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What are you watching today? PSG? Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi? Ok, me too.

There’s only one club in the world that does things the way fans think they should… and that’s PSG. What they did this summer was grotesque. It shouldn’t happen. It’s basically Harlem Globetrotters. But here we are, in the Champions League, watching a fat rich person spewing gold onto a pitch.

It’ll be very interesting to see how that all works over the course of a year. My suspicion is it might not win them the Champions League, but we’ll see.

The hot story doing the rounds is that Arteta, according to Bild, has promised Leno his shirt back after two games.


Seems a bit odd and quite un-Arteta like. It also seems weird that Leno would agree to be dropped for two games. What sort of elite athlete asks for a breather 3 games into a season? Especially if the person taking your place is someone other than Runarsson.

My suspicion. This story is nonsense. Ramsdale has the shirt until he fucks up. That’s how it should go. We’ve watched 2 years of meh keeping, now is the chance for someone else to give it a go. Leno is also down to two years on his deal. The club was always going to make this season rough for him so he’d leave to chase the Germany #1 spot.

Did I tell you Tomiyasu said he was buzzing? I love that. Do Japanese people call each other ‘slags’ when they greet each other?

Back to it…

There are HAAAAWT rumours that Charlie Patino, god of Hale-End Twitter, is going to make an appearance next week in the league cup. The story goes that he’s impressing the Arsenal first-team players. That video of him dropping Phil Jones, then chipping Dean Henderson was very reminiscent of Jack Wilshere having that moment against West Ham reserves when he curled a pearler into the top corner. Some kids have a swagger that just screams ‘I WILL GET A GO’… that’s what I’m seeing here.

Arteta really does have a fine balancing act in the League Cup. He needs build familiarity with this new squad of players, but at the same time, make sure the talent coming through doesn’t suffer. Balancing longterm goals while catering to gangrenous short term needs is a might fine line to tread. I fully expect the backline to mostly remain in tact. I think the major change out will likely be Tavares in for Tierney. Midfield, let’s be real, no one needs to see Big Mo clumping around, let’s get Patino in there. Up top, you don’t want to risk your stars, so there could be some flex there. Folarin Balogun will surely start, then maybe Reiss (who is on loan, so no) or one of the other U23 kids.

I’m pumped for that game. Maybe the team will depend on whether we do some damage against Burnley at the weekend.

Finally, seems there’s a lot of debate about fandom on the internet that has been set off by that video of the fan arranging his friend to shoot him going to the Emirates for the first time while he himself also videos the moment.

That video was weird. Let’s be honest. Organising a production like that is not ‘in the moment’ and it’s not a young people thing. It’s a people thing. Everyone wants to film everything and it’s a scourge on modern entertainment. No one ever goes back and watches the videos either.

Fandom is a weird thing and there are levels for it. Even in England, when you are sussing out someone in a bar that tells you they like football, the hierarchy sussing goes like this.

Who do you support?

Do you go and see them?

Season ticket holder?

Do you go to away games?

Do you go to Europe?

Fans that do it all are peak Arsenal fans, you can’t deny it, the commitment is outrageous and you have to accept it.

I’m an overseas fan. I write a blog. Podcast. Tweet like a madman. I’m obsessed. I’m still a fan, just a different type. That doesn’t mean I’m lesser, but I can’t claim to be the same level of hardcore as an away day season ticket holder (RIP).

Arsenal is global. Global fans make the community special. They are valuable and should never be demeaned. Jockeying for position is boring, but it mostly only happens when someone tells another fan they aren’t worthy. All fans are worthy and no one should diminish a person’s fandom unless they wear half and half shirts.

Still, there is a hierarchy of fandom, you might not like that people do it on the internet, but it might make you feel better that local fans do it in bars when assessing someone.

Short one today. See you ALL in the comments. x



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  1. Moray

    So Arteta is now in the habit of issuing guarantees and promises to keepers. It’s a real shame he wasn’t prepared to do that before Martinez left.

  2. Luteo Guenreira

    Weight cuts are a horrible thing to put your body through, if a fighter is willing to subject himself to that level of self abuse to gain an advantage, and is able to do it consistently without missing weight, that’s something to be commended, not penalized. Khabib had lots of problems making weight early in his career until he got it straightened out too.

    Anderson walked around at 225 and cut to 185 regularly, Usman likely cuts close to 30lbs also. The notion that cutting lots of weight dampens your legacy as a fighter is ridiculous.

    Khabib is the GOAT for me, he finished everybody in a stacked division, Jones a close second but I don’t think the level of talent at LHW that he faced comes close to what Khabib faced his last few years. Early on he fought a lot of big names that were on the tail end of the their careers, like Shogun and Machida when they were already past their primes. Aside from that his stiffest test came from Gustafsson. Although I do give him points for beating Cormier pretty decisively both times, even if it wasn’t at Cormier’s natural weight class.

    GSP was handed a win toward the end of his career that he should have lost (Hendricks) and was overall an extremely boring fighter, I can’t include him with Jones and Khabib in the discussion, he also got starched by Matt Serra on one occasion and you definitely lose points for that.

    Silva probably my favourite but stuck around too long, he was so much fun to watch in his prime.

  3. Guns of SF

    DC was just too short to be a real threat to the HW division.
    Yea he got some good wins and got Miocic but overall, his height was a hinderance. Add a few inches and he would be much better.

  4. Luteo Guenreira


    Yeah I’m sure it hurt him, being jump-kicked in the face usually will do that. Thanks for the link though, for some reason I remembered Henderson getting up sooner than that. It’s pretty surprising it didn’t end up a KO tbh.

  5. Guns of SF

    Bendo was a bust, for a while I was liking him, but he just really faded away to Bellator and now I dont even know if he still fights…
    The life of an MMA fighter is rough ….

  6. Globalgunner

    MMA proves that humans have not evolved one little bit since the bloodthirsty days of Roman gladiators. Its gruesome to watch. Ironic that some people want to ban heading from football and ignore a sport that allows man…and women to knock each others brains into mush.

  7. kjelli

    What if the Wimbledon team is made of hard-men like in the old days ? Patino needs to beef up
    10-15kg. before thrown against a thug team. Lets remember little Jack Wilshire.. ?

  8. Mr Serge

    DC was just too short to be a real threat to the HW division.
    Yea he got some good wins and got Miocic but overall, his height was a hinderance. Add a few inches and he would be much better.

    Cornier the Ben White of the heavy weight division lol

  9. Mr Serge

    Luteo can’t agree with KN being the goat how many 55 ers can put your lights out with one punch ? Most lhw can do that khabib could go for the takedown knowing he can take one if he has to on the way in you can’t do that at the heavier weights.
    Plus I don’t really think he fought top fighters until his last few fights

    They goat of MMA has to be one that has the skill as well as longevity
    Look how long Anderson and Jones reigned and took on all comers
    KN is a hall of famer not the goat

  10. Mr Serge

    Back to football taking 6 of my friends and family to the cup game that don’t usually go and I got tickets two rows behind tets do I dare tell him about himself lol

  11. Up 4 grabs now

    Hey Pedro,

    Loving the podcasts, not usually my thing but actually really enjoying them.
    I think with little or no midweek games your going to have to keep us all engaged arsenal wise with some blinding content.

    Looking at the comments last night about kick boxing, I might have to dust off my Jean Claude van Damme video collection to get in on the the conversation! 😉

    On a more arsenal note, I think it’s rubbish leno being promised he’ll be back for the spuds game, and just the usual crap journalism to piss off arsenal fans. Probably started by talk sport. I saw one article saying xhaka walks straight back in for the spurs game as well.

    The only thing is, it sounds like a typical Arteta thing to do?

  12. Up 4 grabs now

    Mr serge its your duty to tell arteta the legeove opinion.
    If not just throw mini marshmallows at his head throughout the game and see if they stick in that Lego hair of his.
    (Violence is not condoned so nothing heavier) 😉

  13. TitsMcgee

    The ultimate irony is the NFL gets a lot of shiiite for endangering their athletes’s lives post-career due to head injuries etc.

    MMA: punch and kick a guy in the head, even after he is down on the mat, no problem.

    The hypocrisy lol

  14. Mr Serge

    Up 4 grabs nowSeptember 16, 2021 08:37:12
    Mr serge its your duty to tell arteta the legeove opinion.
    If not just throw mini marshmallows at his head throughout the game and see if they stick in that Lego hair of his.
    (Violence is not condoned so nothing heavier

    That made me spit my coffee out on my laptop lol

  15. Sid

    “”””””Luteo GuenreiraSeptember 16, 2021 07:59:37
    I like MMA because it’s like dog fighting, but with humans.””””

    Are you Michael Vick?

  16. Valentin

    I don’t want to take the contrarian view just to upset people or defend Arteta, but I don’t see the problem with Arteta promising Leno that he will be back in 3 games.

    At Everton Ancelotti did the same thing with Pickford when he thought that his head was not in the right place. Years ago, Red Nose Ferguson did the same thing with Peter Schmeichel.

    If Arteta genuinely think that Leno was not in the right frame of mind and that he needs a couple of games to refresh, I don’t view that as controversial.

    The issue is whether the same message was also given to Ramsdale. If Arteta said to Leno you will get your place in 3 games, but told that Ramsdale that he was the new No1, then I see a bad situation developing. There is no reason to believe that to be the case.

  17. Mee

    Just watched highlights from the nine goal thriller between City and RB Leipzig. They make it look so easy to score against a top City side. To think we went there and played to lose. I hate you so much Arteta. The day he is fired I’ll buy one of them fancy whisky’s China1 is always talking about to celebrate.