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A dramatic headline for dramatic times my friends.

Today, we’re announcing our partnership with YouGov and their fancy new ‘Chat’ service. YouGov is all about consumer research. If you work in advertising, your media team has used them to tell you what type of biscuits northerners like. If you’ve seen a poll for the elections, it’s usually them. They are the best in the business, so I’m happy to have them on the site. The tool they’ve given us is called Chat. It’s a little button in the bottom corner of the site. Click it and then follow along. It’ll ask you to answer some very specific questions related to Arsenal. Your reward? It’ll tell you what fans are thinking across those topics instantly. The hope is that we can get a more accurate view of what Arsenal fans are thinking, and it’ll give me some extra content to work with.

My main point of excitement here is tracking fan sentiment around the club in real-time.

We have a little bit of exclusive fresh data (sample 461) to share with you today based around Arsenal, and it might ladder back to why we’re seeing more gaps in the stadium, and why people 27,000th on the waiting list are being offered season tickets after just 3 years of waiting list time.

Before the start of the season,YouGov ran a survey and asked ‘How confident are you in the football team.’ They found that Arsenal fans were confident but hardly bullish. Only 10% of fans felt very confident, 44% felt somewhat confident. ‘Not very confident‘ sat at 36% and ‘Not at all confident‘ was 8%.

Quite staggering that Arsenal fans could feel so low despite unleashing so much cash this summer.

Fast forward 3 games of pain…

Things have taken a dramatic shift for the worse. After only 3 games 33% of our fans are fully ‘Not at all confident‘ about the team (Only 8% registered here before the start of the season). 37% of fans are ‘Not very confident.’

Team positive only makes up 29% of the fanbase as of this week. Where are my people?!

Confidence in the manager has also cratered over the 3 Premier League games. 60% of the fanbase is Not Very Confident or Not at All Confident in the manager. At the start of the season, amazingly, 66% of the fanbase registered Very Confident or Somewhat confident. This is a dramatic decline and shows you how much danger Arteta is in with the fans as we head into a group of fixtures that lead us to a massive derby game against Spurs one game before the international break. No doubt the club will be keeping an eye on this one, and if results are poor, there won’t be much protection for Arteta from the numbers.

Things don’t get much better for Arsenal when fans are asked where they think the club will finish come the end of the season. Now this question is very much wrapped in the emotion of the moment, losing 3 games doesn’t help with clarity, and no fan will listen to the word ‘context’ when they are being lampooned by their mates in the group chat for supporting a relegation fodder side. However, it’s notable that 0% of fans thought we’d finish near the bottom of the table at the start of the season, now 23% do! At the start of the season, a whopping 33% of us thought we’d finish top 4, after 3 games, that’s down to 13%. A massive 60% of us think the club will finish midtable… that’s after spending the largest amount of cash in the league this summer.

So in short, after two surveys, Arsenal fans are in the absolute gutter. We don’t rate the team, we don’t rate the manager, and most of us think Arsenal are heading for another season of midtable mediocrity.

Is that important? Yes. It’s important. That sort of sentiment stops fans from going to games that are midweek. It lessens the appetite for away day season tickets. It starts to break the habit of attending and supporting through thick and thin. This is dangerous territory for KSE because the fans are at the apathy stage with Arsenal before the winter weather has arrived. That spells difficult times for Arteta and it likely means there’s going to be more turbulence at the club if he doesn’t get his act together. We all know it was the empty stadiums that terminated Wenger and Emery. Mikel needs to shape up, get the team playing some sexy football, and he needs to put some results on the board.

I also think the club needs to do a far, far better job of communicating the vision for the future. Where is the football going? Why should I believe in this new project? When do we exit the transition? What is going to stop the next manager arriving and ripping up this plan? Wenger was the master at selling tomorrow, the current crop can’t sell out a home game against the European Cup Finalists.

What a mess we’re in. Let’s hope we can see a solid reaction this weekend. Arteta needs a result and so do the fans.

So, that’s the first of the data runs. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll have more time to spend with the next round of data, so I’ll make the charts fancier and do a deeper analysis of the numbers. Also, have a play with the chat feature and answer the questions!

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  1. Ernest Reed

    Going to admit, not much to be excited over for this season. An iffy TW and Arteta showing that he’s really a questionable choice for Manager as he continues to fumble his way along the learning curve. I want to remain optimistic but the club gives more than enough reason not to.

  2. Bob N16

    Love to know how representative the Legrove responses would be to Arsenal fans everywhere, similar or noticeably different?

  3. englandsbest

    No cause for alarm. Yougov only corroborates what we all know: football fans are fickle.

    It also confirms that out there fans are more confident than the anti-arteta brigade on here would have us believe.

  4. Kroenkephobe

    You’ve obviously been the only person on here going on (and on and on and on…) and opting for ‘very confident’ I shudder to think how high your phone bill is going to be this month. Unless, of course you’re doing it from your office inside the Emirates. 😉

    But you are very confident right? Get well soon with the rsi.

  5. Jonnygunner

    When you’re dead,you don’t know you’re dead.
    All of the pain is felt by others..
    The same thing happens when you’re stupid.

  6. Billp79

    Real surveys? Or
    Wag the dog from internet scum….?
    Don’t you know Hillary won?
    Don’t you know that the Donald won…..even more recently?

  7. Sid

    One of this sunday afternoons we will storm the Emirates, grab Diet Pep dress him in a pair of jeans and a creased shirt, tell him to raise one foot on the couch without shoes, give him a few slaps
    Then round up Steve(no pun) and his accomplises, The Arsenal will be restored

  8. Moray

    “I’m amazed that 5% of Arsenal fans are happy or very happy with the team right now.”

    95% of people are fuxking idiots. 5% are clinically delusional.

  9. Olumide

    I also think the club needs to do a far, far better job of communicating the vision for the future.

    The communication I want to see is on the pitch. Not a PR release.

  10. Moray

    If there is no vision then we would be best advised not to communicate it.

    At the moment it seems to be buying people at the right age so we don’t lose too much money when we sell them. Though the manager has done a great job of depreciating the sellable assets we had when he took over, so I take that with a pinch of salt.

  11. Moray

    Does anyone know if that spare cunt Josh is still in town?

    If not, it would signal to me that Tets has a few more games to fuck up before he’s sacked.

  12. CG


    “”””” That sort of sentiment stops fans from going to games that are midweek””””

    We aint got any midweek games.

    Arteta has seen to that.No Europe.

    Arteta has done an Arsexit!

  13. Samesong

    Sep 6
    Arsenal average the highest points per game of any team in Premier League history during September

    2.17 Arsenal
    1.95 Man Utd
    1.81 Wimbledon
    1.76 Chelsea
    1.67 Liverpool
    1.59 Man City
    1.58 Leeds

  14. Samesong

    Arsenal have only ever lost their first four matches of a league season on one occasion and that occurred in 1923-24.

  15. TR7

    The survey shows that Arsenal fans are very reactive and fickle. Win a few games and most of them will again start feeling confident about everything related to Arsenal and Arteta.

  16. CG

    “””Arsenal v AFC Wimbledon Wednesday week””””

    Thank you Bob, for reminding me of that humdinger.

    If zero supporters turns up and ‘ go on strike’ for this match , we can get shot of the bloody pair of them. (A&E) by the Burnley match.

    A.Conte is poised.
    One phone call, thats all it takes.

    UK Gov or whatever it is called , will be crashing if Conte is announced.

  17. TR7

    White, Partey, Gabriel and Eddie available for selection on Saturday.

    Partey-Lokonga in midfield and White-Gabriel in central defense – Arteta will have his preferred starting 11 available for selection, no room for any excuse.

  18. RecycledOldSock

    TOP 10: Transfer fees spend to assemble current squad

    1. Manchester City – £926m

    2. Manchester United – £877m

    3. Paris Saint-German – £820m

    4. Real Madrid – £675m

    5. Chelsea – £669m

    6. Liverpool – £576m

    7. Juventus – £563m

    8. Arsenal – £551m

    9. Barcelona – £542m

    10 – Tottenham Hotspur – £472m

  19. Guns of Hackney


    Arsenal fans are the pits. We are 100% the new scousers. But worse, because we don’t have their history or pull.

    Now, we are that guy who hangs around the popular kids hoping to get an off cast from their orbit.

    We are a shitty big spending club with a shite fanbase.

  20. RecycledOldSock

    The data further revealed that Premier League clubs expenditure amounts to over £7 billion, more than double the amount clubs in the La Liga and Serie A have coughed up on signing players.

    Top 5 European leagues squad expenditure:

    1. Premier League – £7bn

    2. La Liga – £2.9bn

    3. Serie A – £2.8bn

    4. Ligue 1 – £2.3bn

    5. Bundesliga – £2bn

    City only lured Jack Grealish to the Etihad Stadium for a cool £100m ahead of the close of the transfer window.

    Meanwhile, United brought in Jadon Sancho (£73m), Raphael Varane (£41m) and Ronaldo (£19.7m).

    Chelsea brought back Romelu Lukaku for £97.5m with Liverpool only stocking up on defensive back up, signing Ibrahima Konate for £36m.

    However, the biggest spenders were Arsenal as the Gunners signed Martin Odegaard (£34m), Aaron Ramsdale (£30m), Takehiro Tomiyasu (£19.8m), Ben White (£50m), Nuno Tavares (£8m) and Albert Sambi Lokonga (£15m) taking their total to £156.8m.

  21. englandsbest

    There’s a quality of ‘I told you so’ about reactions on here to Yougov findings, as if they were written in tablets of stone. They are not, as Yougov would agree, merely a test of opinion at this time.

    The real issue is whether or not Arteta’s project, a long term process, will succeed. So judgement based on current opinion has small value.

    So, looking ahead, we know from their statements and actions that both Arteta and Edu have a clear vision, a common purpose, to return Arsenal to the lite. Some will question their choices, rightly in some cases . Others, like myself, will accept a few mistakes on the journey.

  22. Leftside

    We didn’t need a full selection of players to go to newly promoted Brentford and get a result, or to put up more of a fight against Chelsea and City. We beat Chelsea last season at home and lost 1-0 against City away (you would have thought otherwise judging by Arteta’s joy afterwards though).

    Injuries, suspensions etc are a part of football. It’s only Arteta that seemingly has to have everything perfect to get results. These numbers do not lie, they point to a man in last chance saloon and one I cannot wait to see the back of.

    Going to the Emirates every other week to watch this man lead to side nowhere is such a chore right now.

  23. Billp79

    1. We don’t have Petro dollars to spend
    2.the Spanish clubs sold their futures to award outrageous contracts albeit to quality players
    3.United is only now managing a budget albeit larger than ours due to their commercial success – Liverpool similar.
    With success comes rewards

  24. InsideRight

    If you believe people leaving comments on The Athletic’s Facebook page, AFTV is to blame for this, not the poor performances, poor in-game management, one-dimensional play and defensive incompetence. It’s all down to Robbie and his contributors.

  25. Sky

    Thanks Pedro, for the data analysis from YouGov, I believe more pleasure from winning games with beautiful football is what we want to be reading with each write up of yours.

  26. Ps

    So, a survey of 461 people from the traffic to this website.

    0.77% of the Emirates capacity.

    What percentage of this websites visitors responded?

    Are the responses slewed by the atypical visitors to this site, or are they typical of the millions of AFC supporters?

    Did the surveys follow negative or positive articles on this website or in the press?

    Were all responders AFC fans?

    Where there any questions that preceded the questions you have posted?

    There are so many variables, and it is such a small sample size.

    That’s why the adage “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics” continues to have currency.

    Its a shame the general population doesn’t have a better knowledge and understanding of statistics, it might help to challenge their poor use by politicians, advertisers, conspiracy theorists etc

  27. China1

    Regardless of how critical I’ve been I’m expecting a good win tomorrow, probably a good performance to boot

    Gabriel back and partey back, xhaka out, I think ESR is the only good player out injured? There should be plenty enough in there to do Norwich.

    Win that in style and at least it takes the sting out of it and the jokes of being bottom etc. lose or draw tho and it’s going to be a cacophony of hate and I doubt arteta would even survive beyond the NLD

  28. China1

    Wow that top 10 list. Some proper shockers in there

    Man utd spent all that for such little in the trophy cabinet!

    How about PSG? They play in a one team league, spent all that money and still haven’t won the CL and don’t even always win their league. Very embarrassing

  29. Biggles

    September 9, 2021 13:30:01

    Rebuilds are never easy when nobody has the oatience

    We’ve been rebuilding since summer 2018. There’s been 7 transfer windows. That’s not a lack of patience, it’s bordering on inaction. And for all the time spent rebuilding, we’ve gone from top 6 to bottom of the league.

  30. Kris

    Hein should be made 3rd choice GK and Okonkwo moved down to 4th.
    Hein is a starter internationally so should handle pressure better than Okonkwo if emergency appears.
    Also, his contract runs out next year. Have a better chance of extension if we move him up the pecking order.

    In other news, Stuttgart will reportedly buy Mavropanos for 2.6m. Good business for them, fair play to Sven.

    Thanks for polls, Pedro, but I will be ignoring them because too many fans are too fickle.

  31. Gonsterous

    so anyone taking bets on when Partey is back on the injury table? Im guessing he plays the next 2 games and when we need him against spurs, he’ll either get injured in that game or before the game begins.

    Thats just my take though! Will be great if he can play the next 35 games!

  32. Thank you and goodnight

    Fickle fans…..really? We haven’t won the title in 17 years , out of Europe for first time in 25 years, year on year we’re getting worse as a team, but we’re supposedly fickle. I think we’re some of the most patient fans out their.

  33. Gary Ssss

    Gooner fans are the most fickle and moaning fans anywhere in the World right now, and maybe after the steady and predictable decline year on year, over the last 10 years, it is justified, however,…

    The season started with 3 tough fixtures that we all said before a ball was kicked that they could yield Zero points. Throw in the key injuries, Covid isolations and unfinished transfer business into the pot, and the context of the start of the season looks slightly different. I’m not super confident it will be a dramatic and fast turnaround, I still think we are well short of challenging seriously for the top 4. However, I still believe a top 6 finish is the bare minimum that Arteta with this squad should deliver. By the end of this season, we should have far more of an idea of style and direction Arteta is taking the Club (assuming he is still here, and barring being in the bottom 3 by Christmas, I’m pretty sure the Club will stay committed to him.) So we need to get behind the team, stick with supporting them through both thick and thin over the next few months. Those who stop going and leave empty seats at the Stadium on match days are part of the prawn eating, bourgeois, fickle elite, Johnny come lately supporters anyway.

    Leave the judgement of Arteta and the squad until at least Christmas, not now! And just stop f@cking moaning, start supporting!!!

  34. Ray+in+LA


    “So, looking ahead, we know from their statements and actions that both Arteta and Edu have a clear vision, a common purpose, to return Arsenal to the lite.”

    Return Arsenal to the lite?

    Job Done 🙂

  35. Globalgunner

    3 tough fixturea at the start of the season, really. Does that include a team thats newly promoted and never been in the Pl before?. Really!. Arsenal zealots continuously lowering the bar for a pass mark. There was a time when Arsenal expected to win EVERY fixture and were sad at a draw and despondent over a loss to any team. If this were the Olympics, these superfans would have the high jump barrier placed knee high and applaud enthusiastically as Arteta jumped it with aplomb

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    Within 5 years of fergie leaving the united fans were trying to burn down Woodward’s house in protest against him. How many years did it take Liverpool to boot out hicks and Gillette? Yet we were promised in 2007/2008 we’d be able to compete with the big boys in the future, instead we’ve gone backwards. Sorry but I think Arsenal fans are very patient. As for Arteta he’s had longer than Emery , spent more money than Emery, and yet he’s got us playing as bad if not worse than anything under Emery’s tenure. Just like Emery wasn’t the right man, 100% Arteta isn’t the right man either. He doesn’t deserve one more game let alone till xmas

  37. englandsbest


    E- asy now. But I kinda like OTT Hollywood language. ‘To the lite’ hits the button. Okay if I use it myself?

  38. MidwestGun

    Fickle fans have fuck all to do with the polls. It’s pretty basic… win and fans are happy and lose and they are not… This is basic human nature. It applies to every Club and life situation. . When your on a roll at the gambling tables … or just in life in general people tend to be happy. When your bill collectors are calling every day, you lose your job and your wife and your dog dies… Your not happy.

    Well Arsenal’s mascot just died after our owner executed him… we have finished 8th 2 seasons in a row… have lost the first 3 games of the new one and yet to score a goal.. The last loss in an embarrassing fashion.. with Xhaka getting sent off because he is a cunt. Those that think the fans aren’t unhappy are just kidding themselves or just delusional.

  39. Almuniasaynomore

    Some of you need to have a word with yourselves. Always jumping on the managers back at the first opportunity. Call yourselves fans? Pathetic. We had to play Brentford, ok we lost, but look at the players they have, an incredible ensemble of attacking talent and defensive grit. I can’t see anyone beating them this year. And fair enough we haven’t scored but everyone knows how hard it is to score in the premiership, look at all the other teams that haven’t scored. If the manager had been given money to spend you could have some reason to lash out but we’ve only the 8th most expensive squad in Europe. You were all giving out about finishing 8th last year. Hypocrites. And we had to start before the transfer window closed,no one else had to put up with that shit. And covid,we are the only club who is affected by it, totally unfair. In fact I think it’s an achievement just to be in 20th. So why don’t you all shut up and get behind Mikel. Wankers!

  40. englandsbest


    I don’t see any minimum requirements. Arteta will stay, come what may.

    But II’ll gladly repeat my expectation come end of the season: a place in the top 6 and a final under his belt

  41. Valentin


    Clearly this is your funniest post.
    Knowing you, it is obvious that it is satire, but you should be careful, some may take it at face value…😁🤯

  42. bacaryisgod


    I’m all in favour of the new feature with one exception. On a laptop the chat icon is not a distraction but on a phone it feels a little intrusive. Is there a way for a user to either disable or hide the icon when they are not using it? Otherwise, it makes a lot of sense and I’m sure I’ll adjust to it on the phone.

  43. MidwestGun

    Arteta will stay, come what may.
    No he won’t… he has to start winning… now and one win against Norwich won’t switch the momentum if we then go on to lose to Spurs and struggle against poor opposition. Looking at our schedule 8 out of the next 10 games are winnable. He won’t survive unless we start winning at a high rate immediately. And nothing Arteta has done so far indicates he can go on an extended winning streak. There is certainly basic expectations … not being humiliated regularly as an Arsenal fan is one of them We could start by scoring a goal. That might help. .

  44. bacaryisgod

    While the fickle nature of fans may impact the polling results, fickleness will be less of a factor when it comes to opinions on players. I doubt Saka or ESR’s popularity have lowered despite the bad early start. For example, I am curious to see how the Leno/Ramsdale or Lokonga/Xhaka polling plays out over the course of the season.

  45. Tom

    “Just watched Arteta’s press conference. He has become the master of saying ‘we don’t make excuses’ before running off a series of them in the next sentence.“

    My all time favorite has to be Xhaka’s late injury at left back ruining the entire game plan against Villarreal

  46. TR7

    “Just watched Arteta’s press conference. He has become the master of saying ‘we don’t make excuses’ before running off a series of them in the next sentence.”

    Yes, excuses and a constant effort to remind Arsenal is a “project”

  47. MidwestGun

    Think maybe they should have explained the so called project 2 years ago… and see if season ticket holders would buy into… that. Instead Arsenal fans were told to expect competing for top honors and to be excited by Josh K. Now it just looks like explaining away failure after the fact. I’m all for patience but at some point patience just becomes cowardice to do what is needed. Think we have crossed that line or very near it.

  48. WengerEagle


    Djokovic pretty much 2 wins away from being the undisputed GOAT now.

    Not really sure an objective argument you can make for Fed or Rafa if Djoker holds all of the records along with the most slams.

  49. Dissenter

    Someone tell Mikel to stop referring to a prestigious club with a fabled 135yr history as a “project”.

    Feels like Arsenal is being dumbed down to make Mikel look competent.

  50. Zacharse

    Interesting bit of gossip, d luiz rejected interest from OM in favor of a brazil return. Not that too many care but inthink its a sign of bad blood. The two owners surely know each other from LA as one used to own the dodgers and the other just built what should become the main stadium for the majority of large events in LA…
    Then u have guen and saliba who are less than respectful to arsenal in the press… wonder whats happening

  51. WengerEagle

    Djokovic pre Wimbeldon 2014 had won 6 Slams was 6-7 in Grand Slam Finals.

    Since then he is 14-3 in Finals and has won each slam x2+. His only 3 losses were to Rafa in RG 2020 and twice to Warinka (RG 15, US 16).

    Pretty incredible domination, just like Federer’s pre Rafa except with better competition.

  52. TR7


    Yes Djoker the most complete player out of the 3. Has pretty much dominated grass and hard court in the last 5 years and won 2 French Open in Rafa’s era.

    Fed really struggled on clay and won a fair share of his GS when Rafa and Djoker weren’t around.

    Rafa’s record now too lopsided with a dozen GS from one single tournament.

    Djoker has a better head to head record too against both of them. Of course he has taken advantage of the fact that Fed has been in semi retirement mode for the last 4 years and Rafa has been injury stricken but if Djoker ends up with 24 or 25 GS then he will become the undisputed GOAT. A part of me still wants Rafa to rise from the ashes and go on a winning streak but doubt it will happen.

  53. redbro14

    WE…..two matches to go for Novak, but Sasha will be a tough nut to crack, beaten him in Tokyo so we shall see. Whatever happens Novak’s game has steadily improved year on year. An amazing pro eking out every ounce of himself in every aspect of the game. I’d love to see him win US Open….

  54. Mee

    Yes, excuses and a constant effort to remind Arsenal is a “project”

    And the subtle reminder about winning trophies. Dude, it was one FA cup in a club that is the record FA cup winner. It’s like saying you score with the ladies because you touched titties in a brothel.

  55. RJM

    Current opinion just shows very few fans believe this long term bullshit has any chance of success at the end of it.

    Keeping Arteta is crazy. His signings, his lineups, his tactics, his man management, his results……..everyone can see this is more than just a rookie making a few mistakes!

    Worst of it is there’s a proven world class manager, in his prime who’s available and we’re limping on with a guy who’s going to prove he’s our man by beating Norwich, Burnley and Wimbledon.

  56. Mr Serge

    Arteta is like Martinez of Belgium a good talker full of hot air, I am looking forward to my first home game of the season, let’s see what the atmosphere will be like

  57. WengerEagle


    Was nodding in agreement at your entire post up until the bit about Fed being semi-retired for 4 years.

    He played some of his absolute best tennis from 2017-2019 imo, even started spanking Rafa in H2Hs who he has always struggled with prior.

    Was as close as you be to beating a near prime Djokovic at Wimbledon 2019 Final with 2 match points on serve before losing his nerve. He outplayed the Djoker the whole match and won much more overall points but lost the crucial tie-breakers where mentally Djokovic had his number.

  58. Tom

    “Think maybe they should have explained the so called project 2 years ago…”

    There was no project two years ago, Midwest.
    Arteta thought he was a player or two away from the CL birth after riding high having just won the FA cup, hence the whole Willian saga and Auba’s extension.
    No long term project should ever involve a three year deal for a 32 year old winger at £200 kpw,

    There is one now, however, having signed all these young players, but Arteta has no record of having done it before so it’s all on blind faith.
    That’s why there’s no hard goals set by the club to achieve. They are literally winging in hope the fans will go alone with it.

  59. WengerEagle

    Fed has been semi-retired for 2 years now though, that is fair. And Rafa has missed a fair few tournaments too.

    Nextgen still yet to get over the line, they are right there ability and level-wise with Djokovic of 2021. It is just that they are all mental midgets and Djokovic is a mental giant. Tsitsipas was 2 sets to love up in Australia and cruising before shrinking and the inevitable Djokovic comeback.

    Medvedev and Sasha as well as Thiem have all also folded in Finals vs him from winning positions. Thiem is lucky to have a Slam if we are honest, no chance he beats Djokovic in the US Open last year if he wasn’t kicked out.

  60. WengerEagle


    Agree, Sasha will be a stern test for Djokovic. He has had a great year and spanked him for large parts in Tokyo which was a huge mental hurdle for him to overcome as he was 0-5 in his last 5 H2H before that vs Djokovic.

    I fancy Sasha much more than Medvedev to beat him, think if he is dialled in that he has more weapons to beat him. If Djokovic gets to the Final vs Med the trophy is as good as his as far as I am concerned.

  61. TR7


    By semi-retired I meant he had to pick which tournaments to play and which ones to skip. I mean physically he hasn’t been in great shape. He lost many matches in QF/SF simply he couldn’t cover enough ground against younger and physically robust opponents. I am sure you would have noticed he avoided getting in to long rallies and played aggressive shots to close the points early simply because his body wouldn’t allow him to resulting in unforced errors.

  62. WengerEagle

    Anyway, Norwich on Saturday.

    Part of me wants us to blow it just to make life for Tets untenable here, short term pain for long term gain outlook that seems to digust the myopic and self proclaimed ‘superfans’.

    Fail to beat Norwich and Burnley and get beaten in the NLD and he is finished. If we shitcan him then and actually get a competent gaffer in then the season could still be salvageable after 6-7 odd games.

  63. WengerEagle


    Yes mate, good spot that.

    That was the main reason he began to find success vs Rafa, by shortening the points and adopting an aggressive serve and volley style along with a much improved backhand which Rafa used to mercilessly expose and used as his bread and butter to dominate the H2Hs.

  64. TR7

    I think Arteta has Norwich, Burnley and Spurs games to save his ass. If we lose two or more out of the three, he is definitely gone. If we get 4 points then Arteta may just about live to fight for another day.

  65. redbro14

    WE…..I was very surprised by that win in Japan as I thought Novak has reached a zenit of a kind and looked in a different plane than anyone else….Dethroned Rafa at RG and stormed Wimbledon. So Zverev has that all important win to build on. Lots of pressure on Novak to make history. That will play a major part. Will he be able to handle it mentally even though we know he is very good at this.

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    ‘In the top 8 tiers of English football, that’s 19 leagues and 397 clubs- only 2 teams have failed to register a point or a goal ( that’s Arsenal and guernsey Fc ), guernsey haven’t played as their season is delayed until October due to Covid.’

    But yes , let’s be patient and give Arteta more time because he’s done amazingly well so far. Banter club we really are

  67. WengerEagle

    How do you rate the next gen TR7?

    I think that this Aliassime kid along with Shapovalov look very interesting. Alcaraz at 18 looks a hell of a prospect.

    Not mad on the man-child next gen group of Tsitsipas, Sasha and Medvedev. All talented but suspect mentalities. Do not rate Thiem all that highly either although he is 28 so not exactly nextgen.

  68. WengerEagle

    Anything less than 4 points from Norwich-Burnley followed by an Emirates defeat to the Spuds will be a KO blow imo.

    Would mean no wins out of three or losing to one of Norwich/Burnley so by the time Spuds beat us, fans will not hold back anymore in hounding him out.

  69. Tom

    I think we beat Norwich even in a second gear…..having watched them this season they are nail on relegation favorites.
    Burnley will score against us so we’ll need two or more to get three points there.
    They’ll press us high and will get away with all kinds of shit with the new rules interpretation.
    Tarkowski shoved Maupay into another zip code and refs thought nothing of it after reviewing the play five times, so we know what’s coming.

  70. WengerEagle

    Burnley are always capable of a shithouse result Tom agree.

    Norwich on paper is the gimme but you never know with our morale on the floor. Norwich will attack the game with nothing to lose as there will be no expectations on them to get anything.

    Pukki and Raschica both have a goal in them.

  71. WengerEagle


    Tokyo was the only time I have ever really seen Djokovic mentally implode and spectacularly go off the boil mid-match. He blitzed the 1st set 6-1 and was up a break in the 2nd before going on to lose 10 of the next 11 games.

    A complete capitulation as well as Zverev did play. I guess the pressure may finally be getting to him a little as he is entering objective undisputed GOAT territory which has been Fed and Rafa his whole career pretty much up until this year when he caught up in Slams.

    Going to be a cracker of a SF, I see it going 5 sets.

  72. Carlos

    It’s sad in a way that it is an independent blogger rather than than the club itself which is sending out these surveys. The entitlement and complacency at the top is staggering. Once fans drop out of the routine of attending and find that there’s a lot more disposable cash in their pockets, they may not be in a rush to return. Not all fans are fanatics

  73. redbro14

    WE …. agree completely and it was a bit of a surprise. It will be fascinating to watch. I think Novak will be rather ruthless in this one. I am a fan of his so a bit biased….

  74. Bertie Mee

    Great idea but using Le Grove as a bellwether is fraught with problems.
    You have some of the most negative, depressing Arsenal ‘ fans’ in the Goonerverse on here .
    If you’d polled them in the Invincible season they’d have moaned about not winning the Champions League .
    Many people on here want Arsenal to fail to justify their negative view . Whatever they might claim

  75. redbro14

    Bertie I agree that the mood is dark, but listen, this club has been duping fans for too long. All buckshot and Emperors new clothes. We have reached a new low even by our own crap standards. It’s been going for too long, people have had enough.

  76. TR7


    I don’t rate Zverev and Thiem. Thiem is a poor man’s Andy Murray and Zverev for all the hype is yet to win a GS. If you are 24 and still can’t beat a 34 year old Djoker in a grand slam then most definitely you are not a generational player. Fed beat Sampras in Wimbledon QF to announce himself to the world. Rafa won the title in his first appearance at Roland Garros. If Sasha really is a player then he’s got to beat Djoker in this Aus Open and win the slam. If he has to wait for even Djoker to be semi retired to win a GS then well he can’t be special. For me even a prime Wawrinka beats Thiem, Zverev and Tsitsipas 8 out of 10 times.

    I tagged you and PhD when I posted a video of Shapovalov here. He has the most amazing backhand you will ever get to see but still he has some way to go.

    Haven’t watched Alcarez but apparently he is supposed to be the next big thing. Many call him the next Rafa and Toni Nadal who is generally very reserved in his praise has also got great things to say about him. Will keep an eye on him.

    So all in all it’s not a good look when it comes to gen next. Wawrinka beats all of them as far as I am concerned and he isn’t even a legend of the game.

  77. TR7

    Arteta: “We are trying to build a medium to long-term project, which needs immediate results. That only happens in elite sport & most importantly in football. We have to embrace that challenge. It is what it is”

    Poor Arteta being forced to deliver “immediate” results. It’s only been 20 months, he must get at least 20 quarters. Very cruel world of elite football, no sympathy and little patience.

  78. Dissenter

    Who trusts a toddler manager with a medium to long term project?
    He should have gone to learn his trade at a smaller club

  79. Receding Hairline

    “I think we beat Norwich even in a second gear…..having watched them this season they are nail on relegation favorites.”

    Don’t quite understand why the Norwich coach is so highly rated, such an easy team to dismantle at the top level. Yes they play some pretty football but they are so open at the back it’s unbelievable.

  80. Receding Hairline

    “We are trying to build a medium to long-term project, which needs immediate results. That only happens in elite sport & most importantly in football. We have to embrace that challenge. It is what it is”

    Literally what every other competitive football team tries to do, get better progressively and win football matches while doing so. Arteta wants to claim you can’t do both at once.

    I don’t know what anyone sees in him, such a boring fellow.

  81. Rich


    1. Chelsea
    2. City
    3. Liverpool
    4. United
    5. Arsenal
    6. Leicester
    7. Spurs

    * 69-74 points, spitting distance of 4th (I picked 60-65 last season)

    * December will be a good month overall, and our last 11 games will be fruitful

    * Fans will likely lose their minds again at the end of Nov, with lunatic overreactions after away trips to Anfield + Old Trafford, grounds we rarely get much luck from

    * Tomiyasu will end up central, and White will move to the right, providing Arteta isn’t too stubborn to admit his mistake

    * If we keep them fit, the athletic profile of Gabriel, Tomiyasu and White, will enable us to move 10-15 yards up the pitch, I’m not surprised we’ve gone for athletic, inverted right back/ centre back, expect to see 2-3-4-1 in possession again

    * Saka will hit double digits in both goals + assists, he’s a special player, with unlimited potential

    * Odegaard will light up the Emirates, he’s a special player with massive potential, he moves the needle, massively underrated by some

    In 2019 some fans said we’d won the transfer window, I argued with Pedro and many others that we’d actually regressed and would struggle, I wasn’t surprise we finished 8th last season either

    This summer we’ve actually had a decent window in terms of incomings, addressed imbalances within our squad.

    Our squad is still too big, and outgoings we’re disappointing.

    We’re not coming from a good place, but now have the foundations in place of an exciting young team, there’s currently 4 more mature teams, who currently have better teams/squads, and there’s not a lot of difference between Arsenal, Leicester, Spurs

    Once we find a settled 11, and things settle down, we’ll get plenty of results, and the football will improve

    Things aren’t as good as I’d like, but they’re not as bad as some seem to think either, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, if we lose Saka though, then I’ll overtake the lot of you in the hysterical temper tantrum stakes…..

    The argument that Arteta has spent £220 million, but we’ve seen no improvement, stands up to no real type of scrutiny

    £45 mill Partey, injured, yet to play this season

    £25mill Gabriel, injured, no pre-season

    £50mill White, played 1 game, caught COVID

    £35mill Odegaard, back 1 game against a team we’ve had 2 away wins against in 11 years, and a team that cost north of a billion to assemble

    £17mill Tomiyasu, only joined training today, will likely need a bit of time, I like the look of him though

    £15mill Sambi, he’s 21, looks decent, but even the very best have need an adjustment period, and most young players struggle with consistency

    Teams/squads are assembled through the youth team + transfer market, but they’re built on the training ground, building a new team and starting a new cycle, nearly always means teething problems, particularly starting from a low ebb, after years of poor decision making, with a team in regression

    I’m still indifferent towards Arteta, but our squad is in a much better shape than it was last October, and barring an injury pile up to key players, Arteta will likely last the season (sorry guys)

    See you serial bedwetters at the end of the season, the constant cycle of negativity and mass hysteria, has turned me into a snowflake, and at this point, nobody is changing their minds, logic, reason, common sense and pragmatism, have gone completely out the window, it’s just a giant echo chamber of doom, when the truth is likely somewhere in between….

    (Almunia, you’re a comedic genius)

  82. Receding Hairline

    “if we lose Saka though, then I’ll overtake the lot of you in the hysterical temper tantrum stakes…..”

    So pretty much everything you wrote up there is based on Saka having a great season and *once we find a settled 11″….when and where did we lose this settled 11

  83. Dennis+the+Menace

    Thanks for the survey Pedro. Great idea. Let’s use fan power to bring about a change for the better. The rigging at the club needs shaking from top to bottom before mediocrity seeps into the Hale End set up too.

  84. BacaryisGod

    TR7 and WengerEagle

    Liked your tennis conversation and while I can’t stand Djokovic, if he wins for the Slam, the conversation for GOAT is almost certainly over.

    One question though. If we assume that Rafa, Federer and Djokovic are all in the all-time Top 5, can an argument be made for Andy Murray being in the Top 10? After all, he reached #1 in the world and held it fit 9 months while all three were active (the only player to do that since Federer took #1 in February 2004.

  85. Rich

    Receding hairline

    * I meant if we sell Saka, next summer he’ll be down to his last 2 years, he’s now at an age and level of experience, where the goals + assists will come with some regularity, and the sharks will be circling if we don’t tie him down

    To educate him, only to lose him as he starts producing the end product numbers to match his performances, would be heartbreaking

    Saka is generational, I debated with those having a Sancho wankfest last season, that Saka was the superior talent, I still stand by that

    Regarding a settled team, take a look at our fixture list, we’ll rarely need to rest players, so barring strains, impact injuries, and COVID outbreaks, there’ll be little need to rest or rotate with no European football

    Once we get a settled defence, find some continuity, keep Partey, Odegaard, Saka fit, then our first 14-15 players, are much better than the media think, and we’ve now got a much better balance

    Not signing a central midfielder seems like a mistake, but with Patino coming through, maybe we didn’t want to block his path, he looks like some talent….

    Anyway, this time I’m actually gone…

    Cheer up guys, if we do shit, Arteta will get the boot, and you’ll all be happy, if Arteta turns it around, then Arsenal will be winning football games, and that’ll make you happy…..

    He’s not getting the boot for another 4 games whatever happens, and both outcomes will put smiles on your faces, you get very few win/win situations in life, so try to enjoy them when they come….

  86. Ray+in+LA


    “Cheer up guys, if we do shit, Arteta will get the boot, and you’ll all be happy, if Arteta turns it around, then Arsenal will be winning football games, and that’ll make you happy…..”

    Sadly, I think there is a third — and probably more likely — possibility

    Arteta will do well-enough not to be sacked but not well-enough to make anybody happy

  87. Nelson

    Next week will be really difficult for Arsenal supporters watching other fans enjoying Champions League and Europa League football. And we were told that we should be excited. WTF!

  88. TR7


    Fed, Rafa, Djoker, Sampras, Laver and Borg are undoubtedly the top six players of all time.

    McEnroe, Connors, Agassi and Lendl fill up the remaining 4 positions I reckon.

  89. Useroz

    Media quotes Le Tissier,, as a pundit, saying he got information from within the club that Arsenal’s poor result has nothing to do with Arteta the manager and has been caused by problems in the dressing room.

    Is he insinuating some players trying the same old down tool routine and disrupt the team and Arteta had to call upon Kolac?

    Did some players ignore Arteta’s brilliant tactics so he had to yell from the sideline throughout the match?

    Is that why we haven’t managed to scored any however let in so many?

    I don’t know about that! Do you?

  90. bacaryisgod


    It’s worth a discussion but I think Murray is comfortably above Wawrinka. He has a much better overall record (29-56) against the Big 3 than Wawrinka (12-59) and a better head-to-head vs. Wawrinka (12-9).

    He’s won 2 Olympics singles golds and lead the British team to Davis Cup victory. Wawrinka had Federer as his teammate when he won.

    Murray reached #1 in the world and Wawrinka only #3. They both have 3 Grand Slam singles wins

  91. bacaryisgod


    The question that no-one can answer is how well Agassi, Lendl, Connors and McEnroe would do against the Big 3. I’m guessing they would all struggle mightily even if you account for technological and fitness advances.

    When Murray stepped on court vs. the Big 3, he won a little more than once out of every three matches. Not bad when you consider these are 3 of the top 6 all-time and quite possibly the top 3.
    For this reason, a good argument could be made that Murray was just incredibly unlucky to be playing in the same era as the Big 3 and deserves to be in the conversation of Top 10 of all-time.

    Well, I got way off topic on an Arsenal blog. Back to football for me!

  92. Sly

    Congrats on the 14th year of LG Pedro
    On another note looks like quite a few Arsenal players are not vaccinated
    “Almost” as a rule of thumb
    Any players coming down with Covid illnesses have not been vaccinated
    Remarkably dumb

  93. MD-Gunner

    Thank you for having mercy on the MOBs by not dropping anymore BS comments or delusional predictions of Arsenal finishing 5th within spitting distance of 4th.

    Dare you to show up after the BHA game Oct 2nd, sorry you said end of the season, my bad.

  94. China1

    When your entire ability to work depends on your body being physically in tip top shape, having phenomenal stamina and mental sharpness for quick reactions and decision making, why bother to get vaccinated? It’s not like covid carries any risk of impacting any of those areas and there’s certainly no risk of them being impacted long term.

    On the other hand if they got vaccinated they might get a sore arm or worse feel bad for about a day.

    Easy choice! ANTIVAXXXX

  95. China1

    I have my second jab today. Great excuse to take 2 hours off this morning without needing to mark it as leave in the system!

    But I guess footballers can’t make that excuse since they only work a few hours a day anyway…

  96. China1

    ‘Sources in the club say Arsenals poor form has nothing to do with arteta’


    Was the source by anti chance a man with rock solid, jet black hair, stubble and piercing eyes wearing a trench coat and fake moist ache to conceal his identity? 😂😂😂

    In what universe can constant poor performances be ‘nothing to do with the manager’? If there is some kind of mutiny at the club who is the person responsible for managing them and that mutiny? Oh that would be our manager!

  97. Gonsterous

    If the players have really down tooled, we will know against Norwich. If the game ends in a 0-0 (norwich can’t score a goal to save their life atm), then I’m guessing the players want mikel out.

    If we end up losing saka or esr because of arteta, I’m going to be so pissed off. More pissed off than the time Wenger failed to bring cesc back.

    Having cesc back would have helped ozil up his game as he wouldn’t have been the only creater and it would have made the team a lot stronger.

    Instead I’m glad he won a PL title. It’s a shame when the greatest players to play in the PL don’t have a winners medal and the likes of wes Brown and jamie fking vardy has one (though he was lethal that season)

  98. Tony

    Morning/evening Grovers

    Click bait alert
    David Seaman has said that players are not turning up but doesn’t address why they are not playing well for Arteta. Seaman a great keeper and legend wasn’t blessed with a high IQ like many players. Seaman said he wanted to be an actor after football when Vinny Jones was playing himself in all his movies. I guess the short pony tailed keeper thought that look would help him get past his northern monotonous monotoned voice. Rain Man any one? Just kidding!

    I loved Seaman the keeper, but after he hurt his ribs, he always protected them first when going to a striker’s feet, so wasn’t the same after. Still a good keeper but not the level above he was before the injury.

    Perhaps David should talk to the player and find out why they are so confused and held back by the Arteta infamous handbrake.

    In other news Edu had this to say:

    “Having missed out on European football for the first time in 25 years last season – his first full campaign in charge – there had been suggestions that such a repeat could lead to Arteta’s exit.

    Yet technical director Edu has appeared to scale back the club’s ambitions for this campaign by stressing that securing European qualification is not a priority.”

    Begs questions what the actual priority is? Not being relegated? Has Stan and Josh signed off on this? Has anyone at the club’s hierarchy realised yet that no Europe means £millions lost?

    Of course this could be click bait, but if this isn’t a direct quote why isn’t the club suing the newspaper or journalist?

    These 2 jokers are making Stan & Josh look like the US equivalent of Del Boy & Rodney of English football.

    Err Del we just bought 5 players (wringing hands) Luvly jubbly Rodders we’ll be minted winning the league and CL. Err naaaaa Del we only got one starter out the 5. Wot you mean Rodders? Well Del Edu & Arteta said Europe quals are not a priority this season. Whaaaaat Rodders? The tarts where are they?



    Funniest TV series for me. Nothing compares today or maybe I’m just getting old.

    Tomorrow’s game can’t come soon enough.

    Lastly, huge congrats to Emma Raducanu for getting to the semis.

  99. Tony

    Emma brushed Sakkari away in 2 sets to make the final. First player ever to go from qualifiers to final.

    We have some one special blossoming.

    Should make for a brilliant final.

  100. fell

    I can’t think of anything worse you could have added to this site than a YouGov poll, Nothing sums up polling better than this Yes Minister sketch