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Let’s talk young players.

William Saliba had a run out in Europe against Galatasaray. It’s interesting to actually watch his impact on a game over a 90 versus the curated hype videos. His passing is fantastic and fairly measured. I don’t think he’s quite as ambitious as Ben White, but he has that in locker. I think his best attribute is his calmness in one vs one situations, he’s certainly no lunger. The thing he needs to work on is his passivity as a defender, I don’t mean fighting players or standing up for himself, I mean that fire that Gabriel and White have to snuff out danger and rifle into the back of players with a press as soon as a pass moves. That’ll develop, no doubt, but I think he’d have arrived there faster if he’d taken a loan in the Premier League. I’m still caught in two minds as to what was best for him… but really, hard to argue that 40 games with Marseille is better than 12 with Arsenal. He’ll come back ready to bang.

I also took in some of the U23 game against Brighton. The kids did a really good job. It’s clear that Balogun and Patino are miles ahead of everyone. Balogun pulled off an outrageous piece of skill to win a penalty and his execution was cold as ice. He’s quite a way off fighting for a first-team place, he needs a loan in Championship where he’ll get minutes, accrue some battle scars, score some goals, and adapt to the physicality he’s really lacking at the moment. Patino is a dreamy player, his movement is outrageous, he’s 3 seconds ahead of everyone else, and his passing range is simply stunning. U23 looks too easy for him. His launched pass is a thing of beauty, you just can’t believe a man of that size can hit the ball with such power. The reality is he’s a little light for the Premier League right now. A bit like Billy Gilmour was last season. He needs to fill out if he’s going to endure the rigours of the league. But he’s still very young, that’ll come, and I’m sure that’s why he’s not on the bench right now.

All three names I just mentioned are going to the first team at some point. Arsenal has so much talent coming through. The best thing about this summer strategy is the more chances we give to young players, the more elite young players will be willing to push for a move. There’s a reason Haaland went to Dortmund. He knew they’d develop him, we need to be that club for the Premier League when everyone else is sticking to older.

Arteta took a serious tone in the press conference. I think he’s likely acutely aware that there has been a little bit too much joy from the fanbase this week and the players could easily slip into complacency. Beating Spurs won’t feel quite as special if we drop 3 points at Brighton away. They are a good side, they’re where they are in the league because they deserve it, Arsenal needs to show up with energy and purpose.

The good news is Bissouma is going to be a late shout for selection. It’d be nuts for Potter to risk one of the best players in the league so early in the season, but we’ve seen crazier things. If he’s out, that’s good news for our day. They just aren’t the same team without him making things tick over.

We’re without Xhaka. His injury is serious. Young players need to step up. Thankfully, the choice this season isn’t Ceballos. The man who will likely land the nod is Sambi Lokonga. I think we’re all on board with that power move.

As you can see from Scott’s thread, Granit Xhaka is pretty decent at a few things, and knocking the ball into the final third is one of them. Sambi isn’t quite there yet, but he’s close. He has to use this next three months to adapt to the pace, sharpen his game, and make the time count. What I love about the Belgian is the ambition in his passing. He doesn’t take the easy option. He’s also far more mobile than Granit, his movement after he passes is so smart. There will also be minutes for AMN, another player that needs to make this bad news work for him. If he’s called upon, he needs to find that semi-final concentration. It’s great to have him back in contention, but this is last chance saloon, we need the best he has to offer.

The goalkeeping questions keep cropping up in the pressers. Bernd said he didn’t know why he was dropped. He’d clearly missed the regression in his passing, the lack of dominance in his box, and the mistakes. Also, Arteta said that he’d spoken to the player, which I believe. Bernd only has himself to blame here. This #1 position is now Aaron’s to lose. Let’s hope the England back-up keeper makes it count again.

What do we want tomorrow? A full force game of the new Artetaball. Nice passing combinations, some long balls, some sharp counter-attacks, some great stuff around the box… and contributions from everyone. This is a big day. The pressure of consistency is on. Are we up the challenge? We’ll see.

Tune in after the game tomorrow for an On The Whistle with Johnny and Matt. Have a great night.

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  1. Pedro

    Goober, I hope that in your own life, you have standards this high.

    10 points from 12.

    You are whining because you are really, really hoping you aren’t badly wrong on Arteta.

    ‘Flip-flopper’ please. No one has been more supportive of this vision than me, hence the consistent flow of ‘WHEN WILL YOU OWN UP TO BEING WRONG’ on here when we started poorly.

  2. Nigel Tufnel

    My comment earlier today was critical of the team, of course, how could it not be. But the glee that oozes out of some here…..

    Partey let us down more than anyone today. With no Xhaka he should’ve stepped up. Somehow they’ll pin it all the manager or his buys, of which Partey is one…. A few others we like were bad too. It’s life. You’re not going to get the results you want from many situations in life. Something the haters here should understand. You will have a crush on a boy, who doesn’t like you back…. it happens. Why obsess to the point of hatred and demeaning people you’ve never met like footballers and managers.

    So many were pleased to see Xhaka out, to give Sambi and Partey games together. How did that look today?

    Of course I hope it improves. Just saying, there’s lots of haters here.

    The clown that remarked that Brightom obviously didn’t miss Ben White….

    I don’t get it. I think our best player today was Gabriel, and for me he’s basically first on the team sheet. But White, Gabs, and Aaron kept a clean sheet against a clicking team…and with below average help from both fullbacks, and a horrible midfield ahead of them as well.

    I don’t have to speak up and defend Arteta or the players when they’re bad, but I’m not gonna get the smug satisfaction some here do. I just hope we come back with a much better performance.

    The clowns and haters have ugly agendas.

  3. Goobergooner

    Yes Pedro. I’m blind and have no idea about football.

    For me, Burnley game we defended well, but still not great in attack.

    If you want to use others to justify your opinion, that’s fine. It’s still just an opinion.

  4. Goobergooner


    You can’t have it both ways.

    People are saying it’s a young team, they are allowed to be inconsistent.

    Yet Sambi, one of our younger youngsters gets some minutes and is called out for not winning us the game.

  5. Nigel Tufnel

    And by the way, Bissouma is good, but almost everyone here is on his D- – – .
    You all act like he’s Yaya Toure.

    We beat them with him enough, and we’ve had trouble with them without him. So don’t try to make a disappointing day worse.

  6. Nigel Tufnel

    I get it goober. I just call it like it is. No agenda. I love Ødegaard, but it wasn’t his day. Same with TT. But people who talk about Partey as if he’s Vieira… today shows it ain’t Xhaka holding him back. He’s had bad days with and without him by now.

    No excuses from me. No extra hate from me. Disappointing day, but the world moves on.

  7. China1

    Lol Xhaka revisionism as usual

    Xhaka misses a game where we don’t play well and it’s because we miss him

    Xhaka misses 3 games where we play well? Silence.
    Xhaka plays average and worse on the regular? Silence.

    Gotta prop up the myth that he’s good tho for some strange reason

  8. Goobergooner


    Fair mate, I’m definitely still hoping partey can explode for us.

    Both Lokonga and Partey will never truely shine if we keep playing like we did against Brighton though.

    And the midfield, to have such glaring weaknesses in the system; considering we have 2 quality CMS as our dof and coach, is the one thing that grates me the most.

    We don’t play enough through the centre to utilise the proper strengths of partey or Loko. And xhaka as hybrid lb shows how little the middle of the pitch is regarded in how we want to play

  9. China1

    A draw is not the worst result in the world but I’m not in the camp that’s it’s a decent one either. Brighton are good but if we want to do things this season we will need to find that extra 10% to get more from some of these challenging games.

    The positive is the clean sheet.

  10. Nigel Tufnel

    China. Today has nothing to do with Xhaka since he wasn’t there, but if he played, no way he would’ve been worse than these two were.

    Ain’t gonna win against a hot team with nothing from our midfield.

  11. China1

    Yep goober. I mean who can forget his one elite performance spanning his entire career?!

    Literally hundreds upon hundreds of meh and worse are less important than ‘that one time’ lol

  12. China1

    If Xhaka was a genuinely good player we wouldn’t be saying ‘it wouldn’t have been worse with him’ after our midfield played badly. If he was good we’d be saying ‘if he’d been on the pitch we’d have probably won this game. He brings so much to the midfield that we were lacking and is a real difference maker’.

    ‘It wouldn’t be worse’ is the most back-handed compliment ever lol but underscores what his level is

  13. salparadisenyc

    Think many left fumbling around for the light switch on this project, not sure which direction it will or won’t go. Ones things clear for me our next run to the Liverpool fixture or United at end of Nov dictates this season for most part.

    Consistency will hopefully be present for better or worse followed up with top four challenge. Make it interesting we’ve spent more than any other premier club in past window, Arteta’s build a new spine since arriving with zero European football to speak of. Arsenal should be fit rocking and rolling.

    Now just a slow dirge of international nonsense to weather, too think Wenger wants more 🙄.

  14. Pedro

    China, he played in 4 countries, helped Arsenal into the CL, and won an FA cup as captain. More impressive than most, let’s be honest.

  15. China1

    Anyway, we can take solace knowing that until Xhaka is fit again Arteta has no chance to bin off the kids who are filling in for him as a punishment for one bad game.

    Tho I do worry el Neny will get brought in, which he shouldn’t be

  16. Nigel Tufnel

    I don’t have to compliment Xhaka. I wanted him to go to Italy. Just highlighting that Sambi and Partey, (I like both) were really bad. Lokonga had one or two decent moments, but generally bad.

    But today you have to be going on about Xhaka? What a waste of time.

    God help us when White or Ramsdale make a mistake that costs us. The gloating will go on forever from guys like this.

  17. China1

    Pedro I’m not sure how many countries you’ve played in says a lot about your ability. Plenty of footballing jobbers have.

    Ode has presumably already played in 3 and is only 22? Meanwhile many elite players only play in 1 in their entire career.

    He helped arsenal into the CL that was how many years ago lol. If when we qualify it’s because he helped us then what does it say when we drop to the EL then start coming 8th with no European football? This *perfectly* sums up the cherry picking of positives in the face of so many underwhelming contributions to the club. Qualify for the CL? That’s on him. Tank season after season and get worse year on year? Nothing to do with him. Sure.

    Was Xhaka the stand out performing in any of our FA cup successes? I don’t recall that. I remember a lot of stand out performers, he was simply in the team. Take auba out of our last cup winning team and we don’t win it. Take AMN out of our last cup winning team and we don’t win it. Take Xhaka out? Can’t be sure there’s have been any major difference.

    As for more impressive than most? We supposedly want to be a top 4 team, a team that competes for leagues and champions leagues. Is he better than most CMs of that level? No. I’m not interested in seeing if he’s better than whoever Norwich or Newcastle are putting out at CM each week because that’s not the level we are after.

  18. salparadisenyc



    Arteta has to be happy looking at table and what lies ahead, after that start. A solid run put’s us at or touching top four looking at Liverpool. Bigger question is can we pull it, is been a real yo-yo existence.

  19. China1

    Nigel you were the one who brought up Xhaka and were goading his detractors because in one match without him the midfield played badly

    ‘ So many were pleased to see Xhaka out, to give Sambi and Partey games together. How did that look today’

    Now let’s not talk about Xhaka? Right

  20. China1

    You were even mocking Emery for non-footballing related matters like ‘good ebening’

    I believe it was you who came up with the nickname ‘bummery’ too

    Meanwhile Emery’s professional record is as far as I’m aware, flawless in terms of behavior and he has won a whole bunch of trophies against the odds.

    ‘Better than most’ one might say.

    Glass houses Pedro…

  21. Pedro

    China, language is a footballing reason and relevant.
    Arteta’s career? Please. Good player, great assistant, good young manager.

  22. China1

    Pedro you spent 18 months relentlessly ‘jabbing’ at a good professional.

    This is beyond dispute, we all saw it. Your blog posts are still here.

    You cannot ask people to refrain from criticizing arsenal players just because they are ‘good professionals’ when you have done the exact same against a good professional manager.

    You’d need one of those men in black memory wiping machines for us all if you want to be taken seriously with that schtick

  23. China1

    Pedro ask yourself honestly how your last post reads after you just told me I can’t criticize Xhaka (or Arteta) because he/they are good professionals.

    Seriously. Just read it back and see how it looks.

  24. Goobergooner

    Or just all the years of having expectations under Wenger and Emery, then none under Arteta.

    Though he said cl in 3 seasons. We are so damn close to the pinnacle of football

  25. Pedro

    China, read your posts post spurs, do you think your behavior is acceptable?

    Goober, new project, new timeline, different expectations.

  26. China1

    There was another great professional who won us one or two FA cups if I remember right. Arsene something iirc… was a while back.

    We were allowed to criticize him tho

    Pedro if you’re going to have these principles about not criticizing people just because they’re good professionals then they must be upheld uniformly. If they only count when you like the person being talked about then they’re not principles at all – so let’s not pretend they are

  27. raptora

    If we had Auba, Saka, Partey, Tierney, Odegaard and Tomiyasu out, ya all would bring on the same excuse on why we lost to Brentford and how our team was injury ravaged/sick.

    Well we had our whole squad available but Xhaka. Now suddenly it’s all of the players’ fault and players like Partey, Auba, Tierney and co are thrown under the bus. Xhaka is pictured as the saviour same way that we’d be talking about how things would have been so different if we had Partey, Odegaard, Auba, Tierney, White, Gabriel, Saka out.

    The excuses just change according to the situation. And there are always several ones prepared.

    But you know what was not prepared? Our team. We were taken by surprise by Brighton’s game plan, the positions they were taking, the way that they attacked, the way that they pressed, the way that we had to deal with their pressing, the way that in the limited chances to attack we got Tierney kept crossing high balls in their box, the way that no one helped Tomi to deal with the higher threat on that flank. The players were taken by surprise because someone didn’t write their homework.

    All good. Must be the weather and missing Xhaka. Also Brighton are a great team I guess. 4 pts off top 4.

  28. Gonsterous

    What a disappointing result to wake up to.

    Fair play to brighton, they played well, but what I don’t like is this new narrative from Pedro. 10 points from 12?? Did the season start from the norwich game? FFS, just say it like it is, 10 points from 21, it’s why we aren’t in the top 4 and sitting in 12th.

  29. China1

    Post spurs? You mean where I was *extremely* positive about the game?

    What other behavior are you referring to teacher?

  30. Nigel Tufnel

    China you think I brought up Xhaka here first? Either today you can’t read, or you’ve never been here before. You don’t need anyone else to get you going on ripping Xhaka. Must be the only thing you enjoy in life.

    I used him to highlight the haters, and how bad my preferred midfielders played today. None of us are right all the time.

    I guess to you, if I don’t hate Xhaka or our guys, I’m not allowed to comment on them?

    We were lucky to get a point as bad as we were. I still like our squad.

    Enjoy your gloating and hating.

  31. Pedro

    Gonsterous, you don’t like the narrative because it seems you prefer to dwell in misery.

    Read Leeds posts. Proper supporter. Listen to Johnny. Proper stuff. Not this weak knee’s ‘I have standards, start Saliba’ nonsense

  32. cheffy


    Agree with you. Brighton effed us up well and our players fell to the ground at almost every 1-1 like they had jelly legs. Can’t support that type poor hunger. Only a handful looked like they were up for it.

    Can’t go too far with this Arteta rubbish, and I mean that either way. The reality is, we are not going downhill nor have we stumbled on a winning formula. We’ve just been in football purgatory. the constant “promises” have me stop listening no matter who from the club is speaking.

    At least now I have a newer positive memory to think about, the last one was that other NLD win in Emery’s reign before it all went to sh*t.

  33. Goobergooner

    Leeds is only now a ‘proper supporter’ because he came out and said he likes the team?!?!?!

    Man oh man that is funny.
    I love what Leeds has to say, but literally only a week ago it would not have been leeds’ name you called out to compliment your agenda

  34. Tony

    First question that comes to mind 9is where was the consistency? We looked nothing like the team that beat the Spuds in 30 minutes.

    Stats read like this:

    Shots On Target: BHA 4 vs Arsenal 2
    Shots off Target BHA 14 vs Arsenal 5
    Blocked shits: BHA 4 vs Arsenal 1
    Possession BHA 58% vs Arsenal 42%
    Corners BHA 8 vs Arsenal 6

    I was hopeful all week after the NLD trying to see the good in the team rather than the bad in Arteta. We had no Europe game and a week to prepare with no injuries.

    So what went wrong? Why so many poor performances from players?

    I haven’t read many of the above comments for theories but it was dire from us who have a team far better than BHA with a much bigger budget and the stats show Brighton had far more about them than we did on a rainy late afternoon.

    The only thing I can think of is two words: Handbrake/Potter

    Arteta was more worried about losing than wanting to win; therefore the handbrake was firmly applied.

    Potter’s due diligence on last Sunday’s performances had him set up to ‘manage’ us and mange us BHA did really well while having the better of the stats.

    Now Arteta has two weeks to prepare the team in the absence of any goin g to play for their country. Saka may well be out with an injury so will/should get the rest he needs.

    Crystal Palace on a Monday night at home with Paddy?

    I’ve watched Palace a couple of times and will see how they get on against LCFC. Paddy has them well organized in the short time he’s had with Palace.

    Won’t be an easy game but we’ll have to see who stays injury free from both sides.

    Potter out thought Arteta where Arteta had no answer once again. The players worked hard, but when playing negative handbrake football the football is not going to look pretty and it didn’t.

    Back to boring Arsenal where a good win has once again papered over the cracks only to fall off again a week later.

    Xhaka wasn’t missed, so no blame there. I’m sure Pedro will come up with something creative that only the Arteta apologists will buy into continuing to be his enablers as they did Wenger before.

    That game was there to be won and we got a damp squib of a draw from our performances all over the park against a deleted Brighton. Had Bissouma played we would probably have lost. Had Bissouma played for us, we would have won.

    That’s my take, which further compounds the questioning to why spend £50m on a CB and not for the missing link in midfield first?

    Only Arteta and Edu can answer that one, Vinai will be clueless.

  35. China1

    Nigel I wish I had something to gloat about but I don’t

    Unfortunately my boy Sambi had a bad game. We also didn’t win. I don’t take anything out of yesterday’s game except I’m very happy with a clean sheet. 1 goal conceded in the last 4 league games is fantastic. Long May that continue. Especially considering 2 of the back 4 are new as well and may need more time to totally adjust. If they are keeping clean sheets this readily so far that is *extremely* encouraging. Ramsdale as well has also been class.

  36. Pedro

    Goober, yes, he is,

    You are on here slagging the club. China couldn’t praise us after spurs.

    What is the point?

  37. China1

    I don’t really mind the off performance yesterday. I said before the game my only priority was the points.

    I had a feeling we wouldn’t be as good as vs Spurs. Just because we were awesome once doesn’t mean that’s now our daily level. I don’t mind performances being a bit mixed but winning breeds winning and momentum is massive in football. Plus getting a win when you don’t play well is also a critical skill. So my priority was just get a win by hook or crook then hopefully the next game we’ll see another nice performance.

    0-0 isn’t what I wanted but like I said I am a massive fan of clean sheets and our defensive momentum is brilliant at the moment. Next game we need partey and whoever partners him to be back on form and our attack needs to be ruthless.

  38. China1


    I really really think you need to go back and search for my posts after the Spurs game.

    Please do it then come back and tell me I didn’t praise the club.

    I lay nothing but praise at the team for the NLD. I described the auba goal as one of the most satisfying moments of the past ten years in this club. I lavished praise widely on every single player and I even said Xhaka had an unusually (lol) good game.

    But don’t take my word for it, go and search for my comments.


  39. Tony

    ES you gripe because I correct you.

    Leno’s attitude as you stated otherwise wasn’t and isn’t healthy.

    Why because he told the club he wanted to leave before the season ended?

    Is that healthy to you?

    Sounds like a spoiled brat used to getting his own way and wanting out at the first sign of having to fight for his place.

    Ramsdale may have a lot to learn but he doesn’t seem the type to buckle after what he’s been through in the past few years. I don’t see him griping like a stuck pig Leno’s doing on a daily basis. The press love him.

    Some really interesting games this evening most notable is Dippers vs City.

  40. China1

    I think you’re confusing my Spurs reaction with what I said a few days ago which is that we shouldn’t act like just because the Spurs game was immense that it’s job done and success for Arteta now.

    Which is true.

    The league is 38 games. We’ve played 7 and are so far midtable. We’ve been absolutely fabulous in only one match this season.

    Are there lots of things to be optimistic about? Yeah I like the defensive unit at the moment. We’ve got loads of quality kids who I back and always cut some slack (unlike the older heads). Results have finally picked up and it has been demonstrated that the team is physically capable of looking elite (NLD).

    But I’ve said we’re 7 games into the season and the NLD was being used as a bit of an ‘I told you so’ moment for artetas supporters which I think it’s far too early to do.

    Let’s see the club give us a good 3 or so more amazing performances before Xmas, keep things on the current trajectory and by Xmas we can say the first half of the season was in fact pulled back from the brink. But 7 games in is too early for us to be partying like we’ve achieved anything. Nothings been done yet

  41. China1

    Pedro I was absolutely not

    I said the whole team was fabulous against Spurs

    I’ve been unusually positive in 80% of my posts all week because of the feel good factor of that game. I absolutely LOVED it

    The auba goal was a happiness I haven’t felt from arsenal since van persie scoring against Barca way back when

  42. LoveSausage

    I think most people on here like our players. There will always be one or two in a squad you don’t like, but that’s the case with every iteration of the team. It’s not about the players. For me personally it would be a lot easier to buy into a “project” if there were actual targets attached to it. Otherwise, it just becomes a way to avoid accountability. And every time the club has been asked about that, they just talked about investing in youth. That should be a means, not an end. If I remember correctly Solskjaer got slagged plenty because his idea of a strategy was to “play young lads”.

  43. Steg

    Disappointed but not entirely unexpected. Brighton are a well coached team with some good players. We don’t want to hear it but we’re at that level at the moment albeit with a much higher ceiling. How young was our starting line up there!

    In hindsight you could probably have made a sub earlier and we can’t keep on playing ESR, Saka week after week. They’ll burn out mentally.

  44. China1

    I was brushing my teeth when Auba scored against Spurs and needless to say I resembled Ian Wright for the following 5 minutes

    Orgasmic goal

  45. Gonsterous


    I’m sorry if I don’t live in your rose tinted castle where we are top of the table and arsenal under arteta can do no wrong.

    Poor me, I’m so miserable for hating arsenal being in 12th position.

  46. Gonsterous

    You want to climb table, you pick up points.
    You want to make excuses, you stay stick in mid table.
    Simple AF.

  47. Gonsterous

    It’s scary looking at this team and wondering where the goals are going to come from.
    We have now scored 5 goals in 7 games. If that doesn’t scream mid table.

    Of course Pedro will say it’s 5 goals in 3 games. I don’t want to be the one to tap him oh his shoulders and go, “you know what mate,…”

  48. Moray

    So we’re still a mid table team at this time. That much is clear.

    The verdict is still out on the manager for me. You don’t win the league playing as we did against Spuds. You win it by squeezing 3 points away against teams like Brighton.

    This squad needs further investment next summer. Most of all we need to find consistency and a way of playing that can make the individuals secondary.

  49. China1

    Pedro how tall are you?

    I just saw a guy who looks EXACTLY like you walking around a shopping mall in my neighborhood. He was about 6’4

    If you’ve come all this way to shank me for criticizing the club then let me tell you IT AINT WORTH IT!!!

  50. bacaryisgod



    Need 10 points from that lot.

    If we get 10 points from those 4 games, I’ll book and pay for a nice meal out in NYC for you and your girlfriend. I love your optimism but there’s no way we go 3 wins and a draw against those 4 teams. If we do, I’ll be so excited that I won’t even mind seeing the restaurant bill!

  51. S Asoa

    Has a mirror. And shows the mirror in the face. Under those circumstances that should have been the end of the arguments.
    But schizophrenia is real putting your face up the backside and come up with shitty 💩💩💩 counters trying to salvage the prejudices.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Any news on Saka’s injury? Anything serious? Has Arteta strategically pulled him from the English squad yet? Like Fergie used to do all the time…

  53. Leedsgunner


    Your cover’s been blown! 😂😂😂
    On second thought, errr, sorry maybe that’s what you were looking for?! 😂😂😂

  54. Sid

    The longer Diet Pep is at Arsenal the more damage will be done,
    The North London farmers know this, that why they let us win the derby

  55. Gonsterous

    Playing once a week and the players still can’t be bothered to turn up.

    The current mentality at arsenal FC.

  56. Sly

    10 points out of 12 for the next 4 games will be amazing and would make me a firm tets believer
    Let’s get through Paddy first though
    He has palace looking not too shabby
    They should have won against Brighton

  57. China1

    10 points from 12 would be a very decent return but I don’t think that will happen since we struggle so much for goals. One half against Spurs aside we simply do not score PL goals.

  58. China1

    With internationals, then all our games are late ones. I get to watch no live arsenal matches in all of October.


  59. Leedsgunner

    Yesterday, was more an indication that Partey and Sambi weren’t used to playing together. The only way they are going to get over this is to play together.

  60. Nelson

    As an Arsenal supporter, I want to see Arsenal improves. Last season, the performance was up and down. We all blamed it on the players. After money has been spent in the last TW, we thought that the team performance should be more stable. Instead, we are still see this big drop in performance from the NLD to yesterday’s game. There are people who called other supporters blind. If they don’t see that there is a problem with Arsenal, instead we should all just shut up, I can’t see Arsenal can return to its former glory. We should find out why the team performance still fluctuates so much. If there is a problem, we should not hide. Only if we could find out the true cause of this problem, then there is hope that we won’t end up again 8th in the league. I want to see European football next season.

  61. bacaryisgod

    Good point Leeds! In fact, I’m so confident we’ll not get 10 out of 12 (although I would love it) that the offer of dinner has about a 5% chance of happening-feeling pretty safe on that one.

  62. Emiratesstroller


    You need to grow up and stop constantly referring to me in your posts.

    Frankly I am not interested in your opinions about me or for that matter your life history.

    This is a Football and Arsenal website.

  63. Sid

    Nothing would fascinate me more than a good old fist fight between 2 senior citizen, who have a healthy bank balance and an Oliver Twist background.

  64. Nelson

    The only thing I can find out now is that the team needs a true leader who can perform under all conditions and who can lead the team to fight. We found out yesterday that Auba is not a leader.

  65. RJM

    Spurs …Brighton…where’s the consistency??

    Do me a favour!

    Spurs were awful….utterly woeful, for 30mins, Brighton weren’t. What consistency are you looking for?? The opposition always as bad as Spurs were?. Had Brighton been that bad we’d have won the game in the 1st half again!

    If the opposition isn’t terrible Arteta’s rarely takes the points. Even against teams like Norwich and Burnley.they had to miss a number of chances for us to win.

  66. Emiratesstroller


    This is not a fight.

    Bluntly I am not remotely interested in what Tony writes or says, but it is difficult not to
    pick up comments about me.

    When I post on this website I attempt to keep strictly to commenting on football matters and
    it is rare for me to react negatively or personally to other posters on website.

    The only occasion I have done so is when there is a continuous flow of negative posts about
    the team, manager, individual players or personalised attacks.

  67. Distanced hairline

    We all know auba is as finished as his hairline, auba was the reason we weren’t threatening in attack, no one to hold up, once pepe and laca came the game changed, my poorest player was odegaard,

  68. Nelson

    Yes Distanced hairline.

    Ødegaard has really disappointed me yesterday. I was hoping that he is a leader in the team After all, he is the captain of his country. Instead, he played like the disappearing Ozil.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal had a poor game yesterday and the most glaring problem was the lack of pass completion. Far too many of our passes went astray.

    Clearly Brighton put our young players under extreme pressure throughout the game and perhaps the weather conditions were also a factor, but the performance was disappointing.

  70. Pierre

    “The only occasion I have done so is when there is a continuous flow of negative posts about
    the team, manager, individual players or personalised attacks.”

    Which is 99% of the time..

  71. Sid

    “””EmiratesstrollerOctober 3, 2021 07:24:56
    SidThis is not a fight.””””

    I had a plan to start Sid boxing promotions LLC, sell tickets to Le grovers, some good money to be made.

  72. Graham62

    What exactly are Arteta’s methods? Can someone please explain to me why, after winning four games in a row and confidence was up, he sets up a team to nullify the opposition, rather than scare them?

    Tierney is a prime example of what can happen to a player when you’re asked to hold back on your natural instincts. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. From bombing forwards and creating havoc on the left side he now spends most of his time jogging up and down or pstopping and going backwards. His engine has been removed.

    The picture of him posted on here a week or so back shows clearly he is not happy. Odegaard is another one. Saka also. It seems they are being force fed a philosophy that curbs their natural abilities to hurt the opposition.

    Arteta is not a good coach. The fact we hurt Spuds last week was based on them being awful for the first 30 minutes. The crowd helped matters immensely and those thousands of Arsenal supporters who packed out one end of the Amex yesterday must have all been thinking the same thing. “What the fcuk is going on here”. Their muted attempts at trying to motivate the team said it all really. They/we deserve so much better.

    Those that see Arteta as our saviour should be looking at managers who do know what they’re doing. Graham Potter for one and Rafa at Everton show how it can be done if you truly trust in your players.

    Arteta is a charlatan.

  73. Matt

    I wonder what Brighton’s pass completion rate was yesterday compared to ours. We were both playing in the same conditions you know!

  74. Chris


    Hope yo ur son enjoyed try e game as much as possible yesterday, given the weather and the result. I got bloody soaked. A few Arsenal fans got arrested in the queues for the Brighton bound trains after the game, and sadly some homophobic chanting towards the Brighton fans, which I hoped we had moved on from in 2021.

    As for the game itself I have mixed views. On one hand I see it as a point gained as Brighton were the better team and could have won it with more cutting edge. I really like their left back, Cucurella. Auba and Odegaard had subdued games.

    In the cold light of day I understand the sentiment to remain positive as we kept another clean sheet in difficult conditions against a decent team. We should also be looking to pick up 2 more wins at home against Palace and Villa which should put us firmly back in the running for European spots.

    The thing is it is hard to be 100% confident in Arteta as we all wanted to see more of what we produced in the first half against Spurs last week and that was little sign of that yesterday evening apart from a couple of breakaway attacks.

    I eagerly await the next two home games after yet another interlull as I think we will see improved performances again from yesterday.

  75. Vintage Gun

    “Nothing would fascinate me more than a good old fist fight between 2 senior citizen, who have a healthy bank balance and an Oliver Twist background”

    HAHA Sid!!!

    I imagine Stroller to be tall and lean with an upright stance with steady but somewhat slow movement.

    On the other hand, i picture Toney as short, stout with a slightly crouched posture and moderate fairly rapid attacks,

    The fight will be ended by security in the organic veg section of Waitrose and declared a draw after medics give them the once over for fatigue.

  76. Pierre

    The thing is, I watched Brighton get totally outplayed by palace in the week , with Brighton snatching a fortunate draw at the death.

    I think it’s fair to say that we were physically 2nd best against Brighton , as Brighton were against Palace..
    If a team lacks physicality they will need to be technically better or they will struggle and technically we were found wanting..

    It’s no coincidence that our 2 academy players had the best pass percentage , Saka and Smith Rowe were streets ahead of the rest when it came to ball retention and awareness of how to damage their opponent.

    There is a lot of talk about White being the answer for Arsenal playing out from the back , I’m not so sure.
    I find his passing a little too slow and a couple of times played slow balls to Tomiyasu that gave him nowhere to go and consequently put the team in trouble.

    The team looked disjointed to me , we didn’t move up as a team and we didn’t defend as a team, and our back 4 was way too deep , meaning Lakonga and Partey had too much ground to cover .
    I have no problem with Lokonga’s performance, he made a few clearances at the near post , his passing was ok and stuck to his jo, but it didnt help him having Tierney and Aubameyang around who were very poor with their ball retention.

    Eddie not being in the squad for the last 2 games is a strange one, he must be carrying an injury.


  77. Bob N16

    Graham, I was wondering about KT too. He doesn’t seem happy but I’m not sure it’s automatically blame Arteta time. Is he carrying an injury, is his home life ok?

  78. Emiratesstroller


    There is little point in highlighting individual performances in yesterday’s game. The sad
    fact is that most of the players underperformed.

    My concern is that we are over reliant on youth in our team and that was exacerbated by the
    loss of Xhaka.

    We played yesterday with 10 youngsters aged 20-23. Personally I think that the lack of experience in team was a major factor in the performance.

  79. Northbanker

    The only thing to celebrate from yesterday was that we somehow got a draw and may even have nicked a win if we had a half decent striker

    Ode and Auba were awful even by the standards of everyone else playing so badly around them

  80. Leedsgunner

    Brighton was at home, and up for the fight. We took a breather after a mountain of a performance at home versus Tottenham.

    I’ll take that as an Arsenal fan… but like I said it’s four wins out of four for the next block of games.

    If we do that we build up our momentum again.

  81. Sid

    I know guys like Diet Pep/Mourinho they have a way of sucking the joy at the work place.
    Compared to guys like Wenger/Klopp

    Diet Peps tactics are making all our FBs look bad.
    Attack Arsenal on the flanks because the midfielders have JDP instructions to stick to their zone.

  82. CG

    Quite simply the way teams play reflect their managers basic personality traits..

    x 3 Examples of younger coaches.

    G Potter and his superbly disciplined and organised Brighton side go hand in hand.

    T. Frank and his effervescent and entertaining Brentford side go hand in hand.

    (Nuno is dull and useless so its no surprise Spurs are the same.)

    Arteta is a passive, cautious and a bland character, its then no suprise , we continue to play in this fashion into his 3rd season.

  83. CG

    As for Tierneys regression,

    Arteta was allegedly the coach who improved his players.

    Thats what we were told and sold.
    Eg Stirling at City.

    Well he has not improved.

    for starters.

    Give him 12 months, and these new toys he has just purchased will soon be in need of repairs.

  84. Sly

    Bac I’ll go 50/50 with you on the dinner offer and throw in a bottle of bubbly
    I’m closer in the east coast
    Why aren’t you confident btw 😳

  85. AFC Forever

    “We played yesterday with 10 youngsters aged 20-23. Personally I think that the lack of experience in team was a major factor in the performance.”

    Stop talking sense. A young team that has been put together a few weeks ago and we’re expecting them to go to a well drilled Brighton & win?

    This is why the moaners are playing a silly agenda game. I do not believe for one minute people who spend a lot of time forcing their opinion of how they are always can really believe a group of young players that have hardly played together can be that good. It’s hypocritical.bollocks and the loaners know it.

    As Ian Wright said, that was a great point. When your team can dig in and show that defensive resilience you can’t knock them. As for the disgusting insults & racial slur about Tomi last night, is that really the mark of a true Arsenal fan? Fucking embarrassing behaviour.

  86. raptora

    How embarrassing do yo have to be to take an incel opinion and throw it on top of a group of people like they have to do anything with that 1 single idiot. Give it a rest. How low can you get…