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You can pinpoint the moment everything went to shit for Mikel Arteta. It was a couple of summers back when Vinai put Edu out on his lawn to tell the world he was over the moon that Arteta had been given a promotion after 6 months and that they had both been put on the same level.

Yep, only months after Vinai and Don Raul had been flagged internally for having a not-so-great power-sharing dynamic… Vinai demoted his technical director to power share with Arteta.

Why doesn’t powersharing work? It’s very simple. We’re not programmed to share. Shared leadership is usually built on the absurd notion of ‘we basically agree on everything’ or ‘we’re adults, we’re more than capable of hashing things out.’

No. No. No.

Power-sharing goes one of two ways. There’s an alpha and a beta in all but name or there is a massive fight to the death and nothing gets done. Power-sharing is the worst on many levels. It’s confusing for staff because no one knows who makes the decisions. It slows down decision making and reduces efficiency. It creates toxic cliques because the loudest voices usually win. It’s generally very ugly. When there are two cooks in the leadership kitchen, everyone thinks they are accountable, or no one does. Every good decision everyone wants to own, anything bad can be blamed on the other. Just look at the mess of Willian, has Arteta owned it? No. It’s better to let everyone blame Edu, who could just as easily have pushed it through with his agent.

The Story

News seeped out of the club yesterday that Edu’s job is under threat. Tony Banks at the Express say he could be on the  chopping block and The Mirror are running hit pieces, a paper which John Cross looks after.

Now, I’ve told you from the start that Edu likely isn’t up to snuff. We’ve seen horrendous wastage under his ‘leadership,’ he was at the table for some of our worst deals under Raul, and his closeness with super-agents went from ‘Pete, you’re going overboard here’ to ‘OMFG he’s on a yacht with Kia and a disgraced exArsenal exec’ this summer. People keep on joking about the BBQ outrage, but the people doing that don’t work in jobs with leaders that care about optics. If your club is on fire, you don’t want your main man posting holiday pictures on his public IG stories all summer. It’s a small detail, but when you are being paid a million+ a year, those things matter.

Back to the leak

It’s going to very difficult to work out where the truth is on this matter because there is clearly a power struggle unfolding at Arsenal. Mikel Arteta’s opening press conference wasn’t aimed at you and I, it was aimed at Vinai and Josh K. Arteta didn’t have what he wanted for the start of the season and that was the fault of Edu. No two ways about it, that was a shot fired.

It is clear as day that Edu and Arteta have fallen out. I mean, let’s be real, who hasn’t Arteta fallen out with? Our manager is transactional, he’s the Donald Trump of football, if you do not serve a purpose for him, he’s not interested.

The challenge for Josh is that both of them are underperforming.

If I were to run the numbers on this sort of scenario, I would conclude that the weaker party is likely Edu.

Josh K is about to sign off a contract termination for Willian that will likely involve paying a hefty fee to the worst signing of all time. Arteta was no doubt there, hounding the club to do it, but so was Edu’s and his smug super agent.

Our right-back situation is shocking. Soares is sitting on 90k a week. He’s awful. Arteta is begging for a proper right back. Who suggested that player? Kia. Arteta put that player on the pitch against Chelsea, was he our best right back? Nope. Did the decision stick it to Edu? Maybe.

Who brought David Luiz to the club on £200k a week when we could have signed a 21 year old?

Pablo Mari, another super-agent recommendation, has been at the heart of our problems this season. Where did he come from? The same super-agent that recommended Unai Emery.

Arteta is costing us points at the moment, but they have seen what he is capable of… and they have experience of a young coach at The Rams who has good people around him. Edu has cost the club money. After watching KSE operate over the years, which do you think is of more concern, lost money or 6 points at the start of a season?

If I were Josh K, and I was seriously considering the future of Edu (not my view, just hypotheticalling on the paper), then I would be thinking this way.

  1. Arsenal made a shocking error promoting Mikel Arteta, it needs to be rectified
  2. Edu was not the level of leadership needed to drive us from a Technical perspective, which is why he was demoted
  3. Any new Technical Director will absolutely need to be positioned above Arteta so we can gain some control a maturity in the backroom
  4. If we move fast, this new Technical Director will have 3 months to assess what the fuck is going on behind the scenes, so if the worst happens, they can install a new coach that is tailored to the profile of the players we currently have

If, if, if we are going to make a leadership change, we cannot do it based on a name. We have to bring in a Technical Director that suits the squad of players we have just signed.

  • We need a Technical Director we expertise in youth development, because we don’t have the money to compete at the highest level right now
  • We need someone that has worked in Europe, a huge miss with Edu
  • We need someone that can demonstrate a certain style of football that is pleasing to the fans. No point in hiring someone that doesn’t like the play posession based football, it won’t cut it with the fans
  • We need someone that can make a little go a long way. No point in hiring someone from Barcelona or Manchester City, because the remit is different. We need someone that buys low and sells high consistently.
  • We need someone with experience because there’s very little of that elsewhere in our football setup.
  • We need someone that is connected with deal making experience. Marina at Chelsea moves players on. Zorc at Dortmund always sells. Edu is shocking at this part of the job.
  • We need to find someone that isn’t drenched in dodgy stories of backroom deals and super agent boat trips

A battle between the Technical Director and a manager should only end one way, that’s with the manager exiting the club. The fact that there’s even a question over which struggling staffer should be exited is a massive red flag.

Arsenal shouldn’t waste the opportunity. Get someone in fast, get someone that can build around Arteta (or sack him), bring some control back to the club, shift out the dross that’s holding us back.

Now, all of the above is a bit of a guess, but I don’t think it’s far from the truth. We knew the Arteta/Edu story would end in tears, and we know the one things you don’t ever do with KSE is embarrass them, or waste there money. I think Edu has done both and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him shown the door.

The problem for Arteta is he might see that as a victory, but for me, he’s let a trojan horse in the back door… because no decent Technical Director will sit at the same level as Arteta, and if KSE have a single clue, they’ll make sure the wings of Arteta are well and truly clipped.

Interesting times ahead.

West Brom later. Must win. No excuses today. Let’s see what we have.




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  1. azed


    Valentin said something about Arteta and Edu falling out either last season or during the summer. This post would have been complete with an apology.

    By the end of the transfer window, Edu should be gone and the new TD should decide the fate of Arteta.

  2. Dissenter

    Why haven’t we signed Auoar ?
    WTF is going on man
    This is an opportunistic buy in the mold of Cazorla
    This is a no brainer. They are offering a loan with obligation to buy

    If it makes sense then Arsenal wont do it.

  3. Jego Armstrong

    Love the technical director analysis. Campos and Rangnick are the most qualified to take on this dire project and turn it around.

    Rangnick took a 4th division RB Leipzig team and turned them into one of the best-run clubs in world football, regularly challenging Bayern ad Dortmund for the league title. Campos’s resume at Monaco and Lille speak for itself. Not sure we can go wrong with either.

  4. gunnernet

    Haven’t even read what you wrote Pedro, because I feel it is biased and I don’t want to get frustrated. Truth is Edu and Arteta have been collaborating closely on the selection of players. Yes, Cedric and Pablo Mari have been Edu choices, however, Willian, AMN staying, Auba on that deal, White and Rsmsdale for 80m combined were Arteta’s choices. BOTH need to walk away. Otherwise Edu will be just a scapegoat for Arteta’s spoiled actions. And what has Arteta done so far to deserve such lenience?? Honestly not enough.


  5. James

    You continually praise Arteta, but what has he done? He won a FA cup against an awful Chelsea, then finished 8th. Numerous players have regressed under his leadership. He has NO in-game management skills, he cannot pick a team. He never EVER makes tactical tweaks in a game to turn it around like Emery did and he substitutes are pathetic. Our team doesn’t seem to have a style. Are we possession based? Are we defensive? Who does what? There is no concentration on work between the lines, it’s all very short passes to the side that doesn’t progres play. This is why I believe you don’t rate him, I think you’re attracted to him

  6. Sam

    That’s a fantastic look into this Edu business. You make great points about the skill set a new Technical Director would need. Unfortunately, we’d need an experienced TD to figure out how to hire a new TD. There’s no one at the club that can be trusted to make that appointment.

  7. into the red

    You might have a look at Miguel Delaney’s piece in the Independent today to get an idea of how Arteta is viewed inside the club – definitely a mixed set of opinions and some dislike of his arrogant attitude. It certainly seems like he makes enemies, and who is surprised when he is so ready to blame players he himself has courted and signed.
    It appears his ‘vision’ is of a fast, pressing, fluid side, and he is prone to blaming the club for not getting the players to implement this. How very handy for him. It does explain his wasteful deployment of four attacking players against Chelsea, none of whom could assist in any meaningful way the midfield battle Arsenal needed to wage on their muscular and powerful midfield.
    The result is an attack marooned at the wrong end of the pitch, chasing balls down the flanks. It also leaves 2 What midfielders who get pulled all over the place, leaving gaps in the middle and on the left side in particular. No matter how inferior Arteta deems his players, that is simply inept and bad management, with the results plain to see. However bad Mari is, it would been elementary to make sure the space in front of him was occupied to cut out the passes that Lukaku fed on to great effect. But Arteta did nothing. Similarly Tierney needed some cover – again nothing done.
    What this leaves is a team and fans who are resigned to getting beat by high performance sides, tactically set up to exploit the errors that Arteta continually makes. No amount of whining about players will change that. If he can’t see the glaring errors and correct them, no amount of fancy pressing visions will save him. The worst thing that can happen is that he stumbles along to a few wins, makes some windbag speeches of promise, the project and the time he needs, and they let him stay. All I can see is the same pattern repeating itself.

  8. Doogie

    His name has only been mentioned about 789,567 times on here. Also, he’s available isn’t he?

  9. Kegunner

    Edu gave Arteta what he wanted. Edu is implementing the young strategy as stated. Arteta needs to state what players he needs for now. Edu to balance strategy and Arteta now demands. Arteta has failed to integrate his team and talks about implementing his vision. No manager has vision. He should be worried about his next two matches.

  10. Jim

    Thought this was a very good point Pedro
    « We need someone that has worked in Europe, a huge miss with Edu »
    Edu was meant to be bringing us South American diamonds when he joined, which would have balanced out the lack of European nous. Gabi can be marked down as a win (TBC) but Mari / Luiz (already in the Prem) / Willian (likewise) makes for a horrendous record.

    Regarding Arteta, feel like getting a TD in above him would be abit like tricking your drunk mate into having some water. Need him to think he’s in on the decision and not realise that he’s being knocked down a peg or two otherwise he’ll be kicking up an awful stink.

    I know this is all hypotheticals but I’m firmly Edu Out (& Vinai whilst we’re at it). Of the three Arteta is the one I would keep around. Interesting to see the ‘its a project… it takes time’ propaganda doing the rounds recently – good ol Jacky Wilshere the latest !

  11. Almuniasaynomore

    A beautifully and elegantly decorated room. Leather chairs,rich carpets, polished oak table. The room speaks of wealth…and masculinity. A glass decanter containing an expensive scotch stands on a sideboard but the crystal cut glasses remain untouched. Business is being discussed. A tall confident man is seated with a cat on his lap. He is wearing a black suit and bowtie, in his lapel is a red rose. He is flanked on either side by two men,standing,also in suits though their roses are white. Facing him ,seated, is a wealthy man, obvious from his attire,but for all his wealth it is equally obvious that Stan Kroenke is nervous and fully cognizant of his subordination in this room.
    SK: Don Wenger. I believe in America. America helped me to make my fortune. I raised my son in the American way.I gave him freedom but I taught him never to dishonor the family. I gave him Arsenal. But one day he met two men.They give him whiskey.They told him they would help him make the Arsenal great again and then they took advantage of him. They convinced him to sack you,then Emery.They made him buy Willian,Runnarson,White and now Ramsdale. My son was a fool but they have humiliated him.I thought my son a businessman but now he will never work in business again.( Starts to cry. Don Wenger signals to one his henchmen to bring Stan a drink which he gladly accepts) So I went to them. They want 3 more years, no judgement for 3 more years!! Like a fool I wrote in the programme notes for them and the bastards smiled at me! So I said to my wife, we will go to Don Wenger, he will give us justice.
    AW: (Listened quietly, begins stroking his cat, almost feigning indifference)
    Why did you go to them? Why didn’t you come to me first?
    SK: I will give you anything, please do what I want you to do?
    AW: And what is that?
    SK: Get rid of them. Take their place, take your place.Arsenal is yours once more.
    AW: We have known each other many years but since your son dishonoured me you do not call. You do not invite me to your house and this is despite me being Godfather to your dog.You don’t ask with respect,you don’t want to be my friend. You don’t even think to call me Squadfather. Instead you come into my house on the day my ex wife is getting remarried and you ask me to do murder to Arteta’s career.
    SK: Squadfather, he has already committed footballing suicide, I only ask you to …..tidy up.
    AW: So you want me to do the dirty work, while you can keep your conscience clean?
    SK: Please Don Weng….Squadfather.My family,it needs no more trouble right now. I will forever be in your debt. Just tell me what should I pay you?
    AW: Don Kroenke, don’t insult me with money on this important day. I shall do this thing you ask for free. Some day and that day may never come,I will call upon you to do a service for me.
    SK:( falls to his knees in gratitude) Yes Squadfather, it will be as you say. ( leaves the room,bowing and walking backwards simultaneously)
    AW: (Beckons his two henchmen to his side)
    That,gentlemen, is how you get paid to do a job that you wanted done anyway. Now we must move quickly,all opposition must be removed. Arteta’s support must be diminished before we reveal ourselves. Granit, have you dealt with those two interfering goalscorers?
    GX: PEA and Laca have both been ‘disappeared’ boss, just before the Brentford game. They can’t sleep with the misses.
    AW: Excellent. And Willian?
    GX: Corinthians will make him an offer he can’t refuse.
    AW:Perfect. But we will need to have some quality there for our return. I’m not coming back to be embarrassed!
    Per: We have ‘persuaded’ Lokonga to sign.
    Per: I assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.
    AW: Good work, all is as it should be. You may leave me now gentlemen, it is time for me to dine( a housemaid enters carrying a large tray).
    Maid: Your sushi Don Wenger( bows and leaves)
    Per: Sushi boss?
    AW: Yes, it is a fish best served cold.
    (Per and GX exit leaving AW alone with his thoughts)
    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger(shakes his head,in both disbelief and amusement)
    Just when I think I’m out,they pull me back in……

  12. Ernest Reed

    “ Our manager is transactional, he’s the Donald Trump of football, if you do not serve a purpose for him, he’s not interested.”

    If Arteta were successful then not many would care about this dynamic. However, he is stinking the joint out and by many reported accounts is making enemies of others along the way. So the obvious is upon Josh, why put up with the BS that is Arteta? He’s not winning and he’s spending a boatload of your money on marginal talent. Something about all of this just makes little sense. Either Josh is an imbecile or Arteta has something on him and others in influential positions?

    Something really is not right.

  13. Sam

    KarsaAugust 25, 2021 17:57:26
    Why hasn’t anyone signed Auoar?Very odd.

    I’ve read from multiple sources (which means random articles online) that Aour is a troublemaker in the locker room and surrounds himself with an “entourage” that acts as a buffer between the player and the club, which would certainly have to be a “non-negotiable” with Arteta, who has to have absolute control.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Remember fergie was one match from the sack…

    Mark Robbins turned it around for him…
    Who is arteta robins

  15. Terraloon

    “We need someone that is connected with deal making experience. Marina at Chelsea moves players on.”

    Just had a text from my brother kindly pointing out in this window Chelsea have made a nett profit, to this point, of £15 million whereas Arsenal have spent £110 nett

    Some of the names he tells me they have shifted on for not vast sums but they have got a fee for make me shake my head because at Arsenal they have a far more cunning plan

  16. Ernest Reed

    “and they have experience of a young coach at The Rams who has good people around him”

    In case you haven’t noticed Pedro, the Rams currently are a lousy football team. Sean M. overachieved with that bunch. Arteta overachieved in a far smaller window and now is laid bare for all to see his total ineptitude.

  17. WengerEagle

    Just to add to Campos and Rangnick, two great options.

    – Overmars (Ajax)
    – Sartori (Atalanta)
    – Monchi (Sevilla)

    Since Overmars was made DOF at Ajax in 2012 he has brought in:

    – El Ghazi on a free (sold for €8m)
    – Milik for €2.8m (sold for €35m)
    – Onana for €200k (selling for €8-10m)
    – Dohlberg for €270k (sold for €21m)
    -De Jong on a free (sold for €75m)
    – Ziyech for €11m (sold for €40m)
    – Davinson Sanchez for €5m (sold for €40m)
    – David Neres for €12m
    – Tagliafico for €4.5m
    – Lisandro Martinez for €7m
    – Antony for €15m

    Inagine what he could do with an actual budget to work with. And he’s a Gooner to boot.

    I say bring him and ten Hag in and let them rebuild as they see fit.

  18. Bob N16

    Thanks Northbanker.

    I’m not sure where we go from here. Who suggested Edu was the man for the job? Are they still in a position of authority? Who in a position of influence is capable of getting a quality DoF?

  19. CG


    “””We knew the Arteta/Edu story would end in tears,”””

    Indeed we did.

    And thats why they are suitably named A&E.

    And they both are on life support.
    I just hope someone would pull the bloody plug on the pair of them.

    We have Mrs Edu giving the supporters the middle finger on Sunday and Mr Edu giving it all summer via his facebook page.

    Even if Arsenal were sitting pretty at the top of the table- I would still have sacked them over the Willam contract.

    What multi million pound org. allows x 2 dopey ex soccer players to run their business?

    Arteta and Edu x 2 wannabees who have achieved nowt, never even played in the same era thrown together by KSE and allowed to run amok.

    This is on them.

  20. Receding Hairline

    “Arteta is costing us points at the moment, but they have seen what he is capable of…”

    Yes 20 loses in 60 premier league games, bet they are salivating for more of those mid-table numbers

    Winning the FA cup with Arsenal isn’t the Miracle you think it is Pedro, it should not buy a coach time again and again when he is clearly failing in the league

  21. Pedro

    “””We knew the Arteta/Edu story would end in tears,”””

    Indeed we did.And thats why they are suitably named A&E.

    Is this your best work CG? I think so. Bravo.

  22. Terraloon

    Just to further rub salt in he added that Zouma has passed his medical at WHU and agreed personal terms so another £25 million it seems in the bank just waiting it seems to b3 spent on Kounde

  23. WengerEagle

    Zouma for £25m is very good business. Not technically brilliant but guy is a beast and can really defend.

    West Ham will be thereabouts once again this season, legit top 6 threat.

  24. Guns of SF

    Excellent Trump comparison Pedro. Mike not interested in anyone who does not serve a purpose for him…


  25. Elmo


    As inthered points out, Miguel Delaney of The Independent goes further than suggesting Tets is on an equal footing with Edu; he says his sources have implied that Tets is omnipotent at Arsenal, having dominion over all club decisions as Wenger did.

    “Arteta has had one full season where he enjoyed almost limitless patience. That won’t be the same this time, even if there is obviously a desire to back him.

    Sources within the club insist Arteta is going nowhere for the moment. They even talk about how he calls the shots with a lot of the hierarchy, and strong-armed the board into some transfers.

    This is one thing that may surprise those outside the club who have visions of everything falling apart. It might also be a reason things are going badly, mind. Arteta has almost total authority. That’s with the squad, and with the staff. Some have even taken to calling him “mini Arsene”, such is the extent of his control.

    Except, it’s the authority of Wenger without the pedigree of Wenger. There’s no tangible reason yet to believe this is definitely the right man to follow, other than faith. This is one of many issues with appointing a manager with no previous experience.

    It is because of that some are impressed by Arteta’s assertiveness. Others have a different perspective. They are surprised by how “arrogant” he can seem. “He thinks he knows it all,” is a common refrain.”

  26. Graham62


    Did Edu set us up tactically against Chelski, Brentford, Villarreal etc.
    Does Edu get us to play in such a slow, regressive, dysfunctional manner?

  27. Ernest Reed

    “West Ham will be thereabouts once again this season, legit top 6 threat.”

    Funny how many were laughing at the circus side show that was West Ham, not all that long ago. They have really turned it around, both off and on the pitch.

  28. Dan Ahern

    Edu is clearly a fraud. Vast sums shifted to super agents and old players. Ostensibly a South American link to unearth gems but hasn’t produced anything there. (Martinelli was a Cagigao spot, and he was shown the door.) Posting pictures with disgraced former employees.

    Arteta is liable as well of course. You don’t get Willian without the manager saying, “Yes, I can use him.” And the football has been bad.

    But Edu is the weakest link at the moment.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    My latest and greatest prediction:

    We smash the Brom.
    Arteta winks and says “told you”.
    Arsenal fans rejoice. We’ve turned a corner.
    City take us for seven.

    Arsenal fans go cray cray.

  30. Spudnik

    A&E is right. Who would have thought that anything could possibly go wrong by giving 2 ex footballers with no financial skill or expertise responsibility over £100s millions of pounds in transfers?

  31. Guns of SF

    In all honesty,

    I called this a while back when Mike was promoted. It was after the FA cup and not sure what they were smoking and drinking that night, but it must have been damn good, as he was promoted quickly after that cup victory.

    He and Edu should never have been on the same footing. It made no sense. that is on KSE Josh Vinai or anyone else who had a little too much that night.

    We all can see this fella is power crazy and a authoritarian. Its his persona. 2 years in, and not sure how anyone can NOT see that.

    Anti Wenger he is… at least big Weng would be kind, treat others with respect/ dignity.

    We have a cunt of epic proportions running our team.

    Josh needs to fire both Edu and Tets and get in some good folks now.

    If we lose today, its curtains… I hope we win but we cannot continue with this leadership team anymore

  32. Guns of SF

    Good luck Lucas in Fiorentina. I hope this does him good.
    Just need them to purchase him at the end of the season

  33. raptora

    Ten Hag + Overmars is as good as we can do.

    Both experienced, both around 50 yo which is the right age imo – not that young, not too old.

    Both will be super, extremely excited to take on a project that they can shape and develop to something far bigger than Ajax can ever be. But will also be given some leeway on winning titles right away.

    I think they will jump on the project if they are asked to do it. And the chance of them doing a very good job is pretty high. I would be really, really happy with those 2.

  34. Guns of SF

    I can role with Ten Hag and Overmars
    Profile fits with what Pedro wrote. Buy low sell high, experienced in Europe and with coaching experience.
    Good team…

  35. Ernest Reed

    Arsenal will handle West Brom with ease, because thats what better teams are supposed to do. Its what happens on Saturday that is of greater importance and no one should take any comfort from beating a team you are supposed to beat.

  36. Rambo

    The Circus continues

    Fired multiple Director(s), Manager(s), Coach(es)…yet the Club continues to flounder. Why? because there is no Vision, no direction.

    Never underestimate the power of a CEO in business

    For most Clubs, the Owners are passionate about the Sport, they are proud, they see the Club as ‘their’ Club, they see any Success achieved by Club as ‘their’ success. For most Clubs, the Owners act like the CEO.

    Do we have it at Arsenal…

  37. Ernest Reed

    “I think they will jump on the project if they are asked to do it.”

    You make it sound so inviting Raptora. Problem is, they wont be asked and at that, not even sure either would be all that interested. Arsenal are a mess.

  38. raptora

    Moyes is the UK Emery.

    He has shown now at 2 different very good, not top, clubs, that he can shape a team and turn them into a vastly better version of themselves.

    Everton under him were a class club, now the story is repeating with West Ham. He was #1 on the bookies list to get sacked first in season 20/21 with the Hammers nailed on to get relegated under him, to now after a 6th position and 2 rounds in the new season, he looks like the manager doing the best work in the whole league.

    It’s quite the turnaround.

  39. Dissenter

    Our problem is that our owner does not have a 10% intricate knowledge of how football works.
    Stan Kroenke is oblivious to the reality on the ground.
    It’s like trying to win a war from 45,000 ft above the ground. He’s clueless.

  40. Corona XY

    Hey Guns of SF, I assume you’re in San Francisco?

    I’m moving there in just two weeks, was wondering if you have a tip on where to watch Arsenal games? Even though it’s embarrassing to be a fan these days, I still show up for every match in my Arsenal gear 🙂

  41. Fabregoat

    Interesting bit from the Independent.

    “Sources within the club insist Arteta is going nowhere for the moment. They even talk about how he calls the shots with a lot of the hierarchy, and strong-armed the board into some transfers.This is one thing that may surprise those outside the club who have visions of everything falling apart. It might also be a reason things are going badly, mind. Arteta has almost total authority. That’s with the squad, and with the staff. Some have even taken to calling him “mini Arsene”, such is the extent of his control.”

    Shows how weak our board is and how bad a judge of player character and ability Arteta is.

  42. Guns of SF

    He is staring at the cows and chickens running around outside his ranch. No clue about anything.
    Its Josh, who needs to grow a pair and simply do what needs to be done. This is Josh’s play thing. Not Stan’s

  43. Elmo

    Pedro was right originally with the modern structure, that the DoF/Tekdek was the hire that Arsenal absolutely had to match perfectly, and I like that he’s circling back to it now.

    Gazidis bottled it by bringing in Raul, because Gazidis himself didn’t understand the culture of Arsenal (conservative, risk-averse club that would clash sooner rather than later with a sleight-of-hand spiv whose most famous work at Barca was outrageous bungs to Neymar’s parents in Brazil).

    The replacement then was Edu, a guy with no experience in top level football administration. I remember Tim Vickery’s (BBC South American football correspondent) reaction at the time: he said he couldn’t quite understand why Edu would be a fit, seeing as his job for Brazil was: (1) to be an emergency back-up plan to take over from Tite at short notice if he was sacked before the home Copa America in 2019 (a possibility at the time); (2) to track the progress of Brazilian internationals and potential internationals playing overseas. He probably watched a selection of European football, but it was just a small part of his role.

    It’s difficult how to re-establish a hierarchy now. Ideally you want the new Tekdek to establish tenure and primacy, articulate the medium-term strategy, and appoint a new coach themselves, who immediately knows who their boss is. Right now if a new Tekdek comes in, they’re in a power battle with Tets, who currently holds court at the club, and that uncertainty and conflict will be a deadweight on the club. At the same time you don’t want a clean sweep with new Tekdek and coach coming in at the same time, as they will both fight to set the balance of power (as Tets did when he saw a power vacuum). That’s the problem with starting a season ‘in crisis’, with question marks over your two key executives.

  44. Dissenter

    Guns of SF
    Well…Josh doesn’t get it too.

    I think an act of near-thuggery may have helped change the way the Kroenkes see Arteta.
    They over-estimated his support amongst the fans until the simpletons surrounded his car last week.

  45. Dissenter

    Edu was the football administrator/travel agent of the Brazilian national team
    There was nothing about him that indicated he could do that job. They brought him to assist Raul and then elevated him to tasks he had never done before.

    He ought to have walked away as soon as Arteta did that power grab but he had uprooted his family to Europe and may have just wanted the comfort of a cushy job.

  46. Jim

    WengerEagle, re:Monchi Have a look at his time at Roma (my other club), still trying to rectify his mess several seasons later. Only seems to be able to do it for Sevilla strangely… otherwise a strong list of candidates. Question is would any of them want to swap what they’ve got for what amounts to basically a complete remake with us ??

  47. Dissenter

    Emenalo did a herculean job at Chelsea
    A lot of the success they continue to have with youth players came from him.
    The loaning system they used to beat up FFP was his idea.

    He has American roots, did college in the states and has lots of connections in American footie.

    The Kroenke’s may very well prefer him.

  48. Samesong

    Arsenal will handle West Brom with ease, because thats what better teams are supposed to do

    Ernest if the players go into the game thinking like this we are in for a long night. Lol

    West Brom may have youngsters in the team tonight but they will be up for it.

  49. Dissenter

    Emenalo had been trying to sign Neymar as far back as in 2010
    ““In August 2010 Neymar made his debut for Brazil in a friendly against the USA. On the same day, Chelsea made an offer to sign him. ‘We had a meeting in the Hilton Hotel on Lexington Avenue in New York,’ Motta (a football lawyer) said.

    “Seated in the lobby were Neymar’s father, Ribeiro, Pini Zahavi, the Israeli dealmaker who knew Abramovich, a delegation from Chelsea and Luis Álvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, the newly elected Santos president. Luis Álvaro ended the conversation quickly. He rejected the €35m being offered by the Premier League team.
    While he tried to appear calm, he was spooked by Chelsea’s push to sign Neymar immediately. He phoned officials back in Brazil to prepare a special career-plan programme designed to keep Neymar at the club for as long as possible. The plan included giving him English and Spanish lessons, specialist physical preparation and hiring him a wealth-management team.””
    The report in The Guardian also claimed Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo tried to sign the Brazilian again in 2013 just before the return of then-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Below is a report in The Guardian detailing Emenalo’s meeting with Neymar’s father.

    He tried again in 2013.
    “Michael Emenalo, Chelsea’s director of football, flew to Santos to try again. He met Neymar and proceeded to deliver one of the best sales pitches Motta had ever heard. ‘It was the very first time that I saw Neymar’s father listen to someone for more than 30 minutes without looking at his mobile,’ Motta said.

    “Emenalo told the story of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. How Chicago was not a big team, but together they evolved into international icons. Neymar could become Chelsea’s Michael Jordan, Emenalo said. José Mourinho was about to return to the club as manager and he wants to sign you, the Nigerian added. ‘You are going to lead Chelsea to the top.’”

    He did succeed because unbeknownst to him, Barca were ready to pay as much as 50 million in secret payments to Neymar’s family.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    I think we all agree Edu is an idiot, but what’s happening out on the pitch is all Arteta and we are awful to watch. Let’s be honest, outside the top 6 or 7 , most managers don’t get what they want and are probably unhappy with the squad going into their opening few games. But this is the thing, they adapt and do the best with what they have , not sulk like a little baby and trying to push his failings on others. Ffs grow up.

  51. englandsbest

    With Edu gone, that seems to leave only Arteta plus a yet-to-be-hired helping hand. As someone with near total faith in Arteta, that suits me fine. As a matter of fact, it is what I have been hoping for. Which in a sense brings me back to a comment I made (a 500 to one shot, someone said) that the Club might ask Arsene Wenger to guide him.

    My guess is that would make both parties happy.

    The role of a Technical Director superior to the manager confuses me. What does he bring to the table. Business sense? Tactical knowledge? Contacts (heaven forbid!)? Legal knowhow? Does that mean he gets his way on football matters? If not, there seems little reason to make him boss.

    What Arteta needs is a guiding hand. Not a power-behind-the-throne but a word-in-the-ear guy. No egos, no role-playing. A kind of elder statesman, a father figure., a man of experience. Someone like Arsene.

  52. Chris

    I echo the thoughts of others with Ten Haag and Marcy Overmars.

    Overmars has the proven track record of quality business, which translated onto the pitch with Ajax’s title victories and run to the CL semi final (and we all know it should have been at least the final!)

    Ten Haag also obviously a huge part of that but I also suspect is far more tactically adept than Arteta. I recall watching Chelsea vs Ajax in the CL a couple of years ago, Ajax were reduced to 9 men and whilst that obviously isn’t great, they still stayed competitive in the match and even ahead at one stage before drawing.

    Edu with his Instagram shenanigans that leave a bad taste in the mouth and his disastrous signings such as Willian really should be shown the door and I would welcome it.

  53. Chris

    If it’s true about Arteta having power of veto over every factor at the club, that’s a place we don’t want to be, a place we were trying to move away from in latter era Wenger.

    No surprise KSE have allowed this to happen under their broken watch.

  54. WengerEagle

    Very true Jim, Monchi was more of a package deal with Lopetegui who I like but you are right in that he bombed at Roma with money to spend.

    Ajax are of course a bigger European club historically than we are [Bigger than pretty much anyone else in Europe barring a select few like Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Bayern Munich and Liverpool] but in terms of worldwide following, finances, ability to compete at the highest level [definitely looking to the future here, lol] and career progression it would be a step-up for them. Add to that Overmars is a former player and has an affiliation with the club. Never mind miles down the list London as a city being >>> Amsterdam.

    Overmars was working with peanuts and cobbling together loose couch change at Ajax whereas here he would be given serious money in comparison. Can you imagine what he would have done with the £600m+ that we have spent since we were last qualifying for the Champions League?

    I have next to no doubt that ten Hag and Overmars would be very open to taking over here, I just also have no doubt that KSE likely aren’t even aware of their existence.

  55. Guns of Hackney

    Woah. Kola, Elneny, Xhaka and Auba in the same side.

    That’s trolling.

    I’d be really pissed if I lost this match as a West Brom fan.

  56. Nelson

    We all see the limitation of Arteta. I am sure that KSE must have realized it themselves. As usual, they are working on a cheapest solution to change the current situation. In any case, it is bad for Arsenal and the fans.

  57. Dissenter

    You’re trying to cancel a player’s contract by mutual c0onsent..and then you’re playing them in a crucial game against an on-form championship team.

  58. Ernest Reed

    Arteta truly has a hate-on for AMN, no other logical explanation could suffice. There’s making a point and then there’s simply being mean and cruel.

    Of course i say the above without having any real insight as to why he has chosen Kola to start.

  59. salparadisenyc

    Pretty clear the time to move on from Arteta and Edu was this summer before owners backed this plan spending more than any other premier league club thus far in window on these additions.

    Upgrade if you can, not a mantra ownership abides by. The Kroenke’s have invested much in what appears to be the average with little over sight.

  60. Sotongunner

    Both need to be gone. It’s a results game, Arteta has failed and embarrassed the club on the pitch, Edu has embarrassed the club off it. Both have cost the kroenkes significant amounts of money and questions should be asked as to why with the Edu kia links.

  61. EdTheRed

    Very poor article Pedro, but not because of Edu assessment, but because you’re throwing people under the bus left right and centre in order to excuse Arteta.

    Cedric is not shit. Mari is solid back up. What needs to happen is both Edu and ARteta should get immediate sack, and someone capable of juggling both positions should come in. If we lose to WBA, sackings should happen first thing in the morning.

  62. JOEL

    Why on Earth would you play Kolasinac in any game that you desperately need to win.Under every circumstance he should not be near this team….
    Ismael is known for playing a high physical press so Arteta decides to have a midfield double pivot comprised of two very slow players who’s first thought is to pass the ball sideways or backwards…
    At this stage of the Season Arteta should be using this game to get his players to a higher level of match fitness and to get used to playing together…So play both Sambi and ESR…Drop Pepe he’s been terrible thus far…Tell AMN that he needs to play at right back as he could undoubtedly make the position his own…plus sitting on the bench and moping isn’t going to bring any other clubs to the transfer table in a hurry.
    Once again Arteta is illustrating his complete ineptitude and unbelievably is going some way towards signing his own death warrant!!!

  63. TR7

    What explains starting Kola who is on his way to Ferbernache ahead of AMN ? The guy has not got a look in since he praised Ozil.

  64. Foxy

    Yea WBA are clearly more or less throwing the game to concentrate on promotion. Arteta will then be able to claim a stunning turn around in form and probably get given a contract extension.

  65. Chris

    Tavares at right back indeed, i said after the Brentford game Arteta out him on there to see how he would do. Right back position at the club at the moment is in a shocking state.

  66. WengerEagle

    Polite reminder that we rejected an actual 20m offer for Maitland-Niles last summer around the time that we sold Emi Martinez for the 17-20m cash it brought in.

    We then went on to banish AMN to the shadow realm indefinitely before ushering him out the backdoor on loan to WBA [ironic that] after which we have now gone back to send him off to the shadow realm now with the overweight street crime-fighter who is known to be on his way to Turkey now starting in favour over him.

    Meanwhile we replaced Martinez with Runarsson who I wouldn’t pick in goal in my Astro 7 a side league and subsequently go on to buy the much fawned over relegation specialist Ramsdale for £24m a year later.

  67. Chris


    When you put it like that it truly is something that could have been written for some kind of football comedy spoof sketch.

    I can’t believe Kolasinac is playing tonight.

  68. KAY Boss

    You guys don’t get what the Tets PRs are trying to do. They are manoeuvering around their failure to push everything in Edu. If I were in charge, Arterta will be gone before Edu. Even if he turns it around, he must go. Absolute power has indeed corrupted Tets absolutely.

  69. Dissenter

    They can’t get rid of Runnarsson
    The lowly Turkish club he was supposed to go on loan to assessed him and moved on

    The goal keeping coach who did that nonsense is still strutting around Colney like a champ

    That’s what happens when you make the tech director a glorified errand and the said DoF does not have the cojones to walk away.

  70. Dissenter

    KAY Boss
    Are you suggesting that Pedro is part of Tets PR?

    I too will fire Arteta before Edu leave
    Fire Arteta, keep Edu and phase him out over 6 months under Overmars or Emenalo

  71. G

    ” Arsenal will handle West Brom with ease, because thats what better teams are supposed to do. Its what happens on Saturday that is of greater importance and no one should take any comfort from beating a team you are supposed to beat.”

    So you get no pleasue in watching Arsenal beat a team they should beat??

  72. Le Sauce


    This is the first time Arsenal have played at this stage of the Carabao Cup since the 95/96 season? That day in September 1995 they won 3-0 at Hartlepool with two goals from Tony Adams and one from Ian Wright.

  73. Matt

    Erm, West Brom sit second of the championship (only second because of goal difference). The way some people are talking is like we should demolish them with ease. This game is by no means a forgone conclusion.

  74. G8

    Ar teta should go before Edu,
    The underperforming players and all the shit signings and hoardings were his decisions
    Never mind getting rid of promising talents
    Never mind the football he is serving
    Never mind his in game management ignorance
    The man has been on a mission to destroy the club and he’s indeed been very successful

  75. Jim

    I wonder if AMN is still resisting playing at rb? Basically everyone has told him playing right back is the best thing for him to do. Yet somehow he seems to prefer being a benched midfielder than a starting right back. Weird

  76. G8

    Graham62August 25, 2021    19:51:22

    Conspiracy theory.

    Pedro is on Arteta’s payroll.

    John Cross definatley is!

  77. WengerEagle


    The lines between Almunia’s hilarious sketches and the actual day to day running of our football club are getting more and more blurred.

    They actually read like a documentary in parts. We’re becoming real life living and breathing football satire.

  78. Bigper

    Edu and arteta are both complete frauds and neither should be anywhere near the club In any capacity. You have to wonder how the kronekes are so successful when they’ve been duped by these retards

  79. Northbanker

    well good to see we’re giving all of our promising youngsters some game time – Xhaka, Kola, Elneny…..