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Well good morning to you ALL! It’s so damn good to be rolling into the start of the new season with SIX new players all 23 or under. I cannot WAIT to see what they can bring to the table today.

Today IS the new table after Christmas.

Arteta doesn’t have much fan love left in the tank. Today is a mini-run to a North London Derby against Nuno’s Spurs. We have to see a result today, there’s no more time for flapping around with process, we need to see some delivery.

I am not overly nervous about the result, the team will pull something out of the bag today. What I am concerned about is the football. I really hope Arteta didn’t spend £150m on new young players only to play a more secure version of very boring possession-based football.

We need to see a dominant style of play. I want to see our midfielders do more than control the ball, because now it’s time to see rapid-fire penetration. I want to see delicious movement from our front three, because we have the players to dazzle. Particularly of interest is the resurrection of Auba. It’s time for him to show us that he’s still top of the pile when it comes to finishing.

The fans need a huge lift today, Arteta needs to find that sparkle again, and the cloud over north London needs to show some signs that it can lift given time.

We need a performance.

Performances give you time.

Arteta hasn’t delivered one in a very long time.

The weather is decent today, the 3pm kick off is conducive to good vibes, let’s see what he has.

See you in the comments.

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  1. raptora

    Tbh really really really lucky. I’d be furious if I was a Norwich fan. We should mark this is a ref help imo. How can the refs be sure that Pepe doesn’t touch the ball when the Norwich defender tackles him and the ball? Cause if he does it’s an offside.

  2. into the red

    Palace fans were singing “Are you Arsenal in disguise’ at Spurs this afternoon, which is you must admit quite funny. Relegation battle between the two North London sides this season, lol.

  3. Tonga

    Finishing is shit for all players. Should have scored plenty today.

    Odegaard has played better than most today. Missing that final shot or pass like everyone else today

  4. Radio Raheem

    3 right backs used this match. Arteta still deciding?

    Win at home to Norwich was as certain as tomorrow being Sunday.

    Although, I understand the fretting by some beforehand, what will be unacceptable is to point to this win as some sort of victory for the ‘process’.

    Give it a lot more matches like Arteta’s critics have.

  5. MidwestGun

    Well…. the only conclusion I can draw .. from this match .. is this team is not gonna flip some magical switch on.. until the Club decides to make a change.. this is what it is.

  6. Mee

    “Odegaard can never do what ESR just did. That’s the difference between them.”

    My thoughts exactly. If ESR started, we would have been far more dangerous with him in the first half.

  7. China1

    I’ll take the points

    Our strongest 11 isn’t bad but we need to take our chances so much better. 10 chances per goal is not sustainable.

  8. raptora

    It’s not a confidence boosting win like I wished, but 3 pts on the board is what matters. Still, our football was pretty garbage as a whole.

    It feels like the less shit team won today.

    You’d expect a mid-table team to win Vs Norwich at home, and it’s just what happened.

  9. Receding Hairline

    Most of this chances you allude to was from Norwich overplaying at the back not some brilliant attacking play by us.

    This game confirms what i have always feared, its going to be a very long season for us

  10. TheLegendaryDB10

    Very Happy with the win. Very needed got the players confidence. They need to build on this win.

    Very worried with the performance though. If we are struggling against Norwich, then this is not looking good when we’ll play stronger opposition.

  11. curse

    pretty disappointing tbf even with the three points. hopefully they can gel better with more confidence. I know they’re still developing as a young squad but they should have a higher level of quality.
    Sambi stood out again I thought, if Tommy did 90 it would have been Niles off I’m sure.

  12. Ishola70

    Arsenal holding on at the end to a 1-0 win which was Norwich’s 14th consecutive defeat in the EPL. 14 defeats home and away on the spin in the EPL.

    Meanwhile on a certain twitter account someone is proclaiming “Arsenal are back!”

    It’s pathetic isn’t it.

    The lowering of standards of this football club in just over two seasons is genuinely shocking.

  13. MGooner

    raptoraSeptember 11, 2021 16:55:06

    “You’d expect a mid-table team to win Vs Norwich at home, and it’s just what happened.”

    Sorry, but it was a relegation battle ;-), no mid table stuff here.

  14. TT

    Work in progress, I for one was not expecting a spanking but 3 points will give the boys some confidence to take into the next game.

  15. Habesha Gooner

    I will take the points. But I still feel we should play better against Norwich. Arteta isn’t showing any kind of attacking pattern at all. We pressed a bit better today and we had chances off that. But there is no strategy or any kind if attacking football right now. It is just all over the place. 1 goal from 4 is still a poor record. I still can’t see him lasting if this continues. But at least we are now out of the bottom of the table.

  16. WengerEagle

    Yes we got the important points on the board but how can any real Arsenal supporter not watch that last ten odd minutes and us defending in packs and putting bodies on the line to defend a one goal lead vs the overwhelming favourite team to finish bottom of the table this season and be massively underwhelmed and concerned in equal measure?

    You would swear we were defending a one nil lead vs Liverpool the way we played.

  17. Ishola70

    You can see why Norwich lose every game they play.

    They don’t excel in any department.

    And the tell tale sign of a truly struggling side is that they win the ball of the opponents only to give it straight back to them within seconds. A Norwich trait.

  18. MGooner

    Ishola70September 11, 2021 16:57:20

    The lowering of standards of this football club in just over two seasons is genuinely shocking.

    You do not like sausages 😉

  19. zacharse

    agreed china. that was not far off being a 5-0 anyways, if pepe ever comes around and saka and esr get their shooting boots on. hopefully the team starts to gel for real now.

  20. salparadisenyc

    Much brighter with our man ESR on, he has to start with Øde and Saka where we’ll get let down is lacking a finisher.

    Pepe, Auba pretty shocking overall at moment. Not like the good people on LG didn’t flag that every day throughout window, Arsenal’s lack of goal threat and here we are.

  21. Dissenter

    Pepe for all the crap he gives out is probably more likely to score than Auba

    I’m glad Arteta left him on

    Burnley away will be very difficult because the refs are letting lots of fouls go uncalled.

  22. Barney75

    Although we are particularly shit now, the lowering of standards has been going on for 15 yrs not just the last 2…arguably ever since Wenger decided to give up on strong men like Paddy and go with the likes of Denilson…and honestly who gives a shit if the goal was dodgy…we’ve already been on the end of several poor decisions this season. What goes around comes around.

  23. Dissenter

    “Much brighter with our man ESR on, he has to start with Øde and Saka where we’ll get let down is lacking a finisher.”

    I think we are better off with one of ESR or Ode
    Playing both makes the midfield more porous

  24. WengerEagle

    ESR was very good when he came on Sal, agreed. We were sleepwalking before his introduction.

    Real rocket up the arse impact, love his driving runs from midfield. He just needs to work on his finishing which lets him down right now.

  25. MidwestGun

    I don’t see the confidence meter being moved in …the poll.

    But yes .. a win always feels good and the Spuds losing as well. ESR has to play as much as possible. Gives the team a boost always.

  26. Receding Hairline

    ESR was very good when he came on Sal, agreed. We were sleepwalking before his introduction.

    Expected that from him, Norwich were setup in a way he could find space and he found them. Ode on the other hand spent the game doing heaven knows what

  27. Kroenkephobe

    Weagle /Almunia
    You got it on? All right if I ask the occasional stupid question? I’m trying to digest that Norwich game. Ain’t easy – bit like an Emirates hot dog.

    How does the ball compare weight wise to a football?

  28. WengerEagle

    Yes Kroenkephobe.

    Haven’t played it since I was 9/10 but the ball is a little smaller and heavier IIRC.

    Brutally physical game, makes football look soft even if it’s nowhere near as much fun to watch imo.

  29. raptora

    You don’t have the bragging rights for getting Ronaldo right (who would have guessed) when you’ve got Sancho wrong.

    It’s a tongue in cheek comment but he’s been very close to shocking so far. Pepe levels minus the goal threat.

  30. GAZZA

    I actually thought Norwich were fairly decent however our play in the final 3rd is so poor . Pepe was so so frustrating today

  31. Majesticgooner

    Although amn did not have a bad game, him playing today shows weakness on arteta’s part, it looks like he want to be in the good books of the English players and press, why was lokonga and partey starting today? Only reason was he bottled it. He would soon have to make another tough decision soon regarding oddegard , ESR, Pepe, he has to drop one of them, would he have the balls to drop either the 72 million pound or the 40 million pound playe ?, or will he drop easier option? We’ll soon see.

  32. Kroenkephobe

    Sorry Weagle. I asked Almunia this during semis and he wasn’t sure. How is that kit supplier (o’neill) able to use those three stripe kits without getting sued by Adidas? Just the legal bit of my brain nagging away.

  33. salparadisenyc


    I see your point think I’d rather a mid thats porous that can create than one thats porous that can’t create if that makes sense.

    30 attempts on goal, 6 on target speaks to that… YES against the worst team in league. Baby steps it is but thats least of our worry’s. Our defense and finishing beyond poor.

  34. WengerEagle


    Dude it was hardly a brag on Ronaldo, most people called that he would score today. Was just surprised that a fair few seemed to think he was past it as he is 36 and must not have followed him in Italy all that much.

    And re Sancho, he has made 2 starts. I wouldn’t go full Dissenter on that one yet if I were you.

  35. CG

    Arsenal 1 Canaries 0.

    You can have all the coaching badges in the world , but if you dont grasp the basics ( i.e you need to score goals) winning games of soccer is a bind.

    Arsenal won’t get an easier game all season and yet for all the multi- million pound players on display still looked lifeless and devoid of attacking threat.( the exact opposite to Man Utd)

    Which is no suprise with ex – Evertonians Arteta and Round in charge of coaching the team.

    Even if ,one day it somehow all clicks for Arteta – it will still be dull.

    When is the next international break?
    Counting the days, so I aint got to watch more Artetaball at the weekend.

    Garbage & Conte In.

  36. raptora

    I’m just pulling your leg. He has a ton of time to get good. He hasn’t really lit the stage up though. Not that Grealish has. It just shows that not many players can come in and have the sort of impact a Ronaldo can.

  37. MidwestGun

    Ronaldo is far from washed up.. still World Class. If you want to see washed up… you would need to watch Ozil play in Turkey.
    It s just the massive media over- hype I could do without. Especially on NBC network here.

  38. Freddie Ljungberg

    Good with a win finally.

    AMN should have been taken off for Partey and Ode for ESR though.
    That should be the starting midfield, no more Xhaka please.

    Liked the look of Tomi, hope that’s out back 4 now, no more changing the backline every single match.

    Pepe gets the usual hate from here but was our most dangerous player all game again and hit the bar once and post twice so Auba could tap it in. Close to an assist or 2 as well if not for bad finishing.

    Not a great game by any means but with out confidence rock bottom I’ll take the 3 points.

  39. WengerEagle

    I liked Tomiyasu today I have to say. Won his tackles and headers, very lively runner and always available as an option down that right flank.

    He hopefully has end product in his skillset, if he does we may have ourselves a very good player there.

  40. Freddie Ljungberg


    “He hopefully has end product in his skillset, if he does we may have ourselves a very good player there”

    That volley he smashed over the bar was a promising sign, not easy to execute that and nearly paid off. He looked miles better than the options we’ve had there the last couple of years. Early days still though.

  41. LoveSausage

    Don’t want to complain too much after a win but Pepe really is a shit player. If we had a proper player in that position this would have been a 3-0 game. He needs to get benched and we should play ESR, Ode and Saka behind Auba.

    Don’t get people whinging about Ode. He’s class.

  42. raptora

    Ye, Tomi looks like a smart player with a good physique. The type of player that can do well game in, game out. I don’t think he’ll be top shelf, but he looks like a decent deadline deal, knowing how hit or miss those tend to go.

  43. MidwestGun

    We actually have a lot of very good promising players.. But we don’t have any top 10 at their position in the world type players.. like any competitive Premier League Team. My main issue with going full.. project youth. And spending loads of money for an impact down the road.

  44. CG


    “””””Arsenal have a good team. Our players will thrive in a free flowing system. Arteta’s system stifles them.””””

    Thats exactly right.

    You play Norwich City at home, you spank them 5.
    (If you let a couple in, who cares.)

    Keep the home punters happy, keep them coming back for more. Pure Wengerism.

    if Arteta was at PSG , he would have Mpbabe, Neymar and Messi playing like the Dog and bloody Duck X1.

    We did not move stadium for him and Round to sit in the Arsenal dugout and bore us senseless.

  45. WengerEagle


    I see Lukaku or Salah winning the GB. Think that Kane will be a bit sulky after not getting his move and may not be fully dialled in and I think that Utd will manage Ronaldo’s games a bit if they get through the CL groups.

  46. Ernest Reed

    Take the three points and consider yourselves beyond fortunate. Not a lot of positives to be taken from yet another abject and disjointed performance. Keeping in mind that this was perennial cellar dwellers in Norwich, Arsenal made them look like a proper club.

    Not going to be bothered going over player ratings because the performance was disjointed and often droning boring football.

    I don’t require any further reason from performances this season and much of last, to know that under Arteta this club will mire themselves in mediocrity, maddeningly so.

    Im sure the usual do-gooders of LeGrove will find the scraps of decency from this one and turn the club in title contenders based on barely escaping the EPL’s worst club. Going to be a very long season and there are plenty of reasons to back the thought and belief – this was a poor performance against an even poorer opponent.

  47. raptora

    So Pepe was the only one being responsible for not winning by 3 goals? Who is that player that would give us 3 goals if he played on Pepe’s position? Mind to share? Cause I don’t think we have a winger with better end product than him. And it’s sad, but it’s what it is due to someone not doing their job.

  48. CG

    Lukaku scores
    Ronny scores 2.
    Moratta scores

    You need goals and goalscorers.Why is that so difficult for Arteta to grasp?

    Arteta has spent best part of £200 000 000 on defenders.

  49. TR7

    “Poor ole Tomiyasu hasn’t had enough time for Arteta’s effect to take hold, think we’re seeing his peak. Give it time lads.”

    I can’t think of one player who has improved under Arteta. We were sold stories of Sterling improving vastly from Arteta’s tutelage. Can’t find one example at Arsenal, if anything players have regressed.

  50. Ernest Reed

    Pepe really is a weak footballer. Tactically empty headed and often winds himself into a ball of mess under pressure. I have absolutely no reasonable reason to believe that he will ever be anything other than an often colder than hot player who will never live up to anything. He will always be a footnote in Arsenal history until the club is stupid enough to spend so ridiculously on another.

  51. WengerEagle

    Pepe’s first touch at times today was laughably bad. As in he looked like that bloke at your 7 a side that had never played football as a kid.

    72m fee is just astounding, near certain money-laundering fishy shit going on there lol.

  52. Radio Raheem

    I don’t think I’ve read anywhere of people writing Ronaldo off.

    He’ll score bucket loads just that manure won’t be better off for it. In fact, I think they’ll be worse off a bit like Juve were.

  53. Kris

    LOL @ the Rapist Narcissist making a difference for United by winning against a poor Newcastle at home. Another level of stupidity.

    If they win the title or the CL, I’ll be the first to admit they were right, though. But to think Cavani does not put away the same kinds of tap-ins is sheer naivety.

    Lukaku, while I don’t like him, is a much more important signing as their boring style revolves around him.

    Anyway, a win is a win, and we played with heart while Norwich had one of the better games they will have this season. Still, a bit disappointing.
    Tomi already looks better than Cedric or Chambers, but Ode was disappointing, Pepe is Pepe, and AMN in MF was neither good nor bad. And I prefer Ramsdale to Leno. At least looks to have some heart and testosterone.

  54. Andy

    amazing the amount of folks on here bashing pepe when he was easily the best player on the pitch today. so many with agendas and no understanding of the game.

  55. Almuniasaynomore

    Kroenkephobe/Wenger Eagle,
    Mayo under pressure, fingers crossed. I’m putting the phone away to watch the 2nd half. Watched the Arsenal match. Did you see Inbetweeners 2? There’s a scene where the boys are ‘lost’ in the outback and think they’re dying of thirst.. One of them is so desperate he’s willing to let the other guy piss in his mouth. That was Arsenal’s win today.

  56. Black Snake

    I did like the look of Tomiyasu, surprised how big and ninble he is. Cant get overly excited at the result. Yes we won and we should expect to beat shit like Norwich. The acid test is against the bigger, harder teams. My worry is giving another project youth another 2-3 years and “keeping the faith” that it will come good with a novice manager.

  57. MidwestGun

    I got no agenda against Pepe… That’s the problem with him though… he can be the best player on the pitch for 10 mins and the worst one on the pitch for 80 mins.

    My agenda is I want Arsenal to be great. 1 goal in 4 games is not great.. So if this our attack force Saka, Pepe, Auba … they have to be better.