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Mikel Arteta and Arsenal fans entered a new phase in the relationship which usually spells the end.


Arsenal put on such a bad performance, it was hard to feel anything for the day.

You could have sympathy for the situation if you didn’t have the wider context of what’s been going on at Arsenal. The team started brightly, the system looked interesting and it had City a little bit on the back foot in a way we’ve not seen before. The players looked comfortable, we were moving the ball well… then BANG.

An extremely hopeful ball into the box, Bernd Leno doesn’t come and claim it despite it being 6 yards out, Cal Chambers makes a total hash of the situation, City go 1 up from one chance.

It didn’t take too long for the next error to arrive, a poor cross into the box evades our right back and Xhaka and finds its way into the back of the next. Basically two shots on target and two goals.

What next? The most predictable thing ever. Granit Xhaka is rightly upset the game plan has been destroyed by shoddy errors, so what does he do? He Granit’s hard with a lunging tackle. No one can say we didn’t see it coming, he’s dropped this challenge already this season and gotten away with it. It was a nice touch to see Arteta pat him on the shoulder after this reckless move.

That bit of dimness killed the game. We had no chance. I don’t really care what happened after that because we couldn’t recover with peak-Wenger in charge.

Arsenal shouldn’t be making errors like this. Our games shouldn’t be decided this way. But it’s now a pattern.

How can you feel sorry for a coach that is at the very centre of these issues?

We are game three of the season. I have rationalised William Saliba taking a loan. Then Arteta rolls against the Champions with Kolasinac in central defence. A player that is a shite left back, who is known for not being comfortable on the big occasions, who we are trying to terminate as we speak.

Unspeakable negligence.

Dropping Pablo Mari was the right decision, but how are we here? We knew the Spanish centre-back was ropey last season. Arteta spent a whole summer watching him. Decided he was better than Saliba. Now he’s getting dropped for a left-back in a mega away game? It’s unspeakable what that says about his decision-making and talent ID. It might be a bit rash to suggest Saliba was best placed staying here, but honestly, if Kola is getting games above Mari, how can anyone deny loaning a 6ft 4 ball playing center-back was a shrewd move? The coach is either a bad judge of players he’s watching on the daily, or he’s being extremely petty about the Frenchman. Today, I stand with the Saliba Ultras. They are now officially right on this topic.

We don’t know who our best right-back is, but we absolutely know who the worst one is. Another game of clarity for Soares. How is he still landing game time? Why wouldn’t Arteta just make life easy for himself and play a fan favourite in Ainsley? He’s more mobile, he’s a big-game player, and he’s done it against City in the past. It’s unfathomable.

Then we move onto Bernd Leno. His start to the season has been poor, the club knows he doesn’t want to be here, and it showed again. He let himself be pinned vs Brentford because he doesn’t care, then he let that cross sail over him because he’s not focused. Where were the consequences for the keeping coach that crashed his form? Nowhere to be seen. We’ve added Ramsdale to the mixer, what is going to happen there? At least we know he’d have come for that cross.

The Granit thing is a blessing. Why? Well, we’d lost the game already, now we will absolutely spend the next 3 games watching Sambi and Partey save our season. That’s great news. But my word, Arteta dying on the Granit hill is a sight to behold. We know he’s a good player, but we also know he does shit like that. Who said Ruben Neves was the same player? We missed out there. I think Arse & Nose on Twitter said Granit reflects more than a player, he’s the vibe of our own club, the reward of average service just because.

You can’t progress a team if you make errors like we make under Arteta. You can’t move forward if you don’t sell people that always let you down. You can’t progress under a manager that is buried in the doom of his own bad decisions.

This is end of days stuff. If there’s not a massive improvement in the next phase of the season, he’s going to be out on his arse. Many of us could have taken a loss today, but it needed to be glorious failure, not painful schadenfreude. Mesut Ozil mocking the process? My word. What a low.

5-0 to City is appalling. Bottom of the table after 3 games is a stain. Not registering a shot is pathetic. Scoring zero goals is P45 stuff.

But what is the next step?

Are you going to trust the CEO who promoted Arteta after 6 months?

Are you going to trust the Technical Director that was demoted and stripped of powers? The guy hitting the BBQ after loses? Hanging on a boat with shady agents and execs? The guy being leaked against as good for the chop? That’d be madness.

This is extremely worrying on so many levels. There’s no simple fix. You can’t put a manager into a power vacuum, because even the best need a functioning structure. We don’t have it at the moment. Too many big positions need changing and I’m not sure we have the sharpest people to shape them.

We deserve better.

What a horrendous way to head into the break.

More thoughts tomorrow.

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  1. salparadisenyc

    Owners not pulling the correct over site in June on previous season and rebooting has killed this season, nothing decisive about anyone up top in this club.

    They let Wenger run riot missing out on Pep, Klopp and Tuchel then utterly botched his replacement on two attempts.

    Invited Raul into the party who lathered himself up with animal grease and treated it like an Ibizan week out (see Pepe). Then somehow thought it a good idea to keep the man he put in place around to spend £140m this summer on a defender and depth (barring Øde). Really doesn’t take a genius to figure out Arsenal are playing single fixture weeks and the ultimate goal had to be affecting starting XI to maximum to claw back up.

  2. Danny Morales salazar

    Our downfall began when we traded quality for profits. Our squad was filled with top draw ballers who were attracted by Wengers midas touch and Henry et al. Once we began selling our prized assets and achieving top 4 using the bare minimum we put our backs against the wall. Yes the profit vs investment was great in the short run but long term it was a fallacy. They have spent millions with 0 or even minus return since then.

    The solution-

    Hiring an experienced coach that has a strategy for every scenario. Hiring players that fit a high performing criteria (skill, pace, IQ). Removing the handbrake from selling at the right time.

    Most importantly we need to build a competent midfield. I would rather have Tavares Lokonga Bissouma Partey M-niles in a midfield 5 protecting our fragile back 4 Tierney Gabriel White Cedric and countering with Auba. Yes its not pretty but their would be a balance in attack/vs defence plus recovery pace. Once we have the lead we can unleash Saka and Pepe for Tavares and Mniles.

    It was laughable that we had Xhaka who can’t defend or tackle along with odegard in the middle of the field. We need 3 powerhouse midfielders if we are gona stop the rot.

  3. Peckobill

    Changing the owners , board or DOF into competent people all result in the same thing . Any with some nous sack arteta anyway so just sack him . The window is about to close ,nothing a owner or a DOF can do then to stop arteta’s incompetency. We can for the immediate only stop the rot on the pitch that starts with replacing arteta .

    Arteta has to undoubtedly make top 4 because a second full season into his job is exactly what he should be doing at a club the size of arsenal , any other club would demand that of our size .

    Trying to use the adage if people saying he should get top 4 and also saying the squad isn’t good enough is a poor escape clause for arteta because it’s a squad of HIS making . Either he’s not fit for purpose to coach them or he’s not fit to squad build .

    GK’s –
    Chose Leno over emi – his choice
    Ramsdale – his buy

    Defence –
    Soares, turned his loan to a permanent deal- his choice
    AMN , turned down 20 mill , his choice
    Bell, sure there was a bid for him in arteta’s first window turned down , his choice
    White , his buy
    Holding , turned down Newcastle move , his choice
    Mari, turned loan to perm , his choice
    Gabi, his buy
    Saliba , his choice to send him packing
    KT, no problem there
    Tavares , his buy

    Partey , his buy
    Xhaka, turned down two bids in two separate windows and extends , his choice
    Mo, keeps him around , his choice
    Lakonga, his buy
    Willock , accepts bid , his choice

    ESR, no problem but if he wanted a now player turned down a bid , his choice
    Saka , no problem
    Ode, his buy
    Auba , extended , his choice
    Ballogan, extended his choice

    His squad to deem good enough and target should always be at least top 4

    Coaching or squad issues all come back to his doing and his problem

  4. TR7


    Arsenal should have a committee of select former players overseeing all the footballing matters such as appointment of new managers, technical directors, coordinating with the manager to decide who to buy and who to sell. We don’t need to make wholesale changes, ensuring a few people from the field of football take all the footballing decisions at the club should be enough. Imagine having a committee of Bergkamp, Keown, Wright and Nigel Winterburn overseeing all the footballing matters.

  5. G8

    I wonder where is all Nuno superagnts connection @ spurs..🤔
    Re signing that Portouguse fella Deli Ali smells rotten !
    Jorge Mendes should be investigated!

  6. Champagne Charlie


    Agree. The club has two halves, on-pitch success and off-pitch health. We’re failing at both.

    My argument is that fixing the health of the football club should be our priority, and it’ll inevitably fix the other side. I don’t for a second believe the reverse to be true.

    Brenda comes and gets a shit ton more out the squad than we’re currently seeing, but that’ll paper the cracks and the rot will remain behind the scenes which would only serve to threaten any good he’d likely do. Club needs a full reset, and it has to get it right.

  7. TR7


    What I mean to say is our owners don’t have to be as involved in day to day affairs like Roman or Daniel Levy. They can delegate their work to the right people and it will be all fine.

  8. Buffalo

    we are so far away from being competitive with the big boys it’s laughable.
    a total mess of a club, except financially for Stan.
    years of utter drivel ahead – straight out of the Stan sports franchise textbook
    Arteta can go but it makes zero difference unless Stan follows.
    Hopefully rumours about a takeover next year are true.
    The Xhaka thing sums up our club – average player, appalling discipline, zero accountability, most fans loathe him. Club solution – new contract

  9. Receding Hairline

    Imagine having a committee of Bergkamp, Keown, Wright and Nigel Winterburn overseeing all the footballing matters.”

    This is a disaster. Too many cooks

    Just get a competent Technical director with a track record of building good sides.

  10. CG


    “””Until the Kroenke’s get the appointments right off the pitch they are failing Arsenal.””””

    Crikey, when will supporters learn.

    Only 1 manager can manage Arsenal competently WHILST KSE ARE OWNERS.

    A. Wenger.

    Why do you think he stayed so long – he knew what was coming down the line with gormless Josh and Co. in charge.

    Conte , off course would be a brilliant appointment.
    But you think he wont be throttling Vinny by his 3rd day or telling the Amazon Prime cameras to piss off after a defeat.

  11. Champagne Charlie


    I’m an advocate of competence being the deciding factor in those roles, I’m not convinced by any of their credentials except Bergkamp for his involvement at Ajax. Being an ex-pro isn’t qualification enough for me.

    Football is a business, there’s brilliant business people out there making all the right decisions at clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Leicester, Dortmund, Leipzig. Not sure it’s a matter of creating a panel of ex players.

    Stan, The board, Edu, Vinai, Josh, Garlick, Arteta

    Are these people competent enough in their respective roles to deliver a unified excellence we recognise as Arsenal FC? Very difficult to argue they are.

  12. InsideRight

    A mate of mine asked why I want Arteta out and don’t want to give him more time.

    He’s spent £200m.
    He’s had 4 transfer windows.
    He led us to 8th in his first half season.
    He led us to 8th last season.
    The quality of the performances has gone down.
    The results have got worse.
    We are breaking negative records, including worst start in 118 years.
    We have conceded 9 goals in 3 games and not scored once.
    We are bottom of the table.

    This isn’t a process that is working. The sum we are getting is less than the total of the parts. The longer Arteta gets the worse things seem to become. The Kronkeys (sic) have facilitated all of it. They share the blame with the Basque Blagger.

    Arteta Out. Kroenkes out.

  13. Moray

    He’s spent £200m.
    He’s had 4 transfer windows.
    He led us to 8th in his first half season.
    He led us to 8th last season.
    The quality of the performances has gone down.
    The results have got worse.
    We are breaking negative records, including worst start in 118 years.
    We have conceded 9 goals in 3 games and not scored once.
    We are bottom of the table.

    Other than that it’s okay…

  14. Champagne Charlie

    “What I mean to say is our owners don’t have to be as involved in day to day affairs like Roman or Daniel Levy. They can delegate their work to the right people and it will be all fine.“

    I totally agree with this, but I’ve not seen any evidence of it since Stan took control. Plain and simple.

    Influence doesn’t go up the hierarchy, it’s imperative we get the people right at the highest possible juncture in the club and watch it influence downward. If that’s not Stan, then it’s next up, and so on.

  15. Biggles

    There are so many coaches out there with a lot more experience than Arteta who have delivered decent results with find with much smaller budgets than ours. Conte would cost a lot for sure, but Garcia is on half what Arteta is on. People like Bosz or ten Hag are on less than Arteta. These are coaches that have made it into Europe and won trophies and sold players for profit.

    Do I think we could get Hansi Flick to take over? Probably not since he’s already on €6.5m a year.. But let’s be real, if we offered Rudi Garcia £5m a year, he’s going to take it. Most people don’t turn down an extra £2m a year in salary and if you do, it’s because your career will further in other ways.

    Whole point is that there are plenty folk who could be tapped up to replace Arteta.

  16. Moray

    Wenger is a busted flush. Not one other club has taken him in after he left Arsenal. Not one.

    He should have left Arsenal a decade before he did. He oversaw an annual decimation of the club to where we are now. Arteta is a joke, but much of the mental weakness at Arsenal came from Wenger’s last years.

  17. Moray

    I’m not sure why we seem to be down with paying 50m for a mediocre CB or 300k per week for an ageing striker, or 250k per week for a fat Chelsea reject who can’t hit a ball properly. Yet the idea of forking out for a proper head coach/manager fills us with a sense of the impossible. Let’s face it, we could afford most managers out there. And we are a club which does spend every year (these days) too. That’s not to say they all want to come, but let’s not fool ourselves…

  18. zaco

    we were told that Espirito Santo wasn’t good enough for Arsenal but the man is winning matches and playing brilliant football.
    When you watch Arsenal play we don’t mark/tackle with the intention of winning the ball but to fulfill all righteousness that why the only time this Arsenal Team get the ball from opponents are when the said opponents misplaces a pass.
    I ask again, what do they do in training sessions?

  19. ahk_13

    Has anyone here closely followed Thomas Frank’s career? Will he be able to do a job for us? What little I have seen of him has been impressive.

  20. Raulishuss

    We have changed 3 coaches in 18 months plus dem back room staffs that alone is a massive amount of instability. We don’t have a stable team yet, our team is too young plus the experienced ones are not so good/injured/out of form. Not looking convincing right now, plus gloom. Pray the returnee plus aubas (look in the mirror speech) helps us pick some form and hopefully some confidence cause this team looks really short right now.
    On arteta, i think his time might be coming up. TIC TOC

  21. TR7


    I didn’t literally mean having a committee of 4 and that those 4 ex-players have to be in that committee. It could be 2 or 3 people and not necessarily former players. I don’t want an incompetent Gazidis or Raul or Edu single handedly deciding our fate. If you have more than 1 person overseeing the matter, you have proper check and balances in place. Josh seems more hands on than Stan and hopefully having burnt his fingers with Ivan/Raul/Edu he learns his lesson and get the right people in. We are already hearing Arteta becoming ‘mini Arsene’ in no time, this is bound to happen when there’s a vacuum at the club. Let there be a few smart people in there at the club presiding over most footballing matters.

  22. Zacharse

    Here comes a hott take

    Kia is insisting that willian rip up his contract so that edu can keep his job. If we signed a bissouma/neves type mf w the spare dough and we managed to seal up the mf to the degree that elneny and xhaka do not play together again except for cup games etc i think edu survives and kia still has his man in place…

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    “I see the progress, I see everything that is being changed around the club. [I see] that it’s in a much better place, I see the atmosphere around the place. I see the belief that the players have when we are coaching them. The commitment, the desire, the togetherness and the atmosphere; anybody that comes through these doors can see what is building.”

    That’s Arteta’s take on our problems. Anyone else seen the so called improvements? What about the belief in his training methods that he claims to see? No, still no takers. Guy is so full of shit he should walk around with loo roll all day to wipe the shit that spews from his mouth as nothing he says is anything other than shit

  24. Paolo

    “Can’t believe he’s still in a job. Just how inept are the board and owners.”

    Exactly this is so embarrassing for Arsenal fans. We are bottom of the league after 3 games it’s irrelevant who we’ve played if you want to compete in a league you have to play the best teams at some point.

    Tottenham look like being top & not yet conceded a goal this season. (including v Man City)

    How Arsenal hierarchy have not already realised Arteta is useless is actually unbelievable.

    We are truly a laughing stock but the board & owners don’t even know it??? AFC are f$$ked

  25. Foxy

    Watching Doucoure being analysed on MOD was depressing as it highlighted just how useless Xhaka is for the prem he made Party look slow.

    Trying to work out why our defenders are just so poor on crosses, is it due to not having Martinez behind them to give confidence, bark instructions and just dominate his area. Leno won’t even come for crosses on the 6 yard line, so he must create indecision. That doesn’t excuse Holding for being totally useless in the air, he is weak and just seems to mistime the ball flight all to often. Mustafi for all his faults was our best header of a ball at both ends of pitch.

  26. Vlad

    Of course Wenger could get more out of this squad than an over-rated novice manager even at 70 plus years old.
    If Wenger has had at his disposal those almost 300 million that were spent with Emery and Arteta, we would certainly be among the top 4 teams in the Premiership.

  27. Ishola70


    “If Wenger has had at his disposal those almost 300 million that were spent with Emery and Arteta, we would certainly be among the top 4 teams in the Premiership.”

    Yeah sure.

    Some more Xhaka’s, Mustafi’s, Kolinasic’s, Asano’s, Elneny’s, etc

  28. BacaryisGod

    I think most people understand Chaka is a decent player with a great left foot.

    Unfortunately, he’s a little like Juan Sebastian Veron-great in Internationals and a slower paced league but not cut our for the higher tempo Premier a major club. However, at least Veron didn’t have that self-destruct button that Xhaka likes to keep pushing.

    Mourinho screwed up by lowballing us. Xhaka would be great in Italy. Now it’s costing us.

  29. salparadisenyc


    Totally agree club failing on both fronts, and thats the truly frustrating aspect of it all.
    I’ve little confidence anyone involved is capable of making the correct decisions to bring about the necessary change to really put Arsenal back on right track.

    It will be ‘paper of cracks’ as you say with a safer pair of hands than Arteta, but we really won’t be remotely tapping the full potential of what this outfit could be. This league has far too much hunger in it to operate with a model that doesn’t try and achieve the maximum. Arsenal are being left behind.

  30. Thank you and goodnight


    The same Wenger who famously quoted that he wouldn’t spend a penny if given a million pound by kroenke. The same Wenger who gave us Almunia, senderos,denilson, Santos,Sanogo, chamakh, Gervinho,brokeback etc etc. Wake up those still living in la la land. Wenger is as much to blame if not more so than Arteta. This rack of shit started under his watch. He destroyed the club as much as the kroenke’s have

  31. Benjamin

    underrated Coq
    “Replaced Wenger with a lesser Manager. Replaced the lesser Manager with a Cape wearing Novice.What comes next”

    Xhaka as player/manager?

  32. Tom

    City were in for the wrong Tottenham striker. I would take Son over Kane who, by the look of things , has been indulging himself too much in the off-season and grew a gut.

  33. BacaryisGod

    Thank you and good night

    Totally disagree. Ask yourself this:

    What has Kroenke ever done for Arsenal?
    What has Wenger ever done for Arsenal?

    Don’t compare the two. The four seasons before Wenger took over we finished 10th, 4th, 11th and 5th. In his first full 8 seasons we finished first or second without spending a fortune. We stayed in the Top 4 until his last two seasons with the club where we finished 6th.

    Wenger turned this club around but lost his magic touch in the 2nd half of his time here but still produced some magnificent football and great moments.

  34. Ustyno

    The coach is either a bad judge of players he’s watching on the daily, or he’s being extremely petty about the Frenchman. Today, I stand with the Saliba Ultras. They are now officially right on this topic.

    Hahaha…. interestingly Arteta is both

  35. Dissenter

    Mourhino didn’t lowball us for Xhaka.
    They offered what they considered his market value in a depressed market for clubs In Italy], same league where Inter was breaking up championship team. . We aren’t allowed to just pluck figures out of thin air to determine what a player should go for.
    It would have helped if another club came in and offered more or we didn’t pay the player so much wages in the first place.

  36. Vlad

    Some more Xhaka’s, Mustafi’s, Kolinasic’s, Asano’s, Elneny’s, etc
    Xhaka is Swiss international and played really well at the European Championship.
    Mustafi was German international player.
    Under the guidance of a good coach they could play incomparably better. As Ozil, Sanchez, Hleb, even Fabregas played under Wenger.

  37. Thank you and goodnight


    Don’t get me wrong, the 1st 10 years under Wenger was dream football. But his last 5 years in charge he totally screwed this club over with his tight fisted ways and the way his eye for talent no longer existed. Sorry but Wenger is as much to blame as the kroenkes. Take the defence for example, it’s nothing new, same problems we had under Wenger in his last 5 years and he done nothing to remedy it.

  38. BacaryisGod


    Is this the same AC Roma with a net transfer spend of 85m this window? Yeah, poverty-stricken club.

  39. BacaryisGod


    You do make a fair point about inflated wages. We’ve been caught in that trap too many times.

  40. Ishola70


    “Xhaka is Swiss international and played really well at the European Championship.
    Mustafi was German international player.
    Under the guidance of a good coach they could play incomparably better. ”

    Well these two players were marked as not being up to scratch quite early in their Arsenal careers with Wenger as their manager.

    Only daft people quote the Xhaka very good in the Euros for a couple of matches. It has no bearing whatsoever in regards his Arsenal career.

    If he was that good he would have got his move away from Arsenal that he has really been wanting since his fit of temper on the pitch several seasons ago.

  41. BacaryisGod

    Thank you and goodnight

    I understand what you’re saying but I just don’t think it’s fair to equate the two. Wenger made plenty of mistakes but he was also the victim of the high standards he set the club. We were a bog average team for years before he arrived and he should get credit for all the good he did. Krienke on the other hand……

  42. Ishola70

    Someone could look silly here regarding Nuno.

    Don’t get me wrong Spurs are not geared up for greatness but in relation to Arsenal could be very grim.

    Let’s hope Nuno is this virtually useless manager that he was tagged on here.

  43. BacaryisGod


    It’s ugly but as I told my Spurs-loving brother-in-law it’s pretty sad they take the league table as a source of pride after three games.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    I can understand not wanting one singular voice orchestrating things, but I think if we had the right people in the current roles the structure wouldn’t be under so much scrutiny.

    Trouble with us is we hired poor individuals into a good model and since tweaked the model to suit the ‘better’ performing individuals within that – which has arguably fucked the whole thing. Arteta shouldn’t have been promoted, and Edu demoted. Edu should’ve been replaced with much, much better, if he was questioned, and the structure remain.

    Now we’re at a point where we need a reset of personnel, and a recalibration of roles. Square fucking one remarkably, unless someone in the current setup rapidly finds gears they’ve yet to show.

    I concur with that unfortunately. Be really tough to take Edu and Vinai serious if Arteta was sacked and they faced the media talking about what’s next for Arsenal head coach. Like talk about elephants in the room. Sliver of hope comes from them hiring an actual good fit and then us stumbling through a rebuild behind the scenes as we try and prop up a manager doing his bit to offer his best in spite of the chaos. Not a very clean operation at all.

  45. salparadisenyc


    Salut you. for strapping back into LG, know the Xhaka is here for a while longer.

    Regarding Nuno, he’ll eventually fall to his rightful station of 6-10 much like don Carlo did last season. But today it truly adds to the bantz we are living in.

  46. Vlad

    I think we have now a decent team (bare some deadwood) which could be very successful under expert coaching.
    I’m sure Willian, Pepe, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli, and even Nelson and Maitland-Niles could play great football.
    But not under Arteta.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    The annoying thing is, before the international break when Emery was in charge he should of been sacked as it was obvious to everyone he’d hit a brick wall…..,but they gave him 2 more months. Same fucking thing Is happening again with Arteta. We all know he’s a dead man walking, why delay the inevitable

  48. Pierre

    So , the new lenient rules allow a player to deliberately punch another player in the face if they are merely touched on any part of their body……despite the offence leading to a goal .

    And the new lenient rules allow the attacking team to deliberately hold down the goalkeeper at throw ins and corners to restrict the keeper from moving from his line…despite the offence leading to a goal .

    But strangely enough the new lenient rules are not put into effect when an Arsenal player ( Kolasinac) accidentally makes contact to the face of an opposition player whilst he ( kolasinac ) is in control of the ball, resulting in a card for kolasinac , despite the offence NOT leading to a goal ..

    Sounds about right

  49. Kroenkephobe

    I suspect another record broken today. The gap in places between us and the cockerel jockeys since we’ve been in the top flight has surely never been wider. As EB would say, Bravo Arteta. Fucking wanker, Arteta that is.

  50. Champagne Charlie

    Ruben Neves walks into our XI with his eyes shut btw, such an Arsenal player it’s actually mad how many on here dismissed him earlier in the window.

    Looks much more himself the start of this season.

  51. Tony

    Good to have you back Ishola.

    How about you give your top 3 managers and DoFs?

    Then we can debate your managerial wisdom.

    You’re getting the hang of trolling very impressive for your age.

    Now if you could only get those dam sentences to stay in the right lines. Have you thought of using dictation apps?

  52. Jim Lahey

    “Ruben Neves walks into our XI with his eyes shut btw, such an Arsenal player it’s actually mad how many on here dismissed him earlier in the window.”


    Name one that doesn’t

  53. Guns of SF

    i can only HOPE that the delay in sacking Arteta is based on us taking our time to talk to prospective new coaches. Maybe DOF’s

    Or then again, Stan could be starting out the window of his ranch and his cattle, etc.

    Josh on a boat somewhere.

    Vinai crunching numbers in an office

    We can only hope that this silence is due to clandestine meetings with new coaches

  54. Ishola70


    There is no ambition in the club. Only talk of process. And process means time granted.

    They will hope Arteta can get some points on the board in his next few matches whilst the majority of fans can see that if this occurs it won’t lead to anything really substantial over the course of the whole season. There has been too much evidence to think otherwise.

  55. Vlad

    We can only hope that this silence is due to clandestine meetings with new coaches
    But who are those coaches?
    Brendan Rogers, Marcelo Bielsa?

  56. Ishola70

    “Don’t do there with spuds. I got my hands burnt.”

    You noticed I only mentioned Spurs in relation to Arsenal.

    No-one tips Spurs for ultimate glory.

  57. Dissenter

    That’said, it’s the ultimate defeatism to accept that we’ll lose to clubs like United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea when a Nuno-led spuds can be competitive against them.
    Spuds with Kane convincingly beat city on opening day

    Depressing times to be gooner.

  58. Guns of SF

    Brenda would be able to handle this mess.
    Bielsa would be great too, but he does not take any shit. Might not even want this job

  59. Receding Hairline

    “Trouble with us is we hired poor individuals into a good model and since tweaked the model to suit the ‘better’ performing individuals within that”

    Good thing you put the better in quotes, take away the FA Cup and Arteta’s time here has been mediocre to poor in the league. The league is where you judge progress.

    It was the stupidest thing we could have done that promotion, and he wanted it so badly. He wanted total control and bull dozed his way to it once he won the cup.

  60. Guns of SF

    it would be hard to get someone already coaching.
    id rather us grow a pair and go for conte. a proven winner in more than one league.
    A fiery coach, would bring enthusiasm to the fans.

    The folks at the club should know the fans really need that- emotionally, something to get excited about again.

    Arteta is way worse than Emery. Both were kind of dud signings and for a time both coaches had us thinking that they might be the ones… FA cup, EL final, etc… but alas they did not live up

    Edu needs to go to… some saying on here that Kia saving Edu with Willian ripping the contract.

    I have a good feeling that another Kia signing will be incoming tho