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I spent the day listening to all the great podcasts, reading all the blogs, and even venturing over to some Spurs Youtubers that were most entertaining.

‘WE PLAY LIKE BAGEL FC, FAM’ one of my favourite lines.

I particularly loved The Arsenal Vision Podcast opening statements, do check them out.

Everyone seems to have bought into the project now. That’s a big shift from where we were a few weeks ago and the club has to be applauded for moving on the loose threads.

Everyone knows what we’re doing.

We can’t be City or Chelsea, so we have to go the path that is the smartest. That’s signing established young players about the bang. Does that get to CL glory as fast as signing 5 Jack Grealish’s? No. But we can’t afford to be that club moving forward. The problem with that strategy is the expense. Jack Grealish is a now player, in 3 years time, he’ll be fading out. We’ve had a crack at that approach, what did we learn? We can’t afford to hit Jack G levels, but we can afford older more experienced players… and it doesn’t work.

Arteta and his team are working hard to bring the fans into the process. We are part of it, whether you like it or not, and the manager knows that this whole vision fails if he doesn’t have us onside. YankeeGunner read into the end of the game a little hard, but it was pertinent that all 6 of the summer signings were on the pitch after the 90. I think the rest of the team was made up of players he’d given deals to. What does that say? This is Arteta’s team now.

The overarching theme of it all is joy. I’ve penned a piece about the meaning of Arsenal for The Gooner, which you must buy to read. But one of my themes is joy. Arsenal fans control the narrative. We decide if we want to back an idea or shit on it. We have decided that we will control our mood this season. We won’t cave to the attention seekers. We won’t cower to our inner demons and give up like the meek. We’ll show up and get behind this group of young players who are outrageously likeable.

I’m a Ramsdalian, no doubt. I watched that 90 back. He’s electric, as Dissenter in the comments said, he’s a bit of a showman. We’ve needed that. Leno is a top keeper, but he’s a bit meek. Tomiyasu, what a fucking player. Arteta bought in outrageous specificity with him. He wanted a right back that could play centre back so he could tuck in and support long balls over the top. The move was pure genius. No one is crying over James Maddison because Odegaard is going to prove a better signing. Ben White just quietly got on with dominating Harry Kane. We can now look back on our signings from last season and say… maybe there were some good ones? Gabriel looks like our best centre back, dominant, great at passing, far calmer on the ball. Thomas Partey is a top 3 midfielder in the league.

I don’t even need to sell you on the Hale-Enders… but one thing I will say: Arteta rolled out AMN, not Mo Elneney. That is progress. We’ve shifted out 30 odd players in 2 years. We’ve promoted from within. Signed very young players from all over the world. We just won a NLD Derby with the youngest ever starting 11.

Are things looking up? They might be.

Short one today. Check out our podcast. Small not on that, we ranked 55 for Sports podcasts in the UK this week. That is huge for us considering how good the podosphere is. Podcasting is a different level of commitment and it is absolutely painful to build an audience. So thank you for sticking it out as we searched for a formula and thank you to Johnny and Matt for making the shows so much fun.


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Style of play is the end-result of training and integration.


I want Bissuma to play on Saturday.
I want Bissouma to be 100% fit. I expect Bissouma to show us what we missed by passing up on him. I think he truly wanted to come to us this summer.
How else would one be able to see how good Lokonga really is. Looking forward to those midfield battles


I hope Arteta keeps the front 4, Auba, Saka, ESR and Ode to let them build up more chemistry. When they are all fit, there is no need to change the lineup. The others can sub in to keep them match fit. We have only one EPL game per week. The starting 11 has sufficient time to rest.


Englandsbest That’s what I’m saying. The direct footie is not result of training but more to do with the adrenaline of the situation. We didn’t see that style of play against Burnley, nor did we see it against norwich. Will we see it against Brighton? I don’t think so, so it’s safe to assume, that’s not the style of football arteta will drilling in to the team. There was word of JDP, now that’s being discarded for this new direct approach after one game of instinctive play with a subdued arteta on the side line, not barking to players where… Read more »


Gutted with Xhakas injury. Will miss him.


“We didn’t see that style of play against Burnley, nor did we see it against norwich.”

It now becomes clear what Arteta’s attack is. It is to support Auba. The attack didn’t work for the Burnley and Norwich game was because of Pepe, who has no chemistry with the rest of the forwards. Pepe is a good player by himself. I would prefer team goals than the occasional highlight goals from Pepe.


I don’t want Bissouma to play on Sat, I want them significantly weakened, so we can crush them 0-6


Is Bissouma coming back from injury then? Impressive that Brighton has mounted a good run without him for all of it. Isn’t Patino a central midfielder? If so, we should include him on the bench… and give him some minutes in light of the Xhaka news. He’s apparently better than Wilshere was at the same age and Wenger was ready to give him a chance to a young Wilshere, why not him? Obviously not starting him but he should be introduced to the rigours of first team football… and brought into squad… and used when appropriate. I for one love… Read more »

Guns of SF

The problem is Elneny. How damn long has this guy been with us?
Get rid of him, and promote Patino or Azeez…
it is useless players like elneny that are blocking the way for good home grown talent.
Shocking we could not move him for cheap


Could the Xhaka injury also give youngsters like Ben Cottrell a possible route back in? Last year he even made a debut in the Europa League when we played Dundalk… although he is coming back from an injury.

Jim Lahey

“Get rid of him, and promote Patino or Azeez…”

Azeez is on loan at the moment, right?


So imperative partey stay fit. We have certainly not seen the last of Mo Elneny



It was widely reported that Azeez supposedly had a recall clause in his loan contract… whether if it’s true only time will tell.

Nigel Tufnel

You directly compared Willock to Serge Gnabry. Top world talent starting at Bayern, as a winger, by the way. Compared him to a guy that can’t pick a pass.

Do I have to explain how embarrassing that looks for your judgement?