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Well hello, I’ve been back in the UK, so the blog has taken a bit of a backseat. In fact, I would say this is the first time in many years Arsenal has not been top of mind, and I’ve been out the mix 3 days and I have ZERO idea what is going on.

So let’s just start on a ramble and see where we go.

Tomi, our new centre back that is a right-back stole the show on international break with a dominant aerial performance. Weird to have two fullbacks at the club that boast 6ft+ frames. I don’t know what the galaxy brain notion is here, but I do remember Olivier Giroud being very important for Arsenal defending set plays back in the day.

‘Tall people are good for high balls’

Maybe this one isn’t so hard to work out. Weird thing with Tomi is he seems to be the player that is most intriguing Arsenal fans. No one has a clue if we’ve signed Kagawa levels of Japanese talent or we’ve unearthed another Inamoto. I’m excited for him, he seems to have a very Premier League athletic profile and he’s young enough to grow. Doubt he’s going to start at the weekend, but I’m looking forward to seeing him regardless.

Emile Smith Rowe stepped out of the England U21 game with some of that ‘unwellness’ which is a bit concerning. It’s not the ‘rona, which is pleasing, so hopefully he’ll be good for the weekend.

Kido Taylor-Hart signed a pro deal with Arsenal. That’s superb news. He’s highly rated and we LOVE the Hale-Enders. Again, say what you like about some of the embarrassing stuff that has gone on at Arsenal, one thing you can’t avoid… the kids are signing up for whatever Mikel is offering. That means good coaching and chances for the first team. We’ve not had that in many years. Can’t wait to see what the future holds there.

Martin Odegaard proved that there is no one better to rip apart a very weak team. He banged out a massive 12 key passes against… Gibraltar. Listen, you can only beat what is in front of you, so let’s just be pleased for him and hope he can dish out that sort of lesson to Norwich this weekend.

Arsenal rejected a bid for Mo Elneny. No one dodges a transfer window like this man. He’s Keanu in the Matrix. Each bullet he’s ducking is a Besiktas, Fenerbache, or Gala. It’s wild that we persist with him. But here we are, he has a nice smile and you KNOW he’ll be getting leaned on after a February injury crisis. I just hope we don’t offer him a new contract or extend him.

Just some passing conversation I’ve been having with Arsenal fans in England. Quite interesting that picking up a season ticket is now a piece of pie. Red members are being offered them. That’s quite a dip for Arsenal who boasted 60,000 on the old waiting list. If you can’t shift season tickets, then moving club level tickets is even harder… gawd knows what they’re doing at corporate level. Part of the splurge this summer was about apologizing to fans for the wrongs of the Super League, but I guess if you really dug deep, it was probably about arresting the decline in matchday going fans. Stan once said that it didn’t matter what price you put the tickets at, the fans would come… seems that might not be the case.

FINALLY. Le Grove was 14 the other day and I missed it. Thanks to everyone that has read, commented and followed the blog. It’s been a wild ride and I love you all for being so kind along the way. Now we have a podcast, we do Youtube, and we’re Pog Daddy’s (look it up). Here’s to 14 more years!

Right, that’s me done for today, I’ll see you in the comments. x

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  1. raptora

    England had 2 shots on target. Both from around 30 meters. Rice and Phillips are the equivalent of Xhaka and Elneny. How can you play so scared having such fantastic offensive players…

  2. raptora

    The amount of times Grealish fell on his back just to protest to the ref doesn’t make him all that different to Neymar. Way under the skill level of the Brazilian though. Good player, no doubt, but the huge hype around him is unjustified. It’s got more to do with how he looks than how he plays. He is a downgrade on Sane, Mahrez, Sterling, Silva albeit more expensive than them.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10


    Yep, Conte In.

    I’ll follow the snowball on that one. The more I think of it, since CG mentioned it, Conte would make so much sense.

    A proven manager who will know what he wants and translate our team into proven winners.

    If the Kroenke’s want their top 4 holy grail, which was duly instilled by AW, they must at all costs get Conte.

    Oops, I forgot. We don’t have any experienced footballing acumen at Senior level to come up with such a sensible plan to get us back at the top or close to top 4.

    What a shame.

  4. UTarse

    It’s a no brainer DB10…. And we all know there aren’t many of those in the management department at Arsenal…. Which means we might just get him …just maybe…. We can hope I guess… different to “hoping” that Arteta may come good.

  5. China1

    Yeah DB10 wengers World Cup every two years idea is absolutely rubbish. As you said he doesn’t appear to do anything in his current role and probably thought he better come up with some kind of idea to act as tho he does

    The World Cup every 2 years is a white idea because
    1) the novelty of alternating with the euros is more interesting
    2) the novelty of the World Cup being the pinnacle of football will be diminished if it comes around so often
    3) what’s the actual benefit?
    4) unless the euros are going to disappear it just means an even more grueling international schedule, including all those boring shitty qualifiers against back o beyond countries

    I am yet to see one positive associated with the idea. Wenger needs to get a real job rather than this one

  6. China1

    The only argument I heard wenger make for it was ‘the demand is there’

    Perhaps in the fifa head office where they smell a pay day, sure.

  7. RecycledOldSock

    TOP 10: Transfer fees spend to assemble current squad

    1. Manchester City – £926m

    2. Manchester United – £877m

    3. Paris Saint-German – £820m

    4. Real Madrid – £675m

    5. Chelsea – £669m

    6. Liverpool – £576m

    7. Juventus – £563m

    8. Arsenal – £551m

    9. Barcelona – £542m

    10 – Tottenham Hotspur – £472m

  8. RecycledOldSock

    Premier League transfer window: Top 10 biggest spenders

    1. Arsenal – £156.8m

    2. Manchester United – £133.7m

    3. Manchester City – £100m

    4. Chelsea £97.5m

    5. Aston Villa – £93m

    6. West Ham – £63.3m

    7. Tottenham – £57.1m

    8. Leicester City – £55m

    9. Leeds United – £43m

    10. Liverpool – £36m

  9. Tony

    I saw the Wenger piece yesterday and 2 things immediately came to mind:

    Wenger regularly played players in the red where they ended up getting broken.

    Wenger likes to keep himself current, in the press regardless of what stupidity he utters.

    It’s sad that a manager that had 10 years at the top with us continues to belittle himself in the public eye.

    Wenger’s drive and desire to manager again at the top is outweighed by his age and lack of ability to actually firstly do the job, and secondly win anything more than a domestic cup.

    Wenger’s comments are always used as filler stories on low news days.

  10. Tony

    You never know how to take stories of people we’re interested in distance themselves from the post talked about.

    Overmars says he’s happy at Ajax. Intimating he’s not going to leave, but what could he say knowing how The Arsenal like to keep targets away from the press: a potentially new DoF is no different to a player or manager.

    Maybe Overmars is in secretive talks with us, maybe he isn’t who really knows. It could be we are talking to several people for Edu’s and Arteta’s posts.

    What we haver seen countless times in the past is that when a club comes out and publicly backs the manager or TD?DoF it’s mostly like the kiss of death for said manager where the days are numbered. Ditto but probably a little less so, when a person believed to be connected to a potential position with a club, that person most often offers diplomacy saying he’s happy where he is.

    The issue we are facing is what story is trues that’s been reported about Arteta and Edu?

    Does Arteta actually have 5 games? Does he have 10 games? Does he have until Xmas?

    What of Edu?

    It seems there isn’t a clear report that substantiates any real truth. Clickbait rules!

    The only certainty is that we play Norwich at 3pm Saturday and it’s a must win for Arteta.

    When you analyze our situation in any detail or the situation of handing out multi million GBP deals for managers and DoFs, I doubt very much you would go to Conte and say if he’s poor over the next 5, no er 10games, actually I meant by Xmas, My Conte you have the job.Though, JK probably would: he’s that clueless from what we have seen of his oversight and leadership since Arteta has arrived.

    In business the never never deals as I called them were the ones depending on this and that circumstances, but ultimately were uncertainty if they could afford the make the changes in personnel or infrastructure or both.

    If I were able to ask Stan one question it would be this:

    Why is there no discernible leadership and accountability throughout the club?

    Unfortunately, we have a defective rudder that we keep making make do repairs that don’t last long so we keep going around in circles.

    Speaking of Circles:

    A truly great song by a top writer and singer. Sorry Guns polar opposite to The Misfits.

  11. TheLegendaryDB10


    Premier League transfer window: Top 10 biggest spenders

    1. Arsenal – £156.8m

    Yep…. MA better show something for that kind of expenditure.

    And what I hate about this spend, is none of the players look like we will be hitting top 4.

    But that is more to do with the fact that we have a novice manager who has no idea what to do to progress these players.

    When MA’s only attacking strategy is to cross the ball in, it genuinely exposes MA’s limited attacking nous.

  12. MD-Gunner

    Edu was not Arsenals first choice they were massively upset when Monchi went to Sevilla where he is doing wonders, so it is not unthinkable that the leadership will be replaced in mid-season, happened the last time. Also Arsenal has the 8th most expensive squad in the WORLD, why would Stan not protect that investment.

    Further Stan may have a distraction in the US on his hands as a St. Louis judge ruled that plaintiffs in the 4-year-old lawsuit over the Rams’ 2016 move to Los Angeles may obtain financial records from the league, the Rams and franchise owners Kroenke.

    The plaintiffs are seeking the financial records to submit to a jury in determining punitive damages at trial but how do you determine what is punitive unless you get a look at their finances. It is definitely a distraction for Stan.

  13. Tony

    MD I remember the Monchi stories, but I think that’s when Wenger wasn’t going to move.

    My memory is vague at best but didn’t the Monhci rumors follow Klopp’s and Pep’s interest.

    Good to hear Stan is at the losing end of the St Louis legal battle. Hope they make a dent win his wealth.

    I don’t think the BoD wants either of the 2 because it would upset their comfort zone.

    Roll on Saturday MD

  14. MD-Gunner

    The Kroenke’s have money to burn, his wife is an heir to the Walmart fortune and worth over 9 Billion USD with Stan around 10 Billion.

    Monchi was DOF at Roma and had a disagreement with the owners, in his own explanation they were tugging into opposite directions so he decided to leave and there was great interest for him to come to Arsenal as Sven had just left. However he said that the project set out by Sevilla president Jose Castro Carmona convinced him to rejoin the club he had just left two years ago.

    So much for projects at Arsenal and he must have known that the Arsenal project was never one that would bear fruits, thus the polite thank you but NO.

  15. MD-Gunner

    Guess what after Monchi’s return to Sevilla he took them to the CL and he attributes this to a large degree on his scouting system. Their most recent TW was spectacular.

  16. Sid

    The euros are pointless, let Germany, Spain, France, Spain, Italy play each other to determine the European champion, toss a coin to determine who will join them between Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands or England.

  17. Tony

    Thanks MD for the update I remember now after reading your post.

    Wenger was very anti DoF around that time even asked what it was in the press.

    The problem is Wenger would have lost his power at the club other than day to day managing the squad.

    As far back as the later 60s we’ve never been adventurous in the TWs. We were known for having money but keeping most of it. We’d splash out on the odd big name but generally we’d bought cheap. The football was different then as were fitness levels and extremely poor sobriety.

    Wenger changed all that for us and football in general, it was his gift the the footballing world of diets and players’ fitness. Romford Pele covers much of that really well. An excellent read.

    The problem for Wenger his revolutionary ideas ran out after the Invincible’s and the footballing world passed him by as it has the national team.

    Now we’re in new darks waters we haven’t swam in before: the relegation zone and bottom of the league. I never thought I’d see that.

    At least it’ll be good playing again Saturday. Whether we’ll feel that way around 4:30, who knows?

  18. kjelli

    Yesterday I watched an under 21 game on tv. Kids are not ready to play professional football on
    a regular level ?? We need experienced and steetwise players to accommodate them. Get
    Bissuma and Haaland in January no matter the cost !! But still looking forward to Saturday .

  19. The Bard

    What happens to Arteta will depend a lot on what it looks and feels like at the Emirates. If the owners lose the fans then Arteta goes whatever the supposed long term plan. Without doubt there will be conversations happening behind closed doors.
    A half empty stadium and disgruntled fans is a recipe for the sack.

  20. Kroenkephobe

    A half empty stadium and disgruntled fans is a recipe for the sack.

    I’d add media antipathy to that. So-called football experts spend the weekends on TV and in print rubbishing Arteta so that’s already a negative. Kroenke – in so much as he relates to anything – will know from his US experience that noisy fans, empty seats and media criticism add up to a need for change. From what I saw on TV, the supporters gave it a good go at first against Chelsea, but if we replicate that performance or the other two against Norwich, the process is over surely over. If by Saturday night they’ve lost to two relegation contenders and two CL level teams, there’s no alternative to a clear out.

  21. englandsbest

    Ridiculous! Big song and dance about European Super League – and now people back World Cup every two years. It’s all about money – this time for FIFA, the corrupt bunch who handed Qatar WC for…guess what? Money.

    It makes far more sense to back a properly-run, fair, two division European Super league – and here is why. It’s clear that nowadays only clubs backed by hugely rich benevolent owners (sheikhs, Roman, etc) can survive financially. Whereas European Super Leagues (backed by ALL clubs not just those owned by billionaires) would spread the cash around,benefit all, and make European soccer much more fun.

  22. Valentin

    I think that we will win against Norwich. They are the best opposition we could hope for. They don’t have a burly striker. They try to play, so it won’t be a low bloc. You could say that Arsenal is also the perfect opposition for them for exactly the same reasons. However at least upfront, we have the better players. In midfield Lokonga and Partey (please no Elneny) should have too much for them.

    To me the big test will be against Burnley, because they will play 4-4-2 with two physical strikers. Sean Dyche will not try to play pretty football. He will try to make it a physical battle. Expect a full aerial bombardment and lots of run into the channels.

  23. shaun

    “A win against Norwich would be a miracle under this current manager.” if you believe that then your crazy………………..I will just say now that Arsenal have to beat Norwich at home on Saturday .No other out come will be acceptable .I certainly would not like to be in Arteta shoes if we get beat at home by Norwich

  24. Samesong

    The key is for the players not to be too nervous. We should win against Norwich however on set pieces I am worried. And will be too cautious in our play?