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I spent last week back in England after two years out of the game due to the pandemic. Honestly, it was so good to be back. I knew it had been too long because I was oddly enamoured with people’s accents. I loved the little things, like not being able to get a haircut until after 3pm on a Saturday, or being strong-armed into destruction drinking by nearly everyone. I honestly can’t wait to be back at Christmas and take a few games in. I miss London man, I’m in pieces at my desk this morning stroking a box of PG Tips whispering ‘alright you facking melt’ quietly to myself.

The other nice thing about the trip? I am something of a good luck charm for Arteta’s career. He won his first game with my presence and he just pulled himself partially out of a hole this weekend.

I went back over his interviews. I don’t know what the ground zero situation looked like over the past two weeks, but it felt to me like some people at the club sat down with him and had a proper conversation. I might just be projecting what I’d liked to have happened.

Notable things:

Vibes: His demeanour was very different before the game. He’s back to selling a future we can buy into. There was no moping or feeling sorry for himself. There were no excuses, no disgruntlement at what had gone on, just a laser focus on clearly communicating with the fans what the plan is moving forward.

Content: I think his content has improved over the past couple of weeks. The main message I was getting from his pressers is that he’s happy with the talent, but more than that, he’s happy with the new characteristics of his squad. I’ve found that interesting. When he spoke of his new players, he spoke of their personality traits. Tomi was ‘all smiles with a desire to play’, Sambi Lokonga ‘was desperate to play despite a knock’, and Aaron Ramsdale ‘is a great energy, something different.’ 

Happy family: I think Arteta also went to great lengths to thank the wider staff for getting him through it. Moving up to manager can cloud your ego, we’ve all been there, you make director and you think you’re a GOD of the internet at first. Arteta is not a god, so throwing his weight around in August in press conferences like peak-Jose wouldn’t have gone down well. It read to me like maybe he’d been force-fed a bit of humble pie because he was very keen to stress that everyone had mucked in.

Have you ever seen those memes on the internet where there’s a bear hugging a dog with a caption like “This bear loves the dog” then an animal expert writes underneath “this is a dog tied to a bowl, the bear is about it eat him.” That could be me with these hack observations. They might not be true, but whatever went on, one thing is for sure: the players didn’t down tools on him. Sure, it wasn’t an A+ performance for the ages, but you could see the specifics of what we were trying to do. I thought we were very aggressive for most of the game, our players pressed far harder than they usually do, and our overall play was far more unpredictable. Ben White creates chances, has great passing, and uses his runs to create overloads. Sambi Lokonga, quite simply, is not Dani Ceballos. Tomiyasu gives us height defending longballs, he gives us an option outwide, and he can actually right back. Ramsdale can pass so playing out the back looks good. It didn’t work as a piece of art, but at the very least, you could see the component parts and how they’ll make us better.

Some of the criticism after the game did make for painful reading. People position themselves as elite analysts of the futbol but fail to understand that we’re putting humans out on the pitch. You put a bunch of people together in a new office and it takes a while to get going, it’s the same with footballers. Arteta gifted 4 players home debuts, only one of our back 5 remained the same from the previous two games, we started a brand new keeper, we ran a midfield pairing that had never played together, and we did that all in the first game after the international break.

I know we’re all dying for a blowout here, but once again, we have to accept that it’s going to take a bit of time to start firing on all cylinders.

The good news? 

  1. We don’t have European football so the players can spend more time on the training ground
  2. We have specificity in the important positions, so if we can keep players fit, we’ll have a system that works
  3. We’ve played the two best teams in the country right now

I suspect the club will have a lot of attention on Spurs, who have been shite this season, because that’s an Arteta Cup Final. It’ll be very interesting to see what he does against Wimbledon this week in the league cup. For me, it’s not a rest day, it’s a ‘let’s work each other out’ game. It’s a practice game with a trophy attached to it. Certain players shouldn’t be risked, like Saka, Auba and ESR, but I’d really like to see a strong team out there so we can get some minutes in the legs.

This idea does run into challenges though. We have all these fantastic kids looking for minutes. Folarin Balogun scored for the U23s at the weekend. We’re all watching the Patino hype videos. These players need experience as well. There’s a balance… but the most important thing at the moment is the development of the first team and for the players to get to full match fitness.

I’m weirdly looking forward to the away day at Burnley. It’ll be a roughhouse game and I want to see how this new defence stands up to a thug 90 minutes. I think we have more than enough to dispatch them and I really hope they can be the team we find our edge against.

Right, that’s me done for the day, see you in the comments… and please watch the videos below.



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  1. Tom

    Tony, this is probably the first time I’ve read one of your longer posts in its entirety ( a short attention span more to blame than your writing) and it was quite entertaining.

  2. Tony

    Nelson my experience in TV, press and video making is quite extensive in the and filming in the States for Polygram and working closely with various dailies in the 90s. That’s about as much as I’m prepared to offer.

    I’m assuming AFC have full content control in the contract. They’d be stupid not to have such ability to veto areas that make the club look poor.

    The way things are going we could end up with an abridged version of City and the Spud’s offerings: 2 episodes instead of 6?. For me this was another utterly stupid decision by the BoD and Stan to have this season filmed. What did they expect? Some footage they could be proud of?

    The Amazon should be seen a a brand expanding tool. Something to reposition the brand in world football that would attract people to follow our club and buy merchandise s well as want to stream out games for PFV.

    Instead all they have in the cans (film) is losses, for management decision making and clueless TD and manager and failing coaches.

    Hardly the stuff that builds global brands something I’ve worked with in my career and especially our own company I took from US$8 million a yard to US$30+ million a year turnover in the global gas and oil industry after rebranding the company and adding distributorships as I reposition their global brand and opened offices in other countries.

    It’s no wonder he Amazon video is now a nightmare to try to get something good out of what’s been filmed, especially as this season is looking to be worse than last season.

    That’s my view Nelson I offer from my film experience from the music industry and my own as a business consultant in the UK first before I left for the far east. I doubt much has changed since the 90s.

    If I were Stan I would have fired Arteta, Edu and the coaches at the end of the season and employed elite proven people as CEO and pushed Vinai sideways to sponsor account handling.I would have brought an experienced sport’s CEO and added a couple fo younger (40s) football people to the board who had played the game.

    Only then would I have invited Amazon to film the new look Arsenal that would have a a far better TW with the transfer budget of £150+m.

    That would have ben the proactive route, but we’re stuck with being our usual reactive BS and leaving more film on the cutting room floor than is useable, as we are at the moment with dropping the start of the season from the series.

    This is what the current reactive management, if you can call them that (management) brings to the table.

    Maybe the video will be worse than the Spud’s series and the branding opportunity working against us rather than exciting football fans to follow us.

    That’s my POV Nelson

  3. Tony

    Morning all.
    My son got really upset when I told him I’d had enough of the Arteta’s disingenuous, trolls on the blog led by Pedro with the likes of Arsenal forever AFC who takes the time to write blogs from his charity job in Barnardos or was it the Salvation Army?

    Either way he spews scorn on the Artea-Out brigade being the brave keyboard warrior he is after a win, but shamelessly hides fearful of retribution when we lose. As we lose a often, one of the plusses of that is Arsenal AFC and his cowardly Arteta supporters hide from us nasty plastic fans as he labels us.

    All we get from them are mindless excuses as with the Hungarian son of an immigrant, ES, who likely has some Isreali blood in hm, that makes up of 50% of my real heritage. Now ES thinks he’s a cut above everyone else while he looks at his silver spoon in its case on the wall.

    If anyone has spent time in Israel, they will get to understand their plight over the millenniums. In the 90s I had the good fortune to go out and appear on their TV in Jerusalem staying at the King David hotel and with the audience being mostly made up of their army replete with weapons in the TV studio.

    That’s another story for another day.

    I actually don’t have a problem with Englandbest being Arsnealworst in real terms and absent minded of all things Arsenal, where as ES is a 78 record, scratches and all that’s never turned off primarily because ES has never grown out of the 50s privileged upper middle class he belongs to.

    At least EB has the courage of his convictions and only gets some ribbing for his efforts. No one tells him he’s a plastic fan or can’t be a real fan, as ES and AAFC pout their insults. No, we pretty much treat him as a misguided Gooner and help him see the err of his ways.

    We poke fun but don’t call him all the names under the sun.

    Like most adopted kids I wanted to find my real parents in my early 20s after I’d left home to make my way in the world. What I found was exceedingly repulsive with my real mother having married a multimillionaire mostly residing in a huge villa over looking Peuto Banus and James Hunt’s villa.

    I was offered to stay with her in her late 40s with her 73 YO rich Jewish husband who I actually liked at lot and who lived in Bishop’s Avenue in Hampstead. I turned her down for the despicable person she was, but kept in touch with technically my 90 foot yacht owning step dad. Not for money or the privilege I could have had instead I talked to him for business advice up until he died about 8 years later.

    He was old style Jewish where the faith & business was his life even working the day he died with millions in property and assets bank in the late 80s.

    I went it alone and made my fortune to spite my real mother because I never talked to her again, but kept contact with my real sister who my mother dumped me in orphanages to keep. My mother had me at 17 and my sister from another father at 18 and a half.

    Pretty much tells her story getting pregnant by rich men who had no interest in kids or her it turns out.

    The UK is like America: a multinational country where immigrants can claim citizenship far too easy.

    So why the debate whether a super nice kid with immense talent is classed as English is pathetic. If Pedro stays longer in the US, will he claim to be American?

    On a football note Ramsdale has frozen Leno for the no 1 slot out because he wants to leave. That’s encouraging the man who has leaked the most goals over the last few years is our number 1.

    I’m sure Pedro will find ways to spin the second coming of Emi.

    Bellerin is telling anyone who will listen he left us to win trophies. Obviously like most isn’t an Arteta and Round fan.

    Another record Arteta and Pedro can rejoice about is Spuds are ahead of us in the UEFA rankings for the first time in 29 years. How you going to spin that Pedro?

    Still, it obviously doesn’t bother you because you are still his number 1 fan, surpassing his mother and wife. It comes to something when the 2 above points are all that the press have to offer on Arteta & Pedro’s Arsenal.

    AAFC will have plenty to say once he opens the charity shop and has a lull in putting out the merchandise and serving a couple of customers.

    Reading Sid yesterday also made me realise I can do better being outspoken rather than seething in silence.

    K’phobe you had much to do with my decision making as my upset son. Thanks I appreciate your sentiments.

    Alright Bob. I read your thoughts, enough said.

    So I live to fight/post another day thanks mostly to my son, K’phobe, S Asoa, Sid and Pedro being Arteta’s sycophant.

    I’m not biting as I found your sock (Tony) issues deserving of your baiting that was equally as daft as my sock posts.

    Did you notice when you ceased your baiting most likely because Ozil was no more, and Wenger has been surpassing himself uttering verbal diarrhea about biannual world cups that Pep G wants now he’s interested in international management, which shouldn’t be surprising, as Pep can only manage the top players in the world, which diet Pep is too stupid to understand.

    I watched the Burnley/Everton highlights this morning and It’s hardly shocking Benitez has got Everton on their way to playing good football. Arteta is no match for Benitez or any PL manager for that matter.

    Burnley is a bruiser team, so nothing new there.

    However they can play football being the noticeable difference to a Pulis side.

    Mee no doubt will target White aerially while White’s playing space will be marshaled by Burnley’s MF. All this give White time to settle is garbage, He’s a PL ready player, so why does he need more time?

    Was Brighton that much below or better than us that £50m White needs time? Time for what?

    Arteta loves him an always changing side to fit his view usually wrongly of the opposition, so White can expect a merry go round of CD partners.

    Arteta doesn’t do partnerships. I pointed this out before.

    The best partnership currently on the pitch is Saka and ESR, so Arteta played them on opposite sides of the pitch. We had Mari and Holding in a good CB pairing that got changed for no reason.

    Put Pepe in the inside left with CT and Ode giving him balls into the penalty box to run onto not tom his feet, and he will add 10+ goals a season not including penalties and probably as many assists.

    Saka on the inside right roaming around the box supplying assists and scoring himself with ESR should see another 10+ goals between them.

    Auba should be used as an impact sub and one of Martinelli, Bolagun and Eddie as a ST. If only, as many of us said last season, those 3 forwards should have had a lot more game time than they have hd.

    .We need to buy an established ST proven goalscorer that can give us the goals we’ll miss from Auba. Auba needs a new league because the PL know how to wrap him up or pick his pocket.

    Watching Burnley this morning we can beat them in spite of Arteta and Round. Whether we will is another matter entirely. The NLD is what it is: a fight to the death for victory where hope is the only mantra we can hang onto for what’s generally is like a cup final for every NLD.

    Watching and commenting her on the match I’d say Palace have more chance of beating us as Paddy has got them playing with an identity you’d expect from Paddy. Their win against the Spuds was well thought out tactics adhered to by the team with Paddy quiet during the play.

    Anyone wishing to trawl though my posts at the time Arteta was being wrongly considered here I advocated then, if we had to go for a semi novice (no PL managerial management) then Paddy was the guy to employ.


    Experience Paddy had from NYC and France over the zero experienced Arteta Pedro championed and to be his next Gazidis moment. Congrats Pedro you really know your football, eh? Don’t worry I was your level at your age.

    I know a bit more now at 66. Shocker I know a real head scratcher for you.

    One day you’ll wake up and smell the coffee, but until then you and I will be opposites. The only core beliefs we share is our love of the club.

    On a different topic.

    As mentioned yesterday, a muso friend send me the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour BluRay, which after talking to him last night I found out it’s a general release 2020 version of new footage and improved sound that brings it close to the excellent production of Pulse.

    A much better version of the original DVD version with a far clearer studio mix. A must have for any Floyd fan.

    The original DVD in 88 has kelvin issues and a lot of shots were pasty because of the light values and the cameras back then were lacking high ISO settings to modern cameras. The sound was a little jumbled because of cross over frequencies not being isolated or better noise gates used in the live mix in a truck next to the stage.’ll be ordering the box set as well Have a good day Grovers you included Pedro.

  4. Tony

    Thanks Tom I never miss your posts either.

    Posters has said they like to read over their morning coffee so I try to make the posts informative and interesting as if I’m having a chat with them.

    Whether I master than is another thing entirely, but I try.

    Happy you enjoyed the content.

  5. Tony

    Sid when Covid is under control my life will go back to it’s always busy levels. Even more so with my son’s devotion to his golf and I’m considering a book and documentary deal to do on my club and the 6 other countries we have chapters in.

    I’ll never miss a match but posting to the levels I do now will be impossible.

    Thanks for the advice, though.

  6. Tony

    I’ve already made 13 films of my club here and in Bali including the MC funeral of a much loved member.

    Something to keep me busy with my brothers.

    I’ll be taking my son during his school breaks as well so he can help and play golf in countries we visit.

  7. Tony

    I’m always busy except for the Covid era.

    I’ll take you to our clubhouse first and see how you fare with my MC brothers. You’ll love it Sid will be a whole new experience for you. Especially, chatting to our S.A. 120kg member white supremacist. I’d imagine you and he will have a lot in common. 🙂

    Just kidding racism doesn’t exist in our MC.

    I would take you to the clubhouse and onto the town for a further 24 hours. It generally gives us an initial idea who people/you are. Only go to the toilet on your own as the long stuff could be confused for a snake and cut off. Many of our members are military and ex Viet vets. Also, you live in Thailand you learn how to use a knife.

    When was you thinking of coming?

  8. Ash79

    Probably just me but I haven’t seen any difference in his interviews.

    A guy that loses 3 in a row has no right to be “peak Jose” in an interview. Maybe he’s acknowledging others because he doesn’t want full responsibility for the shit show so far.

    U over analyse Pedro

  9. Graham62


    You’ve listed career achievements, not a three week slug fest, as a qualifier and an unseeded player. The achievements you highlight I’m not disputing but name me one player who has gone through a three week grand slam, as an eighteen year old, not dropping a set, who ended up winning the tournament.
    There isn’t one and that’s why it ranks as one of sports( not just tennis’s) greatest achievements.

    I know, it’s one tournament but that was the gist of my question.


  10. Graham62


    How’s it going?

    Read through your excellent posts, as I always do. I concur with all your observations on Arteta. Speaking your mind is what a blog should be all about and the other week I got banned for showing disrespect towards Pedro. So be it!

    I hate it when people spin thing’s because of an agenda. It’s a sign of contempt for others and Pedro already admitted he doesn’t care what others say or think……,,,unless, that is, it’s ridiculing him for his love for Arteta.

    The thing is he really is making himself look stupid by doing this because every Tom, Abdulla and Kenji, knows that Arteta is not a good manager or coach, no matter what Pedro and a couple of others on here think.

    I really feel for the players because they must all sit back and watch other teams playing and think to themselves, god I wish I could play in that system.

    Arteta is, in my opinion, a poor manager/coach and I see nothing to counter this opinion.

    To be honest it’s a game on here because the one person who should be showing respect and honesty is just giving us an endless stream of you know what.

    Sense this could be another banning for me.

  11. Tony

    Hey Graham good to chat again.Ditto I agree with you and the majority here re Arteta and Pedro’s support of Arteta. If I’m honest I have no problem is Pedro sees something in Arteta we don’t.

    I sense Pedro is out of his depth with keeping the arguments/discussions within acceptable decorum. For most of us we’re not phased by swear words, especially if they’re used as adjectives and not personal insults.

    If you look at the last interchange between Andy1886 and Pedro the age difference and experience enabled Andy to negotiate through the torrid belligerence from Pedro with ease making his point known. I’d say Andy is a skilled negotiator or writer in life and maybe work.

    None of us knew everything in our 30s Pedro is no different no matter what he thinks to the contrary.

    Pedro is lacking maturity and experience in ALL sectors of life.

    For us over say over 50 tend to have a different line that divides decorum to where it just gets personal. It’s a shame because there is a wealth of styles with extremely sharp minds that have highly tuned radar for BS and just pure bloodymindedness or pig headed attitudes.

    My Pres I’ve talked about says it’s all about balance, bro when talking about dealing with life.

    My advice to Pedro is to bin those who clearly are disrespectful to him personally. As for us that oppose his views within an acceptable bantz, we should be allowed to post our opinions as this blog is intended for.

    The MC pres I’ve mentioned here is always telling me life is all bout balance.

    Since Pedro nailed his colours to Arteta’s process balance has gone out of the window to what we’re fed these days.

    Like you I loved Emma’s displays on and off court. I will follow her career with interest.

    Be well Graham and on to Blackburn.

  12. Pierre

    Do not be surprised to see Odegaard playing in central midfield by Christmas. And competing with Xhaka for the midfield spot.
    It will probably take Arteta that long for the penny to drop and realise that playing Odegaard too far up the pitch will have a negative effect on the team’s performance….or maybe Arteta has already started to have doubts.

    Smith Rowe will rightfully be restored to his natural position and this will immediately improve Saka’s performances as their on field chemistry is a joy to watch.

    If Arteta is to be ruthless in attack as he has been in defence and keeper then I would expect to see Eddie in the team , unless of course he is on the naughty step for not wanting to leave the club..

    Strange as it sounds but Arteta appears to show more respect to players who want to leave the club (xhaka) than players who want to stay and fight for their place.

  13. Emiratesstroller


    Why do you make assumptions about my heritage and what relevance does it have to what I
    have posted?

    I have made no comments on Raducanu’s heritage.

    What I have posted on Le Grove relates to to the improved education and intelligence of footballers.

    For the record I am not of Hungarian or Israeli heritage, although like a large proportion of the population my parents came to UK pre war as refugees.

    On purely football matters there have always been privately educated and grammar school footballers playing for professional clubs primarily pre second war. However, the vast majority played as amateurs.

    I believe that the last amateur footballer to play for full England team was Bernard Joy the
    eminent sports journalist.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I have avoided posting much on Raducanu’s tremendous achievements apart from pointing out that she attended a grammar school and benefited from training at the adjoining Tennis Centre.

    My personal view is that she will play tennis competitively for perhaps 5 years and then pursue another career. I don’t think that she will remain a professional tennis player long

    Many of the top players like Navratilova and Virginia Wade have commented on the health
    and injury issues related to tennis. We have seen how Murray has become seriously injured
    and almost crippled by the intensity of the modern game.

    Radecanu is a bright girl and I will not be surprised if she makes an early exit from the game
    and pursues an educational pathway and profession once her career is over.

    I looked at the stats yesterday and Raducanu has earned more prize money from her two Grand Slam appearances at Wimbledon and US than all the other players on the circuit apart from Barty and one other player have managed in 2021.

  15. Pierre

    “TonyWhy do you make assumptions about my heritage and what relevance does it have to what I
    have posted?”

    Maybe Tony visualises you sitting in your mansion in Bishops Avenue smoking your cigar, or is it a pipe, and it brings back memories of his meeting up with his mother after being abandoned by her

  16. RecycledOldSock


    Raducanu had travelled regularly to her mother’s home city of Shenyang in north-east China to visit relatives including her grandmother and train at the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education. There, the teenager not only found her court feet, but even played table tennis with professional players to improve her reactions.

  17. Luteo Guenreira

    I once wrote a book for an old white guy who thought he had so much wisdom to share with the world that his life should be recorded for posterity. Once I interviewed him though it became immediately apparent that his wisdom was just the reflections on a fortuitous life from someone who happened to be white in a time and area where it really fucking paid to be white. He had no awareness of this himself though, I mean how could he? He was rich, had many friends, a young Asian girlfriend. How could it possibly be anything other than his wisdom and work that delivered all of it?

    Bored me nearly to death writing that one, especially once he decided the book should ultimately land somewhere between “autobiography” and “self-help book” for those with dreams of attaining wealth and status. But a contract is a contract, money is money, a free room in a mansion in Fort Lauderdale with access to a yacht docked in the backyard is still a free room, and by God the cocaine flowed ever so freely thanks to some guy named Billy who happened to be staying in the room next to mine.

    So I wrote the book, and it turned out as probably the worst thing I’ve ever professionally written. But like I said, it wasn’t all bad. I got paid a decent amount to write some soulless bullshit, and I also shagged the Asian girlfriend. I’m pretty sure Billy did too though.

    The point being, if you’re going to write a book, write about the Billys and the cocaine. Not the money and how great it is to have it. Unless cocaine is how you made your money, of course.

  18. Valentin


    Maybe I over analyse the interview, but I think that the penny has finally dropped for Arteta. He can’t overcoach players. He also have to judge players based on what they produce on the pitch and not on what he think they will bring.

    The clear example is Ødegaard. I agree with your viewpoint that he will be moved backward. Arsenal needs goals and can’t rely solely on Aubameyang and Pepe to score. The midfield needs to chip in. That means ESR and Saka, so they need to play further up.

    Ultimately I believe that Arteta will be forced to ditch his current 4-2-3-1 formation simply because our two CMs (Xhaka+Partey) are always outnumbered. No matter their quality and athleticism (or in some case lack of) having 2 players facing 3 will in most case end in failure. I hope that he moves to 4-3-3 or not to his hybrid 3-4-3.

  19. Spanishdave

    It’s now sinking in how low we have fallen with no European football during the week.
    Scraping a goal against Norwich is now a highlight for Pedro and many others, how sad is that?
    Benitez won last night by changing the set up during the game as he spotted the Burnley threat and eliminated it.
    Arteta would have just carried on with the tippy tappy play.
    Agree with me our you are banned is not the way forward, it’s just pathetic

  20. Luteo Guenreira

    “and it brings back memories of his meeting up with his mother after being abandoned by her”

    Oh shit. Someone get the salve.

  21. CG


    “””Benitez won last night by changing the set up during the game as he spotted the Burnley threat and eliminated it”””

    Benitez in at Everton.
    Already, 10 points & 10 GOALS.

    Gray a bargain for £2.5 M , and already has 3 goals

    Everton playing with panache and some serious pace on the counter.Thats the modern way- (not Arteta ‘s obsolete ‘donut’ shaped soccer and no counter attacking threat)

    Benitez, in all his interviews to date- has not once -asked for patience, spoken about projects or process- he has simply got on with his job.

    compare and contrast with Arteta.

    Arteta & Round already 7 points of their old clubs.

  22. Tony

    Amusing Luteo and expected from you.

    Funny I remember you reciting you became a dad.

    Perhaps I just elaborate more than you or in 66 years of life probably double yours, I have seen and had many of life’s adventures.

    Sorry they bore you so much and I am surprised you read them if you abhor them.

    Might be smart to skip them in future as I’d hate to offend your delicate snowflake sensibilities.

    As you were then.

  23. Tony

    “However, there is a whiff of antisemitism in his remarks. For the record I am an agnostic.”

    Of course you are ES there is only one god; you.

    How can I be anti Semitic when my mother was 100% Jewish ? Interesting how your mind works ES.

    Not so long ago you recited an interesting story regarding your grandfather was helped by President Roosevelt’s wife was it.

    It was a story I respected as there was a frantic dash for wealthy Hungarians, snd especially Hungarian Jews for obvious reasons after seeing Poland crushed.

    Not sure how the story transpired to your family coming as refugees.

    Quite possible I got my assumptions wrong. My apologies if I did.

  24. Valentin


    Benitez left China because his project there was a very long term project and he wanted to win things now.

    He may not be the most hipster of managers, but he is an experienced manager who know how to win things when given a decent team.

  25. Sid

    The Fort Lauderdale guy with a yatch must have been a voyuer, he was somewhere watching you Kinta Kunte behind.
    If it was in London i would be sure thats a certain le grove poster, your guess is as good as mine.

  26. Emiratesstroller


    There are plenty of Jewish antisemites in the world particularly those with a chip on their

    Let’s be clear you enjoy playing to the gallery and pretending that you are superior to everyone else who posts on here with your “worldly knowledge”.

    I recall vividly when we first crossed swords. It started with Covid. You spent your time slagging the British Government and the National Health Service and telling everyone who would listen how brilliant life in Thailand and its health service was.

  27. Sid

    “””””””””””pretending that you are superior to everyone else who posts on here with your “worldly knowledge””””””””””

    The Lack of self awarenes here is amusing

  28. Pierre

    The goals will come for Saka and Smith Rowe.

    Against Norwich, Saka had 3 or 4 goal bound efforts blocked , so he is getting in goal scoring positions , as is Smith Rowe…

    They’re rushing their shots and need to find that composure in front of goal that all strikers need…

  29. Mee

    Luteo Guenreira

    Haha…I’d also rather read about Billy than uppity folk always reciting how they met up with the who’s who’s and made another check.

    Benitez is a good manager. If he was at Arsenal, you can bet your house we would not be 16th having scored a solitary goal. All Arteta does is whine and bullshit. We don’t need to know that your family was important in the “best 15 days of your life” you twat! All we need is to take points off Brentford and not to sign the likes of Ramsdale then you can keep your mouth shut. One would think he is looking back at a rough patch after winning the league.

    The Amazon documentary will be peak cringe. Those who watch it will have it worse than Alex DeLarge when he was receiving the Ludovico technique.

  30. Luteo Guenreira


    I usually don’t and didn’t, I read Sid.

    But old lad, you should know by now from your sixty-six years, you shouldn’t assume things about anyone, least of all how many adventures someone has had based on age or when they became a father.

    I might have lived only a half-life compared to some, but in those years I have learned that people who find themselves the most interesting out of everyone around usually could do with expanding their circle of acquaintances, and people who feel the need to flaunt the things they have do so in fear they might not be interesting without them. Substance is what makes a subject, not material possessions. Strange you didn’t pick up on that at some point over your long adventurous life, but based on how your write about yourself I’d say it might be a lesson you want to learn even at this late stage.

  31. Mee

    Odegaard is not starting games on merit. No way is he ahead of ESR. Also, Odegaard can’t play in CM. He is comparable to Xhaka in the way he turns and is slow to release the ball. Odegaard also can’t dribble from trouble or run into space in a threatening way. He is also physically weak and would give the likes of Rice and Bissouma a lot of joy in any kind of midfield duels.

    ESR could benefit a lot from a coach like Wenger as far as his finishing. He has found himself in very good positions in the past few games and should have at least two goals if he was a bit more lethal.

  32. Valentin


    That’s my point, they were able to move into shooting position because Ødegaard was moved back into the midfield. Ødegaard gives the feeling of control because he slow things down and keep possession, but possession without attacking threat is not the same than controlling the play.

    Mourinho’s team were specialist of relinquish possession whilst retaining control. ESR will lose more often possession, but because of his dynamism and forceful runs he create havoc in the opposition defense. Arsenal has then control of the attacking play.

    I also agree that both ESR and Saka needs to have training session with both a sophrologist and a shooting coaching. The former to teach better breathing, relaxing and concentration technique so that they don’t panic in 1v1 situation or rush things up. The latter to teach them the basic of shooting and placing the ball. Too often they just shoot too close to the GK who can then block the shot. They need to know when to shoot early without blasting it and when to take their time and put the opposition on their back. Henry excelled in the first while and Kanu in the second.

  33. Graham62


    Don’t you mean Burnley?

    I’m not even sure Pedro is an Arsenal supporter.
    Is that also being disrespectful?

    You talk about a lack of balance. Well LG has basically become one mans obsession with someone who is quite clearly not good enough.

    That’s why talking tennis and other things becomes so appealing.

    What’s the point discussing football when someone is transfixed on one thing.

    It’s a shame because there some excellent posters on here.

  34. CG


    ”””’Benitez is a good manager. If he was at Arsenal, you can bet your house we would not be 16th having scored a solitary goal. All Arteta does is whine and bullshit. We don’t need to know that your family was important in the “best 15 days of your life” you twat! All we need is to take points off Brentford and not to sign the likes of Ramsdale ”””’

    Well said, don’t he( Arteta) talk some utter tripe.

    Benitez has not complained about Sigurdsson being unavailable or no DCL last night and nor about James playing up.

    He simply wears his Everton blazer , keeps his gob shut and does his job- which is to win games and scores some goals.

    He knows the game.

  35. Kroenkephobe

    I enjoyed your reference to a clockwork orange. I had a mate whose band was called the Ludovico Technique. Quite a good moniker if you don’t want your audience to take their eyes off you I suppose. Burgess was a brilliant writer who combined sharp original prose with his love of classical music. Taking his skill of Russian and converting into streetkid/gang talk was genius. I particularly love that part of the film/book where he viddies those 2 devotchkas in the record shop (I understood why Heaven 17 were so-called after he talks to them about music) and takes them back to his bedroom for some in-out. I think that book gave me a real interest in lexicography and having fun with words. And when I finally got to see the film… Another Kubrick masterpiece.

    I lived in Washington in the 2000s and had a good few phone conversations with Malcolm McDowell while I was there, firstly in a professional sense but we also talked about his acting (although he always preferred to confide in me about his kids and his previous relationships for some reason). A really kind and warm bloke although I don’t think I’d like to have wronged him in any way.

    I think I might spend the rest of the day strapped into a chair watching snuff films with eyeball clamps on…

  36. Emiratesstroller


    Thank goodness someone who posts on here is discussing football matters.

    I agree with you that both Odegaard and ESR will start scoring goals with more composure and growing experience. I would add Saka into the equation as well.

    As I pointed out yesterday I think that both Patino and Azeez will make the grade and join the first team squad in the not too distant future. Both have also the potential to score goals.

    My guess is that this will be the last season that Xhaka and Elneny will be at the club and we will then see Arsenal rotate its midfield between Partey, Lokonga,Odegaard,Smith-Rowe,
    Azeez and Patino.

  37. Valentin


    Wenger had a sport psychologist Jacques Crevoisier who assessed every players.
    Every time I think of him, I think of Nicklas Bendtner. How the GSTTEL was scoring off the chart of
    Self perceived competence.
    But he also helped players who were more shy and less confident than our Danish deluded striker. I am sure he could work miracle with the current crop of youngsters.

  38. Tony

    Graham I’d just let things be and wait for change. As I said, once Covid is manageable I’ll be back to being busy. My daughter will be away at Uni or working in the West and my son will be busy with golf and school.

    I can’t wait.

    Can’t please all the people all the time.

    Perhaps you might have noticed there’s not much football to talk about and I post in a quiet time zone.

    Mee I have no issue with you and appreciate your football thoughts. Just skip my posts if you don’t like them.

    Luteo here’s how things work.

    Once you’re logged on to Le-Grove when you see my posts as you scroll down (Tony for clarity) you use that wheel on your mouse and skip. there easy isn’t it? If you have a track pad use your fingers after you’ve flipped the bird to your imaginary picture of me.

    Not so hard, is it?

  39. Emiratesstroller


    The major problem at Arsenal since departure of Wenger is that we have lacked a stable
    team. There has been far too much rotation.

    Arteta needs to find a settled first X1 and then use rotation to cover injuries and the resting of players. Ideally there should be no more than 18-20 players in squad who expect to play regular first team football.

  40. AFC Forever


    “People who feel the need to flaunt the things they have do so in fear they might not be interesting without them. Substance is what makes a subject, not material possessions. Strange you didn’t pick up on that at some point over your long adventurous life, but based on how your write about yourself I’d say it might be a lesson you want to learn even at this late stage”

    I have so much respect for that comment Luto.

    I see people who have literally nothing for a variety of reasons, not of their making. It’s often circumstantial, something they have no control over. We live in a material world that makes things worse for those who have little, especially as most people have so much today. Bragging and boasting, like Tony does regularly on here, are unpleasant characteristics done to appear superior. The reality of life is that for some people, reading about what other people have can be really negative, especially from a mental health perspective. There will always be the haves and have nots but empathy costs nothing. Nothing wrong with being proud of what you own or have achieved but postering is unpleasant. Sorry, hot topic of mine but well said mate.

  41. englandsbest

    Why are so many trying to dilute Raducanu’s ‘Britishness’? Surely not because she probably doesn’t have a drop of English, Scots, Welsh, Irish blood in her veins. If that were the case, then Arsenal would not qualify as English because the same could be said about most of the players, the manager, the DoF, the owner.

    When it comes to nationality we are who we think we are. And quite obviously the girl regards herself as British.

  42. Valentin


    I disagree as I do not believe that Ødegaard will score more goals. He should, but the way he plays is not conducive of that.

    With Norway against Gibraltar, he never really behaved like he wanted to pad his stats by scoring goals. Attacking midfielders should want to do that.

    I also doubt that Artetaball is the kind of setup that will let him thrive in the EPL. In Europe where he will be given time, he could but we are not in Europe this season. In most EPL games, he won’t be given the time to measure passes. So we will end up playing that U or doughnuts pattern of play without scoring nor threatening.

    My view is that within 6 months he will be on the bench behind Xhaka. If he does not evolve his play and make it snappier and therefore riskier I can even see other players overtaking him. He definitely need to learn to use his other foot and make passes with different angles.

    AMN had an average game, but you could see he was growing in the role. With his athleticism and attempts at ball over the top passing he is bringing something in central midfield that Ødegaard does not.

  43. Luteo Guenreira


    Actually I think I’ll read all of what you write and provide detailed notes on the moments where the lack of self-awareness is too great to ignore.

    Like today, when you said to ES how can you be antisemitic when your mother is 100% Jewish, not long after stating your opinion on how repulsive she was, how she habitually abandoned her children, and how you procured your fortune to
    spite her. A very distinct disconnect there, no room for plausible deniability.

    That plus a joke about white supremacism as a veiled threat to Sid? Pathetic attempt at humour. Be older you bloviating git.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Odegaard will score goals albeit not in huge numbers. However, I do see goalscoring potential from midfield once we add Patino, Azeez to ESR and Saka.

    The point is that for the last three or four years we have lacked goalscoring potential in our
    midfield. I think that will change in next couple of years.

    I don’t think that AMN will play in midfield except in an emergency. The only way he has an
    Arsenal future is if he accepts that he should play as a wing back. He has better potential in
    that department than Chambers or Soares.

  45. Pierre

    Wenger world cup every 2 years proposal

    ” I propose to regroup the qualifiers in one month, use rest of year for club football and then big international competition at end of season, and a guaranteed rest of 25 days for each player.
    People’s reactions at the moment is an emotional one. I have been educated to have a World Cup every four years, it’s engrained on my brain, so I can understand the response is negative but on the other hand I do not see any rational explanation why people shouldn’t want this. It’s all about quality of competition. What the players want is to play big games and meaningful games of better quality. When I was a kid the friendlies were important, today nobody wants to play them. What people want is big competitions and top level games.
    Separating club and international football will create different mental structure. Euro 2020 was great, next year we have the world cup, so two big tournaments in consecutive years and you will see that it doesn’t diminish the importance of the federation’s own competitions.”
    Anything that puts a stop to international qualifiers interfering with league football is a good thing in my eyes.

    What we also have now is international friendlies during the season that are pointless .
    As wenger pointed out, no one is interested in friendlies anymore, fans want to watch competive football on the biggest stage .

    The international qualifying matches are usually tedious affairs that only serve to disrupt the league season to the annoyance of the fans, so lumping them all into one month can only be a positive.

  46. CG


    ”””I also doubt that Artetaball is the kind of setup that will let him thrive in the EPL. In Europe where he will be given time, he could but we are not in Europe this season. In most EPL games, he won’t be given the time to measure passes. So we will end up playing that U or doughnuts pattern of play without scoring nor threatening.”””

    Liverpool , are simply playing a different sport.
    J.Klopp eats his doughnuts he don’t do doughnuts on the pitch.

    He does rock n roll, all pace, penetration and attacking intent.

    Artetaball is turgid, obsolete. minimum goal threat and pretty players like Odegaard simply slow it all down even further.
    Artetaball is 1 goal in 4 games. And even that was scored 1mm out from the goal

    Even Everton, who scored x3 goals in x 6 minutes against rugged Burnley are playing with speed.

  47. Mee


    I strongly believe that ESR and Saka are the key to us getting out of the abyss. We really need to up the tempo of our attacking play as it is the only way Auba and Pepe will score goals. ESR and Saka can manage to knit attack to midfield with speed and intensity. My favorite part of the Norwich game was ESR picking the ball on the just outside the box and driving towards goal with real purpose only that his shot at goal was not good enough and was easily saved. As CG says, the game is about goals and many times the team comes across as goal-shy. Did you note the part of the post Norwich press conference where Arteta talked about us losing impetus because we were attacking too fast? I was really shocked to hear that.

  48. AFC Forever


    Some good observations there.

    I have said for a while that our Achilles heel has been our finishing. Last season Aubameyang exposed that weakness in the team when he lost form. Compared to the previous season, his finishing difference was probably around 12-15 points. We need more goals from other players to cover for this, it needs to be shared around. More from Pepe, Odegaard, Saka and ESR.

    I agree about the need for players like ESR, Saka and Odegaard to improve their finishing, I often feel they snatch at chances. As they aren’t natural finishers they tend to lack that natural instinct and small backlift that prevents a ‘keeper from setting themselves. Ramsey was one of the best at that from a midfield perspective, his finishing was usually on point. A lot of that will come down to game time, practice and composure; snatching is a sign of that. These are quality players, so it should come but it is going to be important, especially if Aubameyang doesn’t get his act together.

  49. Pierre

    “The point is that for the last three or four years we have lacked goalscoring potential in our
    midfield. I think that will change in next couple of years.”

    I wouldn’t bank on it with Arteta in charge .
    We sold our goalscoring potential in midfield in the summer, a decision we could live to regret , similar to the sale of Martinez., though strangely enough I see similar traits in Ramsdale’s keeping as Martinez , though Martinez is of a higher quality.

    And before anyone says that willock hasn’t scored this season , I will point out that he had no pre season ( about 20 minutes or so of football) so I would imagine that he is only just close to approaching 100% fitness in the next week or 2..

  50. CG


    Although Wengers ‘s proposals are far from perfect.
    They are undoubtedly an improvement to the calendar.

    And if annoys the hell , out of all clubs involved with the grubby and greedy super league- even better!

  51. Ishola70


    “AMN had an average game, but you could see he was growing in the role. With his athleticism and attempts at ball over the top passing he is bringing something in central midfield that Ødegaard does not.”

    I agree with many of your posts Valentin and you have more understanding of the game as a whole than a certain poster who gets in scraps here in your little toe than he does.

    I also agree with your premise on Odegaard.

    But I feel regarding AMN your home grown bias is showing again, He may have passable matches and even a few good ones but overall it’s very difficult at this time to think that he is going to truly kick on and be a reliable top consistent player. We have surely seen enough of him now.

    As others have said so many times Arteta should have gone to town on the midfield abd brought in a proven goascoring ACM and another CM and demoted Xhaka for good instead of deciding that replacing David Luiz was absolutely paramount.

    What you usually find with teams that are looking to progress from a certain level which Arsenal find themselves in now is that the team will have good attacking signs but are defensively suspect. What happens then if the team does progress is that the good attacking signs and goal getting renains but they improve defensively. This is what happened at Liverpool with Klopp where in his first phases there they were involved in high scoring matches with goals going in at both ends. This has also panned out this way at numerous other clubs as well who are looking to step up levels.

    With Arteta it’s the other way around. Arse about face. His team struggle to score goals and we don’t see any high scoring games with both teams registering. Instead we see low scoring matches or against the better sides a one sided beating and losing the match. Not a great sign tbh. If Arteta does succeed whatever succeeding means to fans now he is doing it in an unorthodox fashion. One that is not familiar from the past.

  52. Sid

    I have to flaunt my longstuff, without it, the ladies would Not be interestef in me.
    I also will try to have a bigger circle of friends, lady friends with benefits.
    Back to football matters……..

  53. NORG

    Pierre 11.14

    Wenger was past his ‘sell by’ date as a manager however his thoughts and ideas on how world football should operate are excellent. He wants to align all continents to have the same season – Northern Europe would fall within the calendar year (perhaps this would suit AFC as now we do not start getting serious points until after the start of January).

  54. Leftside

    This season will probably bore even the most ardent supporter. There isn’t much to excite anyone, we initially start games well without really threatening or having any meaningful chances then once that phase of play is over, the game is a long slog. Auba, Pepe and Lacazette are our main threats in this department and they do not hit the net regularly enough to win games and then the supporting acts of Saka, ESR, and Odeegard have next to no goals in them.

    We also know that once we go a goal down, the game is lost. We have drawn I think 4 games from being a goal down and have won none of them under Arteta. You can see why Arteta and Edu are non-committal about our targets for the season because what is there to be bullish over? This side will pass it’s way to death and score goals of course but not enough to really climb up the table or win enough games to get into Europe.

    We’re just delaying the inevitable with this meek, insecure novice who has sucked the life out of our play and the ambitions of this football club. It will forever bewilder me how anyone can be so enamoured with Arteta, he’s a bland character and the team are a reflection of him.

  55. Raulishuss

    To just outrightly say ode can’t/won’t score is such a dim to say even for you val. You have totally written off a 22yr old without any rational reason but agenda gotta be driven i guess. Ode might not be a high volume shooter but i think if he improves he’s capable of scoring 5-7 goals plus a lot more assists a season.

  56. Emiratesstroller


    Arteta is on a timeline. If the team does not improve he will go.

    However the objectives which are now in place of recruiting or promoting young technically gifted players will continue.

    The club has on its books four young technically gifted midfielders in first team squad plus
    Patino and Azeez coming through Academy.

    Hopefully we will find a more attacking formula as these players mature and progress.

    Personally I am an optimist.

  57. AFC Forever

    James wood

    “SKIP ———
    That’s exactly what i do with TONY posts for obvious reasons. The guy’s so far up his own arse it has become dangerous for him”

    Tony can’t be a real person, it has to be a wind-up. Nobody can be that egotistical, bigoted, racist and insulting while blowing smoke up their own arsehole. Who really cares about his mother running off with a multi-millionaire, while he was left to make his own millions; or what his son thinks about the Sun reflecting off Uranus while eating his crunchy nut cornflakes on their yacht?! Got to be a wind-up. Bamford at it again?

  58. Ishola70

    The premise wasn’t that Odegaard won’t score any goals.

    It was that he won’t score enough goals.

    And Arsenal really needed a goalscoring ACM.

    Other teams that have goals coming out of their arse would probably be less concerned having Odegaard as their ACM but as we know with this current Arsenal this is not the case.

  59. Ishola70


    “However the objectives which are now in place of recruiting or promoting young technically gifted players will continue.”

    Many clubs can do this.

    It’s what entails after that matters.

  60. AFC Forever


    “Anything that puts a stop to international qualifiers interfering with league football is a good thing in my eyes”

    I agree. Wenger makes some very good points as you would expect. The man is a massive loss to our club he should be in the boardroom replacing one of those faceless Kroenke recruits who know nothing about football. If you listen to what he is saying, he is trying to give fans what we all really want and that is quality, competitive football rather than just mindless games. The Nation league was a crazy idea, turning friendlies into a meaningless tournament. This is more sensible as it won’t disrupt the league calendar.

  61. Mee


    “I think if he improves he’s capable of scoring 5-7 goals plus a lot more assists a season.”
    Some of us think he will not. He lacks the speed, desire, aggression, among others to reach those targets.
    I will also add that if he was capable of improving that much in one or two seasons, he would be a Real Madrid player.

  62. Ishola70

    You see where are getting this line again from enough that we can just continue to throw away seasons and now we have the perfect excuse to do just that with this complete re-set talk and younger players.

    This club can lead up the garden path many it seems.

  63. Ishola70

    The question that now needs to be asked is has the footballing side of the club been re-aligned just to suit Arteta?

    Fucking hell. We have totally re-aligned for this guy.


    Both the manager and the team can learn together then. Double whammy.

  64. Mee

    Any club can suddenly decide to have a core of young players. Dare I say that is the approach that Chelsea took while winning the UCL whereby they had players like Pulisic, Havertz, Werner, James, and Mount being important cogs in the team.
    Only at Arsenal where it becomes a good enough reason to lose to Brentford, and then play possum against Man city and Chelsea. As a supporter, we are not supposed to rationalize with management or sympathize with a whiny coach. We deserve and demand points, good performances and joy.

  65. Ishola70

    Where are the targets? What are they?

    And another poster asked several days ago what is deemed unacceptable from Arteta.

    If fans can’t tell us along with the club what should be considered acceptable targets then at least they should be able to tell us what is not acceptable.

    And no not relegation as a cop out answer.

  66. Leftside

    There are no targets seemingly Ishola, otherwise Arteta likely isn’t in the dugout. Even at this stage, we still have the worst-record for the first three games in the Premier League in it’s history with Norwich. If Norwich managed to beat us, we would have had the worst opening 4 games in Premier League history.

    A club like Arsenal, holding such a record and potentially an even worse one and the manager as safe as ever? There can’t be any targets.

  67. Ishola70

    Actually the club don’t need to tell us what is acceptable or not.

    It’s clear as day that as long as Arteta doesn’t completely tank that a midtable finish would be deemed as a non sackable offence. They would live with that.

  68. Ishola70

    There you go guys.

    The club has been downgraded before our very eyes over just a few seasons and some are actually cheering this on.

  69. Kroenkephobe

    I also will try to have a bigger circle of friends, lady friends with benefits

    Hi Sid,
    No disrespect mate, but I’d personally be wary of being in a circle with you, particularly if there was a plate of digestive biscuits or ginger nuts on a table in the centre. 😉

  70. Raulishuss

    If you don’t believe ode is capable of scoring then i can’t help you. But his history says otherwise. Plus what is this obsession? I expect goals from all our forward players and they aren’t cutting it yet but it’s easy to bash ode cuz it suits an agenda i guess

  71. Ishola70

    “If you don’t believe ode is capable of scoring then i can’t help you”

    See you have done it again.

    No-one is saying he is incapable of scoring a goal.

    What they are saying is given Arsenal’s sparsity overall as a team in scoring goals then an ACM with a more proven goalscoring record could have been more beneficial than Odegaard.

  72. Tom

    There had been 7 younger GS winners in women’s open era tennis including 3 sixteen year olds, who actually beat defending champions and top ranked opponents on their way to, or in the final.

    But I get it, we live in the social media era now and everything is either the greatest or the worst ever.

    Raducanu could retire tomorrow and continue to make a handsome living off her US open title for probably another 20 years.

  73. englandsbest

    Arsene Wenger reminds me a lot of Tony Blair. A ‘holier than thou’ figure whom we all thought (and hoped) was gone for good, but who keeps turning up.

    Offhand I can’t imagine anything worse for football fans than a biennial World Cup.

  74. Tom

    Arsenal do have players capable of scoring goals but you have to actually send them into areas where they can score them from, kinda like Ramsey did under Wenger.
    That of course is risky in itself because it opens you up to counters and Arteta football is risk averse.

  75. Mee

    Ode is not capable of scoring many goals in the EPL. I will be pleasantly surprised if he gets more than five in all comps this season. He rarely gets into the box to score and he can’t run forward with the ball to score himself. His best position is in the inside right channel as a wide playmaker or something. He best contributions came in the West Ham game where he played balls into the channel for the Right Back to cross with. He is not even an assist king.

    Truth is, we could have done with a much better player who can play like a complete ten including injecting pace when attacking and getting into scoring positions often.

    And Ode won’t make it in CM in the epl. He is nothing more than a snack for players like Kante who will keep stealing the ball from him. Not to mention, he won’t win any headers or fifty-fifty balls. In other words, we bought a middling player for good money who’ll cost us points before we learn he is not suited to the EPL.

  76. Ishola70

    The only way this re-set and talk of younger players and totally withdrawing from attempting to be a CL club is acceptable is if the actual footballing product on the pitch is up to scratch.

    Atm the club is in this marketing ploy of seling you another Arsenal football club. Maybe that’s why Pedro is so enamoured of it given his marketing background.

    But Artetaball has to take a complete turnaround here for it to be palatable. What’s the point of getting in younger players only to play drab cautious football. Younger players are associated with fresh exciting football not drab and unexciting.

    This only works this withdrawal from properly competing if the actual football product is exciting to watch with signs of progression and excitement for the future. Arteta so far is nowhere near this.

    And they are cheeky bastards to re-market this cub in just over two seasons but I suppose they thought they would get away with it as they seemingly are again preying on that fan loyalty.

  77. Nelson

    I just find Arteta contradicts himself sometimes. He wants to play a 4 3 3 formation. For that the three CM’s have to be mobile and be able to move up and come back quickly. Why he wants to keep Xhaka who is only OK as a DM in a 4 2 3 1 formation. Even that, his midfield partner will need to cover a lot of ground for him.

  78. S Asoa

    “ Arsene Wenger reminds me a lot of Tony Blair. A ‘holier than thou’ figure whom we all thought (and hoped) was gone for good, but who keeps turning up.Offhand I can’t imagine anything worse for football fans than a biennial World Cup. “
    Wenger pointed out that Arsenal is having a good squad good to challenge. Guess this pulling pants of the current manager to his ankles rankled the fanny club

  79. Sid

    @kroenkephoebe, the feeling is mutual, im not interested in your “inner circle” im into the other “inner circle”, the one on females

  80. Nelson

    The current coaching staff doesn’t convince me that they are capable of improve our players. I wouldn’t mind hiring Wilshere as an assistant. At least, he plays better than all our assistants.

  81. raptora

    I agree.

    Truth is Arteta is full of shit. He and Edu saw that their original plan will not work – adding 2-3 of class players per season (Partey, Willian, Gabriel) – because Arteta is not good enough to compete for top 4 places regardless of the players he gets.

    They are currently conning the fans into their new project that supposedly started a year ago – as big of a lie you can ever hear bringing in the likes of Mari, Cedric, Willian and forsaking Saliba for the likes of Mustafi – just to get a couple more years of milking our club into the fake illusion of developing a squad that will do great stuff in 2-3 years. It’s bullshit and everyone knows it.

    I bet when they came up with this fraudery they looked at one and another and said “Our plan has no weak spot”. And it doesn’t.

    Because our fans are sheep that will buy their bullshit. And they will get their years in the job with an incredibly lowered expectations, unless they reach even lower level and get us involved in a relegation fight.

    Knowing Arteta’s nouse for breaking records, nicknamed Generational for a reason, it’s in the realm of possibility that we have a shocking campaign and finish below 12th.

  82. Dissenter

    “Knowing Arteta’s nouse for breaking records, nicknamed Generational for a reason, it’s in the realm of possibility that we have a shocking campaign and finish below 12th.”

    Many will still buy that as progress because as well you know Arsenal was fighting to stay up in the seasons before Arsenal came on board.
    They’ll point to the average age of the squad and to the “project”.

  83. S Asoa

    Balogun brother makes a telling statement

    “ When you look at that striker problem, in terms of chances created, it’s not just Folarin, it was there when Martinelli was playing there, when Aubameyang was playing there… the system doesn’t work. You can’t blame one player for that, it’s more the actual systematic thing.

    ‘Whenever I talk to Folarin I tell him to keep going but the system just doesn’t really work at the moment. Soon it will work, there will be a movement and you’ve got to be ready when it does. At the same time, there’s nothing really you can do, you just have to support, keep on talking and keep telling him to keep maintaining.’ “

    Yeah, we can all see that. But Insecure Mikel will likely send Balogun to “ Coventry” for mentioning that the Emperor forgot to wear his pants and all else

  84. Kroenkephobe

    Fair play mate I’m, glad not least because my taste buds are hyper sensitive and I like my biscuits to have a crispy texture.

    Moreover, I suspect you’re more of a quantity over quality man (I could be wrong but I’d rather not have it proven to me).

    You’ve added a new string to your not inconsiderable fiddle. I can now say I love your phallocentric AND vaginocentric patter. It’s all good.

  85. Bob N16

    Nelson, because you were a better player, you’re a better assistant?
    Isn’t it to do with an ability to coach? What makes you think Wilshere is a good communicator? Or was that a tongue in cheek comment?

    ‘Our fans are sheep…’ I think your anger should be directed at the Kroenkes not the fanbase.

  86. China1

    Fellow whisky heads has anyone tried and does anyone recommend any of the cask finished glenmorangies?

    I’ve seen a few 10 and 12 year cask finishes, sherry, port etc reviews seem a little mixed. I want something very rich, thick and sweet to replace my Arran 10 and it’s my birthday on Sun so fancying something nice

  87. raptora

    I believe that if the fans voices are loud enough, even allergic to change owners like the Kroenkes, will hear what the fans want. It worked with Wenger even though it took years. It worked with Emery – that decision was swift. It hasn’t worked with Arteta yet because the fans opinion is split.

    It’s split because Arteta is waaaay better in bullshitting than Emery. Probably on the level of Wenger, although Wenger’s worst performance, before his last couple of years, was reaching top 4 for almost 20 years straight, while Arteta’s absolute highest is 8th and it looks like we’re going to drop even lower in this one. And a lot of people will say it’s fine.

    Remember that Stroller said that Arsenal is not in crisis. He even repeated it.

  88. Valentin


    I am on record stating that Arsenal should have recruited 1 more CM to replace Xhaka and another player more dynamic and dribbling player than Ødegaard. Azeez needs another year on loan and Patino needs 2 years of bulking before he is ready to regularly start in the premiership. So I am not pro academy players above everybody else.

    I am not under the illusion that AMN will suddenly become a world class CM. However he can become a very good CM. Bar ManCity, most Clubs don’t have the luxury to have world class players covering every positions twice over.

    I believe he can become an excellent squad player. With the growing importance of home grown players due to the new FA regulation, keeping him is important.

    Ray Parlour was not a definite starter for the invincibles, but he was still extremely important to the team. IMHO, AMN has enough quality to play a similar role for this team.

  89. Raulishuss

    Yes arsenal aren’t in crisis. The fans that attend games proves that. I’m sorry everybody cant be angry fans like you. We’ll try tho.

  90. raptora

    Whoever is still hoping that Arteta will deliver glory to our Football Club should give up any hope.

    There are many that still haven’t seen the light (I believe that Pedro is aware, just not fully out of the closet) lead by that plum on twitter proclaiming how Artetaball will bring us years of domination, citing Pep and Klopp as examples. Remind me when Pep and Klopp didn’t have their signature style implemented in their teams within a year and a half?

    Liverpool were in the exact same position when Klopp took them, as Arsenal were when Arteta took us. But the signs were there to be seen of what Klopp was building, there was a steady improvement.

    With Arteta in charge we’ve declined. And somehow it’s everyone else’s fault but his.

  91. Bob N16

    Raptora, the difficulty is that as fans attending the games the main role is to support the team, loyalty to the players who are hopefully giving their all for the shirt. I accept that vocal criticism of Kroenke would hit the mark but fans are very entrenched. You get group singing in support of the team but I think the complaining is more individual.

    I attend games because I can and I want to. I’m not going to give up my ST, it’s part of my life. The Kroenkes will have seen the figures, ST waiting list, premium seats sales – they’ll know things have tailed off badly. They’ve allowed the biggest net spend in the PL – there is no way they’ll allow the situation to drift if Arteta can’t get a tune out of this new group of players.

    I’m happy with the squad developments and potential – if Arteta can’t get them to gel and play cohesively quickly enough, he will be replaced. The results and performances will ultimately dictate whether Arteta goes sooner rather than later.

  92. Graham62

    Bob N16

    Many of “our fans are sheep”.

    That’s been the case for a decade or more.
    Buying into utter bullshit.

    Surely you can see that.

  93. Bob N16

    Raptora, I don’t think you have to be a visionary ‘to see the light’. The vast majority of the fanbase knows that Arteta is on thin ice, as I’m sure he does. The owners have given him one last chance with the net spend supporting him.

  94. Negative Nigel

    Some really funny 😆 comments in the bantz dept today.Laughing my socks off.Most of it true. How we all support the same club is an utter mystery.The joy of being a gooner I guess.

  95. Bob N16

    Graham62, that’s incredibly patronising.
    Am I a sheep for having a ST and vocally supporting the team I love?
    Can you justify that sweeping statement?

  96. Valentin


    I think that unless Arteta is sacked, both Xhaka and Elneny will stay longer than you think.

    One reason is that they are model pro who for Arteta will not cause trouble in the dressing room. And that’s a quality that Arteta over estimate over pure talent. Elneny is also willing to be on the bench for most games, and still perform OK within his limitations.

    Another reason is that Xhaka for all his flaws follows Arteta’s instructions. His discipline is viewed as a plus worth more than his lack of tackling ability. I do not believe that playing with two very defensive central midfielders can work in the EPL, but it gives Arteta a false sense of security. If both fullbacks bombs forward, all it takes is a powerful striker acting as anchor and quick crossfield pass and the entire midfield is bypassed and the defense out of shape.

    Regarding the academy players, I think that you overestimate their readiness to start. Also Arteta will not bed Azeez and Patino in the team, instead he will throw them in as a last roll of the dice. The same way he did with ESR, who luckily was ready to play. However I just do not believe that either are physically ready to play. Azeez has improved his concentration and defensive awareness, but he would be a risk playing him as part of a double pivot. Patino needs to bulk and is more an understudy to ESR than a CM prospect.

    Our midfield options are poor and will remain poor as long Arteta has faith in 4-2-3-1 in the EPL with Xhaka or Elneny at its core.

  97. Nelson


    I wouldn’t complaint if our current group of assistants were doing a good job. But they are not. Most of our players get worse. We were made to believe that they were not good enough and have to be replaced. They were all professional. They were doing a job before this group of assistants arrive.

  98. Graham62


    Are you short or long sighted?

    Where are Arsenal then?

    In transition?

    Look at the football being played. We are a gazillion miles behind most of the other teams.

    When I see Benitez and compare him with Arteta, it makes me want to cry.

    Arsenal have been in crisis for years.

  99. Valentin

    “Yes arsenal aren’t in crisis. The fans that attend games proves that.”

    That would the same fans that vote with their feet and wallet and decline to renew their season ticket or buy general ticket for games.

    For the first time, people can go and buy club level season ticket for the Emirates Stadium with no waiting time.
    EPL tickets are on general sale for weeks instead of being snapped within an 1 hour of being available.

  100. Graham62

    Oh Bob, wake up for goodness sake and can you please try and stop telling other folk on here how to act and behave.

    It’s rather tedious.

  101. Valentin


    Learn to read and inform yourself.

    ESR came back from his injury in November. He was not gradually introduced to the first team, he was thrown around Christmas in a sink or swim desperate attempt to avoid the sack by Arteta.

  102. AFC Forever

    Bob N16

    “I’m happy with the squad developments and potential – if Arteta can’t get them to gel and play cohesively quickly enough, he will be replaced. The results and performances will ultimately dictate whether Arteta goes sooner rather than later”


    Saturday was evidence of this, the fans backed the players and considering they had never played together there were good signs. Fans always enjoy seeing young players on the pitch and nobody looked out of their depth.

    Bob’s point is an excellent one and it is where the extremists on here get it wrong. They base everything on their hatred of the manager, they even target players like White and Odegaard because the manager signed them. They get angry after wins and feel the need to discredit the result & the players in order to reconcile their opinion that the Manager has to go.

    These extremists therefore think anyone who disagrees with their obsessional position is likewise an extremist obsessed with supporting the manager. It doesn’t work like that. Calling people in their forties or fifties “Fanboys” demonstrates this perfectly. I am not invested in Arteta on any personal level but I hope he comes good. i certainly like the look of some of the signings and based on what I saw and heard in the stadium, the majority of fans feel the same. It is a shame so many people are unreasonable and determined not to discuss football sensibly or give players the benefit of the doubt because of an agenda.

    Ultimately time will tell, Bob has nailed it.And when that time comes I have no doubt that a certain type of fan will be getting ready to hound the next manager out.

  103. Graham62

    Arsenal have been a soft touch and a laughing stock for over a decade. Every fan knows this.

    Those fans who accepted it, are very easy to spot.

    Some are on here.

  104. Graham62

    Please can you distinguish between “hate” and “ criticism”.

    Just because you criticise doesn’t mean you hate.

    I criticised Wenger because he became unfit for purpose. I’m doing the same with Arteta.

    The negative vibes surrounding Arsenal are there because we are a poorly run club.


  105. Bob N16

    Recycled – Arsenal are my team, winning or losing, I try and cheer them on. Are you suggesting being a fair weather supporter is the right way to be?

    Wilshere is 29, very young for a coach. Whenever I’ve seen him interviewed, he hardly comes across as a great communicator. Who knows down the line he could be great!

    Apart from implying you know better by calling the Arsenal support ‘sheep’, can you justify that statement? What should I wake up to? I would say I’ve got my eyes open.

    So he was available in November but he got thrown in in December. ok!

  106. Raulishuss

    These extremists therefore think anyone who disagrees with their obsessional position is likewise an extremist obsessed with supporting the manager. It doesn’t work like that. Calling people in their forties or fifties “Fanboys” demonstrates this perfectly. I am not invested in Arteta on any personal level but I hope he comes good. i certainly like the look of some of the signings and based on what I saw and heard in the stadium, the majority of fans feel the same. It is a shame so many people are unreasonable and determined not to discuss football sensibly or give players the benefit of the doubt because of an agenda.

    AFC VAL just wants to say I told you so. He hasn’t (you can put me on record here) been an arsenal fan ever. Just a know it all who doesn’t actually know half of what he thinks he knows. Plus he’ll lie and twist and go to the extreme just to prove some weird point to strangers on the internet.

  107. CG


    ””When I see Benitez and compare him with Arteta, it makes me want to cry.””

    In just 4 games, he has already got Everton organised and very clinical on the counter attack.
    And hardly spent a dime……

    Scorched Brighton and Burnley on the counter.

    the signing of Gray for a couple of million – once again shows the folly of the club to allow Arteta to spend so much on overrated defensive players.

    Everton scoring for fun under the vastly experienced and proven Rafa.