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Arsenal showed up to Burnley away and put up a fight to be proud of. The oldest team of brutes in the Premier League did exactly what they always do… they battled, threw long balls at our defence, and they worked the second balls like demons. Arsenal were more than a match for them and they showed the sort of character that gets the fans moist at the loins.

The difference on the day was a Martin Odegaard freekick. After 2 seasons of watching David Luiz sky shots into the car park, it was a relief to see the young Norwegian place a freekick over the wall to break the deadlock.

The toughest part of the day was watching the clunkiness in the final third. We’re just not quite there when we break. The positions we’re taking up are good, the distance we’re out isn’t far, but it’s apparent that we’re not a well-oiled machine yet. The players are too good for that to remain the case for much longer. But it needs work.

Burnley don’t make it easy for you. The grass is a bit longer, they don’t water the pitch, and they close down space really well which makes it hard to play behind the lines. That didn’t stop us having a crack, but everything was a little bit off. Our players, when breaking at speed, were playing balls a little bit behind the runners. Some of the decision making in the box was very average. We didn’t make enough of our shots.

The Hale-Enders didn’t have their best day out. I thought ESR was off the pace most of the game and he struggled with the physicality. Saka has been off all season, he’s clearly struggling with a Euros hangover, but it’ll come. Bergkamp came back from the World Cup in 1998 and he was very poor for a while until he broke his duck with goals against Aston Villa. This is our reality though, we have a lot of young players who are going to be in and out with form. What I love is that our fans are on fire this season. Now they understand the path we’re on, they are backing the kids, because getting on their backs isn’t going to help anyone.

Defensively, we were really very good when you consider that 60% of the players are new. The boring droning of fans throwing shade at our summer has been ‘BEN WHITE IS SHORT AND CAN’T HEAD THE BALL HE IS ALSO GOING TO GET BULLIED BECAUSE HE IS PRETTY.’ Well, that didn’t really work out. He won 4 of 7 duels and he made 6/6 headed clearances. That was a better percentage than Gabriel, who was also excellent. Oddly, Ben White’s problem was on the ground, he was caught out a few times and he made a few uncharacteristic erroneous passes.

Gabriel was a man-monster. He matched Burnley’s strikers for brutality all day. He was absolutely dominant. He’s a great counter to Ben White and I’m sure the partnership they are about the form is going to be very exciting. Tomiyasu won 4/4 of his aerial duels. He’s some player. To adapt to the Premier League like he has so fast is a testament to his talent. I think we have a player there. Lots to come from him.

My MoTM award goes to Aaron Ramsdale. The vicious internet stuff that went on before he signed looks even sillier than it did a few months ago. The keeper is vocal, he makes very fast decisions, and he’s dominant in the box. Watching him take responsibility for high balls and catch them was something else. He was a real difference-maker. Moping up for Ben White with the tackle that was nearly given as a penalty was a 3 point saver. I’m not even really fussed about his shot-stopping, it’s all the other bits he has that Bernd doesn’t. It’s early doors, but I really, really like what I see.

Auba wasn’t exactly at his peak from a striking perspective, but he created three chances, he did a lot of dirty work, and I thought he ran like a captain. It’s hard for him, the system we play need a Calvert-Lewin, but regardless, we need to get him more chances in the box. He has to be a 30 goal a season striker this season, so something needs to be amended so we can release him.

A special shout to Martin Odegaard who looks a Rolls Royce of a player. His freekick was the special sauce we’ve been lacking. Stunning stuff. Overall though, I just love what I see. He’s aggressive with his pressing, he’s great at controlling possession, I like that his passing is getting more ambitious, but I really love his leadership. He’s always trying to lift the team. Nothing is more motivating than getting binned off by a mega club, he’s going places with us. A top game from him.

Also, a shout for the subs. I thought they were good today. Tavares did a solid job, his run was so, so powerful. He has it all if he can apply himself. Lokonga and AMN came on a did a good job in midfield. I was particularly impressed with Ainsley. He looked super focused on the job. Bigger picture here, Arteta is learning from past mistakes, he’s brought the player in from the cold and he’s giving him a go after the debacle of the summer. Fans will love that. Player has to do a job, but it’s nice to see him getting minutes.

Arsenal have done the job that was needed. We’re not off track now. There’s a big game midweek in the league cup, we’ll want a win there. Then the big one, the cup final, a North London derby of great significance. Spurs have been ropey this season, Arsenal have also been off colour, this is the first mega test of faith. If Arteta delivers a result, it’ll go a very long way to restoring a bit of faith. Lose? It’s not even on the agenda.

Right, listen to the podcast or watch the video. It’s me and Matt. Johnny has his boys birthday party. IT IS STILL GOOD THO.



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  1. Naija+soccer

    I m sure there were many others, but we were calling out Leno for being average since 2019. When Martinez replaced him I was so excited cuz I expected an immediate improvement in the GK department. We went to win the FA cup, beating Chelsea and Man City ( I think), along the way. No way we win that FA cup with Leno.

    Anyhow, glad the club finally sees him for the Diet-Neuer that he is. Loving Ramsdale so far. Very

  2. Naija+soccer

    What is up with Pepe’s first touch ? Do these guys ever work on their weakness and flaws in training ? I would imagine that such issues can be fixed with enough training.

    But it seems they just run around cones, do drills, play 11 vs 11 games ?

    That first touch should have been fixed by now almost 3 years later but looks to be getting worse.

  3. CG


    “”We used to be happy grinding out 1-0 wins, hence the infamous chant””””

    You grind out 1 0 wins, when you are homing onto a league title triumph or an FA Cup semi final.

    Arteta has us grinding them out after game 4 to finish 6th -8th.

    The Arteta Years. So dull and such a waste of everybodys time and money.

  4. raptora

    “I m sure there were many others, but we were calling out Leno for being average since 2019. ”

    Not sure if this is correct as Leno was having a great 2019/20 up until he was injured vs Brighton and Martinez took his place. Arsenal fans voted him the runner-up for Player of the Season in that year behind Auba.

  5. raptora

    I would take Moyes ahead of Arteta. Proven to punch above his weight with both Everton and West Ham – clubs that he improved by 10 EPL positions – both Everton and West Ham were fighting for survival when he took them, to being a regular European football participant.

    Same as with Emery, we will not challenge for the EPL under Moyes, but we will be right in the top 4 fight. Then after a couple of good seasons, we can then sign a top class manager like Conte. Sounds like a decent plan to me.

  6. HerbsArmy


    You are right in one sense to point out that Arsenal very much need a maverick like Ronaldo, but a completely unrealistic target, I think coming back to England meant he was only ever going to United.
    Pierre’s suggestion of Benrahma was a good shout, but there doesn’t really seem to be anyone at the club with a clear vision as to how we set up in an attacking sense, it just all seems so overly cautious.
    It seems it’s okay to take a heavy beating by the PL big-hitters as long as we can scrape past the minnows.
    Not a good look if you’re meant to be one of the globes most celebrated football clubs.

  7. Pierre

    “You grind out 1 0 wins, when you are homing onto a league title triumph or an FA Cup semi final.”

    This is true , our last 4 victories in the league in the title winning 70/71 season were 1-0..

    However, a team also grinds out 1-0 wins when they have been on a losing 3/4 run .
    Wenger and ferguson used to do it as in Wenger’s words “confidence goes up bu the stairs and down by the elevator”, and that is where we are at the moment , going up the stairs.

  8. raptora

    Herbs: “It seems it’s okay to take a heavy beating by the PL big-hitters as long as we can scrape past the minnows.”

    Did you not hear that the season started vs Norwich? Brentford and the other 2 games don’t count. Benrahma will outscore and outassist Odegaard. With ease.

  9. Wardo

    “The difference on the day was a Martin Odegaard freekick. After 2 seasons of watching David Luiz sky shots into the car park,”

    Loved this Pedro!! Made me laugh

  10. Pierre

    An example of grinding out results is man city last season

    They lost at home to Leicester 5-2 in the league.

    Next 5 games in the league
    Scored 5
    Conceded 2
    Won 2
    Drawn 3
    Lost 0

    And went on to win the league.

  11. HerbsArmy


    I thought the season started as soon as Arteta had enough points to have us clear of relegation but with no chance of European football, so he can concentrate fully on this rebuild that has been going on for the last fifteen years…

  12. Globalgunner

    I’d like to give full props to W,Ham for out playing United but then I recall they were also turned over by Young Boys last week.

  13. raptora

    It all leads to Ole. This team has the quality to challenge. But it won’t. The manager job is by far the most important one in a football club.

  14. Globalgunner

    And they nick it at the last with West Hams hero of last season. Great strike by Shinguard though. Hammers were tiring in the last 5 minutes

  15. zacharse

    ya, im sure moyes would work wonders out of a squad full of player profiles he’s had so much success developing and working with
    auba, saka, esr, martinelli, pepe

    and a defense boasting mari holding chambers soares and leno- moyes would transform those players too

    and we also know moyes can work under the pressure of a big club like man utd as opposed to middle of the roaders like everton and west ham

  16. G

    ‘’ You can’t judge Arsenal after playing the two worst sides in the league.
    Burnley were like statues for most of the game.
    Our front 3’s ball control is atrocious.‘’

    Did u say the same when we played arguably the 2 best teams without 5 first team players.. and your last sentence is a load of shit as well

  17. CG


    “”””Brilliant game of football
    These days you have watch other teams play it”””

    An old fashioned ripsnorter at West Ham.

    Handbrakes off.
    The JDP manuals in the bin, where they belong.

    Antonio plays, West Ham win.
    Man Utd not playing well, but score goals.

  18. Tom

    Dissenter, Atkinson is a typical “homer” ref.
    Weak as piss and his sheepish smirks when under crowd pressure give him away just as much as his decisions.

  19. Kris

    United very lucky to be playing leggy west ham after europa.
    Of course, Moyes should have rested the best players, too.
    Anyway, United’s luck will run out and they’ll fail to win the league once again despite having the 2nd most expensive team in history.
    I have said before that Sancho is overrated. Playing for Dortmund a bad gauge of individual quality. Except Haaland; he’ll be a star wherever he goes.

    BTW, how many times did Ronaldo dive today? If he keeps it up could set a new league record.

  20. zacharse

    west ham have recruited some pretty solid Mfs a la cahill and arteta back in the day. he loves those type of players, bowen soucek, rice. moyes has his strengths for sure

  21. LoveSausage

    Good game between Spuds and Chelsea. Son is a beast with his intensity and work rate. They’re playing one of the best teams in the world in terms playing from the back and he’s getting up in their face every single time. Big difference from our forwards, especially Auba who walks around looking like his dog just died. Ode is good and creates pressure but we’re not doing it in packs like this.

  22. Nigel Tufnel

    Reality check,

    I know you think you just summed everything up for Arsenal, and for every fan. No need for anybody to blog or tweet disagreements anymore. No more radio talk shows,, etc..
    You’ve solved everything.

    We all have low standards and are suckers for not being negative like you.

    “It’s all how you view Arsenal”

    Such simple, brilliant logic. The smug condescension. They will not be able to refute me. The debate is over. I won the battle. They will be speechless.

    It’s not about your stupid binary choice. The world is not black and white, but all shades of gray.

    There’s room for finding positive and negative in the team, in this game, in the transfer window, everything.

    You, just want an excuse to be a miserable loser and make yourself feel superior by saying we all have lower standards. So you create this one or the other false choice.

    It’s about how you view life. We’re all lucky to be alive, to have time to watch, even worry about football. Let alone sit around and blog about it. I won’t get more preachy than that.

    The club is where it is at this time, and we are fans of the club. So instead of whinging about not being the biggest club (for many years now), most of us are just hoping we’ll get back to that status soon. It’s not about blindly following, just being hopeful for the present and future.

    Go ahead and be miserable while some of us just see reality, and want to have a little hope as well.

  23. G8

    Pedro it was good win but we are so far behind and dysfunctional its unbelievable!
    I watched all pl teams playing so far and with the exception of Burnley we are the least attractive to watch
    Even Norwich and Newcastle play better football than the mighty Arsenal
    Surely, this nightmare should end soon!

  24. Graham62

    My goodness, some posters on here seem to think that people come on here to be positive all the time. Why?

    I’ve been happily married for 32 years, have two wonderful adult children, who are doing well in life and I can honestly say that I’m content about things.
    If I can’t come on a football blog and highlight negative perceptions which, in the case of AFC, has been a major part of the club’s culture and ethos over the past twelve years, why should I bother to come on.
    I’ll be positive when I see my club being run properly, both on and off the pitch.

    Some people like to be judge and jury on here but just because some of us ( the majority) see things differently. Don’t label us therefore with a ‘miserable badge’ just to satisfy your own opinions.

    This is a blog for Arsenal supporters .
    All Arsenal supporters!

    Unfortunately, life now is geared for folk who live by rules that many of us fuddy-duddys find totally alien.

    Interesting that watching Pedro on the Podcast, it doesn’t seem his Arteta positivity shines through that often. What does that say?

    Easier to put pen to paper than hide away from reality.

  25. raptora

    Yes. Midfield warriors. Truth is that Moyes have made many of his players look very good. Antonio, Benrahma and maybe Rice and Zouma walk into our team. Arguably Creswell is on the level of one of our better players in Tierney. It’s goes to show how badly we’ve been spending our money for years, this Summer very much fits the trend. Last time I checked buying youngish players like Xhaka and Mustafi for a lot of money, did not guarantee us a high sell value.

  26. Dissenter

    Pedro is not as sunny in real-time when there’s someone presenting the other side of the story
    On his blog, it’s another story and he has cultivated a passionate group of believers ready to jump in two-footed.
    He’s succeeded in growing the blog with lots of untold-Arsenal folks
    You are the rebel now.

  27. Nigel Tufnel


    Maybe you should have a chat with reality check.

    This is how you see Arsenal:
    1 mm goal from open play.

    I see that, but also see Ramsdale coming and taking high balls, getting the ball in play faster, 2 big improvements. We already know he’s a good shot stopper, AND he wants to be here, unlike Leno. I see Tomiyasu looking good in many ways, maybe not lethal in attack, but could be top class defender at rb. Good switch of play too. We all like the potential of Lokonga… White is a bit of a worry and I’ve seen some good fair criticism of him here. Last week he had 4 excellent long or incisive passes, so the jury will be out for a while on him. But still 2 clean sheets for him with Gab, TT, and Ramsdale, though against weaker teams.

    There’s lots more to say on both sides, but you see the 1 mm goal, and I see 6 of the last six points.

    And Chelsea just scored against the spuds.

  28. Globalgunner

    Chelsea putting Spuds to the sword now. First you have to match them with power. Then you beat them with quality. Spuds players believe that if they ate not winning a game. They need to add more brute force …..or dive more convincingly. Kante coming on at HT has made a world of difference

  29. Graham62


    For being honest and forthright in my opinions?

    A sad fact of modern day life is that you’re often thought of as being in the wrong when you voice concerns and criticism.

  30. Globalgunner

    kante is the player we were hoping Lucas Torriera would turn out to be. Imagine if Wumger had bought him instead of …he who shalt not be named but plays like melted Toblerone

  31. Kris

    The good news after this round is that we’re just 4 points off Everton, 3 points off Spurs, 2 points off West Ham and on same points as Leicester.
    The race for 6th is far from over.
    Off course, we need Saka and Auba back to their best.
    And Xhaka off the field.
    I think not being in Europe could also help us a bit, especially in the spring. Even today, you could see West Ham and Leicester were not at 100%.
    I just hope that if Tierney keeps hitting those crosses, Laca is given a chance as he’s better than Auba for those sorts of things.

  32. Kris

    How do you guys feel about the title race?
    Are you all hoping Liverpool win it, like me?
    Or Man City?

    I hate both Chelsea and ManU profoundly (like many Arsenal fans), so I’m actually watching Liverpool games supporting them even though can’t stand their fans. Aside from Kante, this Chelsea team is the least likeable in ages for me, and if ManU win (they won’t) I’ll consider taking a break from football.

  33. Tom

    What a little player Kante is.
    Was recommended to Arsenal through our French connection for peanuts and was ignored.
    He and VVD two of the biggest failures of late Wenger era.

  34. Sid

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    Carl Sagan,

  35. G8

    Chavs fitness is on different level.
    Still curse wenger for passing on Kante and signing Xhaka instead , whatca bum decision that was!
    Spuds look battered and bruised
    No excuses next weekend

  36. Mics


    Very thoughtful and well written post. I don’t understand the reflexive nastiness to anyone who has doubts of any sort about Arteta, and it doesn’t seem to be present on the pod. The blog has really changed since Arteta was hired.

  37. CG

    ””””’I see that, but also see Ramsdale coming and taking high balls, getting the ball in play faster, 2 big improvements. We already know he’s a good shot stopper, AND he wants to be here, unlike Leno. I see Tomiyasu looking good in many ways, maybe not lethal in attack, but could be top class defender at rb. Good switch of play too. We all like the potential of Lokonga… White is a bit of a worry and I’ve seen some good fair criticism of him here. Last week he had 4 excellent long or incisive passes, so the jury will be out for a while on him. But still 2 clean sheets for him with Gab, TT, and Ramsdale, though against weaker teams.””””’

    Not disputing any of that.

    But I ( or anyone ) could spend millions on over rated young players that would not look out of place against Norwich City and Burnley. A lot harder to spend the same millions on assembling a title winning team or attaining top 4 team every season. ( Eg Klopp or Tuchel)

    And that Nige is the job description of the Arsenal manager. As well as doing it in STYLE every week. (Well it used to be.)

    A tough task granted,

    But if Arteta can’t hack it- he should go back to putting out them cones for Pep and we will find someone who can.

  38. Tom

    Chelsea , City, Liverpool only three in the mix.
    Ole will let United down as per usual, not in the same league as the other three managers.

  39. LoveSausage

    The chavs are impressive. I think they have a good shot this season. Since he arrived, Tuchel has been even better than I expected him to be. This game is a case in point. Elite in game management.

  40. Pedro

    Dissenter, it go through the comments section, count out pro vs anti, tell me what you come back with. There’s a group of you that seem to think it is totally normal to shit on the club after a win. You are not normal.

    Mics, the blog always changes, that’s why it retains a readership. Even when it very much a one track agenda during the Wenger days, people in the comments would complain about me, the way I moderate, or the evolving viewpoints. That’s the internet.

    But, the real shift on here is the people that revel in the losses, and squirm when we win. People are so wrapped up in their one-track view, they forget what being a fan is about. I’ll say it again, not reflected when I’m in London with season ticket holders.

  41. CG

    Tuchel getting his 2 central defenders to score and his midfielders too.

    Another one who believes in goals.

    Chelsea hit 3 in 45 minutes , still more than our 2 in 450 minutes.

  42. Mics


    Spot on. Very happy about the three points, but if we’re honest, that was not a good performance at all. Neither was Norwich. We are amongst the worst teams to watch and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change anytime soon. It shouldn’t be controversial to be pleased with a win while simultaneously being concerned with the performance. We look like we’ll finish about tenth or so, frustrating because the squad is better than that. We are not the sum of our parts, let alone more than the sum of our parts.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Away supporters pulling oole’s with each pass, Nuno muttering, dejected Kane, dejected Son, wounded Lloris, down by 3, supporters leaving and it really should be 5 nil if Werner wasn’t so poor.

    Spurs there for taking for the Arsenal if we can get up for it.

  44. Pedro

    I would also counter that if you were speaking to me on a podcast, a lot of the usual suspects I deabte with on here wouldn’t put their views to the mic. No one would go out on a limb for a Leno sympathy agenda after that Ramsdale performance because it’s a poor opinion and it’s just trolling.

  45. LoveSausage

    Next weekend will be interesting. The spuds have players with better fitness levels than we do, plus a few players who can settle games. But mentally, they seem to be extremely fragile. Low on confidence plus the Kane situation. They started really well today but folded as soon as the chavs scored. I think the first 30 minutes will be key. If we can survive that, we’ll have a shot.

  46. TitsMcGee

    I don’t know how anyone can watch us yesterday and watch the top teams play and come away feeling good. We were very hodge-podge while the other top teams have a system and everyone seems to be on the right page.

  47. Dissenter

    You’re not this tetchy on your podcast when Johnny is presenting the counter argument
    You have been less tolerant of the other opinion here recently.

    Who shit on the club after a win? China1 explained this to you already.
    Since when did it become wrong to mention both the positives and the negatives.about the club.

    We’re you abnormal when you were shitting on a 22 game unbeaten run?
    … Oh wait, the other Spaniard was in charge then.

  48. TitsMcGee

    Chelsea absorbed the best Spurs had to throw at them . Weathered the storm and Tuchel made an astute substitution at halftime and it was one way Chelsea traffic second half.

    Early days but they look pretty good for a title run.

  49. TitsMcGee

    Spot on. Very happy about the three points, but if we’re honest, that was not a good performance at all. Neither was Norwich“

    We got the three points but very unconvincing victories. If we cannot implement what we claim we are trying to do vs those teams then how can we compete with the big boys.?

    Odeegard nice goal vs Burnley but completely average other than that. Has the body of a 17 year old, will completely be dominated vs anyone with a pulse.

    Don’t even get me started on the £50 million joke signing.

  50. Habesha Gooner

    Thomas Tuchel is what pedro thinks Arteta is. I didn’t rate him from his Dortmund days. And I also though he was lucky with the squad of PSG. But he has turned a bunch of talented Chelsea players into an absolute machine. He knows how to get the best out of his players.

  51. MD-Gunner

    After watching today’s games anyone that still entertains the idea Arsenal will creep into top 4 is grossly delusional and needs an immediate reality check. 6 point below top 4 and 3 points away from European football.

    So 2 goals against bottom dwellers anything less and the complaints would be even greater. It will be decided after the next two games, loose the NLD and against BHA going into the international break and it should be toast for the clueless duo.

    Let someone else get a crack at the squad and do a turn around like Tuchel did at Chelsea. Now there is someone who can setup a defense. 14 goals allowed since he took over. No goal from open play yet in the 5 games.

  52. Mics


    I can’t speak for others, but I certainly can’t revel in a loss. I badly want Arteta to succeed because if he succeeds than Arsenal succeed. We’re all fans here, we all want the team to do well. I can appreciate that you’ve consciously adopted a more optimistic and hopeful outlook over the past eighteen months;indeed, it’s admirable in a way—choosing to be hopeful even when things seem grim. But given that you also recognize, and have written and spoken about, some of the serious problems of the Arteta regime, I don’t get why when others express concerns about the gaffer they get flippantly dismissed or insulted. I don’t think being concerned about where the team is at and how we play after eighteen months is overly negative or anti Arsenal or reveling in a loss.

    Regardless of performance, two wins in a row leading up to the NLD is good to see—hopefully this is the start of an ascent up the table. Cheers mate, the pod’s been great the past few months.

  53. Dissenter

    “ Let someone else get a crack at the squad and do a turn around like Tuchel did at Chelsea. Now there is someone who can setup a defense. 14 goals allowed since he took over. No goal from open play yet in the 5 games”

    That’s the other half of the Dortmund model
    They aren’t emotional or sentimental about managers. They sign the best youngsters with a high ceiling but won’t hesitate to change managers.
    Arsenal is a project for an inexperienced manager, t the same time we are undertaking a project with younger players.

  54. G8

    Ole could be the reason of manure shortcoming, but they have winners and big characters in their squad that could change results
    the likes of Ronaldo, Bogba, Bruno ,Cavani and Varan could win you titles playing together..
    Who cares anyway! we have a generational coach and young squad to support and cheer for many years to come!

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Watched the Spurs v Chelsea game. Spurs started off like a train, but the lesson was that Chelsea took control at around the half hour mark and Spurs ran out of steam.

    They were completely outplayed in second half by a very good Chelsea team.

    Frankly I think that Chelsea may well win the League this season. They have outplayed everyone they have played in EPL this season except perhaps against Liverpool when they went down to 10 men and even there they managed the game.

  56. Mics


    Agreed, early doors, but Chelsea look like the best team in the league. Their squad is absolutely stacked, they’ve got good chemistry, and Tuchel has been perhaps the best manager in the country since coming to Chelsea. They look frighteningly good.

    I hate it.

  57. Ken

    “and he made 6/6 headed clearances”

    I must have been hallucinating yesterday because I saw Ben White completely miss a header that resulted in a chance for Burnley that fortunately they put over the bar.

  58. Pedro

    Mics, there’s a difference between expressing concern and toxic behaviour.


    Arsenal beat Burnley away. Aaron Ramsdale is MoTM. What is the conversation on here? Bern Leno sympathy tour and how badly he’s been treated.

    Can you imagine going into The Tollington after a win and that was your angle at the bar? You’d be booted out.

  59. MD-Gunner

    Didn’t I read somewhere Pedro saying Arsenal is aspiring to Dortmund++? Well, so fat all I have seen is Dortmund- – – But then the season doesn’t start until after November or is it December plus give them 5, 10 or 20 more games after 2019.

    Just sitting here and tossing the what ifs around and the only idea that with regularity surfaces is “Change at the top” If not owners than at least those who are responsible for Arsenal’s football style what it is at present.

  60. Nigel Tufnel

    I agree that Arteta may have to go. If this attack doesn’t start to click soon, I’ll be calling for it. It’s not just the past few matches. We were awful most of last year with those stupid crosses thirty times a game.

    I’m still hoping it will happen, but I have doubts. I hope he proves us wrong.

  61. Matt

    Coming to the post very late so apologies if it’s already been mentioned, but regarding Pedro’s comment below:

    ‘ Mr Serge, there were really nice patches out there today. Burnley aren’t ever going to let you play elite football against them. They are well organised destroyers.’

    Erm, Everton played some pretty elite football against them in the second half on Monday when they tore them apart.