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Today, we have a bit of a fun data run for you with the YouGov Chat button that a load of you have been playing with. We’ll talk about fan player ratings today.

I asked: Value a player from 1-5, 5 being the most valuable, 1 being not so valuable.

The numbers were very interesting. The sample size we had was about 500, which is pretty good going for a survey.

Let’s start with the: What do the fans think of the new signings?

As you’ll remember, there was a lot of ‘WE HAVEN’T MOVED THE NEEDLE BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW THESE PLAYERS’ after the transfers window. Well, we’re one game in and the average rating for the 6 new signings was 3.81. Which is really high considering the average value of the entire squad was 3.10. Take Nuno Tavares out, who hasn’t started a game yet, and the rating goes up to a whopping 3.97.

  • White 3.95
  • Ramsdale 3.98
  • Tomiyasu 3.89
  • Lokonga 3.85
  • Tavares 3.03
  • Odegaard 4.17

So what can we take from this? Well, it seems the fans like the players a lot after winning, but in general, knowing a lot of Arsenal fans and hearing a lot of opinions, I think the fans actually just like this new group of players. There will be ups and downs, there will be mistakes, but they all have talent and they’ll all get better as the season goes on. I also like that character is shining through. Tomiyasu is clearly a big personality in the dressing room, and I love to see Aaron Ramsdale making videos for kids that have suffered loss. It’s small things like this that you think are standard with footballers, but I can tell you, there are players that have been at Arsenal where that has not been the case.

The top 5 players the fans are loving at the moment are to be expected.

  • Saka 4.88
  • ESR 4.70
  • Tierney 4.67
  • Partey 4.66
  • Odegaard 4.17

Nothing mind-blowing there, though I was surprised to see centre back Gabriel just outside the top 5, clearly his performance against Norwich struck a chord. Getting a little more specific? The average age of the top 5 players is 23, even with Thomas Partey stinking the joint out at the grand old age of 28. If you expand the group to the top 10 most valued Arsenal players, the age goes to 22.7.

What does this tell you?

That the fans are on board with the summer strategy, that they like the idea of a youthful squad, and hopefully they are willing deal with the ups and downs that will come as part of the learning process this season.

We wanted a Dortmund++ and we basically have it. The ++ comes from the fact that we buy expensive players to supplement our kids like Auba and Partey. It also differs from the German side because we’re buying elite young players with bundles of Premier League experience. But make no mistake, this is a similar model. We’re doing it this way because that’s the only way to compete. We can’t buy a Premier League winning team, we’ll have to grow it.

This comes with some ramifications. Fans will have to temper expectations of a league run this season (lol). They’ll also have to accept that young players have ups and downs. But long term, this was the only way to do things and I think that it’s a very likeable plan that 95% of fans will get behind. As Mike McDonald said yesterday, we just have to be patient with it, and remember to continue to be awesome fans in the ground like we have been in every game so far. Young players need to feel the love, when they do, they get better, and learn faster.

I don’t really want to get into the players the fans aren’t loving at the moment. It’s basically a mix of players that we’ve replaced, that won’t leave, or have big PR issues at the moment. Overall though, the message is positive. The fans like the new squad, they like the players, and the direction on paper seems to be pleasing fans.

Right, before I go, make sure you read the ‘WHAT THE HELL IS ARTETA DOING‘ article from yesterday. Mike is a successful British coach in America and he took the time out to explain what he thinks is going on at Arsenal and I thought it was excellent. The article is the most engaged article of the past year, I think it’s clear that it has opened a lot of minds to what the plan is, and it’s hard not to get behind the sentiment.

Now we have to hand the controls to Arteta. He has to deliver a result at the weekend. He has to continue the good work of Norwich at a very violent stadium. I can’t wait.

Also worth noting that Arteta has pivoted his messaging. Hearing him talk about a ‘very bright light’ at the end of a tunnel is what fans want to hear. He needs to be aggressive about this new vision at Arsenal. He needs to defend his players and pump them. He needs to make us all believers again. The time is now, let’s see what the boys have.



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  1. Ishola70

    Yes the lack of winning second balls again shown in this match is still a worrying trait with this side and it is apparent mostly in midfield.

  2. Pierre

    ” Even though Ramsdale played the ball, he still fouls the attacker, and if he doesn’t the attacker might reach the ball and score. ”

    I’ve read some pretty dim comments on here but your take on the non penalty is up there with the best..

    And to think that you then posted a link of the non penalty makes it even more dim .

  3. TT


    “Burnley if we look at overall play were worth a point in the match but lack that quality upfront.”

    I fail to see why they would have deserved a point from the game, Yes we did not exactly swim in chances but I can’t remember one moment apart from a late header that made me nervous.

    Overall we had the better chances but its fair to say this was no vintage performance either,

  4. DivineSherlock

    There is a reason these 1-0 wins are more important than last season comparatively because we used to play with Willian , Cedric , David Luiz , Ceballos etc . Now its a young team finding its feet , the chemistry will start to build , I really like the defense now ! Less nervy & more confidence. No Xhaka is always a plus . I just would love to see Lacazette instead of Aubameyang and Martinelli in place of Pepe , rest of them unchanged .

  5. Zacharse

    Hoping White gets a formal introduction to josh kroenkes wife soon and his play picks up

    looks like Chelskis title to lose this year. CR might bring something to utd and city always have a shot but lukaku puts em over the top imho

  6. Ishola70


    I am on about overall play.

    Yes Burnley don’t create that much because as has been said they lack quality upfront.

    But they bossed the second half in regards overall play and the flow of the match in the second half was definitely much in their favour.

    How many chances you create in a match doesn’t make you the better team if we are talking overall football.

  7. NJ Gooner

    Playing badly and winning with a clean sheet is a sign of a maturing side. A strange performance because some players were very good (Gabriel, Sambi and AMN when they came on, Odegaard ran midfield, especially in the first half).

    But bear in mind that we haven’t lost at Burnley in almost 50 years. It shows how our expectations have declined.

    We have to pray that Partey and Tierney will be fit for next weekend and ESR, Pepe, Saka and Auba show up.

    And we have to hope that this young side will only get better, and not judge them on two scrappy performances against poor sides.

  8. JJ

    Important 3 points but game plan must have been sloppy, slow and ponderous. Pepe and Saka were particularly awful. Giving the ball away cheaply way too often. Auber completely MIA.

  9. curse

    massive! three points, young squad passed the test. not with flying colours, which is to be expected but the passing needs to improve. should have been at least 2 nil.

    beat the shadow dwellers and we’re rocking.

  10. Pierre

    I didn’t watch the game but reading the comments , it appears that White , Pepe’, Aubameyang , Smith Rowe, Saka and Tierney were shit, and Ramsdale is now the business , that is until he makes a cock up, then he’ll be shit along with the rest of them .

  11. TT


    My money is still on Man City but its going to be interesting league this year for sure with Liverpool, City, Utd and Chelsea all with in a shout.

  12. Cheney10

    The performance wasn’t electric and we just haven’t clicked in attack with Saka and Pepe particularly poor; however, a win is a win and it’s on to next week.

    I think the old adage is that you build from the back and I must say, the first choice defenders look pretty solid. We now just need to unleash the attack!

  13. MidwestGun

    There is more moaners complaining about the moaners then actual moaners.. Is my hot take.

    Pierre… To be fair Auba wasn’t very good. ESR was pretty good until he got an injury and limped off we missed him. Saka was very ineffective… looked frustrated on the left. Tierney was rough housed and walked off injured.. His crossing today was poor. Pepe was Pepe.

    Ramsdale wasn’t amazing.. But he distributed the ball better.. commanded his area and was very communicative. You will have to watch the game… to judge White yourself.. you won’t be impressed.

  14. Zacharse

    Not that i bet anymore or was ever particularly lucky but seems not really worth the effort to put up money for a chelsea/city title.
    I think city is going to wind up drawing more than either utd or chelsea will like today… lack of a dominant CF that bottom half teams might be able to deal w better than lukaku/ cavani-CR. Then, utd defense/mf a lot weaker than anyone else. Think lpool n utd may struggle this year more than many think, bla bla bla

  15. Zambian Gunner

    The scoreline could have been much better but our front players were painfully off the ball. Poor first touches and inappropriate weight on the final passes killed many promising moves. Saka and Pepe in particular had a game to forget.

  16. Dissenter

    Ben White is always going to get the Pepe treatment
    The price tag will be an anchor around him.

    You expect a near complete player for that range of price tags

    If he matures well, maybe he can be Vermalein-lite.
    He’s not going to be that central defender that dominates his area.

  17. Paolo

    Pepe has less football IQ than Walcott & Iwobi combined

    If we had D Gray from Everton instead of Pepe, Aubameyang would score 30 goals this season.

  18. Ray+in+LA


    There’s more moaners complaining about the moaners then actual moaners


    Thought there were signs of continued improvement…got to have a plan that uses Saka better, nice cameos from all three subs

  19. Dissenter

    Why do people persist with these “weight on the pass” comments when it’s being explained ad nauseum?

    Burnley cut their grass long
    They don’t water their turf before games against teams that play passing football.
    It’s been an issue forever

    That’s why the passes were almost always short.
    It happened with virtually all of our players and it negated whatever we were trying to do.

  20. bacaryisgod


    Agree about White. If we’re paying 50m for him, we should have paid Brighton 45m plus a 5m bonus when he makes his first appearance. At least that way everyone (including commentators) wouldn’t be calling him a 50m defender!

  21. Dissenter

    Tierney needs to try cutting back the ball more
    He just seems to run to the touch line, mutter ‘inshallah’, closes his eyes …and then crosses the ball.

    How many of those “chance created” have led remotely to a goal?

    He’s another one that need to be dropped; Leno treatment. Give Tavares a chance to push him.

  22. Dissenter

    Honestly I wish we had Saliba in the squad, organically rooted in the squad.

    People who see him play weekly say he’s the type that gets you to the edge of your seat, a proper Rolls Royce defender.

  23. MidwestGun

    Defensively there was improvement.. Mainly because TT and Gabi were solid and Burnley didn’t have the players to challenge Tierney. I thought Ode and Partey did pretty well together until Partey got hurt, again. Especially defensively but attacking it was a little disjointed.. and too safe.

    When AMN and Loko came on… they gave us some physicality we missed.

    I hope White and Gabi can form a better partnership over time. White looked unaware of danger a lot of times and put himself needlessly in danger by dwelling on the ball. His heading first half was bad …. at the end he cleared a couple. So mixed bag.. but not great. He nearly cost us a goal though and that cant happen. Unless he really was trying to replace Luiz, literally.

  24. curse

    LA. RAMSdale!!! gonna be a legend!

    I particularly liked that we gave as good as we got, especially the shots that knocked a few of their neanderthals over 😂

  25. Dissenter

    Best part about Ramsdale is his starting position.

    Arteta has to show courage and avoid that “95%’, nonsense.
    When sled bout starting goalie, just say he can’t drop a players who’s enthusiastic about his role and is not making mistakes

  26. salparadisenyc

    I get the moaners even with the win, minimal improvements to speak of. That said it was Turf Moor.

    Pitch might of been slow but thats the whole point of a warmup to get lay of land and speed of things, when has Burnley ever given the pitch a rinse before kick off? Looked at times like we we’re passing over wet concrete, notably Pepe trying to spring a free on goal Auba.

    We don’t seem to be showing the kind of invention you’d hope at this stage of Arteta’s career, put out our most creative mid with a front three that were totally disjointed from it. Not making necessary runs to maximise, not correcting that as we went. Cant count how many times mid had to back pass without anyone attempting forward runs to open Burnley up. The few we did ended up in very weak finishes. Really struggling with how laborious we look going forward.

    White had a shocker no getting around that but kind of hard to really go studs in with a clean sheet. Ramsdale looking more and more like number 1 which gives that buy some context. But a more inventive opponent opens us right up today, no question.

  27. G8

    Front 3 were terrible, midfield was ok, white was shockingly bad, fullbacks did ok
    Gabriel and Ramsdale great performance against heavy Burnley bruisers
    Rode our luck today, it was horrible game to watch for the neutral ,zero football entertainment!
    Arteta remains hinderance to this club progress

  28. MidwestGun

    The worrying part is can we actually count on Partey playing the majority of games. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt last season.. as it was all new. But it’s starting to be a trend now.

  29. Zacharse

    Is LG now where fans come to complain about moaners moaning about moaners?

    Personally i’m relishing the spurs game now. Hope i wont regret it but i think weve got spine now even if we cant finish properly…

  30. salparadisenyc


    Don’t think we got a fair acquittal of it today with ESR not looking at his peak, regardless its a bit lost with a front three tuned to a different frequency. Thats managerial.

    Once Xhaka fit, little doubt he’s right back in the mixer but agree do like look of Lokonga to shore up if needed.

  31. IQ

    Just got back from watching the game and what a horrible game to watch it was. On the plus side our defence looked much better but that was mainly due to the new right back and Gabriel who was very good. White was generally poor on the ball and got caught a few times dilly dallying and was bvery negative with the ball. Tierney also seems to defend way too narrow now as well leaving plenty of room wide for their right back/winger.

    As I said earlier, Saka and ESR look lost as they keep being played in different positions constantly and can’t seem to find their rhythm. Either play Saka left wing back or on the right like he plays for England. Playing him on the inside left he doesn’t know whether to stick or twist., same for ESR.

    Pepe for all his mistakes as least looks like he might do something and tries to attack his defender instead of passing back all the damn time. Seems like unless he always scores he will be blamed for everything.

  32. Leedsgunner

    “Pepe for all his mistakes as least looks like he might do something and tries to attack his defender instead of passing back all the damn time. Seems like unless he always scores he will be blamed for everything.“


    Pepe will always be an easy target because of his price tag. Not his fault we overpaid about £50m for him….

  33. Spanishdave

    Arteta seems to confuse the player by constant fiddling with players positions.
    They need to play in their best position where they want to play.
    It shows that he hasn’t really got a clue about the best shape and way of playing to get the best out of players.

  34. Leedsgunner

    Against Wimbledon

    1. I want to see Balogun, Nketiah, Martinelli and Lacazette given game time.

    2. I want to see what AMN can do in the middle of the park

    3. and I want to see Patino and Kido Taylor Hart to be given their competitive debuts. Next to Azeez they are probably the next in terms of first team readiness.

  35. Br0wnie

    So tired of watching Arteta guide this team around with the handbrake fully on. Unfortunately Arteta doesn’t know any other way. He has no clue how to coach attacking style football so we end up with this bland, vanilla possession game in which clearly doesn’t work. Hard to watch knowing you have players who love to run

  36. Graham62


    Have you just described in detail Artetaball?

    Utter confusion.

    I know we won but please, come on, that’s not the way it should be.

  37. englandsbest

    Anyone played football in a hayfield? Or on a soft sandy beach? That is how it must have seemed to the Arsenal players today, after the snooker-table surfaces they are used to. Good luck to Dyche though, in pro soccer you take and make any possible advantage you can get. But hey, let’s sympathise with Ben & Co for mis-cueing a few, not criticize them.

    Okay, I know, you don’t need to tell me: it’s Arteta’s fault for not training them in a hayfield.

  38. CG

    Burnley 0 Arsenal 1.

    (2 goals in 5 games.) Joint lowest in the prem.

    Grim to watch – the lack of goals a constant feature of Artetaball, the soccer equivalent of a contant nagging toothache.

  39. Samesong

    Anyone played football in a hayfield?

    Spare us the nonsense. Many of us have played on shitier pitches and been able to pass and control the ball. And when we did play on decent pitches we were even better.

    So if we draw a league one or league two team in the cup and have to play at their ground are we going to use that as an excuse?

  40. Thorough

    It is so refreshing knowing that whenever the defenders fuck up there’s a stable human being behind them hoping to right things.

    It is refreshing for the defenders and midfielders to know they can pass the ball backwards to a keeper who will almost always make the right decision be it passing it out or booting it up field.

    I never liked that we purchased Ramsdale because Onana and others that I’ve watched looked perfect for us and cheaper too. But I cannot deny the calmness and character this young terrier brings to the team.

    Can we sell Leno now and get a youngish keeper. Having Ramsdale in place of Leno alone should save us about 9 points this season considering Lenos errors leading to goal either directly or indirectly.

    And while we are at it can we sell Xhaka or give him away. The team just looks a lot better without those mistake machines in human form.

  41. Dissenter

    Odegaard hit that freekick , exquisitely it it had a definite training ground routine about it
    The screening wall we put in front of the Burnley wall was half of the story.

  42. Graham62


    They are professional footballers, with so called footballing intelligence.
    Then again, if you have a manager who speaks six languages but can’t speak the language of simple dynamic football, mistakes will be made.

    Anyone who blames the pitch is not fit for purpose.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Six points from the last two fixtures was a must considering our start to the season.

    Did this play on the players minds during the games? Probably. They were very cautious and avoided going behind.

    Five games in and we are just three points worse off than expected considering the fixtures.

  44. Receding Hairline

    “It is so refreshing knowing that whenever the defenders fuck up there’s a stable human being behind them hoping to right things.”

    So unfair on Leno who has saved us so many points. Come on, we played two teams that ordered fcuk all in attack.

  45. CG

    Aston Villa scoring more goals in 10 mins against In form Everton than Arsenal have managed in 450 minutes.

    Thats Artetaball in a nutshell.

  46. englandsbest


    I’m trying to picture you in that hayfield, but all I’m seeing is a bunch of kids. Tell me, are you the tall skinny one, who see over the grass?

  47. MidwestGun

    Yep Villa opened up a can of whoop ass on Everton… This is the type of outburst I keep waiting for us to have…. and it never does. We play with no freedom. JDP … Joyless defensive play… copyright Almuniasaynomore.

  48. Tom

    Arsenal can’t possibly produce any free flowing football , not even in moments, for obvious reasons.
    We played against Brentford on a Friday and 9 players had Covid.
    We played Chelsea , the European Champions, enough said.
    We played City, hello!?!
    We played Norwich, ok they were bottom of the table but they had a real tough schedule that was weighing down their qualities. Just watch them climb the table when their opponents level eases up. Oh wait, they just lost 1:3 to Watford at home? Probably unlucky.
    We played Burnley on the pitch that resembled a hayfield………. and none of our players met before today.
    How they were able to string three passes together in the attacking third I’ll never know.

    Anyone dismissing these factors clearly has an anti Arteta agenda or never kicked a football in his life.

  49. Dissenter

    The point about the pity. is that beating Burnley with passing football is very difficult ult at Turf Moor

    Adjustments have to be made for the way the prepare their pitch for passing teams.

    Those passes went short became the turd was caught long to stop the ball from rolling.
    I wouldn’t call it a hayfield, that’s englandsbest doing his daily Arteta-suck off.

  50. IQ

    I read an article saying that Reiss Nelson was injured in his first training session for Feyenoord and their manager questioned Arsenal’s training methods saying the player was not used to the intensity.

    After watching this game it looks like the Feyenoord manager may be right. Partey and Tierney got injured as Burnley upped the tempo and most of our players seemed knackered but we don’t even play high tempo football. To my eyes Odegaard looked the most athletic player in our side and that is quite worrying.

  51. Cannonball

    Was a decent performance and we stood up to the test. We only scored once but the amount of times we broke up the pitch and the players made the wrong choice or over hit the pass was ridiculous. The good thing is we’re getting into these positions where we outnumber them on the break or it’s 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 and we have the opposition running back toward their own goal.

    3 pts in the bag, now on to the next game.

  52. Thorough

    So unfair on Leno who has saved us so many points. Come on, we played two teams that ordered fcuk all in attack.

    Seriously it isn’t. Leno always has that lost, confused puppy look on his face. I remember last season, I think it was Matt Ryan’s 2nd or 3rd game, last minute, we needed a goal and he left his post.
    My immediate reaction was ‘Leno will never do that’.

    Guess what? The next game we needed a goal and Leno had to do the same thing.

    I just think we need a keeper with a mind of his own. When Martinez came in he knew exactly when to boot it up field and when to pass it out of defence. Leno on the other hand force his players into making mistakes or make mistakes of his own because he can’t think beyond Arteta’s plan to pass out from the back.

    I do not think Leno has the character and charisma to be our number 1 despite his amazing shots topping abilities.
    Long live Sir Ramsdale!

  53. englandsbest


    You can do better than that. Open the other eye and you will see that Arteta effectively coped with Dyche’s ploy. No. it wasn’t flowing football, no team can in a hayfield. Nor did your other ear hear Arteta blame the pitch,. Arteta never makes excuses, he gives explanations. And yes, he is 100% fit for purpose.

  54. TT

    The comments after the game stared out quite civil. Come 2 hours later the usual naysayers bring down the quality of comments. we win 50 nil and they would still moan.

  55. Akinzo

    Wow!!! The sun is shinning again. The cloud of doom dogging Arsenal is finally being lifted.
    Yes, that was not vintage Gunner, the players did not particularly play swashbuckling football but dude, I’ll take the three points. We are now climbing up the EPL ladder. We are now emerging from the abyss where we were plunged after experiencing our worst start to a season since 1954 of thereabout(am sorry if I didnt get that stat right).
    Any true Arsenal fan would forget even momentarily the ineptitude of Arteta and celebrate the marginal win.
    We are usually apprehensive when it comes to playing Mat Turf Moor, and now we’ve gone there and conquered. All that was at stake, we have in the bag.
    You don’t have to worry yourself to death dude. When we lose, its gloom and when we win its gloom. WHY?
    Why must some live in perpetual misery?
    So many players were off today. That should be expected with young players as they still need to nurture their consistency. Saka, was by like our best player last season and we all now the quality he possesses. He will soon be back to his lofty ideal.
    One poster even claimed he hates Pepe, a player who flies our banner and one of the biggest threat In the squad! White was quite irritating at times during the game but let’s hope he gets better after two games.
    Before, panic would have gripped us, once Tierney gets injured, but in Nuno we’ve seen a player capable of holding the forte effectively. He’s not Roberto Carlos, but he looks promising,
    And many still won’t aknowledge that thats moving the needle? Even if its for a few hours, let’s celebrate this win. We can go back to our misery, perhaps tomorrow.

  56. Ishola70

    It was noticeable that Ramsdale dealt well with the aerials in the box claiming them well and this with opposing players breathing down his neck. This is something that we see Leno struggling with or making a meal of in the past.

    Already just on aerial command of your own box Ramsdale looks better than Leno in that respect but as has been said we have yet to find out how good or bad Ramsdale is overall.

    Certainly seems it would be harsh to rop him at this point.

  57. Lacaqualidie

    September 18, 2021 18:52:18

    Anyone played football in a hayfield?

    Spare us the nonsense. Many of us have played on shitier pitches and been able to pass and control the ball. And when we did play on decent pitches we were even better.

    So if we draw a league one or league two team in the cup and have to play at their ground are we going to use that as an excuse?
    Exactamundo. I was laughing so hard at Dissenter’s excuse I couldn’t put fingers to keyboard to write a rebuttal based on regressing to my 12 year-old self and my experiences.

    A flat, wide pitch without mud was always a delight to play on as a kid and coping with the other sorts were par for the course.

    All players get to have a kick about on the pitch before the game and assess the ground whether it’s professionals playing in the PL or under 10s playing a game on a cow field.

  58. China1

    We can critique the performance all day. There was a lot wrong with it honestly.

    But 1-0 is one of the most satisfying scores in football. I dunno why I actually prefer it to 2-0 or 3-1 etc.. to have a clean sheet and dispatch a team with the minimum required goals always just feels right. Unless you’re going to thrash a team by 3+ goals, I prefer a 1-0 over a scrapper game with more goals for both teams.

    Like when we had our CL final run and we were winning all the ties 1-0 over two legs. Satisfying…

  59. China1

    Ramsdale has been very good so far this season. It would be crap management to drop him now.

    He and Tomi have both looked the part and should remain automatic starters until they give us a reason to think otherwise

  60. China1

    And yeah Ramsdale catching crosses is always really nice to see. Reminiscent of Martinez calmly taking balls out of the sky when you’re under pressure. It’s very very important