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Well good morning to you ALL! It’s so damn good to be rolling into the start of the new season with SIX new players all 23 or under. I cannot WAIT to see what they can bring to the table today.

Today IS the new table after Christmas.

Arteta doesn’t have much fan love left in the tank. Today is a mini-run to a North London Derby against Nuno’s Spurs. We have to see a result today, there’s no more time for flapping around with process, we need to see some delivery.

I am not overly nervous about the result, the team will pull something out of the bag today. What I am concerned about is the football. I really hope Arteta didn’t spend £150m on new young players only to play a more secure version of very boring possession-based football.

We need to see a dominant style of play. I want to see our midfielders do more than control the ball, because now it’s time to see rapid-fire penetration. I want to see delicious movement from our front three, because we have the players to dazzle. Particularly of interest is the resurrection of Auba. It’s time for him to show us that he’s still top of the pile when it comes to finishing.

The fans need a huge lift today, Arteta needs to find that sparkle again, and the cloud over north London needs to show some signs that it can lift given time.

We need a performance.

Performances give you time.

Arteta hasn’t delivered one in a very long time.

The weather is decent today, the 3pm kick off is conducive to good vibes, let’s see what he has.

See you in the comments.

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  1. LoveSausage


    Saka and ESR definitely have a better end product than Pepe and they’re adding speed to our game rather than slowing us down. I’d like to see us try the two of them on the wings with Ode in the middle.

  2. WengerEagle


    The curse lives on it seems, fucking 9 All-Ireland Finals lost now for Mayo.

    Next time they are in the Final and the 2 surviving 51′ team members are yet to drop, I am lumping my life savings on their opponent haha.

  3. Dissenter

    Villa will probably get at least 4 of 6 points from us this season
    They have as lot of pace and power in this team, once they get used to not looking for Grealish to dave the day.

  4. Kroenkephobe


    I’m enjoying it but Tyrone seem just a bit stronger and fitter. I know the square root of fuck all about gaa but the ref got those two cards badly wrong just there. Call me Tony O’Attwood.

  5. LoveSausage


    I see your point. The one thing I appreciate about him is that he has the guts to take on players. Problem is that 90% of the time it’s brainless. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, he has poor control and he isn’t looking to combine with other players. That’s costing us goals.

  6. Cheney10

    I was at the game today and in the first half, we looked really neat and tidy until 30 yards out then just played donut football… no real threats from out wide or through the middle.

    Second half was better once ESR and TP were introduced… should of had a few more than the one we got, so not sure Norwich fans can complain like an early poster suggested. They barely offered a threat although there were a few good blocks at the end.

    Not perfect, bland at times but All in all, my boy (8) and I left happy. Three points, a confidence building block that needs to be supplemented again next week against Burnley.

  7. Dissenter

    Also the passes that Pepe didn’t control weren’t weighted at all. They were almost fired shots
    He should have done better no doubt but it seems some people here have dec ided to make him the new scape goat.
    Take Pepe off and we are a very static team in front. Auba will do his ball watching, Tierney will pass to no one, Saka will run into blind alleys and ESR will push to the sidelines to create space.

  8. Kroenkephobe

    I’ve got a political type question here relating to sectarianism. Excuse my ignorance and I hope I’m not being crass. Is GAA played in the North just by nationalists or do unionists get involved in it too? Fuck it’s just finished.

  9. Ernest Reed

    “amazing the amount of folks on here bashing pepe when he was easily the best player on the pitch today. so many with agendas and no understanding of the game.”

    Stop drinking turpentine Andy, you’re losing your eyesight.

  10. Raulishuss

    Not perfect but a moral boosting win. Can’t wait to get partey to full speed. Midfield today was ineffective untill he came in. And oh ben white is going to be a top player, his passing and ball composure is very good. Ramsday already making me feel better about leno out. Shout out to tommy too.

  11. Dissenter

    No he’s not
    Pepe creates problems for himself no doubt but he’s one of the few outlets we have on the field.
    We wouldn’t have eked out a win today without him.

    There seems to be an agenda because he hits the post on a 50-50 chance and many people slate him for missing a sure-banker or “open goal”.

  12. WengerEagle


    Mayo have now lost their last 11 Finals, ouch.

    How much are you into GAA? I was mental about it as a kid and grew up playing it, only switched to Football when I was around 9 and realised it was a much better game.

  13. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Saka and ESR definitely have a better end product than Pepe”

    That’s not even loosely based in reality. In the future maybe but not even close right now. Saka showed signs of improving his end product towards the end of last season but ESR hasn’t really shown that he has it over any period of time, yet.

    Pepe our second highest scorer last season. Hope he gets more consistent playing time and have Tomi playing behind him the majority of the time instead of the donuts that played right back last season.

    Yes our attack hasn’t been great but it’s mostly because of the inability of the rest of the team to get the ball to them in decent positions. With White and Gabriel back and Xhaka out of the team that will hopefully improve.

  14. Mee

    I really hope ESR won’t be benched again. Lokonga too when Xhaka is back. AMN should play RB with Tomiyasu RCB (he was very good in the air today and seems to have good concentration.) The team will revert to shit if Arteta persists with Ode, Xhaka, White and Ramsdale who is a serial relegator.

  15. WengerEagle


    Gaelic Football, was absolutely rubbish at Hurling and hated it. Didn’t like wearing a helmet either, American Football most definitely would not be for me.

    I was ok at GAA Football but much better at real football.

  16. Almuniasaynomore

    That’s one hell of a loaded question. Obviously nationalists represented by 1 religion and the unionists represented by the other did not mix very well. As a result GAA was played only by the nationalist community. The governing body actually banned anybody who played soccer or rugby, what they refer to as ‘ foreign games’ from playing GAA. It effectively ruled out the unionists from engaging. It got so ridiculous that they actually banned the Irish president from attending an All-Ireland final because he had attended a rugby international game in his capacity as president.The ban was lifted 50 yrs ago but its effects still linger. Even during my own childhood we never told our teachers that we played soccer.During the troubles GAA grounds in the North were easy targets as obviously only one group would assemble there. As a result there are some particularly nasty and tragic events which have only served to widen the gap between the two communities. This of course also increased the nationalist determination to play gaelic games as a mark of their identity. Hence some of the most passionate GAA fans come from the North. There are members of the other community who play but a very small minority. Apologies for the crude descriptions such as ‘the other community ‘ but I’m very conscious of the banned words list.

  17. MidwestGun

    The question is .. if we win all our games… with Xhaka out.. Will he be back in as a sure starter. That is the question.

    Ohhh y’all are talking about Hurling… hahaha I was lost.

  18. Mee

    Tomi won 7 out of eight aerial duels. Might have been against shorties but pretty decent and night and day from what someone like Cedric (who somehow still played today) would have output.

  19. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    Yeah I was decent enough. Had a number of cousins that played at county level, I never got near that though!! 😁

    But like you, I preferred playing real football!

  20. WengerEagle

    I haven’t had my finger on the pulse with Boxing in a long time but hold on a minute, is David Haye actually making a pro comeback and fighting a Businessman turned boxer tonight for real?

  21. Ernest Reed

    Diss, he’s a weak player. His corners rarely result in scoring opps and when pressured he gets toppled easily. He’s poor on taking firm passes from teammates and often opportunities are left unfulfilled.

    As for “not eking out a win without him”, not sure what game you were watching today?

  22. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle,
    I’m from Wexford, had a hurl put in my hand as soon as I was big enough to hold it .But football,both versions, was my thing. Played as keeper for the county team. My best talent is snooker/pool, but that reflects more on my lifestyle choices once injuries caught up with me!

  23. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    Gaelic football is too generic for me, loosk too similar to Aussie rules and American football’
    ‘I loved the hurling though, used to wonder how amateurs could produce that level of athleticism. I loved the precise manner they used those hurling sticks at high speeds.under pressure.

  24. MidwestGun

    Eagle yep… state of boxing right now.. with no exciting or well known Heavyweight title holder they start bringing back all the old timers.. Holyfield is making an appearance or Tyson might make an appearance this year.

  25. Jim Lahey

    “‘I loved the hurling though, used to wonder how amateurs could produce that level of athleticism”

    Must of us play hurling from the time we can walk, for the high level guys, its second nature!

  26. WengerEagle


    Agree, Hurling is a better sport to watch imo.

    The skill involved is staggering, somebody like Henry Shefflin to me is every bit as impressive as the best sportsmen around from a pure technical level.

  27. LoveSausage


    I feel the fact that he scored second most goals is pretty misleading. A lot of them came against very poor opposition and he’s extremely inefficient. Saka and ESR need to step up and take more responsibility for sure. But they did that last season back when Pepe was benched. I’m sure they would again and I’m pretty confident their end product would be better.

    In my book, Pepe isn’t the same level of shot as Xhaka and a few others but I definitely feel he’s extremely one dimensional.

  28. Dissenter

    Pepe thrives when he’s played with an overlapping wing back/full back. He’s not going to best 2-3 people with no movement around him. That;’s not the type of player that he is.
    In my opinion, he looks more likely that Auba to score. at the moment.

  29. WengerEagle


    Haha my legs and knees are still in tact so I am still ripping up trees in the pub 7 a side scene thankfully.

    I do look forward to transitioning into my future Darts career though like Rafael Van Der Vaart. Especially excited to truly embrace the Darts diet and conditioning regime.

  30. Ernest Reed

    Neither looks like a comfortable bet to score often, Diss. Agreed though, Pepe of the two is most likely – and considering Auba’s past track record, thats not encouraging, is it?

  31. Bob N16

    Loved the experience today, walking down a sunny Gillespie Road hearing Vieira’s chant as the news that Palace had beaten the Spuds. Could have won by more but plenty to be happy about. Ramsdale inheriting the Ramsey chant. Tomiyasu nearly scoring a worldy volley at the end of the first half, White looking so comfortable on the ball,pinging a few beauties, ESR looking playing like TR7, Saka, Lokonga being in charge of possession, White and Partey doing cynical fouls in the last few minutes, Martin O working his arse off all game. 3pts

  32. Leftside


    Haye is fighting his friend. Sweet gig if you can get it, will probably go the route of exhibitions afterwards. He’s way too shot to forge a meaningful comeback in competitive boxing.

  33. Dissenter

    Jim Lahey
    ‘“‘I loved the hurling though, used to wonder how amateurs could produce that level of athleticism”Must of us play hurling from the time we can walk, for the high level guys, its second nature!”

    I recall my amazement seeing prepubescent kids hurling a musical instrument and hurler as they walked to school.
    Besides bragging rights, what else do the GAA athletes get from playing?
    Do they get tax breaks or tax credits?

  34. Radio Raheem

    That Leipzig v Bayern result is quite sad isn’t it? This Bayern squad might be quite thin and this arguably the best Leipzig squad in a while and yet they get battered at home.

  35. Jim Lahey

    “Do they get tax breaks or tax credits?”

    Ha no!
    Just the opportunity to represent your county, and free pints of course! 🤣

  36. WengerEagle

    Sponsorships Dissenter, a lot of them get free gear and endorsements over here.

    Also bragging rights yes and being treated as Gods in GAA mad counties. Some might be surprised that it is probably still the number one sport over here ahead of Football.

    It is remarkable their dedication though when you look at what footballers are being paid at the top level. Players like Kevin Doyle and Shane Long that went on to be ok PL strikers have said they preferred GAA growing up and were just as good at them but the money is in Football clearly.

  37. Kroenkephobe

    Cheers Almunia. Kind of you to explain that. I think when I lived in Dublin I got that sense that the GAA had some very forthright rules as regards sports and not using Croke Park for rugby and football while Lansdown part was being renovated. I know they kind of relented to stage that Ireland v England Rugby Union International and that it was loaded with significance. Have a good evening man.

  38. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    One of my first memories as a kid was searching a hurling pitch for my dad’s front teeth! He had all his upper teeth knocked out during a game!

  39. Almuniasaynomore

    Croke park was the scene of a terrible atrocity,I won’t bring it up here, but check it out,it will help you understand more I think. Checking out myself, good night lads, enjoy that winning feeling …..

  40. Tom

    “Chelsea and City and conversely Tuchel and Pep is going to be the battle of the season. Very very impressed with Tuchel.“

    We could’ve had Klopp and we certainly could’ve had Tuchel.
    At least with Klopp you could understand the difficulty in letting the legend go and Wenger wasn’t gonna fire himself………… but with Tuchel…..absolutely no reason.

  41. CG


    “””The team will revert to shit if Arteta persists with Ode, Xhaka, White and Ramsdale who is a serial relegator.””””

    This team under this manager, simply doesnt have enough goals in it.

    Reading the reports Man Utd and Chelsea have not played particularly well- but both have won by x 3 goals. They have goals coming out from every orifice.

    Ronaldo, 36, already has scored more this season , than all of Arsenal combined.

    And Lukaku has to be the signing of the summer.

    The game is all about the quality of your center forwards.( and always has been)

  42. Tom

    When Pierre gets back from the golf course maybe he can comment on the Tanganga tackle on Zaha vis-à-vis the Laporte punch on Chambers decision.

  43. Guns of SF

    Caught some of the second half, we looked good when we had possession and finally some long splitting passes really helped. Good to see TP back… we need him fit all season

    Norwich came to play against us and it was easier… but lets see how we do against top sides. I expect us to beat norwich normally

    against a packed defense lets see if we can find a way

  44. Mr Serge

    Just got back from the game the atmosphere was very good no sounds of unhappiness amongst the fans where I was. They did lose patience at one point then we scored the spawniest goal ever.

    Tomyasu was good,ode tried to drive the team forward but was not great. ESR came in and we improved so much but we were very wasteful today and did not look good against a bang average team who had one or two chances all game.
    Pepe is so poor, Sami was good and white did some very good passes.
    I was surprised about the mood in there considering we scrapped a win

  45. Mr Serge

    The thing is that sambi and ode play the ball forward I prefer that to xhaka crab football. The Vieira chants at the begining of the game were awesome we all got involved

  46. IQ

    Pepe seems to be under instruction to stay wide, get to the goal line and cut/cross the ball rather than cutting in and shooting which is his strength.

    If he is played more centrally and allowed to shoot he will look a lot better. Hopefully having a proper right back who can play wider and who can defend will free up Pepe from defensive duties and allow him to play higher up the pitch.

    I would rather we feed the ball more to Pepe and allow him to dribble and cross or shoot rather than Tierney and his crossing.

  47. Daniel Altos

    Pepe usually gets so much hate here ahead of legrove lovechild saka and tierney or even odegaard,yet he is the one who looks like scoring in this shit system. He is the one who made the goal today ffs.I see people creating fantasy lineups of saka,odegaard and esr lol..saka cant shoot,esr can only shoot straight at the keeper and odegaard doesnt even bother to eneter the box…who is going to score?There is a very good reason arteta leaves pepe in for 90 mins nowadays

  48. Daniel Altos

    And pepe has improved so much defensively whereas saka isnt even bothered to track back nowadays…pepe is like mane at liverpool,lose touches,miscontrols,intercepted dribbles etc but can make an impact anytime…ask any liverpool fan about mane and they will tell you how frustrating a player he is but the difference is at Liverpool they create chance after chance for their forwards whereas at arsenal our forwards get one good chance per game

  49. Daniel Altos

    raptoraSeptember 11, 2021 20:05:22
    Anguissa bossed the midfield Vs Juve. Napoli wiped the floor with Juve, outplayed them like Juve are a bottom half team. Impressing af.

    I watched the game raptora,must have been the most fouled player on the pitch.Juve play terrible football though.

  50. Daniel Altos

    Pepe seems to be under instruction to stay wide, get to the goal line and cut/cross the ball rather than cutting in and shooting which is his strength.If he is played more centrally and allowed to shoot he will look a lot better. Hopefully having a proper right back who can play wider and who can defend will free up Pepe from defensive duties and allow him to play higher up the pitch.I would rather we feed the ball more to Pepe and allow him to dribble and cross or shoot rather than Tierney and his crossing.

    @IQ well said. He is probably the best shooter of a football at the club….a 433 with pepe in the channel between the left back and left centre back should do him good.I am not saying he is messi but c’mon….we arent playing to his strengths at all

  51. Dissenter

    Daniel Altos
    Yea, Pepe is the orphan child
    I watch Tierney have bad game after bad game…and no one even mentions it.
    Pepe tries making lemonade from apples and is immediately pilloried for not dribbling past 2-3 players and scoring.

  52. Daniel Altos

    DissenterSeptember 11, 2021 20:19:44
    Daniel Altos
    Yea, Pepe is the orphan child
    I watch Tierney have bad game after bad game…and no one even mentions it.
    Pepe tries making lemonade from apples and is immediately pilloried for not dribbling past 2-3 players and scoring.

    Its actually incredible really..Tierney has been shocking this season and not one bad word against him

    Nicolas Pépé vs Norwich:

    – 6 key passes (most)
    – 7 chances created (most)
    – 1 big chance created (most)
    – 80 touches (most)
    – 3 dribbles completed (most)
    – 1 Assist
    – won MOTM

    Not bad for the ‘absolutely terrible’ pepe..He aint ronaldo but he tries to make things happen.

  53. Tom

    The Zaha comparisons and his transfer fee are Pepe’s kryptonite.
    He will never be our Zaha………two completely different players.
    Zaha thrives on contact and a lot of times even invites it, while Pepe seems to go out of his way to avoid it. But put them in front of the goal and Pepe is a better technical finisher of the two.
    Without Pepe Arsenal probably don’t score a single goal today so for everyone screaming to take him out mid game, he gained us two points today.

  54. Mr Serge

    The thing is that sambi and ode play the ball forward I prefer that to xhaka crab football. The Vieira chants at the begining of the game were awesome we all got involved

    I have to agree with Daniel Altos as frustrating as Pepe is sometimes he does look like he is trying to score at least and gets into good positions.

    Saka and ESR are still gun shy at this point did not think saka had a very good game today.

  55. Nigel Tufnel


    As a nickname, Ramsdale the relegator is clever and even sounds pretty cool.. but why is your first instinct to be nasty to a guy that wants to play for us, to win, and has done nothing wrong?

  56. Bob N16

    Echo your post Nigel, Ramsdale didn’t have to do much today but he received a lot of love/ support from the crowd today. He’s inherited the Ramsay chant seemlessly.

  57. Dissenter

    Nigel Tufnel
    Take your sanctimonious nonsense and stuff it where the sun don’t shine
    I praised Ramsdale during that game when he did well and was terrified for him when he made that needless dribble.

    The nickname didn’t come from me, I wish had that ingeniousness to be fair.

    I made the observation we were starting a keeper that’s used to playing for clubs in relegation positions. when we were at the bottom of the table, If that offends your puny sensibilities, then so be it.

  58. Nigel Tufnel

    Then I see….


    Being negative and insulting referring to Ødegaard. I know it was in response to a mention of him playing deeper, but why the hate for the guy?

    By the way, I guess Mee didn’t notice him defending really well at points today, definitely not bad for an AM. Presses pretty well too for his position.

    I wonder what Øde did to Mee….

  59. LoveSausage

    Ramsdale the Relegator is the best nickname I’ve heard in a while😂

    Jokes aside, he wasn’t tested today so the jury is still out. I did like his distribution though. It was confirmed and quick compared to Leno. He seems comfortable with the ball, which is a nice change.

  60. Guns of SF

    Pepe thrives in a chaotic front line…. you cannot keep him tied to a certain role. He is best roaming free and popping up wherever he can get. I have realized this… The RB needs to be good at covering when Pepe goes meandering

  61. Mr Serge

    Leftside I would play ramsdale over Leno all day long even though he did not have a lot to do what he did do he did well. Confidence is s big thing for a keeper Leno is shot

  62. Guns of SF

    The difference with today and the Wengers teams was that in those tight congested spaces in the box, we would score… with Cesc, RVP, Ade, TH and so on…

    I like ESR but he and Saka are not at that level… they are shooters in the box… not there yet, to find the eye of the needle with passes, or even over the top passes to make a better shot…

    Of course Auba cannot do much with the ball either…

    There were occassions in the second half when we were just carving them up with the passes from TP and longer ones from deep.

    Again Norwich came to play so it was easier against the last placed team.

    But lets see….

  63. Freddie Ljungberg

    Daniel Altos

    “– 6 key passes (most)
    – 7 chances created (most)
    – 1 big chance created (most)
    – 80 touches (most)
    – 3 dribbles completed (most)
    – 1 Assist
    – won MOTM”

    And still he’s the most criticised player in the team almost every match (unless Xhaka plays) it makes no sense to me but some people made up their mind from day 1 and is sticking to it no matter what.

    Artetas tinkering and poor attacking tactics sure hasn’t helped either.

    If he could start playing our strongest 11 on a consistent basis, without favouritism or bias, there’s still hope for this season. Not that I see that happening, but still.

  64. Dissenter

    Honestly, I dint think Leno was the problem but if Ramsdale makes people feel better, then so be it.

    There’s been a lot of instability with the backline and the defensive coaching is very poor
    Against Brentford, we let a championship team roughhouse our goal keeper in a very shameful manner. Every well drilled defensive unit knows you have to create separation between your goalie and the attacking player for corners. That’s why referee get called to the pushing/shoving.

    I would have played Ramsdale against Burnley in any case because he’ll stand up to their physicality better.

  65. Mr Serge

    Diss they don’t look like they are playing scared they look disjointed ode was too deep and there was no link with the front three because of it . I don’t get Artetas system at all. When Partey and ESR came on there was a link between midfield and up front and we looked better
    Saka was ok auba was auba Pepe tried hard.

    We get that link right it’s much better I feel we were wasteful today when we did get chances I put that down to pressure to score because you don’t know when the next chance is coming

    White looks far better with Tommy and Gabriel next to him his passing was crisp

  66. Ishola70

    Nobody should be making judgements over a win against hapless Norwich.

    What we can deduce though over many matches is that Leno and Pepe are not overall top drawer players.

    The sooner people come to that realisation the better for anymore heartache with these players over time going forward.

    They are what they are. Flawed players. Not to the extent of Xhaka of course but flawed nonetheless.

  67. Dissenter

    Mr Serge
    I hoped that we would get confident after that goal and start playing like a proper side but it seemed to make them more nervy.
    At some point we had 11 behind the ball defending against Norwich at home. It didn’t look convincing.

    Hope they sort it out before we play at Turf Moor.

  68. Ishola70

    “as is Guendouzi I must say”

    Elneny is a pefect gentleman.

    Guendouzi is spikey and misbehaves on occasions.

    What a bland team Arsenal have.

  69. Lacaqualidie

    Pepe has no right foot, which is why a) I don’t rate him and b) I’m staggered he cost so much.

    He gets stick because of the latter. Unless you are going to play him in a system with a tactic to cut inside from the right he’s better employed on the left and let Saka play on the right in his more natural and thus dangerous position.

    I also rate ESR above Odergaard. I think if you have to play both then play both centrally which means ESR takes up a more traditional #8 position as he can do everything in that role.

    It’s that same old issue we had with Ramsey. A talented player played out of position to accommodate others.

  70. Guns of SF


    I would reverse ESR and ODE.
    ESR is stronger, and better suited to get into the box and make something happen. He almost scored today…. that type of goal I dont see Ode doing…

    ODe is better at longer passes from deep, an area we are lacking in…

  71. Lacaqualidie

    Guns – I see where you’re coming from, the trouble is we don’t have a settled side and formation, so it makes it more difficult to finesse the side.

    I was impressed with Tomiyasu although I thought at times a lot of players weren’t willing to pass to him. The elements are there, but I wonder whether the fusion of them all can be done under Arteta.

    Doesn’t help when our top striker is old and lacking in pace and confidence.

  72. Mr Serge

    LacaqualidieSeptember 11, 2021 21:50:14
    Guns – I see where you’re coming from, the trouble is we don’t have a settled side and formation, so it makes it more difficult to finesse the side.I was impressed with Tomiyasu although I thought at times a lot of players weren’t willing to pass to him. The elements are there, but I wonder whether the fusion of them all can be done under Arteta.Doesn’t help when our top striker is old and lacking in pace and confidence

    They will pass to him more when they know what he does well. The fans were great with him though he got a lot of encouragement

  73. Ishola70

    Guns of SF
    “anyones take on AMN today?”

    Yeah he wasn’t particularly good.

    Certainly not worth the fuss that was made about him recently.

    Misplaced passes on occasions.

  74. Spudnik

    Best win ever. 1-0 over Norwich is well generational sauce plus the fact that we played like 1970s Brazil. The Artetafraud’s call to arms was heeded. Thank god for a brilliant manager.

  75. Dissenter

    ‘Pepe has no right foot, which is why a) I don’t rate him and b) I’m staggered he cost so much.”

    He’s predominantly left footed but he does use his right foot as well. He takes up a lot of shots with the right foot.

    Number of gams played 63
    Goals 15
    Goals per match 0.24
    Headed goals. 0
    Goals with right foot 3
    Goals with left foot 12
    Penalties scored 2
    Freekicks scored 0
    Shots 108
    Shots on target 43
    Shooting accuracy %40%
    Hit woodwork 8
    Big chances missed 6

  76. Tom

    “are there any arsenal players rated on LG lol“

    Apparently not. But we get are cues from Arteta who proudly stated that no club has ever set out to “replace close to 30 players”………. I suppose in an attempt to illustrate what a shit show we had been until he agreed graciously to come in and save us from the abyss.

  77. Tom

    Now finally everyone can see why the American healthcare system is the best in the world.
    It took a medical professional 5 minutes to put a bandaid on Raducanu’s booboo.

  78. Downundergunner

    We lack so much creativity in the centre of the park.
    Surely Emile smith Rowe can play alongside partey in the middle as we need someone who can go past players and create in the midfield.Auba left wing, Pepe right wing and lacaZette up front

  79. David Smith

    Emma Raducanu , and Laylah Fernandez,, both of them, amazing.
    Used to women’s players, and many men grunting at each other, examining the ball for three minutes before serving, boring safe chess player rally’s, but these two! How refreshing to go for the kill so quickly, even if it doesn’t work, good to watch.
    They serve quickly with the same ball after a fault, match the aggression of any men’s players.
    They should be invited to this club to give a team talk on how to play aggressively

  80. Sly

    Problem isn’t the players
    Or youth
    You can chop and change another 21 players
    another 250M+ and you’ll get the same results

  81. China1

    My take is

    3 points I’ll take that. Performance wasn’t great but the second half was better. Lacked midfield control and good passing in the first half and lacked ruthlessness up front in the second.

    Of the new guys
    -Tomi didn’t put a foot wrong. It’s only one game against Norwich but can’t ask for more from his debut
    -Ramsdale was good
    -Ode was poor
    -Lokonga was poor in the first half and good in the second
    -white was fine

    Other thoughts
    Man we have missed Gabriel. Our defense immediately looks better with him back.

    Auba at least worked hard. Finishing was off but the effort was there

    AMN wasn’t particularly good

    Saka ESR and Partey are all required on the pitch for us to kick on.

    I’d still go for Sambi and Partey as the midfield 2 next match as despite sambi having a bad first half we saw in the second half what he has in the locker

  82. China1

    Downunder Sambi is very good at running with the ball and can greatly lessen the burden on Partey for that but he didn’t have a very good first half yesterday

  83. Downundergunner

    @Chinal i have been impressed with Sambi so far but he still lacks that creativity and I think ESR is the only player who could slot in too that role who has the necessary attributes, he could be similar to Ramsey..

  84. Tony

    Morning all
    Well we huffed and we puffed, escaped scares in defense we shouldn’t have, and really fluffed our lines up front managing a lucky tap in from Auba after a fortuitous bounce off Pepe’s legs that was an assist.

    Did we deserve the win I think not,: a draw would have would have been the right result on the balance of play of 52% vs 48% from Norwich.

    Arteta has claimed the last 14 days have been the best of his career, which I had a hard time working out. We were bottom of the table with zero points and Arteta is telling us he was the happiest he’s been in his very unremarkable career.

    What is it with Edu and Arteta and their stupid statements: best 14 days of his career and Europe qualifying not a priority. What do the players think? Now we have Ode adjusting his claim to win the CL in 2 years to winning the league. Is the kid blowing smoke up Arteta’s arsenal?

    So what did this best 2 weeks produce for the club?

    The usual 20 minutes of flat out going nowhere bar one shot on target that didn’t really test their keeper. The fade to grey as we usually do has us devoid of ideas having run out of Arteta’s tactics with 25 minutes to go while Palace playing the better football cut through us with fast quick passing and we were scrambling to defend but at least we have pace from Tomi now.

    Of the defense White had a better game than his baptism by fire against Brentford. but his aerial ability is shocking. There was a movie entitled ‘White men Can’t jump’ and that certainly fits the bill for White.

    The reality is we have another liability player who needs covering for or we will leak goals from high balls into the box, which no doubt Burnley and the rest of the league now know another of our many weaknesses, where eventually White will be targeted aerially and closed down quickly to nullify his long range of passing. £50 million at the expense of 2 sorely needed midfielders? Pure mindless stupidity and a sackable offense and why Stan probably cut the purse strings.

    Difficult to judge Ramsdale on one shot on target from Norwich, however for periods when they cut through the midfield with ease. So no change there. AMN was average at best playing in midfield none of us really rate him at. Tougher tests await Ramsdale, but he looked more assured than low on confidence Leno.

    Tomi looks a prospect.unfazed by the PL speed and toughness, he seemed to fit in well. On his first game, he showed much promise, so he passed his first game test with ease.

    Our midfield still needs a lot of work and 2 new players we should have bought before White. Arteta can hint all he likes that Stan let him down on TW money, but had we had Bosouma yesterday instead of AMN and the result could have been much different with us getting another goal or 2.

    Up front is where Arteta commits faux pas in every game where he tries wholly unsuccessfully to emulate his mentor Pep, but with players past their best and going through the motions.

    21 months on and Arteta hasn’t worked it out that Pepe plays best in the inside left with CT. where he needs balls to run onto instead of being stuck out by the right side touchline with the usual double up on him as soon as the receives the ball to feet. The true definition display of madness by Arteta.

    The uninitiated among the fans just see Pepe as poor, but don’t look further as to why he can look poor. He still needs to have a far better first touch but he does better running onto balls as previously stated.

    Another selection nightmare for the forwards to endure. This is how I see it whether right or wrong in Grover’s eyes. This make the most sense to me.

    CT overlapping and Ode playing balls though the channels for Pepe to run on rather than mindless crosses in to no one in particular and dealt with comfortably by defenders.

    On the right Saka inside right with ESR feeding him balls to run onto. Hopefully, Tomi can make overlaps on the right wing.

    We need a ST. Auba will NOT be getting 20+ goals this season. Auba is best now as an impact sub because the PL is wise to his limited abilities. The one trick pony needs a new trick but too old to learn.

    So we had 6 (six) Pedro shots on target and 13 off target and 12 blocked shots that Pedro is going to massaged into his fantasy football stats.

    Norwich also bottom of the table managed 1 shot on target with 3 off target and 6 last ditched blocked attempts..

    What was clear to me was that Farke has got a bunch of championship players punching above their weight, but so well organized a draw would’ve been thee right result. It had me wondering if Farke can do that with the players he has, what could he do with our rag tag ensemble doing the clueless chicken shuffle against a team most likely to be related.

    I despise Dyche and his Pulis type bruiser football that’s going to offer a direct aerial battle targeting White and Ramsdale in particular.

    In sum we couldn’t even manage a flat track bully performance yesterday and got a lucky win.

    Whatever make believe post Pedro offers the truth of the matter is that Arteta had 2 weeks to ready our team. We scraped a win from a league bottom dweller club like us that was nothing to get excited or to shout about.

    Watching the Spuds game they were toothless against Palace where I said very early in the game Spuds miss Song more than Kane. Had we played them yesterday we might have got a result.I fear Spuds will be back to full strength that has seem them at the top until today when we meet them.

    At the moment I don’t realistically hold out much hope of us beating Burnley or Spuds with draws being the likely outcomes.

    With no agenda other than wanting to see us achieve again, yesterday I saw nothing more than a repeat of last season with Arteta, and I sincerely hope we are talking to Conte, Monchi et al.


  85. Tony

    As for the woman’s title we have a darling who can go on to the very top.

    Emma Raducanu might be a scrawny 18 year old now but I see her dominating women’s tennis in the future: our own Sarena potentially.

    Well done Emma you bring joy at a time in the world when so many are hurting.

    TR7 and Weagle I understand tennis is one of your favoured sports, but it’s not mine. I love watching winners and Emma is a winner so I watch her and praise her abilities for a girl/woman in a tough sport where she has broken new records.

  86. Tony

    Goobergooner commiserations for the tanking the All Blacks dished out scoring while they had a man sent off. Don’t think I’ve seen such poor goal kicking in an international before.

  87. S Asoa

    ” are there any arsenal players rated on LG lol ”

    There are those who would be really great playing to their strenghts if so set up by an intelligent coach.
    We miss them because the big elephant in the room, further inflated by the Club’s PR team makes everyone miss the point, except the simplistic bleating of ” So-and-so ” is thrash, give Arteta yet another window to blow money on another serial relegator or White, as Saliba pulls up trees for fun at Marseilles

  88. DivineSherlock

    Great win , a very young looking team and fresh too . There is just one point I like to criticize here why the hell does Arteta not play Saka and ESR together and if he does they are on opposite flanks. One of our best goal last season came with their combination plays . I love Odegaard he made some really great passes but Arteta has to make a decision here maybe bench Pepe and try Saka there with Ode on the left , ESR through the middle.

  89. Tony

    Divine, I’d hardly call it a great win, more great we finally got points on the board. The performance was far from great.

    I touched on this earlier but Arteta seems to be devoid of the idea of creating partnerships.

    Think SAS: Shearer and Sutton at Blackburn bringing them a fairy tale league title. Keegan and Toshack, Beardsly and Rush immediately come to mind.

    With the Invincible’s they kind of managed to partner each other all over the pitch. It’s what made them unplayable: the understanding they had with each other. The Busby Babes were another of that class. Wenger understood partnerships more in his first 10 years.

    Arteta just tinkers and never sticks to any partnering formula. In his tormented mind he’s always got one more selection to try. He just ignominiously believes there is one selection solution he hasn’t found that will give him the keys to unlocking league and CL titles.

    Arteta will never build trusted partnerships with players all over the pitch. He almost fell over a partnership with Holding and Mari, but he had to do the back line merry-go-round again in search of the defensive El Dorado.

    He has one such partnership in Saka and ESR that has blossomed through the academy over time, what does the generational one do? Play them on opposite sides of the pitch!

    Oh well onto Burnley away with a heavy heart that nothing is really changing and the people who matter ? Don’t appear to be comprehending what is before their eyes.

    Will White be rested from those nasty taller, Burnley bruisers in the guise being saved for the NLD?

    I doubt even Arteta doesn’t know right now.

    He’s basking in his winning glory and his happiest last 2 weeks of his career.

    The soap opera continues.

  90. Chris

    It was great to be at the game yesterday, my first since COVID. The atmosphere was generally positive where I was pretty match, very much boosted by Spur’s capitulation against Palace and the subsequent lyrical amendment of the Vieira song.

    Not for the first time we had a fast start which soon have way to a more laboured build up but I was impressed by Tomy down the right side who wasn’t afraid to get forward and involved in the play. First impressions of him are good.

    It’s a bit of a footballing cliche but it was just very important to get 3 points on the board, even if the overall performance failed to hint at any general improvement in our overall play. We looked immediately better with Partey’s involvement and then ESR. AMN did okay but I am far from convinced about the merit of his playing in central midfield where it always seemed a mistake from him was in waiting. Odegaard played some nice balls over the top but I felt we looked more dangerous with ESR down the middle.

    Ultimately the Sun was shining, we got the 3 points and it was a great day out. Burnley next and it needs to be another 3 points, by however means.

  91. Useroz

    Between the two debutants, Tomi looked ok for £19m, not a cheap RB, and the £30m rated Ramsdale was hardly tested thou made a stray pass.

    Overall the defense wasn’t solid vs an essentially Championship level team. If Pukki had better composure and shot a fraction early off 12 yards, we’d have conceded a late late goal if not a last ditch block by gabriel (or white?)

    Yet, with several decent chances , our shots hardly threatened Krul… wonder what the xG, etc stats look like?

    The performance was not up to it despite the 3 points ‘cos we aren’t playing Norwich in every game!

    Tierney hasn’t been in great form

    Saka tired? Not his best so far this season

    ESR, like cesc, needa realise he has more time to aim when taking some shots… cesc cited Wengers advice and he started raking in more goals.

    Pepe is pepe sort of necessary evil. Not pretty to watch but relatively most threatening…

    Like the Lokonga turns to bring the ball out but some obvious long balls aside needs more finesse to help penetrate the final third.

    Last, still don’t get how Ode thinks he’d win or even play CL in 2 years… just reminds of Wllian declaring CL win within 3 years. Seriously, that only happens if he leaves Arsenal, or we have a new top manager/coach…

  92. Mee

    Pepe cannot be rested. For all his limitations, he can score goals. There is always that one time in a match where he seems to light up and blitz plus players before placing an effort with intent. Without that, we would not have scored yesterday. ESR has to start and I agree with posters who said he should play close to Saka who did not have a good game yesterday. ESR can play eight in a 433 with Sambi and Partey. AMN should play RB with Tomiyasu partnering Gabriel in the CB pairing. White will be molested by Wood vs Burnley. The front three can be Saka Auba and Pepe. That way, we can have Saka. KT ans ESR on the left side with AMN overlapping to Pepe’s advantage on the RHS.

    Another thing, for all the criticism Auba gets, I noticed that when we were moving the ball upfield, he was always at the same level with the Norwich CBs itching to get behind them if a ball was played. Auba and Pepe will score goals if the ball is worked forwards very quickly when the opposing defenders are still running to cover space. Arteta seems to prefer to let the opponent settle into a defensive shape before trying to pick them apart hence the horseshoe. In his press conference, he mentioned us trying to attack too quickly like its a bad thing. I don’t know which successful team without thrust he ever saw.

  93. Ishola70

    Regarding Sambi Lokonga the main criticism of him at Anderlecht was that he lacked in the final third whether this being finding a killer final ball or scoring some goals himself. It was an aspect of his play that they knew he still needs to work on.

    Johnny The Cochrane pointed out in the podcast that the benefit Lokonga could give to the Arsenal midfield is that he drives on the ball from deep in first transition and gets the team quicker on the front foot going forward in comparison to when Xhaka is in there. Pedro was all for this on the podcast but unfotunately the manager he keeps continually batting for has already declared Xhaka a key member of the side and he will be reinstated at the soonest opportunity.

    I still don’t know how good Lokonga is off the ball and defensively simply because of not seeing enough games from him yet but it does look to be true that he is going to be beneficial in that first transition stage on the ball from deep to get the team on the offensive more quickly. He is going to commit more opposition players deep than Xhaka who is just about static and pass, pass, pass and not running on the ball himself.

    Burnley are no Norwich so the sterner test is just around the corner for Arteta.

  94. Ishola70

    If our midfield consists of Lokonga, Partey and Odegaard it is going to be dry in terms of goals from this area.

    With Xhaka reinstated in place of Lokonga same problem.

    As they mentioned on the podcast the team is still heavily reliant on Aubameyang to repeat his goal scoring feats of a few seasons ago and plenty have doubts that he can repeat.

    Saka can chip in on occasions, Pepe is too erratic to be relied upon so if Arsenal do surprise under Arteta Aubameyang has to rekindle that former goalscoring.

  95. Kroenkephobe

    I enjoyed reading that – thanks. You get so much more background to a game by being there. I agree that the team needed a result and they just about got the minimum that was required. I think even if it had been 3-0 it would have been tempered with ‘itsonlynorwichism’. Norwich really were poor but still managed to look neat in midfield. Pukki got very little meaningful service and watching him create that chance which Soares somehow dived in front of him was pretty scary. I think the general post match mood is, fine we’re off the bottom but we’re under no delusions about Arteta’s worth as a manager. For me the passing and movement were lacking again – too many misplaced vertical passes which Usain Bolt, never mind Auba, would fail to connect with. And still a lack of energy after that very effective 15 minute period of high pressing. Another clean sheet needed against Burnley plus some extra guile, energy and better passing.

  96. Ishola70

    This is why some were not overly excited by the signing of Odegaard.

    They were looking for an ACM that has a much better eye for goal than Odegaard.

    It’s all well and good to state that Odegaard can find a pass that will lead to a goal but when this team is so reliant on one striker for any semblance of a good season then an actual ACM with a goal scoring record would have been more beneficial to this side than Odegaard.

    Probably yet another error of judgement from Arteta.

  97. kjelli

    Odegaard is too slow .Pepe still wasteful. AmN good to have. Ramsdale brings confidence and
    eases my nerveosity.. Saka seems a bit heavy..
    Partey may need to be rested against Burnley before Spurs. ?
    Bring Haaland in asap.

  98. Moray

    Good to get three points but we are barely a top half of the table club. This season is going to be a long uphill struggle.

    It’s not immediately clear what value we’ve extracted from our purchases this summer, particularly sin cc’ed it’s goals we’ve been lacking. Having said that Lokonga has potential and the giant jap also has a no-messing appearance.