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Arsenal go to war with Tottenham at The Emirates.

The first MEGA game since fans have been allowed back in the ground.

The first game of this season that truly, truly counts.

This is a cup final, there is no doubt about it, the boys have to show up.

On paper, it’s quite simple for me. Arsenal have a better team, Spurs have better individual talent.

Moura, Alli, Kane and Son are going to be problematic. Kane can kill you from anywhere, he lacks pace, but he’s one of the sharpest strikers in the game. Son is lethal on the counter, we know what a Kane ball over the top can do to Arsenal. All of those players love playing against Arsenal. You can know about their qualities and still not be able to do anything about it.

Spurs have been dreadful this season. They are still a low margins operation in big games. They had 2 shots on target against Chelsea last week despite a good run in the first half. They totally collapsed in the second half, Chelsea created 14 shots, 10 on target. They were awful against Palace, managing just 2 attempts all game. I thought they were second best against Wolves and City.

… but you know how it goes. Form doesn’t count, it’s about who shows up on the day. Today, it simply has to be us.

There are some things we’re looking for.

Granit Xhaka is weirdly splitting fans down the middle. For me, he’s out the side currently because he did two stupid things concurrently. Since he’s been absent, we’ve won all our games. I’d prefer to have Sambi starting out there. He moves the ball faster, he’s more aggressive with his passing, and he’s more mobile.

I don’t think there’s really a debate on which keeper we want out there. But this is a big one. Doing bits against Burnley was huge for him, but that’s bread and butter. What we want to know is how does he do under the bright lights of a derby game? More shots to deal with, more pressure, better oppo. This game is massive for his season.

It’s also a big game for Ben White. The ‘he gets bullied’ narrative was binned against Burnley, and made to look a little laughable as Ivan Toney dominated against Liverpool’s defenders yesterday… but he needs a complete game. We want to see elite passing, we don’t want him putting others under pressure, and we’d like to see some leadership. On the Brentford story, are we at the point now where we can say they are a bit good? Liverpool’s best team conceded 3. We lost with 9 players on the outpatient list. You always want to win, but it’s pretty clear they are no whipping boys this season.

Outside that, we have to look to our big names to bring home the bacon. Auba needs to keep running, because the goals will come. Odegaard, who is one of the best pressers in the league currently, needs to lead and show us the special sauce he has. Finally, we need our wide players to show up with shots on target today. ESR, Pepe, and Saka need to bring the levels up.

This is also a special one for the fans, who have been excellent all season. We need to tear the roof down for this one. Encourage the players, make them feel special, and make loads of noise all game. We’ll be doing out bit on the site. I honestly can’t believe I have to say it, but if you are in the comments here sniping at Arsenal on a NLD day, you’ll go in the bin. No one wants to read it. This is an Arsenal blog, if you behave like a rival fan, you’ll be moved on.

Back to some more context. If we win today, we’d be 5 points off top of the table Liverpool. United lost to Villa, Liverpool dropped points to Burnley. The MIGHTY Leicester, the team with the biggest fan club going because they make Champ Man signings… drew to Burnley. The Premier League is outrageously strong this season, it’ll be close between the teams below City and Liverpool. Let’s hope we can keep pressure on the chasing pack.

Ok, that’s me done for now. Tune in for an OTW podcast right after the game.





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  1. Rich

    We got a bit lucky on that second goal, but it has to go down as one of the goals of the season

    Like a hot knife through butter

  2. georgia boy


    Best performance beginning to end that I have seen in a long time, struggling to remember a recent one that was better. Christ this team is hot and cold, just when you think they’re fucked, they come out looking like Alabama vs Southern Miss.

    Sometimes I think these last two years have been an amazing troll job from Arteta and his count chocula lookin ass. All the elements are there.

    Come on you GUNNERS! Spurs can suck it!

  3. Davi

    Ramsdale is having a massive effect on the team. Defenders generally look more confident with him in goal (Martinez had a similar effect) and his composure on the ball really reminds me of the city GK, makes it look easy. I think someone at the club has picked him out for his mentality and how he handles pressure – still looking like a very good signing not many would have expected.
    Brilliant to see Auba scoring a proper goal (he would have missed that last season) and, from the sounds of it, playing very well all-round. Hope he keeps that up – I’ll happily eat humble pie if he does, as Ive said many times I thought last season showed he was past it.

  4. Spudnik

    I think Ramsdale is a real character. Big cheerleader on the field. Astonishing save today. And should only get better. There’s the makings of a club legend there. I’m excited to see him grow. My favourite line from today ‘Rampant Gunners claim Derby spoils. Rampant Gunners. Love it

  5. AFC Forever


    I said this earlier.

    What a lot of people didn’t realise was that Ramsdale was bought to be first choice ‘keeper. That may be why their was angst about the fee from people who had never seen him play. He inspires those around him. The way he high-fived Tomi for his clearance was fantastic to see.

  6. bacaryisgod

    League position does matter after 6 games. It’s 16% of the season and will have an impact come the end of the season.

    It’s hard to see us coming close to Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool and I’m fine with that. However, there’s no reason we can’t beat a disjointed United with an average manager to a Top 4 place.

  7. Sotongunner

    Win against spurs is golden. Even more so, when it’s been so rare recently.
    Honestly think Odegaard is a catalyst for a lot of recent results and our 2nd half of last season, it’s not a coincidence we are winning when he is there. I was dubious about the Ramsdale signing but he does indeed seem to be the business. I asked a couple of Bournemouth fans about him after the signing and they said as much too. Nice to be proved wrong.

  8. Ishola70

    This Tufnel character talks absolute shite.

    Getting beaten up in an Arsenal pub for stating that Xhaka is a dodgy player? lol

    Tufnel is one of those that want people to say that all the Arsenal players are really good.

    We wish this was the case of course.

  9. Rich

    Odegaard is a brilliant footballer, knits everything together brilliantly

    I was told I was losing the plot when I said Odegaard would be a much better signing than Maddison

    I’m confident he’ll develop into one of the league’s best attacking midfielders over the next 2 seasons, his ceiling is massive

  10. Ishola70


    “You’re intentionally missing the point of what I am saying and trying to make me look like a prick.”

    Of course.

    That’s because you keep responding.

    You are devouring the bait.

  11. Ishola70


    I think more than Odegaard the real key here in regards attack as others have indicated is the ditching of Pepe.

    Just little tweaks here and there such as dropping a player can have big impacts as a whole.

  12. Mr Serge

    Ishola I dislike xhaka immensely but he was good today can’t believe the guy got injured very unlike him .
    He looked good because he was not pressed as ndombele and hojberg were useless today
    Give xhaka space and he is good

  13. Ishola70

    Mr Serge
    ” I dislike xhaka immensely but he was good today can’t believe the guy got injured very unlike him .”

    I already said he did ok today as well.

    I’m just still creasing up though at the idea that you would get beaten to a pulp by Gooners in a pub for saying he is a bit dodgy.

  14. AFC Forever


    “Ramsdale and white were derided on here, they could turn out to be top signings”

    Yep, when White beat Kane in the air to start the move for our first goal, I laughed. How can a bloke who’s only 4ft 6″ jump so high? When Ramsdale somehow pushed that shot from Moura onto the bar, I laughed again, didn’t he get two teams relegated?

    Sometimes things come back to bite you on the arse. They’ve all gone missing today, which probably says everything you need to know.

  15. Vintage Gun

    “I’m just still creasing up though at the idea that you would get beaten to a pulp by Gooners in a pub for saying he is a bit dodgy.”

    Maybe he drinks in an Albanian pub. The slug and Eagle

  16. Ishola70

    Vintage Gun

    “Maybe he drinks in an Albanian pub. The slug and Eagle”

    lol good one.

    They would actually f*cking kill you in the Slug And Eagle for any word out of turn about Xhaka.

    Terminate you.

  17. Mr Serge

    Ishola70September 26, 2021 22:55:57
    Mr Serge
    ” I dislike xhaka immensely but he was good today can’t believe the guy got injured very unlike him .”I already said he did ok today as well.I’m just still creasing up though at the idea that you would get beaten to a pulp by Gooners in a pub for saying he is a bit dodgy.

    Was stating my opinion did not know what you said about him
    No way you get beaten up in an arsenal pub as an arsenal fan that’s crap lol I slag him off all the time and no one says shite

    We don’t go around battering our own we sing songs with them

    Tottenham get battered everywhere the go Tottenham get battered everywhere the goooooo

  18. Rich


    I love that you were using “Hot Takes” as a segment on the pod tonight, also nice to see Johnny smiling for a change….

    My “Hot Take” on the game is, it wasn’t as comfy as it seemed overall, it was fine margins

    Spurs can feel aggrieved on the second goal, Xhaka didn’t play the ball, we got lucky

    We did get screwed on the 2 goals against Brentford, and the Saka penalty decision that went against us against Chelsea, so swings and roundabouts…..

    Kane should have had a clear penalty, his header in the first half was close, and 9 times out of 10, he puts that 1 v 1 away

    We were ruthless with our chances inside a 22 minute burst

    We were worth the points overall, but the game was much more finely balanced than it seems

  19. Emiratesstroller


    The most important point about today’s result was how the “supporters/fans” who attended
    today’s game reacted.

    Emirates Stadium has been described in the past as a “library”. If you had been at today’s game you would have been impressed by the noise level.

  20. Nigel Tufnel

    Ishola70 says

    ….’September 26, 2021 22:46:23
    “This Tufnel character talks absolute shite.Getting beaten up in an Arsenal pub for stating that Xhaka is a dodgy player? lolTufnel is one of those that want people to say that all the Arsenal players are really good.”

    Neat little media style trick their using a dishonest example, then basing your still negative comment about Arsenal on it. To do it on the day of the best win since the FA cup shows your
    ” love” for the club.

    The whole lie in one word. DODGY.

    If that were the type of critical comment used here, nobody would complain. The adjectives used here, profanity, belittling, are much more insulting, harsh, and usually not even based in reality.

    You, ishola standing in a room with Granit, would be quiet as a church mouse. You wouldn’t even care to call him your little fake insult … dodgy.

    Also your backwards attitude is illustrated by you, yourself.
    Of course I’d like to be able to compliment our guys all the time, because I’d love them to be a dominant, successful club. .. as it is, in reality, I’m plenty critical when they’re bad.

    I just love it so much when they’re good. A special day like today.

  21. salparadisenyc

    Ødegaard is class, cracks me up he gets a rough ride on here.

    If you saw any bit Øde at Sociedad, that’s where it became apparent he was more than just kid phenom with potential. Just dream-weaving balls to Oyarzabal, Isak and Jose with Merino and Illaramendi in support.

    Thankfully we’re just beginning to see what he’s got on offer, our best signing this summer for me considering need.

  22. AFC Forever

    Rich, Xhakas wasn’t a foul you can see Hojberg dive a couple of seconds later. You are allowed to turn a player

    We cut Spurs open too easily and because we went in three up, psychologically that has an affect. As such the players tended to drop deep as the game went on, which encouraged Spurs onto us, as they had to. They had a punchers chance. . They didn’t deserve anything out of the game, we controlled mist of it As the players mature they will manage those games better but ultimately we was at least two goals better than them, I would say four.

    Dropping Pepe and switching Saka to the right was smart. Unlike Pepe he is happy to go both ways and is therefore less predictable in a one on one & Spurs were t expecting that selection. It also helped that we had Harry Kane providing a couple of assists…..!!

  23. Nigel Tufnel


    Now ishola edits again to just…
    Xhaka is just ” A bit dodgy”
    Later it will become a teeney, tiny bit dodgy.

    Everyone who comes here sees the abuse that’s hurled at our own guys, every day, all day long.. A hundred times worse than dodgy.

    So the only person you’re convincing is yourself.

    The rest of us just see a dishonest little man, who probably has some underlying unhappiness driving that vitriol.

  24. Words on a blog

    The Odegaard/ESR/Saka combo are really exciting to watch and would also work with Laca or Eddie as strikers. Lots of creativity and quick and intelligent interplay.

    Pep and Martinelli as impact subs.

  25. AFC Forever

    Emirates. I was at the Norwich game and I couldn’t remember noise like it. I said at the time there seemed an excitement about the place an expectation even. Over the years there are times when the crowd can sense something happening. Hard to describe but when you see desire and effort from young players it does something.

  26. Words on a blog

    A few of my favourite lesser noticed things in the match:

    1) Auba challenged for and actually won quite a few headers. He also (gulp) did a fair bit of pretty good hold up play. Can’t remember seeing that for a while (if ever).

    2) Son did not have his usual irritating choir boy beaming smile on his face.

    3) Kane didn’t buy his usual quota of fouls for nonexistent fouls. Also I’ve never seen the C-nt look so miserable.

    4) We actually had a solid and functioning midfield which dominated the centre of the pitch.

  27. LoveSausage


    What’s your point here? That Xhaka is a great player? Very few people would agree with that considering we have 5 years worth of proof that he’s anything but.

    I’m very happy he played well today, considering what usually happens when he doesn’t. But let’s not pretend that playing him is some sort of sage tactical move. It’s like playing Russian roulette. Most of the time you won’t shoot yourself in the head. But there’s no point celebrating that because eventually you will. I really hope we can phase Sambi in as soon as possible.

  28. Rich

    Xhaka is nailed on to brain fart at least twice a season

    But he’s a much more important player than many seem to think, hopefully he’s ok, because we’re definitely going to need him

    Our new back 5, and a midfield trio of Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard, is decent

    Keep that together, and we’ll get plenty of results

  29. Crimson

    Hot take. Most of the negative twats on here who call themselves arsenal supporters are still thinking of a way to be negative.
    Love you Arsenal
    The Arsenal
    Xhaka was decent (yes we need a upgrade but, stay off his back)
    Ramsdale – what a save

    Be fucking happy

  30. Pierre

    “1) Auba challenged for and actually won quite a few headers”

    I have a little theory on this …

    When Ramsdale kicked long he didn’t look for Aubameyang, he looked to aim the ball at a Tottenham defender and as the ball was in the air Aubameyang would move into the defenders space to beat him to the header.

    If this was a devised tactic, which i think it was , it worked well and this may be another advantage of having a keeper who kicks the ball to the right area with the right pace on the ball , enabling the striker to attack the ball..

  31. Dolomite

    Will you all just savour a DERBY win and stop choosing the next player you’ll unfairly judge or decide to be Arsenal Enemy No 1

    A win against Spurs is always a plus, talk less of an excellent performance which some of you weirdly find hard to savour

  32. UTarse

    With a tired heavy head and a belly full of beer, what a great day it was today ?!! The atmosphere at and around the Emirates today was electric. Fans were up for it, the players equally up for it , it was a special NLD today… the players showed just how good they can play together.

    For the love of god tets, release the shackles like you did today… you almost had a perfect day but for bringing xhaka straight back in the team which could have bitten you on the Arse, thank fuck you got away with it…. It’s better to be lucky than good… keep it up son….7.5/10

  33. AFC Forever


    “Our new back 5, and a midfield trio of Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard, is decent. Keep that together, and we’ll get plenty of results”

    I concur. At last we have balance and a group of players comfortable against the press. That was never more evident than in the three goals where our movement in transition was special. With the three at the back all comfortable on the ball, we can push numbers forward and in Odegaard, ESR & Saka, we have a trio that can cause problems for anyone. The fact this team has hardly played together has to inspire confidence

  34. UTarse

    With a tired heavy head and a belly full of beer, what a great day it was today ?!! The atmosphere at and around the Emirates today was electric. Fans were up for it, the players equally up for it , it was a special NLD today… the players showed just how good they can play together.

    For the love of god tets, release the shackles like you did today… you almost had a perfect day but for bringing xhaka straight back in the team which could have bitten you on the Arse, thank fuck you got away with it…. It’s better to be lucky than good… keep it up son….7.5/10

  35. Emiratesstroller


    I feel excellent and thoroughly enjoyed today’s game.

    It should not be forgotten that only three of today’s team are aged 24+ and it was enjoyable to
    watch such a young team rip Spurs to shreds.

  36. Pierre

    I think that what we are seeing at the Emirates is a new breed of supporter and it is creating a much better atmosphere at the ground..

    I was a the home game v Chelsea and it was very noticeable how vocal and intense the atmosphere was despite a poor result..

    Is there a reason for this …maybe .

    What we have seen over the past 3 or 4 years is many season ticket holders not renewing and this has allowed a new breed of fan into the ground..
    The new breed haven’t experienced being at highbury or the Emirates during the successful wenger years and during the less successful wenger years..

    These fans were regarded as entitled fans and many do not come to the ground anymore, so what we have now is a new group of fans who are excited to be in the stadium and are behind the team 100% as it is a new experience for them .

    Plus , having this new group of fans in the ground has a positive effect on the regular fans and what we now have is a positive atmosphere that will make Arsenal a very difficult place to come and get a result in the future.

    I will be interested to see if the Arsenal fans now arrive at the game on time and not leave the ground early as we often saw during the last 5/10 years or so as the players were often starting and finishing the game toba half empty stadium.


  37. AFC Forever


    Definitely more positivity in the stadium. It could be the fact we have so many exciting young players or just the fact we’re all able to watch our team live again after the pandemic. Whatever it is, it is far better for the players and results.

  38. Mr Serge

    Pedro the atmosphere for all the home games so far (I missed the Chelsea game ) have been immense it’s been ages since it’s been like that

    I think covid has a lot to do with it not being able to support your team over the last 22 months has been hard and I think the FANS at the ground really get that and are happy to be back

  39. Leedsgunner

    Edu have taken a lot of flak for his mistakes but we have to say his purchases in this summer have been right on.

    Tomi, White, Odegaard and Ramsdale were excellent, in my mind their best games in our colours.

    Sambi and Tavares have been excellent in the games in which they have played.

    Six solid signings.

    £150m well spent. When’s the last we could say that?

    Let’s hope he can follow up with solid sales out in January… so that we can spend smartly again summer.

  40. China1

    I was too tired to watch the second half. Only had 1 hour sleep on Sat night and worked 10 hours on Sunday as well so I was dead.

    Haven’t checked anything about the second half other than the score, but assuming it was much worse than the first half great job to everyone at the club on a fantastic day

  41. Pedro

    Pierre, not sure I can have that. You are just writing for your own agenda there. Same fans were hounding Emery out 18 months ago. What you are seeing is fans reacting to a plan, a group of very likable young players, as well as countering the rep that we’re shit supporters. A bit of siege mentality.

    There’s hope in the system for the first time in a long while and fans can sense it.

  42. Pierre

    I’ll settle for a bit of both …a new breed of fan and a siege mentality. from the regular fans which provides a great atmosphere.

  43. China1

    Xhaka had a good game

    This does not make him a good player. Good players are good the vast majority of the time, not just occasionally

    But therein lies the revisionism with Xhaka. He has been present and poor in 80-90% of all of our bad games (including all of our bad games this season). But come into the team after a few games out and have a good game and none of that matters because he’s now good. Forget the hundred average and poor games – he’s had a good game so he’s now good.

  44. Pedro

    Pierre, whatever it is, I love it. Hearing that Eddie is massively impressing everyone behind the scenes. Think there might be a charm offensive occurring to get him to a deal.

  45. Pedro

    China, Xhaka is a good player. That’s why he gets picked. He was great today and it was fairly predictable he’d be great.

  46. Pedro

    China, when we had 9 players missing and played the European Cup Finalists back to back? Ask this… was he a top performer during our post-Christmas Run? Yes. Was he a top performer during the Euros? Yes. Picking on Xhaka after today is a bit boring.

  47. China1

    I’m sorry but if we had other players missing and if the opposition is good has absolutely no bearing on if he should be good

    Good players normally play well. He didn’t do well against newly promoted brentford. He didn’t do well against Chelsea and he contributed to costing us the game against city. He started the season horribly. He’s played very well yesterday which is nice – but the whitewashing of his level every time he has one good game is why he’s been allowed to drink out the place for so many years without recourse

  48. China1

    Also being good at the euros doesn’t help us. It’s a different team playing a small handful of matches (mostly at a slower tempo) at a different team

    You can be Messi for your national team but if you’re Chamakh for arsenal it doesn’t matter to me

  49. Pedro

    China, trying to pick a battle over Xhaka after he started both goals is a bit meek… especially after you’ve spent the last 3 months slating this Arsenal side.

  50. AFC Forever


    “Six solid signings.£150m well spent. When’s the last we could say that?Let’s hope he can follow up with solid sales out in January… so that we can spend smartly again summer”

    Agree. Summer will depend a lot on where we finish, in terms of identifying what we need and the calibre we can attract. There’ll be a number of outgoings that’s for sure.

  51. Dark Hei


    Two things can be true.

    1. Xhaka isn’t good enough which is why he will be moved on

    2. It isn’t the best timing to lay onto someone who just played well and played himself to the ground

  52. MidwestGun

    My tactical hot take is this.. What is Pep known for.. ? Counter pressing.. as soon as his teams lose the ball they immediately swarm to the ball and try to get it back so they can spring the counter attack. He did at Barca to perfection and Bayern and City… Well today Teta finally took a page from his book and had the team doing the same things.. we had 10 interceptions and 22 tackles.. Thats high. Auba had 3 tackles.. When is the last time you saw Auba tackle anyone? And when we got the ball back we immediatley looked to counter with numbers forward. .. Saka and Esr were excellent at getting forward to support Auba today on the counter so we always had 3 or 4 attacking options on the counter. This is what Leeds do well.

    Richs hot take that it was fine margins… is not a good one at all… wasnt fine margins. it was planned for and executed to perfection in the first half. Spuds werent ready for it and had to adjust at halftime as we were smothering them in the midfield. Midfield for once wasnt a blackhole. Partey and Ode were excellent in there today.

  53. MidwestGun

    The match summary from who scored.. Arsenal.. Stole the ball often, Were effective in creating goalscoring opportunites from counter attacks and finshed strong Thats not fine margins. That s creating your own hgh margin opportunities.

  54. Steg

    What a result. Xhaka really messes with me. I don’t rate him but clearly he’s good. I just don’t get why he’s so inconsistent. Maybe the system or the players he’s had around him before. IMO, if he can maintain form in this system with this new group of players his experience will be invaluable for all the young players. I just hope he doesn’t let us down again

  55. MidwestGun

    Yep Auba .. was best Ive seen him in about a year. In his intervoew after the game he said he didnt want to let ESR and Saka down becuase they wanted to win the derby so badly. And that Henry throwback celebration he did with theh kneeslide.. and the pumped fist.. he knew Th14 was watching clearly… Love that.

  56. Moray

    That’s was a legendary victory yesterday. It’s great to feel the passion and the support again.

    The difference for me on the pitch is the chasing, the heart, and the quick turnover as much as anything else. In previous seasons we’ve shown that kind of desire on rare occasions but failed to keep it up.

    With the lack of European football and our youngish team we should really be able to keep that energy up all season and take it into every game. If we do, there’s no reason why we can’t be pushing for a top four spot.

    Xhaka is still a liability, Pedro. If we replace him, we will invariably be a much better team. In tight games he will always be likely to give the ball away, or a pen, or pick up a red card.

    Onwards and upwards.

  57. Gonsterous

    What a game! I loved the intensity and directness of our attack.
    Though I wish the players showed this win at all cost mentality in other games too.

    I feel the club places too much importance on the NLD for newer players that it’s the only must win game of the season.

    I mean, I would love to see this intensity against chelsea and city, because when we get going, our attack is very strong. Even if we lose 2-1 then, the fans wouldn’t feel so bad.

    Sorry for complaining after that giant performance but I do feel we don’t take other games seriously enough.
    Especially after the tame performance against Burnley and Norwich.

  58. MidwestGun

    The ctriticism of Arteta’s style of play… and to be honest rightly so is playing donut football.. passing sideways and backwards endlessly around.avoiding the middle of the pitch. . None of that on display today. That gives me tons of hope going forward. Im actually encouraged that Ode and Partey were allowed to make errors in possession trying to make things happen in the center of the park. It almost cost us once but Ramsdale cleaned up Ode’s error with a good save.

  59. Pedro

    Steg, he’s actually really consistent… but he has mega fucks ups when they land. Super dim. So they stand out. He played like today from December onwards. You just don’t notice because you are always waiting for the inevitable

  60. LoveSausage


    Agreed, playing through the middle was the difference today. And the Spuds only had Hojbjerg in front of the back line so they clearly didn’t expect it. They probably thought it would be the same old with Tierney swinging in crosses. We need to keep doing it – with Ode, ESR etc we have the players to pull it off.

  61. MidwestGun

    Love Sausage…

    Yep… Nuno.. said the game plan was wrong and thats on him.., but then he threw the players under the bus and said they didnt execute it right even though it was wrong. Hahaha dude made no sense at all.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    Xhaka is not a brilliant player, but he is not half as bad as is portrayed on Le Grove.

    The reason that he played well yesterday is that Partey is now making an impact in games
    and the other players in midfield and defence provide the required energy and skill, which has
    been lacking in the team in recent years.

  63. bacaryisgod


    Excellent comment on our counter-pressing. This is the perfect season to ramp up the high defensive pressure. No midweek games and plenty of rest for key players.

    We should be looking to run other teams off the pitch.

    When Wenger was at his best, we would just surround the opposition in their own half, win the ball back quickly and go to work with one touch passes and great off the ball movement. The F.A Cup win over Aston Villa was perhaps the embodiment of this (and yes Pierre, Ozil was in the side for that one!)

  64. CaliGooner

    North London is red!!!

    That is the lineup that should start every premier league game if health allows.

    With one game a week they should be able to really develop chemistry and grow together.

    The new signings are great but smith Rowe and saka are the present and future of Arsenal.

    Let’s keep this snow ball rolling so it keeps growing and start really rolling over teams.

  65. Nigel Tufnel

    China is one of two things. He is either a child pretending to be an adult or has never kicked a ball in his life. (his demand of perfection in every single game, or stupid pronouncements of Xhaka being poor in 90% of our bad games is more than a bit child-like), 90%, very realistic 2ven though at least 5 professional managers have relied on him for years now.. his German Mgr, Swiss, Wenger, Emery, now Arteta.

    Either way, we are finding out a lot about many of the posters here since last summer.
    Many of us are tired of mean, almost vicious negativity, and are trying to answer back for our players and club. Want a little hope instead of doom and gloom.

    Maybe has something to do with lockdowns, missing stadiums,, wanting to help each other through hard times. Who knows?

  66. The Bard

    Fabulous result. Our pressing was good. We played with purpose and intensity especially in the 1st half. Is this the start of something ? Who knows we have had so many false dawns since Wenger left. Arteta has secured his job at least for the time being.

  67. Jamie

    Yesterday’s win still feels fantastic.

    Absolutely shredded Spurs in the first half. The passing and movement was so good, and the transitions from defending to attack happened so quickly Spurs didn’t know what hit them. Amazing.

    What’s sad is a few superfans wasting their evening laying into other Arsenal fans as if the win meant more to them for some reason.

    Matt is right, AFC is a massive twat who comes here to rile folk up after a win. Strange guy.

  68. Gonsterous


    Definitely tame against norwich and Burnley, you could see us with the handbrake on, focusing too much on not conceding. Putting in a master class defending act like burnley are city or pool

    Last night, my oh my, handbrake off, instinctive play, and free flowing footie. That’s what we want week in, week out.

    Wish we came out with the same NLD mentality every week

  69. Le Sauce

    I think Pierre is right regarding the match going fans and even Arteta alluded to it during his post game interview that the pressure seemed to be coming from outside while the home fans never stopped supporting. There was no plan or process evident in the previous home games but the fans always supported especially against Chelsea and Arteta himself said it was the only sort of encouragement they had hence dedicating the wins to the fans.
    Regarding the game, early days for anyone to be dishing the “humble pie” it’s a North London derby and the form book goes out the window depending on who wants it more. We need to consistently see stuff like this then we all can be happy. This is the best I’ve seen of an Arteta team and it begs the question; is this Artetaball or just a one-off derdy football match. Time will tell but it’s good to see a young exciting Arsenal team making everyone happy with the football on display

  70. Le Sauce

    Left to me, it’s curtains for Pepe and Leno at the moment. On paper they’re starting eleven players but on the pitch they should only be used as subs at the moment. Saka on the right is a no brainier, Esr should retain the left hand (Nasri-esque) role, Ramsdale distribution and claiming of high balls is better than Leno’s, in fact this should be our first team moving forward with the occasional changing of Lokonga with Xhaka whenever necessary

  71. Bleeding Guns

    Sporting a mean hangover. What a game lads! What a game! The infighting has to stop however, rarely seen a set of fans bicker as much as we do. Lay of slating our boys until the next match, should be good vibes and positivity for now. Bask in the afterglow you muppets!

  72. DigitalBob

    Still buzzing after yesterday’s performance. Best atmosphere at the emirates in a very very long time. The entire team showed great desire and determination and the fans fed of that just a brilliant day all round.

    Loved the On The Whistle Pedro, Johnny and Matt really hit the nail on the head with some of those takes. Super Tom will be a great player for us, a solid right-back and we look transformed. Yes Arteta deserves credit for this deal and it shows he is learning from his mistakes(Cedric).

    Ramsdale’s mentality alone (the save at the end was superb) is enough to keep Leno away from the number 1 spot for the foreseeable future.

    Saka and Emile, I mean just superb super young footballers we are lucky to have.

    Also Pedro – Ode is not fast, but he doesn’t need to be! I can actually see him sitting deeper, almost next to Partey in a few years as he transitions into more of a 8 than a 10.

  73. Foxy

    not yet seen the game but what gives me real confidence is Nuno’s comment that Arsenal were stronger and more physical than spurs. makes sense as we now have a an agressive fast RB, Partey fit in MF, Gabriel back at CB and a more physical goalie. Then as back up with have two really strong fast players in Sambi and Tav.

  74. The Bard

    I think lockdown has had a lot to do with how vocal the fans are. I took it all a bit for granted before. It feels special to get back to watching live football. Whether that will wear off I don’t know. Not sure its got anything to do with the team.

  75. Raulishuss

    Over the last ten games ARSENAL has been the second best team in the league. But it seems all it takes is one bad result for there to be a crisis. Strange that

  76. Ben D

    Rich, I suspect you have watched highlights. That game wasn’t close. It’s rich (pun intended) to point out all of Tottenham chances and decisions that favoured us only as evidence that it was close. Can you also list all the chances we created?

  77. AFC Forever

    We have to temper expectation. This is a young team that is still learning together & developing an understanding. Yesterday the desire & energy you get from young players was evident, Spurs couldn’t live with the intensity and way our players go about them. . Hojberg is usually a bully but Xhaka & Partey bullied him yesterday. The speed through transition for the goals showed we can play at a high tempo & was a change from the slow build up play we have become used to. In Ramsdale we have a leader at the back and infectious enthusiasm. Early days but the signs are there of a very good team