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It’s depressing to be at the despair stage of the season after one game, but here we are, things are not looking particularly sharp at the club at the moment. The rumblings around the organisation aren’t positive, the players look unhappy on the pitch, and there are lots of rumours leaking out that indicating preseason has been a disaster.

The immediate concern is short-term. There are a number of things going on at the moment that need control if we’re going to have a better season.

Firstly, it feels like someone needs to pull Arteta and his crew to one side and talk a bit about accountability. There seems to be an almost Trumpian air about Mikel Arteta at the moment and it has to stop. I’ll cite three things that I’ve found disturbing over the past week.

That press conference. I’m sorry, unacceptable for a rookie manager to sulk in public. His behaviour sets the tone for how the fans feel, and more importantly, how the players feel. Complaining in public about the lack of movement with half-baked answers and a sullen vibe just won’t fly. It’s what children do and that’s how I felt seeing that carry-on.

Arteta needs to own the issues. This magical system he’s building cannot be two players away from banging. His right back problem is on him, he told us Cedric Soares has special qualities. His lack of cash for forwards is on him, he sanctioned Auba and Willian. This summer of dithering at least has to be partly on him. Odegaard is his choice, by opting for him, he accepted he wouldn’t have a #10 before the window. He’s got to own this versus finger-pointing about the things he doesn’t have. If your system is one injury away from hell, then maybe the system you are building isn’t very robust?

Can I do forthly? Let’s talk about leaks. Someone at the club is putting stories into the media that are very unhelpful. The latest is that the club has been underwhelmed with Auba’s preseason output. Sorry, cannot have that. This shows the naivety of operators we have at the club. No one is signing Auba on £350k a week, no one. So leaking he’s available is next to useless. All it does is depress the player and worse… it tells the squad, that like in a Trump cabinet position, once you are no longer useful to the manager, it’s the scrap heap for you. Think about the mindset of whoever shared that story… ‘Let’s tell the world Auba had a shite preseason and we want him out’… hardly an appetising advert for one of the best-paid players in the world.

Arteta played a role in this. When he was asked if Auba could get back to his best, he said he didn’t know. An embarrassing answer, that for me felt like he was preparing an excuse as to why the season might go off the rails. Wenger would have said, ‘this is one of the most clinical strikers in world football. He has had some problems, but I promise you, he will be back and prove the doubters wrong.’ Same thing with Willian. I get that he’s been appalling, but you know who pushed that deal? Arteta. Now he’s trying to reverse out of owning that decision, and once again, the player has been binned. 

Where is Josh K here? That’s £600k a week worth of investment in two players over 30 and the manager that went hard for both deals is walking away from the players. It is unacceptable and extremely immature. 

For me, this mess we’re in all stems from the promotion we gave Arteta last season. The Spaniard land grabbed because he knew Edu was weak, and Vinai caved. Now you have this dreadful structure where no one is accountable. When no one is accountable in an equal power structure, you invite cliques… because every decision becomes a power struggle where the loudest voices win.

Who is responsible for the lack of players this window? Is it Edu, who we know drives home deals even if they are shit? Or is it Arteta dithering over names in the hope that better ones come along? Who is the captain of the ship here?

Vinai has to shoulder a chunk of the blame here because it would appear that after a disaster of a season, no additional controls were put on Arteta and we’re careening into another nightmare scenario praying he can be the rockstar Wenger was. Wenger was 47 when he took over Arsenal, he’d gone through the authoritarian stage, he’d been sacked, he’d built a bottom of the table club back up to the top in Japan… Arteta cannot be expected to take over a more complex operation and do all the bits.

As any of you reading who work in big corporate business will know, things like over-promoting happen all the time. You put someone junior in control of too much, they panic under the stress, they kick out at the system, they blame people, and make the lives of their subordinates hell. When you see it happening, you don’t let it slide. You get to the truth of the problem, then you sit the person down, you tell them that you are going to take away some bits of the job and allow them to focus on a few key elements. It is not a tough conversation to have if you have evidence where the person is failing.

It was absolutely clear the ‘manager’ role ruined the progress we were making the season prior. Did Vinai scale back Arteta’s job? Did anyone look at the team that surrounds him and make suggestions of upgrades? Did anyone deep dive into the goalkeeping mess and ask him what he was doing about it? Did anyone suggest bringing in some fresh thinking?

No. It didn’t happen. It looks like gridlock in the backroom team and it sounds like Arteta is throwing Edu under the bus for not getting the deals done that he wanted. That does not feel like the sort of thing that goes on when there’s a tight working relationship.

If you and I can see backroom politics spilling out onto the shop floor, can you imagine what is actually going on behind the scenes?

The idea of hiring a young and innovative coach was an exciting one and it could have worked, but it was executed with naivety. If you take a punt on someone young, you control who is around them and you limit their power. Just like RB Leipzig did with Nagelsmann. You don’t promote a rookie after 6 months. Arsenal shouldn’t have put an inexperienced Technical Director above him and they certainly shouldn’t have downgraded the power of that role so soon. These are super simple things that should have been foreshadowed. When there’s a lack of leadership in an organization, power vacuums open up, and people that lack maturity run riot and the business lacks coherence.

Our keeper, central midfielder, and our right back all wanted out. We have been trying to find a buyer for Lacazette, someone at Arsenal is leaking that we are disappointed with our captain. Our big summer bet of last year has been binned off and told to find a new club. There are rumors flying around that there is unrest at the training ground. We can’t even handle the illness rumors properly, whatever it is, it’s better to be upfront about it rather than let it fester as something more nefarious. Leicester just came out and owned that Bertrand had covid, why haven’t we been given and update on Auba, Lacazette, and Runarsson? 

Good leadership would prevent things like the above from happening. The passivity and willful inaction is now part of our DNA. We didn’t manage Wenger properly and let him spend his way to mediocrity, no one in leadership paid a price for that. We didn’t manage the transfer of power from Ivan to the dual CEO model and let Raul take over and do some really bad things. Then when that all went to hell and we found what looked like a promising model, we crushed it by breaking the hierarchy and creating a dual power structure in the footballing backroom team. It beggars belief that we can’t do better than this, but until we stop hiring people based on convenience, and start hiring people with a vision and an iron fist to activate it, we’ll be here, swimming around in a messy unstructured model hoping something clicks by accident.

These next two games are going to be telling. If we lose both of them, we’re back to last seasons run of game, this time, it’ll end in a firing. Where do we go then? You think Arsenal are finding £15m a year for Conte, or that he’d be interested after turning down Spurs? No way. We’d be back to trusting a Technical Director whose best ideas come from his super agent buddies. 

It’s dark time ahead if Arteta really is causing as many problems as the rumours would suggest. Let’s pray to the footballing gods that the Brentford loss has inspired some action and some solves. Otherwise, this could be yet another messy year of painful transition football. It’s so disappointing because this whole situation could have been managed better if someone had the foresight to structure the right team and processes.

Right, see you in the comments.



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  1. China1

    Wengers biggest problem is he needed someone else to take over the recruitment and all other non coaching duties. Get what he’s given and get them on the pitch. A smarter recruitment team would’ve done wonders for him.

    How bad is it that I’m talking of wenger after the shambles he left us in…. but blame that on artedu, vinai and chums

  2. Globalgunner

    Its the Stockholm syndrome with these people. We are where we are because Wenger put personal needs above Club desires. Nobody else in world football wanted his services. That’s why he is pushing papers at FIFA HQ. The only saving grace is that no one at Arsenal is contemp0lating having that dotard back Even they are not so mind bogglingly retarded. So you can go back to sucking the crotch of Wenger`s life size bedroom paintings

  3. Guns of Hackney

    Give Nagglesmann whatever he wants as a salary and £200m.

    The best clubs in the world see what they want and take it.

  4. Sid

    Thanks to Diet Pep we are discussing Wenger,
    its like jumping from a relationship with Amber Heard to Jada Pinkett
    Stop simping!

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Under normal circumstances, the team that has to face the club that has been under the blow torch all week, like The Arse has, is on a hiding to nothing. I reckon secretly the chavs will be shitting themselves, though they won’t admit it. Sunday we will find out how much backbone the Manager & Players have or have not.

    I want my GOFC back, starting with a chav attack!!!

  6. China1

    Amber heard is hot as fuck tho if you are willing to let her ruin your life for probably immense sex

    It’s tempting…

  7. Globalgunner

    Wenger was the one that gave us Diet Pep. On a desperate shopping spree he bought us a pst it slow unathletic yellow card magnet who could only take pens but couldnt tackle or run for Toffee.

    He gave us the original Xhaka before buying his replacement shortly before leaving. How Wenger would have loved to pair them both in the middle of the park. “Slow and Slower”. Just the ticket for a top 4 finish

  8. Negative Nigel

    Prob too late for Arteta & Edu to save their bacon but they might just get a slice of redemption if they get their finger out & go & purchase Aouar ( cheap at the price),Bissouma ( pay whatever it takes) and another striker( whoever that may be) all doable.If they don’t f** k about.An adde bonus would be a decent goalie & RB ………nah.I’m 😴

  9. Ernest Reed

    Only in the middle of summer would Pierre be putting on his long pillow Wenger winter coat and his Ozil gloves to espouse for the 48,389th time just how great things WERE as he warms up his Sony BetaMax tape machine to regale himself of bygone eras.

    Whether Arteta stays or goes it matters not because LIFE GOES ON,

    Stop being an absolute shit Pierre and accept, for better or worse, that life simply goes on. Its beyond pathetic to keep churning up the past as though it somehow can be a point of salvation, because it never has and never will.

    Memories are a wonderful thing, except the way you use them. Wenger’s time has come and gone and so has Ozil’s. The present may not be great and the future as well, but to constantly harp on the way you do – get some fricken help already you miserable old goat!

    Move on because life already has!

  10. Valentin


    We are not talking about long term relationship. Most people would take one last romp with an ex to exorcise the bad vibes of the current one, especially if the ex is Jada Pinkett.

    Taking Wenger on a temporary basis with the objective of stabilising the club when rebuilding the behind the scene staff. It is a lot more extensive that people think.

    + Arteta and his staff – P45 (possibility to recruit former players on a consulting basis: Martin Keown for the defense, TH14 or DB10 for the attack, Ampadu for the midfield, …)

    + Edu and his Kia Chums – P45 (maybe difficult to give him his marching orders at his desk as he seems to be in a perpetual holidays in the most expensive place in Europe). Hiring a new proper DoF unless Wenger is willing to take it later without meddling with the headcoach responsibility

    + Scout Analytical team – under review

    + Team Contract Negotiation – P45 the easiest may be to rehire Huss Fahmy who was brutal in his negotiation with the academy team, but at least we were not taking for a ride.

    + Scout team – brand new team to hire (please do not let the clueless recruitment agency fleece us again)

  11. Pierre

    My fear for this season is that we are really going to struggle away from home.

    The new referee directive to basically be more lenient will invariably favour the home side , and even more so when Arsenal are away from home..

    I said a few weeks ago that our flaws that were shown pre season will come back to haunt us.
    Playing around at the back in pre season with very little confidence will have been noted by the opposition sides and the opposition fans and unless Arteta can find a way to beat the press , we will be in fir a very difficult season.

    I feel sorry for our travelling fans as there will be little joy on our travels.

    Our home form depends on how long Arteta can keep the home fans onside .
    If he loses their support early on then fear the worst as the fans are the only weapon we have against the biased pmgol.
    The Arsenal home fans on their day can make the difference.

    Losing the home fans will be Arteta’s biggest fear as he knows he will be on a hiding to nothing if they turn.

  12. Sly

    Wenger discussion is irrelevant
    He was a great coach
    Arteta is a piss poor unimaginative coach
    Pedro’s MA manager role getting in the way of coaching is a false narrative
    We have a squad that can perform significantly better
    Any decent coach will do well with this team
    I would take potter/ dean smith/Rafa in a heartbeat until we could improve on them

  13. Guernsey+gun

    Xhaka has signed an extension to 2025…..what sort of fucking shit show is being run at arsenal. That will take him to 33 and hes only going to get worse. Fucking jokeclub.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    As you know I am a “lifelong” Arsenal Supporter and I try and be positive about the club in contrast to far too many who post on here.

    I express from time to time concerns about the way that the club has been run. For a start I
    would disagree with you about Wenger. Wenger was successful for 8-10 years, but that should have been the optimum time that he ran the club and he should then have been elevated to the board like Fergie with his reputation in tact.

    The Board should have also found an owner or major shareholder with deep pockets, but also a genuine Arsenal fan and the management skills and understanding of the sport. Both
    Kroenke and Usmanov were the wrong people to own the club for different reasons.

    The next mistake which we have made is the people who were recruited to run the club.
    We needed an experienced Football Director to run the club. Raul was the wrong person
    and Edu had very limited contemporary knowledge of European Football.

    I was not opposed to Arteta being appointed “Head Coach”, but it was a serious mistake to
    promote him to Manager after 6 months. We should have recruited a father figure like Joe
    Mercer who was manager at Man City and then allowed Arteta to coach the first team like
    Malcolm Allinson.

    What we have seen is a shambolic clearout of the playing personal and replacements who
    in many cases were the wrong material.

    I do not disagree with the club’s philosophy of promoting players of the right quality from the
    Academy, but it needs to be done in the correct way and with the right experience in support.Our performance on Friday was a direct consequence of too many mediocre players
    supporting the youngsters. The lack of maturity and ‘physicality” in the team was patently

    I am not going to castigate a young player like White after one game. I blame the goalkeeper
    and rest of defence for what happened to him. Messrs Chambers, Mari and Leno are all
    experienced players who should have helped him to settle into backline.

    I do agree with your opinion about the so-called media pundits particularly ex Man Utd, Spurs and Liverpool players. Most have an inbuilt prejudice and hatred of Arsenal.

    However, the team’s situation is also not helped by the constant critique of supporters on
    the internet. It would not surprise me that many of the young players at Arsenal do read
    what is written about them and the manager and the constant malevolence posted on sites
    like Le Grove is hardly helping to improve performance.

  15. TR7

    Granit Xhaka’s extension means that Arsenal are now unlikely to sign another central midfielder this summer. [@ChrisWheatley_]

  16. curse

    Diet Pepsi must of learnt his stubbornness from Wenger.

    Fine, we all wanted a culture change, system change etc… but at what point, especially since c19, do you accept what you have and play to your strengths.

    he’s got two aging strikers, average defenders and not enough quality MFRS. No RB but plenty WBS and still won’t play 352?

    talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  17. China1

    TR7 it was always inevitable

    And we aren’t giving him a pay rise to keep him on the bench are we?

    And come the summer it will be the same voices confused why we can’t control a midfield to save our lives and parroting ‘he’s not one of our worst players’ lol

    If you have to sacrifice controlling a midfield just to allow a hugely flawed player spray a couple of pretty but irrelevant passes to the wingers from deep then guess what, you deserve all the shit that’s coming

  18. Leftside

    The club acted with urgency to renew Xhaka’s contract, but have messed around with transfer targets all summer. Imagine the mood once that renewal is announced but we still have the same team as last season. I must be missing something, because I don’t care how good he is with a pair of keys or if he’s a good dressing room figure he isn’t up to scratch on the field. There surely must be better players out there who are model professionals and can look after a bloody set of keys too.

    What is the aim of this football club?

  19. Valentin


    Stop blaming the players for the mess that Arteta created. It was obvious that from the get go the team were not in a good mood.

    Years ago, when I was a junior quant, the bank I was working hire a new quant. We were told that he was brilliant in stats but had never worked in production environment. After a month of integrating him, I had to review his code. It was a mess, I was furious. They had hired that guy, promoted over my colleague and I and we were left to do all the hard coding while he was jetting out to all the conferences and bask in the glory of his paper.

    It affected my own performance, but everybody was blaming us for his less than stellar code. That sound exactly like the situation Pablo Mari is in. White arrives in a haze of glory, mess things up but still Pablo Mari is blame for Ben White poor performance.

    We got lucky when HR went to check his credentials, they found out he never got his PHd. Presented it twice and was rejected twice. That nearly never happen. He was let go immediately and because it was within his 3 months probation period, was entitled to just the legal minimum.

    Because of his cost, Ben White is unlikely to be kick out. The club will have to find a solution, because a £50 millions CB who can’t handle the physicality of the premiership is a complete disaster for a club like Arsenal.

    I simply hope that like my boss did, Arteta now realise that upper management do not trust him anymore and use that as an excuse to go somewhere else.

  20. Batistuta

    Lol at that Xhaka news especially as it is reported we’re not getting anyone in for CM and he’s here till 2025.

  21. Valentin

    Like I wrote earlier, a 2 years extension and a small £30kpw raise is going to cost Arsenal an extra £16.6 millions in wage.
    2 × 52 × £30kpw + 2 × 52 × £130kpw = £16.64 millions.

    An incredible amount to commit when you cannot afford to buy new players.

  22. Davey

    Big Pablo was as culpable as White and is not up to it he is built like a brick shit house but tippy toes and prances round like a ballerina. In Nevilles words we were messed up and this has gone on now for 10-15 years. Weak

  23. Kris

    If Xhaka has really been given a contract until 2025, it means we’ve basically given up the hope of becoming a CL team in the next 3, 4 years.
    In a less competitive league of 3, 4 years ago he was BARELY a top 6 player. Barely.

    Thanks a bunch, artedu! At least you’ve got someone who will obey and probably snitch on other players.
    Massive disappointment.

  24. Leftside

    9 years of Xhaka is an abomination. Goodness me, we need new owners for sure but we have to rid ourself of Arteta, Edu and Vinai in the short-medium term.

  25. Sid

    German club offers to sign Xhakalson, we decide to keep him.
    A few months later his valuation is at half what the bundesliga club offers.

    Again we dont accept the offer from Italy, we give him a new contract.

    These guys are mentally challenged

  26. CG


    ””””Like I wrote earlier, a 2 years extension and a small £30kpw raise is going to cost Arsenal an extra £16.6 millions in wage.
    2 × 52 × £30kpw + 2 × 52 × £130kpw = £16.64 millions.”””””’

    The Willock money?

    While Joe will get faster, better, stronger and more goals, Granit ( and I don’t mind him ) will get slower, weaker and fewer goals.

    No logic for this extension whatsoever.

    His testimonial match in 2025 will be something else.

  27. Mr Serge

    Wenger’s last 15 buys were horrendous we are still counting the cost of his last 5 years at the club
    Never in a million years should we have him back unless he is watching a match as a fan

  28. Kris

    No one’s saying Wenger should be given control over transfers, But as merely a coach until the end of the season, there’s no way we don’t get better, maybe even finish 5th or 6th (which is a pipe dream under tets).
    BTW, Wenger should have only been fired when a better option became available and agreed to join us.

    Anyway, Wenger has retired from coaching, he doesn’t even entertain national team proposals, such as the recent one from Serbia. Though I suspect he would take the France job if offered (which he should considering how clueless Deschamps is).

  29. Graham

    Arteta just before the Brentford match on why he made Xhaxa the captain “ He totally deserves it. He has my respect, the club’s respect, his team’s respect.”

    Notice no mention of fans. But the club gave up being interested in the fans years ago which makes Arteta the perfect manager.

  30. Mb

    Handing Xhaka an extension was a ploy from Arteta and Edu to hide their incompetence in selling him.

    If you can’t sell him, call him important and give him a contract. Fc*king hell.

  31. TR7

    “I don’t know if coming back on here is good for my own mental health..”

    Yes, visiting Le Grove and following Arsenal news not good for mental health as long as farcical duo of Arteta and Edu are here. Best thing would be to restrict my engagement with Arsenal only to watching our games, not that watching Arsenal games is any fun these days.

  32. Mb

    On a different note, how many of you think we will have at least a player scoring 10 goals? Who would it be?

    I don’t think anyone except Laca would achieve it, if he plays long enough of the season.

  33. Muppetman

    There is no defending that xhaka extension. Bloke shouldn’t be in team let alone captain. That shows you everything about the ambition of the football club. So many games are won in midfield which is why we lose so many at the moment as it’s so weak

  34. Matt

    It’s like the club are actually going out of their way to mug off the fans. We are the complete and utter laughing stock of the league.

    Everyone involved in decisions that have got us into this state should be absolutely embarrassed and sacked, but this is Arsenal so of course that wont happen.

    I don’t think I ever felt this disillusioned with the club – even in the latter Wenger years.

  35. DigitalBob

    I think something must be happening at the club. I’ve just been offered another season ticket? I’ve also been told tickets are on general sale for the Arsenal vs Chelsea game. I mean that’s normally one of the big home games that would have been sold out weeks in advance so the fact that tickets are still available shows where fan sentiment is at the moment,

  36. Habesha Gooner

    There goes a new contract for Xhaka. FFS. How much are we paying him? We already knew it was a 100k a week. Now with a slight increase? He was willing to be paid half when he went to Roma. WTF. Nobody pays absolutely average players like we do. United pay ridiculous wages but they pay it for classy players for example. Both one will pay Xhaka 100k+ wages anywhere. I am so pissed because Arteta isn’t going to stay that long and he is making long term decisions. This is the third stupid contract he has given that will bite us in the ass. Auba, Willian and now Xhaka. FFS we need a proper football director.

  37. redbro14

    It is now very very clear what needs to happen. An entire new management team with experience and cutting edge knowledge of how to get the best out of the team we have and project a healthy path towards our future. This regime has been nothing short of disaster. Just when we thought it could not get worse, it did. We can all see the ineptitude, in all departments, colossal mistakes that will haunt us for years to come. Change it now, get some proper football people in please. We are a complete joke now, you can’t treat this awesome club like this. It’s negligence of the first order. Even Rwandan president waded into the conversation. Embarrassing. Get Conte in and then replace Edu with somebody who knows what they are doing. Vinai can go too. Desperate times.

  38. Danny

    Years ago when a team would score/take the lead against us, I used to get so angry that once at Highbury I punched the sit in front of me (it was empty) and fucked up my hand really badly but nowadays e.g. when Brentford scored their first, it didn’t even move me, no emotion, nothing, just a numbness and it’s been like that for awhile now.
    We need an owner who gives a fuck. Kroenke does give us money but because he doesn’t understand anything connected with Arsenal, it’s wasted on cunts like Edu, Arteta, Raul, Gazidis, etc.
    I mentioned on Friday the Nottingham Forest scenario, it really could happen.

  39. Moray

    That Xhaka contract is the last straw.

    The willock money spunked on a shit, slow player with a bad attitude.

    And now he’s blocking our addition of speed, strength and goals in midfield.

    And we dropped 50m on a small CB we don’t need.

    Josh should sack himself if he isn’t ending this madness NOW. Otherwise this mess will get worse and more expensive before it ends. We also have Willian, Auba and Cedric ageing on long contracts. This is fuxking us till 2024-25 even if Tets does go now.

  40. China1

    Bellerin will no doubt be convinced to stay for an extra 30k a week for 3 more years. It’s a reward for his great service

  41. Matt

    I’ve just realised that in the two posts since the loss, Pedro has not mentioned the performance of White. I wonder if his opinion that he was the signing we needed is starting to waiver already.

    Out of the three signings of Varane, Romero and White, who wants to wager on which one will be the least successful?

  42. DivineSherlock

    I am taking a break from Arsenal and Legrove . This Granit Xhaka extension is the last straw for me sorry . I cannot fathom this apalling decision , a player who has been mediocre for us for years and you reward him and sell the player who grew up here was young and dedicated scored goals on a loan and proved himself , what more do you need to know about this pathetic group of charlatans at our club .

  43. Guernsey+gun

    Dark times for arsenal, the willock money ploughed into a completely unnecessary contract extension for a guy who wanted out. The kroenkes are as thick as shit if they cant see the criminal mismanagement of resources at the club.

  44. Leftside

    Digitalbob, yes lots of people not taking up their season tickets. I renewed mine because I waited a long time to get one initially and I’m certain that Arteta will be shown the door soon and it can’t get much worse than this.

    The Arsenal v Chelsea game on general sale is beyond shocking though. That will definitely raise eyebrows and make these greedy liars take notice.

    We were told we would have a big clear out, with additions required and now when Arteta is questioned on that, he retorts that his focus is making the players he has better. How has that worked out for him so far?!

  45. Leedsgunner

    Why has Arteta re-signed Xhaka?

    He is dull, average, one dimensional and utterly predictable.

    A bit like he was as an Arsenal player… and a yes man to the hilt.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if PEA is stripped of the captaincy and it’s given to Xhaka.

    If it is, Arsenal under Arteta has surpassed even Wenger level of self paradox, self parody and disrespect to the shirt and the fans who love the club.

  46. Paulie

    Have to agree with the guy saying he’s taking a break over the xhaka extension. It’s just a step too far after they completly messed up the transfer window again. It hurts too much to watch these guys destroying the club, it’s beyond words now.

  47. The Bard

    Leftside; A half empty, angry Emirates will force Kroenke’s hand one way or another. We may well be playing like a midtable side but Arsenal are a big club and the fans wont stand for it. The trouble is the club has sunk so far it needs huge investment to just stop the rot. Has Kroenke got the money and/or the will ? Im not too sure.

  48. China1

    Tbf if we didn’t offer xhaka a pay rise all those other teams battling for his signature might have offered him higher wages


  49. China1

    Pub quiz: How many footballers in world professional football history have been captain of a major team, told their own fans to fuck off, been reinstated into the team, given the armband again and given a new contract and a pay rise?

    Please don’t tell me there’s literally just one. Can someone please reassure me this isn’t a world first

  50. Valentin


    You meant higher wage cut not higher wage!

    The guy is willing to take a 40% wage cut to get away from Arteta, so we offer a small 30% increase to convince him to stay.
    Somewhere A&E try very hard to up on Peter Risdale’s school of negotiation tactics.
    Risdale: I was the best player contract negotiator in the premiership.
    Edu: Hold my beer!

    Arteta and Edu are really the real life dumb and dumber in charge at Arsenal.

  51. China1

    Val I was joking but yeah

    Like I said this is the first time that kallstrom levels of bants have been surpassed

  52. raptora

    I’m 100% that Almunia’s top class sketch comedy is closer to the actual reality than not.

    No way there is anyone as dumb as the managing figures at the Arsenal.

    100% Auba has sulked because he’s been stuffed with promises of UCL football, competing for trophies, and adding class players.

    Instead, we are playing as worse as we’ve ever have and no class additions but maybe White were brought.

    Of course that he will sulk. Yes, he wants to collect his insane salary, but he would also like to have some good last years in the game. Playing for Arteta is sentencing him and the club to mediocrity. He was probably bamboozled by him in Arteta’s early months but after when the truth was as obvious as it gets, he either wants himself out or Arteta out.

    He’s not the only one. Reports that Willian wants to leave have been around for a couple of months. Xhaka ditto, Leno and Bellerin. It’s basically every single one of the senior players in the club but Lacazette….. AND we know now that Lacazette took Auba’s side.

    Mind you, all of them are players that Arteta has given playtime. They are not leaving cause they did not play. They are leaving because they can’t stand Arteta, they see no future under Arteta, and they don’t wanna waste their prime/last years playing for a cunt that is just bad at his work and bad in his relations with the team.

  53. Mee

    Xhaka been given an extension is Arteta telling us “Fuck you!” He knows his time is up and he will go down spitting in our faces and flipping us.

  54. China1

    If we look past what a shite deal this is, most disappointingly it shows *again* how out of touch the club is when you see the reaction of the fan base

    After the super league debacle one would’ve hope they had even a semblance of self awareness that pissing off the fans is a bad move. Since then they neither know nor care that they continue to do the same

  55. Valentin

    Most senior players want to leave because of their interaction with Arteta. They don’t believe whatever BS he is selling them and they have seen up close and personal how his meritocracy really works.

    Do people really think that only players have been on the receiving end of Arteta temper? Clearly other members of the club staff must have been the victims of Arteta passive aggressive behaviour. I look forward when those shenanigans are publicly exposed.

  56. Chris

    Is this Xhaka extension actually signed, sealed and delivered?

    Almuniasaynomore- How about a song about this of the same title by the great Stevie Wonder? Apt as even Stevie would see Xhaka is a one paced liability in our midfield.

    The Xhaka extension – If this is true, my goodness. I’m lost for words. Why does this club do what it does?

  57. China1

    I actually feel a bit sorry for xhaka because if we tank the start of this season as expected the emirates is going to be toxic and I think he will be a target for the fans anger because he represents the club’s bs so aptly

    But it’s not his fault the club are dumb enough to do this. Not sure the fans will care tho if we’re 2 goals down against Chelsea or city

  58. raptora


    @FabrizioRomano 3h
    Granit Xhaka deal, completed and confirmed. Contract signed until June 2025 with increased salary after AS Roma talks collapsed weeks ago. 🔴 #AFC

  59. Gonsterous

    I wonder what goes on inside the head of most arsenal fans.

    Why would conte join this shit show (fking don’t say we have history and sleeping giant and those other bs)
    We have no money to spend, we spent 50m this window and now we have to sell to buy.

    Conte left inter because he wasn’t backed financially, what makes you think he will be financially backed at arsenal?
    Conte is a serial winner, he doesn’t have time to come to arsenal and develop academy graduates and hope we win a title after 5 years. That’s not his MO. He goes to a club willing to win and back him.

    Arsenal.under kroenke have only one goal, top 4. Conte isn’t interested in that.

  60. Zfree

    The summer we brought in mustafi, xhaka and Perez seems like the point the slowly sinking ship really started to list heavily.

    Can’t believe this bit of business. How is anything Arteta or Edu want being sanctioned right now? They are gone inside 3 months!!

  61. curse

    it’s so weird diet Pepsi and edu both being midfielders with emphasis on playing out from the back but to date only have one midfielder capable of beating a press.

    Sambi can do it I think but he’s green, absolute madness, especially knowing Partey loves an injury. why they haven’t pushed the button on Aouar, an 8 that can beat a press is anyone’s guess.

    till they fix the heartbeat the body will continue to get ill, like Auba.

  62. Jim Lahey

    Arteta will hold on for dear life, he has to know that once he is sacked by Arsenal he will never have another managerial job again, the man is nothing but a Spanish Garry Neville.

    Also, the extension of Xhaka’s contract is a fucking joke. It is no coincidence that our meteoric downfall coincides with Xhaka’s time with the club.

  63. Gonsterous


    Yes I agree
    Though he has his baggage, aouor seems to be the most logical step.
    Technically good, and exactly what we are missing in the middle of the park.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    FFS. Don’t manifest a bellerin extension. Just let him walk out the door silently. There are rumors we are in talks with Barcelona for emerson royal. That would be a great deal even if we paid a bit of money on top of bellerin. But knowing this leadership, none of it will happen. The easiest and obvious deals have been shelved. Onana, Aouar were the cheapest most quality signings we could have done. But no, they have to be smart.

  65. Matt

    The fact that nobody has signed Aouar for the £20 million he is apparently available for tells you a lot about his baggage. I have no doubt he would improve us ability wise (not hard), but bringing someone with a questionable temperament into this current team is a recipe for disaster. He will be downing tools quicker than you can say ‘trust the process’.

  66. Lacaqualidie

    Xhaka extension is the final straw. Spending 50m on a defender we don’t need and neglecting the midfield whilst paying the player Brentford targeted because he’s so crap is total negligence.

    What the hell is going on at the club? It’s almost as if they are trying to fail. Personally I don’t see anything changing until the club is worth less than what the Kroenkes paid for it.

  67. Negative Nigel

    The Hacker extension if true has prob signed Artetas death warrant as a manager.Clueless as to how the fans feel.You’d be hard pressed in The Arsenal fandom world to find half a dozen who’d back that insane decision.Particularly after trying to offload him all summer.The midfield is on its knees.It’s common knowledge it needs 2/3 different type players to stand any chance of improvement.Yet this.Well be it on their heads.Just speeding up the sack “ process” I guess.

  68. curse


    what’s more jarring is, if Aouar isn’t the primary target, who is? Manuel? really?
    would it be worth losing the first three games if they got him?

    massive if, but outside those two names and a sander berge, the most important position to this team is being given back to Xhaka while we all cross our fingers on Partey?

    twilight zone stuff

  69. raptora

    Inter before Conte:
    18/19 – 69 pts
    17/18 – 72 pts
    16/17 – 62 pts
    15/16 – 67 pts
    14/15 – 55 pts
    13/14 – 60 pts
    12/13 – 54 pts
    11/12 – 58 pts

    Inter under Conte:
    19/20 – 82 pts
    20/21 – 91 pts

    He spent a total of £130m NET or an average of £65m per season.

    For a comparison – as things stand from last Summer to this, Arsenal is sitting on £120m NET spend, an average of £60m per season.

    Under Emery we had a total of £160m NET spend, an average of £80m per season.

    Wenger also had a couple of seasons with NET spend of over £80m per season.

  70. Negative Nigel

    Habesha.You left out the one deal that might give us some hope if our transfer team had a brain.BISSOUMA!

  71. curse

    I’m on the conte train, too many obvious mistakes born out of ego for me.

    intelligent guy, great, but it’s in a Sheldon Cooper type of way and I haven’t got time for that unless it’s a comedy…

  72. raptora

    I can’t believe people are talking how low Arteta’s salary is at £5m and thinking we got a bargain deal there.

    Even if Conte demands for £15m per year, there’s more than a good chance that he’ll bring us Champions League football in his first year and compete for the title in his 2nd or 3rd year.

    He’ll bring us tons of money from the UCL, from improved sponsorships for being a way more competitive team, from selling players if we decide to cash in on one of our stars like Inter just did.

    Inter was Arsenal!

    A sleeping giant with huge history and currently underperforming, without a single top 4 finish in 8 seasons up until Conte’s first season at the club. Inter made a fortune because of Conte’s top class work.

    Chelsea won an EPL and an FAC in his 2 years there.

    His Juve job is obviously a huge success with a title in each of his 3 seasons there.

  73. DigitalBob

    Leftside – Yes agreed, optimism is at an all time low with the fan base right now in my opinion. Worse than the civil war days of Arsene’s last couple of seasons. I say worse because should we lose to Chelsea next weekend and the fans chant Arteta out I don’t think we’ll see factions fighting to quiet the crowd. There will be those that boo and those that simply walk out the stadium.

  74. raptora

    Conte will probably not agree to come here at this moment, now that the season has started, but he left Inter on May 26. If Arsenal’s idiot directors decided that Arteta is not good enough, something that is super obvious, we would have been actively looking for a new manager. Who’s to say Conte would have said no?

    Before anyone brings Spuds in – WE ain’t Spuds!!!
    Ancelotti joined Everton, Klopp joined Liverpool.

    Why wouldn’t Conte join us if he’s promised some money – £65m NET spend per season at Inter and £50m NET at Chelsea.

    We have the history, the name, the money.

    We lack the most important. Ambition. And that’s why we have Arteta at the helm and instead of someone like Conte.

  75. gunnernet

    attrocious stuff. Even if someone claims Xhaka has become more disciplined and he still passes well, he is top liability. Fully crowded Emirates, Xhaka makes a last minute mistake we lose to Chelsea. Totally disaster. One mistake away from total chaos. Calamity.

    and you have just extended his contract..