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Juuuuust a quick one today because I’m back in London doing London things.

Edu put down the grill for 5 minutes to talk to the media about our summer. It was pretty much the same things that Vinai had mentioned.

“I think we have to see the wider context than just the money around it,” 

“We signed six players who are under 23, which means a lot in terms of our planning.

“We started planning this squad a year ago in terms of consolidating the team and trying to get a better foundation. We have to balance the squad better.”

Pretty obvious. We have spent 5 years watching Arsenal spend money on ‘ready-made’ and it’s been a disaster. This summer, we upgraded in every position, but even if we had signed more experienced players, it would have taken time.

“It is hard. I am not asking for patience because it is the word that everybody hates to listen to.

“I am just trying to explain the strategy behind it because when people see just one window, of course they see it like this. I respect that. But you have to see what we started to do since we’ve been together. We’ve tried to clean the squad.

“As I said, it is 21 exits. It’s a lot, almost a revolution. But how are you going to fill those 21 holes? You need time. You cannot come in and do it straight away.

Edu landed a lot of criticism for this comment, but to be fair, he’s right. You can’t make as many changes as we’ve made and expect everyone to hit the ground running. It’s also clear that we went very, very hard at lowering the age profile of the squad.

It’ll take until December at least before we start kicking up a gear. But I’m pretty sure if we’re within spitting distance by then, we’ll reap rewards in the back half of the season because our players will be fresher and fitter than everyone else.

What cannot continue until that moment is the type of nutcase decision making we’ve seen with personnel.

After the break, we’ll see the actual starting 11 for the season for the first time, in a game they should win.

We need to see more aggressive pressing.

We need to see the consistent execution of a game plan.

We need to see a firm reaction to what has gone before.

… but I don’t have any doubts this will happen. We have found rock bottom. Better players mean better results.

Ok, listen to the pod, I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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  1. Ishola70

    Vintage Gun

    “I just think some folk just like the look of Arteta in a physical way.!


    He looks like he sucks on raw livers for fun.

  2. Tom

    Ronaldo gives United another dimension from crosses with his heading abilities.
    I don’t think he improves their link up or counter attacking play much having lost a step or two at 36, and I don’t think he makes them the title contender, or anything even close to that.

  3. Terraloon


    Others playing games over a short period of of time are Tierney and Tomiyasu

    Admittedly if he plays it will only be Tomiyasu third game in 9 days but as I write this he is playing for Japan against China so will not get back into training till almost certainly Thursday and I suspect Saturday will be too early for him with some distance and time spent in the air which will impact

    Tierney will have played 3 in those 11 days.

    My guess at the team

    AMN White Holding Mari Tavares
    Partey Lokonga
    ESR Saka
    Pepe Auba


  4. Dissenter

    Norwich have to loom at that starting 11 and realize they can beat us at the Emirates.
    Could be a day of long groans at the stadium, hopefully we eke one out.

  5. Bob N16

    Tom, you’re right about the lack of continuity in defence, now is the time to let players gain the chemistry and understanding by playing a settled back 4. KT, Gabriel, White have to start straight away and I’d be more than happy for Tomiyasu to be the RB.

    Lokonga, Partey and Odegaard need to be a settled combination with ESR possibly mixing it in AM if Ode is not 100%.

    Saka plays as does PEA at CF.

    If Arteta doesn’t pick this team consistently, absences permitting then he reinforces the thought that he needs to be replaced.

  6. Ishola70

    Burnley away would be the match to worry me rather than Norwich.

    Burnley could be going into that match with Arsenal still looking for their first win in the EPL and Burnley away is a different kettle of fish in comparison to Norwich at home.

    Lose that and it’s straight onto Spurs.

  7. Nigel Tufnel


    You have the understanding and patience of a child.

    You want White to hit the ground running, nice, so does everyone except for the misanthropes and judges here. Such fine scouts of football talent, screaming and crying for Aouar that no team wants to touch. None.
    Hit the ground running, but for a defender, in his first game with a squad with covid chaos so bad that the club requested the game be postponed. With no Partey, no Gabriel. With a lousy manager to boot.

    Even without all those issues, it’s still moronic to start judging the guys acquisition after a few minutes watching him.

    And yeah, we paid too much, I agree… above and beyond a youthful English premium.

    The way I feel, is that I hope he turns out to be more than worth it.

    But I’m a supporter, not a hater. Not a miserable person.


    the only time will even favorably compare someone like Leno, is when he can use it to bash one of our other players, Ramsdale.

    I guess you didn’t notice you did that, or that you do it constantly. You’re all so predictable.

    You all wonder why Pedro is sometimes hopeful and positive for our prospects, and ridicule him for it . It’s because he has a life, and it doesn’t make normal people feel better to moan and hate all the time.

  8. Duzie

    Hi Pedro,

    The new chatbot is cool. Great way to determine the opinions of those who don’t write comments here. Keep it up. Cheers!

  9. Dissenter

    “But I’m a supporter, not a hater. Not a miserable person.”

    I am lover, not a fighter.
    Stop being so predictably moonful.
    Take your pity party someplace else.

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    Teacher to class: “what does your dad do at weekends?”

    Little boy: “He’s a dancer at a gay bar and sometimes if the money’s right he lets punters kiss his bum and tickle his nipples”

    Teacher takes him outside , “Is that true?”

    Little boy: “ no miss, it’s bollocks,he goes to watch Arsenal but I’m to embarrassed to say “

  11. Valentin


    New one, being a hater, because you want the club you support to do well rather than being used as a training exercise by a coach who think he will he shoot off to Barcelona or ManCity.

    People said give Xhaka time and he will shine give time to Elneny and he will shine. Give Leno time and he will shine. Give Mari time and he will shine. Give Pepe a season to acclimate and he will take the premiership by storm.

    I have given time to those players and guess what they are not shining. Why because they are mediocre players. Like they say you can’t polish a turd. Praying that something good will come from those successive bad decisions is not a strategy.

  12. Mee

    Ramsdale behind Mari, White,Chambers, Kolasinac, Soares? That is seriously teasing the relegation gods. As poor as Leno is, he is miles ahead of Ramsdale. And he is not a serial relegator. Remember when the team was struggling with Cech in goal and everyone was clamoring for Leno? Get a qualified goalkeeping coach and not one of Arteta’s know nothing townsfolk.

  13. Ishola70

    People like to see consistency.

    There has be no consistency if we compare the narrative with Emery and Arteta.

    That’s why people have a dig.

  14. Mee

    If only we could bring in Conte. A target of top six for this season and top four next season would be in order. Then TW would be periods of joy whereby we target the Barella’s and Hakimi’s of this world. Nobody wills to be negative. But some of us know that things deteriorate really fast and relegation is a very possible outcome even for Arsenal. Something needs to be done ASAP

  15. Dissenter

    Ramsdale is going to depreciate under Inaki Cana
    The goalkeeping coach that scoured Europe and thought it fit to sign Runnarson to replace Emi is still in Arerta’s good books.

    First we were “bedwetters”, not it’s “haters” that’s being hurled around.

  16. Dissenter

    “Tierney has created seven chances, more than double any team-mate.Let that sink in!”

    It has sunk in, that’s why Arteta’s game plan has been labeled “Kieran Tierney Inshallah”
    Hoof it to Tierney, Tierney runs and makes a wild cross aka chance, hence “Kieran Tierney Inshallah”

  17. Dissenter

    “Inaki Cana is responsible for turning Martinez into the keeper he is.”
    Why didn’t he replicate the same with Runnarsson?

  18. raptora

    Just a side note that Ramsdale was 21 when he became a regular for a top flight team – Bournemouth. They got relegated on their 5th season in the EPL and Ramsdale’s first.

    Fun fact about Leno:
    When he played on 13 September 2011, at the age of 19 years and 193 days, against Chelsea in the 2011–12 UEFA Champions League group stage he became the youngest German goalkeeper to ever to play in a Champions League match.

    Leno, at 19, was an absolute starter for Bayer Leverkusen, a Champions League team.

    So let’s cut the crap that Ramsdale is some kind of a prodigy.

    I don’t trust Arteta’s judgement. Ramsdale is a serial relegator until proven wrong. I have serious doubts he has what it takes to be the GK of Arsenal for the next 5-10 years.

  19. Bob N16

    Ishola, Emery and Arteta not really like-for-like are they? Emery, an experienced coach, Arteta a newbie.

    Would you not agree that a new manager has a learning curve and that he deserves a little more time than someone who has a lot more experience – the finished product if you will?

    I’m not arguing that Arteta is not lucky to still be in his job but he deserved more time than Emery.

  20. Ishola70


    It sounds like you rate Leno very highly.

    I don’t know whether Ramsdale will have the overall goalkeeping abilites to succeed but there are plenty that have a stronger mentality than Leno.

  21. Ishola70


    If you are picked as Arsenal manager you have to be good enough whether you are a novice or more experienced.

    Arsenal gambled on Arteta being good enough. Don’t look like it’s paid off.

    If we ever get in another green behind the ears manager at least make sure that he has some charisma about him. Arteta barely has any.

  22. Dissenter

    “Would you not agree that a new manager has a learning curve and that he deserves a little more time than someone who has a lot more experience – the finished product if you will?”

    Interesting approach, I would say.
    To the contrary, an experienced manager is more likely to dig his way out of a ditch compared to a rookie manager who won’t have as many tools in the kitty.
    How do you give a newbie more time that someone more tested at the same job. How do you inversely rate experience?

    What gives Arteta more time to learn at the job?
    Is Arsenal now a manager training creche?

  23. CG


    “””””I don’t trust Arteta’s judgement. Ramsdale is a serial relegator until proven wrong. I have serious doubts he has what it takes to be the GK of Arsenal for the next 5-10 years.””””

    I have no doubt, the next manager will be loaning Ramsdale back out at the first opportunity and getting Leno a new goalkeeping coach ( off his choice) and a new contract.

    Leno inferior to Martinez, but still Germanys No.2 and very much superior to the appalling Ramsdale.

  24. Samesong


    My logic is quite clear our keeper has conceded 8 goals this season – Drop him.

    Give Ramsdale a chance.

    Is Leno not.droppable?

    Or you going to keep going on about him being the youngest keeper in the champions league?

    As far as I’m concerned Ramsdale deserves a start.

  25. Gbat


    ‘Why didn’t he replicate the same with Runnarsson?’

    You actually believe that all it takes is having a quality coach don’t you?

    I don’t believe what I wrote about Cana at all. I knew I’d get a clueless response.

  26. Nigel Tufnel

    Valentin, Dissenter, Tom,

    All the things you say MAY turn out to be correct.

    I’m pretty sure from what we’ve seen so far that Arteta is a lousy coach on technicals and personality, man management, possibly even talent evaluation…. hopefully not that last one especially, of course.

    I worry that I’m right, I just really hope that I’m wrong.

    You lot revel in the failures of not only the manager but the individual players, who have potential, and in many cases can succeed under a good coach.

    The midfield weakness still exists and that’s what bothers me most about our business, but I’m not gonna hate on the other signings (players) out of frustration. Just blame the decision makers.

    I’d like to say give the guys a chance, but you’ll all just mock the sentiment like the cool crowd that you are.

    At least I’ll be disappointed if we fail. You will all continue to enjoy the satisfaction of being right, as you have been so far.

    The majority of fans have welcomed guys like Ramsdale and White, even more so because they see how cretins online behave towards them. England team sent out congratulations to Ramsdales move for example because they really like him and wish him well, and they’ll hopefully consider him close to, or in the squad, because they like him enough as a player, and he seems to be a great kid, as many others think.

    Him signing his contract with his family and his grandfather’s ashes was the kind of thing that makes you cheer for a person when you see it.

    But not you cool football geniuses here.

  27. Dissenter

    People don’t realize that Inaki Cana ran Andy Woodman out of the club after Leno indicated that he preferred to train with that GK coach.
    Leno was never a great goalie in the mould of Cech but he was a very competent keeper when he joined Arsenal. He hasn’t progressed partly because the club are imposing a lump of a GK coach on him.

  28. Dissenter

    You’re bemoaning online abuse and hurling slurs likes “cretins” with the same breath
    You’ve used “haters” and ‘cretins” in the last hour

    Keep it up. You are one classy dude.

  29. Dissenter

    What do we have to lose
    They might as well throw in Ramsdale and let Leno leave in January
    Lets see how Ramsdale does under Inaki Cana and behind and every-changing back 4/5.

  30. CG


    ‘””””People don’t realize that Inaki Cana ran Andy Woodman out of the club after Leno indicated that he preferred to train with that GK coach.””‘

    The mind boggles that this man is still working at the club.

    Under his watch.

    Martinez sold for buttons.
    Runarsson signed.
    Leno collapse in form.
    Ramsdale with his x 3 relegations arrives.( 6th most expensive keeper)
    Ex cluh Brentford improve in his absence and get promoted.

    Just appoint Conte and all these idiots vanish overnight.

  31. Dissenter

    Wilian speaking to Brazilan media; ““I really thought a lot, together with my family and close people. Unfortunately, my time at Arsenal was not good, I wasn’t happy at the club”
    “I don’t need to go into details, but I wasn’t happy and I thought that returning to Brazil was the best option. I studied some other opportunities, but I wanted to return to Corinthians, to my home, to be close to my family. It’s the club that projected me to the world, revealed me. The right time to come back was this.”

    Don’t go into details ‘cos that will be a spoiler for the amazon prime series
    All the best to the fella since he left money on the table.

  32. Bob N16

    Ishola, I would be amazed if Arsenal go for a manager with no experience again for at least 20 years, charisma or not!

    Nigel T, I get a similar impression when I read the daily outpourings of the same posters who are down on the club. I can’t for the life of me understand the purpose of incessantly criticising our club. I’m not saying that right now a hell of a lot criticism is not due but to always see the negative and to post numerous daily posts is odd behaviour. Venting is understandable but making a daily ritual of it is a serious waste of time.

    All this stream of echoing negativity does is to suggest that those posters would rather Arsenal lose than win, just so they can be reassured that their constant diatribe has some sort of value. If you can’t support your club under the present regime, why post endlessly? Walk away, take a break, enjoy the rest of your life a bit- why put yourself through such misery?

  33. Ishola70

    He should have gone to Corinthians straight from Chelsea.

    That he is playing in Brazil after just one season at Arsenal tells all.

    And they gave him that long enough contract.

    Comedy club.

  34. Kroenkephobe

    Nigel T Is Pedro. Its a multiple personality disorder thing.

    Neither so-called Nigel nor Pedro will come on and deny this because they’re one and the same person. I find it extraordinary that this happens but to paraphrase Pierre’s favourite chihuahua headed former manager, I haven’t worked a day at the coalface of blogging so what do I know.

    Pedro = positive Pete = negative Nigel =Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnell.

  35. Nigel Tufnel


    Good advice to the haters here. The thing is… when you have that sort of personality and behaviour, you can’t really see it in yourself the way it’s obvious to others.

    They have found in each other here affirmation and a sort of pathetic kinship.

    They see they see the real dissenters here (like me and others) who honestly see many club problems, but try to support our players …as if we are the problem.

    It’s like that person with an eating disorder, looks in the mirror and thinks they’re obese, even though everyone can see they are skin and bones. Basically, they’ll never have an accurate view of themselves or their behaviour.

    Then the majority here criticize normal people and pat each other on the back. A bunch of miserable sods enabling each other.

  36. Tee

    “If Conte comes in (how I pray), he won’t want anything to do with White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Pepe etc.”

    Lol. Words on the marble from Conte’s pro.

    Waiting to read more interesting take from Conte’s team member

  37. Tom

    Nigel tufnails is a psychology major apparently as well.
    Was that professional opinion you’ve just given as a favor to fellow Arsenal supporters, or should I send you a check?

    News flash, assessing players performance in a match isn’t tantamount to wishing failure upon them………something I’ve never done btw in all my 22 years supporting Arsenal.

  38. tunnygriffboy

    Same 10/ 15 posters. Anti Arteta. To some it may feel anti Arsenal. I don’t believe that. I think they love the club

    Am I happy where we are. No.

    I do know that the young men who will be representing the club will be giving their all. They really need our support despite all other factors


  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    They are 11/2 normal circumstances they would be 12-20/1
    Arsenal are 1/2
    Good to lump if you think they will win

    50 back on a ton.

  40. Almuniasaynomore

    The Amazon film crew,as part of their production of the series “All or Nothing”, have been given unprecedented access to the inner workings of Arsenal football club. Today, the beautiful and astute presenter, Catherine Whitaker, has been given permission to tour Arsenal’s training facility at Colney,London. As a further promotional boost, Arsenal have allowed technical director,Edu, to accompany Catherine and her crew, providing valuable commentary and insight into the philosophy behind the club and how the facilities are central to establishing and maintaining the culture of the club.
    Resplendent in a trendy yet stylish navy skirt and blazer with a white blouse,Catherine’s beaming smile is the epitome of youthful exuberance. Yet her eyes contain an intelligence and determination that one would do well to recognise. Edu,in a black suit pants and white shirt looks tanned and healthy, from a distance. His eyes however betray him..he is tired,nervous perhaps. His smile is not quite natural.
    CW: (speaking to the camera)Good morning from a sunny and breezy Colney where this morning we will be taking an in depth,exclusive look at this incredible training facility that is available to Arsenal’s players, management and coaching staff. And as an extra treat I am delighted to say that we will be joined by none other than Arsenal technical director and legendary former player, one of the great invincibles…….Edu.
    (Camera switches to Edu,who unable to decide whether he should be addressing it or Catherine ends up repeating himself)
    Edu:( to camera) Hello….( to Catherine) Hello.
    CW:(The pair start walking side by side, with the cameraman in front so the viewer can see them both face on)First off Edu, can I just say wow! What a hugely impressive facility this is. How long has this been in place?
    Edu:Well,it has been here for a while now but we don’t really use numbers anymore. We feel they are too rigid, let’s not label things with facts or figures. The main thing is that it is here and we can train together here. That is what I want to see.
    CW:( somewhat confused, but professionally suppresses it). Ehm, ok. ( Points to a small shed) And what is over here? (Walks briskly towards the shed with camera crew in tow. Edu follows,unenthusiastically).
    Edu:That’s just the boot room, we send the young trainees in there to clean the senior players’ boots. All part of becoming a pro. Really, there’s nothing to see there!
    ( Edu’s words go unheeded as the door is opened to reveal Eddie Nketiah, Gabby Martinelli and AMN on their knees surrounded by dirty boots. Each has a chain attached to their ankle,at the end of which is an iron football)
    CW: What the…..?
    Edu: ( In a ridiculously high pitched voice) Oh, ha ha ha I see you’ve stumbled on one of our little jokes. Pretending the boys are stuck here,we have such camaraderie at this club.
    CW: But they don’t look to be having fun.(The camera zooms in on AMN whose eyes plead for help)
    Edu:(Physically pushing the crew out)Come on now, plenty more to see,let’s go.( AMN grabs him by the ankle as Edu prepares to leave)
    AMN: (Croaks) Please, at least give us our phones.
    Edu: (Whispers) Stay strong my friends. Help is always available at Colney to those who ask for it.
    AMN: But what about him? (Points to a filthy figure asleep under a pile of rags)
    Edu: Marc? His fate is not in my hands. When he wakes tell him the process is failing. It will give him strength.
    (Edu leaves and runs to catch up with the crew who have found the medical centre).
    CW: ( Turning to Edu) My word,what an incredible sight this is. State of the art. (Points to the three teenagers in the white garb of physiotherapists.) Is it some kind of open day for local schools?
    Edu:Oh no, they are our three senior physiotherapists.
    CW: Senior? But they are barely adults. They are,at best,novices.
    Edu: Yes, here at Arsenal we believe in giving novices opportunities to work at the highest level. That boy there with the acne has spent the last year working with Thomas Partey. And that girl with the pigtails and braces is responsible for Kieran Tierney. The other girl is currently advising our players on the vaccine.
    CW: But these are multi million pound assets!! You’re putting them into the hands of inexperienced beginners!
    Edu: True, and there may well be mistakes starting off,but we believe that sometime in the future they will become excellent physios and despite all the players, matches and money we will have lost, it will have been worth it.
    CW:(Totally bemused) Really?? That’s the policy of one of Europe’s top clubs? How long before this pays off.
    Edu: (Smiles and wags a finger at her) Now,now, I’ve already explained we don’t do that numbers thing. It puts undue pressure on people. We prefer to think of it as a beautiful possibility. Why don’t we move on to our new state of the art gym next door. Careful now,don’t go in.
    (The camera crew have gone ahead and are filming a most unusual sight. A huge room, with massive glass panels in place of walls, has hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment hanging from it’s ceiling, held in place by suspension cables. Below, where the floor should have been,was a hole of incalculable depth)
    CW: What in the name of ………???????
    Edu:( Totally misunderstanding) Wonderful isn’t it? We got word last year that the floor needed to be taken up and totally relaid. So we decided to take the opportunity to upgrade. We took out the walls and replaced them with this new flexi glass, allowing the light to create a spacious and illuminative ambience,ideal for exercising. Expensive too, 200 grand. Then we invested in the best gym equipment money can buy, dual adjustable pulleys,bolt strength functional trainers,weight cages,the lot, 500 grand.The envy of every club in England.
    CW: But it’s out of use?
    Edu: Yeah, we still have to fix the floor.
    CW: And what will that cost?
    Edu: 10 grand. But our budget is spent. We’re going to do that next year.
    CW: (Shaking her head) What’s this room here for?
    Edu: Oh, that’s the office,the management use that to talk tactics,team selections and so forth. We could have a coffee if you like.
    CW: Love one.
    (The cameras enter a room that is in pristine condition, whiteboards,monitors, laptops, a desk overturned, and several chairs.)
    May I ask why the desk is like that?
    Edu: (a hint of embarrassment) It’s just one of the boss’s little idiosyncrasies. He has ordered that all tables must be turned upside down until further notice. Best to humour him in things like this.
    CW: Fascinating. And that? How many players called Tierney do you have? ( the camera identifies a whiteboard with a big oval drawn at it’s centre. The name Tierney is scrawled at various points around it.)
    Edu: Oh that’s just a particular tactic the boss is working on, top secret that one, can’t really tell you more.
    CW: Of course…..well perhaps we should take a break for lunch and meet back here around 2?
    Edu: Ah, yes, ehm,perhaps you could ring me when you are ready? We don’t really do time, it’s a false social construct really, so limiting.
    CW:( Raising her eyebrows) Ok then. Can I have your phone number?( Sees Edu beginning to shake his head at the mention of numbers) Oh fucking forget it!

  41. Nigel Tufnel

    I have learned something from you and the people who do these long fictional conversation comments..



    I can’t scroll fast enough.

  42. Nigel Tufnel

    The people who compliment you, not because you are witty, but only because you validate them by ridiculing the people they hate. I guess that passes for entertainment for some.

    Try Vigil. Pretty good series, or Grace.

  43. Words on a blog

    Nigel Tufnel: a legend in his own lunchtime, which he has on his own at his desk, staring at the screen in rage or in confusion.

    Two pieces of white bread, a slice of ham, and a slither of processed cheese, curling at the edge.

  44. China1

    I’m thankful Willian didn’t take the money but honestly I find his negativity a bit bemusing because he himself played poorly, he himself broke the non-negotiables and he himself came back to preseason wildly overweight for a footballer

    He can give over with this woe is me BS implying the club let him down or whatever. He let himself down just as much

  45. China1

    People talking about learning curves for a young manager have completely missed the point

    Because this argument holds water only if there are clear signs of the manager actually ‘learning’ and improving.

    If arteta makes rookie mistakes but in the weeks following we see him tidying up, sure. When has that ever happened tho? We are worse now than we were last season. We were worse last season than the first 6 months he joined. He’s gone in reverse…

    It’s only a learning curve if you are actually learning

  46. China1

    Seriously every time Willian and his agent make out he got let down by the club my reaction is what is his excuse for playing so badly when Saka as a little boy playing in the same position was our player of the season and put the team on his back. What’s Williams excuse? The whole reason we signed this old head was to lead the team forward with experience. He provided zero leadership, flaunted the rules and took the piss with his fat gut. On top of that he played like shit. Meanwhile it was Saka the baby who put the team on his back and put in MOTM performances on the regular.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Willian. Since he’s taken so much flack I think he’s decided that by leaving money on the table he can pretend to take the high ground and talk down to the club but the truth is he is as guilty as anyone

  47. Dissenter

    The fact that he left money on the table may suggest that he regretted leaving Chelsea. He’s next door to his former team, one year after his exit as they went on to win another CL trophy.

  48. Tony

    Really light news day again

    Saliba is doing well at Marseilles proving Arteta wrong yet again.

    Arteta says he has no leaders in his squad. I mean who’d want to take the roll as leader with Arteta barking orders from rage side line? The regularity that Arteta throws players under a bus or includes them in the growing non-negotiables bin away from there club.

    Why would a leader risk Arteta’s ire?

    Looks like Lokonga and Partey could run the MF Saturday as Partey is in full training.

    Other than above nothing really worth talking about from me.

    Have a good day or sleep Grovers.

  49. Tony

    K’phobe looks like Pedro-Pete got the idea from Don and his multi personalities/monikers.

    Don really needed help but Pedro there’s no hope to do it when you know you’re doing it. It’s all part of Arteta PTSD at the moment.

    You wait for the postpartum after his baby Arteta is fired, Pedro might only keep the AKBs and bin the real supporters.

    They could start up a company: Le-Grove plastics.

  50. Tony

    Bertie Mee
    I understand your reaction to what looks to you as loutish uneducated behavior when people here are in full banter mode – a word not from your generation. My father was late 80s before he died, so I have a good understanding of your generation’s thinking of acceptable l behavior.

    I’m 66 very soon so certain things from those in their 20s to late 30s leave me wondering why they say or do things, but not with the angst you seem to portray here. The silliest games played here are the posters who decide to play the role of multiple posters to get their points won.

    It always amazes me because what do they win? The alpha feeling for 5 minutes? Bragging rights with their cats? Then there is the trolling. Stupid is as stupid does with trolling and trolling in multiple guises. Something you and I hadn’t heard of in our younger days.

    Bertie, I think you need to learn to skim or just read posters you enjoy communicating with. It’s what I do, and I always read your posts and recollections other than the bitter complaining ones as they just bring me down as much as the village idiots we have here do., So I skip them.

    The other problem as I’m sure as you’re aware is that since around 2009 the fans have been split into 2 groups the AKBs and the WOBs. I was a latter, because Wenger had given his best by then, but I’ve got behind Emery (one season) and Aetata (Up until he sold Emi)

    This split fanbase won’t change until we have a manager we can all get behind. Conte, Ten Hag et al will unite the fans and things will go back to supporters happy together ala peak Wenger days and GG etc.

    You talk about the younger fans badly, but what of your views and those of ES? Can it be that you both probably of similar age, are also of the same views. I can assure you, you are different and far more interesting.

    One is a pompous ass who talks down to everyone thinking he’s the all seeing and all knowing and pretty good at trolling and flip flopping his POVs to be seen to be in with the righteous of the time.

    Then there is you, Bertie: one of the old guard many younger people, such as me, probably China and others who enjoy your posts of nostalgic football recollections and interesting thoughts for the here, no and future.

    Since Wenger was despatched all I’ve wanted is for the fans too unite with a manager that has the right vision and elite CV, a club like ours merits for its legendary history and size.

    It’s your choice which posters you read, Bertie.


  51. Gonsterous

    Why all the gloom and doom guys? Without xhaka, guaranteed 3 points against Norwich.

    Then we’ll have arteta and pedro explain that the season has officially started. I’m guessing we’ll have a nice September till end of October form table to show why arteta needs more time.

    And round and round, it goes. Looking forward to being a mid table side. I’m told New experiences are good for the soul

  52. Tony

    Gons, behave you’re tempting fate with the euphemism guaranteed 3 points.

    Anyway we all know the season starts in the New Year. Didn’t you get the memo?

  53. Mee

    Spot on. Arteta never learns.
    Remember when he went with Partey as a lone CM in the Europa Semis? This season, he decides to double down on his dumbness and play Xhaka lone CM vs Man City. Remember the Martinez catasrophe? Now watch him let Leno leave and lumber us with the relegator. I am not ruling out a return of the false nine either. Xhaka will return to the starting 11 and captaincy ASAP regardless of form, opposition or any other metric relevant for performance. The GK coach who recommended Runarsson is still in a job and possibly behind the Ramsdale recco. You can bet that soon enough, Arteta will be going on about how he needs another defender. He will say I hate excuses every time he is about to go on a long tirade of how “unprecedented” random stuff has been. He will play Auba on the wing despite it being obvious it doesn’t work. He will never stop shouting at players even now when stadiums are full.

    The guy is in an endless spiral of eating his own vomit and hoping it stays down.

  54. NWM


    “Inaki Cana is responsible for turning Martinez into the keeper he is.”

    If he performed this miracle with Martinez in three months, why isn’t Leno a better goalkeeper?