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Juuuuust a quick one today because I’m back in London doing London things.

Edu put down the grill for 5 minutes to talk to the media about our summer. It was pretty much the same things that Vinai had mentioned.

“I think we have to see the wider context than just the money around it,” 

“We signed six players who are under 23, which means a lot in terms of our planning.

“We started planning this squad a year ago in terms of consolidating the team and trying to get a better foundation. We have to balance the squad better.”

Pretty obvious. We have spent 5 years watching Arsenal spend money on ‘ready-made’ and it’s been a disaster. This summer, we upgraded in every position, but even if we had signed more experienced players, it would have taken time.

“It is hard. I am not asking for patience because it is the word that everybody hates to listen to.

“I am just trying to explain the strategy behind it because when people see just one window, of course they see it like this. I respect that. But you have to see what we started to do since we’ve been together. We’ve tried to clean the squad.

“As I said, it is 21 exits. It’s a lot, almost a revolution. But how are you going to fill those 21 holes? You need time. You cannot come in and do it straight away.

Edu landed a lot of criticism for this comment, but to be fair, he’s right. You can’t make as many changes as we’ve made and expect everyone to hit the ground running. It’s also clear that we went very, very hard at lowering the age profile of the squad.

It’ll take until December at least before we start kicking up a gear. But I’m pretty sure if we’re within spitting distance by then, we’ll reap rewards in the back half of the season because our players will be fresher and fitter than everyone else.

What cannot continue until that moment is the type of nutcase decision making we’ve seen with personnel.

After the break, we’ll see the actual starting 11 for the season for the first time, in a game they should win.

We need to see more aggressive pressing.

We need to see the consistent execution of a game plan.

We need to see a firm reaction to what has gone before.

… but I don’t have any doubts this will happen. We have found rock bottom. Better players mean better results.

Ok, listen to the pod, I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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  1. Dat guy Pepe

    No more excuses after the break. And I’m not waiting till December to see what kind of football we want to play. We should know that after 3 games

  2. China1

    Pedro do me a favour! Take until December to kick on? For what reason?

    Ramsdale is a backup keeper. How much adapting do keepers even need to do…?

    Tavares is a bench warmer

    Lokonga is a bench warmer according to edu himself as he said partey and xhaka are the go to

    Odegaard was here for 6 months already. What is he adapting to???

    White we paid 50m which is an absolute premium – one of the most expensive defenders ever and he was bought from within the PL. if it takes him several months to adapt to being an arsenal CB then what on earth were we paying 50m for? Gabriel started last season brilliantly for half the price, didn’t he? MOTM and a goal in his debut…

    So again it’s 150 odd million and I’m really really struggling to see why our starting 11 will need a long time to click. White is the only addition to our starting 11 and he’s a 50m player so….

  3. China1

    Pedro have some self respect man it’s 3 games into the season and you’ve already decided it’s going to be the post Christmas table all over again.

    For the second season in a row

    Because we replaced David luiz… a player who didn’t even start half the time for us last season anyway.

    You couldn’t make it up

  4. China1

    We’ve quite literally replaced Runarsson – our worst ever keeper playing behind a desperately out of form Leno

    Ceballos a player who had a shocking season off the bench last year

    Cedric as a backup LB – a player you’ve been saying is shite anyway

    David ‘penalty and a red card’ luiz who wasn’t even on the pitch during our best run of form defensively

    And Ode replaces himself?

    And we need 5 months ‘at least’ to see the squad click? You cannot possibly have written that with a straight face.

  5. China1

    Meanwhile saka esr Tierney partey Gabriel martinelli Pepe and mari are all one year older and more bedded into the team than this time last year…

  6. Guns of Hackney

    Lolz. Patience. When and how many times have we heard teams that have flunked say that shit?

    I get lowering the age profile. I completely understand, however, and it’s a massive however…we have two of the most impotent forwards in the league who are the wrong side of 30 on around £500,000 pw.

    We have conceded 9 goals with no goals. Fail. Our £30m keeper has been relegated with every team he’s been in. Our £50m defender looks fucking terrible.

    The reason why nobody’s happy is because Edu is isolating this year. This year. Like a fucking moron. We have been leagueless for 17 years. Europeless for six. Finishing at least 30 points off the top for three seasons. Finishing out of top four for four.

    Edu is a twat. The team is shit. Period.

  7. Dat guy Pepe

    Win or lose, all we want to see is a plan that makes sense. We can buy all the best U23 in the world, but without a plan, it’s futile. I don’t think you need 15 odd games to show us what you’re trying to do. Fans can only be patient with decisions (buying youth) and football that makes sense

  8. China1

    At least wenger used to actually WIN the ‘calendar year table’ and other such silly bants trophies. And calendar year is twice as long as the post Christmas tree table!!!

  9. Nelson

    “Pedro do me a favour! Take until December to kick on? For what reason?”

    I thought it would take longer. According to Arteta, Saliba needs two years to kick on…

  10. Doogie

    People talk about game plans, tactics and style of play. Can anyone seriously say they know what any of those are under the Basque Blagger and Edu? BB is supposed to be a good coach, he’s actually a bum who couldn’t implement a footballing vision to an U’11s team. It’s a sad state of affairs when the best manager at the club is Jonas Eidevall. To be fair I would take him over the bell end we currently have. What’s the point in buying youngsters for the future when the here and now is so bloody awful. We needed a blend of youngsters with ready made experienced pros. How anyone signed off on allowing them to spend so much money without greatly improving the team makes my mind boggle. If it was the spuds doing this, whatever this is, I would be wetting myself laughing at the state of the situation.

  11. Kroenkephobe

    In other words, jam tomorrow.

    In London doing London things… Intriguing. Donning a pearly king outfit? Eating jellied eels? Doing the Lambeth walk? Applying for a job with Mark Gonnella?

  12. The Bard

    It’s wishful thinking to believe he has till Xmas to turn around our fortunes. The fan base won’t tolerate it. Patience is in short supply these days. I’m hoping Conte rumours are true

  13. redbro14

    GX return has been a disaster. Just when you thought Edu and Mikel have learned their lesson. We should have signed up Bissouma. I think that is fans would have appreciate a move like this. Granit will cost us as he always does. Needs to go!

  14. Negative Nigel

    What’s with all these paddy football sites quoting that prick Roy Keane as if he’s some football wit.They cater for fans of the dippers & manure & aim cheap shots at Arsenal wheneve4 they get half a chance.Yet the wankers won’t let you reply.There’s a hardcore of four or so.Joe .ie.amongst them.If you get half a chance let their editors know their a bunch of c**ts.

  15. Pierre

    Negative Nigel
    I don’t think you get it , paddy power is just an extension of Le Grove in the way they belittle the club.

    You’ll probably find that 90% on here actually are in favour of the way Paddy Power are condescending toward Arsenal football club , so you won’t get much support for your views on here I’m afraid.

  16. redbro14

    Pierre….I don’t think anybody here is intent of ‘belittling’ the club. The club has only itself to blame for the mismanagement that has gone far too long, and is getting worse (until it gets better?), so of course all these cockroaches will come out of the woodwork and add to the misery. Until we get our house in order we will continue to be the butt of all manner of jokes.

  17. Dave from Thurrock


    What then, time to roll out the ‘judge me in May’ comment again?

    No leadership on the pitch, piss poor leadership off it.

  18. Negative Nigel

    Pierre & redbro14- see both sides of the coin in what you say.But very irritating that just about every Irish football website acts in the same sneaky manner.More annoying that news now stick their content on news now Arsenal feeds.Gagging for hits I guess.
    With regards to belittling our club.Tell u what I don’t want to see after Saturdays result,should Arsenal win handsomely ( & that is certainly no given)that we’re nothing but “ flat track bullies”.The old chestnut being dragged out by the resident miserable b’stards who can’t enjoy a win.

  19. cheffy

    Nope. Just nope. We can’t be peddling more time again after last season and the apparent “hope” that was showing after Christmas to some. We’ve spent 1.5 seasons and more than 200m on his education. Man management is as bad as I feared and has had a negative impact on personnel as well as value for some. We managed to do it, we hired someone worse than Wenger to replace him, then hired someone worse than Emery to replace him.

  20. Globalgunner

    “Belittling the club” says Pierre. We are the bottom of the fking table. You cant get belittled more than your actual status.

    just rename yourself Positive Pierre and you can own the whole Untold franchise over here

  21. Chris

    Patience? Sorry but it’s not good enough. This club has been run into the ground over the past few years. And still it is ‘jam tomorrow’. We are a huge football club with massive global appeal and have spent the most money out of anyone in the country, whilst charging the highest ticket prices in the country.

    Talk of December is being far too generous. We need to see rapid improvement between the Norwich and Brighton games, with results and style of play and no more universe brain decisions. If not the club needs to pull the trigger on Arteta at the very least.

  22. Valentin

    Nobody is against lowering the age of the squad. What people are against is using the age as an excuse to buy overpriced below expected quality players or keep players who have already shown they are not up it.

    The signed players expected to be in the starting 11 by the end of the season are:

    + Ramsdale aka the Relegator. 3 relegation in 4 years!
    titsMcGee posted in the previous thread a video of what a former goalkeeper thought of Ramsdale. Unless he suddenly transform himself into the reincarnation of Manuel Neuer, Arsenal have massively overpaid for him. So the best we can hope is to go from a great shotstopper but mediocre overall keeper but to mediocre overall keeper!

    + Ben White. Unless he suddenly grow 3 inches in statures or develop a fondness for aerial battle, he will be a weak link in the defense that the opposition will try to exploit. If we keep a back 4, likely to be relegated to the bench in favour of Holding who everybody agree is not good enough.

    + Takehiro Tomiyasu. New RB
    Another Calum Chambers or so called hybrid RB, RCB.
    Was so poor attacking wise as a RB, that his Italian team puts him at CB. The purchase makes sense only if Arteta has decided to keep a back 4, but switch to a back 3 when in possession. At least defensively he could not be worse than Cedric.

    + Ødegaard
    Real Madrid paid for Camavinga less than than what Arsenal paid for Ødegaard. So any talk of getting a good deal for him can be crushed right away with that statement. Looks exactly like Ceballos looked like season during his end of the previous season purple patch. You know the one during the last 5 games of the season where Arsenal easily defeated mostly teams that were already in holidays because they had nothing to play for. Very one footed Nice tidy player who lacks athleticism and quickness of passes.

    + Xhaka.
    I have kept the best for the end. Everybody already knows what he bring and what he does not bring to the table.

    So we spend more than £150 millions to not improve the first eleven. Shocking transfer window.

  23. Up 4 grabs now


    Arteta and edu don’t have till December.
    God forbid we don’t win against Norwich on Saturday the crowd will be booing all the way down the Holloway road.

    If we lose, and the spuds beat palace we’re 12 points behind.
    That another tipping point for some people.

    Edu says we’ve been planning this squad for a year.

    Then why wasn’t Lacazette and leno sold or tied down to a new deal a year ago.
    Instead they’ll be walking on a free in 11 months.
    Guendouzi and mavropos being sold for pennies next year as well.
    Xhaka being given a new contract is a sacking offense in itself.

    The handling of salba, Amn, guendouzi, reeks of piss poor man management.
    It’s just shoddy all across the club.

  24. Up 4 grabs now

    Pedro liking the podcast by the way.

    You do seem rather more down on arteta on that, than the slightly optimistic version on here.

    I certainly think arteta is the bigger problem of the two.
    Not saying edu is perfect, but he brings the players in with arteta, once there here it’s all on arteta.

    He picks the formation, he picks the tactics (if anyone knows what they are, answer on a postcard please to le grove)

    Arteta bombs the players out. Maybe he watched pep and that’s how pep is. But he ain’t no pep, and has no trophies to back it up.

    I’m not sure if the emirates is sold out on Saturday, I doubt it. But I can imagine if it’s a slow start to the game, or we go one behind its going to get toxic real quick.

  25. Spudnik

    I find it more than a little interesting that Vinai via leaked email, Edu in an interview with Sky and David Ornstein in an Arsecast with arseblog all came out over the weekend and spoke about the plan to bring in youth. Ornstein was at pains to say this is Edu’s plan and not Arteta’s. Mike was conspicuous by his absence from most of their comments. KSE has backed Edu to the tune of £156 million and that’s a serious commitment.

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    The point that many people didn’t pick up on from edu was this.

    “Then, at right-back, we just signed Takehiro Tomiyasu. He is someone who can come here and plays straight away because we loaned Hector Bellerin to allow space for him to come and feature straight away.

    “That’s the plan but of course, it’s up to Mikel if he plays or not.

    Do you think arteta is the type of character that likes to be told who to play?

  27. Habesha Gooner

    “It’ll take until December at least before we start kicking up a gear.”

    I don’t agree with that at all pedro. I want to see is kick up a gear now. And I am not talking about results. I am talking about performances. Most fans wouldn’t be this pissed with the results if we were performing and we were losing by small margins. All three games so far, we have looked toothless. So much so that we had 7 shots on target combined in the three games.

    Anyway these signings can be good signings if they perform and be consistent. Even at 75 to 80 mil white and Ramsdale could prove to be good business. But Arteta doesn’t have time. At the very least performances need to pick up.

  28. Thank you and goodnight

    The club is a joke. The only reason Arteta, Edu, Vinai have spoken up recently is because the media have started to question Arteta and the other 2 stooges for the absolute hideous mess and toxic atmosphere they have created at the Emirates. Can’t believe anyone even wants to give him the Norwich game…..fuck that. If after 20 months and 4 transfer windows people still can’t see how bad he is may I suggest adopting another sport to support because they haven’t a clue about football

  29. Ishola70

    Don’t listen to the Arsenal media luvvies.

    They shoved Xhaka down our throats as a good thing and now they do the same with this current set-up.

    Ask Bill from Basildon. He has more clue than these luvvies.

  30. Ishola70

    It’s got to the stage now where a home win over most probably the worst team in the league Norwich is being marked as significant.

    Help us Conte.

  31. Nelson

    I like Ødegaard. Last season, he hasn’t played football before January. He then got an injury playing for Norway. But Arsenal looked more balanced with him. Football is a team game. He may not be as good as some other ACM but he is what Arteta needs.

    I am more worry about our two high priced strikers. Edu thinks that they can delivery 40 goals together this season. But they have zero goals after 3 matches.

  32. Leftside

    All of this reframing what success and lowering expectations to conceal that Arteta isn’t a good manager who has taken us nowhere.

    Arteta won’t make it till December if results don’t pick up immediately.

  33. TR7

    We have debated every thing – quality of players signed, Arteta, Edu, Vinai, Xhaka, midfield, attack, defense, GK, KSE, Josh, Unai, Wenger, transfer activities of other clubs etc.

    The only thing that interests me now is whether we can lure Antonio Conte to Arsenal.

  34. Dat guy Pepe

    @Pedro, how many points do you think Arteta needs between now and December to justify keeping him for the 2nd half of the season?

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Arteta is such a shit manager, not even an under 11 team would want him. Basque blagger, full of shit. Oh yeah we’ve been keeping an eye out on the Bologna player for a year now…..BULLSHIT. The player was hawked off to every other premier league club and no one wanted him. No one in Europe wanted him that’s how fucking average a player he is. He’ll go the same way our previous Asian players have gone. 2-3 years wasting our money before being shoved out the back door. We should honestly change our name to Banter FC and the Emirates should be renamed ‘the circus ‘

  36. China1

    As for all this complaining that people take the piss out of us so much

    Well that’s because we’re absolute bants…

    If we were actually competing for trophies they’d all shut up… but we aren’t.

    If Chelsea were bottom of the table do you think paddy power wouldn’t find that hilarious? Who wouldn’t?

  37. Danny

    It’s up to the players, if they want Arteta out then expect the Norwich, Burnley and Spurs matches to make very painful viewing. Remember what they did to Emery against Frankfurt at home……

  38. shaun

    I think we will see two wins out of the next four games which is just not good enough and I also think his micro management style is the reason as it is a shit idea and does not work .what is it that England’s best fella said “every players movement will be as precise as clock work” it that really is what lego head is trying to produce then we really are in trouble

  39. Pierre

    In a way we deserve to be the butt of the jokes at this present time as there are too many head shaking decisions by the management.

    My argument is that we were the butt of the jokes (from le grove and the media) when we were qualifying for europe , playing good entertaining football , winning trophies, despite the fact we were spending a fraction compared to city , chelsea and united.

    At long last the media do actually have something to laugh at and they are not holding back.

    However, it is possible to turn the corner with a 3 or 4 victories with a near full strength team and a few decisions going in our favour.
    It needs to be highlighted by the club of the discrepancies in the big decisions that have gone against The Arsenal compared to others this season.

    Talking about the Brentford 2nd goal that should have been overturned by VAR…100% foul on Leno.

    Talking about the fist in the face prior of chambers prior to city’s 2nd goal that should have resulted in a red card and disallowed goal ….100%…a gamechanger.

    Talking about the penalty shout v chelsea for the foul on Saka …Comes under the category of seen them given..

    3 games, 3 contentious decisions against Arsenal and all we hear about is the xhaka red card , which was a red but they go into detail as to why it was a red, but for the Arsenal decisions you hear nothing, no analysis , they are not discussed but i can guarantee if an Arsenal player gets away with a fist in the face of the opposition or a clear foul on the keeper, it will be discussed and over analysed for weeks on end ….

    And that’s how it works ..

  40. InsideRight

    Irish football sites and any article that begins “Jamie O’Hara says Arsenal…” just get ignored by me. I’m sure in the transfer window they must have been pouring out utter bollocks and claims that never came to pass. They make it up as they go along.

    As for belittling the club, look no further than the owners and management team.

  41. Ollie


    Don’t forget that Kolasinac got yellow carded shortly after their second goal because the palm of his hand touched the top of Gabriel Jesus’ head

  42. Bertie Mee

    Only at Arsenal can the conclusion be that a defender who has played ONE game is ‘ fucking terrible ‘ and a goalie is hopeless because he’s been relegated twice – all his fault . What a ghastly set of supporters we have developed

  43. Nelson

    We should also look at our own game. We didn’t play like a team. All we did was trying to intercept the ball and kick it away. Chelsea played with 10men against the Pool and they still played as a team. Only loser would blame it only on the Ref.

  44. Pierre

    “Don’t forget that Kolasinac got yellow carded shortly after their second goal because the palm of his hand touched the top of Gabriel Jesus’ head”


  45. CG


    “”””The only thing that interests me now is whether we can lure Antonio Conte to Arsenal.””‘

    The clamour for A.Conte aint going away, it will only get louder and louder until he has another job or publically rejects Arsenal.

    The lure of this serial winner and unemployed charismatic Italian will be soon be too hard to resist even for the inept KSE.

    Conte dont just win Christmas Tree Trophies, he wins League Titles too ( Juventus, Chelsea, Inter Milan)

    We all ‘Be Excited’ to see what he can do in the AFC dugout!

  46. Almuniasaynomore

    To be fair I think the criticism against White and Ramsdale surrounds their price and their position… Maybe some aren’t expressing it well as there is huge frustration there at the moment. My experience of Arsenal fans is that they are a far more intelligent and loyal group of fans than other big clubs have. Even at the height of Arsene’s glory days there wasn’t the same arrogance and triumphalism that the supporters of other clubs constantly display. But if you ask patrons to pay top dollar and feed them shit,expect a backlash. Don’t need to be a genius to sense your frustration also, one way or another Bertie, things will improve soon.

  47. JP


    You were probably saying Bergkamp and Henry were wastes of money when they didn’t score in first 5/6 games.

    Ben White cost a lot of money but maybe lets see him have a few games for us before we write him off as a liability.

  48. Bankz

    Pedro’s posts lately are as shameless as they come.
    These excuses are pathetic to read on a daily basis.
    At what point do you throw in the towel and accept Arteta was a very terrible appointment?

  49. Naija+soccer

    Arteta’s arrogance has to be earned. He makes decision like a seasoned coach ( sending Saliba on loan, Guendozi, wanting to play with Left or Right defenders in there appropriate side etc )

    He hasn’t done anything yet to be making such decisions and have such ego.

    He needs to humble himself, it will help him a lot

  50. Almuniasaynomore

    Kroenkephobe, China,Sid,Tony,
    Just catching up on the comments there now, I see you guys have turned le grove into a recording studio. Fair play, it’s very refreshing to be able to laugh out loud when reading the blog. Thank you very much for the entertainment. With Pierre and Words on board we should start whoring ourselves out to the major studios!

    And Tony,great stories, thank you for sharing your memories, my imagination catches fire thinking of the lifestyle you must have had! You too, kroenkephobe, thinking suave,polite, discreet assassin!!

  51. CG


    “””To be fair I think the criticism against White and Ramsdale surrounds their price and their position…”””

    A staggering £80 million combined.

    White can’ t defend the high ball and Ramsdale can’t keep clean sheets. Although they are technically proficient., and can pass it 10 yards.

    (Are they nice enthusiastic boys? Yes, delighful.)

    (Are they going to propel the club back into the top 4? No!)

    Maybe a harsh observation, but a 100% true

  52. Tom

    Pierre, Chelsea pen on Saka( should’ve been given), City red card on Chambers( saw ten replays and still inconclusive) Brandfort foul on Leno( it was)………all go in Arsenal favor and we are still with zero points from three , no goals from open play, and playing awful football.

    Pick your fights wisely comes to mind.

  53. Olumide

    Bertie Mee
    What a ghastly set of supporters we have developed.

    I think you’ll find Arsenal fans are too ‘classy’ if you imagine what Madrid, Man United, Barca, and Liverpool fans will be doing if they’re 20th on the table.

  54. Jules

    Two things. We struggled to create and score chances last season, that was our main issue, lowest goals for in the top 8 .Our defence wasn’t that bad, I think third best!? Secondly, we desperately lack spine/leadership. 150 mil spent and we have addressed neither issue. Oh and thirdly, not taking money for the idiot Xhaka and giving him a new deal is the poorest decision of all.

  55. Terraloon


    You might not be blaming the ref but you certainly are clutching at straws.

    Had Brentford’s second goal not been given do you think there is any way that the result would have been any difference?
    You can be pretty sure that most PL clubs will see that soft underbelly and from most set plays target that area. The problem is that the likes of White will become desperate and I can see a few penalties being given against.

    Had the penalty been given which even using last years guidance I don’t think it was a penalty (I personally think the change of approach will lead to far less penalties like that being given) Do you really think that the result would have been any different ? I don’t

    As for the Man City Chambers may well have been pushed but he was using his hands as well .

    Ok even if that had been chalked off do you think the result would have been any different?

  56. curse

    the biggest disappointment of diet Pep’ reign is Partey’ inability to stay fit.

    I guess we should blame Mikel for that too?
    I certainly didn’t see that coming, thought he’d be Xhaka levels of robust.

  57. Sid

    “””””””SamirSeptember 6, 2021 16:29:20
    SidWhy aren’t you a millionaire and spending your “”””””””

    I was born rich

  58. Valentin

    Bertie Mee,

    Let not rephrase the narrative, but look at the reality.

    Ben White has not just played one game. He played a full premiership season for Brighton and nobody thought he was a great player there. A lot of people mentioned his shortcoming before he penned his contract, so it is not a knee jerk reaction. Frankly he was so good and indispensable to their way of playing that BHA did not even bother to replace him. He may be young and English, but he is an average player who were he not English, everybody would agree that it was a bad unnecessary deal.

    Ramsdale has 3 relegations in 4 years not just two. Basically at every level he played he had been found wanting. Nice guy, well spoken, decent footwork but the main work for a goalkeeper is to keep the ball out of the net. In that exercise his positioning, his response to long shot are poor. Knowing that the goalkeeper coach has been a nightmare, I doubt that he will be progressing soon on his weaknesses. For the money paid, I expect a great goalkeeper, not at best a lateral move on Leno.

    Tomiyasu has been hawked to every premiership clubs this summer. Everybody had a look and decided against it. The only reason why we bought is because Arsenal got caught by Bellerin insistence to leave. We panicked bought a mediocre player on the last days of the transfer window despite knowing since the beginning of the TW that Bellerin wanted out.

  59. Tom

    As much as I understand the immediate instinct to scream bias the Kola hands to the face foul was flagged be the linesman standing a few yards away.

    The Chambers play was missed by everyone because some 12 players were jostling for positions raising their hands.

    Not exactly the same circumstances is it.

  60. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Almunia.

    Whoring? Whoring? Did someone say whoring? Count me and Sid in!

    I hope things are settling down at the coalface of the Irish education system.

    Suave, polite and discrete – the three adjectives least applicable to me now (although I was able to put on my diplomatic game face reasonably successfully for 30 odd years) . Gloves off these days as you’ll have noticed.

    I envy Tony for his experiences – I have him in my mind’s eye as that erstwhile manager of led zeppelin. Peter Grant. A proper bruiser and shrewd as fuck. Dom Mintoff sounds like a type of cornetto but I recall him being a proper bastard. He was like an elected mafia boss.

    Have you ever seen Spinal Tap? The band manager in that is also a proper loose cannon who walked around with a cricket bat threatening people. I think he was based on Grant. Some of those characters were right old cunts but had huge personalities.

    On that awful fucking club we all love, I can’t help thinking Tets’s Waterloo moment is nigh. This ‘place’ will be buzzing on Saturday night.

  61. Pierre

    You are maybe right and you are maybe wrong but what i will say is last week, norwich had a goal disallowed from a set piece for having a player close to the keeper in a very similar situation to the brentford goal…..

    Also , as mentioned earlier , kolasinac was penalised and carded for a less aggresive strike to the face.

    Also , Pogba went over the top last week , actually catching the opposition on the shin and it resulted in a goal for united.
    Xhaka did not make nearly as bad contact with the opposition player and was red carded , pogba was allowed to stay on the pitch and the united equaliser was allowed to stand.

    So there are 3 contentious outcomes that all went against Arsenal and that is not including the saka penalty which we all know that if it was sterling going down against Arsenal, it’s a penalty eithout a doubt….history will tell us that.

  62. Mark

    You can slip in ” December” before we can expect to kick on’
    As a vain attempt to gain more time for your ‘hero’ . But the only thing that’s gonna save his is a serious upturn in style of play and results.

    Doesn’t look great does it. Especially when those in the know are scared to set any targets.


  63. Vintage Gun

    “It’ll take until December at least before we start kicking up a gear”

    Oh really now…?

    This blog should be renamed ‘Only Stans’

  64. bacaryisgod

    What Pedro conveniently fails to mention is that the reason we spent a massive amount of money this summer were because of Arteta and Edu’s self-inflicted wounds last summer. Here are just three of them:

    1. They gave Luiz the contract extension. (let’s not forget that at one point as least Arteta would have renewed Mustafi too)
    2. They signed Cedric, Willian and Mari.
    3. They brought back Ceballos.

    Look, some of those decisions a lot of us (including me) supported at the time, but here’s the difference. Arteta and Edu are paid a lot of money to not make appalling decisions. They had the experience and knowlege of the current squad to know better.

    In many ways, this summer was about trying to fix something that they largely broke. They don’t deserve until Christmas to turn it around. It must happen now.

  65. Vintage Gun

    I swear to God it feels as if Pedro’s a PR puppet for the club. After telling us all that we’re set for a better start than last season he’s now towing the company line of ‘patience’ and how the season starts in December.


  66. Mark


    You are right with those disgusting decisions, we are always getting the short end of the stick. The point is that the football is still poor. No shots on goal and still looking toothless.

    It is frustrating and the club should start officially complaining. It’s another issue that we will have to address regardless of who the manager is.

    As long as that CUNT Mike Riley is in charge we’re getting screwed every week.

  67. Pierre

    “As much as I understand the immediate instinct to scream bias the Kola hands to the face foul was flagged be the linesman standing a few yards away.The Chambers play was missed by everyone because some 12 players were jostling for positions raising their hands.Not exactly the same circumstances is it.”

    Tom , are you acting deliberately stupid.

    There is a reason VAR was brought into the game and the chambers incident was exactly the reason.

    The ref missed it understandably so VAR should have disallowed the goal and made a decision on what card to give to the city player.

  68. englandsbest

    Well. I’m gonna say it whether people like:it or not: patience pays off.

    There are are plenty of other factors involved, of course, but for sure Arsenal pre-Arteta was heading in no-direction, needed a firm hand on the tiller, someone to turn the ship in the right direction. He is doing that.

  69. Chris


    I’m going to the game, first time back since before COVID.

    Can’t wait to catch up with some mates up there before and after the game, the game itself? Yikes. If we don’t score early it could get very tense. Anything less than a win is unacceptable.

    But it will be a great day out with friends regardless, as football always is. When we are like this it is the one thing to cling to.

  70. Pierre

    I am not defending Arteta as my feelings towards his management skills are crystal clear.

    Arteta hasn’t helped himself this season but he hasn’t had a lot of luck what with covid and shit ref decisions

    The problem on here is that if you are against the manager then you can’t be honest and say that Arteta hasn’t had a lot of luck without being criticised.

  71. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Chris,
    Hope you enjoy it and it’s a good afternoon. Would really like to hear your observations as a fan if you get a moment after the game. The general mood, reactions around you to certain decisions/events on the pitch, chants that are witty, abusive or otherwise.
    Have a good one mate.

  72. Mark

    As already mentioned even if the decisions had gone in our favour, we would likely still have lost. Which has been down to the selection and tactics (Arteta) , hence I’m not sure I’d be comfortable saying he’s been unlucky. You make your own luck
    With him I’m not surprised it’s bad , karma and all that.

  73. Dissenter

    Excellent post as always
    A&E broke the China with their reckless signings last summer and they’ve tried using expensive super glue to repair the crockery
    Problems is they have over-corrected their previous errors so now we are left with the WORST of both works; old shit and not-ready youngsters. For examples, our ‘elite’ defensive signing has only one season experience in top-European football so someone will still to mentor Ben White.

    Had they let go of Xhaka and brought in another midfielder of Partey’s caliber, then it wouldn’t look so horrible.

  74. Dissenter

    This season, staying in the league, i.e. avoiding relegation is the meaningful target.
    Last season, they’re was fresh wave from the youngsters but where’s the new wind coming from now.
    Which of the new signings can win games for us single handed and cover up a manager’s incompetence?

  75. Mark

    As for the refereeing decisions afaic there’s a definite bias towards arsenal.
    I think the club need to use whatever channels there are to have it addressed

    As for the football, Arteta out now!

  76. Ustyno

    “Arteta is taking us in the right direction”?

    Is that direction to relegate the team? Because that’s exactly what is associated with him, breaking all the records from the wrong reason

  77. Ishola70

    Pierre is like a Schizo

    He moans about the current set-up but at the same time keeps crying about referee decisions.

    Newsflash. Too many of these players are weak and or weak minded.

    Leno gets bullied on his own goal line. Why? Because he is weak minded.

    Chambers gets weak arsed off the ball and gets a slap in the process. Why? Because he is weak and too many times just plain shite.

    Pierre must have been an ex poster from Untold.

  78. Dissenter

    Had Chambers punched someone in the face like that, we would have been reduced to 10 men.

    What’s the use of VAR, if calls like that go uncalled fire review with slowed motion?

    I’m with Pierre on this singular non-call, not with the wider conspiracy nonsense.

    Come on people, just look at that video yourselves, forget what Pierre is peddling.

  79. CG


    Do you think with a strongman manager like Conte in charge , AFC would get so many poor decisions?

    He would surely be on to any skullduggery with the refs.

    Conte , the Italian George Graham but hopefully without the bungs..

  80. Mark

    The only answer is to be better than the opposition. Same way those players who’d get kicked, cos that’s the only way to stop em, carried on.

  81. Ishola70

    It wasn’t a punch.

    It was a slap/push in the face.

    Chambers was losing out in that tussle where both of them were jockeying for position just before the slap. The slap was confirming that Chambers was the sucker in the play.

    Chambers has been shocking at the start of this season. Shocking.

  82. Ishola70

    It’s called players getting bullied on the pitch.

    And they are getting bullied because either they are not good enough or they are massively lacking confidence.

  83. Almuniasaynomore

    Kroenkephobe ,
    No mate, I haven’t seen that, will keep an eye out,heard it was funny. Saturday’s game is big but that’s the problem really isn’t it? Home to the worst team in the premiership and beating them will be seen as progress. It’s just delaying the inevitable and wasting time. Be honest now, how many songs have you ready for the ‘freeeeeedooooooommmmm’ moment?

  84. Kroenkephobe

    Conte , the Italian George Graham but hopefully without the bungs..

    Nor the Bunga Bunga 🍑💋- Edu’s done enough of that this summer.

    That’s a really good comparison. If he comes and if he has half the amount of determination to see Arsenal win that GG had, we’ll be taking a step to getting back on track.

  85. Dennis+the+Menace

    I have to say, that is quite a tone deaf post by Pedro. His reading of Edu‘s press conference is an extreme version of reading something with rose tinted glasses. Yes it makes sense to lower the age profile of the squad. Yes it makes sense to have more cover in our squad. But surely we are paying this complicated and overblown management structure top dollar to be able to manage a transition whereby we do not absolutely and emphatically crater the form of our team such that we are rock bottom in the league, rock bottom in confidence, rock bottom in form and a laughing stock of Europe. It is dumb only to invest in youth and not at the same time invest in your starting 11. God knows we have first-team players, supposed senior players (who seem senior in age and wages but not in terms of their attitude, professionalism or form) that need replacing with better quality. We haven’t replaced them with better quality. Instead we replaced them with kids and put a punt on the future. You need to take a mixed approach to this and not lurch violently towards project youth without taking care of the first 11 and that means taking care whether we can actually compete with the top half of the league. The management team’s approach to this seems narrow and I suspect they are only now talking about project youth to try and cover up the fact that they have failed to truly balance this squad and make it better quality.

  86. Kroenkephobe

    Win, lose or draw he has to go. We’re all in fucking agony. I genuinely have nothing lined up but I’m confident of a massive surge of collective creative adrenaline if/when he’s left the building. I’m hoping everyone will give it a go and le grove will become like the fame academy multiplied by school of rock.

    Yeah mate, but it Tyrone and the Canaries win on Saturday AND Tets is still on his throne, watch Spinal Tap as an antidote to football. You’ll be putting yourself in the heart of Tony’s old industry. Tony – you a fan of that film or is it a bit too close to the bone?

  87. Tom

    Pierre, clear and obvious errors was VAR’s remit.
    I watched that replay ten times and didn’t see a clear punch to the face, especially after it was Chambers who initiates contact and Laporte wasn’t even looking at him.

    Let me ask you this though , since you keep posting plays going United’s way as proof of some sort of bias.
    How many times have you looked at the Stevens/ Fernandez challenge in the lead up to the Southampton goal.
    My guess not once lol.

  88. Almuniasaynomore

    You’re right there, will be an outpouring of all kinds when it occurs. Hopefully we get someone in who will put the club first, CG hit the nail on the head with the GG comparison, bit of grit needed!

  89. Ishola70

    It’s laughable.

    Pierre is parrotting good old Wenger of course from the past.

    It doesn’t apply anymore.

    No team is fouling us anymore and doing dirties on us from stopping us playing our lovely football as we had under Wenger. We don’t play lovely football now.

    And who cares about Man United now and what decisions they get. Again it’s living in the past. It used to matter about what decisions they get on the field because we were rivals to them and close to them in the league. Now we are fucking nowhere near close to them.

    Stop veering away from the main point with Arsenal atm.

    The main point is that we have a novice as manager who is not good enough and an overall set-up at the club that is also not good enough.

  90. englandsbest

    We have seen a change in tack from Arteta. It’s win or bust for him. My way or no way. And win he will.

    All his mistakes derive from being too nice to people. He must regret not telling Ozil to get stuffed from the start Along with several others whose names we know well. He was too nice to Martinez when he asked for a transfer. He should have kept him, played him, and got rid of that other turncoat at the end of the season. And he was much too respectful to the elderly, from Luiz to Auba and everyone between.

    Saliba is a mystery but I’d bet the guy got tearful about leaving home, and sweet Arteta felt sorry for him. Well, Arteta is still straightforward, forthright and honest – but he ain’t so sweet no more.

  91. MD-Gunner

    @Ishola 70
    Hear, Hear
    Get rid of the 3 stooges is the first step into the right direction and then the decisions regarding other clubs that compete against us will become relevant again.

  92. Pierre

    Normally, if you bring in new signings you would expect them to be better than what we already have at the club, and yea I know it’s all based on opinions but I’m not sure that the 6 signings will make a lot of difference

    The question is … White better than Saliba.

    Answer ..difficult to say , though one would say that he is not £50 milllion better.
    Saliba has started well in France and could have maybe had the same impact here..
    I would say the £50 million could have been soent more wisely.

    The question is …is t/hiro better than AMN

    Probably not though time will tell…..t/hiro will probably be a good back up, i can’t see him starting inless he is really special.

    The question is ….is Ramsdale better than Leno.

    A..if I was chosing a keeper i would still choose Leno over Ramsdale .
    Personally i would have preferred to bring in Ryan on a free and save the £25 million .

    The question is ….is Odegaard betting than Ozil

    A…of course not , is he better than smith Rowe , not £35 million difference that’s for sure.
    Hopefully we will be able to find a way of integrating Odegaard, smith rowe and Saka into the side with Eddie up top ( yes really) .

    The question is ….is Lakonga better than xhaka.

    He’s a much better footballer that’s for sure.
    The problem is , Lakonga may spend too much time on the bench as Xhaka is a nailed on starter for Arteta.
    Lakonga does look the business thiugh .

    The question is …is Tavares better than Tierny

    No ..but has looked quite decent going forward. though i have yet to be convinced on his defending and positional play…possibly a good back up

    So for me , we vould have saved at leat 75 mil(maybe another 35 on Odegaard) on white amd Ramsdale and used it for Bissouma, Dumfries and if Arteta is not going to use Eddie, then sign a striker, Alexander Isak is the one for me..

    This would improve centre mid , right back and striker positions at no extra cost and all are in a decent age range.

  93. Pierre

    “The main point is that we have a novice as manager who is not good enough and an overall set-up at the club that is also not good enough.”

    That doesn’t mean we can’t have other discussions, saying Arteta out is just boring.

  94. Pierre

    “I watched that replay ten times and didn’t see a clear punch to the face, especially after it was Chambers who initiates contact and Laporte wasn’t even looking at him.”

    What you are saying is that if a defender touches an opposition player ( chambers didn’t even grab him) in the box then it is ok for the player to strike an opponent in the face..
    And to say he wasn’t even looking at him is irrelevant because he obviously knows chambers is..

    You’re beginning to go down the road of ridiculousness as you did when you failed to recognise that the keeper shouts “away ” to his defence when a ball comes into the box.

  95. CG


    “”””CG That’s a really good comparison. If he comes and if he has half the amount of determination to see Arsenal win””‘c

    People like A. Conte become available every decade, if you lucky.
    They dont bloody grow on trees. What are KSE waiting for?

    Three jobs Three league titles., thats Conte.

    He is out of work , with no compo.

    You want a GG type , this is your man.

  96. TR7

    That slap on Chambers is a red card offense. If an Arsenal player had done it he would have been sent off. Also Pogba challenge on Neves was equally bad as Xhaka’s two footed challenge which got him sent off. If despite having a video technology there is no basic standards then it is safe to say there’s a clear bias against Arsenal and it’s not new. Been noticing it for ages. Managers will come and go but this bias against Arsenal and favouritism towards Man U will continue. This is blatant cheating.

  97. Ishola70

    Chambers was weak in the play.

    And no-one should be surprised because he has been utter turd at the start of this season.

  98. TR7

    Whether Chambers was weak or not is not the question. Similar offenses have been punished earlier. All I ask for his consistency in decision making.

  99. G

    ‘’ Oh yeah we’ve been keeping an eye out on the Bologna player for a year now…..BULLSHIT. The player was hawked off to every other premier league club and no one wanted him. No one in Europe wanted him that’s how fucking average a player he is. He’ll go the same way our previous Asian players have gone. 2-3 years wasting our money before being shoved out the back door. We should honestly change our name ,’

    Fuck sake give the guy a chance

  100. Ishola70


    If Chambers is on his game he strong arms the Man City player off so he doesn’t even have the chance to give him a sucker slap.

    Our players are getting bullied and that is another sign that we are not up to scratch.

  101. Tom

    Pierre, funny how Chambers “touches” the City player, but the City player “punches” him.
    Obviously no bias on your part there lol.

  102. Tee

    “If Chambers is on his game he strong arms the Man City player off so he doesn’t even have the chance to give him a sucker slap.”

    Lol @keyboard warriors. Some of them can’t kick a balloon if their lives depend on it but will come here to call our players weaklings instead of them to speak out against the injustice from the referee.

    But if the hated one goes hard on an opponent and thereby gets sent off, they come here frothing on both sides of the mouth.

  103. Habesha Gooner

    I hope we are lining up Conte as a replacement for Arteta if we sack him. This squad is set up for a back three now. And there are some players that he will like. But he will need a big CF, a Winger, a CM and a RWB at the very least. And there will be some players he won’t like because of their character. But I think he will take the job if we promise him funds and to compete. As for Arteta, I think he is dead man walking. 9 points out of the next three is the only way the tide can change now.