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Arsenal added two more players to a squad struggling for specific talents.

The first one we can officially talk about is Martin Ødegaard. The Norwegian national team captain has joined on a perm deal for about £30m. There’s no sell-on clause, I think the most Madrid have is the option of first refusal should we decide to move him on at some point (rumoured).

This is a great signing and I won’t hear any different. He adds leadership, he adds quality in the final third, he’s a ball carrier, he offers us control, and he has the best eye for a fast and ambitious pass in the team.

He’s only 22 years old.

This is exactly the sort of move Arsenal should be making for exactly the sort of fee we should be spending. I think we’ve landed ourselves an absolute bargain and I really cannot wait to see how far he can take his career in a red and white shirt.

There are some really boring folk out there trying to palm this signing off as bland, average, or whatever else they want to say. Sorry, can’t have it. There’s a weird tendency for a noisy collection of fans to only admire a signing if it feels like they discovered the player. Christian Romero? Apparently a baller signing. Ben White, terrible signing. One center-back was bombed off by an elite club and was part of a defence that conceded 130+ goals in two seasons. If that player’s name sounded like the guy who was doing your plastering, people would be up in arms.

If you banged the drum for a younger profile of player, you have to have to be able to hold the idea in your that young players get better.

We’re getting the opposite with Odegaard. He’s a Madrid cast off, therefore he cannot be elite. It’s so bonkers considering the amount of cast-offs from major clubs that are now making their way to the top. Jadon Sancho rebounding to United. Lukaku rebounding to Chelsea. Serge G finding his way to Bayern. Donyell Malen making his way to Dortmund.

Don’t write of 22-year-olds, because there is still a lot of growth in the tank, especially the player earmarked for exceptionalism at a young age.

The next move is a little more controversial. Aaron Ramsdale has made his big move to Arsenal. This is an Arteta signing. He’s gone to bat for him harder than he went for Willian. This is his keeper. I sifted through the amateur data and there’s not much I could find, but there are a lot of fans that have watched him doing videos saying this is a really good keeper.

In fact, I will call out Habesha in the comments section who went into his research a hater and came out impressed.

I have been watching short highlights of Sheffield United to see if Ramsdale was good since Christmas (because it is the only stat that matters 😂). And I haven’t been disappointed. You can’t see whether he is good with his feet in the highlights but there have been some outstanding saves. You can checkout a 3 minute highlights of Sheffield for the past year on their YouTube channel. You can also see whether the fans rate him or not in the comment section. He started slowly and grew in to the season. And most of the goals he has conceded weren’t because of his fault but because of a very poor defense. There were a couple of long range goals he conceded that I didn’t like (especially against Leicester with Ihenacho and Perez beating him). But other than that he looks like a very good keeper. I am more at ease with the transfer than I was after seeing what he is capable of. He might even oust Leno from what I saw and considering Leno’s form over the past 12 months.

How many of the loud detractors have gone to this length? How many could seriously debate a Sheffield United fan that their player of the season was poor? Not many. Again, if he was called Ramsdinho from the favelas, people would view him differently. I genuinely believe because he sounds like a 4th generation butcher, people assume he’s shite.

Back to the prop, just remember, not many keepers do great things at 23 years old. It’s a tough position that needs a maturity generally found in older players. 80 games at 23 is about 80 games more than Emi Martinez who was at Rotherham on an average loan.

Then onto what he has going for him.

It reads like he’s very good at coming for crosses and catching them. We’ve sorely lacked a keeper that can dominate their area since, well, Emi Martinez. He was apparently a bit shaky at the start of last season when judging by his one vs one’s… but towards the end he was judging them well. He has a Schmeichel spread and he’s very fast off his line. Then you have his passing, he’s got a beastly launch, he’s pretty confident playing out the back, and his decision-making massively improved in the second half of last season. Finally, he’s a great shot-stopper, because he had to be at Sheffield United.

You also have to put context around his two loan moves. I think he had 17 different defensive combinations of defenders in front of him at Sheffield United. It was a total mess for him. Doesn’t matter how good you are, if the players in front of you are broken, you aren’t going to be able to perform.

Does this signing come with risk? Absolutely. It’s a lot of money to spend on someone untested. But main point here, he didn’t choose his fee.

That brings me onto the disgusting abuse.

If you are doing that to a new player, you are no fan of Arsenal, and you can get in the bin.

There’s a weird culture of entitlement where fans assume their choice for a goalkeeper is the one… and if it doesn’t happen, they go on the attack… literally to the player’s Instagram. It’s appalling. The same people will be asking why the players don’t go to war for the shirt in December. This trend is embarrassing and the only way it stops is if fans start to unfollow accounts that do this sort of thing. What keeps them going is the likes and affirmation. Cut that off, block, report, and as fans, we start to control the community. Attentions seekers thrive when people pay attention to them.

The backlash against the Saka abuse filtered into IRL. Spurs fans were clapping him. Why can’t we take that approach to all football abuse?

Have your thoughts about the transfer by all means, but 1) Abuse is never acceptable 2) The player hasn’t dropped a single game and he could be far better than you think. If I can get excited about Willian for 5 minutes, we can all get excited about a young keeper with a high ceiling.

Onto the pre-match prezzer.

Mikel Arteta was on better form this week. He didn’t look sullen, he gave some good answers, and he seemed a bit more in control of what was going on. He asked for perspective on last week, and if I was to try and give it, it’d read like this.

Arsenal trained a very specific way all week, with a very specific starting 11.

The covid hit 4 players the day before the game.

The club didn’t know who else would be out of the squad as they frantically tried to test all the squad the day of the game.

We had to line-up with a striker who’d never played a Premier League game and we had to shuffle the deck with players that were also making their debut.

We were missing Thomas Partey, Gabriel, our two best strikers…

Hard not to frame that as a bit of a nightmare to deal with.

What didn’t help was the emotional reaction Arteta had to the problems. He let it consume his press conference when he should have been pumping our chances. The players went out like they knew their own manager was defeated and that wasn’t cool.

This weekend is a chance to start again with a bit more good news lifting the squad.

Auba might make the bench, there’s a chance there will be two new names in the dressing room, and the team will have trained with a specific plan in mind with the right players.

You’ll see Martinelli playing as a #9 from the start, we’ve seen him do damage against Chelsea in the past.

You’ll likely see Saka start from the left, which is always mega.

You could even see Odegaard and ESR starting.

All those things will make us better.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘ARSENAL WILL GET SPANKED’ and I’m not sure that’s ever the case with Arteta. We’re much, much better in big games with him. Sometimes a huge prestige game is what you need to get things back on track. It’ll be tough because it’s Chelsea, but I’m feeling a little bit better.

There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds that we could still be in the market for more players. It won’t be Auoar, so don’t get your hopes up there, but there are a lot of people talking about Calvert Lewin, who is a monster striker for Tierney-style crosses, as well as the absolute clear need for a right back.

It’s a big weekend, but we have a home-game, so if you’re going, head there and give it your best as a fan. If you can’t be arsed, why would the players care?

This new squad we have is young, vibrant, hungry, and they will be better if we are better as supporters.

Fingers crossed they bring the fire. I’m excited. Football is back baby, let’s make this Chelsea game a memorable one for the right reasons.

See you in the comments. x


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What happens now with Leno…
    Will he be sold ? Drop his gloves ? Or respond with 5 clean sheets in a row ?

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Home games at Emirates are seldom full in August. Many season ticket holders are away on holiday.

    The real indication of how full the stadium is likely to be comes in September once the school holidays end.

    Another issue is that some season ticket holders are understandably nervous about attending matches until they see what is the impact from Covid.

  3. Globalgunner

    Looking at the klutz we have in charge and the uncoordinated pattern of play. I doubt if this bunch even scores goals in training. Then again, we cant defend so maybe they attack wins games 1-0

  4. Raulishuss

    The same auoer that arteta went to war for last season. The hate some of you have towards arteta is unhealthy fr

  5. Daniel Altos

    Marcelo flores scores again for the under 18s…dude’s a baller and his first touch is exquisite for such a young guy

  6. Daniel Altos

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalAugust 21, 2021 13:46:01
    GoonastoursBarnsley let me ACCA down mid week by failing to score…
    On my C list.

    Same here man…then the fuckers score two in the first half today

  7. Negative Nigel

    “ The hate some have you towards Arteta is unhealthy “ lol tell me about it.Thought I was negative till I came on here.Got to be a collection of the most miserable b*** trds in the world.All on the one blog.Phenomenal.Day after day.Same old shit.Still they can sharpen their knives for tomorrow.

  8. Terraloon


    In the numbers Arsenal publish season ticket holders are declared to have attended even if they don’t turn up
    The first home game of season 2019/20 played against Burnley on 17/8/2019 was a 60214 attendance.
    Historically when Arsenal don’t have a capacity attendance it’s because the away team haven’t sold out their allocation
    The tickets available for this game are on general sale and nothing to do with ST holders not attending

    There are tickets st

  9. Sid

    Wenger would have easily convinced Camvinga to sign, he would be as great for Arsenal as well as for Sid.

    Sid watching Arsenal in North Island, Seychelles when Amelia, the girl visiting from Berkshire asks “whats the name of that player?”
    Sid replies “come finger” Amelia unties her bikini strings

  10. Thorough

    I’m watching QPR vs Barnsley and Elias Chair or whatever they call him just scored an absolute stunner. Left two defenders for dead and ripped it in from an impossible angle.

    Why can’t our wingers do that?

  11. raptora

    Watching the 2 titans in Liverpool’s defence in van Dijk and Matip and how easily they deal with the long balls towards Wood, Barnes and now Jay Rodriguez. You know we’ll get bullied by them. We always do, especially that Ashley Barnes cunt.

  12. Daniel Altos

    ThoroughAugust 21, 2021 14:07:33
    I’m watching QPR vs Barnsley and Elias Chair or whatever they call him just scored an absolute stunner. Left two defenders for dead and ripped it in from an impossible angle.Why can’t our wingers do that?

    Been watching too.Terrific goal,as for me I was wondering why our players cant pass it like barnsley did in the first half

  13. Nigel Tufnel

    There are so many here posing as scouts, some even slagging off Sven Mistintlat as they’re so brilliant.

    Example… making nasty comments because we aren’t going for Aouar, saying how it’s unconscionable at a low price. Then it must be even more amazing that not a single club in England, Italy, France, or Spain has wanted anything to do with him… and they all NEED quality players at bargain prices. Then the hand rubbing, penny pinching, lily white rubbish down the road, show a rumoured interest and you all go crazy. I’d take a shot with him at these prices, but I’m not crying if we pass on him like you pathetic creatures.

    Never mind the fact that 90% of you miserable losers haven’t seen him play much, except for YouTube highlights, an occasional UEFA match. The fact that most of you only even know his name because of Arsenals past interest… be honest, that’s 80% of you. Embarrassing.

    The slagging off Ramsdale, Ødegaard, White, etc…… if you’re so unhappy, stop following the club. You don’t have to become fans of another team, just stop paying attention to Arsenal because you’re annoying real supporters.

    You aren’t Arsenal supporters, you are Arsenal detractors.

    Now the most miserable will come attacking me, even though I want Aouar too…. because everything I said is fact.

    I will never be jealous of Tottenham, no matter who they sign…. and I was calling for Arsenal to buy Lloris and Vertonghen. I just am not miserable like most of you. You all know who you are.

    I was hoping this place would get better after Wenger, but even Pedro is regularly calling you out in his posts because he wants to be a little optimistic. Then he gets abuse for it.. That’s really bad.

    Again, I’m fair, and I don’t like how Arteta has handled some players, or his offensive tactics. But I want him to succeed much more than I want to be proven right.

  14. Kris

    These Asensio rumors make no sense.

    We already have Saka, Auba, Odegaard, ESR, Pepe, and Martinelli vying for the 3 places behind the CF and Asensio has never played as a CM or a DM…

  15. Thorough

    @Daniel Altos.
    Got carried away..QPR paid for the chances they fluffed earlier. Guess it shows how low we’ve sunk as a club that we’re wondering why our players can’t do stuffs that Championship teams pull off routinely..

  16. Kroenkephobe

    Positive Pete and Negative Nigel are aliases of course for Perfidious Pedro. Courtesy of Knowing Kroenkephobe (oh no that doesn’t work does it).

    ES Come off it mate. The club has just spunked millions on sone distinctly ordinary players and you’re blaming the holidays for ticket sales. If those signings were exciting – oh and if we hadn’t been dominated by Brentford last week – do you think there would still be unsold tickets.?

  17. Tom

    “Watching the 2 titans in Liverpool’s defence in van Dijk and Matip and how easily they deal with the long balls towards Wood, Barnes and now Jay Rodriguez. You know we’ll get bullied by them. We always do, especially that Ashley Barnes cunt.”

    Matip- 6’5” tall
    VVD- 6’4”
    Fabinho- 6”2”
    And the new guy, Konate- 6’4”

    Maybe Klopp’s knows something about aerial play in the PL that’s supposed to be on a decline according to some resident statisticians.

  18. WengerEagle

    “Maybe Klopp’s knows something about aerial play in the PL that’s supposed to be on a decline according to some resident statisticians.”

    But… but… Cannavaro?

    Sergio Ramos?

  19. WengerEagle

    Well you’ve just confirmed that you are a tit too Nigel by admitting after that nonsensical preamble that you also want Aouar.

    Don’t have you as a weekly Lyon observer funnily enough.

    Rim Tets and Edu at all costs in spite of them turning our great club into a laughing stock? Got it.

  20. Nigel Tufnel

    About Arteta. I don’t love much about him. I like that he tried to make job number 1 to make us more solid defensively. That got him an FA cup off the bat, and 3rd best defense last year, I think? (at the expense of creativity) For years under Wenger that was the weakness. Emery said he’d like to see us win matches 5-4. So I agreed with job 1.

    I hated the Willian thing, I knew it would hold back Martinelli and Nelson, and I warned about that aspect here, especially the money and the 3 years.
    I think Guendo should’ve got 1 more chance to play, because nobody else we had could progress the ball from midfield. Our midfield was woeful. I liked the Partey signing, and we’ve been unlucky with his injuries. I think we need another midfielder, and I love Ødegaard. A player like Ramsdale I’ll of course support until I’m convinced it isn’t working.. So I take everything case by case.

    My biggest problem with Arteta was the incessant, useless crossing. Having Ødegaard should cut that down a lot.

    I’m not all doom, not all sunshine.

  21. Sly

    Here’s one for all the wenger haters
    What would big weng have done with 200M for an attack and midfield rebuild?
    Now you can salivate

  22. Sly

    That’s reasonable Nigel
    Fans are angry because they can see where the arteta project is going
    Looks like you do too

  23. Dissenter

    Nigel Tufnel
    Semis you’re just the paragon of fairness then
    It’s all right for you to moan about so many things Arsenal but you’re not “all doom’

    Wish I had some of your sunshine in my life. I can just saunter in here to moan about moaners.

  24. Raulishuss

    Yeah arsenal was a doing very well before edu and tet. They ruined everything and made us a laughing according to our resident stat nerd

  25. Dissenter

    ‘ Here’s one for all the wenger haters
    What would big weng have done with 200M for an attack and midfield rebuild?
    Now you can salivate’

    Wenger would,have kept the money, that’s hard to deny based in what he did in the summer of 2015.

  26. bacaryisgod


    I love Wenger but based on his last three years of signings, I wouldn’t trust him that much with 200m. Here’s what he did with about 240m in his last two seasons.. How many of these signings would fall under the category of hidden gems or great bargains? How many would be terrible signings. If it was a football match, the score on that front would be 0-6. You could make an argument for Holding as a good deal but he’s not a top quality defender and his limitations have cost us in a number of games. I didn’t include Bramall in the negative comment because he basically cost nothing and didn’t get near the first-team.

    Auba: 57m
    Lacazette: 48m
    Mkhitaryan: 31m
    Mavrapanos: 1.9m
    Kolasinac: Free (but not high wages)
    Xhaka: 40m
    Mustafi: 37m
    Lucas Perez: 18m
    Asano: 3.6m
    Holding: 2.7m
    Bramall: 36k

  27. bacaryisgod

    Sorry Sly-that was just last two years of signings and not three.

    It wasn’t only Wenger to blame for some of these signings but he still wielded a lot of veto control with transfers.

  28. Nigel Tufnel

    Dissenter, I’m sure there are people in real life that know you’re a miserable sod but don’t want to deal with your reaction if they say it to your face. They should try a group intervention.

    So much that when somebody comes with a balanced view, and even agrees with you on a lot of points, you only focus on the differences, and try to turn it into nastiness.

    You don’t understand yet, but maybe after an intervention by “friends” and family you’d try and find a tiny bit of joy in life.

    The good news for you is that you have found a lot of like minded people here and you feed off each other. It must be really satisfying tearing public people down anonymously.

    Misery loves company.

  29. WengerEagle


    You one of those nerds that changes your Moniker every couple of months after a ban cause honestly can’t remember you ever chiming in with anything worthwhile on here?

    8th placed finishes back to back are more than acceptable to a plum like yourself no doubt.

  30. bacaryisgod

    The story of Arsenal’s incoming transfers has been a unified disaster across three managers and multiple executives.

    The last good year for incoming transfers was 2012/2013 with the arrivals of Cazorla, Giroud and Monreal. Podolski was a mixed bag but overall that was a good response to losing RVP and Song in the same year.

    We haven’t had a good year for incoming players since. Even when we brought in good players (Ozil in 2013 and Alexis in 2014) they were joined by disappointments like Sanogo and Kallstrom in 2013 and Chambers, Welbeck, Debuchy, Ospina and Gabriel Paulista in 2014.

  31. WengerEagle

    We have spent £600 + million in the past 5 seasons and have failed to even qualify for the Champions League once or even finish above the Spuds in the table. We have in that time backslid as far down as 8th, back to back.

    And you have these weirdos like Nigel Tufnel and Raulishuss backing the running of the club to the hilt and casually throwing out words like doomers, losers and moaners to anyone that has anything negative to say at all.

    At least Raulishuss shamelessly embraces the role of a full on slow-witted pom-pom waving cheerleader whereas Nigel seems to delude himself that he is ‘balanced’, hilarious.

  32. TR7

    ES is the most deluded pom pom waving cheerleader ever on Le Grove. Lose the first game and he will say it’s just one game. Lose to Chelsea and City and he will say we can’t compete with big money spenders. Lose a few more and he will say let’s wait until Partey returns. He will deliberately slip in a few critical remarks to put on a facade of being a balanced poster. Then win a few games and he will start slating anyone critical of Arteta. A real bullshitter Mr. gentlemen troller (courtesy Rambo).

  33. Positive pete

    Fair point Bacary.2013-2013.The last decent window( not if you include who left).Tragic wasting of transfer money & ultimately,wages.Responsibility lies at the feet of quite a few.leaves us where we’re at now.The fall in standards compounded by the financial doping we’ve had to endure.

  34. Nigel Tufnel

    Wenger Eagle….

    There’s no need for you to get into me for saying that I like the idea of picking up Aouar for a low price.

    It’s just a reasonable opinion from the little I know about him. I didn’t claim to know more about it than anyone. I think we could use another midfielder with upside potential. If we had had one in the squad in place of ElNeny, maybe I’d say we don’t need him.

    It’s just one guys opinion. What you’re supposed to do on blogs is give an opinion.

    I don’t come preaching here like I know better than everybody. I never claimed to have a better knowledge. I just have a better, more reasonable attitude than you, I guess. I assume you have better knowledge than me, because I take you at your word. I have no reason to doubt you.

    The stuff about Arteta and Edu… it’s like an obsession for you though. All I’ve said is that I try to find a little positive about Arteta, with plenty of complaints about him. What’s wrong with that?

    I just hope that they do a good job, even when I’m afraid they aren’t. I don’t mind criticizing them at all, obviously, and if it’s bad enough, I’ll say they should be replaced.

    Why do you need to be right and superior in your own mind? It’s all debatable….without the hate, especially hating on our own players.

  35. Rambo

    So this guy writes an essay criticizing Arteta and Arsenal, while also claiming to be a houlier-than-though fan.

    Nigel Tartuffe -nel,

    Can you write an essay on what are the positives and why you are a better fan?

  36. raptora

    Surely if he’s a detriment to the club (imo), I would like him gone. I don’t hate him but I can’t stand him looking down on everyone around him. You can see how full of himself he is. It’d be more understandable if he was actually super good at what he does. He ain’t. He’s average at absolute best.

  37. Zacharse

    I really hope we’re not done in the transfer market.
    We have so many players that if we lowered the asking price i believe would get sold- mostly because theyd jump at the chance to leave! We could easily add 1-2 players off the back of some deals…

  38. Zacharse

    “And you have these weirdos like Nigel Tufnel and Raulishuss backing the running of the club to the hilt and casually throwing out words like doomers, losers and moaners to anyone that has anything negative to say at all.”
    Surely the guy who single handedly saved us from
    Buying ramsdale wouldnt be offended by getting called a name on a blog!? Come on eagle youve got work to do influencing club decision making! Quit wasting time w diet pep fanboys 😂 we need a striker and a mf- get to work

  39. WengerEagle

    Nigel Tufnel

    See that is funny because it is the ‘positive’ fans on here that are the only ones who claim superiority over the ‘doomers’, you’re also way down the pecking order if you do not live in London or have a Season Ticket as we have also learned on here which also renders your support ‘limited’.

    Helps too if you’re old enough to remember TV without colour as that means you sat through us being shit in the 70s and as a result gives supporters no reasonable gripe with the club merely regressing back to the mean in their eyes in spite of the myriad of reasons grounded in logic that it should never happen barring a complete financial meltdown which has not been the case, we are actually spending far more money than ever before.

    I don’t hate Arteta personally so you throwing words like ‘obsessive’ my way is just a way of putting me in a convenient little box for you to have some shade to throw. He has made countless errors in charge of the club with Edu, a few that have been really costly to us and will continue to hurt us down the line.

    The fact that even the most optimistic Arsenal supporters predict a top 6 finish at best tells you all you need to know about what a shambles of an operation we are at the minute.

  40. Guns of SF

    He can take the ball and dribble, beat the initial press and spring our attack… great technical skills too.
    Would need a strong Mid behind him but we do need creativity from deep and a carrier.
    ESR above him would be fine too…. need to have that top of the pitch covered with 2 creators in the middle

  41. Guns of SF

    once again all our attack is going through KT again it seems.
    ESR trying his best. Having another attacking mid in there along with Ode would help a ton.
    Weng used to use 3 creators at all times and play the high line and just dominate possession, shots etc.
    We have a better defense now, so the team needs to push up more…. the more we sit back the harder it is. No outlets in Auba who tracks back too deep

  42. Nigel Tufnel


    If you only get poor understanding when you read, there are adult literacy programs.

    I didn’t write an essay criticizing Arteta and Arsenal. For example,, some other moron says that I like Arteta and Edu too much. You guys are never happy, and that’s exactly the problem.

    I wrote a balanced comment saying that some people are too negative and hate obsessed, while showing that I can be critical, but also admit when the club do something right.

    I didn’t say I’m a better fan. Nobody else read it that way. It’s almost the opposite. I respect the knowledge of Wenger Eagle and Dissenter, but I feel sorry for how miserable it has made them.

    I think I’m probably not as good a fan, because I won’t let it ruin my life.

    If Arsenal get relegated, I’ll just find better and more important things to focus on, and enjoy… family, friends, work, hopefully some travel, a good meal, and other things. Also, I’ll watch Arsenal in the championship.

    It’s not just football I’m optimistic about.

  43. Sly

    I wanted wenger out
    He should have left 5 or 6 years earlier
    The point is that he was an incredible coach and knew how to nurture and develop talent
    Imagine how he would have rebuilt this midfield and attack that we’re struggling with now
    Now We have a coach who has no clue how to make an attack work or recruit talent even with the funds made available to him
    For all the wenger criticism would you deny he could do that?
    Fans have also ‘forgotten’ what his teams had to go through being savaged by opposing teams/ referees/pundits etc
    The Birmingham game in 2008 with the Eduardo injury one of many comes to mind, a young team with contendership potential
    Then Ramsey, diaby and the list goes on
    The damage from poor coach recruitment will cost us for the next decade at this rate

  44. Kroenkephobe

    Klepto kroenkephobe? Does that work

    As alliteration it certainly does. But what have I stolen?

    Nigel Tufnell is Pedro (digging a rather large hole for himself by the looks of it).

  45. Guns of SF

    Martinelli, or Balogun need to stay higher up for outlets….
    whomever mike picks as striker.

    Then again, I expect a highly defensive game tomorrow from us.
    Looking to nick a goal once again. Just crazy imaginative stuff again from Mike….

  46. Nigel Tufnel

    Guns is right.
    Our only ideas have been to depend on Tierney and pathetic crosses from the likes of Bellerin and Aubameyang. Horrible. That’s my biggest concern I mentioned about Arteta.. lack of creativity.

    Ødegaard should help a lot in working through the middle. I hope Arteta takes full advantage. It’s a great signing because the squad and the manager needed it.

  47. China1

    Yeah part of the reason we needed such a drastic rebuild is because in his final years his recruitment was absolutely dreadful. He spent a couple of hundred million and got remarkably little bang for his buck

  48. Pierre

    “as that means you sat through us being shit in the 70s”

    Careful, you are rewriting history …..early 70’s we won the fairs cup and did the double , followed by a defeat to leeds in the final the following year.

    Mid 70’s was a bit ropey admittedly, but late 70’s we had some epic battles with liverpool in the cup and 4 cup finals in 3 seasons ( winning only one unfortunately) was not such a bad time to support the club , especially the away days in the cups …..some fantastic memories for me.

  49. Dissenter

    Nigel Tufnel
    You do realize that you’re dribbling with condescension and casually making assumptions of posters
    You are implying that you’re the better fan and better human being. Are you dishonest or just impervious of the implications of your scattershot yammerings?

  50. izzo

    Arteta is incompetent not average. Average is at least someone with experience. He had none. We just gifted him the job like charity. We’ll never be a real club until Kroenke sells. I’m tired of wishing for this and that. Thank goodness I have learned to protect my mental health. Arsenal right now is not worth the wahala!!! Walahi!!! 😀

  51. China1

    Arsenal fans might not need to ‘sharpen their knives for tomorrow’ if they felt like their club wasn’t an embarrassing mess for the last decade

    I don’t recall the fan base having such negativity a decade or two ago. Why was that? Something to do with the club not being a joke I suppose.

    Food for thought…

  52. Guns of SF

    Having these three on the pitch
    Aouar ESR Ode – behind Auba will do us a lot of good.

    We need Aouar or someone in that mould fast.

  53. Dissenter

    The fans who are not comfortable or out rightly against Arteta aren’t in the minority.
    At the moment, you have to be swimming against the tide to still think Arteta knows what he’s doing.

    I’ve seen mild mannered and typically neutral fans like Pierre and Leeds gunner switch to become vehement critics.
    It’s not just deplorables like Diss who think Arteta is full of you-know-what.

  54. Sly

    Arseblog reported something came up in the scouting for Aouar and Arsenal backed out
    In any event looks we’re done with creative recruitments
    Arteta is more in the moyesque mold
    Strange that cos moyes has West ham playing attacking football

  55. Dissenter

    I never envisaged that a club that has s-want almost 130 million in a summer windows will start a season with a fan base that’s so conflicted
    Somethings they’ve done just doesn’t seem right, and that’s being polite.
    Only the Kroenkes will allow a pack of juveniles to waste their ESL apology money.

  56. WengerEagle

    ‘Imagine how he would have rebuilt this midfield and attack that we’re struggling with now’

    Wenger did used to buy well, extremely well in fact. But in his last two seasons at the club, he spent a lot of money on Xhaka, Mustafi, Lucas Perez, Lacazette and Aubameyang. Around £200m on that group.

    He lost the eye for a player that he once had, even in 2012/13 picking up Cazorla and Giroud for so cheap and Monreal shortly after.

    After that season though you would be hard pressed to find a successful Wenger transfer that didn’t cost a lot of money as there was only really Ozil and Sanchez.

    Here are the group of players that we signed after 2012/13:

    Ozil, Flamini, Sanogo, Alexis, Debuchy, Chambers, Welbeck, Ospina, Gabriel Paulista, Bielik, Cech, Elneny, Reine-Adelaide, Xhaka, Mustafi, Lucas Perez, Holding, Asano, Nwakali, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Kolasinac, Mavropanos.

    Holding is probably the only player that you could say has proven very good value for his fee considering it was so low, 2m.

    Every other success story out of that massive list was bought for a huge amount. He no doubt lost the eye for a player over the declining years.

  57. Dissenter

    What’s this scheduled ‘protest’ for tomorrow supposed to achieve

    Surely can’t ding the Kroenkes for not spending, that won’t make sense given the amount of money we are flushing down the toilets these days.

  58. bacaryisgod


    The problem is that Wenger from 1997-2013 wouldn’t have had a problem in rebuilding the attack. He did it time and time again. But you simply can’t look at his signings in his last two years and say that his gift for value signings hadn’t deteriorated. He was flailing.

  59. Sly

    Arteta as a ‘ good’ coach smh
    What is evident is that he learnt some patterns of play from Pep (which pep has evolved on from lol)
    Maybe a few from moyes and very little from wenger
    He can’t deviate from these patterns because he doesn’t have the depth of imagination or innovation to do that. It gets very scary with the handbrake half off
    He’s a textbook coach, no deviation or variation for the key patterns
    None of these characters augur for being generational
    – lack of innovation/imagination and courage
    – inability to develop /nurture talent
    – inability to identify and recruit talent
    – inability to ‘manage’ a team

  60. WengerEagle

    ”Careful, you are rewriting history …..early 70’s we won the fairs cup and did the double , followed by a defeat to leeds in the final the following year.”

    Didn’t mean to tar the whole 70s with the same brush, the early 70s under Mee we were very successful by all accounts.

  61. Sid

    Proper between the lines creator make the opposition think twice about attacking,
    they have a positive impact on defense than players like Xhakalson
    We have been reduced to sitting and soaking the pressure from teams like Brentford.

    The only thing Diet Pep fanboys understand is Sids sexcapades, so i will Not disappoint them.

  62. bacaryisgod


    Dpn’t get me wrong. Wenger’s 10 year stretch from 1997-2006 has to go down as one of the greatest club management decades of all-time. He could have extended that run if the disastrous Birmingham game hadn’t played out like it did. You could make an argument that game was the moment everything changed for him. His best overall striker was essentially finished, his captain had a meltdown and we’ve never recovered.

  63. Sly

    I agree wenger was flailing in his last 3-4 years
    Part of that might have been down to him holding out hope for a cazorla return
    Most of it likely related to decline
    I bring him up on this blog because LG was built around wenger slander
    Some fair, most probably not
    Now the chickens have come home to roost

  64. WengerEagle

    The Wengerball/Cescball era we could have been very successful. What was so frustrating is just how close we were to United and Chelsea but we badly neglected the spine of the side with that joker Almunia largely between the sticks and having two short, aggressive and front-footed CBs in Gallas and Toure as our CB partnership without quality protection from CM once we let Flamini leave. Along with the bone-headed Clichy at LB.

    We were always just a quality signing or two away.

  65. Sly

    I don’t debate wenger declined and should have left earlier. We should have replaced him with klopp and missed an opportunity there
    I think his decline was progressive post Dein exit
    But would you debate that even in his last 3-4 years status he wouldn’t have found a way to make this team of deplorables click, rebuilt the midfield and had us playing progressive attacking football?

  66. Guns of SF

    Wenger and the little triangles we used to play with our artists on the pitch… i think one season we averaged like 60 percent possesion once.

    Yes our defense was exposed a lot but at least it was fun to watch, and we did much better with this “exposed defense” than the current manager and team

  67. WengerEagle


    Two wrongs don’t make a right, it was the right call to end Arsene’s time here and it should have happened a few years earlier but yeah I don’t really disagree. We have done a horrendous job in replacing him with first Emery and now Arteta and he likely would have had us in the same position with better football to watch.

  68. Pierre

    “We were always just a quality signing or two away.”

    At least we would go into the season with optimism under wenger and more often than not would be in the top 3 ( sometines top ) at Christmas.
    Sadly the inevitable happened which was a consequence of either too many injuries or Wenger’s inability to buy those couple of platers that would get us over the line..

    I’m afraid there is very little optimism now and when it comes to Arsenal I’m quite positive, but all i can see is the opposition targetting our new £50 milion signing.

    For me, if Xhaka had left and Willock stayed there is a reason to think that things may change , but in all honesty I can see more of the same from Arteta.

  69. Raulishuss

    i’ll support MY team, can you? Guess not. Don’t blame you tho, wenger spoilt you now you think the club should sign all your little toys you saw their stat on whoscored then everything’s going to be fine right? Doomer!

  70. Pierre

    And to make matters worse, cliche didn’t even foul the birmingham player for the equalising penalty, he just looked guilty after the striker fell over

  71. Wengaball


    If anyone was paying attention, it was obvious that Wenger had lost the complete control he had since around 2015. Sanchez was the last proper Wenger sigjing.

    There was pressure to do better than top 4. The sniping had been going on since around 2010 at least, even earlier.

    The purity of decision making was lost post 2015. Gazidis, Stat DNA and goodness knows who all were involved in cooking the broth. Gazidis probably telling him Arsene, you’ve tried you’re way for long, and it’s not getting us trophies. Let’s go abs spend some effing money.

    Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez, Auba, Laca we’re not typical Wenger signings. Of course he would have agreed to them – but one can’t deny that there was pressure on him and the system and it showed in those signings.

  72. Raulishuss

    Look at WE trying to preach like we was’nt one of those that insulted anything and everything wenger did(including condeming the fa cup and top 4 finishes). Careful what you wish for isn’t it? Doomer

  73. WengerEagle

    Was similar with Kolo bundling down Babel for the ‘penalty’ at Anfield in the CL. Very soft and had VAR have been there at the time would probably have been overturned.

  74. Dissenter

    Brighton didn’t even bother to replace Ben Wnite
    They sold us their least experienced and most diminutive central defender for £50+5 million … still have Shane Duffy/Webster/ Dan Burns/Dunk to count on.

    That’s what good business looks like.

  75. Nigel Tufnel


    “Dribbling”, “scattershot yammerings”.

    You have to use insults to describe reasonable, decently written comments.

    That’s how you act when someone partially agrees with you. Imagine if someone really disagrees.

    Yeah, you’re just a pleasant guy living a happy life, who loves Arsenal.