed a very youthful side just like the first team. On Saturday they played a successful Brighton team and beat them 3-0.

    Looking at the starting eleven all the players were aged 17-20. Monlouis and Patino are 17.
    Nine of the players were teenagers.

    So it does look like the club has been putting its house in order in scouting, recruitment and
    preparation for games.

    Most longstanding supporters of the club were well aware that following departure of Wenger there would need to be a transition and revolution at the club and that seems now to be the case.

    When you start a rebuild job you do so at the bottom of the ladder. Recruiting experienced
    players such as Willian and Luiz may have been a short term fix but it was never going to
    be a solution to the club’s malaise.

    Long term the prospects in U23s and U18s should provide benefits for first team.

  25. Matt


    Your comments on Odegaard I think are bang on the money. I said before we signed him on a permanent deal that he plays the game like he’s playing netball. Runs all over the pitch to get into space and then when he has the ball he’s often rooted to the spot like he’s not allowed to move when in possession.

    He has to be more direct because he won’t always be able to find a defence splitting pass.

  26. CG

    ”””Odegaard could end up being a problem for the manager as Arteta obviously rates him , but as a creative force he doesn’t bring what smith rowe brings to the side.”””

    Excellent tactical analysis as always Pierre

    The Odegaard re- signing and Xhaka extension will always mean we will always be a team lacking dynamism and counter attacking threat.

    Arsenal have on their books,

    PEA, Laca, Martinelli, Balogun, Pepe, Eddie , Saka and ESR and still struggle to score the required goals.

    I cant wait for this Amazon Doc- I need to see what Arteta and Round are telling the troops!

  27. Pierre

    “Joe Willock, 480mins of football, 0 goals, 0 assists.”

    We can all play that silly game pedro

    Arteta’s central midfield this season
    Xhaka , lakonga, partey , elneny , AMN

    Over 1,000 minutes of premier league football , 0 goals , 0 assists .

  28. Nelson


    Arteta has setup a system to accommodate Xhaka. He has Tierney playing high up on the left allowing ESR to move inside. Xhaka will cover up for Tierney. Last game, he kept the same system and asked Lokonga to play the role of Xhaka. Lokonga didn’t make any mistake. The problem is that the CB’s and our GK didn’t trust him to play out from the back. Auba’s first touch was so bad he couldn’t hold up the ball. We lost control of the game. I think even if we put another goal scoring forward, it wouldn’t turn the tide. Replacing Auba by Laca did improve our game.

  29. raptora

    Karsa: “Another 4/10 for Saiba at the weekend.”

    Forgot to mention that Guendouzi captained Marseille. So much for the “He’s a toxic brat ruining his career in yet another club” brigade.

    Special mention to the likes of Pedro, AFC, Stroller, Leedsgunner, englandsbest, Chris and especially zach for this bit “Guendozi has the soul of a San Francisco latina transgender hooker”. All of them desperate to be proven right about a player their manager booted out to play Xhaka, Elneny and Ceballos.

  30. Pierre

    Karsa: “Another 4/10 for Saiba at the weekend.”

    Seems a little harsh when you take into consideration that he had against Lille
    95.4 % pass completion
    5 tackles
    6 clearances
    A rating of 6.74 as per whoscored.

  31. Emiratesstroller


    If you are going to make a comparison between Willock and midfield players in our first team then you should do so with Smith-Rowe, Odegaard and Saka all of whom have scored goals and provided assists.

    The midfield players you list are primarily defensive or holding in the team.

    Arsenal’s weakness in the midfield department has been in recent years a lack of goals and
    assists, but Willock was never going to be a solution to the problem. He had plenty of opportunity to prove himself at the club.

  32. raptora

    Seven players in the game got a rating of 4, along with players that got a rating of 2 and a 3. Johantan David, who scored 2 goals, got the highest rating of the game – 7. Kinda feels like the dude giving the ratings doesn’t give high scores.

  33. Pierre

    Willock has played centre mid this season in every game , hence the comparison with our central midfielders.

    For your information willock started 2 league games last season …not exactly plenty is it.

  34. Pierre

    “Arsenal’s weakness in the midfield department has been in recent years a lack of goals and
    assists, but Willock was never going to be a solution to the problem”

    So you are saying that a player( willock) who scored 11 goals and had 3 assists in 17 starts last season in the premier league and europa league will never be the solution to our lack of goals from midfield..

    Makes sense.

  35. Bankz

    One thing that still baffles me is how Pedro spent the better part of the 7 years prior to Arteta, holding Wenger and Emery to all types of high standards but suddenly wants Arteta spending the next 4 years at Arsenal even when he hasn’t shown anything (league wise) to warrant such faith.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    Willock has been considered to be a box to box/attacking midfielder. If he was not he would not
    have scored 8 goals for Newcastle last season.

    Defence and work ethic were never considered to be his strong points at least when he played for us.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I rate Smith-Rowe, Saka and Odegaard ahead of Willock.

    As I posted many times before I considered Willock a 50-50 player for us and I suspect that
    was the case with Arsenal as well. Newcastle’s offer was too good to refuse.

    If he had stayed at Arsenal I doubt that he would have had much game time if other players
    were “match fit”.

  38. Pierre

    “Willock has been considered to be a box to box/attacking midfielder”

    The clue is in the word MIDFIELDER…meaning (used correctly) he could have been a solution to our lack of goals from midfield, however this season for some unknown reason, Bruce has played Willock in centre mid , hence he is not getting in the goalscoring positions as per last season.

  39. Kris

    What a Sunday:
    PSG lose to Rennes.
    Real lose to Espanyol.
    Bayern lose at home to Frankfurt.

    All leagues are becoming a bit more competitive with the emergence of a larger number of good coaches over the last 10 years or so.

  40. Kris

    are your odd line breaks some progressive form of poetry or is there some other reason for making it harder to read?

  41. Jamie

    Arsenal are 16th in the xG table after 7 games.

    Superfans love to talk about how the squad is made up of young strangers, but our attacking line-up hasn’t changed since last January. No additions, and only Willian exiting a couple months ago.

    Auba Laca Pepe Marti Saka ESR Ode – 7 players who all been receiving generational coaching as an attacking unit for almost a year and are somehow still struggling to score goals.

    We’re also in the top 3 for xGA, which we’re thankfully outperforming against GA (13.47 xGA to 10 GA).

    If ‘expected’ stats are effective metrics used to map trends (in this admittedly small sample of 7 games this season), we need to see a marked improvement on both fronts (xG and xGA) in the next few games.

    If everyone is being honest, the football has been drab for most of Arteta’s tenure, and he’s been splashing the cash since his arrival.

  42. Graham62

    I’ll give you my take on all those players that showed/show potential but were /are still being ignored by Arteta

    Because they have showed their displeasure at seeing crap being favoured week in week out and, amazingly, I include players like Aubameyang in all of this, they lost that genuine hunger to succeed.

    GX is self explanatory but then you add the likes of Willian ( gone) Bellerin ( gone) Elneny, Chambers etc. As a youngster watching from the side it is sole destroying knowing that the manager favours players that are detrimental to the teams progression. Give them game time!

    Auba was utter shite on Saturday and Lacazette should have been on far sooner. What about Martinelli and Nketiah? Why are they being held back when quite clearly Aubameyang is running on fumes.

    This is another reason why Arteta is a poor coach. His ability to read and understand the psychological aspects of the game are appalling.

    He smiles and jokes with Xhaka, player who stuck his middle finger up at the club and should have gone long ago. It’s sickening to watch.

    No wonder Tierney looked pissed off!

  43. Nelson

    Some coaches practice two formations and can switch over during a game. Last game, Graham Potter has studied Arteta’s system. He sent his midfielders to eliminate Partey and Arteta’s system was stopped completely. Without Xhaka I would suggest to switch to 4 3 3 formation. Move Tierney back as a normal LB. Play ESR, Tierney and Ode in midfield. As for attacker, Saka is a must. Depending on Auba’s form, we choose from Auba, Laca, Pepe, Martinelli and Eddie to fill in the remaining two slots.

  44. Jamie

    To clarify top 3 xGA isn’t good, and means only two other teams are expected to concede more than us – Norwich and Newcastle.

    Early warning signs, but also encouraging that our new defensive signings are actually doing better than expected.

  45. englandsbest

    If the will is there and feet don’t drag, I don’t worry how long the process takes so long as it gets there. People talk about the transformation within two seasons that Graham Potter has made at Brighton. But the dimensions and circumstance are entirely different. Brighton is a small Club with a high ambition – to stay in PL. Arsenal is a major Club with probably the biggest impact on football of any Club in UK, and possibly in the world. Brighton numbers its fan in thousands, Arsenal in millions.

    The key factor – as ever – is the ownership. Stan was a dead weight. But lately, and for whatever reason, he appears to have cottoned on to his obligation as owner of Arsenal – to hand the Club on to his successor in better shape and self-sustainable.

    How do we measure our return to the elite? For me it starts with a major title – the PL winner, or the CL winner. How long will that take? Well, I’m an optimist. Two maybe, three, four, five years.

  46. Matt


    You do crack me up.

    ‘ Brighton is a small Club with a high ambition – to stay in PL. Arsenal is a major Club with probably the biggest impact on football of any Club in UK, and possibly in the world.’

    How on earth did you come to the above conclusion?

  47. Vintage Gun

    “If everyone is being honest, the football has been drab for most of Arteta’s tenure, and he’s been splashing the cash since his arrival.”

    Sssssshhhhhh Jamie!!!

    The truth will get you killed

  48. Emiratesstroller


    I posted earlier today observations about progress, which has been made within the club at
    U23 and U18 level. At both levels we are turning out very young teams.

    We are applying a similar project with our senior level. I have expressed the view on a number of occasions that there is perhaps not enough senior players in the team and for that reason we should expect an up and down season.

    I have also argued that Arteta should react more quickly with his substitutions than he does.
    That was obvious in Spurs game and to an extent also against Brighton.

    I think that we know already that Lacazette is on his way out of the club in January or June
    next year. Nketiah will also leave as well.

    The two players who should be given more game time are Pepe and Martinelli. You will get
    no argument from me on that count.

  49. Words on a blog


    Willock (like Guendouzi):was never gonna prosper under Arteta.

    Willock is an action, box to box midfielder.

    Arteta hares that; he prefers his midfielders to have positional discipline and stay firmly in their little boxes.

    Great for the “goals against” column; not so great for the “goals for” column.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Words on a blog

    I don’t think that Willock was sold because he is a “box to box player”. He was sold because
    Arsenal could not guarantee him a starting place in team AND we were offered a fair transfer fee by Newcastle.

  51. englandsbest


    I read my history books

    Arsenal was the benchmark in England, starting with Herbert Chapman’s tenure. Tactically, the most advanced in the world.. It became the Bank o England club, a financial example to all as well.

    Also the most innovative, copied the world over. Overhead lighting, undersoil heating – you name it, Arsenal started it.!

  52. Words on a blog


    I don’t disagree that we were offered a fair price for Willock or that he would not have been an automatic starter under Arteta.

    He didn’t start because he was (in Arteta’s eyes) insufficiently positionally disciplined.

  53. CG


    ”””’Auba Laca Pepe Marti Saka ESR Ode – 7 players who all been receiving generational coaching as an attacking unit for almost a year and are somehow still struggling to score goals.”””

    How Arteta can extract only 5 goals in 7 games from that lot is a mystery.

    Especially as Brentford have 10 from 7 and they don’t have that much firepower.

    What a damp squib and disappointing manger Arteta has ultimately turned out to be.

    Lacklustre in all areas.

  54. Matt


    ‘ I read my history books’

    They key word in that sentence is history. We may have been one of the most forward thinking clubs in the past, but I don’t think anyone would aspire to be like Arsenal nowadays.

  55. CG


    “”””””‘Poor coach + poor man-manager + poor leader = charlatan.”””””‘

    Started off like a train with the FA Cup win but found wanting in all areas.

    Currently 11th and making a complete horlicks of the season despite us having the huge advantage on our rivals with only playing 38 games.

  56. CG

    ”””That hair though.””’

    Its champion hair,
    But even that can only carry you so far.
    If Arteta looked liked Jim Smith , Arteta would have walked 18 months ago!

    Arsenal can not keep sitting in mid table while these international breaks happen.

    its not good for morale.

  57. Vintage Gun

    It’s quite telling that both Arseblog AND 7am kickoff blogs who are both fair and down the middle have this morning questioned where we are heading under Arteta.

    I didn’t know so many of our fan base are blind with weak bladders…

    Or maybe everything isn’t currently as rosy as stated by some on here aye

  58. Kris

    The main difference between Emery and Arteta was political ability.
    Bullshitting in other words.
    The former did not know that by putting Saka, ESR, and Martinelli into the team, he should have sold the owner a bright distant future even if the present was shit.
    Our new guy is a master of words, though.
    Would love to have been a fly on the wall during his meetings with Josh.
    Josh must have got a hard-on.

    But, I agree with Pedro when he said that this season Arteta has no excuses, so if things don’t pick up by the end of the season, going all in for Potter might be sensible despite financial implications.
    My only question for Potter’s interview would be:
    “How important will Xhaka be for your team?”
    The answer would tell us everything.

  59. Graham62


    Funny how the wheels have turned.
    I’m in agreement with you 100% on Arteta.
    Laughable that there are those that buy into all this crap.
    As you rightly highlighted –

    “found wanting in all areas”.

    Arteta may be able to talk a good game but the reality is what we see.
    Bar 30 minutes against a poor Spuds team, we have been awful.
    It’s been that way for far too long.

  60. Graham62

    The only reason anyone buys into all of this can be based on one of six things.

    1. They don’t understand the game and are a poor judge of character.
    2. They have an ulterior motive.
    3. They benefit from rocking the boat.
    4. Future job prospects at AFC.
    5. They don’t have sufficient life experiences.
    6. They are a troll.

    Am I being harsh?

  61. Sid

    “””If ‘expected’ stats are effective metrics used to map trends (in this admittedly small sample of 7 games this season), we need to see a marked improvement on both fronts (xG and xGA) in the next few games.””””””

    Winter is coming! My fellow bedwetter!

  62. CG


    “””””CG Funny how the wheels have turned.
    I’m in agreement with you 100% on Arteta.”””

    The Bedwetters are a broad coalition and come from all wings of the Arsenal supporters spectrum.

    They are growing in number too.

    The Bedwetters are in agreement that Arsenal can do better than Arteta and Artetaball/JSP.

  63. Bankz

    Still can’t believe we’ve scored only 5 goals in 7 games.
    3 in one game.
    That means we’ve gone 4 games without a goal:
    The only people we’ve outscored in the league is Norwich city and they’re rooted firmly at the bottom with a staggering massive 1 point.
    I genuinely can’t believe people are defending Arteta with a straight face.
    What are you guys seeing that I am not?
    Please show me the light

  64. Raulishuss

    Personally. I’ll prefer to that tactics. The game wasn’t as bad as someone like dissenter,cg and rh will make you believe, but brighton came to play and impressively made us work for the draw as it seemed our application and technique was short. The few times we strung couple of passes we easily by passed their press. Going long was useless especially with auba and the wind also. Arteta imo should have brought laca and removed ode sooner as apart from the fact that he was having a very bad game, smithrow works best with laca and it showed almost immediately. Loko didnt dominate but he’ll learn, partey and tomi were bad but we dug in and the relegator bailed us. Finally ode might be a little short physically. Time for pepe and niles?

  65. Biggles

    I saw comments along the lines of “Brighton are a more settled side so that’s why they can play better together than we can even though our players are better”.

    I’m not gonna dig really deep into this, so feel free to pick holes in the data but…

    – last season, Brighton had 15 players who played a minimum of 20 games across all competitions
    – of those 15, only 8 were in the starting line-up against Arsenal
    – last season, Arsenal had 16 players who played a minimum of 20 games across all competitions
    – of those 16, only 6 were in the starting line-up against Brighton
    – both teams brought on 2 subs who had played a minimum of 20 games across all comps last season

    So yes, statistically Brighton are a bit more settled. But there’s very little in it, so I don’t think that argument holds that much weight.

  66. Matt B

    For me at least, the Bedwetters are the ones who moaned and bitched about pretty much every Arsenal transfer this window — before said players even kicked a ball in red and white

    The one’s whose absences were noted in the aftermath of a NLD win — who suddenly reappeared after a disappointing performance this weekend.

    The one’s who trawl through past blogs to make their point against Pedro.

    The one’s who mock the reputation and standing of AFC — suggesting that teams such as Villa and Leicester are ‘bigger’

    Just because you don’t like Arteta doesn’t make you a Bedwetter. The Bedwetters are the odd ones on here who consistently slate the club and the players, merely to support their anti-Arteta agenda

  67. China1

    Just saw a compilation video of great goals and that wilshere goal where the team played about 6 on touch flicks in a row before he finished first time is one of the best goals of the last decade

  68. Globalgunner

    I’m assuming we all saw the Pool v City game yesterday or even the City v Chelsea game a few days back. Can you see Arsenal transplanted into any of those teams or Arteta doing any coaching of any of those teams. We thank God we no longer have to witness the comical spectre of Arteta telling players who to pass to in the silence of an empty stadium. All I hear is how we should wait for Arteta to tell this team. No doubt with Xhaka at the fulcrum of it all. How long are we going to wait realistically. Another 3 years, or 4?. Or is it just a perpetual goal shifting operation.
    Arsenal are to classy to compete right now.
    Yeah right. GTFO! With that snake oil crap.

  69. China1

    Matt I don’t slate all the new signings (tho I have said we overpaid heavily for white and ramsdale) however I tinkle every time I see the club make dumb mistakes do please count me in with the more insidious bedwetters of the blog

  70. raptora

    It’s so frustrating to watch the few decent attacks we managed to structure well, end up with a Tierney cross or a Partey shot to the sky. Big managers hate low percentage moves because they end the attack and you are back to defending and trying to win the ball again.

    Klopp has 2 of the best full back crossers in the world, so it’s a real weapon for Liverpool while at City, mainly KdB is allowed to shoot from far and you don’t see them crossing the ball much except for low fast balls in the small box or around the penalty area well guided towards a teammate.

    That Arteta still hasn’t told/taught Tierney to stop whipping hopeless balls in the box or to do it when we actually have 2-3 players in and that Partey is probably going to score soon but his efforts are ending attacks that will result in more goals in the long run.

    Arteta is supposed to be generational, studying all kinds of new approaches, all kinds of data, in his effort to make the game less reliable on small margins. Yet those are the small margins.

    When we were pushed deep by Brighton, at times we managed to escape their press. When we moved the ball higher up the pitch, we could have started passing it in and around their box as there were moments we were barely hanging on. That’s a great tool to relieve the pressure, allow your team to regroup and actually put pressure on the opponent team to defend. It’s why we have 2 fast CBs and 2 reasonably fast CMs. Yet we saw none of that.

    Our counters were ending so early and when we did reach the last 1/3 of the pitch, we just passed to ball to Tierney to whip it in to no one, or to Partey to shoot to the sky. That’s a perfect recipe on how to blow the little chances you get. Arteta has to do better. The current attacking patterns or lack of them will not allow us to score enough goals. It needs correcting asap.

  71. peanuts&monkeys

    “Our midfielders hid because of the cautious passive approach to the game from Arteta. It comes from the manager.”

    yess yess yess: arsenal MFs played soft because the manager wanted them to literally lie low

    Correction: ‘cautious passive approach’ is actually defensive, lame and slow approach

  72. raptora

    “Our midfielders hid because of the cautious passive approach to the game from Arteta. It comes from the manager.”

    Yes. Versus Brighton we should have went to their box, moved the whole team higher up the pitch and press them in return. Arteta didn’t want to do it because he was afraid that we can’t handle their attacks. Isn’t that the reason we bought White, Tomi, Lokonga and we got Partey, Gabriel even Ramsdale? They are all mobile, fast, very good at pressing and chasing.

    We took the pussy approach versus Brighton of all teams and we went back to anticipate their attacks with 11 people in our half. Arteta shot himself in the foot with the game plan he picked. We would have higher chances to win if we pressed them and we played the possession game instead of the outside chance we got with a Tierney cross or a Partey shot.

  73. youdamn

    Is there a prize going for the youngest PL team? Lots of people banging on about it.
    That’s all be winning under Arteta. Clueless when setting up the team to attack.
    Even against Spurs, we reverted to his favourite formation of parking the bus.

  74. Dissenter

    Partey’s shooting is really erratic
    He seemed to be turning the corner in the NLD, he had shots that cruelly required the goalkeeper to intervene
    Against Brighton he was atrocious, his shooting is still better than Tierney’s crossing though.

  75. Leftside

    The irony of being called a bedwetter by self proclaimed holier than thou fans. Bedwetters are the kind to get upset by other posters, thats the online definition no?

    Pot kettle..

  76. Matt B

    Leftside: Not holier than thou, just irritated by people who slag off Arsenal relentlessly. I’d call some of you lot worse than bedwetters, but in the interests of politeness.

    Arteta has made a lot of mistakes and its quite possible that we could do with a better manager, but its also clear that he is re-building and that the club needed it

  77. Tom

    “Is there a prize going for the youngest PL team? Lots of people banging on about it.“

    The youngest PL team is the new third since Christmas trophy.

  78. Tom

    I complete disagree with Pierre’s Ode/ESR analysis btw.
    The only thing he got right in it was that they are two different players.

    Yes, ESR gives the team more athletic presence especially running with the ball, but on the ball Ode is a much more refined quality.
    I could go game by game and list all his passes, short to mid range , made with just the right weight and direction, which ESR and other Arsenal players don’t have in their locker yet.

    A bit surprising this coming from the biggest Ozil fan in entire universe to dismiss a player based on one single trait especially when it’s the same one Ozil was being lambasted for.

  79. Dissenter

    ‘Arteta has made a lot of mistakes and its quite possible that we could do with a better manager, but its also clear that he is re-building and that the club needed i’

    So people are ‘bedwetters’ for calling out the BS; They point out the same mistakes you’re alluding to and want him held to the standards used for the managers that preceded him.
    It’s the club that’s starting a new project, not the manager. It doesn’t have to be Arteta that completes the project.

  80. Dissenter

    ‘ By now you should really be able to tell the difference between slagging off Arteta and slagging off Arsenal.’

    Actually not, some see any perceived critique of the manager as personal affront.

  81. Matt B

    Diss: See my earlier post — slagging off the club, suggesting the likes of Leicester are ‘bigger’, complaining relentlessly about signings before they even kick a ball, complaining of gloating after a NLD win…

    If people complain non-stop about everything Arsenal, then don’t chuck your toys out the pram when you get called out for it

  82. Dissenter

    Matt B
    You admitted he’s made a ‘lot of mistakes’ so why are you so self-righteous to think you get to determine the terms of the criticisms that come with the errors?

    That’s the common characteristic you third party moaners share- self righteousness. At least, the one s who moan have REAL reasons to complain about…you know ‘lots of mistakes”
    You’re just here telling them to shut up because you are the better fan, at least in your own heads.

  83. Positive pete

    No,the other definition of “ bedwetters” is Screamers of which they undoubtedly are.Notice the howls( screams) of protest following a loss or draw.Ready with their indignation at the drop of a hat.The type of poster that puts up Artetata has had 95 matches to produce an all conquering,free flowing side of epic proportions.once again conveniently disregarding the mess he inherited or tthe amount of deadwood accumulated Which had & still has to be dealt with more commonly known by the word they hate.Process.

  84. Up 4 grabs now


    The NLD win bought Arteta a bit more time, but now you have to see what he can do with it.
    you cant forget last season or the start of this.so now is the time to really put a run together.

    the wins against Burnley and Norwich are expected wins, and if a decent spuds side turned up we might not have got the result we did. so its not like we won any games that we wasn’t expected to.

    I expected us to drop points against Brighton though because were not top four quality. now,
    those are the games we used to win fairly easily, and Brighton have given us problems of late.
    so wasnt too shocked.

    The next run of games are palace & villa at home Leicester away, and Watford at home
    those are games we slipped up in over the last few years.

    if we can win those four then ill start to believe we’ve turned a corner.
    we also will be just over a quarter of the way through the season by then, and its a good place to assess Arteta.

    I would have got shot of him last Christmas before the Chelsea game, but he stayed on. i would have got rid of him at the end of last season when we finished so far off top four, which should have been the minimum requirement.
    His chances are all used up now, for me it should be 4 wins from 4, at a push 3 wins and a draw.
    anything less and its another false dawn for me and he should go.

  85. englandsbest

    Your bizarre attitude to what is going on (i.e. the process) is not because you don[t understand football, or have poor judgement, or benefit from rocking the boat, or want a job at AFC, or lack life experience. or are a troll.

    It’s because you are impatient.

    Just for a change, try to be constructive, not destructive. Tell us what your alternative is to the process. And simply suggesting another manager simply won’t do, the problems the process is dealing with are too deep-seated.

  86. raptora

    Really frustrating also that we have no European games this year, so the difference was supposed to be felt in games like the one the other day.

    I know that after a European game, there would have been excuses of heavy legs and no energy due to tough graphic. Although we would play mostly squad players, the excuse would have been somewhat valid as the manager and the players still have to travel and think about the game and spend days on it.

    But this fall/winter, we have 8 games less to worry about in the midweek. I couldn’t even tell we were supposed to be the fresh side having had 1 more free day than Brighton. Our legs looked heavier. Don’t know if it’s Arteta exhausting the players in training, or is it a side effect after the big NLD win, but it shouldn’t repeat. It makes no sense.

  87. raptora

    pp: “conveniently disregarding the mess he inherited or tthe amount of deadwood accumulated”

    You mean the team that played a Europa League final and placed 5th in the EPL 1 point away of Champions League football? Yes?! Glad we’re in agreement.

  88. BacaryisGod

    I think it’s all pretty obvious.

    Would we have done a great deal better with the new signings in our first 3 games? Let’s take a Brighton-like draw against Brentford but we still likely lose to Chelsea and Man City.

    3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats for 11 points from 7 games. Our probable range is 5th-8th with unlikely outliers of 4th and 9th.

    If the needle has been moved as far as our league position goes, then we have raised our ceiling and floor by a couple of positions. If that gets us back into the Europa League then the summer investment may have been worth it.

    Moving the needle has to also mean creating a more free-flowing style of play. We saw one-half of that and need to see a lot more.

    The new signings haven’t fit seemlessly into the side. Tomi and Ode were woeful against Brighton, White is recovering from a stuttering debut vs Brentford but Lokonga, Nuno and Ramsdale have been better than most expected.

    It’s too soon to tell if they’ll all prove to be good signings. There was a lot of love for Ceballos, Leno and Torreira early in their Arsenal careers. We are willing then on to ‘bang) (sorry, just threw up in my mouth) but the Premier League can be an unforgiving place for some.

  89. Graham62


    My whole life is geared around being positive. Why should I come on a blog to promote constructive points of view when I have zero faith in the manager and his abilities to coach the team and lead us forward.
    Some people on here are exceptionally good at bullshitting their way through things, I’m not!

    I know the game and have my own experiences and knowledge to fall back on. I don’t rate Arteta and whether he stays or goes, I will keep coming on here to give my honest opinions whether you and others like it or not.

    Being “impatient” has nothing to do with this. I’ve seen for myself that Arteta is just not good enough whilst you, on the other hand, feel that he is.

    All very simple wouldn’t you say?

    Give me a list of positives ( not excuses remember) that counter my feelings on Arteta.

  90. The Bard

    englandsbest; your’e right changing the manager doesnt make a whole lot of difference if the structure around him is shite. What needs changing are the owners. We need to get rid of them. Its not that they dont spend the money its because of the neglect and their lack of any footballing nouse. They are the architects of the longstanding rot. They are responsible for allowing Wenger to go on for too long. They are responsible for employing Emery. They are responsible for rubber stamping all the deadwood we have signed. They have used the club to leverage money for other projects. Arteta is a symptom not the cause. The only reason he will be given a bit of time is because they have overseen such decline that there arent many decent managers left to hire. None of the elite would touch us with a bargepole.

  91. Nigel Tufnel

    Matt B..
    Good comment :
    “Diss: See my earlier post — slagging off the club, suggesting the likes of Leicester are ‘bigger’, complaining relentlessly about signings before they even kick a ball, complaining of gloating after a NLD win…If people complain non-stop about everything Arsenal, then don’t chuck your toys out the pram when you get called out for it”

    Everything you pointed out is true.

    Pedro is on to it. He calls them bad takes on Everything Arsenal. I call it putting the most negative spin on everything.

    Either way, the hatred of Arteta has transformed them into Arsenal haters…(of course that is their pathetic personalities normally,, and Arteta is just their latest excuse and focus).. Only people miserable in their own sad lives could make the greatest sport such a miserable experience.

    I watched results of United, Villa, Leicester, West Ham, this week for example, happy to see that teams in the running for top 6 are struggling a bit. Then our result was disappointing of course.
    I didn’t try to spin it positively ,but the way these losers experience this and make life an awful existence shows why they’re born losers.

  92. Bob N16


    Can you explain to me why,if you’re such a positive person, don’t you ignore Arsenal matters for a bit, as we’re going through such a negative(Arteta) period, until things become a little more positive(he gets sacked)?