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Well good morning my darlings and welcome to a footballing FEAST of a weekend.

Arsenal have locked in Martin and Aaron.

Aaron’s name was given to him because his grandad was called Ron and in Birmingham, people say ‘arrr Ron’ when they mention people… so his name is basically a family pun and I’m out here crying like a child.

Anyway, strong interview from Ramsdale. He’s very likable and he also added some propaganda to the mixer by letting us know he actually won player of the year at Wimbledon as well. 3 players of the season awards, that’s quite something at 23. There seems to be a huge discrepancy between fans that watch him every game and Arsenal analysts that have watched 6 seconds of him. He’s a keeper that seems to be a bit of a fan on the pitch, and the fans like that he engages with them. Last player that did that at Arsenal was Partick Vieira, he used to make the fans sing, I loved that.

I also like that alpha comment from him that he was here to take Leno’s #1 jersey. Love that. Let’s hope he can deliver it.

Another thing I noted. He made a special point to highlight that his distribution is the thing. He basically says he mixes it up, which I think is what Arteta wants, because Leno is very predictable with his passing and he makes a lot of bad decisions.

My guess is the Edu strategy this season is to push Leno out by the end and force him to take a transfer next summer.

I also thought it was noteworthy that Aaron said part of his experience was going through a slump in form. He’s very much self-aware and he seemed to know he is not the finished article.

On a side note, I loved the welcome fans gave him. They well and truly drowned out the attention-seekers. Young players need to feel the love, let’s make sure we’re doing all we can this season.

Martin Odegaard had his second welcome video. Interesting that Madrid wanted him at the start of the summer and told Arsenal where to go, then they opened the door later on. From what I understand, it was an Edu/Arteta gamble to wait on him, as they suspected he might be let go. Buendia was the ‘just get it done move’ we passed and held out for the main target. Risky business, but in fairness to Edu, he got it done like he always seems to. I cannot believe he can BBQ, go on a yacht, and have 6 holidays… whilst getting deals done. His ‘HOW TO MAKE IT AND VACATION’ business book is going to be a best seller.

The player seems excited, extremely grounded, and keen to kick on. There’s no stronger motivator in life than being told you can’t do something by someone at your previous company. I was fired from Ted Baker when I was 16 because they said I couldn’t sell. I moved to First Sport and no one sold sneaker polish like me, I was the best in the game. The sky is the limit with Odegaard, I think we’ve made a sharp signing, and hopefully the 5 months prior will give him a good springboard to adapt.

Arteta said in his presser that there was still more business to be done.

We can register 25 players this season. There’s about 7 that will need to be culled in the coming week or so. I’m not sure there will be many sales, but there will be loans, no one wants the ignominy of being cut from the squad.

Kola, Torreira, Runarsson, one of the centre-backs, Willian, Eddie, Reiss, a loan for Balogun… they all have to be looking to find clubs if they want to stay relevant or get experience.

If we can sell, especially in the right-back position, we’ll target a new signing without doubt. I don’t think we’ll move on any of our strikers, though I do desperately want to believe we’re targetting Arsenal fan Calvert Lewin. Imagine him beasting Tierney crosses all season. It’d be a sight to behold.

However it ends up, this squad is now Arteta’s. The dregs of yesteryear are mostly out the door, we have the specificity to play the way he wants to play, and we have the boys that dropped a second half of the season masterclass.

You have to accept that gelling all those players is going to take some time. The next 2 months will be a bit rough as we integrate and bring players back from injury, the key for Arteta is staying in the chasing pack. If he can massively improve on last season’s first 14 games, we should be in the mixer for top 4 come what May.

It’s on him now. He can talk about the negative people outside the club causing problems, but it’s not true, the problems have been caused by him. There are some correlations to how Frank was in his second season, everything was someone else’s fault, he started to sound paranoid, and his behaviour went from chill to erratic.

Arteta needs to get a grip of the situation, deal with adversity in a positive way, and start showing what he’s about on the pitch.

No more playing around the edges.

No more slow football.

No more listless starts.

No more petulance in the media.

I want the fire we saw in the first 6 months of his tenure. We need to see aggression, hard pressing, and sexy combination football.

The time is now.

Let’s see what he has for tomorrow… and remember, after the game, we’re going on the whistle with a live twitch where you can ask elite questions and comment on my hair.

Right, see you in the comments you sexy beasts x

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  1. Guns of SF

    That video is quite eye opening, how Chelsea planned this game.
    Saka lost in the inside channel as xhaka covered him, allowing him to move forward. Problem was that Saka was moving inside way too much with Pepe. The video shows this.. was done intentionally to pull those 2 wide forwards inside

  2. Guns of SF

    Xhaka covering KT, allowing Saka to move inside on attack but on defense Saka is still inside, leaving that channel exposed with no cover but Xhaka mostly.

    Tuchel is a smart manager… for sure. Mike just sticking with his 4231

    Mind numbing really.

    Not able to change that much mid game…

    still the same isssues

  3. Sid

    So far 4 FBs seem to have regressed under Diet Pep, is it that all are crap or the system is crap?

    Choose one, heh, heh
    A what dem a try fi do

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    XhakAss. the big donkey on the pitch. the biggest one. he was clearly the worst player on the pitch, and why not: he is Arteta’s man. If there ever had been a voting on worst player on the pitch during the 2013s, 2014s, it would have been Arteta serially.

    Who would deny even Guendouzi would have been better than him in that space!???

  5. Mee

    In which part of the 2 games did you see movement that was okay? Which players? I have not seen any off the ball, defensive or offensive movement that can be called okay

  6. PieAFC

    It’s not just Arteta though. The footballing similarities ring so true, Steve Round and the coaching staff Arteta has surrounded himself with, Round was a number 2 under Steve Bruce and David Moyes.

    This needs a massive overhaul, either too much tactical output is being relayed from them to the players as well as Arteta. So many mixed ways of playing or none at all. This is by no means a defence of Arteta.

    Nothing has changed, 2 years in and the same old problems constantly. I feel he is out of his depth. He was the coach, the club should never have made him Manager, overseeing too much, Should have kept it simple.

    We’re not beating City and then that’s 0 wins in 3 games, already by that margin 6-7 points from the top already by game 3 and then the international break.

    This is some of the most tepid football I’ve ever watched.

    He cannot last any longer and won’t if this continues. He’s out of his depth or needs the correct team around him.

  7. Ustyno

    “if they stop making those errors then they’re not Arsenal”

    Last statement from that article on guardian

    Arteta keeps breaking the record but the bad ones

    Arteta hardly start the same backline consecutively,in just 2 games already he has already changed it how will the defenders develop on-field chemistry

    Anyone that thinks Arteta is the coach that will take us forward needs his brain examine

    I’m afraid Arsenal might be the highest club Arteta will manage when he leaves,AVB came to Chelsea some years ago and was heralded as the next big thing but we know he has been completely forgotten

  8. Habesha Gooner

    Wow, the doom and gloom is back just like that. I didn’t think we would get a result but I expected at least a decent fight. It’s almost about to be 2 years since Arteta took over. And we look worse than an Emery team with better players. We still don’t know what Arteta is bringing to the table. Klopp showed his style with in 6 months of taking over even though he had nowhere near the quality of players he has at his disposal now. This has the look of the end to Emery’s reign.

    We need new ideas. But we need to get a manager that plays possession football. Arteta has sucked at getting any tune from these players. But I like most of the signings. And he thinks he plays possession football when all we do is keep the ball and move it out wide to cross. We need intricate possession football. We would play a lot better with a manager like Ten Hag. Even Graham Potter would be okay because he plays attacking possession football. We need some new optimism. Get anyone that has had a good CV. German managers are great right now. We could even get someone from there who maximizes his team’s potential. Anyone other than Arteta because he is just a smooth talking sales man who sells bullshit.

  9. Kroenkephobe

    And here’s another thing. Did anyone notice that stupid fucking stunt he pulled twice in the first half where the ball went out of play for a throw to Chelsea. He held the ball in his hands and prevented the Chelsea player from getting it back on the pitch. Looked like a petty, idiotic know-nothing dad on the sideline of a under 11 game. If he wanted to see a delay he could have let it just roll away. The guy is a wanker. He’s losing/lost the players’ respect too.

    Now it sounds counter-intuitive but what would a real man do in his situation, particularly if he claimed a strong bond with the club? Yes, he’d resign (even if in the background he’d negotiate a pay off for himself). It takes guts to admit your mistakes and acknowledge you’re a key reason why things are going wrong. Be a man Arteta and admit its time to go – you’ve failed and you’re lingering at a party where no one really wants you. Take your Armani bullshit, action man attitude and plucked eyebrow metrosexual bollocks and leave please.

    Just wanted to give another slant(!). I’m sick of him. I agree with almost everything on here at the moment, at least until Pedrito and England’sbest come on and say ‘bravo Arteta’.

    This denouement to Arteta’s career at AFC perhaps naturally feels much like the final days of UE rather than AW. Not many will miss him and the unequivocal clamour to get rid is becoming deafening. Feels like the clock is ticking.

  10. Northbanker

    Pretty fair summary Habesha. There seemed to be lots of smaller issues yesterday such as a clueless RB who was suddenly brought in from the cold. But the bigger problem by far was that Arteta’s tactics were totally out-manoeuvred by Tuchel all over the pitch. Good players being made to a look a lot worse than they were.

    And then there was Pablo Mari………

  11. Northbanker

    I had hoped Arteta would now grow into the job having survived two sacking points already, but after watching the game yesterday and the Brentwood game, I think any remaining arguments for preserving the status quo have gone. We just can’t afford any more learning time. If he hasn’t lost the dressing room yet, then it is only a game or two away.

  12. Habesha Gooner

    What annoyed me was the fact that everyone knew we should have played a low block 343. Even after the game started and we conceded the first goal, there were players in the pitch to change it to a 343.

    We could have gone with
    Holding Mari Tierney
    Cedric Xhaka Lokonga Saka
    Pepe ESR

    And we would have stopped the onslaught from Recce James. We would have our weaker players covered and we would have stood a chance if he saw what we saw. His football is crap. And His in game management is atrocious. There is no reason to keep him in the job.

  13. Mee

    Why would anyone take Chambers off, bring Tavares on for 20 minutes only to start Cedric the next game? Next line up I’m guessing will include the likes of AMN and El Neny because you know, continuity is not a thing

  14. Sid

    “”””””””MeeAugust 23, 2021 07:04:48
    Why would anyone take Chambers off, bring Tavares on for 20 minutes only to start Cedric the next “”””””””

    Because he is generational, he knew Tierney would get injured and Tavares would be needed at LB.
    Im telling you for free!

  15. gunnerman

    What is the team doing during practice throughout the week?

    Every match they come out and we fail to see chemistry in the attacking play, no triangle passes or one-twos.
    Right now it’s mostly balls over the top (almost never works), wide passes into crosses (never works) and an attacking player trying to brute force something (also almost never works).

    The only thing it looks like the team is practicing is passing around the back and maybe some positional coaching ie. okay when this happens you stand here and he stands there, now lets keep doing this for 5 hours.

  16. Tony

    From much earlier:

    Bereft of any competent plan, we got what I expected: an easy win for the Chavs. The harsh realty is we could have lost by 4.

    I believed that there was a point to be hard fought for, but nothing more.

    We’re not a cohesive fluid unit that attacks as one and the same defending because that’s what The Chavs have had drilled into them.

    It was almost robotic at times the way and speed they walked through us where we hd no answers bar some huffing and puffing around their box.

    We had 3 shots on target; none of them memorable, as opposed to their 6 shots on our goal; 2 of which they scored, 2 more we’re memorable (elite save by Leno and hitting the upright) with 2 not so.

    They had 6 off target to our 2.Hard to believe it was a home game football wise, but Arteta got a taste of things to come from the fans.

    At the end of the day it was a tale of 2 managers; One who has completely got his team purring and moving their football in the way our invincibles did.

    The other who has infected the team with a viral fear of doing things wrong or making a mistake.

    A nervy 11 devoid of any real confidence just not connecting with each other bar perhaps ESR, where for him, the game was valuable experience, as he tried consistently to feed the attack and attack himself.

    There’s a long way to go to his ceiling; a positive to come out of the game.I doubt White would have been dispatched to deal with Lukaku, it was always going to be Mari.

    You’d think that was a bullet dodged until you realise he’d have Mount, Havertz and Alonso to keep quiet while Cedric shut out Kovacic and Ruediger. Trippier might have done that for us, but not Cedric.

    It’s clear we need a striker, so was why I mentioned Trippier. Get 3 years out of him and he’ll help White. This would be a case of taking a hit in the end on Trippier, but he’d bring a value in experience and add value to a squad for his direct toughness.

    We grossly overpaid for White so need to find an experienced RB to build a partnership with.

    Balogun needs a season loan. Martinelli has lost his edge. He’s still a pain in the arse for defenders, but he’s not much of a goal threat from his sparse service. Auba and Laca still might come good under a different manager and coach.

    We need a today’s Alan Smith MKII. Mobile, pacy, good in the air and technically good on the ground.

    A big worry yesterday was Saka. Why did he get booed? He looked off yesterday and seems to have lost the smile he plays with. He seems frustrated probably because he gets shunted around the pitch in different games.

    He needs stability with ESR and Martinelli/striker.

    At least he has a week to get whatever help he needs. He’s young and had a tough few months, so really needs looking after. I’d send him to see Freddie, as they have a deep bond.

    The Chavs will be there or there abouts when the numbers are tallied at the end of the season. They don’t look to have got out of 2nd gear in their first 2 games. The bin dippers also looked equally good. Their new kid Elliott looks a decent replacement for Salah when needed.

    I’m not bigging up the Chavs, I’m bigging up a manager who has done in 8 months, what The Arsenal has never done: win the Champions League. Lukaku might just help them get a 2nd this. season.

    I look at that and think why can’t Josh and Stan see that? Does Tim Lewis disseminate all aspects of issues affecting the club to Stan?

    The irony is Arteta has hoodwinked Josh as Wenger did to daddy. Both made to look fools. Emporer’s new clothes and all that.

    Stan’s yearning for stability comes at a cost: the dispatching of Edu and Arteta where now they have the International break in which to fix the rudder with an elite manager or let Per and Freddie have a go while Conte or similar elite manager is chosen.

    To choose an unwise cheap solution will cost more in the long run ala Arteta.

    We pretty much know the outcome of the City game as we did yesterday and all last week.

    We’ll put up a token fight for 20 odd minutes, then when it hasn’t worked, we’ll let the viral fear sink in that drive insecurities to make more mistakes resulting in the lack of necessary cohesion with others and the game will be lost.

    The clock is ticking for the current regime where the blames lies firmly on one person.

  17. Mee

    There can’t be chemistry when the personnel is chopped and changed with no clear plan. No time to build understanding on the pitch. I’m pretty certain Cedric, Holding, Mari and Tierney have not played more than 5 games together in ever

  18. Habesha Gooner

    Xhakalson is poor either way. But you protect him with a 343. I could name a lot of games when he has looked clueless in a double pivot. He actually plays better in a 3 man Defense.

  19. Ustyno

    You will think we have gotten to that point where it becomes obvious to all that Arteta is incapable of anything different from what we have seen seen so far

    Anyways wait a little longer and someone will come up some with explanation why we need to still give him time, maybe we really deserve what we get

    I can’t even listen to anything football because you just know Arsenal will be trash talked by all

    Sad sad day

  20. Tony

    Why play him at all? Keep him on the bench because he’ll become a bigger liability this season as he was yesterday. You put people to protect him, you leave spaces open.

    Partey should be back next week I read so Partey and Lokonga have Xhaka on the bench parting wisdom to the Hale Enders and Travares as Stan said.

    If you play Xhaka with Partey in a match or two Partey will break down again. If you will, Xhaka is hazardous to Party’s body’s well being.

  21. China1

    I don’t want to say much about the game

    It was expected. That tells you as much as the result itself.

    One thing that does need attention is Willian liking Chelsea’s celebrations. As you said Pedro it’s arteta’s squad and someone from his team who flew to Dubai last year and broke the dreaded non-negotiables is now behaving in this way. What will arteta do about that?

    Also seeing players like Saka and martinelli struggle is quite sad tbh. The lack of confidence is what happens to players when the manager and club drags on them. Martinelli was on top of the world when Mikel joined. Mikel didn’t like that and saw to it that he’d ‘know his place’. 18 months with minimal minutes later and what a surprise the confidence and swagger has gone.

    Arteta got what he wanted. If martinelli’s swagger and form is gone then I guess Mikel has an excuse to punt 60m on a new winger in January. Just what he likes!

  22. Kegunner


    Some of the passing triangles especially early in the first half were great. Problem is once the team gets into the final half they make wrong decisions. For instance Saka was played a good pass and was goal bound he made too many touches and lost the ball.

  23. gunnerman


    Definitely agree on the chopping and changing of the defensive personnel. It’s even worse in that part of the field because they need to get familiar with their partners during the defensive phase.

    But this lack of chemistry exists throughout the whole team. The midfield and offense are equally devoid of familiarity in their play. It’s always so slow and the team just ends up passing backwards.

  24. Guns of Hackney

    Xhaka signed his contract. After the game. We lost. Arsenal released that news…as good news.

    Please stop supporting this two bit outfit and support your local non league team.

    Arsenal are finished.

  25. Guns of Hackney


    There was no Daniel Eek. No one who is serious about business does their business publicly. He was trying to raise his profile, not buy our club.

  26. Pierre

    Being at the game and hearing Chelsea fans singing “you’re shit and you know you are” is not a very enjoyable experience.

    Luaku is like the final piece of the jigsaw for Tuchel , he will bring so much to this Chelsea side..
    Their play on the ball is silky smooth and the confidence as they move about the pitch oozes out of them.

    As for Arsenal and Arteta , the writing is on the wall
    I’m afraid and he only has himself to blame.

    It’s all coming home to roost for Arteta now, his poor decisions over the past 12 months have caught up with him and the players look like they are losing or have lost faith in him..

    Next week will be a hard watch , any Arsenal fans who travel to the city game must be a glutton for punishment as they also will hear 90 minutes of “you’re shit and you know you are” .
    Probably the best thing they could do is sing along with the city fans.

    First we have WBA in the league cup , a big strong WBA side who are physically imposing and are very dangerous from set pieces , one fears the worst and obviously sky televising the game can see another opportunity for them to gloat at our demise.

    Maybe those Arsenal fans who was so abusive towards wenger need to take a long hard look at themselves, be careful what you wish for has never been so apt, the obsessives have a lot to answer for in my book.

  27. Pierre

    Holding and Lakonga were our only positives yesterday and will probably be the 2 players who will be benched when partey and white return.

  28. Terraloon

    I don’t think anyone realistically thought that the 2021/22 version of Arsenal were going to get much out of yesterday’s game but at the end of the day Chelsea’s players looked top PL players whereas Arsenals looked like a bunch thrown together for a Sunday morning kick about.

    Ian Wright the issue was down to one of three things but for me it’s two things.

    Firstly Arteta clearly isn’t able to mix with the big boys but second and crucially there is the ability, or should I say the inability of the players to take on board the complex tactical approach that is required to perform at the top level.

    That video illustrates just how naive and inept some , well most of the current crop are and when you shop in the scatter gun market way Arsenal currently operate but then add in the lack of experience then the powers that be have created the perfect storm

    Mari and Holding as I said yesterday aren’t even Championship standard. The way that they were bullied was embarrassing they are far too slow and just can’t adapt

    Cedric was let go by Southampton for a reason Mount at one point went past him as if he were a static cone and for Chelsea’s second what on earth was he doing ?

    Tierney was all over the place, if he can’t go forward and with the inability of the others in the back four he was like a rabbit in the headlights. He isn’t a leader because leaders on the pitch would take the initiative he clearly was at a loss what to do when James advanced.

    Xhaka was made to look a mug again far too slow, far too predictable. Lokonga looks ok but his positional awareness is sadly lacking.For me he flatters to deceive

    Saka looks burnt out , that in all probability comes about because he is too good for the current Arsenal team but I wonder if his head is dropping and if that’s the case his confidence will slowly but surely ebb away.Unfortunately he needs to get out of Arsenal for his career to flourish

    Pepe is just terrible in fact did he play yesterday?

    Martinelli is a shadow of the player that shot on to the scene he like Saka seems to be shot confidence wise.

    So on to ESR. The only player that comes away with any credit other that Leno who didn’t do too bad but there is only so long that ESR will be able to perform alone and Leno probably can’t wait to be dropped.

    Dark dark days. WBA will not be easy and I just can’t even get close to thinking what starting 11 Arteta puts out but with Tierney and Martinelli almost certainly being added to the injury list I can’t see how he can possibly risk any of the players that will be starting against City.

  29. Graham62


    Tell me Pierre and be totally honest with me here, do you think any of the so called top 6 clubs would have stuck with Arsene Wenger as long as we did?
    Do you think Liverpool, MU, Chelski, MC, Spuds, would have stood by a man who had clearly past his sell by date. Do you think their fans would have accepted/tolerated fourth best? Do you also think they’d keep forking out huge amounts on a product that was clearly flawed?

    Arsenal have brought this upon themselves by accepting the status quo for far too long. If Wenger had gone sooner and I’m talking around 2010, I feel things would be totally different.

    Arsenal’s problems centre around a culture and ethos set around values and principles that stagnate the club. Wenger was culpable in all of this.

    You know my feelings anyway.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    The one positive which has not been discussed from yesterday’s game was the return of Aubameyang. He may not have scored, but I thought that he looked mobile and reasonably
    sharp. He looked also far less haggard than what we saw last season.

    However, the major concern, which was highlighted in the Brentwood game and reinforced
    yesterday against Chelsea is how fragile and easily bullied is our defence. We conceded two
    goals, because the left back [Tierney] did not track back and defend and Mari is frankly not
    good or strong enough to play in LCB position.

    Whether the defence will improve when Gabriel returns is debatable. My view is that Arsenal may well be forced to play with a back three combination of White, Holding and
    Gabriel. That is not ideal, but we may have no choice.

    The absence of so many players through illness and injury may be a defence for the performance yesterday against a very good team, but was certainly not an argument for the
    defeat against Brentford.

    No-one doubts that our game against Man City will almost certainly result in defeat. So the
    real test will come in the home game against Norwich, which will come coincidentally after
    the transfer window closes.

  31. Pierre

    Our problems were predominantly down our left side where Saka, Tierney , Xhaka and Mari were playing..

    I’m not sure that Lakonga can be called out for his positional play as generally he was positionally good and also very good on the ball .

    I haven’t watched that video you talked about so I can only give my opinion from being at the game and it looked to me from early on we had a problem with Mason Mount’s position on the pitch.

    As soon as he came in from the right flank , Tierney was attracted to him leaving a massive space for Reece James to occupy .

    I would assume that it was either Saka’s or Xhaka’s job to either track Mount’s run inside or to cover the space left by Tierney .

    Whatever it was, it should have been sorted very early on as it ultimately cost us the game, to do nothing is indefensible..

    Why Holding wasn’t designated to mark Lukaku god only knows, he wouldnhave been bullied that’s for sure, Mari was clearly out of depth marking Lukaku.
    The only reason I can think of why Arteta didn’t put Holding on Lukaku is for the pathetic reason that he likes his right footed centre back to play on the right and left on the left.

    Saka and Smith rowe offensively looked good at times but Martinelli’s movement, touch , awareness and decision making was poor and he was easily shrugged off the ball.

    It is quite sad to think that we have extended Xhaka’s contract watching him amble across the pitch , showing very little finesse and positional awareness as jorghino made him look what he is, a very average player.

    Jorginho, I have said all along , is total quality in everything he does and the Arsenal midfield couldn’t get near him, his passing and awareness on the football pitch is evident for all to see……lampards biggest mistake was leaving jorgimho out of the side as is Arteta’s biggest mistake was leaving Ozil out of the side…both will live to regret those decisions .

    There is no substitute for class

  32. Valentin


    It’s like we don’t have a physically strong, good in the air, mobile CB who can organise things and with good passing ability. We do, it’s just that he is on loan at OM.

    Remind me why is that? Who made the decision to buy a short, inexperienced, easily bullied CB who can only play in a back 3 to lead a back 4?

    We had choices, Arteta and Arsenal just made the wrong choi ces. Time to admit it and to correct that mistake.

  33. Sid

    The big question is, what will Diet Pep do in the next few weeks that he has Not been able to do in the months he has been around.

  34. Kroenkephobe

    Please stop supporting this two bit outfit and support your local non league team.

    Fully agree mate. I had a top time at my local club last Friday. 0-0 hard fought draw between two teams of battlers on a carpet of a pitch. Good game. If Hackney Wick ever play Haverfordwest County (unlikely given they’re in different national leagues) come down and I’ll get the first round in. 3 quid a pint. Supporting major teams these days looks like a choice between shopping at waitrose or aldi to all but the most diehard of fans. I’m being tested as a Gooner too – to the absolute limit by our cretin of a manager.

    Pierre – I was enjoying reading your think piece but the last paragraph about old chihuahua head rising like lazarus was like having a bucket of cold sick thrown over me. Wenger fucked this club for a decade and fucked his legacy in the process. Can you seriously imagine him back on the touchline. Winter’s coming and those zips on the managers’ coats are even trickier these days.

  35. Chris

    It was easy to see how the players heads dropped yesterday after the first Chelsea goal. Aside from a few moments here and there (like Holdings header in the 2nd half) we never really presented a serious threat to Chelsea. This is in part down to how well organised Tuchel has them, but we looked disjointed and impotent in our play.

    That along with the confidence factor, makes it hard for me to see how things are going to improve in the immediate future. There are mitigating factors, with missing players for various reasons, but a team which is well drilled in what it needs to do still displays a backbone and identity as such even with missing players. For example, Wenger’s teams still out on a show even missing key players and you always knew we would attack competently (perhaps apart from the bitter end). A big criticism of Arteta is that even after 18 months, this team doesn’t look in anyway confident about what it is meant to be doing and the wind is knocked out of their sails as soon as they concede a goal. That points to a fragile mentality and an inability or lack of belief in the coaches ideas.

    Let’s be real though, are the club going to axe Arteta after giving him £150 million to spend? Given the size of the club and the resource invested, the Kroenke’s are extremely patient owners. I wouldn’t expect to see any decisions made on Arteta until October at the earliest.

    Personally it is hard to defend him, even if I have some sympathy for how we have lost players, but it isn’t enough to Mount an outright defence of him, given some of the Mind boggling decisions he has made, extending Xhaka for one.

  36. Steveyg87

    In the wake of yesterdays result, what hurts the most is how everybody could see it coming. We are 2 years in to this new project and hundreds of millions have been blown and one could argue we are actually worse off

  37. Pierre

    “Arsenal have brought this upon themselves by accepting the status quo for far too long. If Wenger had gone sooner and I’m talking around 2010, I feel things would be totally different.”

    Well, if wenger had left ten years ago , there is a good chance that we would be relegated by now, taking into consideration the demise in our performance on and off the pitch , the poor quality of our football and recruitment and results.

    So yes they would be totally different.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    I assume that you are referring to Saliba.

    The fact is that we have to accept that we need to live with the decision not to play him.
    Whether it was right decision time will decide. Frankly I doubt that he would have made any
    difference yesterday.

  39. The Bard

    Sadly Arteta is a dead man walking. Whatever the long term project current results dictate the direction a club goes in. We are stagnant at best, sinking at worst. Any delay in sacking him will surely be down to the difficulty of finding another manager will to take the shitshow on. Dear old Josh will be in meltdown.

  40. TR7

    ”Let’s be real though, are the club going to axe Arteta after giving him £150 million to spend?”

    If we lose the first 5 games of the league and lose to West Brom in League Cup, Arteta will be gone.

  41. Matt

    It would be interesting to know how many fans would take losing the first 5 league games and against West Brom if it meant Arteta was gone?

    I have reached the point where I definitely would.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I agree that Arteta is now probably a dead man walking. I think that he has until end of
    October before decisions are being made.

    I come back to what I have posted on many occasions. I think that he is probably a decent coach, but the mistake was to promote him prematurely to position of manager. We should have appointed an experienced Football Director or Manager to work above him.

    Now it is probably too late and the damage has been done.

  43. DivineSherlock

    Very very sad time to be an Arsenal fan , I know its too early but we should blame all of it on Kroenkes . Its under their supervision this shit is happenning. The Owners are really really incompetent and it trickled down and made our club incompetent too . #Kroenkeout

  44. TR7

    Antonio Conte is available, a real world class manager. Had we given him 130M to spend in summer he would have transformed our team. What a waste !

  45. Chris

    “ If we lose the first 5 games of the league and lose to West Brom in League Cup, Arteta will be gone.”

    That would probably be justified, with KSE however I wouldn’t be so sure.

    Besides we will likely pick up points against Norwich and Burnley which will prolong everything. Against WBA, who knows, they seem a team at the top of their form and is at a low ebb. Arteta simply has to produce deep domestic cup runs what with being out of Europe this season.

  46. Majesticgooner

    Arsenal is now in the image of arteta, as a player he was neither a goal scorer or creator, it’s not in his DNA ,so now as a manager he cannot get his team to do either, throughout his career he was a kind of nothing player, a slightly above average nothing player, I can’t recall a single match you can actually remember him doing something special as a player apart from him being sent off for us . We now have a team that passes sideways , no end product, even with only two games gone you can see he is already coaching lokonga from playing his natural game, it no surprise that none of our central midfielders even look like scoring, hey get nose bleeds as soon as they get in the opposition half. The sooner arsenal owners make the inevitable decision the better it will be.

  47. Mb

    Waking up on a Monday morning, losing to Chelski the previous day, and getting to know you have run out of coffee.

    Difficult to decide what’s worst.

  48. Steveyg87

    “If we lose the first 5 games of the league and lose to West Brom in League Cup, Arteta will be gone.”

    How can you be so sure? We had 14 points from 14 games last season and he was still in a job

  49. Graham62


    “I think that he is probably a decent coach”

    Satisfactory, reasonable, fair, adequate, acceptable?

    Where’s the proof he is any of these?

    In any case is that what we want, just a decent coach?

  50. Steveyg87

    How many times were we in a threatening position only to pass the ball back? We are too static off the ball. Leno, for all his faults had nobody he could distribute the ball to. The system is flawed as we see this on repeat every week

  51. TR7

    Graham, Emiratestroller can’t possibly give us even one credible example which proves Arteta is a decent coach. He says things just for the sake of it.

  52. Graham62



    You do realise that in 2010 the options to change things were different. For Example, Emery and Arteta wouldn’t have been in the mix. Who was I wonder?
    Sometimes I think your golfing mindset doesn’t enable you to appreciate what’s going on around you. Just focused on a few things.

    Grip, stance, swing etc.⛳️

    You know what I mean.

  53. Globalgunner

    Arsenal upper management Raul Vinai et al bought into a fairy tale possibly espoused by listening to Pedro on Le grove. now they are all too embarrassed to admit they were suckered. Imagine Vinai skulking around Arteta`s house in Manchester at night like a ghoul. They thought they were signing a maestro of the game. Fools and their money eh?.

  54. Gentlebris

    It’s amazing how people are now telling me they were also against Le Tet before the appointment.

    The most you guys did was sit on the fence.

    I remember at some point i began to question my own judgment and tried to see if I was wrong since no one seemed to see reasons for any alarm.

    Y’all were either ‘oh, i think this a great idea,’ or ‘let’s see what happens with this.’

    The closest thing I saw to a ‘no’ here was, ‘i’m not sure this is the best we can do.’

    I don’t remember anyone sticking his neck all out to say it was a horrible accident Arsenal were inviting.

    Dissenter, bring out a post pre Arteta where you said an out and out NO to his appointment.

    ‘Told you so’ doesn’t mean shit anyway, it was only surprising dudes didn’t see this obvious calamity coming.

  55. Globalgunner

    Gentlebris. No need to imagine anything. Only an idiot would reckon getting a complete novice to manage a top tier club would be a swell idea. If LeGrove has archives. You can go back and check them. It was a crap idea then as is keeping him now

  56. Globalgunner

    If you were going in to the hospital to have your appendix taen out and the Medical director gave you a choice:

    A: the 50 yr old who has done this for the last 25 years


    B: the 25 year old who has never carried out an operation in his life but graduated top of the class at medical school?

    I know Arsenal mgt would be edgy and choose B…..mostly because B might be £20 cheaper

  57. Gentlebris

    ‘If we lose the first 5 games of the league and lose to West Brom in League Cup, Arteta will be gone.’

    If we have to wait to lose first six games of the season for a change to happen then no need to wait.

    Arteta will get his odd win somewhere like he did last season. If that meant he would be here the whole season, then brace up for 8th or worse.

  58. Spanishdave

    Wining is a combination of skill and ruthless decision making.
    Our owner is not a winner of sport as can be seen looking at his portfolio.
    What he has achieved is a slow downward spiral of decline which has been falsely covered by a rise in the clubs value. This rise is a result of London’s property market not Arsenals success.
    He has not invested in good management as he doesn’t have any idea how to win the league.
    We hav’nt had a world class manager for over ten years now , we have had mediocre coaches.
    This has been a false economy as we have had to pay off a fortune in high wages and poor player investments.
    Arteta thinks he really is another Pep and his ego is killing the club. Yesterday’s game showed us clearly not only his poor coaching but the players inability to adapt on the pitch.
    Two almost identical goals in ten minutes says it all.
    Arteta will blame everything else for this but ever himself.
    Meanwhile Stan is putting another steak on the barbecue

  59. Majesticgooner

    Apart from a new manager we need a new striker badly, martinelli , nketia, balogun are not ready and who knows what mind set lacazette will be in when he comes back? Especially when he knows the club has been trying to sell him, he now knows how important he is to the team. We need a different type of striker, a powerful one that can hold the ball bring others into play and can score headers. I mentioned onuachu yesterday, he is getable and has the attributes to push on to a higher ceiling. Eduaord of Celtic is another one, we could have got pats on daka who’s gone to Leicester but as usual our scouts were asleep. There’s just a few days left and we have to address it. We could also get in the Brentford scout, he seems very good at identifying players especially strikers, look at their history, maupay, Watkins, now toney, he does know what he’s doing..

  60. Valentin


    We decided to send Saliba on a season loan, so that’s done and dusted. He won’t be playing for us this season.

    The mistake I was referring to is to keep Arteta in employment. The sooner we get rid of him and hire a competent manager with a clear vision, the better Arsenal would be.

    By Christmas, it does not matter who comes in, it may be already too late to salvage the season. Any new manager will want 2~3 players. At least 1 new midfielder because Sambi is not enough and Xhaka/Elneny can’t play dynamic front foot football. 1 new rightback.

  61. Northbanker

    No looking back to Wenger please Pierre. He had 21 years and the last 10 were those of decline. Chelsea show no tolerance for failure – the best a manager can hope or there is 12 months without a serious trophy. I never wanted Arsenal to emulate that completely but I’ve got to admit it gets results, even if they were very boring Champions League winners on both occasions.

    We’re at the opposite end of Board activism – we go way beyond the obvious sacking point before we finally wake up.

    Arteta is now in his third nadir period in just 18 months. Having gone past the first two, and the Villareal disaster as hard to ignore given the tactical ineptitude that took place, I chose to get on with it and support what they were trying to do. The signings were largely in the right direction but the coaching of these players and the team structure is hopelessly misguided. For different reasons Brentford and Chelsea matches are landmark signposts. We can’t entrust the stewardship of the development of our top young players to MA any longer.

  62. Dissenter

    The idea of a novice being shoved down out collective throats was so offensive that we don’t have many long posters here anymore. Posters like Marc, Cesc Appeal have either been binned or moved on because of their opposition.

    You are not the only one who was against Arteta, bin that thought for your mind.

  63. Valentin


    I was one of those initially taken with Arteta. I was hoping that he would be able to translate his great individual coaching reputation into a headcoach position.

    The only doubt that I had were due to him having a nose browning reputation and the fact that nobody shed a tear when he left his position with the U21.

    I did not like the way he was setting up the team, but I accepted as a pragmatic way to win the FA Cup. But last winter, it was clear that the promotion to manager had gotten to his head. He started fight with everybody. He behaved in such an appealing way that would have made Mourinho blushed.

    This summer, it was the same. Throwing tantrum and demanding the wrong players. He made the kind of decisions that clearly show that he has lost the plot.

    Ben White at £50 millions is such an absurdity, anybody with a modicum of football judgement would have stopped it. The same with giving an extension and pay rise to Xhaka.

    Bellerin had made it clear that he wants out, but contrarily to Xhaka he will not accept a bribe (I meant salary increase and extension) to stay. So the club has to make a decision or risk losing him for a lot less next summer.

  64. Sid

    Bringing Xhakalson back to the team after showing fans the finger was the turning point for me,
    Diet Pep was telling the fans to fuck off indirectly

  65. Sly

    Morning grovers
    Here’s a question for you
    Who do we trust on the board with decision making for the next appointments
    Stan/josh/Tim/lord carpet retailer

  66. Marco

    “Antonio Conte is available, a real world class manager. Had we given him 130M to spend in summer he would have transformed our team. What a waste”

    BRAVO ! Well said

  67. Marco

    The Fact that all Pundits say that Conte wont accept the Arsenal job says everything about this club. If we’ve cannot convince an Elite Manager to accept Arsenal job, we are finished as a top tier team ! Just get used to it or get Conte whatever it takes!