100% FIT

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That’s the big news. Arsenal are 100% fit for the NLD this weekend. What a game this is.

Nuno started strong and has faded.

Arteta started so badly it made eyes bleed, but now there’s a glimmer something good might be happening.

Both fans are waiting to see if their season can get a massive boost from a mega performance this Sunday.

Arteta went for the heartstrings. He said there’s a difference between a fan and a supporter, and ‘supporters’ is what he’s had this season. I agree. The fans in the ground have been amazing.

‘It’s a privilege to play in front of people that have the knowledge of the history of the club, and they are fully behind the team’

Tomorrow is a huge one for us. We need to show at the ground. A massive atmosphere for our young squad will go a very long way. These players need Arsenal supporters in the down moments, if we give them what they need, they’ll be better for it.

Arteta gave a big pointer to the midfield starting 11, stating that ideally Xhaka would have more minutes under his belt. I think it’d be really rough to give him the nod after all the nonsense he’s given us so far this season. Let’s see what Odegaard or Sambi can do there. Reward the change. Since Xhaka was absent, we’ve won three on the bounce. Simple stuff.

Tell us about Tomi:

‘I’m impressed with the way he has gained everyone’s appreciations. Against Burnley he was exceptional.’

Tell us why you have no injuries:

‘Everyone wants to be involved and we have fantastic physios and sports science department.

Tell us if you need to sell Lacazette:

‘He’s a phenomenal character that is always pushing’

Tell us about Auba’s form:

‘We need to get him more chances, he is in great form’

The positive outlook has continued. He’s pumping players, giving a little more insight about them, and radiating confidence. It’s a small thing, but the reality is, the leader in the dugout controls how the fans feel.

We need a win though. The team need a proper performance. There will be no spoiler tactics tomorrow or dry grass to bemoan. Spurs will come to The Emirates, sit deep, and spring counters that we have to be sharp about.

Harry Kane and Son are Arsenal kryptonite. We have to have an answer tomorrow.

Everyone needs to do their part.

A great result and life is better for everyone.

A bad one? You can’t even think about it.

On that note, take a look at the latest video/pod that we recorded yesterday… and I’ll see you in the comments.

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  1. AFC Forever


    Great to have you back. Your well reasoned knowledgeable & ‘fair’ comments have been missed. Having you back might make others return & help make the blog more inclusive.

    Tough game for what is a young team in development but there is no doubt we have bought very well. Like you, given time I believe we have the makings of a great side and it seems the fans in the stadium agree. See where we are Christmas for my prediction because it’s far too early to judge, these players have only been available for 3 games. Beating Spuds would be amazing!!

  2. FB


    Liked the look of your formation you posted. Interesting and complex. Tend to agree about Laca.

    Then Pierre suggested MA doesn’t over complicate things, and I thought, yes, man after my own heart.

    Thing is, I always believed it was a simple game, that was until Pedro posted the Juego De Posicion piece.

    Only then could I understand why players like Pepe look so confused the whole time. Those big, glazed over eyes. He has the shocked look of a man who’s just been probed by aliens, whereas all along it was simply his brain deciphering the orders from MA. “Verticle lane 2, horizontal 4, box 2, side A now sunshine”

    Also explains why Mikel always has his arms flailing around like a demented windmill. Poor fellow, trying to transmit all that.

    Cannot wait for this one. I’m sure we will win.

  3. Barney75

    “Wenger left some good things in Emi…..”


    How can anyone give Wenger any credit for Emi Martinez…who played maybe 1 or 2 PL games for Wenger in 7-8 years and was loaned out to multiple lower league clubs where he hardly played (…appreciate he may have been injured a few times but his appearances were almost non existent). Either Wenger completely failed to understand how good EM was or EM showed absolutely nothing in his first 8 years at the club to suggest he was anything special ( and bearing in mind the dross we had that says something)…which actually probably made the dozen or so games he played 2019-2020 very hard to judge. I’ve some sympathy with Arteta who probably had no idea whether EMs performances that season were outliers in an otherwise underwhelming career to that point.

    I’m not here to defend MA, he’s made plenty of mistakes, but it seems there’s an increasingly flattering revisionist opinion of Wenger in his latter years.

    In any case, these things happen and hopefully Ramsdale will turn out fine for us…he’s arguably already shown/done more than EM had at the same age (who had maybe played 20 times collectively for Oxford Utd, Wednesday and Rotherham).

  4. Rich

    AFC Forever


    I’m bouncing for today, didn’t get to sleep until gone 3am, and was up before 7

    Like you, I’m expecting a tough game today, hopefully we can push the margins in our favour 🤞