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Well good morning to you ALL! It’s so damn good to be rolling into the start of the new season with SIX new players all 23 or under. I cannot WAIT to see what they can bring to the table today.

Today IS the new table after Christmas.

Arteta doesn’t have much fan love left in the tank. Today is a mini-run to a North London Derby against Nuno’s Spurs. We have to see a result today, there’s no more time for flapping around with process, we need to see some delivery.

I am not overly nervous about the result, the team will pull something out of the bag today. What I am concerned about is the football. I really hope Arteta didn’t spend £150m on new young players only to play a more secure version of very boring possession-based football.

We need to see a dominant style of play. I want to see our midfielders do more than control the ball, because now it’s time to see rapid-fire penetration. I want to see delicious movement from our front three, because we have the players to dazzle. Particularly of interest is the resurrection of Auba. It’s time for him to show us that he’s still top of the pile when it comes to finishing.

The fans need a huge lift today, Arteta needs to find that sparkle again, and the cloud over north London needs to show some signs that it can lift given time.

We need a performance.

Performances give you time.

Arteta hasn’t delivered one in a very long time.

The weather is decent today, the 3pm kick off is conducive to good vibes, let’s see what he has.

See you in the comments.

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  1. The Bard

    A wins a win but means very little in the grand scheme of things. Watching Chelsea yesterday I would say it’s will be decades before we are able to compete again them. Arteta isn’t kidding when he says that this is long term project.

  2. Foxy

    Ishola70’s comment about the need for players like Lokonga to bring the ball out quickly was highlighted by Chelsea’s brilliant first goal yesterday. The speed at which kovacic broke out from deep in the Chelsea half with the ball and then put a great pass though the lines to Lukaku showed exactly why we are so critical of Xhaka.

  3. Davi

    Unfortunately missed the game, but based on recent form and how it sounds from the comments, it seems like Arteta should be dropping Auba for Lacazette if he’s really interested in picking players based on merit.
    He’s just desperate to get Auba back into form because he’s the only one with the record of scoring 20+ league goals, but how many more chances is he going to get, considering he’s pretty average when not scoring? (I know he scored yesterday but it was hardly a goal that inspires confidence he’s back to his best)
    I still think he’s finished as a top class striker; probably he’s lost that edge he had mentality and the loss of pace that comes with age.
    Said it months ago – CF is the big weakness that has been overlooked. Laca is the only one who plays well with any consistency and he doesn’t score enough goals in this league.

  4. Ishola70

    Coaching matters but also signing the right players in the first instance counts just as much.

    Atm Artea still seems about pass, pass, pass. Control.

    It lacks decisiveness, It lacks cutting edge.

    It means the team will still labour to score goals compared to other sides and to go along with that we will still see defensive fragility from this side.

  5. CG

    The Bard

    “”””””A wins a win but means very little in the grand scheme of things. Watching Chelsea yesterday .”””””

    Look, If Liverpool win today, they will have 10 points like Man United, Man City and Chelsea.

    So already 7 points clear off the Champions League places and inferior goal diff.

    Like it or lump it, for ‘elite’ clubs the modern game is all about the CL revenues and this Arteta simply aint taking us there. And the players he has spent millions on – are not of CL calibre either.

    Every match, under Arteta since he has been here, has been a grind and a chore.

    Everyone will score more than 1 goal at home against Norwich City this year.

    Truly garbage side. (No suprise they have about x 4 Jocks in it.)

  6. DivineSherlock


    Yeah yeah I know but still that team played for the first time together ( Backline and GK ) . Partey and Lokonga + ESR Saka and Odegaard . No willian or david luiz , Martinelli and Pepe on the bench . Honestly though a really good manager can do wonders with this squad .

  7. AFC Forever

    Facts are this season injuries & Covid deprived us of players during the first three games. We saw when he came on yesterday how much Partey adds. We’ve bought new players who haven’t played together yet but some ‘fans’ seem unable or unwilling to acknowledge that fact or how important it is. Whether that is ignorance or agenda only they know, probably the latter.

    Arteta inherited a bloody mess. They’ve identified players and spent money to bring in young players for the future. Over the past few weeks, people have expected us to compete with Chelsea or Man City and that’s why you’re over reacting. You have an unrealistic expectation. Those two teams have invested for years & have been able to recruit whoever they want. They have won the League & Champions League because of the quality they have. We are way off that level & have been for years, as you know. What we have now is a squad of young players that should be hungry & keen to learn. They need playing & training time together to gel and build partnerships and awareness. Really important. Team patterns will evolve, tactics will be tweaked and hopefully we will see a ‘team’ come together. Won’t happen overnight. The first three games we cobbled together a starting eleven because of the injuries & Covid problem, something never mentioned. That is either through ignorance or a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the facts but most likely the latter.

    We are all frustrated but unless you accept the reality of the situation that we are rebuilding and have a group of new players who have to gel, you will be disappointed. Sensible Gooners who understand where we are will get it & aren’t crying over every performance. We do have t get Aubamayang back to his best, last season he was off form & lost us a number of points through poor finishing & effort. Hopefully it is just a confidence issue because we know the quality he has. The new right back looked good & Ramsdale is so much better with the ball than Leno, that much was obvious. It’s always nice to see younger players and hopefully the group we have will develop into a hungry, athletic & determined group and a top team. But it won’t happen overnight, pretending otherwise is setting yourselves up for a falk but great if you like moaning all day.

  8. Kroenkephobe

    K’phobe the tech’s not that far off where you’ll be able to watch the game from a seat if your choosing in the stadiums

    Hiya Tony,
    The way our lot are playing, and given everyone’s incurable addiction to Arsenal, that’s a frightening prospect. I bet they’ll try and charge a hundred quid a pop to watch it as well.

    I don’t know if you were able to watch it live but that tennis last night was terrific. She’s a real natural and plays her shots fearlessly. Halfway through the first I wasn’t sure how it was going to end, but she overpowered her opponent. Putting aside nationalities etc, it was a real watershed performance.

  9. Kroenkephobe

    A lot of what you have written there makes typically good sense in the abstract but less so when applied to the actual people running the on field activities at the club.

    How does this apparent strategy and big plan meld with William, Xhaka re-signing, Mustafi being offered a contract (which he thankfully spurned), not seeking to sell Bellerin earlier when he had value, Mari plus some other dumb moves too boring to even remember. My point is that he’s switched directions and not admitted he got it wrong the first time. Plus the team still play together like strangers who cannot really pass at the required level. I don’t think it’s right to retrofit some grand plan to this. He’s clinging to his job and trying whatever works.

  10. Tony

    K’phobe I read about Emma when she had anxiety/panic attack playing at Wimbledon. She had. Something about her and the way she handled herself that you see in winners.

    I’m really not a tennis fan but enjoy the odd some and final. Watching Emma in the semi was a wow moment for me as she’s the complete deal at 18. Aggressive in her okay and brutally accurate in her passes along the lines.

    I’ve waxing lyrical about her since the final and was sure she’d beat Fernandez. I don’t think she dropped a set all the way to the final.

    She’s piqued my interest in woman’s tennis and we have a darling who should dominate for her generation.

    Be watching her career with great interest from now on.

    I made my views on the game earlier and to be honest I’m fed up even putting on Arteta & Edu. I’ll just judge the games pointing out the good, the bad and the club ugly . Yesterday was a win ugly. Just thankful for the points.

    Burnley away is a far different prospect. Let’s see the outcome if that game. I’m going to record Burnley v Everton to see what threat both teams pose us. It’s Monday 2am KO hence the recording.

    Should be getting a Pfizer jab this week my heart team put me on for serious underlying coronary disease and limited lung efficiency.

    My wife and her company including me have the Morderna in November. So we’re getting there. But the majority of the country wait in hope.

    Sad state to be in because of avarice of the powers that be.

  11. Useroz

    Auba not exactly in terminal decline I’d think. Likely not top PL striker but still should get 15+ if there’s a half decent supply of ball from MF etc. Instinct still there just the body and mental sharpness that could be a worry a

    He’d have scored a goal of the season contender early in the game with a 30+ yard shot, from a Tierney long pass, to try catch Krul off guard. Unfortunately rest of his attempts were rather lame ezcept the tap in.

    Our guys must sharpen their shooting skills promptly. Look at Partey, Odegarrd, ESR, etc. and makes me sick watching how readily Son, Fernandez do it. Another one for Manure yesterday of course..

  12. Waz

    It’s football nativity to thing Auba’s form is just down to him. He played in the statistically second slowest team in build up last year and you wonder why a guy that thrives on transition and movement to thrive in an isolated winger or false 9 system which pretty much has suited nobody.

    I’m not saying the players are without fault at all but try being elite at something in a set up and culture that’s based on fear and control not talent, thriving and competition