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Well good morning to you ALL! It’s so damn good to be rolling into the start of the new season with SIX new players all 23 or under. I cannot WAIT to see what they can bring to the table today.

Today IS the new table after Christmas.

Arteta doesn’t have much fan love left in the tank. Today is a mini-run to a North London Derby against Nuno’s Spurs. We have to see a result today, there’s no more time for flapping around with process, we need to see some delivery.

I am not overly nervous about the result, the team will pull something out of the bag today. What I am concerned about is the football. I really hope Arteta didn’t spend £150m on new young players only to play a more secure version of very boring possession-based football.

We need to see a dominant style of play. I want to see our midfielders do more than control the ball, because now it’s time to see rapid-fire penetration. I want to see delicious movement from our front three, because we have the players to dazzle. Particularly of interest is the resurrection of Auba. It’s time for him to show us that he’s still top of the pile when it comes to finishing.

The fans need a huge lift today, Arteta needs to find that sparkle again, and the cloud over north London needs to show some signs that it can lift given time.

We need a performance.

Performances give you time.

Arteta hasn’t delivered one in a very long time.

The weather is decent today, the 3pm kick off is conducive to good vibes, let’s see what he has.

See you in the comments.

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  1. SUGA3

    Onto the game: Norwich are dead cert for relegation this season, anything but a mauling should result in Arteta being shown the door.

    Players should show some pride, or they will have no place to hide either.

  2. Jeff

    Norwich are probably thinking this opposition is the best we could have hoped at this time. Whether they’ll beat us or not is debatable but one thing I wouldn’t say is that this is a dead cert for Arsenal. Nothing is a dead cert for Arsenal.

  3. Jeff

    Finally managed (I think) to get rid of the insistence by this website that you should have a website. This is a test to see if it worked.

  4. Sid

    “”””””””I really hope Arteta didn’t spend £150m on new young players only to play a more secure version of very boring possession-based football.”””””””

    I’ve got news for you supreme leader, he did, accept it to avoid the agony.

  5. Jeff

    The way I see it is that we are doing 50mph in the third lane with a blown gasket and everyone is overtaking us on the left. But do we pull over to the hard shoulder and call the AA? No. We have our foot on the floor hoping to get up to 70 with dense smoke billowing from the back.

  6. Batistuta


    From the last post

    How’s you and the family mate.

    I’ve gone for straight wins, games after the break are usually a cluster fuck anyway so went for wins for

    Man Utd
    Over 1 on Napoli v Juventus
    Salzburg in Austria
    Rapid Vienna

  7. HolyFudge

    I’ve got a good feeling about today. I know it goes against general sentiment in the comments section here, but I really feel like this start has to be disregarded to some extent. The amount of bad luck with Covid and injuries, plus the big overturn in the squad, I don’t feel like we’ve had the chance to see what this team is actually like yet. Also, let’s be honest, City and Chelsea are matches we wouldn’t be surprised to lose even if the team was injury free and on form, and I can’t think of a worse team to be a man down against than City, especially when we were already losing and had to try to attack. The only real tragedy of the season so far has been Brentford, and I can’t help but think that Auba and Laca in the team for that one would have made a big difference. Here’s to a 6-0 thrashing today!

  8. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta cheers, I got pretty much all this teams down for straight wins besides Fulham and Bayern. Bayern haven’t really convinced even in the games they won for me, Leipzig away is no gimme.

    I will just put together another ticket with your games on it as posted up there

  9. Receding Hairline

    “It’s so damn good to be rolling into the start of the new season with SIX new players all 23 or under.”

    What’s this new obsession with age Pedro? We once had a summer that brought in Guen, Saliba, Torriera and Martinelli, all 23 and under too, someone came in and pretty much dismantled that. Now he is buying his own kids but just more expensive ones

    . What exactly do I get excited about that we paid good money for players from Bologna. Brighton, Sheffield and Club Brugge.

    The manager should get his act together, all this pushing the start of the season to coincide with when he eventually beats up an inferior opponent is tiresome, season started three games ago, We have zero points and zero goals

  10. Receding Hairline

    “Hope this is the first, baby step start of the return to glory.”

    Bob it’s a football match, teams win,lose or draw every time, doesn’t really signify anything. You know what counts? Consistency over a period of time, a considerable period of time and against all sorts of teams. You can’t spend the past few weeks making excuses about how 0 points is not a tragedy just because we played Chelsea and City and then tell me about glory because you sense a win against fellow zero points Norwich. This game will only mean anything if we lose, Arsenal football club didn’t hire Arteta to be able to best Norwich.

  11. TR7

    Watched Norwich last week, didn’t think they were as bad as some of the people here making them out to be. It wouldn’t surprise me if we dropped points again today.

  12. Nelson

    Something that bugs me is that this coaching team can’t improve the players. Most of the players get worse and we have to give them away or loan them out for free. But they are all professional football players and are receiving big salaries. Two years ago, we were just one point from top4. Now they are so bad and can only serve as excuses for the manager.

  13. Ernest Reed

    Despite Arteta they should handle a weak Norwich with ease today. Will be interesting to see which 11 Woeteta chooses to play as he STILL does not have a preferred lineup or setup and its only been, well, a boatload of games in which to choose.

    Arsenal to win with ease today because they should be beating weaker teams and again, this would be despite having a serious handicap being their manager.

  14. Spanishdave

    Probably a narrow win today as the players have only had a couple of days rest from the National games. Norwich have had the full two weeks together so they will defend heavily
    We are really going nowhere with Arteta

  15. Bob N16

    Recending, there is a bigger picture than beating a weak team today.

    A back 4 of KT, Gabriel, White and possibly Tomyasu starting for the first time.
    A midfield of hopefully Lokonga, Partey and Odegaard. Even a new GK!

    With any luck these combinations could be regulars for years to come so yeah, I could be getting carried away but wtf not! If you want to dwell on Arteta fine but there’s a good chance that he won’t last til Xmas but the players starting today could represent a properly competitive team going into the future. Obviously with new players and new combination it’s unlikely to be an immediate fix but I have plenty of hope.

    Shoots of real recovery starting today!

  16. WengerEagle


    I’ve stuck 25 quid on this myself:

    – Bayern ML vs Leipzig @ 2.20
    (Leipzig lost two of their first 3 matches to Mainz and Wolfsburg before the break and are missing a couple of key players in Angelino and Halstenberg). Bayern have yet to hit their stride but have all of their attackers bang in form with Lewandowski on fire and the both of Gnabry and Sane in goalscoring form over the international break. Expect them to win today.

    -Aston Villa Over 0.5 goals vs Chelsea @ 2.05
    Chavs will win but Villa for me in Watkins, Ings, El Ghazi and Bailey have more than enough quality to score today.

    – Spuds ML vs Palace @ 2.00
    Hate backing these bastards to win anything but think it will take Vieira a little while to get to grips with the ‘project’ over there at Palace (an actual project starting point) and the Spuds while a bit lacklustre are rolling with confidence and 3 wins on the bounce. Think that Kane scores and they win.

    – Fulham ML vs Blackpool @ 1.57
    Far too strong for Blackpool to cope with, expect them to win by 2+ really but being conservative taking the ML here.

    Acca combined odds @ 14.00, returns €350ish

  17. azed


    It’s not that we lost against the Chavs and City, it’s the manner in which we lost that’s infuriating.
    Against the Chavs, we knew Lukaku would start, we knew they were going to play with wing backs and we had no answer for any of that.

    I can excuse the Lukaku issue with the caveat that Lukaku is an absolute unit but I can’t excuse the amount of time and space Reece James and Alonso had was mind boggling.

  18. englandsbest

    The manner counts as much as the result today. Let’s hope we see what we all hope for: a squad set up for greatness.

  19. WengerEagle

    Expect us to win today, likely comfortably as Norwich are a Championship team masquerading as a PL one.

    Think that their gaffer is actually offended by the concept of not conceding 2+ goals a game. Auba and Pepe to score, 2 or 3-1 win.

  20. DigitalBob

    It’s vital we get the 3 points today; anything less is unacceptable. This game shouldn’t have this much importance to the season, its very unfortunate that it does.

    It will also be very interesting to see how the players gel/the movement on and off the ball etc, as this will be the strongest 11 on display. Bold prediction but 3-0 to The Arsenal.

  21. WengerEagle


    Also I don’t know if you follow Tennis but Djokovic to LOSE the 1st set & WIN the match in tomorrow’s US Open Final s Medvedev is priced @ 4.90 odds. Worth a sprinkle.

    That bet has hit in the SF, QF, 4R and 3R matches he has played. Always starting off sloppily but beat him over 5 sets? No chance.

  22. WengerEagle

    Son is quality all right, Kane may be the better player overall but imo Son unlike Kane slots well into pretty much any team in Europe.

    Surprised that he is still a Spud tbh. Would have thought he would be Klopp’s dream as a player.

  23. Lacaqualidie

    georgia boy
    September 11, 2021 12:13:26

    Arteta gets 3 points today otherwise he gives himself the Alex Murdaugh treatment,
    That whole case involving the Murdaugh family is utterly bizarre. If someone wrote a movie script with that plot it would be rejected on the grounds of being too far-fetched.

    Then again the Amazon Arsenal documentary might push it for oddness.

    3 points today is a must, but unless there’s a change in the manner we get those points then “the project” won’t look like its progressing much.

    I’d like to see some of the new signings on the team sheet.

  24. WengerEagle


    Won’t lie to you mate do not follow Women’s Tennis in general although I have checked out the odd match this tournament.

    Raducanu is the bookies favourite to win tonight, the girl she is playing is no joke though and has had a far harder route to the Final beating both the World no.2 and 3 (she is ranked in the 70s herself while Raducanu is something mad like 150th).

    Both just teenagers, impressive stuff has to be said.

  25. TR7


    Yes, watched the game. Didn’t expect Zverev to stun Djoker but he did well to take it to 5 sets. Medvedev is the only player on the circuit who has it in him to beat Djoker. The best two players in the world will be slogging it out in the final, going to be a terrific game to watch. Will love if Medvedev can pull a victory off, looks in red hot form.

  26. WengerEagle

    Spuds under Nuno are akin to his Wolves side in that they are a pretty boring watch albeit look defensively sound and are set up not to lose rather than win.

    Difference is, you get away with that if you are recently promoted Wolves. Not sure how much patience the Spud Orc populace will show towards such a reductive style of football with attacking talent like Kane, Son, Lucas, etc as opposed to a midtable outfit punching above their weight.

  27. TR7

    Women’s tennis is a joke, every tournament throws up a new winner and top ranked players often get knocked out early rounds. No quality at all, everything totally random.

  28. Tony

    TR7 I tune into sports other than Arsenal when someone special bursts onto the scene. Kid’s done what no player has done so she’s got that in her 18 year old locker.

  29. WengerEagle


    I don’t believe that Medvedev is capable of beating Djokovic over 5 sets. Not sure that anyone is barring Rafa, Federer or Stan Wawrinka at their best which has come and past sadly.

    Djokovic steamrollered Med in straight sets in Australia back in February. Med had all of the hype coming into that Final and was actually incredibly the bookies favourite which I remember as I won money on Djokovic at + odds, should have dumped my entire savings on it in retrospect.

    Proceeded to batter and mentally crush him. He is going for the record on Sunday, nothing but an untimely injury is stopping him grabbing that 21st title.

  30. Tony

    My interest in sport isn’t gender specific if the participants are giving their all with a good level of skills employed.

    Weagle Emma beat Fernandez in a close game at junior Wimbledon but she said it’s going to be her hardest game in her short life.

  31. WengerEagle

    Yeah being brutally honest, thw standard in Womens tennis compared to the Mens is terrible so it is hard to get invested in it.

    Absolutely crazy that they are paid as well as the men. Serena Williams has made more in career earnings than anyone on the Mens tour barring Djoker, Fed and Nadal and she would get straight setted by anyone in the Mens top 500 on her best day.

  32. Nelson

    Raducanu is unbelievable lucky. She didn’t play against a single top 10 player in the top half to reach the final while her opponent has defeated #2, #3 and #5 seat all requiring three sets.

  33. Kroenkephobe

    Im gonna take a butchers. Almunia convinced me a few week’s ago that Mayo are everyone’s favourite second team so I’ll be tuning in and hoping they win. I lived in Dublin for 6 months about 20 years ago. Croke Park is a ginormous place isn’t it.

  34. TR7


    Yes, Djoker a favorite for sure but always felt if there was one player who could beat him it was Danill. He’s playing much better in this tournament than he did in AO.

    As for Women’s tennis, Justin Henin was the last skillful player. It’s been all downhill since then and now it’s absolutely crap.

  35. salparadisenyc

    I’m still recovering from Joker vs Zverev who absolutely had that match but fizzled in the 5th.
    Djokovic is vunerable i’m not sure Medvedev can do it but he’s seriously there for taking if the Russian can sustain. Hard to be optimistic after hearing Joker say he’s playing this one like his last though. That 54 hit rally last night was gold.

    Nelson harsh to say Raducanu had easy draw after playing 3x qualifiers to get into main draw, can only play whats in front of you and she’s yet to drop a set. But Leylah’s most definitely won the group of death. Incredible what these young birds have done, NYC absolutely buzzing.

  36. TR7

    “Hard to be optimistic after hearing Joker say he’s playing this one like his last though”

    Doesn’t Djoker play all the grand slam games as if he were playing his last ? People talk about Rafa’s mental strength but Djoker is right up there.

  37. WengerEagle


    They are GAA’s answer to Benfica in that since they last won the ultimate prize in the early 50s (60s in Benfica’s case) they have lost all 8 of their All Ireland Finals since the ‘curse’was placed on them in 1951.

    Benfica’s manager asked for a pay-rise following their 1962 European Cup win and was turned down. He then left and said they wouldn’t win another European Final in 100 years. Well here we are 59 years later and they have lost all 8 of their European Finals since he said that.

    Pretty interesting imo.

  38. salparadisenyc


    Agree his mental strength is incomparable, after dropping first sets in last 3 or 4 he goes into that regroup meditative mode on the court. Just zones in. But he’s not on top form for him, if a solid Rafa or Fed are in this think he gets bounced.

  39. Mee

    Why is Odegaard starting ahead of ESR. ESR has been the best Arsenal player in the three games so far. What formation is this is it a 3-5-2? I see Gabriel, Tomiyasu,White,Tierney and AMN are starting And here comes the relegator to do his stuff. Leno should never sit on the bench for Ramsdale. That is football sacrilege.

  40. Samesong

    I don’t trust Leno in goal with his current form. He’s too slos the game down way too much. Let’s see how Ramsdale does.

  41. Kroenkephobe

    There were also sone US baseball curses affecting the Chicago Cubs and the Red Sox but they both been lifted in the last decade or so. You never know but we could be undergoing one ourselves with this numpty of a manager. I’ve seen 2 or 3 different line ups so far. Anyone know the real one?

    Gaelic played properly and at high level must call for extreme levels of fitness. I’m looking forward to it. I assume you favour Mayo over Tyrone too?

  42. Receding Hairline

    “Why is Odegaard starting ahead of ESR. ESR has been the best Arsenal player in the three games so far.”

    Same reason Willian started every game start of last season., Arteta will always back his own signings. Same reason Ramsdale is starting today, the only crime Leno is guilty of is making saves to ensure we did not lost the last three games by bigger margins, i know he is not rated on here.

  43. WengerEagle


    Yep, definitely pulling for Mayo. Anecdotal but I used to work at Croke Park back in my late teens and Tyrone supporters were by some distance the biggest bunch of wankers we had to endure in the HT bar.

    Also love Mayo the county, used to go there on holidays quite a bit.

  44. WengerEagle

    Edouard cost £14m.

    Would that not have made more sense than rejecting 12m from Palace only to banish him to the same basement dwelling as AMN last season never to see the light of day?

    Of course. It is too obvious being exactly the issue.