by .

Well, the first game in a while I haven’t been able to properly review because I didn’t see it. I can’t even get it on ESPN after the game. Really weird to not have any coverage.

Still, at least the stadium saw 50,000 home fans for a game against a very small side. That’s fantastic. The fatalist view that the stadium would be empty this season seems to be as far off the mark as the idea the fans would make their feelings known in the stands.

Arteta didn’t give us the League Cup side we wanted. Patino didn’t make the bench and there wasn’t much in the way of youthful surprises, but he has a first-team to take care of and winning momentum is obviously high on the agenda.

A lot of people struggled with the idea that Thomas Partey started, concerned that he should be rested. I’m not sure that’s ever going to be a goer when the player is struggling for match fitness after a slow start to the season. He needs minutes. Bodies need to be stretched early in the season. It was the right decision to play him for 60 minutes.

According to pals sending me voice note match reports, the first half was a bit average bar the decent penalty, then Saka and ESR changed the game and ‘were the men that showed the boys where the level was’ (Alfred & Sam from the GC). We exited the game with 19 attempts at goal, and a pretty average 5 shots on target… but Wimbledon didn’t hit the target and were reduced to just 4 attempts at Leno’s goal.

Bukayo looked good when he came on at right midfield. It’s his best position and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him deployed there against Spurs.

Martinelli won the penalty, but still looks a little bit out of sorts. This is the problem we’ll have all season with our young players, they’ll bounce in and out of form as they learn the game. He has too many of the raw ingredients needed not to be a roaring success.

Lots of fans praising Sambi, the kid is a star in the making, it’s going to be a huge shout for Arteta to drop him with Granit coming back into the side for the NLD

Is there something worth moaning about? Of course. It’s a bit sad to see Balogun not landing minutes. He signed a new deal with Arsenal to play games, he’s not getting them, and Eddie who is leaving, is getting them. Eddie is clearly further ahead, but it seems odd to give that game time to the 3rd choice striker who is out. Based on the Brentford game, Balogun should have taken a loan, he’s quite a way off where he needs to be, but hopefully, there’s some time for him against Leeds.

My other major concern is that we’re absolutely bland as algebra if we don’t have our creators on the pitch. We take up the right positions but don’t know how to bang. We need a Patino like kid to make the break, because a midfield of Mo, AMN, and Partey ain’t cutting it.

Over the other side of North London, Spurs rolled with a strongish team to beat Wolves away from him. Harry Kane got the Thomas Partey treatment and obviously scored.  They still couldn’t win in open play though. The longer game should leave them feeling a little leggier than Arsenal. The shit nights sleep will certainly benefit us as well.

3 wins on the bounce for Arsenal. Things are getting better, very slowly. This weekend is really all that matters. Huge for both managers, both clubs, and both sets of fans. Let’s see what we have!

Recording a new podcast a little later today.


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Your best yet and I read all of them. C.R.A.P. a very appropriate acronym in more then one way but describes the spin at AFC spot on.

Please keep them coming and addressing the “bedwetters” pissed of a few here and no one more so then the AKB Cannonball, well done.

Guns of SF

Im waiting for the almunia novel coming out, with all of these put together in one place… a classic piece!


We should be going toe to toe with the best in Europe.
Instead we are getting a hard on beating Wimbledon.
Sad times



Graham 62

How well did Wenger really bring on young players (and especially those from within the club)…? For every Cole, Vieira, Fabregas (all of whom would have made it anywhere) we had a Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere (all relative failures given the hype), Denilson, Vela, Gnabry, (a mixture of crap and/or poor management)…George Graham had more success with the likes of TA, Rocky, Thomas, Merson…and they didn’t come much stricter than GG!

Wenger’s great success was bringing in players already on the cusp of superstardom..


Pepe needs to play closer to the goal posts. He’s not a traditional winger and also needs runners around him.
At the moment he’s more likely to score than anyone else in our team. I’ll take off Auba before I consider touching Pepe.


You think Pepe is 6foot? Nah

Pepe is just about 6 foot

How much body mass did Crouch have? lol

Was watching Robbie Keane goals earlier on sky sports he was decent.

Guns of SF

Crouch was 6’6
taller than most CB’s… that is a bad comparisson

Pepe is the best with the ball in a quick, coming from the weaker side of play, with a one/ two dribble then shoot technique.

Battling with CB’s that are 20 plus lbs heavier and taller is not his cup of tea… If it was , then mike should make his a striker.

If anything, Pepe is more a finisher than most of what we currently have

The Bard

Wengers project youth was an urban myth.. Cole, Gibbs and Wilshere were the only Hale Enders who made it during his tenure. His real success was his knowledge of the French Market.. Cesc was an exception.

The Bard

Wengers project youth was an urban myth.. Cole, Gibbs and Wilshere were the Hale Enders who made it during his tenure. His real success was his knowledge of the French Market.. Cesc was an exception.


Do you think Arteta will start his “vice captain” in the NLD?


quick Google Pepe is 183cm which is bang on 6ft. He’s also 161lbs. Maybe I’ll watch closer from now on but I’ve never associated him with being pushed off the ball easily. I’ve always seen him out wide or drifting inside fighting off two or three players. Naturally when playing high risk, when it doesn’t come off its highlighted more, similar to Alexis and his turn overs. That’s not to say he’s perfect cos his concentration at times is irritating. Still think he’s the best striker at the club though, has the tools to do way more than laca or… Read more »


Easily the dullest Barcelona since LVG return in the early 2000’s.


Arsene saying he is not on an ego trip? Then why is he trying to grab attention with this ridiculous fantasy of biennial world cups? He knows perfectly well it won’t happen. For a start it’s the worst possible concept for fans of the top football clubs who, between them, supply most international players. And bad for the Clubs and a threat to Uefa. And for what reason? where is the excitement in watching San Marino play Andorra? Utterly boring and totally pointless.

Wenger and Blair, two decrepits who still think they know better than anyone.


If anyone else caught that Cadiz vs Barca second half please make a compilation of the Depay misses, Busquest’s killing of Cadiz attack with second ball on pitch and FDJong followed by Koeman’s sending off.

Long may the good times roll at Barcelona FC.

Ben D

Pepe is a much better player than most give him credit for. He does give away a lot of balls and his first touch let’s him down sometimes, but he’s one of our most dangerous forwards. It doesn’t help that he often finds himself so wide and deep when he receives the ball that he invariably had 2/3 men to beat with little room on one side. He’s also not been given a consistent run in the team

I think it will be a collosal mistake if he was sold for a pittance as being suggested by some here.


From 11/09/2020 on LG.. ——– Overall Messaging: Le Grove has called for this sort of communication for a while. We need to know how the club is setting up for success, we need to know what the new structure looks like, and we need to hear from our leaders. Vinai acknowledged Arsenal had been weak on this a few weeks ago. So what is the plan? Well, here it is. ‘We belong in the Champions League. Yes we’ve been in European football for the past 25 years, which is a great record. But the past three years and this one, we… Read more »


More from 11/09/2020

“What I will say is this: Edu was the driving force behind hiring Arteta. His trip up to see the City coaching assistant in December blew the race wide open. If it wasn’t for his pressure, we’d be looking at Perreira or Nuno as the Arsenal coach at the moment. So, we have to give him credit for recognising elite talent and making an effort to bond with our ex-captain.”




PedroSeptember 11, 2020 14:07:44

“I’ll take a young coach that wants total accountability after the farce we’ve gone through. We are in a better situation than we were.”


September 11, 2020 14:25:19
Vinai leads the football and commercial side, he literally said that. He will make the final decision on firing.


The above reads or sounds like an intern writing for the ‘Viz Magazine’ and conjuring up a sketch for the -‘Three Fat Slags venturing on a weekend bender in sunny Benidorm.’ The ‘Three Fat Slags’ in this case are-A.V.E. as in:-A(Anus Rectum),V(Virgin or Hymen Mary), E(Eejit Echo Chamber Ed’s),with their poodle on a tight leather bondage leash in tow bouncing around to excrement tossed into his various orifices… Salivating at whatever crumbs of nonsensical turd or cow pat /manure that has been and will be further projected his way,only to then spew forth or projectile vomit the inane mutterings of… Read more »


how sad is it that for all our attacking talent we are about as dangerous as Newcastle.

the players and Arteta must know that either our attack needs to click or we will most likely return to being the laughing stock of the league.

I know Ramsdale, Gabriel, Partey, Tomiyasu will be up for it, it’s time Arteta and the rest bring it too.


Good morning Gooners

I wonder why Arsenal have not been proactive with this? Perhaps because when the stadium was designed way back when, safe standing wasn’t even a thought? It could be they bailed at the cost of complete redesign to install rail seating.

I’m sure most match going fans would love to see safe standing introduced, hopefully Arsenal act on it.


“What I will say is this: Edu was the driving force behind hiring Arteta. His trip up to see the City coaching assistant in December blew the race wide open. If it wasn’t for his pressure, we’d be looking at Perreira or Nuno as the Arsenal coach at the moment. So, we have to give him credit for recognising elite talent and making an effort to bond with our ex-captain.”——-

😂😂😂 looool, the internet never forgets



It’s quite frightening what Pedro has written over the past year or so in respect to Arteta.

The fixation commenced long long ago and continues to this very day.

“An obsessive freak of nature”

Utter bs.


Diet Pep limits Pepes football like Mourinho did to Alexis, when Mertesacker takes over, Pepe will be as electric as Alexis


The only proof we ever had was based on Arteta managing just one game at MC and it was a game city lost.

Other than that, there was nothing to suggest he was anything special.

In fact we now have the proof that he isn’t special at all.

The list is extensive.

Apparently we have to wait another two to three years to see just how poor he is.


Le Sauce

“What I will say is this: Edu was the driving force behind hiring Arteta. His trip up to see the City coaching assistant in December blew the race wide open. If it wasn’t for his pressure, we’d be looking at Perreira or Nuno as the Arsenal coach at the moment. So, we have to give him credit for recognising elite talent and making an effort to bond with our ex-captain.”——-

This has definitely gotten Pedro’s pants down. To think he actually credited Edu for the Arteta hire shows how clueless he is 😂😂

Le Sauce

The same Edu who is now the antithesis of the process according to you …The internet clearly never forgets


Some people in life will never admit they made a mistake. They brush aside other peoples opinions and concerns without realising the consequences. It’s an arrogance and sheltered perception of life as a whole. Pedro has already promoted on here that he doesn’t care what others think. Well, I think a step back is needed on some occasions and apologies forthcoming. Dishing out excellent, well written posts should also include the occasional “sorry guys” communication and admitting your own mistakes. The majority on here are not ‘blind”, It’s just a pity that the person who runs the show doesn’t SEE… Read more »

Le Sauce

Graham, some people’s ego is bigger than the Chinese economy so you should expect the regular “I know what’s better for Arsenal than most” tidbits. At the end of the day we’re all fans who would get some right and some wrong and it all don’t matter as long as the intentions are pure and is with the good of the club in mind. There shouldn’t be room for condescending remarks and put downs as the love of the club brought us all together and that same love binds us

Matt B

PhD: Get a life


A fanboy is clearly triggered


Digging out past posts of Pedro only goes to show our condescending you are in your real life.

Maybe you should also digout your previous posts to show the community you have also goofed big time before.

Matt B had said it all ” GET A LIFE”


Chris “”””I’m sure most match going fans would love to see safe standing introduced, hopefully Arsenal act on it.””” Hearing Liverpool are increasing their stadium capacity up again, to 61 000 000 .( some standing , some seating) Hearing Emirates Stadium is slowly falling apart. and the club have ignored the PLs proposals as well. Too bone idol as usual. With gas prices surging everywhere, ( I predict they will have the underground heating turned off as well) The continued damage KSE are doing at the club never ends. Would ‘ nt be surprised we go the same way as… Read more »


The truth hurts, the prophets of doom were wrong. They are running scared.


Good piece on Tuchel there Ishola ..

Clubs win CL while we get over the moon for victories against relegation fodder.

I am happy to be proven wrong as I want the best for Arsenal but I don’t see any difference yet between Emery’s unbeaten run and Legoball


In every Arsenal team photo Xhaka stands or sits next to Arteta. That should tell you something.
And if anyone thinks Xhaka, after another red without apology, is not starting against Spurs, just look at this photo:
comment image?itok=FjzP6JkY

They should just get a room and get it over with, the newlyweds.

Bob N16

Can we just get some clarity, are you saying that you don’t rate Arteta? If so I think you should post more regularly on here so that anybody reading the stream is guaranteed to know your position.

Your also seem to want a personal apology from Pedro for his continued disrespect to your position, should we start a petition?

Could you be taking yourself just a tiny bit too seriously?


Those of you who say Wenger did not promote enough youngsters are either stupid or ignorant. Every academy produces talent in patches. When the talent is insufficient, years can go by without anyone worthy of being promoted. The exact same scenario on Barca forums. Most are saying that at least Koeman is promoting youngsters unlike Valverde. But which youngsters did La Masia produce, say, 3 – 10 years ago?? Where are they now? Is anyone as good as Barca’s squad was back then? They had an unbelievable generation with Xhavi, Iniesta, and Messi, and immediately afterwards Busquets, Pique, and Jordi… Read more »

Up 4 grabs now

Afternoon. The game against the spuds is a huge game as it always is. And team selection is crucial. If arteta brings back leno and xhaka, (which you wouldn’t put it past him) We better win handsomely, lose and that will be the final push over the edge for a lot of fans. We all want arsenal to win, and people have seen over the last 18 months the shit show that it’s been. To get the fans back on side we need to keep seeing players improving and us moving in the right direction. If the likes of ramsdale,… Read more »


In the grander scheme of things the result against Spurs is irrelevant. On the other hand, the performance may increase or reverse the momentum to both clubs. If Arsenal win via a lucky deflected shot, that won’t change the narrative. Same thing for Spurs. On the other hand if Arsenal loses but the performance is encouraging then Arsenal can be positive and use the performance as proof of progress. Personally I would rather we win, but I’ll take a draw or even a loss with am encouraging performance over a undeserved lucky victory that would just mask problems for later.… Read more »


If you say so Bob.


Another dose of turdball awaits in form of Diet Pep vs Nuno


I’d love this swap to happen! However I just don’t think I can see Arteta letting go of Xhaka! It would be a great move for arsenal, just to sensible for us ( Arteta) to act on. 😔😔


Diet Pep should be banned from football for 22.5 months for pushing an injured Partey into the field


If Xhaka plays on Sunday, what will that prove?

Well I’m sure we could all draw up an extensive list of the reasons as to why he shouldn’t be playing but can anyone on here give me one reason why he should play?

Just one please.

I can think of one.

Arteta likes him.



Look at Tierney and the player behind. Not sure who it is.

Tierney looks decidedly pissed off, as I would be.

It’s like Arteta is disrespecting everyone with his Xhaka love in.


Why? Why? Why?

What does he see in the guy?

James wood.

Tierney looks like he is missing his HAGGIS
after the game .
And to be honest Celtic catering after the game
was his level.
A real trier yes quality no.

The Bard

Kris list the youth players Wenger brought through. Your argument that when we don’t produce players it’s because there isn’t the talent is complete rubbish. Wenger was at Arsenal for 20 years and as far as I’m aware we only produced 3 top class totally home grown players?


The NLD is too important for the fans. It would be total madness to drop someone cold in the starting lineup. Arteta may put his vice captain in the bench and subs him in to celebrate with the rest of the team if we were leading by 3 – 0.


Xhaka will be in the team guaranteed.
Arteta is a fool


Englandsbest I find it very curious that you were scathing in your critiquing of wenger the other day yet fawn over Arteta a guy who has not even demonstrated 10% of wengers ability to date

Are you Pedro in disguise???


Wenger blooded millions of kids but not all were good enough to be elite

But I think he missed a trick with a few. Carlos vela should’ve been kept and nurtured more. He was a fantastic prospect but never quite appreciated for some reason


The Bard What i will say is back in the wenger years, for a young player to brek through into the first team, they had to be exceptional rather than good or even very good. Hence why the likes of cole, fabregas and wilshere were the only ones to make the breakthrough as the competition was fierce .. Also , we shouldn’t forget that the likes of RVP, Diaby, Adebayor, Cliche,song, Ramsey, Walcott, Ox and quite a few more, were at the club as teenagers or thereabouts so Wenger deserves credit for having the bottle to bring through such a… Read more »




Tierney needs a more dynamic game to work with.

He’s a super player.


‘ Englandsbest I find it very curious that you were scathing in your critiquing of wenger the other day yet fawn over Arteta a guy who has not even demonstrated 10% of wengers ability to date’

Noticed that too
The man doesn’t hold back any punches against Wenger who will always be a legendary manager, even when all his flaws are considered. That he shows a reverential attitude towards an unproven upstart says a lot.
Wenger is 10X the man.


Yeah dissenter I mean I can criticize wenger til the cows come home for his last 10 years (5 especially), but even at his very worst he was competing for top 4 with worse squads and better football

And wenger in his first 10 years was a monster and the comparison isn’t even funny

Can you imagine if we were told to sell our best players every summer now and still get 4th every season? Arteta would resign, clearly.

James wood.

Graham62] 13.41
I guess I’m just used to comparing him
with ex players like Sampson-Winterburn and Cole.
He is non of them.a trier yes.
But his marking club footed crossing are not at that level.
I will watch your comment about a a more dynamic game being needed.
I just don’t see that happening with our current players or managers
negative play plan.?


Arteta has spent 200m in the last 3 transfer windows despite the fact the squad he inherited was marginally better than the one wenger left behind (saka, Tierney, martinelli, Pepe etc). Wenger left a squad that didn’t even have one winger lol

And we all felt he was underperforming with it whilst still getting top 6

200m and a couple of years later and we’ll take top 8 with no particular targets for the season. Elite stuff


Pierre ””””though he may have got in ahead of Walcott , though i doubt if Saka will score at such an impressive rate out wide as walcott.”””’ A. Wenger and Wengerball squeezed 100 goals out of Theo’s injury plagued Arsenal career. Arteta has a better player in Saka and yet Saka is as barren as a brick. No goals in his last 20 games, although he seems to score for his country. Artetaball/JDP is anti goals, handbrake ON cautious. Wengerball/ TBG ( the beautiful game) is pro goals , handbrake OFF and risk. Great to see the Great man still… Read more »


As controversial as this opinion is I never really like Cole at arsenal

He always seemed like a gobby little shite and he was sometimes guilty of bombing forwards and casually jogging back at the opponents attacked down that flank (sometimes ending in a goal)

But cole for England and Chelsea was much better as he had discipline in his game that he lacked at arsenal

The little prick


CG this World Cup proposal is awful tho

Haven’t seen one good reason for it besides lining fifas pockets

S Asoa

The posts on this site been crawling to round about 160 since last 5 hours. Looks like a lot of Arsenal football Club lovers ( to be distinguished from enamoured of the man ) have taken seriously the suggestion by Pedro to go elsewhere.
What has Le Grove ,known for vibrancy, opinions, dynamism all triggered by genuine love for Arsenal ( not the fraud), been reduced to !



””””CG this World Cup proposal is awful tho””””’

Is it really though?

What is awful is what the greedy European Clubs tried with their disgraceful super league.

There would have been NO more World Cups had they got the own way.
Just the Closed Shop.

Now, we get more World Cups and the underdog and smaller nations get a bigger slice of the cake too.

Can’t get more progressive than that.

Off course it ain’t perfect- but nowt is.
Its called Life.


Having considered all the details involved in the World Cup proposal, that the public are aware of, then some of Wenger’s plan is quite logical. Reduced international breaks are alway going to get my vote. AW is proposing either 2 or better yet, one international break for qualification for tournaments with a guaranteed rest period of 25 days for players after a tournament. I can completely get on board with that. I am even softening toward the aspect of the WC being every two years. More chances to win it and with the young team we have up and coming… Read more »


If you have a World Cup every two years what if the euros?

The World Cup is great because of the novelty. It’s like the olympics. No one really gives a fuck how fast people can run 100m, it’s just the novelty and spectacle that excites people

It’s the law of diminishing returns. If you have something good, having more will often stop adding value and can detract from it


I hate international breaks. But it hurts even more watching other fans enjoying their teams playing in those European games. I don’t know what EB does during those sad days. The truth hurts.


China1 I know what you are saying and when the proposals first came out I thought as you do. But there are othering examples of sporting competitions held biannually or even annually, the Ryder Cup for example? (If I am mistaken please excuse my lack of golfing knowledge) What I like about the proposal is the reduced amount of international breaks which when you think about it, are disruptive to clubs, and don’t allow much prep time for the international coaches. Plus they are downright irritating. It makes total sense for both clubs and nations to have one or two… Read more »


China, Vela was a talent, but Wenger was probably powerless about him. He was physically weak for the EPL and never seemed to have that drive to succeed that top players have. Even in Spain later, he had 3 good seasons, but then sank into mediocrity by the age of 25, and then basically retired at the age of 28 by signing an MLS contract. I still stand by what I say abt Wenger, and again just look at the other great academy – la Masia – 1 (one!) talent coming through in about 6, 7 years. Wenger was in… Read more »


About WC: Most of the world does not have the money for a top quality league. Even their mediocre leagues become shit as the talent escapes to the top 7, 8 leagues. So WC is all they have. Every 4 years?? Would you wait for the EPL to be played every 4 years? Come the fuck on! How can anyone be so fucking selfish that they would want to deprive most of the world the joy of watching the world cup every 2 years. I am against it, though. Mostly because I don’t watch national football at all. But if… Read more »


Going through ‘its coming home’, fish & chips, mushy peas,
every 2 years would increase the workload for cardiologists.

James wood.

Cole for Chelsea / England’s record was very good.
BUT he won 2 PL titles and 3 FA Cups and 2 Community shields with us.
So he must have been doing something right.


Somebody needs to tell big Weng it is every 2x years with WC then Euro with process repeated…..

From Arsenal manager whom loathed the qualifiers to now pushing for increase, guess thats what happens when the opposition starts paying bills.


200m and a couple of years later and we’ll take top 8 with no particular targets for the season. Elite stuff”



CG The world cup every two years has more detail than just the announcement. It also is in line with changing the football season around the world so that all continents are playing the league competitions at the same time. His aim is not to have internationals during the season apart from a mid- season break. He had this idea years ago when internationals affected him as a club manager. He was well past his sell by date towards the end of his managerial career but was way ahead of anybody with his innovative changes to be made with the… Read more »


You can fill a stadium with all of the “star in the making” youngsters that we have had around here the last decade.

Let’s wait until these guys actually do something besides flashing potential before anointing them the saviours.


Wenger needs to STFU and enjoy his retirement.


The issue with the international game is the fact that from a geopolitic pov, there are more continents that do not have an association. Everybody wants to join UEFA instead of joining or creating an association based on geography. I think that it should be: + Europe + Western/Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan,…) + Middle East + Asia + Oceania + North and Central American + South America Such division would make sure that you don’t have those insane time difference. A single association should not be across more than 3~4 time zones and 10,000 km across. Russia… Read more »


“The manager is shit,” explains so many problems at Arsenal. It’s Occam’s razor. Four words. It takes Pedro the better part of two years and about a million words, so many he had to start pulling from other languages, to explain us into submission. Failing that, there’s “we’re blind.” Of course, there’s always “not a real fan” to fall back on. And more, failing those broad strokes, because ad hominems are always the tactics of those with a strong hand right? I sure hope we beat spuds Sunday, Xhaka doesn’t play, and we can put a couple in the net.… Read more »


Norg “”” CG The world cup every two years has more detail than just the announcement. It also is in line with changing the football season”””” True there. Either the greedy clubs and their oligarch and billionaire owners get richer or the smaller nations and federations finally get their share of the spoils. Simple soccer geopolitcs in play. A. Wenger putting his head above the parapet, doing his job as always this time for FIFA and making sure the money gets shared out fairer. Admirable. I am happy for a World Cup every 2 years. At least we get some… Read more »



Any predictions for the Ryder Cup?⛳️


One of the greatest of sporting events.


The Ryder cup is every two years also having looked it up. People would get used to a WC every 2 years I think


Asked the other day but you may not have seen it. Do you get over to the AMEX at all? I am close by and usually go a couple of times a year when Arsenal play away. They have high hopes for this season.


“”””””””And more, failing those broad strokes, because ad hominems are always the tactics of those with a strong hand right?””””””””

Comment of the day!


@Positive Pee “Oh dear.only been away for a short while but the “ bedwetters” are back.Zzzzzzzz” Well it is difficult to be excited when many media articles start with “After their worst-ever start to a Premier League campaign, Arsenal….” Just trying to find some player or football formation at Arsenal to get excited about. Those that have been there for a few years are under performing or are injury ridden. From those players that one can get behind they are kids under 23 squad or are less then 2 years at the club. So who are the ones at the… Read more »


You know Positive Pete is one of Pedro’s many monikers don’t you? It’s basically Pedro calling visitors to his own blog bedwetters (as if that’s offensive… ). Pedro and his dry bollocks in a dry bed – whoopy-do!

And Pedro’s also been using these easily seen-through alter egos to big himself up. It’s a little bit sad to be honest and I suspect a psychologist would be interested as it borders on multiple personality disorder. A dying blog for a manager in a death spiral.

When you’re being fluffed by yourself, it’s no longer fluffing. It’s wanking.


I think there’s a legitimate argument that points to mike lowering the general quality of play squad-wide. I struggle to think of players that haven’t regressed, Auba, Martinelli, Leno…Pepe hasn’t gotten markedly better…Tierney. Partey is fantastic, but now he’s also always hurt? I look at Saka and ESR and the fact is that neither is overly productive and still, we’d be comprehensively fucked if one or both went out of the squad. Gabriel is a man-mountain and his play is the closest I can get to opposing the above hypothesis, but he was very on and off last year. The… Read more »

reality check

Legit question. Who is playing better in our 11? Or is it just the kids that were brought in for 150 millions or so and haven’t been coached by mike the last 20 months or so that are making the difference? Or was it just that we played the two worst teams in the league and we’re not really substantially better?

This guy gets it. Keep asking these types of questions. keep watching the Arteta circus. All will be revealed and made clear to an honest eye.

reality check

RE @Janky


Joke Friday.

What football supporter is best at clearing smoke?

Someone that used to support Ipswich.


The next two games will set the tone on this blog. Sp*ds & BHA are competing for top 6. If the results are 4 points or better the posts here will be upbeat, anything less and we will have a lively banter 2 point or less and this blog will be owned my the MOBs.

But then the excuses will roll in give the process time and the season starts post X-Mas.


“When you’re being fluffed by yourself, it’s no longer fluffing. It’s wanking.”

good to see the anti brigade bringing up some hard hitting points before the NLD


They’re no great shakes, but they also aren’t Norwich.”

They also beat the team, that beat us 5-0.

Bit supposedly that’s evidence they are shiite and we were just bad-lucked.


I’ve been meaning to ask – are you one of Pedro’s alter egos too? A ped under the bed if you will. You certainly sound like a derivative of him sometimes. Ooh fuck – I’ve just wet the bed. Piss everywhere.

You’re soooo much more of an Arsenal fan than I am. That make you feel better?


Valentin: You totally left Africa out of your world groupings. Or you dont have a map at hand?. that must be it


Or was it just that we played the two worst teams in the league and we’re not really substantially better?”

Nailed it.

19. Burnley, 5 games played, -6 GD
20. Norwich City, 5 games played, -12 GD(we pipped a goal against these guys, AT HOME mind you)

😉 Stunning stuff 😉



mate i feel fine. how are you?

-Pete (Pedro)


If you’re singing the company song, feeling secure in your adoration of something that is badly damaged. avoiding the truth and you feel fine within yourself comrade, then knock yourself out, figuratively or metaphorically.

Oh, and I can tell when you’re lying Zach – it’s when any of your digits are hammering away at your keyboard or screen.

Get your bumper cilit bang spray ready. Personally I never like to lose to that lot (although you’re a much bigger Gooner than I am natch) but you might be in for some serious turd polishing by Sunday night.


sunday KPhobe-
not interested in the rest of this bullshit