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You can pinpoint the moment everything went to shit for Mikel Arteta. It was a couple of summers back when Vinai put Edu out on his lawn to tell the world he was over the moon that Arteta had been given a promotion after 6 months and that they had both been put on the same level.

Yep, only months after Vinai and Don Raul had been flagged internally for having a not-so-great power-sharing dynamic… Vinai demoted his technical director to power share with Arteta.

Why doesn’t powersharing work? It’s very simple. We’re not programmed to share. Shared leadership is usually built on the absurd notion of ‘we basically agree on everything’ or ‘we’re adults, we’re more than capable of hashing things out.’

No. No. No.

Power-sharing goes one of two ways. There’s an alpha and a beta in all but name or there is a massive fight to the death and nothing gets done. Power-sharing is the worst on many levels. It’s confusing for staff because no one knows who makes the decisions. It slows down decision making and reduces efficiency. It creates toxic cliques because the loudest voices usually win. It’s generally very ugly. When there are two cooks in the leadership kitchen, everyone thinks they are accountable, or no one does. Every good decision everyone wants to own, anything bad can be blamed on the other. Just look at the mess of Willian, has Arteta owned it? No. It’s better to let everyone blame Edu, who could just as easily have pushed it through with his agent.

The Story

News seeped out of the club yesterday that Edu’s job is under threat. Tony Banks at the Express say he could be on the  chopping block and The Mirror are running hit pieces, a paper which John Cross looks after.

Now, I’ve told you from the start that Edu likely isn’t up to snuff. We’ve seen horrendous wastage under his ‘leadership,’ he was at the table for some of our worst deals under Raul, and his closeness with super-agents went from ‘Pete, you’re going overboard here’ to ‘OMFG he’s on a yacht with Kia and a disgraced exArsenal exec’ this summer. People keep on joking about the BBQ outrage, but the people doing that don’t work in jobs with leaders that care about optics. If your club is on fire, you don’t want your main man posting holiday pictures on his public IG stories all summer. It’s a small detail, but when you are being paid a million+ a year, those things matter.

Back to the leak

It’s going to very difficult to work out where the truth is on this matter because there is clearly a power struggle unfolding at Arsenal. Mikel Arteta’s opening press conference wasn’t aimed at you and I, it was aimed at Vinai and Josh K. Arteta didn’t have what he wanted for the start of the season and that was the fault of Edu. No two ways about it, that was a shot fired.

It is clear as day that Edu and Arteta have fallen out. I mean, let’s be real, who hasn’t Arteta fallen out with? Our manager is transactional, he’s the Donald Trump of football, if you do not serve a purpose for him, he’s not interested.

The challenge for Josh is that both of them are underperforming.

If I were to run the numbers on this sort of scenario, I would conclude that the weaker party is likely Edu.

Josh K is about to sign off a contract termination for Willian that will likely involve paying a hefty fee to the worst signing of all time. Arteta was no doubt there, hounding the club to do it, but so was Edu’s and his smug super agent.

Our right-back situation is shocking. Soares is sitting on 90k a week. He’s awful. Arteta is begging for a proper right back. Who suggested that player? Kia. Arteta put that player on the pitch against Chelsea, was he our best right back? Nope. Did the decision stick it to Edu? Maybe.

Who brought David Luiz to the club on £200k a week when we could have signed a 21 year old?

Pablo Mari, another super-agent recommendation, has been at the heart of our problems this season. Where did he come from? The same super-agent that recommended Unai Emery.

Arteta is costing us points at the moment, but they have seen what he is capable of… and they have experience of a young coach at The Rams who has good people around him. Edu has cost the club money. After watching KSE operate over the years, which do you think is of more concern, lost money or 6 points at the start of a season?

If I were Josh K, and I was seriously considering the future of Edu (not my view, just hypotheticalling on the paper), then I would be thinking this way.

  1. Arsenal made a shocking error promoting Mikel Arteta, it needs to be rectified
  2. Edu was not the level of leadership needed to drive us from a Technical perspective, which is why he was demoted
  3. Any new Technical Director will absolutely need to be positioned above Arteta so we can gain some control a maturity in the backroom
  4. If we move fast, this new Technical Director will have 3 months to assess what the fuck is going on behind the scenes, so if the worst happens, they can install a new coach that is tailored to the profile of the players we currently have

If, if, if we are going to make a leadership change, we cannot do it based on a name. We have to bring in a Technical Director that suits the squad of players we have just signed.

  • We need a Technical Director we expertise in youth development, because we don’t have the money to compete at the highest level right now
  • We need someone that has worked in Europe, a huge miss with Edu
  • We need someone that can demonstrate a certain style of football that is pleasing to the fans. No point in hiring someone that doesn’t like the play posession based football, it won’t cut it with the fans
  • We need someone that can make a little go a long way. No point in hiring someone from Barcelona or Manchester City, because the remit is different. We need someone that buys low and sells high consistently.
  • We need someone with experience because there’s very little of that elsewhere in our football setup.
  • We need someone that is connected with deal making experience. Marina at Chelsea moves players on. Zorc at Dortmund always sells. Edu is shocking at this part of the job.
  • We need to find someone that isn’t drenched in dodgy stories of backroom deals and super agent boat trips

A battle between the Technical Director and a manager should only end one way, that’s with the manager exiting the club. The fact that there’s even a question over which struggling staffer should be exited is a massive red flag.

Arsenal shouldn’t waste the opportunity. Get someone in fast, get someone that can build around Arteta (or sack him), bring some control back to the club, shift out the dross that’s holding us back.

Now, all of the above is a bit of a guess, but I don’t think it’s far from the truth. We knew the Arteta/Edu story would end in tears, and we know the one things you don’t ever do with KSE is embarrass them, or waste there money. I think Edu has done both and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him shown the door.

The problem for Arteta is he might see that as a victory, but for me, he’s let a trojan horse in the back door… because no decent Technical Director will sit at the same level as Arteta, and if KSE have a single clue, they’ll make sure the wings of Arteta are well and truly clipped.

Interesting times ahead.

West Brom later. Must win. No excuses today. Let’s see what we have.




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  1. Foxy

    Josh will be telling Stan how genius Arteta spanked the Championship leaders, just may not mention it was their C team.
    At least it will help Auba etc get some confidence back.

  2. Ozy

    Odegaard is such a classy player. That’s a great signing.

    We need to take off Saka and Auba now, keep them fit for City.

  3. raptora

    I read that Leno’s decline is due to his work with the Spanish GK coach that Arteta brought. Same guy who brought Runarsson. If we want to have any success in that department we should sack the fker. Problem is he is very much Arteta’s bro. He’d be gone long time ago if it wasn’t for that.

  4. Chris

    What a goal, fantastic.

    It’s only WBA, but just a pleasure to see some from Arsenal fast breaking attacking football with excellent goals again!

  5. Matt

    I like that form Ramsdale just then. Was getting closed down so hoofed it. Leno would have tried passing it across his own box.

  6. Northbanker

    why isnt he taking Auba off; – doesnt matter about Xhaka’s fitness

    another ridiculous Arteta decision

  7. Bergkamp#10

    Lol Artetasexuals out in full force. Arteta is always one win away to getting knobbed off by these weirdos.

  8. Steveyg87

    Lets hope arteta isnt a stubborn dick and sticks with Ramsdale between the sticks, this lad is already better than Leno

  9. Globalgunner

    Pepe`s creator obviously did not intend for him to become a footballer other wise he would have made a neural link between his eyes and his feet.
    Shades of Gervinho about him

  10. OCGooner

    Pepe`s creator obviously did not intend for him to become a footballer other wise he would have made a neural link between his eyes and his feet.
    Shades of Gervinho about him

    Global, was just thinking that’s EXACTLY who he reminds me of…….

  11. Northbanker

    Definite thumbs up for Ramsdale. Whatever is thought of Edu, it does look like we’ve done some good Summer business. Now we just need to find out if Ben White is any good

  12. FB

    Of course it’s only Baggies Reserves, but please spare a thought for Mum’s the Bedwetters. A day of reassurance that “everything is ok Darling” lies ahead, quite apart from the sheet changing.

    Enjoy the win everyone else.

  13. Pierre

    Some typical Arsenal goals and football tonight from yesteryear

    Is it a coincidence that 7 out of the 10 outfield players that started were wenger boys..with another couple coming on

  14. OCGooner

    Job done Auba!! Smile back on the face. Will help us so much if he can lead the line again and give Mart and Flo a chance to develop. Provided Lego Head will actually play him as a 9.

  15. InsideRight

    Delighted with the goals. Delighted for the players and the travelling fans.

    Very pleasing win or not, nothing has changed for me. Arteta has to go. We need better.

    This might be another season where we are flat track bullies, where we flatter to deceive and struggle against the better sides, so we can’t read much into a game like this. It’s still worrying how static the players are, not providing runners off the ball to give the player in possession an outlet. Don’t they do these basics in training?

    Let’s see if there’s an improvement against Citeh.

  16. MidwestGun

    My word did we need this… should have been like this in preseason.. but we were too busy playing fuckwits like Bellerin and Willian…

    Oh no Saka looks hurt…. please no.

  17. Luteo Guenreira

    A bit of a boost in confidence from seeing the ball hit the back of the net is great, but the last thing we need is the players to come off this game feeling like they accomplished anything noteworthy by putting six past this WBA lineup.

  18. FB

    Bergkamp#10August 25, 2021 21:47:33
    There’s going to be a lot of Arteta propaganda by Pedro in tomorrow’s post.

    What a twat you are. Arsenal win. Good. No?


  19. MidwestGun

    Well it’s fair to say we could win the Championship. Now back to the PL.. Good to see some of our players gain some confidence though… Saka was great. I thought Ode looked in good form.. thrown in straight out of the gate.. Auba needed that hat-trick like nobodies business. he is a confidence player.

    Tavares was good. Ramsdale fit in. about a million times better then that Runnarson dude.

  20. OCGooner

    It is what it is, pasting against a 2nd team Ch side that deserved a pasting. Let’s take away the good.
    -Auba’s mental/emotional lift
    -Saka back to being Saka
    -Superb debut for our new GK
    -Quality re-debut for Ode
    -Energetic, quality performance by Tavares (put him at RB)

  21. Champagne Charlie

    Nice game for the minds of the players, plenty of touches, some goals scored, minutes in the legs, emphatic result.

    WBA were absolute shite, that was a shambles. But….

    Auba looked more his old self, Saka was good, Laca decisive, Odegaard classy, and Ramsdale assured. Also like what Nuno brought at LB, very raw at times, but good variety to his game and great engine.

    The right side is a mess with Pepe and Chambers. The latter can’t get up and down to support, and the less I say about Pepe’s general play the better.

  22. Danny

    Good practise match, exactly what the team needed.
    Elneny and Kolasinac must never play for us again but we’ve been saying that for ages now.

  23. MidwestGun

    Yep… It looked like Teta was telling Mari.. look I had to play Kola because of you.. And Mari told him to suck it. That was my lip reader hot take. hahaha

  24. Jim+furnell

    Far too many children posting on this site. How can you possibly slag your own team off when they comprehensively destroy a bunch of shite put in front of them. Should be ashamed,

  25. MidwestGun

    Jim? names and quotes or it didn’t happen.. Seen nothing but people glad we won in a convincing way.. taking it for what it is. West Brom second team.

    Moaning about the fictitious moaners. seems like the new trend today. If your talking about Recycled Sock….. did you just meet Redtruth today? He has been slagging off anything and everything in football since 1972.

  26. S23

    The first time I have enjoyed an Arteta performance for a long time.
    I know how bad WBA were,but I am going to enjoy it while I can.
    Tavares and Ramsdale look like they have slotted straight in,Martin O is a better player for me than Ceballos.
    Arteta looks like he is sulking again,didnt see him celebrate a single goal,this might be as good as it is going to get for him.
    Fingers crossed for Sunday.

  27. MD-Gunner

    It was a good and expected result nut an awful game. Clearly WBA is concerned about their promotion and couldn’t care less about the Cup thus they sent out a team with 6 debutantes while Arsenal sent out a very strong team. The odds for AFC winning went up once the team lineup was announced. It was pros against amateurs not pleasant to watch as it reduced this to a slaughtering of the lambs but good for the moral of the Arsenal squad.

  28. Samesong

    I know it was west brom 2nd / 3rd team

    But Tets looked like he sat down most of the game. Think he should continue to do that and let the lads play their own game going forward.

  29. Mulerise14

    Thumbs up Habesha….. your links first allayed my fears,then I went back to listen to Ram’s interview (which I had not bothered to before),where he emphasised his style of passing (mixing up) and I began to hope….well he did mix it up real good, giving the backline the confidence to pass at d back without receiving not one hospital pass.hope he keeps up,iron out d weakness in his game.

  30. Guns of SF

    I think Mike was thinking about City the entire game pretty much.
    Great win and finally nice to see us purring again.
    Great morale booster

    I think we need to pack our mids against CIty

    451 or 352

  31. Guns of SF

    We need to protect width against City with their cross field passes, etc.
    Cannot make the same mistakes with Chelsea and end up playing so narrow.
    Basic stuff….

  32. Havyn

    Sack Edu
    He’s corrupt
    He pals around with questionable characters including Raul and Kia

    Possibly receiving something under the table. Need to be investigated

  33. NWM

    Raul didn’t leave until August 15 last year so this is only Edu’s second window without Raul. In the winter window he identified and negotiated loan deals for Odegaard and Ryan, and offloaded players Arteta had sidelined..

    This window he has signed, White, Tavares, Lokonga, Odegaard, and Ramsdale. Significantly none of these are Kia’s clients, so for me it begs the question, were the Kia signings driven by Edu or Raul. We knew when Raul came in he favored an agent based approach to transfers, (that’s in part why Sven left), so I suspect the Kia deals were Raul’s. I also believe that because Edu was involved in the Brazilian National team set up, the Gabriel and Martinelli signings have Edu’s finger prints all over them,, There is a common theme in all of these signings. They are indicative of long term planning. Other than White and the permanent signing of Odegaard, I’m not sure Arteta had much to do with these signings. Arteta had too much on his plate last January to identify the fact that Odegaard was available on loan and push for his signing, i also doubt he was familiar enough with Taveras or Lokonga to push for their signings. He may have had them presented to him as options and ultimately agreed with signing them, but I’m pretty sure Edu was the one that identified them. So I think Edu deserves a little more time.

  34. Peckobill

    Very professional job tonight with some great play even though West Brom playing a weakened side but nonetheless the team needed that and by god did us fans need that
    Biggest plus for me is auba seeming to get his mojo back not just the goals ( 3rd was a peach ) but his body language was superb and if we got any chance to do anything this season we really need him on form . But please arteta leave him in the middle .

    I like Tavares , needs work but got some good endeavour about him , very good back up to KT . Shocking really our back up left back is way better than our first choice right back ( whichever one that is , one of life’s great mysteries there ) .

    Saka getting back fitter and starting to get back to his top level.

    Ramsdale dealt with everything he had to and looked composed and in charge of his area ( though not truly tested with the opposition) . Thumbs up for him .

    Odegaard- love this player , so so clever , always looking for the killer ball , always in space . Find it strange some on here don’t rate him doubly so Pierre as probably the closest player you could get to good ozil but with more fire in the belly .

    Enjoyable game , yeah it was a weak West Brom but who cares if that helps us gain some momentum and confidence we all always want the arsenal to win I hope irrelevant of arteta surely . I don’t believe he’s good enough but the that will take care of itself . It really don’t need us gooners ever wanting a loss . That my friends is a real non negotiable.

  35. Words on a blog

    Great match, albeit against admittedly poor opposition – good to see Alba, sharp, smiling and scoring.

    Today’s blog post really rings false. Really hope that Pedro’s not trying to set up Edu as the fall guy to cover for all Arteta’s mistakes and sins, as in (“Mikel just needs a strong technical director to compensate for his greennesss, galaxy brain, and arrogance”)

    Now that would be weak sauce.

  36. Peckobill

    An elite DOF would sack arteta , 3 times over he would have . Rangnick would tear his hair out at arteta’s devaluation of young players

  37. MidwestGun

    Hmmmmm, Just now read the post… Well…I understand… Edu hasn’t done a tremendous job… with his contacts on Willian etc…. , but todays match you can see we have a lot of very good players. It’s up to Arteta to get them winning… that’s not on Edu. The criticism seems to be well Edu should tell Arteta what to do more? That’s not his job though…. his job is to bring in the players that Arteta wants. and to loan out or move on the players he doesn’t want. I think he has brought in the players that were targeted. They are pretty specific players to be random. Yes there is a question of priority.. like where are the attackers who can score goals? Why no right back? But maybe he was over-ruled on priorities. However, He has been poor at moving out players And the whole Xhaka thing.. Again though who gets the final say?

    Bottom line.. If we want a strong DOF …. lets be honest the first thing he would do is… get rid of Arteta. So indirectly, that would be the same thing as sacking them both. . But still the quickest way to change things in the immediate is change the manager. ( new manager bounce is a real thing) Always has been in every sport I can think of. Honestly though I don’t care what order we sack people in as long as we don’t accept what is going on as acceptable for too long. We could start 9- 12 points in the hole or more.

    It did feel good to not have to hide my eyes today.