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Juuuuust a quick one today because I’m back in London doing London things.

Edu put down the grill for 5 minutes to talk to the media about our summer. It was pretty much the same things that Vinai had mentioned.

“I think we have to see the wider context than just the money around it,” 

“We signed six players who are under 23, which means a lot in terms of our planning.

“We started planning this squad a year ago in terms of consolidating the team and trying to get a better foundation. We have to balance the squad better.”

Pretty obvious. We have spent 5 years watching Arsenal spend money on ‘ready-made’ and it’s been a disaster. This summer, we upgraded in every position, but even if we had signed more experienced players, it would have taken time.

“It is hard. I am not asking for patience because it is the word that everybody hates to listen to.

“I am just trying to explain the strategy behind it because when people see just one window, of course they see it like this. I respect that. But you have to see what we started to do since we’ve been together. We’ve tried to clean the squad.

“As I said, it is 21 exits. It’s a lot, almost a revolution. But how are you going to fill those 21 holes? You need time. You cannot come in and do it straight away.

Edu landed a lot of criticism for this comment, but to be fair, he’s right. You can’t make as many changes as we’ve made and expect everyone to hit the ground running. It’s also clear that we went very, very hard at lowering the age profile of the squad.

It’ll take until December at least before we start kicking up a gear. But I’m pretty sure if we’re within spitting distance by then, we’ll reap rewards in the back half of the season because our players will be fresher and fitter than everyone else.

What cannot continue until that moment is the type of nutcase decision making we’ve seen with personnel.

After the break, we’ll see the actual starting 11 for the season for the first time, in a game they should win.

We need to see more aggressive pressing.

We need to see the consistent execution of a game plan.

We need to see a firm reaction to what has gone before.

… but I don’t have any doubts this will happen. We have found rock bottom. Better players mean better results.

Ok, listen to the pod, I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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  1. into the red

    Well, results can’t possibly get worse, so by definition there will be some improvement. And we have a half-decent squad with a few outstanding players. So hope springs eternal once again.

    There is one elephant size fly in the ointment though, and that is the man sitting on the manager’s seat. There is nothing I have seen to convince me Arteta has any idea how to organise and motivates a side. Quite the opposite in fact. The first three games weren’t just unfortunate blips, they were a huge expose of the manager’s ineptitude, at both ends of the park. There is no use in blaming the players available to him, as Arteta ceaselessly does. Teams with far less resources, no remarkable players, have shown that they can be coached and organised to form a defensive unit which can make life difficult for the. best teams. Over three games, Arteta demonstrated he hasn’t the first idea how to do this. It wasn’t the quality of the players available to him, it was the laughably bad tactical organisation of the back line which gave those games away. Back four against Chelsea, with no attempt to block the through balls to Lukaku, and no cover for Tierney. Back five against City who clearly had had no coaching or plan of how to play with each other and looked like an amateur side.
    In attack a haphazard combination of four good players who didn’t combine well, and which left the midfield deserted.
    This is just clueless page one ineptitude. When you add that to Arteta’s tendency to have feuds with the likes of Saliba and Maitland Niles, you have to conclude he has no idea what he is doing. Results will improve, there will be a few false dawns, and we will be conned into thinking we are on the right track. But with this fraud in charge there is no chance. Edu may have been playing a game of distancing himself from Arteta, who knows, but I have zero faith in Arteta or the management structure at the Emirates.

  2. Ishola70


    Those crying about the Chambers incident are most likely the ones to have never played the game or if they did they were those pale skinny kids on the wings who never got involved in the match.

    Chambers has been shit for the start of this season and the sucker slap he got sums him up at the start of this season.

  3. Tom

    The funniest bit about Arteta’s Arsenal getting screwed by the refs rhetoric is that if it wasn’t for a couple of crucial calls going our way he might’ve been out on his ass as the Arsenal manager long ago.

    Bellerin foul on Christiansen in the build up to Arsenal’s second goal, and Kovacic second yellow on Xhaka in the FA cup final.

    Chelsea at full strength at 1:1 were a good bet to win it.

    If Arteta doesn’t with the FA cup, he wouldn’t have gotten all the rope despite his all too well documented numerous fuckups.

  4. Tee

    The earlier posters on here understand Arteta isn’t going nowhere for now the better for their sanity.

    No amount of conte blog and posts is sacking him for now. Like Edu said, they are ready to wait till the players play and jell together. This means the owners are ready to back him till all hope is lost.

    Besides, the kroenkes aren’t known for taking such drastic step like abramovich would.

  5. Dissenter

    I’m not a fan of Chambers and I don’t understand how’s he still at the club after 7 mediocre seasons
    That said, he was fouled brazenly and VAR should have reversed that goal. It doesn’t mean city wouldn’t have walloped u even more that 5-0

  6. Ishola70

    The only way Arteta can even get out of this by some degree is to revert to ten men behind the ball deep and sporadic counter attacking and that’s overall in the season and not against what are seen as the weaker sides in the league.

    Is that what you want to see from your team generally over a whole season?

    Because there is not a chance he is going to succeed with more expansive football. He will not be capable to do that.

  7. Tee

    “Those crying about the Chambers incident are most likely the ones to have never played the game or if they did they were those pale skinny kids on the wings who never got involved in the match.Chambers has been shit for the start of this season and the sucker slap he got sums him up at the start of this season”

    Empty barrel comes to mind here

    Besides, what’s the correlation between chamber is bad and referees’ injustice?

    Pierre’s post was purely and clearly about this but not if chamber is good or not. It’s you that added that to your usual drivel to make sense.

  8. Ishola70


    It’s pathetic he got all that rope for the FA Cup win in the first place.

    Playing big underdog tactics to win that.

    It’s just another sign of the clubs declining standards.

    Yes give him the keys if he won the FA Cup while also showing though that he was truly capable in the EPL as well which he has not.

  9. Ishola70


    You’ve come on here telling us all that Arteta is going nowhere and also crying over refs decisions.

    It makes no difference. The team are shite at the start of this season irrelevant of officials.

    And give over with the Arteta is going nowhere line. That’s just you in thrall of the establishment.

    If Arteta continues to tank he will be going believe me.

  10. Tee

    If Arteta continues to tank he will be going believe me.”

    Stating the obvious as usual.

    Any manager that tanks continuously is gone, no doubt about it but Mikel isn’t going nowhere till all hope is lost on him by the kroenkes. No amount of your daily boring “Arteta out” anthem is changing that.

  11. Ishola70


    If Arsenal beat Norwich but lose to Burnley and Spurs the Kroenkes will be getting the message that he isn’t good enough and they will give up on him.

    The decision will be made for them.

  12. Ishola70

    We all know this project and process talk is just jib to divert from the teams present failings and is on very thin ground.

    Very thin ground can give way very quickly.

  13. Terraloon


    You are maybe right and you are maybe wrong but what i will say is last week, norwich had a goal disallowed from a set piece for having a player close to the keeper in a very similar situation to the brentford goal

    It was nothing like the second goal at Brentford

    The Norwich player was stood in an offside position at the free kick You can not be in an offside position at a throw in.

  14. Negative Nigel

    Tom you go out of your way to defend the indefensible when it comes to decisions against Arsenal.Almost like “ the lady doth protest too much”.Strange.It’s been going on for donkeys years.s for chambers being possibly wimpy & bullied.Let me assure you & anyone else.Had an Arsenal player done it.It would thuggery beyond all acceptance & a lynch mob would have been adored.Incidentally.The man up call for Arsenal 9 out of 10 results on a booking come sending off.Just ask paddy & his time at the Arsenal.Every skip the media & pundits were trotting out Arsenals diabolical red card count.

  15. Terraloon

    Does anyone remember when Chambers trucked up from Southampton?

    Cost under £16 million, aged what 19. Hit the ground running indeed all sort of plaudits got into the England team and well his progress hit a brick wall and that’s where he is now aged 26

    My point is that when listened to Edus interview he is talking as almost all the new signings and come to that the other younger players will develop and of course they might but just as likely they will reach their ceilings way sooner than later and nowhere at the level needed to start to challenge

  16. Ishola70

    I think the injury Chambers picked up against Chelsea at home in the league two seasons ago was basically the end for him in becoming a really good player.

    He was excellent at CB for those 20 odd minutes he was on the pitch against Chelsea in that match. Arsenal were under heavy pressure in the first period of the first half in that match and the Arsenal penalty area was being peppered but Chambers won every header and tackle. He was like superman in those first 20 odd minutes against them.

    But then he got stretchered off with that injury.

  17. Tom

    Negative Nigel, only in your mind , and perhaps Pierre’s as well, calling two out of three decisions against Arsenal wrong can be seen as going out of my way to defend indefensible.

    The fact is any referee decision made in real time can be scrutinized and disagreed with when looked at from different angles.

    I thought Saka should’ve had a penalty but I accept a different opinion.
    I thought Leno was fouled for Brentford’s second.
    I thought the Chambers foul was just two players jostling for positions with only one with his eyes on the ball( Laporte) , and the other ( Chambers) only interested in blocking him off which, funny enough, should’ probably be a foul if you go by the letter of the law.

    Like I said before, pick your fights better.
    I’ll keep my powder dry when wrong calls actually cost us points but you and Pierre can have at it whenever it suits.

  18. raptora

    Read this in an e-sport thread regarding the retirement of one of the most famous e-sport managers. As I am interested in picking successful people’s brains I read the thread and it’s a very long one. I did not expect to read this:

    “This industry is very cutthroat at the top. A bad season can see you out on your arse, and that is not the sort of job security that allows you to plan for the future. In any sort of competitive environment, your position is only secured with constant success. There is no room for failure and very little time to implement a process. Unless you are Mikel Arteta, apparently.”

    We are a laughing stock.

  19. Tee

    “We are a laughing stock”

    Is this supposed to be a new gospel?

    It’s been known for ages that the media, pundits and what have you always revel in our calamity. Even during the glory days, they always find ways to mock the club.

    I don’t go veba shit about whatever they have to say about the club because even the fans of our club are doing worst.

    Can you imagine some posters trying to ridicule our last fa cup trophy saying we won using an underdog tactics? Who cares what tactics we used? All that matters is we won it but trust them to always find ways to mess it up.

  20. Pierre

    “The Norwich player was stood in an offside position at the free kick You can not be in an offside position at a throw in.”

    And what about the brentford player in front of Leno standing in an offside position when it was headed in.

    Does that not also count as offside as he was impeding the goalies sight( as well as holding on to him)

  21. Dissenter

    Arsenal is an easy target for the pundits, there’s no conspiracy theory there.
    We have made so many mistakes, obvious errors at that that it’s understandable why every wannabe pundit wants to cut a career picking on Arsenal.
    Then you have the massive online presence of gooners, we are the Banterville these days.

  22. Tee

    I know who to believe between klopp and a random. Poster on Le-grove.

    The team’s performances were nothing to write home about – checked

    Referee bias is obvious to the sincere ones – checked

    Trying to back the injustice from referee because of our bad performances depicts slowpoking – checked

  23. Ishola70


    You are notorious on here to keep going on about injustices to Arsenal by officials.

    Face up to facts.

    We are shite heading nowhere at this time.

    Injustices from officials doesn’t even come into it.

  24. Ishola70

    I didn’t even look at the Klopp link because this is just crying over a shit pie.

    Was it by any chance Klopp putting a word out and feeling sorry for his fellow countryman Leno?

    Instead of feeling sorry for Leno why don’t we just do all the truthful thing and proclaim him not good enough.

  25. Ishola70

    “I know who to believe between klopp and a random. Poster on Le-grove.”

    What a crap tedious line.

    These people in the game look out for each other.

    Haven’t you got it yet?

    Pep says Arteta is a very good manager.

    Have you got it yet?

    Have you latched on?

  26. Ishola70


    “All that matters is we won”

    No it isn’t a case of all that matters is that we won a secondary domestic cup.

    That FA Cup win using underdog tactics could set us back years.

    Do you understand?

    Have you latched on yet?

  27. Dissenter

    ‘Mohamed Elneny will miss Egypt’s World Cup qualifier with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Gabon after picking up a muscle injury. ‘

    Why am I not surprised
    That’s one of the oldest tricks in the game
    Some injuries are difficult to conclusively disprove.

  28. Dissenter

    For the sake of my emotional health, I try to ignore Pedro’s excuses as much as possible.
    I don’t read the post half the time.

    When Edu was pilloried for not publicly setting a target for the seemed eerily familiar because Pedro and the other Arteta-sexuals had refused to set targets too.

  29. UTarse

    How can any major business, or any commercial entity, no matter how small, not set targets ffs ??!!!

    I don’t understand how any fan actually subscribes to this level of bullshit without being a window licker, the joke’s on you pal

  30. Guns of SF

    Arteta will be here all season.
    The team above him are clueless
    They are chickens…
    headless chickens…

    His success and failures are tied directly to them, this inept bunch.
    If mike gets fired, they know they are next.

    There best self serving interest is to back him all the time and hope for the best…

  31. Dissenter

    In defense of Edu, I suspect that they have targets for Arteta.
    They may not want to put a young manager who’s already struggling under more pressure.

    I refuse to believe that they don’t hav4 targets that have been articulated to the manager.
    There’s no way the Kroenkes will spend so much money and not have any expectations.

  32. Dissenter

    This is different though
    They clearly opened the wallets this summer, no one likes to look like mugs.
    There are all sorts of motivation as to why they won’t wait too long. These billionaires don’t like being taken for fools
    It’s not the scale of the spending because many billionaires have lost more than the £150 million summer sound in a single day in the markets. Is because someone asked for big money from them and didn’t deliver.
    Heads will roll because of pride.

  33. UTarse

    Diss, if that’s the case then the CEO and DOF would at least intimate or give some sort of line like “we need to improve on our 8th place finishes over the past 2 season” or “being in Europe is very important to a club like Arsenal”

    No clarity in which position but some form of fucking woolly response like the above would at least give fans a mast to pin their performance measures to

  34. Guns of SF


    Yea, there is no specifics… just edu talking about the “future”
    rebuilding, getting younger etc.

    Nothing about expectations and goals, just let mike continue to burn the house down….

  35. Dissenter

    Yea, Edu could have just used the ‘unacceptable for Arsenal to be out of Europe” line but I think he as intentionally taking one fir the team.
    Overall, I appreciate the fact that Edu put himself out and tried to articulate whatever they are trying to do. He didn’t seem prepared fir the focused questioning that he got and he ended up looking stupid.

  36. Guns of SF

    Typical Edu thinking that the fans are dumb.
    Gazidis the rat was great at speaking to fans and deflecting constantly. His lawyer background I am sure helped

    Edu OTOH, needs to feel more heat from the fans as does mike. All fucking season long. Consistently.

  37. UTarse

    That’s my point, him taking one for the team is actually raising more concern for me. Both the CEO & DOF being tight lipped and offering pathetic excuses as we sit bottom after spending 150mm is very worrying. Had they come out and talked Arsenal up with whatever bullshit gusto of “unacceptable this” and “great club that” may have thinly covered them till Xmas…maybe…

    Gunsf it has gotten beyond the point of it beggars belief….it really has

  38. Dissenter

    Plying the devil’s advocate here.
    What exactly has Edu done, besides not being good at interviews
    He’s not the one responsible for preparing the team, selecting the starting and making adjustments during games.

    The Athletic tried to explain the dynamics and clearly Edu’s remit in the system is to set a direction and support the manager. It was from Edu that Mike was told the club aren’t signing any more oldies. Edu sees to be the one trying to temper down Arteta’’s excesses, if you believe the Athletic.

    The reason why we kept walking away from the White and Ramsdale deals was because of Exu but eventually they caved into Arteta’s tantrums.
    If you’ve taken the Pedro view then you’ll dislike the guy but if you listen to Ornstein and the Athletic, Edu is not the incompetent lackey of super agents that Pedro has been peddling.

  39. Dissenter

    There’s a case to be made that had Edu given a definite answer to that question then it was like signing Arteta’s Arsenal death sentence
    Arteta knows the score, anyone who’s been in football for so long so knows you’re only as good as your last 2-4 games.
    Just an alternate view, of course.

  40. Dissenter

    Excerpts from The Athletic James McNicholas Sep 3.
    ‘ Without exception, the new arrivals will receive affordable salaries. It’s important to contextualise these purchases, and the fees paid for them, accordingly. Ben White may have had commanded a higher transfer fee than Raphael Varane, but is understood to earn less than a third of his wage. The Athletic understands White earns around £80,000 per week with bonuses, white Varane’s salary at United is at least £300,000 per week.

    That means over the next four years, including a baseline fee of £34 million, Varane could cost Manchester United a gross total of £100 million. By that stage he will be 32, without significant resale value.

    In the same period, White would cost Arsenal closer to £67 million. Furthermore, he will be 27 at that time, and ought to still have considerable value on the transfer market.

    Players on lower salaries are, as Arsenal have discovered to their cost, typically easier to sell. Arsenal have bought players whose transfer value stands a good chance of increasing over the coming seasons. In the cases where the deal doesn’t work out, they hope they will be protected against being lumbered with unwanted, immovable players on prohibitively high wages.

    Arsenal accept they have paid a premium for the English pair of White and Aaron Ramsdale. In both instances, it was manager Arteta who urged the club to complete the deals. They believe, however, that English premium works both ways: when they come to leave Arsenal, their homegrown status should protect their value somewhat.

    Arsenal also believe they have not simply acquired “kids”. These six players all have considerable experience. Martin Odegaard is the captain of Norway, Albert Sambi Lokonga captained Anderlecht. Takehiro Tomiyasu has already won 23 caps for Japan. Even Nuno Tavares has already payed 35 games in the Portuguese Primeira Liga. There is no goalkeeper in Europe aged 23 or under who has played more top-flight football in the past two years than Ramsdale. Arsenal hope the team will feel their impact sooner rather than later.

    This is not, however, a strategy of Arteta’s design. It is something the club’s hierarchy have arrived at together. Strategic conversations between the technical director, the wider executive, the board (including trusted Kroenke advisor Tim Lewis), and ownership saw the club take this course. The manager was of course a voice at the table, but this was not one man’s plan. This is a club decision. Arsenal gave consideration to laying out their strategy publicly at the start of the summer but ultimately decided to let their actions do the talking.

    Talent identification

    The initial list of transfer targets that formed the basis for Arsenal’s summer businesses was actually pulled together in advance of the 2021 January transfer window. Names have been added or dropped off since then, but that was when the blueprint for this strategy was first laid out.

    Arteta’s promotion from head coach to manager has created some confusion among outsiders over what the hierarchy of decision-making is. While every deal is different, the basic internal process for recruitment is as follows:

    Firstly, Arteta and technical director Edu draw up a list of requirements. Arsenal’s “scouting” team then draw up lists of potential targets. While the club dispensed with the vast majority of their scouts in the redundancies of 2020, they retained some staff who effectively took up the mantle: Jason Ayto is the club’s player recruitment co-ordinator, Mark Curtis is first-team scout, and Tolly Coburn is in charge of analytics strategy and application. Ben Knapper, the club’s loan manager, also forms part of this team, which loosely became known as the “Football Intelligence” department.

    The idea was to integrate a number of previously separate departments, reporting directly into Edu, streamlining information regarding squad-planning, scouting assessments, development pathways and loans. Arsenal have subsequently begun adding new scouts back into this team. Edu and Ayto interviewed successful candidates including ex-Fulham senior scout James Ellis, former Manchester United and City scout Romain Poirot, and the former Manchester United and Inter scout Toni Lima.

    While previously there was tension between the traditional scouting department and “Stat DNA” (now known as Arsenal Data Analytics), the “Football Intelligence” team contains a number of former analysts who are more comfortable with using video and data in assessing players and producing reports. The intention is to see data become integrated in the process — for it to be a complement rather than a contradiction. Any potential signing goes through a data-based “check”. In most cases this summer, a consensus was found.

    Arteta and his coaching staff both filter and feed into the lists produced by the recruitment team. Both of Arteta’s assistants, Steve Round and Albert Stuivenberg, have a voice in these discussions. They also contribute to building up knowledge of the player, discreetly speaking to coaching staff from other clubs to determine information about their background and character. That was of particular importance to Arteta this summer: he was clear he wanted players with the right personality for his project.

    With the list of targets finalised, it falls to Arteta and Edu to decide upon what action to take. The case of Odegaard was one of absolute consensus — he had figured prominently on those initial lists from the winter of 2020, and his loan spell had convinced everyone of his quality and strength of character.

    Edu and Arteta make the final decision on transfer targets (Photo: by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images)
    The additions of Lokonga and Nuno Tavares, meanwhile, were heavily influenced by Edu’s scouting department — Arteta even went so far as to thank the recruitment team for pointing him in Tavares’ direction. It is, for the most part, a very collaborative process.

    However, the indications this summer are that Arteta has ultimately wielded the most influence. While White and Tomiyasu were both approved by all departments, it was Arteta’s testimony that convinced the hierarchy to proceed with the deals. In the case of Ramsdale, the coaching department had perhaps the greatest input, partly because goalkeepers are considered such a specialist area. When Sheffield United dug in with their demands, Edu and his team advocated for cheaper alternatives, including Barcelona’s Neto. In the end, Arteta’s conviction in Ramsdale is what won out, and the clubs met in the middle. If a collaborative process drew up the list of targets, it seems it was Arteta’s single-mindedness that drove through the deals he most wanted.

    With authority, comes responsibility. Arteta is aware that as manager he will be judged by the quality of his talent identification.

  41. Sly

    Good post Diss
    I don’t see KSE keeping arteta on much longer if he doesn’t deliver
    There are no emotions involved with keeping him on, they’ve invested heavily in him and this vision
    If he can’t deliver he’s out

  42. Zacharse

    Thanks diss

    I know its not a popular opinion but i thibk both ramsdale and white will be good for the club. They wont get us goals maybe but i like ramsdales attitude already.

  43. Zacharse

    Unless parteys leg gets broken or tears an acl were not relegation fodder. I do kinda wish wed moved for neves or someone like partey and maybe waited a year on ramsdale- didnt seem like anyone else was going in for him

  44. Dissenter

    Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny’s proposed move to Besiktas has broken down due to the 29-year-old Egypt midfielder’s wage demands. Elneny, who spent the 2019-20 season loan at Besiktas, also saw a switch to Galatasaray fall through for the same reasons. (talkSPORT)

  45. Guns of SF

    if mike wins the next 33 ill STFU….

    However, I do think that its gonna be a very tough season really.
    I dont see TP playing much this season. Perma crock again…

    We will need to get into the Jan window to get that CM that we should have bought this summer.

    Mo, Xhaka and Lokonga is not enough to last this season as CM

  46. Tony

    Morning all. Guns I did reply late to your post yesterday but you’d probably were asleep.

    Just read this below and I just don’t understand Arteta’s persistence playing ESR win the left. None of his makes sense to me, especially Saka hinted at taking a deeper role. Sounds very much like Arteta tinkering again because Ode played on the right for Norway.

    Will the Norwich game be another Villareal?

    “Smith Rowe would operate on the opposite side of Odegaard, with Pierre Emerick Aubameyang through the middle, giving both players the freedom to create in those central areas, instead of having one fixed no.10.

    But this would mean Saka, who is normally used as a left-winger, would have to drop back ever so slightly, almost as a full-back.

    Arteta has already hinted that this is a route he could go down as he experimented with a back-five formation versus Brentford in a closed-doors friendly during the international break that saw the Gunners secure a 4-0 victory.”

  47. Guns of SF

    Hahaha Tony yes how did you know…
    the question was if you were connected to any punk in the late 70s 80s in UK
    Id have to go back and look for you reply.
    Been enjoying some of the old stuff I grew up with lately.
    Ex . The Misfits.

  48. Guns of SF

    Mike will use a back 3 again in CB
    Saka will be the wing back, with KT the left sided CB
    Who will be the right wing back tho?
    or just go without one?

    Again mike tinkering is maddening

  49. Tony

    Solid post Diss.

    Good to have you around again Utarse.

    Raptora from yesterday

    I thought of you after I had completed and I thought Raps is going to complain, so I was happy you’d enjoyed the story.

    K’phobe from the last post
    Happy you enjoyed the memoir, probably keep them for internationals when there’s little or no action.

    Malta does have that undercurrent of always keeping an eye on your back. Dom Mintoff I learned when I got back was somewhat of a despot with many skeletons that were added to after I had left according to a professor friend. He summed Malta up that it was a country with so many influences, such as the Moors that it wasn’t sure of its identity.

    That made sense to me.

    Beautiful country with lovely people. in the main.

    Oddly enough, I was driving behind a private taxi in Bromley , Kent where I lived for a short while. When the taxi pulled over to let the fare out and I slowly overtook, it was my Malta artist from the memoir.

    It’s strange because I actually felt sorry for him because apart from anything else he had a truly great voice. Sadly with his light triggered anger he would always lose out. Too much of a trouble maker.

    When I moved to Holland after Malta and attended my first Midem in Cannes the music festival. Whilst I was looking round I came across many people I new and made a lot more useful connections. One was from the ex general manager of the record company from Malta.

    It was there That I first bought and sold my first foray into the extremely lucrative licensing music.

    Parts of that trip are still fuzzy as it was in the 80s. A long time and so many events to unravel. I wished I had dome this in my 50s or better still my 40s.

    It’ll come to me, it always does.

  50. Dissenter

    Imagine the goalkeeper that has to be behind that maddening tinkering

    Leno has detiororated so much under Arteta and it’s no wonder he’s trying to flee like Willian.
    If he got his way, he’ll probably head for the German alps without hai go,al keeping gloves.

  51. Tony

    China when I was watching my new edition of the Allman Bros Berry Oakly was playing a 6-string bass. 5-string basses are more and more popular but you doin’t see many 6-Stringed basses.

    When you looking into Joe Bonamassa I’d recommend: live at the Albert Hall DVD. By far his best with his band. If you like the blues rock you’ll love Joe and his work with Beth Heart was exceptional.

  52. Tony

    Just letting my mind reassess things Arsenal, which obviously doesn’t take long and I thought about Xhaka not getting the jab.

    If he were a single guy I’d just think him thick and reckless.

    However, he has a baby and wife. Maybe the wife was vaccinated but the baby wouldn’t have been. On any level that doesn’t make sense to me.

    Is Xhaka Damien grown up? By grown up I meant in body not brain.

  53. China1

    Awesome Tony sounds great

    Also yeah my brother had a 6 string fretless that he got for only £200 off Amazon from some unknown seller and it was horribly uncomfortable. It takes good technique at the best of times to play a 6 string but the profile of that neck was horrific. I’ve no idea how he actually managed to play that thing!

  54. Tony

    China K’phobe Alunia

    I mentioned this a year or so ago, but thought it worth repeating.

    Many moons when I did sales training before management training I used this movie as being inspirational and they’d get a copy to take home. At the end of one training course a guy came up to me and said he was going to show it to his teen kids.

    Not having children it had never occurred to me. I’ve watched it separately with my son and daughter who were both reduced to sobbing by the end. It had a marked affect on them grey’ve taken forward with them and both bring it up from time to time.

    You’ll have to wait for your son a bit, but you might find it useful team building in your new position. It’s right out of left field but really works because of the emotional attachment.

    I’ve used it in all sorts of business departments.

    See for yourself guys.

  55. China1

    Dissenter Leno is likely to leave for free as well

    The frequency with which we lose players on a free or almost free is absolutely staggering

    The other day I compiled a list of so many players who left for free/likely to leave for free in the coming 18 months/we actually PAID to leave and we had almost a whole team and bench. Covered most positions quite evenly as well! It’s like an actual strategy lol

  56. Gonsterous

    Signing conte makes a lot of sense. In a way, it will unite the fan base because everyone agrees he is a top top manager
    Left field signings are confusing as fk.
    Happening with emery, where half the fans didn’t want him and the other half wanted him
    Should have gotten allegri then

    Next came mikel, another left field signing that divided the fan base, with some thinking he’s the next pep and others having reservations over his talents

    Maybe we can finally get a manager, the whole fan base agrees is top notch.

    Also, would be nice to have a new owner now.
    Time to go for the big fish pedro, let’s start the Kroenke out movement now!!

  57. Bertie Mee

    Ben White has not just played one game. He played a full premiership season for Brighton and nobody thought he was a great player there.

    On the contrary I know several Leeds and Brighton supporters who think he is a superb defender . Southgate took him into the England squad because he impressed so much in training.
    I’m saying give these players a proper chance before you condemn them and above all don’t adopt the Le Grove habit of wanting players to fail as its part of the narrative that criticises the club.

  58. Terraloon


    And what about the brentford player in front of Leno standing in an offside position when it was headed in.

    Pierrre , Pierre , Pierre

    You really need to re read and try to understand both the laws and indeed the FIFA instructions as to how they should be interpreted

    You cannot be in an off side offside position from a throw in

    You become so once the ball is touched by a player from your team.

    So in the lead up to that goal offside could not be a consideration even though the Brentford player stood in Leon’s line of vision.

    The ball glanced an Arsenal players head and White played an air shot and it was headed in.

    The grappling of Leno and the Brentford player could have been a consideration but there clearly was a view that both players were at it but offside was never relevant for that goal

  59. The Bard

    Gonsterous totally agree. The club are in a mess and it starts at the top. Josh isn’t up to the job and the money needed to stop the rot is way beyond what the Kroenkes are willing to put in. All this moaning about Emi or Saliba misses the point. We need new owners and a top manager. Conte has a price. We need to pay it now. Waiting 10 games or 3 months won’t change anything. Arteta doesn’t have what’s needed.

  60. Waz

    I think you’ll find better players under a questionable manager don’t always translate into better replays. Unless there was a 25 man conspiracy against Arteta to play the second lowest football last year in build up. I doubt it

  61. Terraloon


    On the contrary I know several Leeds and Brighton supporters who think he is a superb defender . Southgate took him into the England squad because he impressed so much in training.

    I know half a dozen Leeds supporters who thought he did brilliantly in the Championship however a couple of those thought Leeds were mad to offer £25 million for him and another couple were far from unsure about his ability to take that next step.

    I only know one Brighton supporter and he was adamant that Whites poor defensive discipline particularly a set pieces was a major issue and he therefore placed White as Brighton’s third best CD.

    White got into the larger English squad because Tomori had quarantine issues and eventually got into the Euros squad because Alexander Arnold got injured.

    Ramsdales inclusion likewise was due to injury neither got close to this squad

    Realistically White is behind Maguire, Stones, Mings and Cody in every squad the acid test will be if one of those is injured because I would hazard a guess that he will be competing against the likes of Dier and Tomori

    White can’t be exposed in a 442 playing CD so even at Arsenal that suggests if he plays in CD it will always be a 3 or he moves wide or even more advanced.

    Norwich will be more of an interest but they are the type of team that should be swatted aside so I am not putting too much on that game unless of course the game doesn’t deliver 3 points.

  62. Valentin

    Bertie Mee,

    Same comment than Terraloon.
    The Leeds supporters that I know all wanted a pure tall defender rather than another ball player who is exposed in aerial battle. They both told me that they don’t understand how Bielsa can miss that point when in effect the reason why even during his dry spell Patrick Bamford was preferred to Eddie was because of his physicality. So clearly Bielsa see the benefit of having a tall, physical striker who will defend from the front and put himself about, but can’t bring himself to also want those qualities in a defender.

    My kiwi-brighton friend never rated Ben White. For him, defensively he was a liability and he could not see what he uniquely brought with his passing than any other half decent defender could not bring. It look like Graham Potter agreed with him, because Ben White was not replaced and BHA is not suffering.

    He may have impressed with his attitude and passing ability in training, yet Gareth Sougate did not use him. Tyrone Ming has less passing ability yet he got his chance in the first game.

    Regarding Ramsdale and his call-up to the national team, it says more about the paucity of quality England goalkeepers than his quality. Do you think that any of Pickford and companies would be selected if David Seaman or even David James were still playing?

  63. Pierre


    Who headed the ball in the net….a Brentford player
    Who was standing in front of Leno in an offside position in the centre of the goal when the ball was headed in …..a different Brentford player .

    The goal was allowed

    So do me a favour , don’t come out with the bullshit about not knowing the rules.

    With the Norwich goal that was disallowed v leicester

    Who headed the ball in the CORNER of the net …a Norwich player
    Who was standing directly in front of the Leicester an offside position the CENTRE of the goal …a different Norwich player

    The goal was disallowed.

    On both occasions , when the ball was headed into the goal, the attacking player was obstructing the keeper’s view from an OFFSIDE position and was obstructing the keeper’s movement from an OFFSIDE position

    One was allowed and one was disallowed = no consistency in decisions

    Same as xhaka red card and Pogba no red card = lack of consistency

  64. Mee

    White is a 4.5 in many areas and a 6.5 in one. Too many Arsenal fans in denial over this fact. If he was so good on the ball, he would be a CDM, if he was fast, he would be a RB and if he was dominant he would be a CB. Another nothing player who will play in occasional spells at the expense of results.

  65. Dissenter

    Thanks for your candor regarding how Ramsdale and Ben White made it to the England squad.
    Ramsdale was the bottom of a very superficial pool of 6 premier league English goalies, all were injured except for Pickford, Johnston and Ramsdale. Ramsdale was the last invited to provide coverage,
    Ben White was the most midgety and least experienced of Brighton’s central defenders. They didn’t even but to replace him.

  66. Dissenter

    We stacked up on players who aren’t exceptional in their positions
    We brought a shoddy and average goalie because… he can distribute the ball
    We bought a pocket midget central defender because …. he can progressively advance the ball
    We bought a RB who’s not exactly a specialist

    Jack of all trades, master of none may just be a euphemism for relative mediocrity.

  67. Sid

    You only need 90 mins to know a players general characteristics like spatial awareness, work ethic, leadership, risk assesment etc.
    Thats why scouts dont need a full season to make a decision on players.

    Whites spatial awareness is awful
    He is good on the ball is not debatable, question is, quality of the midfielders he is passing the ball to.

  68. Dissenter

    I’ve also read some people asking for Ramsdale to be brought in for Leno
    As annoying as a demotivated Leno can be, he’s still vastly superior goal keeper than Ramsdale.
    Being enthusiastic and eager doesn’t make anyone better at their jobs, neither is coming across as a great banter bloke.
    You only have to look at the carcasses of Ramsdale career.
    Doesn’t it bother the Ramsdale fans, that we are asking him to step into another relegation challenged team. I guess 4th time lucky is such a thing.

  69. Mee

    If Conte comes in (how I pray), he won’t want anything to do with White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Pepe etc. Close to 180million spent over the last few years. I think he will get a tune out of Saka, Auba, AMN, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Laca and maybe even Leno who has deteriorated alarmingly in the past two years. He might take one look at Mari in training and ask for Saliba. Missing out on the likes of Pep, Klopp because of Wenger won’t hurt a tenth as much as missing out on Conte because of Mikel. He is not a good coach and will never be one. He is too good at donating points to opposing teams.

    Mikel’s tactics are not beating Norwich. They are no mugs and this will be their easiest game of the season so far. I have been seeing patterns in Mikel’s mediocrity and I think we might see the return of the false nine

  70. Mee

    I can’t believe Aaron Ramsdale is an Arsenal player. Ditto White, Mari and Soares. I view it as a form of desecration for such low quality players to use the same facilities as the likes of TH14, DB10, PV4 among others. It is disgraceful to the history of the club.

  71. Valentin


    The argument that Ben WHITE can play as CM is a fallacy. In a back 3, he can step in that central position and operate from there, but he can’t play CM.

    I have checked his stats.
    For Brighton he played 4~5 times there. In one he was viewed as the worst BHA player on the pitch. In two he was viewed as the worst midfielder out of 5/4. In the last one there was a worst midfielder who was substituted at half time and it was later revealed that he had been sick. There was also a game where he switched position midway through.

    He is decent on the ball and as CB part of a Back 3 he can step into the midfield and makes passes, but clearly not to the level a proper CM would. Brighton have Bissouma in midfield, bar injuries and suspension they have no reason to play Ben White as CM.

    The problem is that our CM Xhaka is clearly below the level of Brighton. Bissouma v Xhaka is not even a contest!

  72. Dissenter

    Yea, Brighton played a fast one on Arsenal
    They must have had hernias from suppressed laughter when they let it known that Chelsea and city were interested in their least physical central defender. Leo and behold, like the classical dupes…we came up with more money. They missed him so much that they didn’t even have to buy to replace him
    It turns out it was Mikel driving these stupid deals and the club is set up to just give him what he wants. In the spirit of a committee, he goes get most of what he wants.

    The Xhaka thing too, it was Mikel who became Xhaka-sick and was looking for every excuse to poison the exit.

    Edu’s interview, as horrible as it came across was really one but falling on his sword for the team of pretenders.

  73. CG


    “””””If Conte comes in (how I pray), he won’t want anything to do with White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Pepe “””””

    Too right. A. Conte dont do projects, processes or patience – he sets out strategies to win league titles from the getgo.

    Failing that, he will get the club back in the top 4 every season( like A. Wenger)

    I am hoping to see plenty’ CONTE IN’ & ‘CUN *TS’ OUT’ posters and placards on my bank of televison screens this Saturday against The Canaries.

    We need this man, urgently.

  74. China1

    Well Val when your CM is desperately average and lacking in dynamism, rather than fix the midfield we all know the solution lies in having defenders who can ball instead right?

    It’s actually a really interesting and bizarre arrangement when a club thinks being a baller and beating the press is so important that it would pay 50m for a CB who can, but when asked about getting ballers in midfield for much the same purpose? *Crickets*…

    If playing out from the back is so integral to our style (it is) why is no one at the club thinking about what/who we will be playing out TO?

    This approach makes as much sense as a sprinter spending all their time and energy practicing their starts to shave an extra 0.1 seconds off their 100m time before they’ve actually learnt how to sprint fast. We’ve gone from 10.8 seconds to 10.7 and have never stopped to think focusing on the start alone isn’t going to bring this under 10 seconds…

  75. Bolo

    “Missing out on the likes of Pep, Klopp because of Wenger won’t hurt a tenth as much as missing out on Conte because of Mikel.”


    It’s extremely frustrating and if we lose Conte I think it will push me over the edge lol. It’s not only frustrating seeing an available top level coach while we stick with a egomaniac that’s learning on the job. The fucking novice is falling out with our talented youth. Never managed a game of football but he’s telling Willian we will win the champions league in 3 years. Wtf?

  76. Valentin


    I don’t understand that need to fix the defense before the midfield.
    Liverpool showed that you can reach top 4 and Champion’s League final with crappy defenders and inconsistent goalkeeper, as long as you have a good midfield base.

    Our main problem was and is still the midfield and the formation that keep them outnumbered against most of our opponents. Once that fixed, then we can touch the defense.

    Do that the other way around and even VVD, Chiellini or a peak Sol Campbell would struggle. In 1998, the Arsenal English defenders demanded more protection from Petit and Vieira, and Arsenal won the double. And that was at a time where everybody played 4-4-2 or two CM.

    Now everybody plays with 3 CM and we only have perma crock Partey and XHaka. IF Bouldy and Adams had had Xhaka to protect them, instead of winning the double they would have been relegated.

  77. Terraloon


    If you are going to comment about why decisions have been called incorrectly then you really need to at least try to understand what the laws say.

    Go back to the very basics in that you can not be offside from a throw in

    You are incredibly vocal about how bad Arsenal are treated so look agai at the goal and as you will see the first touch from a Brighton player was the defender who scored the goal and then he was past the player that was jostling with Leno

    The player blocking Leno only becomes active when the header is made but isn’t deemed to be interfering as he isn’t in the line of vision of Leno and the scorer and i would question if he was in an offside position at any time

    Look at 3-30 in of Brentford’s highlights

  78. China1

    Val I just think there’s far too much hipster BS and people over complicating football. It’s not rocket science even tho people increasingly act like it is

    Players must primarily be excellent at their core job role. Everything else you bring to the table is added luxury/elite premium

    Keepers must be able to catch, punch, dominate the area, organize and calm their defense. If you can do that excellently, being good on the ball is the lovely cherry on the cake. Case in point David seaman who was hardly mesut ozil with his footwork.

    Defenders must be able to tackle, read the game, dominate CFs, control the air, know when to pass and when to hoof and have reactions. Case in point, sok Campbell. Being able to drop a shoulder or ping 70 yard passes is a beautiful luxury.

    The midfield as an overall unit has to be able to read the game, defend, transition, control, create and attack. If you can dominate most of those aspects you’re quality.

    Attackers need to create, score and often link up.

    If your team can do those things above you will be overall absolutely fine provided you’re not trying to do some hipster BS tactics and over complicate things. Unless ofc you have absolutely elite players who you can get even more out of in which case fine

    The problem is at arsenal is we decided to start from the premise of hipster BS and have a 10 year strategy to spend £300000000000000 until we can actually do it

  79. Samesong

    I’ve also read some people asking for Ramsdale to be brought in for Leno

    Yes I have said this. Regardless of what he is. Leno needs a kick up the backside and needs to know that he can dropped also.

    I hope Ramsdale comes in and has a worldie. Hopefully Leno will fix up his attitude and learn from someone else in his position.

  80. Mee

    Wenger for all his poor recruitment made astute signings as well. Arteta’s list of signings makes the shit list almost 100%. Which other manager can allow the likes of Ramsdale and Mari to train in Arsenal colors under his watch? These are the types that our strikers should be scoring against at least five times on a wasteful day. Smh.

  81. Dissenter

    Leno’s problem is a goal keeping coach situation. A goalie is in,y as good as
    He wanted to train with Woodward m the club goal keeping coach because Arteta;s GK is shite. Arteta overruled him and got rid of Woodward.

    You really think the thrice relegated Ramsdale is the guy. We’ll have to wait and see.

  82. Dissenter

    *A goalie is only as good as his coach

    Who can forget Petr Ceck and his coach, Christophe Lollichon
    Chelsea initially resisted allowing Cech to bring in own coach. They relented and the guy is still there till now.

    The fact that Arteta stuck with Inaki speaks volumes about the Spanish connection at Arsena.

  83. Nigel Tufnel

    As I read your long comment about Ramsdale and White, the one thing that comes across is that you have one purpose, and that is to minimize anything positive about our players. You’ll find the only the people who criticize our guys, and ignore the people who might rate them. Let’s be honest, there are plenty who do.

    England finally, finally has a strong squad, (no Walcott’s, Chamberlains, Townsends) except for rubbish midfield, and to be either in our around it is a great thing for any player. To not be a starter, or to get in because of one injury, is not the same that you want to portray. You’re just another hater.

    If your kid comes in second or third in his class, I imagine how you’ll put him down as a loser and worthless and overrated. Not worth all the tuition and upbringing expense you spent on him/her.

    Guns ….
    in a critical comment that I largely agreed with, just had to go over the top, and say Ben White had been horrible for us, I think that was the word used. Imagine anyone playing a few minutes for a a new club, and being judged like that.

    I hope you get judged the same way in your life.

  84. Habesha Gooner

    I see we are playing hard ball over Elneny. We fucked up the chance to make some money on Nketiah and we are doing it again for Elneny. And both of them are in their last year. Just play AMN in midfield to backup Partey, Lokonga and Xhaka. And if all of them are injured or unable to play, we can stick one of chambers or White as DMs. They wouldn’t offer something worse than Elneny. And there is also Charlie Patino who can fill in for league cup games if it is absolutely necessary. 10 mil for Nketiah in his last year was decent money. Now we will lose him for free. And it will happen again with Elneny.

  85. Samesong


    Ramsdale is an Arsenal player bow whether you like it or not. He is competition for Leno. Leno all last season had no competition. I’m not even going to argue about GK coaches. You still have a job to do between the sticks.

    Leno needs dropping to get his mojo back. Nothing like healthy competition in the team.

  86. Dissenter

    I think Leno needed to be moved out ASAP, the moment he indicated he wasn’t 100%
    We’ll see if Ramsdale is the man

  87. Dissenter

    “I see we are playing hard ball over Elneny.”

    We aren’t playing hardball
    Elneny’s move fell apart because of his wage demands…and now he’s got muscle injuries
    Seems the player wants to leave on a free transfer like the rest of them.

  88. Tom

    “The player blocking Leno only becomes active when the header is made but isn’t deemed to be interfering as he isn’t in the line of vision of Leno and the scorer and i would question if he was in an offside position at any time”

    Once the ball is allowed to bounce Mari becomes the player who keeps everyone on side.
    Not that it matters since like you said refs didn’t think Leno’s line of vision was blocked when the header went in.

    I think we all know where Pierre stands on every Arsenal related ref decision but who
    I want to hear from is that fella who kept posting stats and opinions at White’s signing how aerial prowess is no longer needed on defense because this isn’t your grandpa’s football anymore.

  89. Chris

    I also said the same thing about Ramsdale starting.

    Leno’s form has become worse as time has gone on. We are also unsure about his commitment, long term.

    Ramsdale is our player, whether we like it or not. He is definitely motivated and keen to impress. The way I see it, he needs to be playing games so we can establish whether we have a player worth persevering with. If it works out and he plays great, we have our number one keeper set for a good few years. If it doesn’t, perhaps Leno can come back into the team with a point to prove.

  90. Dissenter

    Ronaldo is the consummate professional
    He shows up for his first day at United and is photographed talking to Ole with his two hands behind his back in subservience.

    United youngsters are going to improve vastly over the next year training day in and out with Ronaldo. His mentality will get hem back to co0peting for titles.

  91. Gonsterous


    Don’t underestimate the amount of things youngsters at arsenal will learn from xhaka. They will know all the tactics of how to get into The good books of any manager and how to act like a hard man.

  92. Tom

    Nigel Tufnel, wasn’t the whole premise of paying over the odds for White that he would hit the ground running?

    His piece of defending on 30 minutes was truly shocking by anyone’s standards, and for their second goal he was just a spectator.

    Sold by Pedro as the Rolls-Royce defender he looked more like a Ford Pinto in his first Arsenal game.

  93. Ishola70

    The whole premise regarding White is all wrong anyway.

    He is apparently like for like for David Luiz and we all know how that turned out overall.

    Get in a good midfield and a defensively dodgy defender who is good on the ball won’t be so exposed.

    As for Leno keep kidding yourselves that he was a top keeper all his time at Arsenal. He was a good shot stopper not a good all round keeper and that has been the case since he walked in the door at Arsenal.

  94. CG


    ”””United youngsters are going to improve vastly over the next year training day in and out with Ronaldo. His mentality will get hem back to co0peting for titles.””””


    Arsenal signed Ramsdale from Sheffield , (despite the fact we have the German no.2 goalkeeper on our books) for more money.

    Man Utd get Ronaldo: Arsenal get Ramsdale. Sort of sums up the current shambles( and vision) at the club.

    Ronny , x 3 times Balon D’or holder
    Ramsdale x 3 times the Relegator

    Man United tickets SOLD OUT! Arsenal tickets AVAILABLE!

  95. Dissenter

    “Get in a good midfield and a defensively dodgy defender who is good on the ball won’t be so exposed.”

    Exactly, an athletic tackling ball winner like Bissouma in front of Ben White at Brighton made the youngster look better than he truly is. Lets see how he gets along with passing to Xhaka.

  96. Bob N16

    Judging a player on one match is ridiculous, particularly in a make shift defence. It’s astounding how people seem to keen to right off an Arsenal player so readily. Calling White a ‘midget’ at 6 ft pretty much sumsup the criticism.

    I know I’ll be cheering him on this Saturday – some of you keyboard ‘supporters’ need to take a step back from this incessant criticism and try and get some much needed perspective.

    Nobody can be happy with where we are at but we might just have the makings of a decent team; TT, White, Gabriel, Lokonga, Partey starting on Saturday with KT, ESR, Saka and PEA is potentially an excellent team. It’s going to take a little while for the team to fully gel but I’m up for the ride. If Arteta gets replaced, good.

  97. Ishola70

    I’m not even making a judgement on White.

    Just saying if he was a bit dodgy defensively then a better midfield could help matters. Not all the time but on occasions.

    As for Ramsdale if he has a bit of game and some cajones we are on our way to having a better keeper in the long run than the current No.1.

  98. Bertie Mee

    You are right it is ridiculous but this site is full of negative know all’s who have insights denied to the rest of us, Arsenal has accumulated a hugely negative fanbase and so unpleasant do I find going to the ground now I’m lending my ticket to friends.Thats nothing to do with the football it’s due to the toxicity of the fanbase amply illustrated here.

  99. Habesha Gooner

    Here is a link.

    Chris Wheatley
    Replying to
    No agreement as far as I know. Gala contacted Arsenal about the player but the club declined.

    It is not just wage demands. They could find an agreement if they wanted to. They just think they could squeeze out more from Galatasaray.

  100. Sid

    Diet Pep fanboys list of excuses:
    give the blagger time to make his own
    Give the blagger time to have a pre season,
    give the blagger 10 more games,
    give the blaggers signings more games before passing judging them

  101. CG


    Its was not the supporters that sent Arsenal to the foot of the league table and out of Europe for the first time for a quarter of a century.

    they never bought William, Cedric, Mary, Runaarsson ,White, Ramsdale etc either.
    nor did they sell Martinez
    nor did they fail to score against Villarreal

    you should be taking your ‘A&E Out’ and ‘Conte In’ placard Saturday and start BLAMING the real culprits and villains to the shambles that is Arsenal FC.

    KSE/A&E/ and Vinny the Wally.

  102. CG


    ””’give the blagger time to make his own
    Give the blagger time to have a pre season,
    give the blagger 10 more games,
    give the blaggers signings more games before passing judging them”””’

    and don’t forget ‘the week in between the matches, to assist with the coaching’

    Well the Basque Blagger has had x3 weeks in x3 games , lost the bloody lot and failed to score a goal.

  103. Terraloon


    100% with your comments re the offside

    Pierre like many on Untold just don’t know the current version of the laws nor can they see anything other than Arsenal tinted glasses and that goes for pundits and ex players that see a bad tackle and disagree with the yellow or a red because in their words “ he didn’t mean it” .In the day they may have had a point but currently intent isn’t one of things a ref has to factor in when making a call

    I once read that just about every PL clubs supporters believes the press, the PGMOL has a bias against their club.indeed dig a little deeper and on most fans sites you will find a thread dealing with what they perceive as bias against their club

    Supporters will produce example after example where they think you are hard done by indeed I can’t even remember the number of times at a game when I genuinely believed the ref got a call wrong but when you see the incident replayed on TV you realise, if you are honest, that on balance it was probably the right call.

    I try to be objective and to even start to be so I have always kep up to date with the laws and the way in which FIFA tells us how those laws should be interpreted the classic for me is when someone sees a player booked for a tackle and points out that so and so on the opposition wasn’t booked for the same sort of offence yet ignores the fact that the incident was the 4th or 5th foul made by the booked player or the position of the two incidents were not the same and by that the booking incident was stopping a promising attack and the other was the player just running into a set defence .

  104. Dissenter

    Bob N16 will enjoy the Kieran Tierney-Inshallah tactics that Arteta will deploy against Norwich
    I’m sure he will be entertained.

  105. DivineSherlock

    Problem isnt Ben White , the problem again is that he is being set up to fail . No defense in the world can carry a shit midfield , its why Newcastle with Steve Bruce play 5 at the back ! A simple through pass can slice open our midfield . You want ball playing CBs , what about Ball playing CMs ? All we have to do is play a Coquelin alongside a Cazorla ! How difficult is that to implement .

  106. Kris

    Ronaldo will not improve United.
    Yes, he will score a lot of goals. But the team as a whole? No, no more than before. For one thing most of Penandes’s goals will dry up, and the goals of other forwards will likely be reduced. And secondly, they will probably concede a little more because Ronaldo doesn’t do defensive contributions.

    But it’s still a decent signing because the club will profit financially.


    Juventus before Ronaldo:
    2016-17: pts 91, goal diff.: 77:27, Champ. league: Final
    2017-18: 95, 86:24, QF – out to eventual winners Real

    Juventus with Ronaldo:
    18-19: pts 90, gd 70:30, Champ.l.: QF, out to Ajax
    19-20: 83, 76:43, R16 out to Lyon
    20-21: 78, 77:38, R16 out to Porto

    Other factors etc as always, but a 36-year-old Ronaldo does not improve an EPL team already in the top 4. And no youngsters seems to have progressed due to his influence anywhere that he’s played.

  107. Vintage Gun

    “Lets bury our heads in the sand for the sake of positivity, feelings are more important than facts.”

    Yep. And the irony is most of those preaching patience and process are the same folk that ran Emery out of the club (rightly so) after 18 months.

    I just think some folk just like the look of Arteta in a physical way. The rest of us couldn’t care less if our manager looked like Roy Hodgson if we were at least competing.

    I can see a lot of stealth bans and deleted comments this season if things don’t pick up soon. .

  108. Tom

    Spot on with the bias in real time but not upon a reflection thing.
    Example: Fernandez gets fouled by Stevens in the build up to the Southampton goal, but my immediate reaction was get up you soft Manc cunt! Good none call ref.
    But when the dust settles and you look at replays, I would want that foul given 10 times out of 10 if I’m Fernandez.

  109. Terraloon

    One thing that really will need to be factored into Saturdays team is just how close to being in the red zone some of the international players who will only have returned to training on Thursday or Friday

  110. Terraloon


    Of course there will be incidents like that and even now based on the changed approach I am not sure it was a foul. Ironically OGS commented on it the other day and whilst not 100% abandoning his comment post match he did accept that viewpoints on such decisions were perhaps not 100% in line with this initial

    Anyways it was against Man U so couldn’t have been a foul !

  111. Dissenter

    Another thing to look for is how many of the new players are thrown in,
    A good manager won’t start any new player this weakened, Odegaard is already settled and Sambi plays by default.
    The likes of Tomiyasu should be eased in. To many new players and we may look like a swinging party on the field