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Sunday worked out quite nicely for Arsenal FC.

Leicester, the absolute darlings for some Arsenal fans are now on the same points as Arsenal after 5 games. Rodgers out, anyone? Didn’t think so.

Chelsea showed that they are actually pretty decent, dispatching of Spurs in a clinical fashion. No doubt Spurs are saving their best for next weekend, but it doesn’t look good for them, Harry Kane is not looking the £150m player he was during the summer. Thiago Silva, same age as me, dropping a worldie performance again.

West Ham lost, which is good for us really, but they were really, really decent. David Moyes subbing on a penalty taker was peak awful, but they were as good as United most of the game. Their football is… exciting.

The big shift for me is that last weekend, Norwich was a 6 pointer. This weekend, it’ll be Spurs. Win that game and we’re back in the top 6 mixer, lose and I’ll be taking cover for a few weeks.

In the post-Burnley away day glow, there are some things that I’m enjoying.

There’s a picture of Ramsdale over a Tierney who is down injured, Burnley players come rushing in, Aaron and Gabriel protect him and shove the players away. Small thing, but you love to see it. That’s camaraderie and it’s an edge we’ve not had for a few years.

I also liked the video at the end. Auba is all smiles, Arteta is fired up on the pitch, and all the players are loving on Tomiyasu who is on the floor exhausted.

That Burnley game was a really good run out. The football wasn’t stunning by any stretch, but those games are about character and doing what is needed. Turfmoor is a beastly place to go, the fans are electric, the grass is long, and they don’t water the pitch. Notable that Ben White called this out.

‘It was a tough one, my heart skipped a beat for a second. It was really, really dry out there today & my pass back didn’t get there at all. Luckily Aaron came to save me’

I do love the ‘I WILL NOT HEAR IT’ merchants acting like things like this don’t matter. Reality is, it’s tough, and we can say it because we won. But the grass was clearly an issue we didn’t deal well with, and it was probably the reason so many of our final third passes were hit short. We didn’t get our feel on the pitch, so there’s hope we can find that against Spurs at the weekend when the pitch will roll like an ice rink.

Back to the Spurs game. Nuno has a tough week on his hands. Morale in their camp will be low, their fans will start feeling the heat, and he has to show up. Their League Cup game is Wolves. There’s a personal pride thing for Nuno, but also a need to get his team firing. Could we see him rolling with a first team looking side? Maybe. A win for us gives Arteta the luxury of rolling with a younger team and resting some of his seniors (particularly Saka and ESR).

Player hype post Burnley? I think Gabriel is the main man. He had an inconsistent season last year and COVID clearly messed with him. But he’s in season two mode and he’s looking like a really, really top talent again. He has the physically imposing nature of Sol Campbell, and the recovery ability of Kolo Toure. He leaves it all on the pitch and he’s a great counterpoint to Ben White.

Aaron Ramsdale is the big talk post-game. We have a keeper that wants to dominate his area. We genuinely haven’t had that since Jens Lehmann. The biggest mistake Bernd Leno made this season wasn’t his lack of command of his 6 yard box against City, it was letting himself get pinned from a set-play against Brentford. He allowed himself to be man-handled. We’re not going to get that with Ramsdale. There were some shaky moments, he was caught on the ball a couple of times, but overall, he really does have a lot of softer skills we’ve lacked. Fan connection, fan-like passion, and loads of communication with his players. That’s a great thing. Early days, we’ll see how we feel when he drops a clanger, but so far, so good. Looks a better option than Neto.

Let’s also talk about Thomas Partey. I love him. If there’s a player our season hinges on, it’s this one. He has so much about his game. He’s tactically sharp, he’s an athlete, and he absolutely commands on the pitch. He’s a way off full fitness, he left the pitch because of cramps, but man… if he can get his Atleti fitness back, he’s going to be a force this season.

Right, on that note, please watch our video or listen to the podcast.



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  1. MD-Gunner

    Pedro I think calling time out on Arteta has been longer around then the Brentford game, that just added to the clamor of Arteta Out by the MOBs.

    From the 5 games 9 points were expected by many of us as a minimum. 2 goals in 5 games was not and neither was a -7 goal difference and many times it has already been said the playing style and manner of the matches was not to The Arsenal standard.

    The next games which will be played against direct contenders for 5th & 6th place will give a better indication were we are heading and if the TW was a good one or one that flatters to deceive. In addition we will see who has the bigger smile MOBs or AKBs.

  2. Guns of SF

    I aint pumping any losses.. its the manner of losing
    Pointing out Brentford was winnable and we need to score more moving forward…
    What if that does not happen? The struggle to score against good teams will hurt us….
    I hope this turns around

  3. Guns of SF

    in your post Pedro, you even said that the end product is lacking… the cutting edge in the final third.

    I think there needs to be a re think on Auba and his role.
    I am worried this is what we will be seeing here on out from him…

    How will mike give minutes this season to our other attackers, strikers?

  4. BacaryisGod


    Why are you backing yourself into a corner. Right now, Turf Moor is not a hard place to get a result at. Just a fact.
    Sometimes it’s ok to admit an error. You can’t say Turf Moor is tough to get a result at when they’ve lost 7 and drawn 6 in their last 13 home matches.

    You say they beat Liverpool in January 2021 at Turf Moor to support your claim. That game was actually at Anfield not Turf Moor (right when Liverpool were on a brutal slump)

    Look, there’s plenty to be hopeful about. Let’s just stick to reality please.

  5. DivineSherlock


    Chance to go level with Spurs this weekend. Exciting week ahead.

    This is something really good , after 3 games they were top of the league , now we can peg them back . The best time to play them , I hope Arteta doesnt use the galaxy brain of his and keeps things simple.

  6. Graham62

    One of the monumental mistakes made by Arteta in recent months and there’s been a fair few, is his alienation of Aubameyang and Lacazette.

    This alienation comes in different forms. Not utilising them properly, not playing them at all, ignoring their qualities and in the case of Lacazette in particular, disrespecting them.

    These two players, if mentally tuned in, are so important to us. Arteta favours those that are taking the piss and don’t genuinely care about the team and the club(GX) and yet disrespects those that do.

    I can add so many others – Martinelli, Eddie, Balogun, AMN, Willock etc.

    For me GX typifies everything that is wrong with Arsenal. I’d have shown him the door long ago.

    What do I know though.

  7. shaun

    is beating spurs this weekend a good thing ? cat among the pigeons and all that lol…………………… at all convinced with the football I am seeing from legoheadball or PCP or JDP or what ever you want to call it and it seems to me he is using Galaxy brain almost every game now. Can anyone tell me why sami was not playing next to Partey from the beginning. Even if we beat spurs Arteta is the wrong man.His team selection is all wrong nearly all of the time and there is only one player in the cd who looks like a 50 million player and his name is not white by the way the other 50 million CD plays in France with what can only be described as a pretty useful CM option considering the current CM options available .Xhaka back in the starting 11 for spurs anyone lol………………………lol how’s that for being positive on a Monday morning MOFO’S

  8. The Bard

    A couple of decent wins has halted the slide but stiffer challenges await. Not convinced we should stick with Arteta and so far the football we are playing is deadly dull.

  9. Bob N16

    PEA is being played CF and is Arteta’s captain. When he was starting on the left, it was to accomodate Lacazette, another of your ‘alienated’ players.

    Is Lacazette being ‘disrespected ‘ by being behind PEA in the pecking order? You can’t really have it both ways Graham, a misplaced PEA or Laca as a sub.

    I know it’s bash Arteta day….again but sometimes the creativity is something else.

  10. China1

    ‘ Leicester, the absolute darlings for some Arsenal fans are now on the same points as Arsenal after 5 games. Rodgers out, anyone? Didn’t think so.’

    Not one person has judged Arteta based on the first 5 games. The judges him based on the last 2 years.

    How does Arteta compare with Brendan over the last two years across all metrics? Points, goals scored, goals conceded, position in the table? Even trophies they’ve matched him and won the cup more recently than we have. Then there’s the more attacking football and all of this done with a squad assembled on the cheap. How much did they spend this summer?

    If you’re gonna shit on another manager or team you should pick a better target Pedro lol

  11. Ishola70

    “No other club would have brought GX back into the fold after the debacle of 2019.We did and we then honoured him.”

    “For me GX typifies everything that is wrong with Arsenal. I’d have shown him the door long ago.”


    Xhaka’s gonna get ya! Xhaka’s gonna get ya! La-la-la-la! La-la-la-la!

    The man is Mr Arsenal.

  12. Tee

    “That’s also the reason we didn’t sell Leno even though he wanted to leave. Because no one knew how good Ramsdale will be for us and they didn’t want to risk it. Not letting Leno leave is a proof that we bought a GK that we hope will come good but we are not 100% convinced in. Totally not like the Chelsea transfer.”

    Stop spitting trash man. No transfer is 100% guaranteed.

    How many goals has Timo Werner scored for Chelsea?

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    I think that the problem with large squads in football today is that you cannot keep everyone

    The priority for Arteta if we are going to build a successful team is to find a settled “starting X1” with perhaps half a dozen additional players of equivalent quality to provide rotation.

    I must confess that I would have played Lacazette more than has been the case in recent times.

  14. Daniel Altos

    PedroSeptember 19, 2021 05:12:58
    Tony, if you and the ‘night gang’ want to set up a little whatsapp or sub-reddit, I will gladly put you all in contact with each other. Just email me and I can make that happen because it might be better to be miserable after a win elsewhere.

    😂this got me laughing

  15. Ishola70

    In the future folks will look at us pityingly and say.

    “Did you live through those Xhaka years at Arsenal?”

    “Yes we did” “Yes we most certainly did”

    “Was he as bad as they say?”

    “Well yes. He most certainly was”

  16. Ishola70


    “Do you think Xhakattack will be back against Spurs?”

    Well Sambi has already been eased out against Burnley so the chances are good that the GX makes his much anticipated return in the NLD.

    Absolutely integral to Arteta’s positional style football we were informed.

    If not Spurs he will be gracing us yet again soon after many times. Many, many, many, many , many , many, many times. Lots of times.

  17. englandsbest


    ‘Arteta favours players who take the piss and don’t care genuinely about the team and the club…’

    Yeah, what DO you know?????

  18. Bob N16

    ES – If the team is winning and your not getting picked easier to take than if you’re losing! I have little sympathy for players like Kolasinac and Lacazette who Arsenal were were encouraging to find new clubs, they could be playing regularly somewhere else.

  19. InsideRight

    Ishola, if you think Xhaka is “Mr Arsenal” you need to stop taking those substances and revert to clean living. It’s addling your mind.

  20. Ishola70


    GX agrees.

    He will show you his overall first team appearances for the club since he joined in comparison to others.

    Many, many, many, many, many, many, many appearances for the club.

  21. InsideRight

    Poor judgement from managers doesn’t make GX Mr Arsenal. It just means we’ve been using a substandard player we should have got rid of years ago.

  22. Jim Lahey

    Arsenal before Xhaka:

    11/12 – 3rd
    12/13 – 4th
    13/14 – 4th
    14/15 – 3rd
    15/16 – 2nd

    Arsenal with Xhaka:

    16/17 – 5th
    17/18 – 6th
    18/19 – 5th
    19/20 – 8th
    20/21 – 8th


  23. Ishola70

    Emery so very nearly had Xhaka out of the door.

    This is why we should all love Emery.

    Then Arteta came along and scuppered it all.

  24. raptora

    Tee: “No transfer is 100% guaranteed. How many goals has Timo Werner scored for Chelsea?”

    You missed the fact that Werner isn’t a GK. GKs in general are way safer transfers as their level normally doesn’t change from a team to team and they don’t need much time to bed in contrary to outfield players. Usually when you spend a lot of money on a GK, it’s to make him your #1.

    The fact we have a 25m reserve GK, a 50m reserve CF and next year possibly, according to Arteta’s grand plan and Saliba is back here stronger than ever, we’ll have a 50m reserve CB speaks a volume about how expensive of a squad Arteta was allowed to collect.

    And here we are with Mike McDonald and I assume a decent part of the fanbase is in agreement, that it’s okay to end in a similar position to last 2 years (8th).

    Well it shouldn’t be okay. It’s Arteta’s 3rd season, and his 2nd full in charge. How did he get to have a day 1 start 21 months after his appointment to a point where he’s allowed to achieve 8th after 8th after 8th and the fans are perfectly okay with that?! I don’t get it. And I’m happy I don’t. I’d expect more ambition of our fans if not from our owners.

    Kudos to the Kroenkes. They’ve achieved their goal – they’ve managed to move the goalposts and raise a new fan, one with low expectations and ambitions. One that is okay with finishing 8th 3 seasons in a row with the same manager and technical director in charge. Stunning.

  25. englandsbest

    I am one of those who have wanted Xhaka gone for years

    But I recall Liverpool fans saying the same about Jordan Henderson.

    And nobody knows the value of Xhaka to Arsenal better than Arteta. It must lie elsewhere than what we see on the pitch. In the dressing room? Leadership quality? Experience?

    Anyway, with Partey, etc alongside to shoulder the action, who knows, maybe he’ll shine.

  26. Kris

    “And nobody knows the value of Xhaka to Arsenal better than Arteta. It must lie elsewhere than what we see on the pitch.”


  27. Jim Lahey

    “And nobody knows the value of Xhaka to Arsenal better than Arteta.”

    To be fair, this is the same guy that tried to also renew Mustafi’s contract. I wouldn’t exactly say he has the best judgment when it comes to the value of players.

  28. Kris

    If only there was a way to get a player who can do all the glorious off-the-pitch things Xhaka does, but can also play football.

    Ah well, one can dream.

  29. TR7

    “And nobody knows the value of Xhaka to Arsenal better than Arteta. It must lie elsewhere than what we see on the pitch. In the dressing room? Leadership quality? Experience?”

    Do you mean to say without Xhaka’s inspiring leadership in the dressing room we could slide further down the table and finish outside top 8 ?

  30. China1

    Can’t we hire a sports psychologist or something for that off the pitch stuff?

    We are paying 100k a week for a footballer whose primary value is intangible off the field qualities. It’s genius!

    Also I’m always pretty curious what these intangible qualities are.

    Is it leadership? Arsenal have frequently been an absolute laughing stock and a complete mess for the period he’s been here. When the going has got tough how many times was it him showing up to drag the team onwards? Must’ve missed those games.

    Or maybe it’s the great example he sets to the kids? Always concentrate… focus… with him being our most error prone regular starter it’s unlikely.

    I’m fact twice in the last year at our lowest eb he responded by getting himself sent off because he didn’t fancy rolling his sleeves up. Or when we needed to sub him off fast in a game we’re losing he takes his time walking off and tells the fans to fuck off when they lose patience. Professionalism is that.

    The guy has been robbing this club blind since the day he joined but as long as the managers like him people here will try to excuse it

  31. englandsbest


    Nobody on here is arguing about Xhaka – we are all in agreement (for a change). It was a mistake to buy him, and he should have been gone ages ago. Just trying to find a reason why he is still around. And to merely put it down to Arteta’s bad judgement sounds like a lame excuse. Wenger bought him, Emery played him, Jose wants him, Switzerland captains him.

  32. S Asoa

    TR7September 19, 2021 19:04:04

    “I love listening to Thomas Tuchel, straight talk no spin. Absolutely top class stuff.”

    Tuchel knows his onions. We have a good looking gigolo only, a fantasy for his unabashed fan boys

  33. Matt B

    What, shit all the time Mark?

    Bad call on Willian, yes, but seemingly good calls on Tamiyasu, Ramsdale (even in light of most on here saying he was shite), Lakonga, White, Tavares — initial impressions only of course

  34. raptora

    From what I’ve read White, Ramsdale and Tomiyasu are the ones that Arteta personally pushed for.
    Lokonga and Tavares are not him. Odegaard is collaboration between the two as they both love him.

  35. Tee

    “Emery so very nearly had Xhaka out of the door.This is why we should all love Emery.Then Arteta came along and scuppered it all.”

    You mean the ever present xhaka in Emery’s squad?

    Epic goof

  36. Chris

    Just read about Odegaard’s new song, started at Burnley on Saturday apparently, to the tune of ‘She’s Electric’ by Oasis.

    “He’s Norwegian,
    He came back to the club for good reason
    Cause he’s playing with Partey this season
    He’s Odegaard

    He’s called Martin
    As long as he’s fit he’ll be starting
    He’s even got a WhatsApp with Harland
    He’s Odegaard “

    Almunia did you go to the game at the weekend and start it up? 😁

  37. Ishola70


    “You mean the ever present xhaka in Emery’s squad?Epic goof”

    Xhaka has obviously ingrained himself in a dressing room clique very deeply and it looks the highest clique there.

    When you have such a clique it can take time to undermine it and dislodge the player.

    The fact is that by the end of Emery’s teniure he had shown Xhaka up on the pitch by setting him up for a fall hence his tantrum episode and Emery made clear there was no way back for Xhaka and he was ready to depart.

    Then in came Arteta on his white horse to save Xhaka.

  38. Dennis+the+Menace

    It was a solid defensive performance. I really feared for White going into the game but Partey and Gabriel were there for him and White himself stood up to Burnley. It’s a good foundation. Arteta needs now to build the attack.

  39. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Thought you’d be the one to respond.

    Have you ever worked in a proactive team environment?

    Arteta has clearly favoured an individual that is not only disliked by the majority of fans but is also, significantly, is not Mr popular with many of his teammates.

    When you show favouritism to an individual who is a detriment to the teams dynamics, it will have a massive impact on the other players in that team.

    Alienation can be caused in several different ways. Are you telling me that GX is a role model and someone to look up to? Is he a natural born leader? Imo, Laca and Auba should have been shown a little bit more respect by Arteta. They are our potential goal threats and although Arteta has his own unique methods, he has not taken into account the positive vibes these two bring to our team.


    Comparing GX with Jordan Henderson!


  40. Bob N16

    Graham – ‘proactive team environment’ – you’re sounding like David Brent.

    Your comments suggest that you have insider knowledge of Laca and PEA’s state of mind.
    Are you suggesting Xhaka’s popularity with Arteta is leading to their ‘alienation’ and dissatisfaction?

    How have they been disrespected, please spell it out?