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Arsenal head into deadline day evening with quite a lot of things moving in the transfer window.

The biggest story yesterday was the botched PR of Ainsley Maitland-Niles. This is another superb example of what a lack of leadership does at a club.

Long and short. Mikel Arteta and Edu have fallen out, so there’s no clarity in the system. Ainsley complained last summer that no one talked to him, clearly, once again, he didn’t have a clue what was going on with his future… then he exploded the situation by telling the world he wasn’t wanted at Arsenal.

David Ornstein piled on by stating that Ainsley had told the club he was willing to fight for a full back position.

Arsenal fans blew a gasket, rightly so…

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Poor treatment of a young player we all like
  3. A young player not ‘developed’ because something isn’t perfect in his make-up
  4. An older, far worse player, given minutes over a player that won an FA Cup at right-back
  5. A player showing remorse and committing to full back, a coach not having it in him to forgive.

Arse&Nose, a longtime Grover, commented yesterday that Arteta is the type of character that is abundant in technical jobs. Supremely talented, but totally lacking in social EQ. Transactional people don’t last in business. All that bullshit you see on The Apprentice doesn’t fly IRL, unless you are really, really at the top of your game. If you are not liked, it’s hard to rally teams. If you can’t rally teams, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you are doomed to fail at leadership.

Ainsley will likely leave later today because we have totally botched how we treated him… and now he’s crossed a manager digitally and we know Arteta doesn’t have the maturity to let that fly.

Hector Bellerin did leave the club, he’s going to Real Betis. Good luck to him. He’s wanted an exit all summer. The player didn’t really kick on over the last few years. Injuries and maybe a lack of focus on his football led to a summer where no one really wanted him. I love him, I think he’s an incredible role model, but this is good for all parties.

The strongest likelihood is that we’re going to sign Takehiro Tomiyasu. Adam Voge, Head of Analytics at Le Grove, has this thread on him.

It reads like the choice of this right back is fully on Arteta, so we’ll see how that goes.

Topline, he’s very tall at 6ft 2. Suspect that’s strategic with Ben White lacking height. The player doesn’t really get beaten on one vs one’s. He’s a good passer of the ball, though his attacking numbers are bland, but that is probably more driven by the system he plays in. He’s good a pressing, he’s safe on the ball, he’s there to play that inverted RB position.

Who knows if he’ll be any good, but at 22, we’ve made a big bet… and can it be any worse than Soares? Hard to imagine that.

Willian also exited the club. This is another fascinating story. Mikel Arteta drove that transfer through and Kia is on the radio making sure everyone knows that. Why? He’s protecting Edu because he knows his client has his job being scrutinised. Also, he knows Arteta isn’t going to own that error because that’s not who he is.

We hoped the Kia commentary was going to stop this summer. Edu spent time with him on a yacht, now he’s letting him flame a manager he hired in the press. Very poor. I don’t expect Vinai to have any control over anything, but I hoped Tim Lewis was going to have some ability to influence the shambles at Arsenal. What have we seen for him? Where is the ruthlessness shown to Don Raul from last summer?

  • There have been zero consequences for last season
  • There have been no significant changes in the backroom, bar Arteta being afforded more power
  • There have been no technical changes

Tim Lewis is supposed to be eyes and ears at the training ground… is he just watching and listening, because I see very little action?

You can’t imagine that KSE, with their hands-off approach, can allow this summer to pass without some sort of staffing implication. Everyone at Arsenal knows this is dire, they’re all leaking to sources based on which faction they are part of. It’s so shoddy.

We lack experience at every level. It’s time to change things up. There has to be some fresh ideas and we have to have people in the organisation that can reduce the factions and cliques and get a grip of the club.

That brings me to the final topic.

Michael Edwards, the brains behind the Liverpool rebirth, has handed in his resignation at Liverpool and will be leaving at the end of the season.

He is a top 5 Technical Director in the world. He’s from the south coast of England. He is likely a free agent, because if he had taken a job elsewhere, there’s just no way Liverpool would make him spend 8 months on notice.

If there is a chance, Arsenal should do absolutely everything in their power to bring him into the fold.

This is the guy that ran numbers on Klopp’s last season at Dortmund and ascertained he was the unluckiest manager in football that season, so Fenway hired him.

He sanctioned the Coutinho sale and all the signings that followed.

He’s the guy that sold Rhian Brewster for £18m.

He’s a data genius. He’s still pretty young. He absolutely tops anything we have internally. We should be making moves for him.

People are telling me he’s going to Real Madrid. I have no idea about that. But what I would say is this: why?

Florentino Perez is the Sporting Director and always will be.

You will NEVER how power when you work with a King, and if you start to accrue too much sway, you will lose your head.

How can you truly have an impact at Madrid? They’ve done it all.

Spain is a dead league. There’s no money there. All their superstars have left.

Arsenal, now there’s a project for an ambitious leader.

We are at rock bottom, literally, and metaphorically.

… but that’s only to the emotional eye.

We have a young vibrant squad of players that are far, far better than people give credit to.

We have an elite academy producing a steady flow of gems.

We are a sleeping GIANT of a club.

Our owners, love them or hate them, spray money at their biggest portfolio problem.

The leadership group is the youngest in the league and they are all tanking.

Imagine the power someone who could actually do things could amass in this system.

Michael Edwards is exiting Liverpool because there’s a king there now and he wants control over Liverpool’s impending rebuild. Edwards is ducking out at a perceived peak, just like Fergie did at United.

Arsenal should move on him. There’s nowhere else for him to go in London. We are the club with the lowest bar and the biggest opportunity. This is the biggest staffing opp since we passed on Klopp back in 2014. We cannot let this pass.

Put him above Edu. It’s clear he’s not ready to be the face of our Technical side, just search #BBQinstagram if need a proof point on that, but he has some qualities, because he’s pulled off deals this summer.

Put him above Arteta. Let him see what is going on at the training ground. Let him understand our problems, identify the strengths, then make a decision on what to do about the future direction of the club.

… because I repeat. Changing the manager does not change the systemic problems at Arsenal.

Southampton sacked Nigel Adkins for Pochettino because they recognised elite talent. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions because a huge opportunity comes your way. If we had proper leadership, we would have been having conversations about our Technical issues way before we started to leak stories to the press. Arsenal should be ruthless and fix the mess of this summer. There needs to be a change, because things are out of control at Arsenal and there is no experience that can be relied on. Edu has no power, Arteta has too much, Vinai is absent… this can’t go on forever.

Anyway, podcast later. See you in the comments.



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  1. Ishola70

    Guns of SF
    “Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, Smiths, Bauhaus, The Cult, Depeche mode, New Order,Digging deeper. The Clash, Sex Pistols, Joy Divison”

    Bauhaus and Joy Division were tough.

    You would probably like Punk Blues looking at that list.

    The album by The Gun Club – Fire Of Love is one of the best albums of the 80s.

    In fact Punk Blues is a great genre to look through as there are more obscure bands that did some very good stuff when we talk about punk music.

    The Cult had a great lead vocalist Astbury but I thought a lot of their tracks are a bit samey and don’t stand out. For me their self titled album from 1994 is their best album. Harder than their others.

  2. Guns of SF

    Emery was a ball of nerves constantly and sometimes overthinking things… tweaking when it might not have been necessary.
    I do admire him having the courage to do many things AW did not.
    Take on Ozil and not show favoritism to anyone…
    Xhaka etc.
    Playing Saka more, martinelli too
    Being open to new things…
    Pushing Ozil hard to perform

    The fella tried… but in the end the team was exhausted and to some extent I also think they let Emery down. We need 3 points from our last few games and could not get a win… that was when the cracks were wide open. the EL Loss was just more cracks…

    Im glad for him though winning the EL. What a comeback story.

  3. Guns of SF

    Yea I like the album LOVE. very dark, native american inspired themes. and of course cranking Electric- that was a good one too.
    I liked many bands back then. Lucky to see Janes Addiction live before they busted up… then Porno for Pyros in Mexico… a wild show that was…
    The good old days I tell ya… music now aint the same

  4. SAGG


    Yeah, there is no plan. Josh only hope is Arteta (wants to prove he is capable) and Stan dreams with have Wenger back, Vinai is a non entity.

    Guns of SF

    Yeah that was my source told me. Emirates need to be extremely toxic to make things happen.

  5. Ishola70

    Over-rated artists.

    Janis Joplin

    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden only put out really one good song. The Prowler which they did in 1980.

    Under-rated tracks Dragon Attack by Queen.

    I’m going through Blues Hard Rock of the 70s and boy what a time for heavy tracks. So much more than just Led Zeppelin.

  6. Batistuta


    It’ll always be either Giroud or Ibrahimovic. Don’t see how they both start the game but I’m glad we have those options. Giroud is gonna bang a lot of them in for us, and I’m super glad we got to keep Tomori and Theo Hernandez.

    Think that’s the only place I’m looking for any joy this season as Arsenal under Arteta are just gabbage and the fact he’s still here pretending to have a clue he knows what he’s doing is really incredible, never in world football has that been the case that a rookie manager showing absolutely no promise gets to keep his job this long so basically just taking a deserved break from all things Arsenal or at least I’ll try to, hard when it’s a club you love and will still always want to win but there’s just apathy now

  7. Guns of SF

    I love Maiden…! All their 80s albums… Powerslave, Piece of Mind etc.
    Also Judas Priest… was cranking Screaming for Vengeance when at the gym the other day.
    You know the 80s were only pop/ new wave and metal… I liked groups from all genres….
    80s metal – love it!

  8. MidwestGun

    Smithereens, REM, Talking Heads…Smiths were all on any respectable mix tape in the 80’s.
    But at that time.. I was heavily into the Blues … Muddy, Johnny Winters, SRV, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon, Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor, Professor Longhair,Son House, Sunnyland Slim.. the list is endless really .
    and any Blues based Rock. Stones, , Clapton, Allman Bros, Hendrix, Zeppelin of course.
    Reason being I lived along the Mississippi river tour.. from Chicago to St Louis and New Orleans and you could still see a lot of the old Blues guys were still alive.

    They should teach this in University now…. Kids today … not a clue. *He says in old man voice*.

  9. Ishola70

    Under rated artists

    Adam And The Ants

    Too many people associate Adam And The Ants with their second album with songs such as Stand and Deliver. Pop trash.

    Their first album Kings of The Wild Frontier was punk.

    Their other early tracks were punk.

  10. Guns of SF

    Suddenly Slayer popped up in my Itunes Radio … that group was something else. Death Metal
    Reign in Blood… the guitar riffs in that song are sick

  11. Kroenkephobe

    Tony and Guns
    Some great musical nostalgia there. I was wandering around Lidl’s (all lost in a supermarket as the song goes) and came across this old lady staring at me – I realised I’d been singing that song ‘the cutter’ by Echo and the Bunnymen practically at the top of my voice. Either Arteta is driving me nuts or I need sectioning.

    Delia is a certified arse too. Maybe we could do a top 5 of nauseating TV chefs. I remember that time she was pissed as a rat and got on the pa and Norwich at half time and shouted ‘let’s be aving yer’ in her mockney accent.

    Terrible, profligate window. The Kroenkes absolutely give the lie to the idea that billionaires are intelligent, canny and decisive people. They’re spunking away their fortune on franchises full of overpaid and underperforming parasites. Fuck ’em.

  12. Ishola70


    You see I don’t like Judas Priest either.

    I think it’s because even though I appreciate their riffs which are great especially Judas I don’t rate the vocals.

    I like both to be on point. Riff and vocals.

    Each to their own though obviously.

  13. China1

    Pulse DVD? Sublime taste.

    I assume you’ve also listened to roger waters solo stuff? Some great work in there

    In Bristol I used to get my basses set up at a place at the back of broadmead. About 10 years ago the luthier who worked there told me he’d bought up a crazy amount of something really specific, I forget what, solder maybe???. He’d managed to get the original stuff that was used in 60s and 70s fender instruments. He also got himself a helicopter license and told me the demand from top end musicians was actually there to justify flying his helicopter to venues at short notice to help fix up any guitar issues encountered in the 1 or 2 days before a major gig and they were fussy enough about authenticity to be willing to pay a fortune in many cases for that classic solder (or whatever it was I forget).

    Guy told me he was called out this way once to sort out one of Dave Gilmour’s strats.

    What a story!

    I asked him what he’s like and he told me ‘disappointing’ 😂😂😂😂

  14. Ishola70


    The Misfits.

    Top notch.

    Now the Misfits are samey their tracks but no-one should care about that because they are so punk and great.

    It’s quite funny seeing some people’s reaction on youtube to the Misfits track – One Last Caress.

  15. Guns of SF

    Warning this is not for the weak ….lol.. I love the riffs in this song. makes you want to bench press 200lbs at the gym but you cant quite do it… but still…

  16. Kroenkephobe

    Hoist the Jolly Roger on that one mate. That first album was fantastic. The drum sound combined with the lyrics and the clothes. And insects!

    Stan is a tragedy
    Fake nobility
    The wank Kroenke family!

  17. China1

    I also enrolled at a music school (tho cancelled my admission and went to uni instead in the end) and when I finished my interview the course leader asked me what kinda music I’m into as my bass playing style was slightly unusual. I told him I like tones of stuff but mentioned Frankie Goes to Hollywood as one of them.

    This guy’s eyes light up and he tells me he once got punched in the face by the lead singer of FGTH because he unknowingly tried to dance with the singers girlfriend at a nightclub a few decades back 😂😂

  18. MidwestGun

    Thanks Guns… Yes I loved that dude. Miss SRV. Saw him in concert at least a dozen times. Best one was at some State fair .. can’t remember which one.. But I had track tickets which meant you stood on the dirt track in front of the stage.. general admission.

    Anyhow.. it started raining like crazy .. and instead of stopping … He immediately Breaks into Texas Flood and Sky is Crying…. lightening and wind was crashing down … He could have got electrocuted but about a thousand of us were standing knee deep in mud and water … and it was unforgettable.

  19. Ishola70

    Liverpool and Man United meeting in the 80s meant trouble. Nasty trouble between the fans. Footage is of Manchester lot going to Liverpool

    And what better song than two tribes by Frankie’s lot. Their best track they made imo

  20. NORG


    Always good to see music reminders of yesteryear being posted. A friend of mine knew Robbie from his Romping Ronnie Hawkins days in ‘Trona’.

    My favourite has to be Pantomime 4%.

  21. Tony


    Thanks for that I had to look it up s my collection is from 67 to date.

    The Band was a muso”s band as you’d expect with the wealth of talent playing.

    Robbie’s productions are audiophile levels. The further up the pure sound ladder you go, the more you can see where productions have let the song down. Largely down to poor acoustics, mics or a committee not letting the producer do what he was being paid for. Those make for very toxic atmospheres.

    I’ll look into pre 67 for Robbie when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up.

    I had best intensions to listen to Pink Floyd but my eye got caught on a new for me Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary of their earliest recordings of the guys as kids. Brilliantly told with the whole band and new band after the crash.

    Football and music was my life’s interests in the 60s onwards. 66 and nothing’s changed really, just wiser sometimes.

  22. China1

    I’m not a fan of much 60s music but

    70s had loads of great stuff. So much great disco, funk, prog rock
    80s had phenomenal pop and prog rock, plus the legendary power ballads
    90s with great hip hop and trip hop (Bristol was blessed with massive attack and portishead from just down the road), some good rock as well

    2000s not a huge amount that I like but Ibiza club anthems were pretty awesome.

    2010s EDM