by .

The theme of the moment at Arsenal is the lack of leadership and how every time there’s a tough decision, we seem to shirk it. The greatest example of this was the Arteta land grab after he won the FA Cup, the project went downhill when he was given too much responsibility that he hadn’t earned. He was given control to buy players like Willian, when he should have been slapped down. He made personnel decisions that led to him surrounding himself with a lot of average people that don’t challenge him. He fell out with players, and we held faith that any arguments were in the name of fixing the busted culture we had.

Well, a year on from that decision and things are looking pretty bad, but you know what, you can kind of see why the club might have thought promoting Arteta was a good idea. Watching Edu’s behaviour on social media this summer has been a real eye-opener. If you want to get on top of how tightly a club is run, watch for the details. Which other football exec around Europe is posting his holiday snaps on a public IG feed? Which other exec, after being accurately accused of signing duff players from his super-agent pal, would post pictures of said agent on a boat with him? What sort of person would also share a boat with someone that exited Arsenal under a dark cloud of scandal? Even this weekend, after the mess of a squad he’s put together lost in humiliating fashion, he’s back on his social feeds posting pictures of himself at a BBQ.

That is a lack of control at a leadership level. Once, you can forgive, but we’re at the point where this is a pattern. Edu must know how these things are perceived because his son mentioned it in an interview, but he’s still doing it. I have little expectation that Vinai would say anything, but where is Tim Lewis on this, the ‘adult’ in the room looking after things?

Football is about the details and these things that feel insignificant actually speak to a bigger problem… because at a club run effectively, that behaviour would be snuffed out immediately, especially for a staffer that is underperforming like he is.

To make matters worse, the club has apparently put the finishing touches on a new 5 year deal for Granit Xhaka. Now, I have little problem with the player, he’s decent, he’s a professional, and the performances he’s given us have been good. However, I can’t for the life of me understand what value we are protecting here. He’s at the backend of 28, he’s just had a massive performance at the Euros, and no one came in for his signature. So we’ve tied him down until he’s 34? He already struggles with the pace of the league, did we not have a little more leverage to add a year to his deal? Will we ever stop tying down older players to long-term deals?

CORRECTION: Deal runs to 2024 with the option of 1 more year. Point still remains, are we really protecting value of a player we can’t sell at 28 years old after a banger of a Euros?

Then we get to this goalkeeping issue. We have a child as our backup keeper right now. Our main interest this summer is a £30m keeper that has all the hallmarks of Richard Wright. Namely, he looks decent getting 50 shots powered at him every day, but what does that tell you about suitability in a system where you’ll be dealing with 3 decent shots a game? We don’t have much money as it is, we’ve not added a single creative player to the system, we’re down a striker, a right-back, and a CAM… are we really going to blow that much money on a keeper no one can suss? I can trust the signings of Sambi Lokonga and Ben White because most people smarter than me ran the numbers and said they were good. What the f*ck are our analysts looking at with Aaron Ramsdale to indicate that he is £30m worth of talent in a deflated market that has Onana going for £10m?

Again, this comes back to a leadership issue. How do transfers get done at Arsenal? Who knows. I can see a straight line with Lokonga, White, and Gabriel. But that same system, or process, gave us Cedric, Willian, and Pablo Mari. My guess is there is no system, because let’s be honest, if there’s no operational structure that makes sense, why would there be a transfer process that does? Edu and Arteta are clearly on bad terms, so they’re fighting it out out in the media. It’s embarrassing, but who couldn’t have predicted that at the time when Edu was made to sit on a deck chair and tell the world he liked being cauterised in public?

The more I write about this, the clearer it is to me that the only way we get out of this mess is a restart. This is the 3rd/4th reboot we’ve had at Arsenal. Each one starts with a good idea that we can’t execute properly. We tried the Sven Mislintat approach, but let Raul encroach on the deals. We tried the Raul approach, a man of no football expertise, and he f*cked it. Then we let Edu loose, and he splurged on his mates ‘very nice deals.’ Now what are we trying? What data points led to a Xhaka 5 year deal? Who presented that idea? How did so many people agree to that after he received zero significant bids at the peak of his powers, we should make it more impossible to move him on?

None of it makes sense.

You have to reboot Arsenal with a sale. Because what we have now, unfortunately, is what we are always going to have. Rich owners, that aren’t focused, empowering people of convenience to drive their second biggest asset forward. It’s embarrassing.

Ivan G leaves? Put two CEOs in charge. A wet decision but a convenient one.

Technical Director called Diamond Eyes complains about one of the CEOs not being right? Exit him from the business and trust the non-footballing guy to guide us with his ‘contacts’ approach.

Watch that fail, let said failure hire a Technical Director that has a super-agent repping him because that is not an odd move.

Bring in a family lawyer to check out the CEO Sven warned about.

More dominant CEO gets fired. How can we fix this lack of leadership? Promote the CEO that stood by and let all the nonsense happen. Why? Convenient.

Also… keep the Technical Director that was at the table for all those deals because he’s definitely got what it takes and there’s nothing odd about his signings.


Read those points and weep. KSE doesn’t know how to fix Arsenal. They are throwing money into a pit over and over again and things just get worse.

We are at the point now where the best thing for Arsenal would be a sale. Give the club to Daniel Ek, let him burn the place to the ground, hire up specialists in every position, and rebuild the club the proper way.

It’s a pipedream though, this is our lot in life, and it seems the only way we’re going to get a solve is if we land on one by accident.

I promise, I’ll get back on the hype train tomorrow, but the reality is… even 5 wins in a row won’t mask the errors at our club. We are badly run, the structure is a mess, we are not built to succeed.


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Ode another who’ll be eaten alive by the likes of Bissouma, Rice and Fernandinho. No EPL team will look at the line-up and think “Odegaard’s gonna be a problem” So now we have 2 mids who need special conditions in Xhaka and Ode because they are slow and ponderous where agility and pace is the requirement.


Receding HairlineAugust 18, 2021 06:15:03 Champagne Charlie is a big fan of words and appearances. He backed Wenger till the very end based on empty words and is doing the same now. If this season goes pear shaped he will conveniently tell us Arteta had the right ideas, based on nothing but words, and then arrogantly talk down to any poster that pulls him up on it. Anything but admit he was hoodwinked by words again. Arteta has his squad, again who is setting targets for him? Enough with the Tammy Abraham wailing too, bang average striker who doesn’t even… Read more »


And the meaningless passes between Ode and Pepe on the right will make Arteta’s heart fill with joy. If Odegaard comes in expect him to start vs Chelsea. That’s 7 weak points in the team; White, Mary, Xhaka, Odegaard, Pepe, Leno and whoever plays RB. We are now stewing in our own filth. This is the season we fight relegation and I don’t see anyone apart from Tierney, ESR and Saka having the correct mentality.


Only Arteta and Edu could spend £140M and not improve the team even one bit.

Receding Hairline

“And let me congratulate you (albeit belatedly) on your newborn.”

Thanks man.. Nothing new born about the young lady anymore, presently demanding I handover my phone.


What’s your prediction for the season ?

For me the best case scenario for Arsenal is 7th behind City, Chelsea, Pool, Spurs, United and Leicester.


Dark Hei no one wants a sambi neny combination

We wanted a real quality CM who is actually of the desired level to move the club forwards as parteys partner

There was zero obligation for arsenal to take the situation as xhaka or no one. What happened to xhaka or someone who is actually good at playing midfield? That’s surely the choice any serious club would’ve gone for


Arteta hasn’t shown much evidence of learning Are we starting this season full of confidence after a good end to the season, good preseason and good opening game of the season? No to all of the above. No confidence. We ended the season with various dubious results and had our arses slapped by unai emery We tanked preseason in the name of ‘experimenting and fitness only’ We tanked the first game of the season to a side that hasn’t played in the top flight since the 1940s Our manager is odds on to be the first PL manager fired this… Read more »


Man City have already made a 2nd bid of £125m for Harry Kane, but Levy is refusing to sell and is no longer accepting calls.(The Telegraph)



I really feel that Edu must be replaced asap. He likes the high life a bit to much imo. And is not
as critical towards Arteta as needed..


Arteta will not finish in the Top 10 not even Top 14. Bottom 6 and likely 17th. The team that played against Brentford has 0 goals in it unless Pepe finds sth he has never shown. Auba and Laca seem to be on strike and of all players not on the field, only Partey can improve it albeit with no goals. We are so screwed. We won’t beat Norwich or Burnley based on that game and Man City are going to dent our Goal Difference pretty bad as I don’t think Pep will show mercy to his former student anymore.… Read more »

Receding Hairline

“For me the best case scenario for Arsenal is 7th behind City, Chelsea, Pool, Spurs, United and Leicester.”

This will actually represent progress for the likes of Rich. Fine margins and all


This is how i see it. For me, the positive is Lakonga but that is outweighed by Willock leaving and Xhaka signing a new contract, meaning when Partey is fit he will start alongside Xhaka unfortunately., benching Lakonga. I’ve always had a feeling that signing White will cause more problems than solve them as Arteta will continue playing white in a back 4, and when that doesn’t work out will resort to the negative wing back system that was so lacking in creativity at the start of last season.. Signing Ramsdale or even considering signing Ramsdale leaves me speechless.. if… Read more »


Can’t we just scout ambidextrous midfielders?

Oh I miss Santiago Cazorla


Diet Pep is totally clueless,
with forwards like Pepe, Auba, Nketiah, Martinez you need high energy midfielders that can carry the ball/run with the ball Not players with the profile of Odegaard or Xhakalson. E.g liverpool

If we had technical forwards, then midfielders that pass the ball endlessly would be suitable. E.g man c

Basic football tactics.


Odegaard indeed is a very poor man’s Ozil. At least when we signed Ozil, we were happy and he was a part of the starting 11 at Madrid. Odegaard feels like were being shafted by Madrid especially as Edu and Arteta are used to it. Some saying the price is right but it is not considering it could get us a lot better. Like Locatelli if we somehow managed to get Conte in earlier.


Dark hei

The xhaka extension is logical? We already had him till 2023 or 2024. How much longer do We want him at the club?

The extension was insane, considering we are just trying to protect his 15m value. Can’t wait for the clubs to line up to offer peanuts for xhaka again next window.


Post-Wenger-when you start to have Pierre as the voice of reason on Le-Grove and CC as the voice of the rabble rouser motley crew(twisting and turning in the wind) on either end of the spectrum-you know Arsenal is f**ked as a club, either way as a fan.. Heaven help us with such statements as… “Arteta was here for one press conference and already delivered more clarity. ” or…. “Arteta started well, won the FA cup, then had a horrible start to the season before overseeing a clear improvement.He’s a young coach and they are deserving of more rope because of… Read more »




Toni Lima has been appointed as the new Spanish scout,joining from Alaves


Arteta owes a lot to Pep. Afterall Pep was the one who hyped him and many people fell into the trap.

Some people where expecting Arsenal to play next generation football under Arteta.


I keep getting flash backs of Arteta after the fa cup win shouting “believe in me believe in me” the dude is frigging hilarious .I guess it must be all the bashing he gets on le grove .I think his next two post match interviews will probably be better viewing than the games them selves


All those links to conte, hilarious.
If conte comes to arsenal, I’ll eat my hat and buy all of you lottery tickets.


Odegaard = Brilliant player, who has qualities we lack and need, who’ll improve us in the immediate, and develop into one of the league’s best attacking midfielders over the next 12-24 months Fully nailing my colours to this one Saka 19, Smith Rowe 21, Odegaard 22, Tierney 24 Are players we can use as a foundation to build around, regardless of who our manager is We need to get Saka on a 5yr deal ASAP, he’ll only have 2 years left on his contract next summer, and the sharks will be circling A 5yr contract at least gives us 2-3… Read more »


Even Jesus couldn’t save us i’am afraid


Getting a patchwork of players that may appear good in other teams but do Not compliment each other at Arsenal will get us nowhere


Odegaard and Ramsdale to close out the window for us then. Two moves that may look like fantastic business in a couple of years or key decisions from a horrendous management team….time will tell. I would have preferred Maddison and Onana like most fans, but Odegaard signing permanently for half the price quoted for Maddison I’m fine with. I don’t think he has the athletic profile(ESR certainly does) to excel in this league but we need more than just Emile in that creative role. Ramsdale really is an overpay, more so if he’s coming in as the number 2 keeper… Read more »


Supporting Arsenal this past decade or so has been a nonsensical habit. On and off the pitch, things just don’t add up. The frustrations and bewilderment at how things are run and how decisions are made is all consuming. Wenger part 2, Emery and now Arteta, have not been up to standard. We know our owners are a joke but it’s mainly the footballing decisions that have left me shaking my head in disbelief. If and God forbid Arsenal go ahead and purchase Aaron Ramsdale, but if they do, I think we can all agree that the club owe us… Read more »


“Martin Ødegaard’s move to Arsenal is advanced, but there is still work to do on the deal. The fee is thought to be an initial £30m, rising to £34m. [@skysports_sheth]”

Not that I am a fan of the player but good thing is we haven’t splurged big money on him. £30M is a reasonable sum for the player. Wonder whether we can go for another midfielder in £20-25M price range. Auoar or Bruno are available in that price range.


“So my prediction should all our key players remain fit AND Auba/Laca actually score into double digits this season is a solid 6th to 9th place in the league.”

Solid 6th to 9th – how standards have fallen.


Xhakalson & partey midfield is inferior to Partey & Saul,
And Arsenal doesnt have any player as good as Koke.


WTF is the meaning of ‘Solid’ 6th to 9th?
Thats more of liquid to gaseous(of the fart variety)


What happens to Auba and Laca worries me. Why ? We need at least one available.


Auoar has attitude problem. That’s why his value drops so much and there is still no taker.


TR7 – I’m not happy about it but I think we are now firmly planted in the middle of table as it stands. Unless something surprising happens I certainly don’t see a challenge for the top 4, and its unlikely we finish above Leicester or spurs for 5th.

Sid – I agree its a shitty situation!


I believe Wenger would answer a plea for help from Arsenal with joy, after all he sees himself as the creator of the Emirates stadium and the saviour of the Club. At the same time it seems the owners are backing Arteta financially and would be reluctant to see him go. The key factor in making a decision will depend on results and performance pre the international break. Wenger in an advisory role sounds good to me. Certainly his judgement of footballers was streets ahead of Arteta. Certainly up until his ego took over, beginning with the unnecessary purchase of… Read more »


One of our main issues is that the drop off in quality from Partey to Elneny is too big

The drop off in experience from Partey to Lokonga will likely prove too big, particularly against the quality, experience p, and tactical nous of the likes of Kovacic + Kante

Elneny has been linked with a return to Besiktas, buying a significant upgrade of Elneny, who’s bang average, would improve us significantly over the course of the season

Elneny started 21 games last season, we should do everything we can to avoid that scenario again


Give it a fucking rest with wenger coming back to help bollox. We are already a complete laughing stock, bringing him back would be the ultimate humiliation.



Are you for real?

If Wenger came back we might as well pack our bags and leave.


englandsbestAugust 18, 2021 09:45:11

No offense,but I’m reading your post as someone- who’s been chucked off a 400ft building and unfortunately landed head first on the rooftop of a 4×4 RR(if I’m lucky) somewhere in Central London or Dubai(if we want to be dreamy) and is in the Intensive Care Unit-heavily sedated.

Really now??

Mr Serge

Anyone that thinks bringing back wenger is absolutely mad


*onto the


You dont invite the arsonist in as part of the post fire investigation. He had his good times but oversaw a rapid decline which is now accelerating due to shit ownership down. If hes part of any solution pull the shutters down now.


OGS has built a squad of giants ( Maguire, Cavani,Matic , Pogba, De Gea, Varane) a team with pace ( Sancho, Greenwood, Rashford James,) a team of power( Fred,Mctom) and goals, goals goals from the above and Fernandez. Meanwhile Arteta has built a squad of midgets (White, Grimsdale, Runarsson,Odegaard, Soares, William) a team devoid of power and pace (Elneny Xhaka, Mary, PEA , Laca, Bellerin) and a squad of players WHO SIMPLY DONT SCORE. The one player who was unpredictable , dynamic and who scored goals-he flogged – J Willock. He has simply built a lopsided squad full of nice… Read more »



Great Post.


Anyway, where’s Red Truth AKA Marble Hall/Dial Square-The Legend?

Why Pedro’s binned him,beats me…

Release him Pedders..

Miss that guy…



Spot on !!


I really hope we beat Chelsea this week. Hate them. Their fans love to banter us. Would love to shut them up this weekend.

Don’t know where our goals are coming from though.


Thank you gentlemen

It was good, I must admit.

But better than that- It was the bloody truth!


The manager fornicates his two main strikers for whatever reason,prior to the Brentford match-Arteta is up a creek without a paddle come the Chelsea match..


We’ll see come the Chelsea match?

Perfect opportunity for the main actors in the team to turn the screw further on Arteta-second game in.

Visions of Andre-V.Boas springs to mind.


We had a team off giants with Berkamp Henry and co which intimidated teams in the tunnel before the match.
Our team is devoid of reliable goal scorers, we rarely score headers yet keep crossing the ball above our short arses.


How apt-The Man City game.Pepe delivers the death knell..

Pepe the very same person,that recommended and vouched for Arts to be the Arsenal coach/manager.

This season will be interesting-well at least till December, if we last that long,what with the Amazon Doc(which I feel will be edited to a large extent).


Nelson at 20 odd million that’s a punt I’d take all day on Aouar

If he delivers he’s immense value for money

If he’s a mixed bag, he’s value for money and adds some depth

If he fails we didn’t break the bank

Low risk high reward


Amazon must be so excited to make this doc considering what we all know is going to happen this season

It’s going to be cinematic gold for fans of other teams.


When it was clear we weren’t going to make it into europe last season, arteta should have used the games to bed in youngsters like balogun, martinelli and eddie Now the new season begins, he has to throw them in the deep end hoping they save his job. Arteta not the best when it comes to having a long term vision and plan. Add that to his poor man management skill, non existent tactic and huge ego and you have a recipe for disaster. Arteta in two seasons have turned a squad capable of fighting for top 4, to a… Read more »


Gonsterous he also spent a couple of hundred million for the privilege of moving the team backwards lol



I guess when you pay for a manager who only has the word generational in the CV, you get generational results.


Too much attention gets given to the Martinez sale. Do I think with hindsight that it was a mistake? Definitely. Did it seem like the right idea at the time? Definitely. For all Martinez played well in his final dozen games, he’d been at Arsenal since 2012 and couldn’t manage to be above such giants as Fabianski, Mannone, Ospina or Viviano for second choice, let alone make it to first choice. I don’t know what he’s like in training, but even his loan moves weren’t setting the world on fire, so realistically it looked like he was having a purple… Read more »


Nelson would be a decent punt for someone, linked strongly with Brighton Considered one of the top youth talents in the country, there’s no doubting his ability, he just needs regular playing time, a manager who believes in him, makes him central to his plans, and gets him enjoying his football If he stays fit and gets his head down, could easily become another Gnabry situation over the next 2 years Why some of these young players hang around the fringes of big clubs, rather than trying to go somewhere and play consistently, absolutely baffles me Nelson has wasted the… Read more »


The mistake of giving Arteta too much power is not actually a mistake. You’d give a manager the say over transfers because he has to manage the players bought and make them work together tactically. All this director of football nonsense just over complicates things and increases the chances of bad hires who then make bad decisions. Just hire a good manager and give him the freedom he needs to be the best he can be.

Champagne Charlie


Miss me with your obsessive bollocks, digging into the archives unprovoked to pull out quotes from over a year ago and commenting on them like they were made this morning.

Are you ok?


Swap deals , a nice idea but rarely work .

Personally if Auba/ Laca are not happy Id let them go .

Icardi isnt happy at PSG with now being a second choice , would he come to us and Auba go to PSG?

Aourar and Moussa Dembele would be decent swaps at Lyon for straight swap with Laca .


Champagne CharlieAugust 18, 2021 11:33:01 Miss me with your obsessive bollocks, digging into the archives unprovoked to pull out quotes from over a year ago —- Fair dues… But did you not pull up a comment from almost a year ago(almost 9 months ago-not quite a year),with regards to Valentin yesterday…?Is that not obsessive bollocks also-or is it just one way? ———— Champagne CharlieAugust 16, 2021 17:07:39 Val “Valentin November 23, 2020 12:30:28 If you think that I am a fantasist for saying that everybody at Colney is not happily dancing to Arteta’s tune, you are in for a rude… Read more »


Will people ever let go of Aourar?
Not happening.
Odegaard is a done deal

Champagne Charlie


I’m sorry, did I pluck that comment out of thin air, or was it a response to Val’s typical bullshitting ways quite literally directed at me?

Now tell me how that’s similar to you spewing quotes without a mention.


I’m away for a bit, but going to give Le Grove a miss this season

Hopefully Arsenal can pull a result against Chelsea or City, but can’t say I’m overly optimistic

The energy around the club could be toxic by the time we play Norwich on Sept 11th

Really hope we manage to clear some out and further improve our squad over the next 13 days

Stay safe guys, hopefully we can get our best 11 on the pitch consistently, and things balance out of the course of this season

Champagne Charlie

Take it easy Rich


Although I’d have preferred an “explosive” player as our CAM, I won’t complain too much about Odegaard. He has a calming influence with good technical ability, his numbers need to improve though. Him plus Anguissa would elevate our midfield at such a minimal cost.

Habesha Gooner

I can’t believe people can’t see what Odegaard brings to the table. He is an Ozil with pressing ability and work rate. He might not have gotten to that level of creativity yet but he will. And at 35 mil, We didn’t even break the bank for him. I guess he is going to have to make some people eat a humble pie. What I am really excited about is having three players that can play behind the striker who are well rounded. ESR, Odegaard and Saka behind Lacazette or Aubameyang will do some damage. Martinelli has shown he is… Read more »


Champagne CharlieAugust 18, 2021 12:04:55
Now tell me how that’s similar to you spewing quotes


You mean spewing your own quotes?

Spewing implies saying’ugly or hateful things’;to vomit,spit,discharge,expel.,etc…

At the very least discharging or expelling your own quotes,or at worst vomiting your own quotes back at you?

You have an issue with your own quotes being reflected back at you?

Or is the launch of attack to be one dimensional..

I mean is Valentin the subject of ridicule at all times on your time watch,as and when you deem it to be?

Champagne Charlie


You’re deflecting. Tell me how a response to someone else’s post, containing lies aimed at me, is the same as you cut and pasting comments on a whim? All ears.

Oh and which “attack” are you referring? I don’t see you holding Val accountable for his outburst of lies at my expense. Very one dimensional as you say.

Josip Skoblar

Since Wenger left, who are the new players who have been worth the money spent on them?
Auba, maybe. Who else?…


The club is failing miserably so in a way it’s like there’s thousands of us stuck in a toxic relationship. Most things Arsenal are going to be/have been difficult to deal with. There’s a lot of venting going on and it is probably necessary as long of course as it doesn’t become personal. Change will come soon, either he turns thing around drastically or he goes. Your views are valued so I hope you don’t stay away too long, mind yourself.

Josip Skoblar

Where is this chap called Gambon?


Champagne CharlieAugust 18, 2021 12:40:09
You’re deflecting.



No time for tiddlywinks with you today Charles.Others might be engaging,but I’ll slide on that one.

Have a good day Charles….

Enjoy the Arteta/Pedders fellatio fest… 🙂

Champagne Charlie


Exactly, you don’t have an answer because you’re too busy stirring for attention as per. Skip me altogether and do us both a favour, after your inevitable outburst of course.


We demand that our supreme leader makes his presence on le grove, if those bearded barbarians carrying Kalashnikovs have him let them know, this is a non negotiable


The Odegaard move seem to be very advanced. I hope we can have him available for Sunday.


Mikel generational Arteta. Lol. What a shambles this hire has been.

We will beat Chelsea on Sunday but not because anything related to coaching or Arteta.


Odegaard is going to be bang average for us. Nowhere near enough end product and he doesn’t move the needle anywhere near enough. Honestly can’t see us finishing any higher than 8th this season and it would be no more than the club deserve.


Odegaard is now here we go official


Arsenal’s problem is lack of an experienced recruiter. Edu has no experience and is also corrupt. He relies solely on Kia Joorabchan to provide him with players. There then is where his corruption creeps in.


xT is the new sauce, the new pre assist looooool


Almunia Nice of you to say that to Rich. You’re a proper gent and a genuine diplomat. I think he’s realised the tide has turned after stubbornly trying to defend the indefensible for so long. It’s no longer a good look and he’s been on the receiving end of some pretty accurate and stinging critique from a wide array of LG posters. I’m hoping that if he does come back (no rush nouveau rich! ) there’ll be no more of that ill informed cant about non football related stuff nor his evident disdain for people who have bothered to read… Read more »


The Diet Pep fanboys will be changing monikers in droves

Im telling you for free!


Like the crew in charge or not Ødegaard for £34m is a very good deal, now time to not leave it short and get Aouar to complete the mid.


Odegaard is a good signing for where we are right now . He also has levels to reach yet. A good coach will know what to do with him. We don’t have that yet…


Odegaard and Ramsdale???

Well for a team out of Europe and going backwards I guess u would say these are not bad signings.

Who the fuck wants to join Edu and Mikel’s shitshow?? Most of the decent players we currently have want out…..dont fucking blame them.

Fuck off Mikel….I’d rather Wenger than you!!!


Odegaard and Xhaka/ Elneny/ Partey in center midfield playing it safe all season?

Expect more horse shit and doughnut shaped soccer

We need goals.And lots of them We finished 8th!

Fernandez Man Utd 52 games ( 29 goals)
Odegaard Norway 30 games ( 1 goal)
Odegaard Arsenal 14 games (.1 goal)
Willock Newcastle 14 games ( 8 goals)


horse shoe!


Message of the day is- own your own words.And be humble enough to hold your hands up,when called out.

If you can give it,then you should be prepared to take it.

Rather than carrying on and crying foul like a snivelling pig…

How’s the Hot Tube Twitch Stream shout to your boy lover coming along,you arse licking swine?

Le Sauce

Exactly the way I see it, we desperately need to start playing through the middle than the “Tierney ball” on display. I’d rather Aouar after odegaard and know that the midfield is sorted as I doubt we’ll be able to get any decent striker in the reminder of the window


Didn’t we third best since Christmas last season. Arteta has to make up with Auba and Laca. Once we got Odegaard, we should be competitive. Someone criticizes Ode’s productivity. They should also look at his stats at Real Sociedad when he was fully healthy.

Le Sauce

PHD going two footed there, more like the Shawcross tackle on Ramsey way back
Grab your popcorns gentlemen!!

Guns of SF

Ode is a mixed bag on here. This was not what our smashing summer was supposed to be about. We have already used this player, with the same surrounding players. Not a needle mover. How can people fail to see this? Apparently Mike was waiting all summer for him, per Romano We have bypassed much better targets. I wonder if we were really in for them at all. Buen Aouar Madd And others could have been had. We waited for overpriced 50M white, and Odegaard. The only summer signing that was decent was Sambi And this was supposed to be… Read more »

Champagne Charlie


Like clockwork.


Can’t get excited about Odegaard really, slow,tepid and safe football is not going to lead us to anywhere. He is another player who has very little off the ball movement. The only thing he can do is lessen the burden on ESR somewhat.

Guns of SF

Ode does not seem to thrilled to be here. Or maybe its just his poker face he constantly has.
Being rejected by RM… and how suddenly Arsenal’s savior.

If there are no more mids coming in, then we get what we deserve


So thats our window, once we get in Ramsdale too. Just a long continuation of last season plus some backup signings


Will Arteta be able to get the best out of the players he’s brought in?

The jury is definitely out.

My opinion is he’s backed himself into a corner and he has no wriggle room for failure.

If it doesn’t work it’s all on him.